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STEM CELLS -- Stem Cells Regenerate Parts of Teeth

"God is Dead," Now We'll Create our Global Village -or- Why Christians are Mentally Ill

'Bomb Texas': The psychological roots of anti-Americanism

10 Ways Husbands Can Ruin Their Marriage

100 Skills Every Man Should Know

200 Year Old Rumor About Thomas Jefferson Proved a Lie

2005: The Hottest Year Since Records Began...In the Northern Hemisphere

20th Century Climate Not So Hot

24 -- Rush On The Set Of "24" (Cool Pics For Rush And 24 Fans Alert)

24 -- ‘24‘ premiere racks up record numbers (The West Wing - record low ratings)

9-11 Have you forgotten? A couple of threads from that Day

9-11 -- Bush pauses to comfort teen

9-11 -- Caution and Years of Budget Cuts Are Seen to Limit C.I.A. [Clinton Admin Blamed]

9-11 -- Clarke: Clinton Would Have Likely Prevented 9/11 Attacks

9-11 -- Clinton Nixed OBL Indictment for Black Hawk Down

9-11 -- Condi & the 9-11 Commission [LIVE THREAD] (P #428 re Clinton & Bush re actions v. Taliban)


9-11 -- LINK TO 8/6/01 PDB: ""Bin Laden Determined to Strike in U.S." -- Condi

9-11 -- The Saddam-9/11 Link Confirmed

9-11 100 Hours of Remembrance

9-11: Terrorist Behind September 11 Strike was Trained by Saddam


911 -- Gore's Inconvenient 9/11 Truth

911 -- Nobel winner supports 9/11 response by U.S.(former Polish PM)

911 -- "9/11 The Falling Man" (Video--not for the faint of heart)

911 -- "Flight 93" - Comments by Commercial Pilot Who Flew on 9/11

911 -- "Mercedes Benz, al Qadea Version"

911 -- 'Nazi' Pelosi: Investigate Opposition to 9/11 Mosque

911 -- (FReeper 9/11 video tribute) America Forever Changed: September 11, 2001 (YouTube)

911 -- 2008: Remembering 911(graphics Intense) 7 Years Later

911 -- 9-11-2005 PHOTO REMEMBRANCE THREAD (slow: many photos)

911 -- 9/11 families back military trials in letter to President Obama

911 -- 9/11 Hero Wins Million-Dollar Poker Challenge

911 -- 9/11 Report Concludes Clinton 'Misspoke' on Sudan Offer

911 -- 9/11 third tower mystery 'solved'

911 -- 9/11 tragedy pager intercepts.

911 -- 9/11 Victims Received $38.1 Billion in Compensation

911 -- 9/11's BEAMER = "Let's Roll" BEAMER's Dad = "Regime Change USA/2010-2012"

911 -- 9/11's delayed legacy: cancer for many of the rescue workers

911 -- 9/11: Debunking The Myths (March 2005)

911 -- 9/11: Seven Years Later: Where are they now?

911 -- A Friendly Encounter at Sea (Lutjens -- German Destroyer)

911 -- A little bit of disregarded history(09/11/01). (Carter contributing to 911)

911 -- A way to mourn : Photographs and little videos of 9/11 3rd anniversary (2004)

911 -- ABC's 'The Path to 9/11' Is Outstanding

911 -- Aerial Pictures Never Seen Before Of The September 11 2001 Attacks On The World Trade Center

911 -- America Attacked: Online FReeper library - Post Links to Memorial Sites, Photos, Videos, etc.

911 -- An untold story of 9/11

911 -- Another 9/11 victim identified after DNA retesting

911 -- Attacks Changed Our Lives (Australian Prime Minister on September 11)

911 -- Aussies present helmet to 9/11 NY firefighter's son

911 -- Barbara Olson Tribute - Tell Her Family Why You Loved Her.

911 -- Bill Clinton’s Dismal Record on Terror

911 -- Cancer Hits 283 Rescuers of 9/11

911 -- Clarke Saying Clinton Had no Plan -- Pres. Bush: Clinton placed little emphasis on terrorism

911 -- Clinton Justifies the World Trade Center Attack

911 -- Debra Burlingame: 9/11 Families Stunned by President's Support of Mosque at Ground Zero

911 -- Decision Not to Rebuild Church Destroyed on 9/11 Surprises Greek Orthodox Leaders

911 -- Democrats backpedal on 9/11 commission

911 -- Deroy Murdock: Ground Zero of National Paralysis - Rebuild the Towers, privately.

911 -- Detainees Say They Planned Sept. 11

911 -- Don't Violate Memory Of Ground Zero (mosque)

911 -- Don’t Let Liberals Smear and Rewrite the Meaning of September 11

911 -- Experts Claim Official 9/11 Story is a Hoax (#80 -- Popular Mechanics Proof)

911 -- Final Picture of WTC Hero:Dad Finds Tragic Son in New Web Archive

911 -- FLASHBACK! 9/11 video and tributes! We will NEVER Forget!

911 -- Flight 93 Memorial: Seeing Is Believing

911 -- For 9/11 Widows (Coulter's) Book Adds Insult to Injury

911 -- For Many on Sept. 11, Survival Was No Accident

911 -- Fox News Streaming 9/11 Coverage (9/11, 2006)

911 -- France Warned CIA of Hijack Plot in 2001(Hmmm what did Clinton know))

911 -- Greenfield: Allahu Akbar and Ho Ho Ho (2013)

911 -- Hank Crumpton, Former CIA Officer: Clinton Wouldn’t Authorize Osama Bin Laden Kill In 1999

911 -- Hannity Plays ‘Path to 9-11’ Scenes Clinton Requested be Cut

911 -- Has the First Amendment Become a "National Security Threat"? (The last sentence says it all)

911 -- Historical video: People in street watch Tower Two fall and react

911 -- Holder Casts Doubt on Death Penalty for Sept. 11 Suspects in Commissions

911 -- House Democrats Were Briefed on August 1st, 2001 on Bin-Laden Terrorist Threat

911 -- How ChinaGate Led to 9/11

911 -- In a 9/11 Survival Tale, the Pieces Just Don’t Fit

911 -- In Memoriam, September 11, 2001 (7 MB File)

911 -- INCREDIBLY, Air Traffic Control Reported Flight 77 as Having CRASHED -- NOT as Hijacked

911 -- Iraqi Intel Memo Describes Osama Connection

911 -- John O'Neill: 9/11 Hero & Victim Who Warned of Terrorism

911 -- Judith Miller: I Was Tipped Off About 9/11

911 -- Khalid Sheik Mohammed: George W. Bush's Shock & Awe Response to 9/11 Prevented Other Attacks

911 -- Krauthammer: Enough is enough-Show some respect, human decency and stay away from ground zero

911 -- Last Man Out: Part One (in the South Tower when the plane struck. )

911 -- Lifesaver RICK RESCORLA's statue joyfully unveiled - Ft. Benning GA

911 -- LT. Governor Ron Ramsey Stands by Sept. 11 Tweet

911 -- Man Who Led Charge On September 11 Plane Had Premonitions Of Happening

911 -- Maryknoller who ministered at ground zero recalls horrors of Sept. 11

911 -- McCain Screams at 9/11 Families for Opposing His Illegal Amnesty Bill

911 -- Media Proves Coulter Right (911 Jersey Girls Widows)

911 -- Mumbai Bombers Confess - Claim Pakistan and Mohammad Atta Link

911 -- Never Forget, Never Again (Video Dedicated to those who perished on 9/11)

911 -- Never Forget.

911 -- New Aerial NYPD Photos of 9/11 Attack Released (02/10/10)

911 -- New amateur footage of 9/11 emerges

911 -- New FDNY fireboat "343" a testament to the heroes of 9/11 who lost their lives

911 -- NIST Refutes 9/11 Conspiracy Theories (National Institute of Standards and Technology)

911 -- NY Times Poll: 9/11 Families Blame Clinton (+ #52)

911 -- NYC identifies 2 more victims of 9/11 attacks

911 -- NYC still searching for 9/11 remains

911 -- NYFD Battalion Chief John Moran (Freeper BCM) Perishes In World Trade Center

911 -- NYT Attacks Accuracy Of 9/11 Docu-Drama

911 -- Obama on 9/11: Get Over It

911 -- On 9/11, a Telling Seven-Minute Silence (Wash Post regarding Moore's film) (#15 & 47, too)

911 -- On Tape, Clinton Admits Passing Up bin Laden Capture; Lewinsky Role (Link to recording)

911 -- One WTC Survivor's Email Touches Hundreds Worldwide

911 -- Online Freeper Library: 9/11

911 -- Our Generation's Pearl Harbor (photo gallery)

911 -- Palm Beach man finds callingafter losing all on 9/11

911 -- Photos taken of World Trade Center WTC from Brooklyn on 9-11-01

911 -- Pix of Lisa Beamer Taking Flight to San Francisco

911 -- Relatives of 9/11 victims ask court to move Ground Zero debris from landfill to burial site

911 -- Remains of 72 people found at World Trade Center site (06/23/10)

911 -- Remains of 9/11 Killers Found

911 -- Remains of 9/11 Victim Identified as Middletown Woman

911 -- Remembering 9/11 one victim at a time (Freeper-written tribute to BCM & BKO)

911 -- Remembering September 11th: Bill Clinton's Ultimate Legacy

911 -- Remembrance Archive: Free Republic Threads From 9-11-01

911 -- Remembrance Archive: Free Republic Threads From 9-11-01

911 -- Report Says U.S. Misled City on Dust From Ground Zero

911 -- Revealed: The Falling Man of 9/11

911 -- Rick Rescorla: A Hero on 9/11

911 -- Rick Rescorla: The hero Bush forgot

911 -- Saddam behind 9/11 ? 40% of Americans ARE RIGHT to think so

911 -- Schoolchildren Get ‘Trivia Questions' About 9/11 Attack(a "happy commemorative event")

911 -- Second Data Mining Operation Aware of Atta before 9/11


911 -- Sept 10, 2001 Bill Clinton: "I could have killed" Osama bin Laden - FLASHBACK

911 -- Sept. 11 Steel Forms Heart of Far-Flung Memorials

911 -- Shock of the Day: Did Clinton Lie about Targeting Bin Laden?

911 -- Some Photos from around the World Regarding Disaster

911 -- Stox-Socked Fund Pays Lawyers, Stiffs Heroes [9/11 NYC rescue workers compensatory fund]

911 -- Study: 7 Of 10 WTC Rescuers Suffer Lung Problems (Why not as bad as headline)

911 -- Taz: Dog From 9/11 Search-and-Rescue Unit Dies

911 -- The 9/11 Deniers

911 -- The AWOL President: Clinton's Legacy & 9/11 (Andrew Sullivan)

911 -- The best World Trade Center footage I have ever seen

911 -- The Falling Man (The man who jumped from World Trade Towers)

911 -- The path to 9/11 (Barone review. Link to movie trailer. Clinton passes on chances to get OBL)

911 -- The Real Heroes Are Dead: A love story. [Colonel Rick Rescorla; MUST READ]

911 -- The State Of The Union: 2 Years After 9-11

911 -- The Worst Decision by a US President in History

911 -- Thomas Sowell: The Polio Fallacy (Patriot Act)

911 -- Tonga sends troops to Afghanistan

911 -- Van Jones and His STORMtroopers Denounced America the Night After 9/11

911 -- Was 9/11 really that bad? (I KNEW IT WOULD COME TO THIS)

911 -- What World Trade Center Illness?

911 -- Where does Ground Zero end?

911 -- Where It's 9-11 All the Time...

911 -- WND: 9/11 Conspiracy Theorists Exposed as Bush-Bashers; Will Demonstate in NYC on 9/11

911 -- World Trade Center 7 Report Puts 9/11 Conspiracy Theory to Rest [illustration/video]

911 -- WTC bombing ended age of innocence

911 -- WTC7 Caught on Tape -- WTC Building 7 Damaged by Debris from Twin Towers on 9/11

911 CELEBRATIONS -- 9 DocumentsThat Vindicate Trump’s Claim of 9/11 Muslim Celebrations

911 CELEBRATIONS -- Caller: Muslims Were Celebrating in New Jersey after 9/11!

911 CELEBRATIONS -- Did New York Post Scrub 2001 Story Because It Supported Donald Trump’s Claim?…

911 CELEBRATIONS -- Did New York Post Scrub 2001 Story Because It Supported Donald Trumps Claim?

911 CELEBRATIONS -- Donald J. Trump Statement on Reporter Serge Kovaleski

911 CELEBRATIONS -- FBI Agent: Bureau Received ‘Stacks of Reports’ of Calls of Muslims Celebrating

911 CELEBRATIONS -- Ford Wins Suit Against Temporary Employee Not Rehired After Celebrating 9/11

911 CELEBRATIONS -- Fox & Friends‘ Doocy Defends Trump: ‘I Actually Remember’ Those Cheering Muslims

911 CELEBRATIONS -- Fox Anchor Backs Trump’s Claim American Muslims Cheered on 9/11 (Eric Bolling)

911 CELEBRATIONS -- Giuliani on Trump's 9/11 Claims: People Were Celebrating, He's Right About That

911 CELEBRATIONS -- Here’s the Proof that Vindicates Trump’s Claim of 9/11 Muslim Celebrations

911 CELEBRATIONS -- Howard Stern Caller Confirms Trump: Muslims Did Cheer After 9/11 [From 9/12/01]

911 CELEBRATIONS -- Jersey City 9/11 Celebration Report CBS

911 CELEBRATIONS -- Muslims celebrate 9/11 attack on WTC in Paterson NJ MTV-News

911 CELEBRATIONS -- New Report Points To DC Media Cover-Up of 9/11 NJ Muslim Celebration

911 CELEBRATIONS -- NJ Police Captain Says Some Muslims Did Celebrate on 9/11

911 CELEBRATIONS -- NYC Police Commissioner Confirms Trump's Claims

911 CELEBRATIONS -- Some N.J. Muslims Did Celebrate 9/11, Cop and Residents Say

911 CELEBRATIONS -- These People Say They All Saw 9/11 Celebrations in NJ Firsthand

911 CELEBRATIONS -- Trio Who Cheered [Twin Towers] Attack Face Boot as Illegal Aliens

911 CELEBRATIONS -- Trump 100% Vindicated: CBS Reports ‘Swarm’ On Rooftops Celebrating 9/11

911 CELEBRATIONS -- Trump 100% Vindicated: CBS Reports ‘Swarms’ On Rooftops Celebrating 9/11

911 CELEBRATIONS -- Trump Denies Mocking Disabled Reporter (still controlling the narrative)

911 CELEBRATIONS -- Trump Responds to The NYTimes Latest Hit Piece

911 CELEBRATIONS -- Trump Responds to The NYTimes Latest Hit Piece

911 CELEBRATIONS -- WCBS VIDEO 9/16/01: "Apt Bldg Swarming with Suspects Cheering on the Roof"

911 COMMISSION -- 9/11 Commission: U.S. Terror War has Stymied al Qaida

911 COMMISSION -- Able Danger, 9-11 Report, Gorelick, and so much more...

911 COMMISSION -- Anti-Bush 9/11 widow Kristen Breitweiser lies in Kerry ad

911 COMMISSION -- Clarke feared bin Laden might 'boogie' to Iraq

911 COMMISSION -- Clinton Adviser Probed in Terror Memos [Sandy Berger criminal investigation]

911 COMMISSION -- Clinton Received Red Flag on Hijackings in '98

911 COMMISSION -- Families of 9/11 are 'the rock stars of grief' says sister of Pentagon pilot

911 COMMISSION -- Gorelick 'MemoGate': It Just Got Worse

911 COMMISSION -- Gorelick Licked (MEMO)

911 COMMISSION -- Gorelickgate: 9-11 Commission Absurdities Climax

911 COMMISSION -- Iraq & al Qaeda (must read)

911 COMMISSION -- National Disgrace, Con't. - Memo Just Tip of the Iceberg

911 COMMISSION -- The Senate Intel Report: So Much for "Bush Lied"

911 COMMISSION -- The Senate Intelligence Committee Report(EXCELLENT Summary/talking points)

911 COMMISSION -- The Zelikow Report [Safire corrects NYT lies]

911 Commission: Kean: 8 years of mistakes led to 9/11 attacks

911 TRIAL -- 9-11 Families Speak Out Against Obama's Terror Trial Decision

911 TRIAL -- 9/11 plotters start on their road to freedom (Argue they're incompetent to stand trial)

911 TRIAL -- ACLU Wants Terrorists to Beat the Rap

911 TRIAL -- Ashcroft: Holder lacks legal authority to order terror trials

911 TRIAL -- Civilian Trial for 9/11 Suspects Raises Issues of Law, Logistics

911 TRIAL -- Daniel Pearl's dad is sickened by Obama's 9/11 trial decision

911 TRIAL -- Eric Holder's Grave Mistake

911 TRIAL -- Eric Holder’s Baffling KSM Decision (by 9/11 family member David Beamer)

911 TRIAL -- Gallup: Americans want KSM tried in a military tribunal

911 TRIAL -- Germany wants no part in potential 9/11 execution (Obama Lied!)

911 TRIAL -- Main 9/11 plotter will be convicted, executed: Obama

911 TRIAL -- Mental State Cited in 9/11 Case

911 TRIAL -- NYC to Obama: No You Won't

911 TRIAL -- Painting a Bull's-Eye on New York City

911 TRIAL -- Scott Fenstermaker on Bill O'Reilly refuses to say those killed on 911 were "murdered"

911 TRIAL -- Shocker: Atty. General Holder Stumped By Lindsey Graham(Where would you try Bin Ladin?)

911 TRIAL -- Some Fear Bush Administration Could Become Target in 9/11 Trial

911 TRIAL -- Travesty in New York

A day in the life of President Bush (photos): 7/23/01

A Great Letter To Barbara Boxer (Re: Boxer Admonishes Brigadier General; He Addressed Her As Ma'am)

A teenage girl waved at our troops... she was hanged within the hour



Abortion - Breast Cancer Link

ABORTION -- SC priest: No communion for Obama supporters

ABORTION -- Artist hanged herself after aborting her twins

ABORTION -- Revealed: how an abortion puts the next baby at risk

ABORTION -- Vietnam Man Runs 'Abortion Orphanage'

ABORTION -- "Babies are just like rapists" (Liberals aren't just wrong, they're stark raving mad)

ABORTION -- 'Personhood' movement explodes in 32 states

ABORTION -- 'Pro-Choice' Epitomizes 'Double Speak': Why Euphemisms are Necessary

ABORTION -- 1 in 5 Pregnancies Worldwide Ends in Abortion, Study Says

ABORTION -- 10 Fallacies Iin the Abortion Debate

ABORTION -- 131,000 Coloradans endorse 'personhood' plan

ABORTION -- 2005 Polish Volleyball Champion Sacrificed Her Life for Unborn Child

ABORTION -- 50 Bishops: Abortion Most Important Issue in Election(Preaching Turning Election)

ABORTION -- 56,662,169 Abortions in America Since Roe vs. Wade in 1973

ABORTION -- 82 Percent of Abortions in NYC, 64% in Texas Were on Black or Hispanic Babies

ABORTION -- 84% Back Restrictions on Abortion [Marist Poll]

ABORTION -- 91,700 abortions in (NYC)city [40 out of 100 pregnancies ended in a planned abortion]

ABORTION -- A Priest Writes to Nancy Pelosi

ABORTION -- A Sexual Revolution (One woman's journey from pro-choice atheist to pro-life Catholic)

ABORTION -- ABC News Makes False Claims on Abortion Risks, Pregnancy Centers

ABORTION -- ABC: Abortion Broadcasting Company (abortion is a miscarriage of a stillborn fetus)

ABORTION -- Abortifacients -- The Other Forbidden Grief

ABORTION -- Aborting a Baby Is Legal in Britain, but Depicting It Is a Crime

ABORTION -- Abortion #1 killer of blacks, says Tennessee pastor

ABORTION -- Abortion and Contraception: Old Lies (Marriages, Catholic Church, etc.)

ABORTION -- Abortion and Excommunication

ABORTION -- Abortion Arguments Obliterated

ABORTION -- Abortion at industrial level - [British] MP

ABORTION -- Abortion Definitely Increases Breast Cancer Risk, Researcher Tells NRLC Convention

ABORTION -- Abortion Has Increased, Not Reduced Number of Illegitimate Births

ABORTION -- Abortion in Croatia is Down 90% Since 1989 Thanks to Strong Catholic Bishops

ABORTION -- Abortion is a "Perfect demonic system" says Human Life International President

ABORTION -- Abortion is wonderful. Abortion is the answer.

ABORTION -- Abortion Kills Your Sex Life Says UK Doctor in Times Column

ABORTION -- Abortion Lies vs. Abortion Realities

ABORTION -- Abortion Linked to Higher Rates of Child Abuse, Study Finds

ABORTION -- Abortion Notification, Consent Laws Reduce Risky Teen Sex Says New Study

ABORTION -- Abortion Study Causes Stir in New Zealand

ABORTION -- Abortion trauma 'can last for years'

ABORTION -- Abortion Zealot: Babies Are ‘Time-sucking Monsters’

ABORTION -- Abortion's Impact on Men Frequently Ignored, UCLA Psychologist Says

ABORTION -- Abortion, Birth Control Biases -- (Clinton & uneducated, unhealthy, & poor)

ABORTION -- Abortion, not adoption: 2 women tell how they prefer termination to giving up the child

ABORTION -- Abortionist pays to avoid assault trial

ABORTION -- Abortionist pays to avoid assault trial

ABORTION -- Abortionist Tiller Admits to Performing Abortions the Day Before Delivery

ABORTION -- Abortions at 30-year low - Illinois sees large drop: 19% in 5 years

ABORTION -- Access Denied [Doctors & pharmacists refusing to prescribe/dispense the pill] - Ck posts

ABORTION -- Administrator of the Catholic Diocese of Charleston stepped in it (Re: Fr. Newman)

ABORTION -- After Abortion Women's Suicide Rates Are Highest Says New Study

ABORTION -- Ah, we have Arrived!--“British Medical College: Kill Disabled Babies”

ABORTION -- Alarmist UK Parliament Report on Need for Population Control Funded by Big Abortion

ABORTION -- Allow afflicted babies a death with dignity

ABORTION -- Amber Tamblyn Has A Lot to Learn About Trans Women's Reproductive Rights

ABORTION -- American Society of Reproductive Medicine Statement Confirms the Pill Causes Abortion

ABORTION -- Americans Upset Obama Reversed Pro-Life Policy on Abortion Funding

ABORTION -- Amnesty International Caught in "One Big Lie" (Abortion in Poland) (Agata)

ABORTION -- An Abortionist Turns to [Divine] Mercy (plus another amazing conversion story)

ABORTION -- An Amazing Article on Abortion in the Liberal New York Magazine

ABORTION -- Andrew Cuomo: Pro-Life People “Have No Place in the State of New York”

ABORTION -- Andrew Cuomo: Pro-Life People “Have No Place in the State of New York”

ABORTION -- Animal Homosexuality? Just Another Liberal Fairy Tale

ABORTION -- Animation showing how "The Pill" causes embryonic abortions + Info

ABORTION -- Another Shameless Liberal Scam

ABORTION -- Archbishop Naumann: Dissident Catholic Politicians, Refrain from Communion [Open]

ABORTION -- Aurora (IL) Gives Up Fight Against Planned Parenthood (22,000 Square Foot Monstrosity)

ABORTION -- Australian Committee Proposal to Pay Mothers to Abort Disabled Babies Compared to Nazis

ABORTION -- Autopsy Confirms Aborted FL Baby Born Alive (body tossed up on roof of abortion mill)

ABORTION -- Babies with club feet aborted (England)

ABORTION -- Babies' Language Learning Starts From The Womb

ABORTION -- Behind Closed Doors: Planned Parenthood’s Cover-ups and Lies

ABORTION -- Bishop To Shun Address By Steele [Memo to Notre Dame: Take Note]

ABORTION -- Bishop Vasa: Pro-Abortion Candidates are 'Disqualified'

ABORTION -- Bishop: Tomorrow is Last Chance for AI on Abortion or Catholics Will Boycott

ABORTION -- Boston Cardinal: Church Needs 'Clear' Injunction Denying Pro-Abortion Pols Communion

ABORTION -- Bp. Lori issues clarification on CT Plan B decision

ABORTION -- British Docs: Abortion Causes Mental Health Problems, Raises Suicide Risk

ABORTION -- British Doctors Recommend Euthanasia for Disabled Newborn Babies[UK]

ABORTION -- British Psychologists: Abortions Cause Women Mental Health Problems

ABORTION -- British Woman Changes Mind Minutes Before Abortion

ABORTION -- Bud Feldkamp Family, Owner of the Nation's Largest Privately Owned Abortion Chain, Dies

ABORTION -- Burke: Bishops Have no Choice But to Refuse Communion to Pro-Abort Politicians

ABORTION -- Bush administration unveils new abortion regulation

ABORTION -- Cardinal Egan compares abortion to crimes of Hitler, Stalin (Wake up America!!)

ABORTION -- Catholic Bishops finally step up against abortion Democrats

ABORTION -- Catholic bishops plan to forcefully confront Obama (FOCA)

ABORTION -- Catholic Doctors Who Follow Church Teaching Advised to Emigrate (UK: Catholics get out!)

ABORTION -- Catholic Doctors Who Follow Church Teaching Advised to Emigrate from Britain

ABORTION -- Catholic University Teacher Orders U.S. Bishops Not to “Harass” Catholic Politicians

ABORTION -- Celebrity Quotes about Abortion

ABORTION -- Clinic Offers Moms Services to Deal with Abortion Grief

ABORTION -- Colorado Supreme Court Gives Green Light to Restore Personhood to the Unborn

ABORTION -- Columbine & Abortion Ad Causing Controversy & Ire for Denver (#3: Why Stats)

ABORTION -- Contraception: Newest Effort to Defeat Pro-Lifers

ABORTION -- Contraception: Why It's Wrong

ABORTION -- Couple Has Already Raised $10,200 to Avoid Aborting Their Baby. They Want $50,000

ABORTION -- Court affirms law calling unborn 'living human beings' (8th Circuit Court of Appeals)

ABORTION -- Court Orders Municipality To Pay Over $39,000 in Michigan Pro-Life Case

ABORTION -- Democrats Fault Abortion Risk Info (Risk of Cancer #1)

ABORTION -- Denominations and their stand on the issue of abortion

ABORTION -- Did Justices' Catholicism Play Part in Abortion Ruling?

ABORTION -- Docs speak out about abortion

ABORTION -- Doctor: Abortion is Unnecessary, There are other life-preserving options

ABORTION -- Dr. Seuss's Horton embraced by abortion foes("a person's a person, no matter how small")

ABORTION -- Europe's abortion rules (More stringent than the USA's).

ABORTION -- Experts confirm abortifacient potential of morning-after pill

ABORTION -- Family of Owner of the Nation's Largest Privately Owned Abortion Chaindies (MT crash)

ABORTION -- Fathers, The Third Victim of the Abortion Industry

ABORTION -- FDA Advisory Doctor: Morning After Pill Won't Reduce Abortions

ABORTION -- Federal Appeals Court Suggests Abortionists Reporting of Statutory Rape is Optional

ABORTION -- Feldkamp Family, Owner of the Nation's Largest Abortion Chain, Dies in MT Crash

ABORTION -- Fetus Cannot Feel Pain, Expert Says

ABORTION -- Fetuses Found To Have Memories

ABORTION -- For Rome it is Very Clear - Pro-Abortion Politicians 'Must' be Denied Communion

ABORTION -- For the Vatican it's Clear - Pro-Abortion Politicians 'Must' be Denied Communion

ABORTION -- Fr. Euteneuer responds to Catholic Gang of 18

ABORTION -- Full Abortions Shown on Spanish Television (***His cradle: a trash can***)

ABORTION -- Gallup Poll: Just 28 Percent of Americans Take Pro-Abortion Position

ABORTION -- Generation Next moves beyond abortions (Hollywood)

ABORTION -- Georgia billboard campaign says abortion makes black children an ‘endangered species’

ABORTION -- German Pastor Sentenced to a Year in Jail for Comparing Abortion to the Nazi Holocaust

ABORTION -- Girl Suffers Forced Abortion in Italy

ABORTION -- Giuliani won't talk of pope, abortion

ABORTION -- Going Off the Deep End in Denver: Democrats Walk the Abortion Plank

ABORTION -- Good Luck Using the Bible to Defend Abortion

ABORTION -- Guest Opinion: Fr. Jay Scott Newman in the Lion's Den (Rev. Dwight Longenecker)

ABORTION -- Hannity Getting Religion?(> half of abortions in US are done because the pill failed)

ABORTION -- Heroic Polish athlete dies to save life of unborn child

ABORTION -- Higher Death Rates After Abortion Found in U.S., Finland, and Denmark

ABORTION -- House Dems repudiate Pope’s abortion remarks

ABORTION -- How Abortion Hurts Women’s Equality and Degrades Individual Women

ABORTION -- How lying marketers sold Roe v. Wade to America

ABORTION -- How lying marketers sold Roe v. Wade to America

Abortion -- How Planned Parenthood Duped America

ABORTION -- How Support for Abortion Became Kennedy Dogma #2

ABORTION -- I blanked out the emotions after each of my SEVEN abortions

ABORTION -- I tried twice to abort my baby - but I'm delighted I failed

ABORTION -- Infanticide Goes Mainstream and Why Prolife Arguments Need an Update

ABORTION -- Jack Cashill: How The Media Have Mangled The Pro-Life Story

ABORTION -- JC Watts: Giuliani's Abortion Postition Like Being Pro-Choice on Slavery

ABORTION -- Jill Stanek: Obama's constitutional crisis

ABORTION -- Johns Hopkins Researcher Responds to Criticism on Abortion-Mental Health Study

ABORTION -- Journalism or Advocacy?: The NY Times (Effect of Parental Notification Laws)

ABORTION -- Julia Roberts Wouldn't Harm a Spider - 'That's a Person' - So How About Human Babies?

ABORTION -- Justice Ginsberg Backpedals after Advocating Abortion to Reduce Unwanted Populations

ABORTION -- Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg: Change Basis for Allowing Abortions to Slavery Amdt

ABORTION -- LA Times Admits It "Oversimplified" Views of Planned Parenthood Founder Margaret Sanger

ABORTION -- LA Times Reveals Horrific New Details about Raided Abortion Clinics

ABORTION -- Lawmakers Who Vote in Favor of Abortion in Uruguay Incur Excommunication

ABORTION -- Leaders of African Nations Support Legalizing Abortion to Reduce Deaths

ABORTION -- Letter Has 200 Military Physicians Opposing Abortions on Military Bases

ABORTION -- Little Murders [Chaput Slams Obama on Abortion & Blasts Kmiec for Misleading Catholics]

ABORTION -- Live Infant Stabbed To Death By Tiller Abortionist Shelley Sella

ABORTION -- Mainstream Media: Pre-term Baby’s Survival Will Have Big Impact on Abortion Debate

ABORTION -- Major Report to Euro Parliament Says "A child is aborted every 25 Seconds" in Europe

ABORTION -- March of Dimes Exposé (Warning: Graphic Content)

ABORTION -- Margaret Sanger on Her Speech the Ku Klux Klan

ABORTION -- Media Ignore Major Insurance Report Stating Abortion "best predictor of breast cancer"

ABORTION -- Medical Records Link Abortion With Death

ABORTION -- Mental illness risk ‘rises 30 per cent for women who have abortions’

ABORTION -- Michael Clancy: The Photographer Whose Amazing Pro-Life Picture Changed the World

ABORTION -- More Catholic Bishops: If You're Pro-Abortion, Skip Communion

ABORTION -- Mother Teresa's Letter to the US Supreme Court.

ABORTION -- Movie Scolded For Not Espousing Abortion

ABORTION -- NAACP Rejects Pro-Life Resolution Despite Abortion's Grave Impact on African Americans

ABORTION -- Nat Hentoff: Abortion and the English language (re: partial-birth abortion)

ABORTION -- National Cancer Institute Researcher Admits Abortion Breast Cancer Link

ABORTION -- National Conference on Pain Men Experience After Abortion Starts Wednesday

ABORTION -- New Paper Links UN Promotion of "Safe" Abortion to Maternal Deaths

ABORTION -- New research backs abortion-breast cancer link

ABORTION -- New Strong Evidence for Abortifacient Effect of Plan B “Emergency Contraception”

ABORTION -- New Study Finds 66 Percent Increased Breast Cancer Risk After Abortion

ABORTION -- New Study Finds 66 Percent Increased Breast Cancer Risk After Abortion

ABORTION -- New Study Further Disproves Freakonomics Abortion-Crime Reduction Theory

ABORTION -- New Study Shows Abortion is 'Best Predictor of Breast Cancer'

ABORTION -- New Study Shows Pro-Choicers More Likely to Spread Violence

ABORTION -- New Study: Direct Link Between Abortion and Mental Health Problems

ABORTION -- New Study: Morning After Pill Doesn't Reduce Abortion, Pregnancy Rates

ABORTION -- New Website Exposes "Plan B" and Emergency Contraception as Abortifacients!

ABORTION -- New York Abortion Bill OKs Shooting Babies Through the Heart With Poison to Kill Them

ABORTION -- New York Times Defends Pro-Life Ad Featuring Tim Tebow, Mom's Non-Abortion

ABORTION -- New York Times Writer of 138 Stories on Abortion Admits Pro-Abortion Bias

ABORTION -- NJ Planned Parenthood Admits Infants Left to Die After Induced Labor Abortion

ABORTION -- No Happy Ending for Abortion (Film makers find abortion is not box office material)

ABORTION -- NOW Continues Lie About Supposed Abortion Death of Becky Bell

ABORTION -- OB-GYN to Hillary Clinton: 'No Medical Situation' Requires Late-Term Abortion

ABORTION -- Obama Admin Admits It Tracked Abortion Groups in Wisconsin

ABORTION -- Obama's Abortion Bombshell: Unrestricted Abortion....

ABORTION -- Obama's Abortion Socialism

ABORTION -- Obama's threat to Catholic hospitals & their very serious counterthreat (SLATE)

ABORTION -- Obama: 100 Days of Abortion

ABORTION -- Obama’s Science Czar Said a Born Baby ‘Will Ultimately Develop Into a Human Being’

ABORTION -- Oh Dear: The Pope Is Catholic! (Romney, Mexican Bishops, and Benedict)

ABORTION -- Online Video: Noted Endocrinologist Explains How the Birth Control Pill Causes Abortion

ABORTION -- Operation Rescue Founder to Vatican: Remove Cowardly US Bishops

ABORTION -- Over 100 Bishops Have Spoken Out on Priority of Life Issues

ABORTION -- Pennsylvania Abortionist Fired for Not Having Medical License

ABORTION -- Philadelphia Reverses Decision to be Officially "Pro-Choice": Cardinal Applauds Decision

ABORTION -- Phoenix Bishop: Failure to Correct Pro-Abort Pols 'Emboldens' to Greater Evil

ABORTION -- Planned Parenthood Threatens To Sue Undercover Activist (statutory rape)

ABORTION -- Poland May Appeal European Court's Ruling on Woman's Denied Abortion

ABORTION -- Police: Parents Kidnap Daughter To Have Abortion

ABORTION -- Polish Court Upholds Verdict against Catholic Mag (OSV) for Calling Abortion Killing

ABORTION -- Poll Finds High School Seniors Take Pro-Life Position on Abortion

ABORTION -- Poll shows Abortion support dying

ABORTION -- Poll: 62% of Americans Believe Abortion Is Morally Wrong

ABORTION -- Polling Data Shows Catholics Strongly Pro-Life on Abortion Despite Gallup Analysis

ABORTION -- Polls Distort U.S. Views on Abortion

ABORTION -- Pope Benedict's Comments on Abortion, Catholics Draw Strong Support

ABORTION -- Princeton Professor Singer: And I repeat, I would kill Disabled Infants

ABORTION -- Pro-Abortion Stand by Amnesty International Leading to Loss of Support

ABORTION -- Pro-Choice Is a Lie: Babies Never Choose to Die

ABORTION -- Pro-Life Group Blasts Philadelphia Inquirer's Anti-Catholic Abortion Cartoon

ABORTION -- Pro-Life Movement's Pro-Woman Approach Got Boost From Abortion Ruling

ABORTION -- Pro-Life Movie Touted for Potential Impact on Election, Abortion Views

ABORTION -- Pro-Life World Coming to the Defence of Luxembourg Monarch’s Stand against Euthanasia

ABORTION -- Pro-lifers Resolution Rejected at NAACP Convention

ABORTION -- Pro-Obama Catholic: abortion is 'intrinsic evil,' but you can still vote pro-abortion

ABORTION -- Proud of Two Abortions

ABORTION -- Racial disparity in infant mortality, March of Dimes aims to close gap in Jersey

ABORTION -- Rape and Incest Victims Don't Want Abortion, Say It Doesn't Help Women

ABORTION -- Respectable Baby Killing.....legalizing euthanasia for ill and disabled newborns.

ABORTION -- Revealed: How an Abortion Puts the Next Baby at Risk

ABORTION -- Roe Attorney: Use Abortion to 'Eliminate Poor'

ABORTION -- Rush Limbaugh: Rush Answers Abortion Question

ABORTION -- Safe-Haven Laws Fail to End Discarding of Babies

ABORTION -- Sam Brownback Introduces Abortion-Ultrasound Bill in the Senate

ABORTION -- Says Zell: ...Social Security crisis, and illegal immigration all linked to abortion

ABORTION -- SC priest: No communion for Obama supporters

ABORTION -- Scotland Abortion Rate Reaches All Time High – Condoms and Sex Ed Offered as Solutions

ABORTION -- Senator Says He Would Practice Civil Disobedience If Obama Repeals Conscience Clause

ABORTION -- Statement on NY Gov. Spitzer's radical abortion plan

ABORTION -- Straight time: A pro-life Oakland pastor chooses jail over a plea bargain

ABORTION -- Striking back at Planned Parenthood (Claim That Jesus Not against Abortion)

ABORTION -- Studies Show Abortion’s Negative Effects on Mothers

ABORTION -- Study Confirms Long-Term Mental Trauma of Abortion

ABORTION -- Study Examines Best Use of Misoprostol Abortion Drug, Still Unsafe for Women

ABORTION -- Study Sees 'Turnaround' in Young Adults' Positions on Abortion (07/10/07)

ABORTION -- Study: 83% Of Parents Say Its Important For Their Child To Save Sex Till Marriage

ABORTION -- Study: Pro-Life Legislation Cut Abortions on Teen Girls by 50 Percent

ABORTION -- Study: Teaching Abstinence Works Better Than Sex Ed

ABORTION -- Talk a Woman out of Abortion in the UK? Two Years Jail

ABORTION -- Ted Cruz Wants to Make Sure You Didn’t Miss Brit Hume’s Epic Anti-Abortion Rant Tonight

ABORTION -- Teen pregnancies at 30-year low

ABORTION -- Tennessee Woman Chooses Child’s Life over Her Own

ABORTION -- The Bounds of Freedom: An Exchange about Abortion

ABORTION -- The Clintons’ God

ABORTION -- The Elephant in the Living Room: The New Zealand Abortion Study

ABORTION -- The Fallacy of "Personally Opposed, But..." (abortion & politicians)

ABORTION -- The Kennedys and abortion: where a Catholic dynasty went wrong

ABORTION -- The National Right to Life worked with NARAL & NOW vs. SD's Anti-abortion Bill (STATS)

ABORTION -- The plots thicken:As Roe v. Wade turns 35, some in Hollywood changing minds about choice

ABORTION -- The Stubborn Facts of Science: Human embryos Are Human Beings

ABORTION -- The Ugly Face of Abortion

ABORTION -- The Vast Left-Wing Culture of Death

ABORTION -- The War on Abstinence

ABORTION -- These Pro-choice Arguments Are Eerily Similar to Pro-slavery Arguments

ABORTION -- Think Obama's Plans Will Reduce Abortion? "This is Delusional" Says Princeton Prof

ABORTION -- This is about the creepiest thing I've seen in a long while...(baptizing aborted babies)

ABORTION -- Thompson Fires Away on Abortion, Gay Marriage

ABORTION -- Transcript: Rick Santorum and Hiilary Clinton Discussing Partial Birth Abortion

ABORTION -- Twitter RU-486 Abortion Chronicles to 'Demystify' Procedure Go Sour (backfires)

ABORTION -- Two Women Die After Using RU-486

ABORTION -- U.S. bishops issue strong retort to Catholic Democrats' conscience statement

ABORTION -- U.S. Teacher’s Union Lists Favorable Review of Abstinence Then Blasts It (NEA)

ABORTION -- UK Doctors Refusing to Commit Abortion Alarm Royal College

ABORTION -- UN Data Show Banning Abortion Doesn't Increase Maternal Mortality

ABORTION -- Uncovering the Racist & Anti-Semitic Roots of Abortion:Sanger's Search for the Pure Race

ABORTION -- Under-16 Abortion Rate Hits An All-Time High In Britain

ABORTION -- UNICEF and WHO Want a “Strategic Alliance” with Catholics

ABORTION -- US Stats Show Sex Outside of Marriage is Leading Cause of Abortion

ABORTION -- Vatican official calls Democrats “the party of death” (Raymond Burke)

ABORTION -- Viewing Abortion as "a Moral Good" (For Mother's Day)

ABORTION -- We Shall Not Weary, We Shall Not Rest

ABORTION -- Wesley J. Smith: Pulling the Plug on the Conscience Clause

ABORTION -- What Happens to Unborn Babies After Abortion? Pathologists Share the Horrors

ABORTION -- When I Tell Men I Would Never Get an Abortion, Their Reaction Is Infuriating

ABORTION -- When “abortion” isn't (Must Read!!)

ABORTION -- Why Pro-Choice Is a Bad Choice for Democrats (Abortion Polls Show Most US Pro-Life)

ABORTION -- Women 'Must Be Prepared to Kill' Unborn Children to Protect Autonomy: Times Writer

ABORTION -- Women Who Have Abortions Again and Again

ABORTION -- Women Who Have Abortions Experience Post-Traumatic Stress

ABORTION -- Women Who Regret Their Abortions Take to the Streets to Help Others

ABORTION -- Women's Group Challenges Web Site on Abortion-Breast Cancer Link

ABORTION -- “Society accepting abortion is preparing to eliminate freedom” Spanish Family Forum

ABORTION MANDATE -- Cardinal Burke: Catholic Employers Cannot Provide Contraceptive Coverage!

ABORTION MANDATE -- If Catholic employers provide contraceptive coverage they cooperate in sin

ABORTION MANDATE -- Would You Go To Prison --- With Your Bishop? (Mrs. Don-o)


Abortion: Adolescent Arguments in the Abortion Debate

ABORTIONS -- Abortion in America: It’s All in How You Frame the Question

ABRAMOFF -- Leahy, Jeffords linked to Abramoff

ACB -- Amy Coney Barrett Makes Us All Want to Be Better People

ACB -- BillMaherSlammed for SayingDemocratsSHOULD MakeIssue of ACB'sCatholicism ''Being Nuts..."

ACORN -- Andrew Breitbart Summoned to Grand Jury About ACORN

ACORN -- [Heads-Up to Glenn Beck's Big Scoop] ACORN Organizer: "I killed him . . . I shot him.”

ACORN -- ‘ACORN Member’ Roseanne Barr Confirms... Shock Admission:ACORN Got Obama Elected

Actresses Hewitt, Derek Visit Injured Troops

AFRICA -- South Africa Sets Rules for Confiscating Land from Whites (State of African Continent #69)

AIDS -- African AIDS experts voice support for Pope on condoms

AIDS -- Catholic Condom Ban Helping AIDS Spread in Latin America: U.N.

AIDS -- Harvard AIDS Expert Says Pope is Correct on Condom Distribution Making AIDS Worse

AIDS -- Pope Rejects Condoms for Africa

AIDS -- The Church’s Infallible & Immutable Doctrine on Contraception Stands Amid Growing Opposition

AIDS -- The Vatican Must Face Ugly Reality of AIDS (#19 -- UN Study re Why AIDS Is Spread in Africa)

AIDS -- ‘Evidence of Science’ Backs Pope’s Assertion Against Condom Use To Stem HIV-AIDS in Africa

AIR AMERICA -- Air America Wise Guys get a Pass from Eliot Spitzer

ALEX HALEY -- Why Was Fraud Alex Haley Quoted at Inauguration?

AMAZONGATE -- North and Booker: A billion dollar cash cow-for the "conservation group WWF"

AMAZONSYNOD -- "It Is a ‘Scandal’ That the Pope ‘Defends Those Rituals Inside the Vatican Gardens’"

AMAZONSYNOD -- A Comment Chronology of the Pagan Pacha Mama Events Which the Angels & Saints Are...

AMAZONSYNOD -- All Catholics Must Act to Atone for Vatican Idolatry during Amazon Synod

AMAZONSYNOD -- Amazon Bishop: Document Fails to Mention Huge Pedophilia Problem, Pentecostalism

AMAZONSYNOD -- Amazon Synod: Threat to Brazil’s Sovereignty and a Return to Primitivism

AMAZONSYNOD -- Amazonian Bishop Slams ‘Demonic Sacrilege’ at Vatican

AMAZONSYNOD -- Amazonian Propaganda Drapes Churches in Rome

AMAZONSYNOD -- Amazonian Woman Who Led Vatican Tree-planting Ceremony Reveals Its Pagan Significance

AMAZONSYNOD -- Angels and Demons? Exorcise the Vatican ahead of Amazon Synod

AMAZONSYNOD -- Bishop Schneider Calls Amazon Synod a ‘Tool’ to Create ‘New Kind of Religion’

AMAZONSYNOD -- Bishops Threatened To Boycott Pachamama Closing Mass: Did Francis Fool Them?

AMAZONSYNOD -- Bishops Who Obey ‘Dictatorship of Public Opinion’ to Win Applause

AMAZONSYNOD -- Bishops, Priests Challenge Amazon Synod Working Doc for Contradicting Catholic Faith

AMAZONSYNOD -- Bp. Schneider: Pachamama Idolatry during Amazon Synod Has Roots in Vatican II Council

AMAZONSYNOD -- Burke and Brandmüller Say Amazon Synod Challenges Deposit of Faith

AMAZONSYNOD -- Cardinal Kasper Considered How Pope Francis Could Introduce Female Ministry

AMAZONSYNOD -- Catholic Church’s Amazon Synod Is Exploitation Of The Poor Masquerading As Opposite

AMAZONSYNOD -- Closest Collaborators Prove How Pope Has Reinvented Priesthood in Amazon Exhortation

AMAZONSYNOD -- Dutch Bishop Mutsaerts: Amazon Synod’s ‘Politically Correct’ Agenda Ignores Christ

AMAZONSYNOD -- Francis’ Christmas Concert Included Pachamama Catechesis (Video)

AMAZONSYNOD -- In the Amazon Married Deacons Are Already Saying Mass. And the Pope Knows It

AMAZONSYNOD -- Italian Bishops’ Agency Published Prayer to Pachamama

AMAZONSYNOD -- Key Bishop at Amazon Synod Promotes Women Deacons as ‘First Step’ to Women Priests

AMAZONSYNOD -- Msgr Bux Calls on Cardinal Sarah to Exorcize Site of Vatican Pachamama Idolatry

AMAZONSYNOD -- Müller Accuses: From This Synod They Have Driven Out Jesus

AMAZONSYNOD -- Pope Calls Statues ‘Pachamamas’ and Apologizes for Their Removal from Church

AMAZONSYNOD -- Pope Francis Blesses Controversial ‘Pachamama’ Statue (+ Who Said Was Pachamama)

AMAZONSYNOD -- Pre-Synod Report: Breaking Apart

AMAZONSYNOD -- Rome: Catholics Demand Annulment of Amazon Synod

AMAZONSYNOD -- Six Cardinals and Bishops Who Condemned Pagan Pachamama Rituals at Vatican

AMAZONSYNOD -- Stop the Amazon Mythos: Amazonians Are Little Interested In Marriage Or In Holy Mass

AMAZONSYNOD -- The Apostate ‘Faith’ of the Amazon Synod

AMAZONSYNOD -- The Idols in the Tiber, Following Vatican’s Neo-Pagan Amazon Synod

AMAZONSYNOD -- The ‘Sunshine’ Synod

AMAZONSYNOD -- Vatican Cardinal Surprised When Asked about Amazonian Infanticide

AMAZONSYNOD -- Vatican Communications Chief Denies Synod Guests Prostrated before Wooden Statues

AMAZONSYNOD -- Vatican News Website Promoting Heresy: Pascendi Explains Everything

AMAZONSYNOD -- ‘Courageous...prophets of today’:Brandmuller Praises MenWho Threw Pachamamas in Tiber

AMERICA -- Americans Will Die for Liberty

AMERICA -- World Should Give Thanks To America (Mark Steyn On American Exceptionalism Alert)

AMERICORPS -- John Fund: Anatomy of a Coverup(Firing of Gerald Walpin, AmeriCorps inspector general)

AMNESTY INT'L -- We're Speechless (WS Journal Can't Believe Amnesty International's Website)

AMZONSYNOD -- Contra Recentia Sacrilegia: Protest against Pope Francis's Sacrilegious Acts

An open letter to Senator John F. Kerry: (from Green Beret) (#

Andrew Lloyd Webber: The last thing this country needs is a pirate raid on the wealth creators (UK)

Andrew Sullivan: Democrats set out on a suicide mission

ANGELICA -- A Most Diligent Mother: Angelica

Anger and Pride

Anger at Vatican plan to ban altar girls

ANGLICAN -- Episcopal Church Decline Quickens in Wake of GC2006

ANGLICAN -- Non-Christians to Marry in Anglican Churches

ANGLICAN -- Queen 'appalled' at Church of England moves, claim Vatican moles

ANGLICAN -- Thoughts on the Prayer Book. The English Book of Common Prayer [Anglican]

ANITA HILL -- 6 Pieces Of Evidence Anita Hill Was Lying

ANTI-SEMITISM -- Sweeping No-go Areas for Jews in Europe, "European Jewish history Nearing Its End"

Antonio Socci: “Cardinal” Scalfari reveals that Benedict is still the Pope!

ART -- Walk Through Claude Monet’s Garden, the Most Famous in All of France

ASPERGERS -- "Love" hormone may help autism symptoms: study (oxytocin)

ASPERGERS -- An Answer, but Not a Cure, for a Social Disorder

ASPERGERS -- Answer, but No Cure, for a Social Disorder That Isolates Many

ASPERGERS -- Asperger's Officially Placed Inside Autism Spectrum

ASPERGERS -- Autism symptoms reversed in lab

ASPERGERS -- God and geeks: Vatican astronomer hunts for faith in Silicon Valley

ASPERGERS -- Is Your Child Autistic?

ASPERGERS -- New autism susceptibility genes identified

ASPERGERS -- Rates of autism have skyrocketed 1000% since 1990 - Vaccines?

ASPERGERS -- Rush was RUDE today!!!!!!

ASPERGERS -- Study Confirms IVF Babies Have Abnormal DNA, Are Prone To Health Problems

ASPERGERS -- What Is Autism Spectrum Disorder?

ASSISTED SUICIDE -- Dutch Assisted Suicide Policy Should Serve as a Grisly Warning

AUTISM -- Autism Rates Hit 'Epidemic Increase' in N.J.

AUTISM -- Brain Imaging Sheds Light on Social Woes Related to Autism

AUTISM -- Diuretic Drug Improves Symptoms of Autism

AUTISM -- Family in Shock after Hate Letter Targets Teen with Autism

AUTISM -- Five Disorders Share Genetic Link, Which Could Pave Way for New Treatments

AUTISM -- Priest bans autistic child from church [Open]

B XVI -- Benedict XVI: 'The fundamental solution: that there is no longer any need to immigrate'

B XVI -- 400 Priests Defrocked for Abuse? There's More to The Story

B XVI -- 8 days a weak (USCCB's response to Pope BXVI's Address at Regensburg) (See #3)

B XVI -- A Tumultuous World Tests a Rigid Pope

B XVI -- Archbishop Explains Goal of New Liturgical Institute (B XVI Institute for Sacred Music)

B XVI -- Area boy's gift made cardinal laugh (Now Pope Benedict VXI)

B XVI -- BBC, NY Times and Guardian Appear to Have Stage-Managed Muslim Anti-Pope Hatred

B XVI -- Behind the Rage at Benedict XVI

B XVI -- Benedict did not grovel during his Angelus address

B XVI -- Benedict is “The shepherd who seeks to lead us to the fields of... (Shimon Peres)

B XVI -- Benedict's Peculiar Record on Pedophile Priests

B XVI -- Blown Clean Away by a Brush with Benedict (XVI! The Pope!)

B XVI -- Cardinal Ratzinger as presidential kingmaker [Did new Pope win election for Bush?]

B XVI -- Conservative Evangelicals Say New Pope Speaks Their Moral Language

B XVI -- Conservatives Hail New Pope, Liberals Prepare for the Worst

B XVI -- Costello defends Pope (Aussie PM-in-waiting slams Moozies)

B XVI -- Decisive Benedict - the Pope the World Needs [Ecumenical]

B XVI -- Dis-Appointing Catholic Revisionists: A Protestant Comment

B XVI -- EWTN Live video line-up of Pope's events in US

B XVI -- Faith, Reason and Politics: Parsing the Pope's Remarks (extremely interesting)

B XVI -- German Pope's Past Misrepresented (Flurry Over "Hitler Youth" Issue Overshadows Message)

B XVI -- Holy Father speaks of profound respect for older brother

B XVI -- In first month, Benedict places distinctive mark on papacy

B XVI -- Jews Come Out to Defend Pope Benedict Against Nazi Claims

B XVI -- Jews united for Israel's friends [Ahmadinejad, Benedict XVI, Obama, Foxman and Hagee]

B XVI -- Keeping the Faith [NY Times on Benedict XVI]

B XVI -- London [Times Op-Ed]: Why the Pope Was Right

B XVI -- Neighbors and friends describe benedict XVI as humble, delightful, collects "Cat plates."

B XVI -- Neo Anti-Catholicsm (& Nazis)

B XVI -- New Catholic Patriarch May Derail Hillary's White House Plans

B XVI -- Not a transitional Pope: Benedict may surprise (Cardinals spill the beans from the conclave

B XVI -- Old, New Traditions to Mark Papal Ceremony

B XVI -- Papal pruning? A smaller but purer church may actually have more influence

B XVI -- Poll shows Americans, Catholics in particular, give pope high marks

B XVI -- Poll shows Americans, Catholics in particular, give pope high marks

B XVI -- Poor Rosie: She Just Doesn't Get It (The emperor has clothes!) (On BXVI and Muslims)

B XVI -- Pope Benedict - no Dr Strangelove (good read)

B XVI -- Pope Benedict likes verbal sparring, thinks God has sense of humor

B XVI -- Pope Benedict XVI Biographer: Nazi Genocide Shaped His Pro-Life Views

B XVI -- Pope Benedict's "Divisiveness"

B XVI -- Pope Drops Papal Crown From Coat of Arms, Adds Miter, Pallium (Not Exactly)

B XVI -- Pope Invites Muslims to Dialogue, Slams "Holy Wars"(Hooray for the Pope!)

B XVI -- Pope Invites New Look at Catholicism (Christianity v. Islam)

B XVI -- Pope John Paul II Ignored Ratzinger's Pleas to Pursue Sex Abuse Cardinal

B XVI -- Pope subverts Vatican II, historian charges

B XVI -- Pope Targeted in Suicide Attack

B XVI -- Pope wants comeback for Gregorian chants

B XVI -- Pope will pray for terrorists at Ground Zero(He'll call for terrorists to convert)

B XVI -- Pope's New Encyclical Speaks Against, not for One-World Government and New World Order

B XVI -- Pope's speech stirs Muslim anger (ROP Alert)

B XVI -- President Bush to Pope: "Awesome speech your Holiness"

B XVI -- Ratzinger and the Jews(There's Reason to Be Pleased with New Pope)

B XVI -- Richard John Neuhaus on Benedict's Speech

B XVI -- The 'gods' Aren't Happy with New Pope

B XVI -- The lies, half-truths and misrepresentations of Peter Tatchell’s Richmond speech

B XVI -- The Pope and the Prophet

B XVI -- The Ratzinger Effect: more money, more pilgrims – and lots more Latin

B XVI -- The Triumph of B16 (Awesome Read)

B XVI -- The Triumph of B16 (Awesome Read)

B XVI -- Things are hopping in Rome

B XVI -- Trip preview: Pope has finger on pulse of U.S. church

B XVI -- U.S. sodomy lobby attacks Pope Benedict XVI

B XVI -- WE HAVE A POPE!!! (Cardinal Ratzinger-Pope Benedict XVI)

B XVI -- Why the Holy Father chose the name "Benedict"...?

B XVI -- Why the Young Flock to Pope Benedict

BANNON -- Steve Bannon’s War Room Pandemic - Evening Edition, LIVE 5PM Eastern [Times in #6]

BARR -- The Big Lie That Barr Lied

BBC: How Kelly article set out case for war in Iraq & Dooms the BBC

BEER -- Mass. Monks First in U.S. to Brew Authentic Trappist Beer

BEER -- Nine Beers Americans No Longer Drink

BENEDICT XVI -- Antonio Socci: ‘We Are Watching the Leaders of the Church Work Against Her’

BERNARDIN -- Cardinal Joseph Bernardin Helped Hide Priest Abuse in Chicago, Documents Show

BHO -- Voight: Is Obama creating a civil war in America?

BIBI -- Police Probes Against Netanyahu: There's No There There

BIDEN -- Tucker Delivers a Monologue So Damning That Trump Shares It, Inc Explosive HunterBiden News

BIN LADEN -- Driver told FBI agents U.S. could have killed bin Laden (CLINTON)

BIN LADEN -- NYT: State Warned Clinton In '96 To Stop Bin Laden

BIN LADEN -- State Dept. Says It Warned About bin Laden in 1996

BIRDS -- 'One in a Million' Yellow Cardinal Spotted in Alabama

BIRDS -- 2.9 Billion Bird Deaths Linked to Solar, Wind

BIRDS -- Adorable Moment Baby Skimmer Bird Gives Mom a Hug after She Fed Him First

BIRDS -- Bird Numbers Plunge in U.S. and Canada with People to Blame

BIRDS -- Hanover Eagles Nest: PA Game Commission Prohibits Naming Hatchlings

BIRDS -- Jilted Hawk Discovers Her Nest Is Home to a third Bird

BIRDS -- Little Robin Hits the Worm Jackpot

BIRDS -- Occasional Birdy Thread Q4 '18 (In memory of Swampsniper)

BIRDS -- Some Birds Risk Their Lives for a Good Nap, Scientists Find

BIRDS -- Something in the Air: Books on Bird Migration

BIRDS -- Yellow Cardinal Spotted In Alabama Considered 1 In A Million

BIRDS -- Your Birdfeeder Is a Battleground, But the Bigger Birds Don't Always Win

BIRTH CONTROL -- The Horribly Wrong Teachings of the Church About Birth Control… (#6)

BLASE CUPICH -- Cardinal Cupich warns against the Church entering partisan politics

Bob Dylan on American Music and the Problem With Pop (Bob ain't a globalist)

BOOKGATE -- Pope Francis Puts Archbishop Gänswein on (Indefinite) Leave: report

BOYSCOUTS -- Over 88,000 Sex Abuse Claims Filed against Boy Scouts of America

BREONNA -- Breonna Taylor: Anatomy of A Racial Hoax

BROWARD -- Why Did It Take Two Weeks To Discover Parkland Students’ Astroturfing?

BURKE -- Cardinal Raymond Burke: Muslims and Christians Don’t Worship 'the Same God'

BURKE -- The Demonstration in Rome: Burke, the Only Pastor among His Sheep

BUSH -- Why Did You Vote for Bush? (from the BBC)

BXVI -- Is There Growing Confusion over Church Teaching?

BXVI -- Pope suggests it’s best to be ‘honest’ and leave the Church if you don’t believe: HLI priest

BXVI -- ‘It Was Both a Joy and a Burden’: Extracts from Benedict XVI’s Last Testament

CAP -- Cap-and-Trade “Most Profoundly Anti-Consumer Legislation Ever Brought Before a Congress”

CAP -- Fuzzy Math: According to MIT study, cap & trade could cost the average household more

CAPITAL PUNISHMENT -- Capital Punishment, Cardinal Martino and the Catholic Church

CAPITALISM -- A Lesson from the Buffalo--Let the Chips Fall Where They May (Products Made form Cows)

CAR -- Need Advice - Buying a Car

CAROLINE -- Vatican blocks Caroline Kennedy appointment as US ambassador

CAROLINE -- Vatican blocks Caroline Kennedy appointment as US ambassador

CASE CLOSED (Osama-Saddam Link Proved in Intel Cmte Brief)

CASTRO -- New York Honors Fidel Castro With Statue

CATHOLIC RELIEF SERVICES -- Catholic Relief Services scandal hits the blogosphere

Catholic/Homosexuality -- An Open Letter to 23 Chicago Priests

CC-BHO -- US Bishop Protests Taxes-for-Abortions [Justin Cardinal Rigali]

CCHD -- Bishop Bruskewitz on CCHD: Bishop Morin Was a "Bit Too Dismissive" of Concerns

CCHD -- Catholic Campaign for Human Development Funds 74 Anti-Catholic Organizations

CCHD -- Fifth Bishop Didn't Take Up National CCHD Collection

CCHD -- Four US Bishops Did Not Take up Collection for Embattled CCHD

CCHD -- Sixth Bishop Didn't Take Up CCHD Collection

CENSORSHIP -- Banned Books Week:Smoke screen of hypocrisy

CENSUS -- Census Citizenship Question: There Are Five Arguments Against It, and They're All Bogus

Central Park Jogger Case: A Letter to the New York Times & Backgound

CHAPLAINS -- Most Recent Column From Fr. Rutler [Military Chaplains]

CHAPUT -- Abp. Chaput continues to steal spotlight from DNC

CHE GUEVARA -- Che Guevara Exposed: The Killer on the Lefties’ T-Shirts

CHE GUEVARA -- Che Guevara RIP

CHE GUEVARA -- Che Guevara's Rendezvous With Justice

CHE GUEVARA -- Che Guevara—Hollywood Keeps Lying

CHE GUEVARA -- Ernesto 'Che' Guevara: 39 Years of Hype

CHE GUEVARA -- In Venezuela Rage Against Chavez's Marxist Machine While Movie Stars Sport Che's Icon

CHE GUEVARA -- No amount of Hollywood puffery will change the fact that commies aren’t cool.

CHE GUEVERA -- 'Cool' Icon Che Guevara Was a Murderous Thug, Author Says

CHE GUEVERA -- The unpalatable truth about Che Guevara

CHE GUEVERA -- “Don’t Shoot!—I’m Che!” (A Glorious Anniversary)

CHEGUEVARA -- 'No More Che Day' To Educate Students Who Honor Man Who Murdered Thousands

CHICKFILA -- Chick-fil-A Orders Values to Go

CHICKFILA -- Chick-fil-A Put an Obama & Hillary Supporter in Charge but Dumped Christians (Greenfld)

CHILD SEX -- Left's New Crusade: Adult-kid Sex

CHIRCH & STATE -- The Mythical "Wall of Separation": How a Misused Metaphor Changed Church–State Law

CHIRCH & STATE -- Wall of Separation Crumbled w/ George Washington’s 1789 Thanksgiving Proclamation

CHURCH & STATE -- 6th Circuit rejects "separation of church and state"

CHURCH & STATE -- Brief on Separation of Church and State

CHURCH & STATE -- Chuck Norris : America: Graduating From God? (Part 1 and 2 )

CHURCH & STATE -- Church-State Ruling, has 'Quick and Dramatic' Impact(Freedom From Religion LOSES!)

CHURCH & STATE -- Founders Designed Separation of Church and State to Protect Religion (#19)

CHURCH & STATE -- Origins and Dangers of the ‘Wall of Separation’ Between Church and State

CHURCH & STATE -- Santa Claus Deemed Too 'Religious' For Fundraiser

CHURCH & STATE -- The Myth Behind "Separation of Church and State"

CHURCH & STATE -- The Papers of Thomas Jefferson (Supreme Court got "wall of separation" wrong)

Church & State -- We must keep church, state truly separate

CHURCH -- Decadent world is in the grip of Satan, says Pope (#48 on Vatican Wealth)

CHURCH -- The Seven Deadly Sins: Envy

CHURCH -- WaPo: Archbishop Burke ‘Kicked Upstairs’ Because of Handling of Abuse Allegations

CHURCH -- "At the End of the Synod, Francis may impose his will, but Bergoglism is foundering"

CHURCH -- "Call me old fashioned, but......." (Prayer to St. Michael)

CHURCH -- "Energized" -- The Cardinal [MAHONY] Wins the Lottery!

CHURCH -- "In 1968, something terrible happened in the Church" (how dissenters tore Church apart)

CHURCH -- "Why Are They Going After Michael Rose?" & "The Astounding Naïveté of Crisis Magazine"

CHURCH -- 'Gospel of Judas' Called An Authentic Fabrication

CHURCH -- 'Pizza pope' builds a Catholic heaven

CHURCH -- ( LIVE THREAD ) Solemn Funeral Rites for Pope John Paul II

CHURCH -- (Archbishop) Burke's influence is set to grow (analysis by progressives :-)

CHURCH -- (John Jay College of Criminal Justice) Study: Most Priest Abuse Homosexual

CHURCH -- 100 Questions that Jesus asked and YOU should answer

CHURCH -- 12 Things Every Catholic Should Know About the U.S. Scandals (Catholic Caucus)

CHURCH -- 2015: The Best Talk at the Synod

CHURCH -- 23 Ways To Identify A Faithful Parish

CHURCH -- 260 reports of abuse yearly in Protestant churches

CHURCH -- 6 Startling Contrasts Between the Bible and the Quran: They are not telling the same story

CHURCH -- 7 Powerful Ways to Pray for Christians Suffering in the Middle East

CHURCH -- A 16 year old sets the liturgists straight (Latin Mass)

CHURCH -- A Bishop Cries (mourning has broken over the Motu Proprio)

CHURCH -- A Brief Primer on Catholic Faith and Conscience

CHURCH -- A Catholic Response to Sola Fide

CHURCH -- A Catholic Viewpoint: Survival Requires Orthodoxy

CHURCH -- A Catholic Wind in the White House

CHURCH -- A Christmas Tradition in Rome: The Street Cleaners' Nativity Scene

CHURCH -- A church's assertive shift toward tradition

CHURCH -- A Concise Account of Why Women Are Not Ordained

CHURCH -- A Dissent: The Case Against Faith

CHURCH -- A Funeral Sermon designed to teach on the Last Things, and inspire prayer

CHURCH -- A Living "Martyr" Met with John Paul II in Sofia

CHURCH -- A Modern Roman Rite Priest reports on Classical Roman Rite Training

CHURCH -- A Monastic Kind of Life - How Catholic religious communities are trying to attract young

CHURCH -- A Most Diligent Mother: Angelica

CHURCH -- A New Breed of Atheist

CHURCH -- A Popular Strategy For Church Growth Splits Congregants (RENEW 2000, #132)

CHURCH -- A Prophecy Fulfilled (arguments used for the ordination of women used for homosexuals)

CHURCH -- A Public Statement on Orthodox Deaconesses (Eastern Orthodox)

CHURCH -- A Rabbi's Warning to U.S. Christians (Rabbi Daniel Lapin)

CHURCH -- A Simple, Common Sense Rebuttal to SSPX, SSPV and CMRI (Difference between TLM and NO)

CHURCH -- A Small But Growing Number of Jews Are Questioning The Ancient Ritual of Circumcision

CHURCH -- A Step Backward: the Latin Mass Is Back (Commonweal)

CHURCH -- A Suffering Servant: The Letters of Mother Teresa

CHURCH -- A Timeline of Catholic Church history, 1-500 A.D. (includes Councils, Canon of the Bible)

CHURCH -- A Treasure of 3,125 Catholic Prayers

CHURCH -- ABC-TV Discovers "Pope Joan"

CHURCH -- Abortion Ruling Raises Backlash for Catholic Justices (BARF alert)

CHURCH -- Abp. O'Brien removes priest for grave liturgical and disciplinary abuses

CHURCH -- Act of Consecration to St Michael the Archangel (for the Feast of St Michael)

CHURCH -- After an Accusation, Here Is What Happens at the Vatican

CHURCH -- After Guilty Verdict, Questions Raised about Pell Trial

CHURCH -- After Guilty Verdict, Questions Raised about Pell Trial

CHURCH -- After vision of Christ, Nigerian bishop says rosary will bring down Boko Haram

CHURCH -- All 50 states acknowledge God in state constitutions: No "separation" intended by founders

CHURCH -- All Humans Are Descended from Just TWO People

CHURCH -- Almost Unbelievable Account of How the Synod Was Almost Hijacked by an Anti-Family Agenda

CHURCH -- Always Praying

CHURCH -- Amazing interview with Card. Noè: Paul VI’s “smoke of Satan” remark concerned liturgy

CHURCH -- An Apology (which diocese are politicians under the jurisdication of -- home or DC?)

CHURCH -- Ancient church awaits restoration in Iraq desert

CHURCH -- Angels Among Us Today

CHURCH -- Angels: From the Teachings of St. Thomas Aquinas (Summa Theologica)

CHURCH -- Anglican Chruchmanship

CHURCH -- Anglican rebel looks for Vatican pact

CHURCH -- Annual Report on Anti-Catholicism in 2006

CHURCH -- Anti-Christian paranoia [no longer just "untrue", Christianity is now "evil"]

CHURCH -- Antique Holy Cards

CHURCH -- Apparition of St. Michael the Archangel: Monte Gargano, Italy (492)

CHURCH -- Archbishop Dolan to bless 100-ton subway drill (explanation of blessing objects)

CHURCH -- Archbishop Lori Responds to Civil Rights Commission

CHURCH -- Archbishop Niederauer blaming filmers and bloggers

CHURCH -- Archbishop presides over recognition of Waterbury's Immaculate as basilica

CHURCH -- Archdiocese Cracks Down on St Stephen's Parish in Minneapolis (insider's look at service)

CHURCH -- Are The Sodomites In Control? No help from Rome - The Vatican is the problem

CHURCH -- Area boy's gift made cardinal laugh (Now Pope Benedict VXI)

CHURCH -- Arinze Rebuts Cardinal’s [Marx's] Claim ‘Who do you think you are? Greater than Christ?’

CHURCH -- As an atheist I truly believe Africa needs God (Missionaries, not aid money, are solution)

CHURCH -- Atheism, not religion, is the real force behind the mass murders of history

CHURCH -- Australian News Defends Pope: "You've Got the Wrong Man!" [Catholic Caucus]

CHURCH -- Autralian leads Anglican break to Rome (breakawayAnglican bishop meets with Pope)

CHURCH -- Back to the Beginning: A Brief Introduction to the Ancient Catholic Church

CHURCH -- Baltimore Archbishop Explains Suspicion of Legionaries

CHURCH -- Beauty, Faith … and Weddings - Designer Justina McCaffrey

CHURCH -- Before Dallas [The prelude to the priest sex scandal]

CHURCH -- Behind the Rage at Benedict XVI

CHURCH -- Being Poor in Spirit

CHURCH -- Benedict and Beauty(Catholic Caucus)

CHURCH -- Benedict XVI Stands Behind Cardinal Sarah -- And Pope Francis Sinks Into Silence

CHURCH -- Benedictine sisters in Missouri record new Christmas CD (music at link)

CHURCH -- Benediction Fiction:John Parker on the Dishonesty of Inclusive Prayers

CHURCH -- Bergoglians Are the Party of Apostasy, and No One Can Deny It NOW!

CHURCH -- Bernardin Helped Hide Priest Abuse in Chicago, Documents Show (Catholic Churches Chart)

CHURCH -- Beware: Strangest Idol of All –- Works of Charity Cannot Eclipse Obedience to Christ

CHURCH -- Bible Reading Plans for 2014

CHURCH -- Biblical Teaching on the Use of Colorful and Harsh Language

CHURCH -- Bishop Athanasius Schneider’s analysis of Youth Synod final document

CHURCH -- Bishop Bashing Inexcusable (Bill Donahue) -- 8 intrinsic evils

CHURCH -- Bishop calls for limits on sex-abuse damages

CHURCH -- Bishop Murphy: No One Knows Where the Blessed Sacrament Is! (awesome letter to pastor)

CHURCH -- Bishop of Pensacola-Tallahassee issues his own norms for Summorum Pontificum

CHURCH -- Bishop to Ad-Libbing Priest: Only Appeal Now Is to Rome (Cardinal Law Info)

CHURCH -- Bishop to Pope: Take a Flying Leap (Latin Mass)

CHURCH -- Bishop vs. Pope on 'Gay-Bashing'

CHURCH -- Bishops Have Been on a Losing Streak in U.S. Political Arena

CHURCH -- Bishops Insist Hymns Follow Doctrine

CHURCH -- Bishops Offer Support for Viganò – Six Prelates Voice Their Concern

CHURCH -- Bite Your Tongue! A Homily for the 8th Sunday of the Year

CHURCH -- Bite Your Tongue! A Reflection on Common Sins of Speech

CHURCH -- Blessed Are the Shack-Ups

CHURCH -- Blessed Mother... and Father, Too (parents of St. Therese beatified) [Catholic Caucus]

CHURCH -- Boston Cardinal: Church Needs 'Clear' Injunction Denying Pro-Abortion Pols Communion

CHURCH -- Boys step up to altar, en Mass

CHURCH -- Bp. Trautman issues his own norms for the older form of Mass

CHURCH -- brazil has lowest priest-to-laity ratio (Links to vestments)

CHURCH -- Bulgarian Orthodox Leader Affirms Desire for Unity

CHURCH -- Bulgarian Orthodox want speedy reunion with Rome!

CHURCH -- Burke Had Grave Reservations on the Same Annulment Proposals Pope Francis Just Enshrined

CHURCH -- Burke: ‘We Must Pray and Fast for the Church because We Are in a Moment of Profound Crisis

CHURCH -- C of E child abuse was ignored for decades

CHURCH -- California Tells Christian Club it Must Admit Non-Christians and Homosexuals

CHURCH -- Called to Communion

CHURCH -- Can Priests Ever Reveal What is Said in Confession [Ecumenical]

CHURCH -- Canon Law and “Catholic” Organizations

CHURCH -- Card. Arinze’s letter to Card. George with approval of the Ordo Missae translation

CHURCH -- Cardinal Burke and Bishop Schneider Finally Point the Finger at Pope Francis

CHURCH -- Cardinal Cañizares Redoubles Efforts to Defend the Faith (Spanish Cdl Sued by Gays)

CHURCH -- Cardinal Kasper Defends Ireland’s Gay ‘Marriage’ Decision

CHURCH -- Cardinal McCarrick Should Be Laicized and His Enablers Should Resign: Psychiatrist

CHURCH -- Cardinal Meisner’s Witness Concerning Fatima and the Dubia [Catholic Caucus]

CHURCH -- Cardinal Newman 'to become saint very soon' (& St. Therese's parents)

CHURCH -- Cardinal Pell to Appeal Jury’s ‘Outrageous’ Verdict Finding Him Guilty of sexual abuse

CHURCH -- Cardinal Pours Cold Water on Union With Rebel Anglican Group (Cardinal Kasper)

CHURCH -- Cardinal Schönborn Says Amoris Laetitia is Binding Doctrine [Catholic Caucus]

CHURCH -- Cardinal Wuerl Explains Firing of Employee in Gay Marriage (EXCELLENT)

CHURCH -- Carmelite SOS: “Cor Orans Is the Death-Knell of Carmelite Monasticism”

CHURCH -- Catholic Caucus - from Siobhan

CHURCH -- Catholic Caucus: Daily Mass Readings, 10-02-13, M, Holy Guardian Angels

CHURCH -- Catholic Church Obsessed with Sex and Abortion? (Msgr. Pope)

CHURCH -- Catholic Church Says Same Thing as Ever: Millions Shocked

CHURCH -- Catholic leaders accused of failing to enforce church law (Abortionist politicians)

CHURCH -- Catholic Left Hangs Itself (Donahue)

CHURCH -- Catholic public figures who scandalize faithful must repent publicly Archbishop Burke says

CHURCH -- Catholic Replies: Inviting relatives (living in sin) to family gatherings

CHURCH -- Catholic schools to buck city bill: No benefits for gay marriages (Washington, DC)

CHURCH -- Catholic ‘complacency’ shares blame for country’s failures, Archbishop Chaput says

CHURCH -- Catholics who support abortion should not receive Communion--Burke (as head of Apos. Sig.)

CHURCH -- Catholics Without a Priest -- God's Providence Will Provide

CHURCH -- Caveat emptor! A Missal on sale advertised as “1962"

CHURCH -- Changing a Light Bulb, the Christian Way

CHURCH -- Child Molestation by homosexuals and heterosexuals (Lots of Stats)

CHURCH -- Christ assures us nothing will destroy the Church, Pope states

CHURCH -- Christian Coptic church arose from Oriental Orthodox split in 451

CHURCH -- Church grows by attraction, not proselytism, Pope says

CHURCH -- Church not a political player, but it must promote human dignity, says Holy Father

CHURCH -- Church of Ireland parishes ask to become Roman Catholic

CHURCH -- Clergy Sexual Misconduct: Just a Catholic Problem?

CHURCH -- Clerical collateral damage (sexual-misconduct scandal)


CHURCH -- Coming soon to a church near you (Sr. Joan Chittister)

CHURCH -- Commentary and Analysis on the Motu Proprio itself

CHURCH -- Comments upon the Explanatory Letter (Motu Proprio -- Latin Mass)

CHURCH -- Communion for divorced and remarried closed case, says cardinal (good info re annulments)

CHURCH -- Communion with the saints(Pres.Fuller Theological Seminary has been thinking about saints)

CHURCH -- Concept of the Most Holy Trinity - The Relationship between the Three Persons in One God

CHURCH -- Contraception and the Catholic Vision

CHURCH -- Could banning religion rid the world of horror?

CHURCH -- Counting Blessings… Revisited Nil desperandum! Never despair!

CHURCH -- Criminalizing Faith

CHURCH -- Cross? What Cross?

CHURCH -- Cupich Aide Gives Talking Points to Priests to Counter AG Rpt on Sex Abuse (CupichHistory)

CHURCH -- Cupich Calls for Mercy Toward Nontraditional Families (Church's Definition of Family)

CHURCH -- Daft pundits aim at Pope Benedict XVI

CHURCH -- Daily Missal 1962 - Motu Proprio Edition (Vanity)

CHURCH -- Data Proves No Sex Abuse Crisis in Catholic Church (2013)

CHURCH -- DC tells Catholic Church Comply or Bye Bye

CHURCH -- De-homosexualization of the Catholic Church (Why JPII Didn't Believe There Were Gay Bps)

CHURCH -- Death of the Irish Church? (gay marriage, abortion)

CHURCH -- Defense Department Classifies Catholics, Evangelicals as Extremists

CHURCH -- Demythologizing Father Drinan

CHURCH -- Devotion to the Angels

CHURCH -- Did the Pope Cover Up Abuse? No! (The truth about the Murphy Case) [Catholic Caucus]

CHURCH -- Direct order from Pius XII to protect Jews uncovered by researchers

CHURCH -- Distortions In AP Anti-Pope Story

CHURCH -- Do You Wnt a Place at the Table so You Can Direct the Course of History? Try This!

CHURCH -- Don’t Know Nothing ( Anti-Catholicism: The Last Acceptable Prejudice )

CHURCH -- Dueling Clerics (Chaput and Martin)

CHURCH -- Earliest Gospels Acquired by Vatican (St Luke)

CHURCH -- Episcopal group plots takeover

CHURCH -- Episcopal Sodomy: Gay Seminarian Pipeline

CHURCH -- Even Jesus Sometimes Said “No.” (The Hungry, the Needy, and Social Justice)

CHURCH -- Excommunication! (Explanation from a canon lawyer)

CHURCH -- Faith 'War' Rages in U.S., Judge Janice Rogers Brown Says

CHURCH -- Fake 'Catholic Voters Guide' Published by Former Aide to Kerry [seamless garment alert]

CHURCH -- Falling Dollar Puts Holy See in the Red (Vatican's Imcone, Expenses, Employees)

CHURCH -- Farmingdale man tries to repair image of priests

CHURCH -- Fear Not

CHURCH -- Follow-up: LAPD begins investigation of Cdl. Mahony assault claim

CHURCH -- Founders built church-state wall to protect both entities

CHURCH -- Four Lies (And One Truth) About The Catholic Church

CHURCH -- Fr. Robert Altier's Truthful Homilyabout the Current Crisis in the Church

CHURCH -- Francis Preaches Insane Sentimental Philosophy (truth isn't truth if it hurts someone)

CHURCH -- Francis Speaks, Scalfari Transcribes, Brandmüller Shreds (history of priestly celibacy)

CHURCH -- Franciscan Friars Back American Nuns in Vatican Spat

CHURCH -- Franklin Graham to Cardinal Dolan: ‘Take a Moral Stand’ Against Gov. Cuomo

CHURCH -- Fred Barnes: A Great Christian (John Paul II was beloved by Protestants too)

CHURCH -- Free Christmas music from The Vatican in MP3 format

CHURCH -- Fresh tests on Shroud of Turin

CHURCH -- From A Sermon By Saint Peter Chrysologus: Prayer Knocks,Fasting Obtains, Mercy Receives

CHURCH -- Fruits of Summorum Pontificum already showing

CHURCH -- Funeral Rites Should be Denied to Publicly Pro-Abort Catholics: Vatican Official [Burke]

CHURCH -- German Journalist Calls Pope Francis a Relativizer

CHURCH -- Getting It Wrong about the Death Penalty (Francis)

CHURCH -- Global Media’s Assault On Pope Is Unprecedented (One Question The Media Are Not Asking)

CHURCH -- God and geeks: Vatican astronomer hunts for faith in Silicon Valley

CHURCH -- Good Books on The Crusades

CHURCH -- Grace, Faith, and Works

CHURCH -- Hacking the Papal Election

CHURCH -- Hail Mary

CHURCH -- Happiness is an Inside Job, As Seen in Scripture (Psalm 34)

CHURCH -- Harris in LA Times:Millions of Christians Working to Turn US into 'Totalitarian Theocracy'

CHURCH -- Head of Vatican's Highest Court:"Obligation to Deny Communion to Pro-Abortion" Politicians

CHURCH -- Henry Sire: Conservative: An Object Lesson in Intellectual Dishonesty (Genuine Catholics)

CHURCH -- Hero of the Century

CHURCH -- Historic split for U.S. Episcopals

CHURCH -- Historical argument favors Communion on the tongue

CHURCH -- Holiness Doesn't Consist in Not Making Mistakes or Never Sinning (B XVI)

CHURCH -- Holy Father says Eucharist is a ‘mystery of alliance’ not a ‘meal among friends’

CHURCH -- Holy See's Top Donors: Germany, US, Italy [Catholic Caucus]

CHURCH -- Holy Week and the Rest of Your Life (Father John Corapi)

CHURCH -- Homosexual Episcopal Bishop Robinson Promotes Dissent among Catholic Priests

CHURCH -- Homosexuality destabilizes society: Vatican paper

CHURCH -- House Dems Excommunicate the Pope

CHURCH -- How (and Why) to Return to Confession (Examination of Conscience)

CHURCH -- How Does Pride Accumulate in Our Life? A Reflection on a Teaching by St. Bernard

CHURCH -- How Galileo Brought His Troubles with the Church on Himself (See #6)

CHURCH -- How Many Divisions Does The NY Times Have? Grey Lady Demands Apology From Pope

CHURCH -- How to Make Your Very Own Jesus

CHURCH -- How to Refute Arguments Against Priestly Celibacy

CHURCH -- Hugh Hewitt interviews Fr Joseph Fessio re Benedict XVI's upcoming trip(Catholic Caucus)

CHURCH -- I've just learned that I am an "EXTREMIST!" (Founding Fathers Quotes Re Religion & Govt.)

CHURCH -- If You Know The End Of The Story, There’s A Lot You Can Disregard - As Seen On TV

CHURCH -- Ignatius Press founder to Pope Francis: ‘Be a man. Stand up and answer’...

CHURCH -- Il Giornale: all sacraments, not just Mass (Motu Proprio)

CHURCH -- In Appealing To Religious Voters, Dems Are Pew-less(Feder On The Godless Liberal Church)

CHURCH -- In Drunken Rage, Atheist Guru Hitchens Bullies Hero Priest of 9-11 (Father Rutler!)

CHURCH -- In Memory of the Victims of 09.11.2001(Pope LeoXIII’s Prayer to St. Michael the Archangel)

CHURCH -- Incredibile! Italian Diocese Settles the Problem: All Traditional Masses Forbidden

CHURCH -- Inside Scientology (Rolling Stone expose of $cientology a must read!)

CHURCH -- Iraq War Protesters Disrupt Chicago Easter Mass With Fake Blood; 6 Arrested

CHURCH -- Irish Catholic Counselling Agency Agrees to Help Gay Couples

CHURCH -- Is prayer to saints / Mary Biblical?

CHURCH -- Is the Church Against Both Abortion and the Death Penalty?

CHURCH -- Is the Mass Really a Sacrifice? (response to friend of an Evangelical Christian)

CHURCH -- Italian Bishops Invite Remarried Catholics to Receive Holy Communion

CHURCH -- Italians want crucifixes to stay in classrooms: poll

CHURCH -- Jesus Teaches on the Need to Persist in Prayer and Wear God Out

CHURCH -- Jesus, Son of Humankind? The Necessary Failure of Inclusive-Language Translations

CHURCH -- Jewish Group Forms to Fight Prejudice against Christians

CHURCH -- Jews Come Out to Defend Pope Benedict Against Nazi Claims

CHURCH -- Joe and his conscience

CHURCH -- John Jay study: Catholic Church unfairly targeted on "clergy sex abuse"?

CHURCH -- John Paul II Gallery of Pictures [Photos]

CHURCH -- Joint Orthodox Jewish-Catholic statement voices ‘shared commitment’ to marriage

CHURCH -- Journalist: “How Archbishop Viganò gave me his memo. Here’s why I decided to publish it.”

CHURCH -- Judging the Catholic Church (statistics of other church's abuse)

CHURCH -- KGB Intent on Linking Pius XII with Nazis

CHURCH -- Largest Paper in Canada Prints Hate Column Against Catholic Church

CHURCH -- Last Blast to the Bishops (Election 2016)

CHURCH -- Latin Makes a Comeback - Young Catholics Are Leading a Resurgence of the Traditional Mass

CHURCH -- Latin Mass Appeal [An End To "Banality" and "Chaos" ?]

CHURCH -- Latin Mass firestorm just ahead

CHURCH -- Latin Mass to return to England and Wales

CHURCH -- Latin: vehicle of unity between peoples and cultures

CHURCH -- Learning from scandal - Analyzing facts on clergy sexual abuse

CHURCH -- Lefebrivists demand (2nd Vatican) Council be “corrected,” not interpreted

CHURCH -- Let's Get the Story Straight: Defrocking and Divorce(AP Gets It Wrong Again) -- FR. FESSIO

CHURCH -- Letter from the Battlefront: What a Faithful Young Priest Goes Through

CHURCH -- Liberals Planning for Vatican III

CHURCH -- Liberation Theology: New Pope Worries Latin Clergy

CHURCH -- Lightning Strikes Dome of St. Peter’s Basilica on Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary

CHURCH -- Litrerae Apostolicae Motu Proprio Datae "Summorum Pontificum" (Latin Mass)

CHURCH -- Liturgical Colors, Sacred Vessels and Mass Vestments

CHURCH -- Liturgical Vestments (and prayers the priest says while vesting for Mass)

CHURCH -- Logical Proof of the Existence of a Divine Creator, Why Atheism is Not Logically Sound

CHURCH -- Lord, Keep Your Arm Around My Shoulder, Your Hand Over My Mouth (on Common Sins of Speech)

CHURCH -- Luke Timothy Johnson "sometimes questions church authority"? (conflict with Braxton)

CHURCH -- Magdi Christian Allam, a Contested Conversion

CHURCH -- Major Anglican Group Prepares for Full Communion With Rome

CHURCH -- Many Catholic Funerals Lack Balance and Do Not Teach Clearly on the Last Things

CHURCH -- Marco Tosatti: The Battle of Joseph Ratzinger (& Pope Francis)

CHURCH -- Mark Steyn: The Da Vinci Code: bad writing for Biblical illiterates (& Gospel of Judas)

CHURCH -- Married Priests Back Celibacy (Part 1 of 2)

CHURCH -- Massacre At Holy Innocents? (See #4 re closings and architecture)

CHURCH -- Media Messengers and Pope Benedict's Message (Brent Bozell III)

CHURCH -- Messing with the Mass: The Problem of Priestly Narcissism Today

CHURCH -- Methodists to affirm Catholic theology (on Justification) (See #8)

CHURCH -- Michael Medved exposes myths about homosexuality in Church

CHURCH -- Miraculous’ Novena to Protect From Papal Confusion

CHURCH -- Mistakes We Make with Priestly Vocations (young priest on Parish Life Coordinators )

CHURCH -- mommy, how are anaphoras englished? (who wrote missalettes?) (#112 Crisis on bad music)

CHURCH -- Monsignor Bux: We Are in a Full Crisis of Faith

CHURCH -- More Evidence Pius XII Was Not Hitler's Pope - German Files Point to a Russian Plot

CHURCH -- Moscow’s Assault on the VaticanThe KGB made corrupting the Church a priority.

CHURCH -- Most Priest Abuse Homosexual--Is Catholicism or Homosexuality to Blame? (L.A. Settlement)

CHURCH -- Mother Teresa Did Not Feel Christ's Presence for Last Half of Her Life, Letters Reveal

CHURCH -- Mother Therese of Coopersburg (re Conservative OCDs)

CHURCH -- Msgr. Perl, “Ecclesia Dei”: we are drafting an instruction on Summorum Pontificum

CHURCH -- My brother, the priest (re sex abuse)

CHURCH -- Nailed? Bishop Tod Brown and his undisclosed molestation accusation

CHURCH -- Neighbors and friends describe benedict XVI as humble, delightful, collects "Cat plates."

CHURCH -- New Catholic Patriarch May Derail Hillary's White House Plans

CHURCH -- New Guide Lists Faithful Catholic Colleges in US

CHURCH -- New Interview: Cardinal Raymond Burke Says Islam Is A Danger

CHURCH -- News of Archbishop Viganò Has Hit the Curia Like an Atomic Bomb

CHURCH -- No more permission needed for Latin Mass, cardinal says

CHURCH -- Non-Catholic visitor sees Jesus in local chapel

CHURCH -- Non-Catholics Testify in Support of MOH Soldier Kapaun's Sainthood

CHURCH -- Not a transitional Pope: Benedict may surprise (Cardinals spill the beans from conclave)

CHURCH -- Notice: The daily sport of posting Catholic bashing threads on FR stops today. Thanks.

CHURCH -- Notre Dame, My Mother (Re: God's will)

CHURCH -- Nuns Gone Wild: A Trip Down Memory Lane

CHURCH -- Nuns, Habits, Disobedience, and Mortal Sin

CHURCH -- NY Abortion Law: Bishops’ Response More Disgusting Still (Louie)

CHURCH -- NY Times Sees Old Church vs. New Church (Ave Maria Mutual Funds)

CHURCH -- Old rite wins new Mass appeal

CHURCH -- Oliver North: "Be Not Afraid" (spiritual and on point of the passing of the Pope)

CHURCH -- On Humility in Prayer (Msgr. Pope)

CHURCH -- On the impossibility of women's ordination in the RCC

CHURCH -- On the Vatican's Directive about invalid baptismal formulae (Creator-Redeemer-Sanctifier)

CHURCH -- One Priest’s Concern About Recent Remarks by the Pope (Msgr. Pope)

CHURCH -- Organization of the Catholic Church (23 independent churches)

CHURCH -- Orthodox Rabbis Issue Groundbreaking Declaration Affirming ‘Partnership’ With Christianity

CHURCH -- Our Lady of Fatima – Her Prophecies and Warnings Remain as Essential as Ever! (2015)

CHURCH -- Our Man Martino (Taking Care of Business!) (Re USCCB's authority)

CHURCH -- Out of Pride & Into Humility: Lenten Meditation on a Teaching by St. Bernard of Clairvaux

CHURCH -- Papal Laughs and Tears

CHURCH -- Paper Tiber:How Pope John Paul’s Critics Would Tame the Church of Rome

CHURCH -- Parishioner "walkout" & "Underground church" (Minneapolis Archdiocese cracks down)

CHURCH -- Paul VI’s “smoke of Satan” remark concerned liturgy [Catholic Caucus]

CHURCH -- Pell Backs Discrimination Against Gays

CHURCH -- Petre: Secret plan to avoid church gay split (Anglican)

CHURCH -- Philadelphia Archbishop Chaput Welcomes ‘Smaller Church’ of Holier Catholics (2016)

CHURCH -- Poll: 63% of Americans think Bible literally true

CHURCH -- Poll: Pentecostals widening influence (#88 Catholic Charismatic Movemment)

CHURCH -- Pontifical Academy Rips Faithful Catholic Scientist

CHURCH -- Pope 'Could Cancel UK Visit' Over 'Offensive' Foreign Office Memo

CHURCH -- Pope baptizes famous Muslim convert

CHURCH -- Pope baptizes prominent Italian Muslim

CHURCH -- Pope Benedict to Catholics: Kneel For Communion

CHURCH -- Pope broadens access to 1962 Mass (news/analysis) (Phil Lawler)

CHURCH -- Pope Dismisses Cardinal Müller from CDF (#33--Mrs. Don-o)

CHURCH -- Pope Drops Papal Crown From Coat of Arms, Adds Miter, Pallium (Not Exactly)

CHURCH -- Pope Fails to Reply to 4 Cardinals’ Urgent Plea for Clarification so They Go Public

CHURCH -- Pope Francis on Sins of the Flesh (Confessors Who Ask What Sins & How Many Need Shrink)

CHURCH -- Pope Francis: Go to Confession for not Recycling, Repent of Excess Plastic and Paper

CHURCH -- Pope gets radical and woos the Anglicans

CHURCH -- Pope gets radical and woos the Anglicans

CHURCH -- Pope prefers Communion on the tongue, Msgr. Marini says

CHURCH -- Pope Pushing a Latin Trend

CHURCH -- Pope relaxes restrictions for Latin Mass

CHURCH -- Pope Restores Masses in Latin(For those who hadn't already heard...get to Sunday Mass!)

CHURCH -- Pope Restores Masses in Latin(For those who hadn't already heard...get to Sunday Mass!)

CHURCH -- Pope revises limbo for babies

CHURCH -- Pope risks new rift w/ Islam as he baptises (Arab) journalist facing death threats

CHURCH -- Pope says pro-choice lawmakers should be denied sacraments (Leahy threatens blackmail?)

CHURCH -- Pope Says Schonborn on Communion for Remarried Is Final Word (MRS. DON-O: REMARRIAGE)

CHURCH -- Pope to Baptize Prominent Muslim

CHURCH -- Pope to discuss influx of Anglicans

CHURCH -- Pope to Purge the Vatican of Modern Music

CHURCH -- Pope wants comeback for Gregorian chants

CHURCH -- Pope's address disappoints Muslim leaders

CHURCH -- Pope's excommunication comments cause stir in Church

CHURCH -- Pope's Latin Mass push may revive prayer for Jews

CHURCH -- Pope: Why Didn’t Allies Bomb Railway Lines to Auschwitz?

CHURCH -- Pope: ‘I Will Not Say a Single Word’ About Allegations of McCarrick Cover-Up

CHURCH -- Pope: “It Is the Communists Who Think Like Christians”

CHURCH -- Possible Eucharistic Miracle in Poland (Sokó?ka)

CHURCH -- Practicing Catholics unfazed by abuse scandals; Pope’s popularity increasing

CHURCH -- Priest Shortage Affects The Future Of Faith In Kansas City (and elsewhere) (NO EFFECT)

CHURCH -- Priest: ‘You Might Not Have a Church to Go to if You Don’t Wote the Right Way in November’

CHURCH -- Priests Could be Ordered to Report Confessions of Sex Abuse to Police[Australia](#4 & #16)

CHURCH -- Priests still suffering from effects of Humanae Vitae dissenters, Vatican cardinal says

CHURCH -- Priests who "desert," priests who "come back" (setting the media straight)

CHURCH -- Princeton Prof: Pro-abortion Catholics More Horrific than Clergy Sex Abuse

CHURCH -- Pro-Abortion Politicians Excommunicated, Pope Says

CHURCH -- Pro-Obama Catholic group plans to launch news business (See #7: Explanation of Modernism)

CHURCH -- Professor Shows Accuracy of Bible's Christmas Story, Debunks Popular Myths

CHURCH -- Prominent Muslim becomes Catholic on Easter

CHURCH -- Protestant Theologian: He Was My Pope, Too

CHURCH -- Public Apology from Abp. Niederauer (Non-apology re Giving Communion to Gay Activists )

CHURCH -- Purgatory

CHURCH -- Questions about Catholic Mass from a protestant (Vanity)

CHURCH -- Questions, Answers on ‘Ordination’ Ceremony

CHURCH -- R.I.P. Seamless Garment 1984-2004: Pope Benedict XVI Shreds Bernardin's Fabric of Lies

CHURCH -- Rabbi at U.S. Capitol:Where Did SCOTUS Get Authority To Strike Down God’s Law on Marriage?

CHURCH -- Rabbi Yehuda Levin: If Catholic Leaders Rally, Jews and Evangelicals Would Follow

CHURCH -- Ratzinger's Revolutionary-in-Chief

CHURCH -- Raymond Arroyo’s Moving Tribute to Mother Angelica

CHURCH -- Reagan’s Catholic Connections

CHURCH -- Recent Key Appointments Unsettle John Paul II Institute on Marriage and Family

CHURCH -- Rejoice! The Compendium of the CCC is now online!

CHURCH -- Report from the Eye of the Storm (Interview with Edward Pentin)

CHURCH -- Resisting the Temptation to Change the Our Father: ...(Deacon Nick Donnelly)

CHURCH -- Restoring a Church tradition (Latin Mass)

CHURCH -- Revival of Latin Mass upsets liberals

CHURCH -- Rice University Professor Debunks National Geographic Translation Of Gospel Of Judas

CHURCH -- Rosary Resurgence [Ecumenical] (Making Rosaries Websites)

CHURCH -- Rosie O’donnell Smears Pope (Re Ratzinger and Abusive Priests)

CHURCH -- Rowan's Laugh-In [Archbishop demonstrates why liberal Christianity is a joke]

CHURCH -- Sainthood for September 11 Priest Runs into Gay Row (GAY ACTIVIST ALERT)

CHURCH -- Saintly Role Models for Parents: St. Therese’s [Lisieux] Parents to be Beatified

CHURCH -- Saintly ‘science’: When doctors and doubters are called upon to prove miracles

CHURCH -- San Francisco Archbishop Caught on Video Giving Communion to Gay Men Dressed as Nuns

CHURCH -- SBC officials reject Clinton/Carter unity talk, but not all Southern Baptists join chorus

CHURCH -- Schism Being Revealed as Homosexual Priest Doc to Be Released (#19 refuting anti-celibacy)

CHURCH -- Scientists certify Our Lady of Guadalupe tilma

CHURCH -- Scientologists arrive in Poland

CHURCH -- SciFi Writer, John C. Wright, Enters Catholic Church at Easter Vigil (conversion story)

CHURCH -- Sister Lucia's Last Moments

CHURCH -- Six Habits of Highly Effective Dioceses (Catholic Caucus)

CHURCH -- Smoking Gun Memo In Murphy Paedophilia Case!

CHURCH -- Socci: "Pope Bergoglio: 'Jesus plays the fool a bit' & Other Grave Expressions & Actions

CHURCH -- Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God - Mary, Full of Grace(#65: kneeling/bowing before others)

CHURCH -- Some Hard Spiritual Truths That Will Set You Free – A Meditation by St. John of the Cross

CHURCH -- Some Reactions to Fr. de Souza’s Essay (on ecclesiastical resignations)

CHURCH -- Special Report: Murder in the Diocese of Buffalo?

CHURCH -- Sr. Helen Prejean, God's Gift to Capital Punishment Enthusiasts (doubts crucifixion)

CHURCH -- St. Michael's miracle dies at 78

CHURCH -- Stanley Fish Deconstructs Atheism

CHURCH -- State ethics office investigates CT diocese as lobbying group (for fighting reorg bill)

CHURCH -- Statement authorised by the TAC Primate

CHURCH -- Statement from Bishop Trautman on “Summorum Pontificum”!

CHURCH -- Sublime [Nearly 1,000 Attend Return of Traditional Latin Mass in Burlington]

CHURCH -- Suing the Church (Structure of the Church, by Archbp. Chaput)

CHURCH -- Summorum Pontificum Contact Database

CHURCH -- Symbols and Systems: Why Catholics and Protestants Don't See Eye to Eye

CHURCH -- Teachers Vs. Priests - Unequal Treatment In the Media?

CHURCH -- Telegraph: ‘Substantial number’ of clergy will leave over plans for women bishops

CHURCH -- Test Everything; Hold Fast to What Is Good – (Values of the Church v. the World)

CHURCH -- Texas Bishop Saddened That Defending the Gospel Is Considered ‘Bold’ (Strickland)

CHURCH -- The 'gods' Aren't Happy with New Pope

CHURCH -- The (Catholic) Cathedral that never was

CHURCH -- The Anglican Right

CHURCH -- The Anglican Right (Anglican Priests becoming Catholic Priests & Anglican Use Parishes)

CHURCH -- The anti-Catholicism of the "National Catholic Reporter"

CHURCH -- The Apostle Thomas, His Question Gives Us the Right ... to Ask Jesus for Explanations

CHURCH -- The Attack Against the Classical Rite: A Clarifying and Unitive Moment?

CHURCH -- The Bible Speaks On Welfare

CHURCH -- The Bishop's Ax Falls on Obama. And on the Vatican Curia (bombshell article) (Chaput)

CHURCH -- The Broken Windows in the US Catholic Church(Catholic Caucus)

CHURCH -- The Cardinal Virtues: Fortitude

CHURCH -- The Cardinal Virtues: Justice

CHURCH -- The Cardinal Virtues: Prudence

CHURCH -- The Cardinal Virtues: Temperance

CHURCH -- The Case Against Pell: New Details Emerge

CHURCH -- The Catholic Church will never ordain women

CHURCH -- The Church Cannot Change Doctrine on Marriage and Divorce: Concerns for the Upcoming Synod

CHURCH -- THE CHURCH MILITANT--REAL MILITANT--The Knights of St. John & the Siege of Malta

CHURCH -- The church's 'loose canon' [Annulments in the Catholic Church]

CHURCH -- The Complete Bible: Why Catholics Have Seven More Books [Ecumenical]

CHURCH -- The Complete Bible: Why Catholics Have Seven More Books [Ecumenical]

CHURCH -- The Consistent Ethic of Life and Archbishop Blase Cupich

CHURCH -- The Conversion of America Through the Eucharist

CHURCH -- The Critical Danger of Unbelief

CHURCH -- The Cross and the Double Cross

CHURCH -- The Danger of Centering Prayer by Rev. John D. Dreher

CHURCH -- The Danger to our [Episcopal] Church

CHURCH -- The Death of Catholic Culture and the Election of Barack Obama (Catholic Caucus)

CHURCH -- The Divinity of Jesus Christ, In Scripture and in His Own Words

CHURCH -- The Dormition of our Most Holy Lady the Mother of God (Orthodox/Catholic Caucus)

CHURCH -- The emerging Reform of the Reform as typified in Archbishop Burke's archdiocese

CHURCH -- The Eucharistic Miracles of the World

CHURCH -- The Fable of “Pope Joan” [Debunks Diane Sawyer on ABC]

CHURCH -- The Facts and Stats on "33,000 Denominations" (Where the Number Originated)

CHURCH -- The Foreign Office's sick attack on the Pope: what did you expect?

CHURCH -- The Gospel of Judas -- The Betrayal of Truth [Open]

CHURCH -- The Happiest Day of Mother Teresa's Life

CHURCH -- The Holy Capitalists (Roman Catholic Church)

CHURCH -- The Homily that Caused an Outcry and the Priest to be Dismissed (Rockford)

CHURCH -- The Jewish Joy of Christmas Music

CHURCH -- The Language of Tradition: The pope brings back the Latin Mass (Raymond Arroyo -- WSJ)

CHURCH -- The late Jesuit Father Robert Drinan: the priest who absolved pro-abortion politicians

CHURCH -- The Little Sisters of Mary, Mother of the Redeemer Ask to Be Relieved of Their Vows

CHURCH -- The Littlest Suffering Souls III: Brendan Kelly of Great Falls

CHURCH -- The Mass of All Time will outlive the Sixties revolutionaries

CHURCH -- The Media's Ignorance of American Religion (Mainline v. Mainstream Protestantism)

CHURCH -- The most awesome thing I have ever seen on the net. The Vatican virtual tours.

CHURCH -- The National Priestette Reporter (Caution! Contains graphic images of women priestesses)

CHURCH -- The New Anti-Catholic Bigotry

CHURCH -- The New Catholic Manliness

CHURCH -- The Nun versus the Spinmaster (Pius XII)

CHURCH -- The Other Catholics: A Short Guide to the Eastern Catholic Churches

CHURCH -- The Pope "Baptizes", Not only Children, But Liturgy Ad Orientam, Ad Deum, Versus Apsidem

CHURCH -- The Pope condemns the climate-change scaremongers

CHURCH -- The Pope Wanted Hitler Dead: The Secret Story of the Vatican’s War to Kill the Nazi Despot

CHURCH -- The Pope's First Year: How He Simplified His Role

CHURCH -- The Power of a Bold Bishop

CHURCH -- The Priesthood Debate

CHURCH -- The Priority of Personal Prayer

CHURCH -- The Ravenna Catholic-Orthodox Statement of 2007

CHURCH -- The Real History of the Crusades

CHURCH -- The Real Low-down on Pope Francis’ Encyclical on Climate Change

CHURCH -- The Real Schismatics and Bigots

CHURCH -- The Rearguard Pope (JPII)

CHURCH -- The recycle of abuse continues at Baptist churches

CHURCH -- The Roman Catechism and Capital Punishment

CHURCH -- The Scandal Driving the Church Sex Scandal

CHURCH -- The Scandal That Has No Name (2006 Abuse Report; 04/12/07)

CHURCH -- The scourge of celibacy

CHURCH -- The Sermon That Cost A Brave Priest His Job

CHURCH -- The Seven (Heavenly) Virtues [as opposed to the Seven Deadly Sins]

CHURCH -- The Seven Deadly Sins -- an Overview

CHURCH -- The Seven Deadly Sins: Anger

CHURCH -- The Seven Deadly Sins: Greed

CHURCH -- The Seven Deadly Sins: Lust

CHURCH -- The Seven Deadly Sins: Sloth

CHURCH -- The Sign of the Cross

CHURCH -- The State of the Catholic Church in America, Diocese by Diocese

CHURCH -- The story behind the white and yellow colors of the Vatican flag

CHURCH -- The Story of a Convert from Islam – Baptized by the Pope at St. Peter's

CHURCH -- The Ten Commandments Are a Picture of the Transformed Human Person – A Homily for ...

CHURCH -- The Ten Most Common Liturgical Abuses And Why They're Wrong (Documents & Publications)

CHURCH -- The Tide Is Turning Toward Catholicism: The Converts

CHURCH -- The Track Record Supports the Vigano Testimony

CHURCH -- The Tragedy of the Religious Left: Worshipping the Goddess of Tolerance

CHURCH -- The Twelve Steps of Pride

CHURCH -- The Twelve Steps of Pride : Out of Pride and into Humility

CHURCH -- The Vatican Declares War on Cdl. Zen

CHURCH -- The Vatican: They’re Doing This On Purpose (Hilary White)

CHURCH -- The War against Cardinal Pell

CHURCH -- Theologian Renders Possibly Decisive Blow in Debate on Plan B in Catholic Hospitals

CHURCH -- Thoughts on the Prayer Book. The English Book of Common Prayer [Anglican]

CHURCH -- Three Aspects of Anxiety and How to Overcome Them

CHURCH -- Three Words That Can Change Your Life: move, breathe, trust

CHURCH -- TIME Article on Motu Proprio spinning like usual

CHURCH -- Time for Christians to Unplug from Our Secular Culture (Chaput 2016)

CHURCH -- Tiny Tablet Provides Proof For Old Testament (See #61 for good explanation)

CHURCH -- Tiny Vatican Posts Tidy Budget Surplus

CHURCH -- To Tithe Or Not To Tithe ( Vanity )

CHURCH -- Top LifeSite Catholic Newsmakers of 2018:...

CHURCH -- Top UN Official Sadik Praises Efforts to Throw the Vatican Out of the UN

CHURCH -- Top Vatican Cardinal Tells the [Liberal] Jesuits to Clean Up their Act

CHURCH -- Traditional Anglican Communion Petitions Rome for Union (TAC)

CHURCH -- Traditional Latin Mass Seminar

CHURCH -- Transubstantiation for Beginners

CHURCH -- Twelve Differences Between the Orthodox and the Catholic Churches

CHURCH -- Twelve Steps to Humility

CHURCH -- Twenty One Reasons to Reject Sola Scriptura

CHURCH -- Two Hard Sayings of the Lord that Offend Modern Notions (Casting Pears before Swine)

CHURCH -- Two Priests Imprisoned: A Strange Story from Pope Francis’s Buenos Aires Days

CHURCH -- TX Priest Under Fire for Orthodoxy (+ Mother Angelica's nuns)

CHURCH -- U.S. Catholic Bishops to Americans: Drop Dead (Migrants)

CHURCH -- UK Commons Committee to "Investigate" Catholic Bishop for "Fundamentalism"

CHURCH -- Unchurched Prefer Cathedrals Over Contemporary Church Buildings

CHURCH -- Unwavering Fidelity of English (Catholic) Bishops (Sarcasm by Author)(Catholic Caucus)

CHURCH -- US Bishops Asked to Fire Chief Film Critic over Glowing Reviews for Brokeback & Compass

CHURCH -- US Cardinal soon to be outed as homosexual...Which one?

CHURCH -- Vanity Need Instructions on How to make a Rosary

CHURCH -- Vasa Matter? Nothing! (Bishop Robert Vasa, Diocese of Baker, E. Oregon) -- Great Bishop

CHURCH -- Vatican blocks Caroline Kennedy appointment as US ambassador (by Obama)

CHURCH -- Vatican Calls for Liturgies with Protestants on Reformation Day

CHURCH -- Vatican cardinal weighs in on pro-abortion politicians and Communion (Arinze)

CHURCH -- Vatican confirms excommunication for US dissident group (including Call to Action)

CHURCH -- Vatican Confirms Freedom of Priests to Celebrate Extraordinary Form – No 'Stable Group'

CHURCH -- Vatican Hostility against Faithful Catholics Deepens Our Internal Schism

CHURCH -- Vatican Offers Rich Online Source of Bible Commentary

CHURCH -- Vatican reaffirms Church teaching on ordination to the priesthood

CHURCH -- Vatican tour (the magnificent Bernini altar)

CHURCH -- Vatican: Receiving Eucharist kneeling will be norm at papal liturgies

CHURCH -- Vatican: U.S. Catholic Sex Scandal Was Overstated

CHURCH -- Vermont Catholics to have Latin Masses (Bishops' responses to Motu Proprio)

CHURCH -- Viewpoints : Another TEC Bishop to Rome...Two Dioceses Ready to Exit...Canada in Turmoil

CHURCH -- Viganò Issues New Statement, Documents to Clear His Name of False Charges

CHURCH -- We All Have Our Own Special Guardian Angel

CHURCH -- We All Have Our Own Special Guardian Angel

CHURCH -- WE HAVE A POPE!!! (Cardinal Ratzinger-Pope Benedict XVI)

CHURCH -- What are the "O Antiphons"?

CHURCH -- What Are the Differences between Orthodoxy and Roman Catholicism?

CHURCH -- What Attachments Are, and What They Are Not

CHURCH -- What Did The [2015] Synod Really Say? Some Analysis of the Final Report

CHURCH -- What Does It Means To Be Canonized.(Padre Pio example)

CHURCH -- What does the CatholicChurch mean by the phrase "Outside the Church there is no salvation"

CHURCH -- What Is “Lobby” All About in the Vatican “Gay Lobby” Chatter Going On?

CHURCH -- What Popes Can and Can’t Do

CHURCH -- What Think Ye of Rome? (Part One): An Evangelical Appraisal of Contemporary Catholicism

CHURCH -- When God Says No – A Meditation On the Sometimes Mysterious Providence of God

CHURCH -- When Jews Praised Pius XII

CHURCH -- Where Are the Bishops Who Will Defend Faithful Priests?

CHURCH -- Where heresy and dissent abound [Minnesota]

CHURCH -- Why 2017 Will Be a Very Important Year - A Homily for The Solemnity of Mary Mother of God

CHURCH -- Why Can’t Women Be Priests?

CHURCH -- Why cross-dressing 'sisters' got their Communion

CHURCH -- Why Do Catholic Women Reject Their Church’s Teaching on Contraception? Now We Know.

CHURCH -- Why Does The Left Hate The Pope?

CHURCH -- Why Doesn't the Pope Do Something about "Bad" Bishops?

CHURCH -- Why Evangelicals Should Vote For Trump If He Gets The GOP Nod

CHURCH -- Why everyone logs on to ‘Father Z’

CHURCH -- Why Moral Absolutes Matter

CHURCH -- Why the Church Opposes Surrogate Motherhood and Attempts to Kegalize It in DC

CHURCH -- Why the Holy Father chose the name "Benedict"...?

CHURCH -- Why We Need Not (and Should Not) Call Paul VI ‘Saint’

CHURCH -- WikiLeaks Bombshell: The Soros/Clinton/Vatican Partnership

CHURCH -- Wise Advice from St. Francis de Sales for When People Question your Motives

CHURCH -- Women in France with Down Syndrome Find Community in Religious Order

CHURCH -- Wuerl Delivers Outstanding Homily in Support of Embattled Chaplain(can't change teachings)

CHURCH -- You Can’t Take It with You, But You Can Send it on Ahead! Five Teachings on Wealth

CHURCH -- You hate me? Thanks [Every insult can be considered a victory for Catholics]

CHURCH -- You Know Where To Go (to complain about liturgical dance)

CHURCH -- Young African woman crawls 2.5 miles to attend Sunday Mass

CHURCH -- [Catholic] Church Recognizes Virgin Mary Appearances in France

CHURCH -- [Philadelphia] Mayor Kenney: Archbishop Chaput's Actions 'Are Not Christian'

CHURCH -- [What Every Catholic Needs to Know about] Gaining Indulgences [Catholic/Orthodox Caucus]

CHURCH -- ‘Tolerance’ Is Just the Cheap Counterfeit of Christian Love

CHURCH -- “Sacramentum Caritatis”: Everyone to Mass on Sunday

CHURCH AND STATE -- Separation of Church and State: The Big Lie

CHURCH NY -- Troubles Continue in NY Archdiocese

CHURCH-GAY -- Church Needs Patience, Humility in Light of Same-Sex Marriage

CHURCH-GAY -- Miami Archbishop to Staff: Support Same-Sex Marriage, Lose Your Job

Clinton's Bin Laden GATE - Mother of all Scandals

COAL -- Obama Kept His Promise: 83,000 Coal Jobs Lost and 400 Mines Shuttered

Commas Enhance Clarity, Regulate Writing Flow

COMMON CORE -- Feds' 3 Tentacles in the Common Core (Part 1) (Chuck Norris)

COMMON CORE -- The Federal Takeover of Catholic Education

COMMUNISM -- Berlin anniversary too few remember (historic events forgotten, very inighful read)

COMMUNISM -- Poppy Gets Advanced Degree

COMMUNISM -- Ronald Reagan's unyielding style won the Cold War

COMMUNISM -- The Communist Takeover of America: 45 Declared Goals (Congressional Record, 1963)

COMMUNISM -- Why the Berlin Wall fell (Times of India nails it)

CONSTITUTION -- A Voice Crying in the Wilderness (Congressman Billybob)

CONTRACEPTION -- Ricki Lake to Produce Documentary Exposing the Dangers of Contraception

CORONA -- 10,000s of Heart Attacks Caused by Preexisting Conditions Being Counted as COVID-19: CDC

CORONA -- 85% of COVID-19 Patients Contracted Virus Despite ‘Always’ or ‘Often’ Wearing a Mask

CORONA -- Buffalo NY Business Owners Kick Out Health Dept, Sheriffs: “Civil Disobedience Starts Now“

CORONA -- CDC Admits “At No Time Has CDC Guidance Suggested Masks Were Intended to Protect Wearers”

CORONA -- CDC Admits: We Counted 51,000 Heart Attacks as Covid Deaths

CORONA -- CDC First Said Not to Wear Masks, Then Wear, Then Better than Vaccines – Now Ineffective

CORONA -- CDC Lists 26,557 Heart Attacks, and 7,919 Accidents and Poisonings as COVID Deaths

CORONA -- CDC Reveals Hospitals Counted Heart Attacks As COVID-19 Deaths

CORONA -- CDC Study Finds Overwhelming Majority Of People Getting Coronavirus Wore Masks

CORONA -- Closer Look at US Deaths Due to COVID-19 (Experts shocked no increase in death rate)

CORONA -- Coronavirus Hysteria Is Simply Too Ridiculous to Continue (See #s 14,16,20)

CORONA -- Covid-19 PCR Testing is Worthless: Even the New York Times finally admits it.

CORONA -- Emails, Secret Report Show Politics Of Science Guiding Pritzker

CORONA -- JHU Newsletter: StudySayingCOVID 'Relatively NoEffect on Deaths' in U.S., Then Deleted It

CORONA -- JHU: DeathsOfOlderPeopleStayedSameBefore/afterCOVID-19; %sOfDeathsAmongAgeGroupsRemainSame

CORONA -- JohnsHopkins: Deaths of OlderPeople StayedSame; %s of Deaths in All Age Groups Remain Same

CORONA -- LargestRandomizedControlledTrial of MasksFails to ShowSignificantDifferenceInfectionRates

CORONA -- Legal Doc for Vaccine Refuser

CORONA -- NY Admits Cuomo Has Been Making Up the Coronavirus "Red Zones"

CORONA -- Portuguese Court Rules PCR Tests “Unreliable” & Quarantines “Unlawful”

CORONA -- The Great Barrington Declaration Is A Spark of Sanity In A Mad World

CORONA -- The Whole Scam Just Fell Apart: COVID Test, Overwhelming Number of False Positives

CORONA -- Top Pathologist Claims Corona Is the Greatest Hoax Ever Perpetrated on Unsuspecting Public

CORONA -- Trump Vaccine’-trashing Cuomo Snubbed Azar, Skipped 17 White House Meetings

CORONA -- UPDATED:JohnsHopkinsU StudySayingCOVID HasRelativelyNoEffect onDeaths inUS Spiked afterPub

CORONA -- Watch: CDC Death Numbers Expose Covid Hoax

CORONA -- YaleScientist: Fauci ‘in Bed with Forces,’‘DecisionsNotBased onScience,’‘KillingAmericans’

CORONAVIRUS -- My Company Requiring Vaccine

CRIME -- Shock Study: U.S. Had Far Fewer Mass Shootings than Previously Reported

CRUSADES -- The Truth about the Crusades: Historian reviews of "Kingdom of Heaven"

CUOMO -- Cuomo Aide Walks Back Admission They Withheld Data on Nursing Home Deaths From DOJ

CUPICH -- Cardinal Cupich Dragged His Feet on Case of Child Porn Priest

CUPICH -- Cardinal [Cupich] Discounts Prayer

CUPICH -- Seminary Board Blasts Cupich for Lack of Transparency

Damn Dirty Democrats

DDT -- Documentary Exposes the Horrific Human Cost of the DDT Ban

DEMOCRACY -- Why Do Europeans Hate America? Jean-Francois Revel Explains

Democrat Black Quarterbacks -- Mark Levins Show Transcript

DEMOCRATS - We're For The Children, Little People And The Helpless

DEMOCRATS -- Democrats Should Condemn MoveOn (Former NYC Dem Mayor Ed Koch)

DEMOCRATS -- Enough is Enough (Democrats Steal House Vote)

DEMOCRATS -- Sabotage in Wartime (Thomas Sowell)

DEMOCRATS -- The Racist History of the Democratic Party

DEMOCRATS -- Vatican official calls Democrats “the party of death” (Raymond Burke)

DEMOCRATS -- Why Democrats Just Hate Being Called...(the Democrat Party)

DEMOCRATS -- Why the Left Loves Osama [and Saddam, Explains Lee Harris]

DEMOCRATS -- Why the liberals want the U.S. to lose the war in Iraq

Democrats fight Bush choice for legal supremo

DEMOGRAPHICS -- Composite U.S. Demographics USA

DIVERSITY -- A Brave Girl Speaks Out Against The hypocrisy of diversity

DIVERSITY -- Clueless About Columbus

DIVERSITY -- Corporate Diversity Training

DIVERSITY -- Diversity Hoax Exposed

DIVERSITY -- Man butchers his four daughters in Pakistan_(married on her own choice)

DIVERSITY -- The Unholy Sacrament of Diversity Training

Diversity: Judge Declares High School Violated Rights of Christian Student During Diversity Week

Diversity: The Racism Of Diversity

Divorce, Single Parenting and Kids' Well-being - Importance of Stable Family Structure

DNA -- DNA On Letters To Mom Confirms ID Of Sailor Killed At Pearl Harbor In '41

DNA -- Have You Used the Genographic Project?

DOLAN -- (Voris:) Off The Rails

DOLAN -- Archdiocese Pays for Health Plan That Covers Birth Control

DOLAN -- Cdl. Dolan: Yes, We Pay For Murder, But Under Protest

DOLAN -- ChurchMilitantTV Special Report : Dolan & the Dolanites

DOLAN -- Dolan Has Taught Us A Few Important Things

DOLAN -- Scandalized: Cardinal Dolan & Cuomo

Downloading Music: Students put their own spin on downloading music

ECONOMY -- A Farewell to Carson's, and the Assignment of Blame

ECONOMY -- Harvard Study Confirms the Gender Wage Gap is Just a Myth

EDUCATION -- 20 US Colleges and 1 Canadian are North America's Most Faithful to Catholic Identity

EDUCATION -- Academic Underachievers (Boys, discipline, dropouts, grades, medications, etc.)

EDUCATION -- Berkeley High may cut lab classes to fund programs for struggling students

EDUCATION -- De Blasio Time: NYC School Cancels Gifted Classes Over Lack of Diversity

EDUCATION -- Dumbing Down the Regents - This year’s American history exams are nearly flunk-proof.

EDUCATION -- estimony of parent whose son committed suicide after attending the Ark. Gov.'s School

EDUCATION -- Firing teachers can be a costly and tortuous task

EDUCATION -- Free Congress Foundation's Top Liberal Arts Colleges

EDUCATION -- Giving poor kids computers, internet makes them stupider

EDUCATION -- Hillary Event Flunks Spelling Bee ("T-O-M-M-O-R-R-O-W")

EDUCATION -- How the School Activists Are Destroying Our Sons

EDUCATION -- How the Schools Shortchange Boys - In the newly feminized classroom, boys tune out.

EDUCATION -- Myth: Schools don't have enough money

EDUCATION -- New Guide Lists Faithful Catholic Colleges in US

EDUCATION -- New national chief of teachers union calls for full-service schools

EDUCATION -- Principal Tells Teachers To Dumb-Down Standards

EDUCATION -- Problem Teacher List Made Public

EDUCATION -- Rosen: Biased 'critical thinking' (education agenda)

EDUCATION -- Stossel: Are American Kids Stupid?

EDUCATION -- Teachers Union Head Seeks to Become Tin Pot Dictator

EDUCATION -- The Five Worst Books for Your Children: Why They Should Be Avoided

EDUCATION -- The Lesson Of Tough Love (Take away Bi-lingual ed. and guess what? Scores soar!)

EDUCATION -- The nation's schools are failing boys

EDUCATION -- The Scandal Driving the Church Sex Scandal

EDUCATION -- The Self Esteem Myth

EDUCATION -- Thomas Sowell: Another Academic Casualty

EDUCATION -- Truth Revealed - The Facts About Outcome Based Education

EDUCATION -- Twice as many men than women have 120 plus IQs

EDUCATION -- UK: 'Political meddling' ruining learning in schools

EDUCATION -- Walter Williams: "Who's to Blame?" (for low achievement of black students)

EDUCATION -- What Have I Learned in a Community College?

EDUCATION -- Where the Boys Aren't (Christina Takes on the Gates Foundation -- Boys Are in Trouble)

EDUCATION -- Why Are Conservatives Rare on College Faculties?(Seven Conservative Professors Comment)

EDUCATION -- [Teachers'] Union, Busted (Vatican rules in favor of Scranton Diocese)

EDUCATION -- ‘Head Start’: The $166 Billion Fed Ed Failure

EKECTION=GA -- SoS Raffensperger Has Ordered the Dominion Voting Machines in the State to Be Wiped

ELECITON=PENCE -- Gohmert Sues Pence to Give Him ‘Exclusive Authority’ to Overturn Election Results

ELECTIION -- Sidney Powell Lays it Out

ELECTIION=MI -- Michigan Board of Elections Orders County Clerks to Delete Vote Data

ELECTIION=MULTI -- Rudy Giuliani: 3 State Legislatures May Change Electoral College Voters

ELECTIOIN=DOM -- Dominion Took Over Georgia Voting Machines Remotely During 2020 Election

ELECTION -- "GreatestTreasonousActivity toHaveEverHappened inAmericanHistory" - LtGenMcInerney

ELECTION -- (RESEARCH THREAD) The Anatomy of This Particular Steal (Lazamataz)

ELECTION -- 10 Reasons Why You Don't Have to Have Hard Evidence before Making Vote Fraud Allegations

ELECTION -- 10,000s of PA Ballots Allegedly Returned Earlier Than Were Sent; Others Same or Next Day

ELECTION -- 100%Coup if True – LtGenThomasMcInerney–A Three-letterUSGovtAgency Caught SwitchingVotes

ELECTION -- 132,000 Ballots in Fulton County, GA Have Been Identified Which Are Likely Ineligible

ELECTION -- 132,000 ChgeOfAdd RedFlags in FultonCo, GA. Voters Are "HighlyLikely Ineligible to Vote"

ELECTION -- 2020 Election Litigation Tracker (Election Law at Ohio State and SCOTUSblog)

ELECTION -- 27 Other States Used the Allegedly Faulty MI Election Software

ELECTION -- 5 More Ways Joe Biden Magically Outperformed Election Norms

ELECTION -- A Sham ‘Recount’ in Georgia as Sidney Powell Preps to ‘Release the Kraken’

ELECTION -- An Illegitimate Election Plunges the Republic into a Crisis (Daniel Greenfield)

ELECTION -- Another Glitch: Trump Loses 32,615 Votes in Pennsylvania In One Hour in AP Totals

ELECTION -- As Many as 6,000 Illegal Votes Identified in NV -– Thousands of People Referred to DOJ

ELECTION -- Attorney Lin Wood: Team Has 'Smoking Guns' to Prove Trump Won

ELECTION -- Atty SidneyPowell: “TheKrakenWasReleasedSeveralDaysAgo; WeAreStarting to See the Signs”

ELECTION -- AZ Repub Party Sues for Hand Count of Precincts in Maricopa County (Phoenix) (#13)

ELECTION -- Ballot Watcher: 130,000 Ballots ALL BIDEN in 3 Vehicles in Detroit in Dead of Night

ELECTION -- Bannon Interview w/General McInerney re Hammer & Scorecard Changing the Election Results

ELECTION -- Benford’s Law's Been Used to Prove Election Fraud in Past; Biden’s MI #s Are 99% Flawed

ELECTION -- Biden Using ScorecardAndHammer to Steal Another US Presidential Election--Just Like 2012

ELECTION -- Biden Won 477 Cos v Obama WhoWon 689 in 2012 – Yet Biden Gained 13M MoreVotes Than Obama

ELECTION -- Can Fraudulent Ballots Be Identified? Actually, Alaska Has Done It!

ELECTION -- Candace Owens Exposes the Fraud of Fact-checkers Adding to the List of Recent Scams

ELECTION -- Code: Trump Won MI & WI; Map Did Something Unnatural in Split Second between 3am&4amCT

ELECTION -- CodeMonkeyZ Finds Multitude of Flaws in Dominion: Easy Manipulation of Vote Tallies

ELECTION -- Could Pence Reject Contested Electors under 12th Amendment? Law Professors Say Yes

ELECTION -- Detroit City Worker Blows Whistle, Claims Ballots Were Ordered Backdated. FBI Probing

ELECTION -- Detroit Election Worker Blows Whistle: All Election Workers Told To Backdate Ballots

ELECTION -- Detroit Whisleblower: IT Tech for Dominion Voting Systems

ELECTION -- DetroitPrecinctChair: Ineligible Ballots Being Counted -- Numerous Voting Irregularities

ELECTION -- Did the US Raid European Software Company Scytl and Seize Their Servers in Germany?

ELECTION -- Dominion Deleted 2.7 Million Trump Votes Natiuonwide

ELECTION -- Dominion Head of Security Previously Posted Antifa Manifesto Directed at Trump

ELECTION -- Dominion Software - Same Co. That Switched 6000 Votes in Michigan Causes “Glitch” in GA

ELECTION -- Dominion’s Exclusive Digital Ballot Audit Trail: AuditMar

ELECTION -- Dr Shiva: Analysis in MI Shows Algorithm Used to Transfer 69,000Votes. Willing to Review

ELECTION -- Eight of Nine Mismatched Signatures Accepted in Nevada Mail-in Ballot Experiment

ELECTION -- Election Data Team to Call 1.25 Million Voters Over Anomalies in 6 Contested States

ELECTION -- Engineer Explains Why Must Kill SW Voting: List of Ways One Could Cheat by Fiddling w/SW

ELECTION -- Evidence of Widespread Voter Irregularity Just Dropped, Repubs Absentee Votes Missing

ELECTION -- EvidenceShows 'More Than Double' the Vote Margin in Swing States Is From Illegal Ballots

ELECTION -- Examining the Code, Internet Geeks Conclude 'Trump's Win Was Yuuuge' (PA vote switch)

ELECTION -- Excuse Me While I Call BS (statistically impossible for each battleground state)

ELECTION -- Federal Agents “Coerce” USPS Whistleblower Hopkins to Water Down Story. He Doubles Down.

ELECTION -- Frmr OverstockCEO PatrickByrne: ElectionWasRiggedDeeply: They Used “Drop&Roll” Technique

ELECTION -- GA Whistleblower: Officials Used BallotMachines Missing SecuritySeals in Gwinnett County

ELECTION -- Georgia Orders Hand Recount – But There’s Bigger News Than That

ELECTION -- Giuliani Wants Supreme Court To Decide The Election

ELECTION -- God, the Elections, and 4-D Chess

ELECTION -- Hacking Democracy - The Hack (Sidney Powell Tweet)

ELECTION -- Illegal Money-for-Votes Raffles Conducted in Several States in 2020 Election

ELECTION -- In Massive Blow To Dems, Repubs Won Almost Every House Race That’s Key To Redistricting

ELECTION -- Interview with Rudy Giuliani Succinctly Laying Out the Election Fraud (11/11)

ELECTION -- Is the Trump Attorneys’ Apparent Strategy a Smokescreen Hiding the Real Play?

ELECTION -- IT Contractor for Dominion BallotCounting SW Co. Exposes Massive Ballot Fraud in Detroit

ELECTION -- John Zmirak: I Know Sidney Powell. She Is Telling the Truth

ELECTION -- Laura Ingraham Interviews Anonymous Poll Worker In Shocking Segment (NV)

ELECTION -- Liberal Law Professor Alan Dershowitz Explains How Trump Could Come Out Victorious

ELECTION -- LinWood:Seen OverwhelmingEvidence MassiveFraud in Computer VotingSys besides MailBallots

ELECTION -- MajorDevelopments in KeyStates: SidneyPowell: Excellent Detail Why Not Making All Public

ELECTION -- MassiveSteal: ExpertRevealsHow100,0000s ofTrumpVotesWereShifted toBiden onElectionNight

ELECTION -- May Be That Corruption Is Not All on Dem Side? Equal Distribution of Virtue and Vice

ELECTION -- MI Attorney General Cracks Down on Whistleblower Alleging Michigan Vote Issues

ELECTION -- MI County Clerk: Votes Counted by Election SW DO NOT MATCH Printed Tabulator Tapes

ELECTION -- MIT PhD Analysis of Michigan Votes Reveals Unfortunate Truth of U.S. Voting Systems.

ELECTION -- MIT: Analysis Of Election Fraud In MI Shows 69,000 Votes Transferred From Trump To Biden

ELECTION -- More Glitches in PA: Votes for Trump Drop in 3 Counties Simultaneously — Coordinated

ELECTION -- More Proof of Fraud: 16/17 Bellwether Cos Went Trump -- Has Never Happened in 36 Years!

ELECTION -- Nat'l Election Fraud: Evidence of Nat'l Chicanery During US 2020 Presidential Election

ELECTION -- Nearly a Third of Democrats Believe the Election Was Stolen From Trump

ELECTION -- Nevada Whistleblower Describes 'Biden Van Vote Factory' in Signed Affidavit

ELECTION -- New Batch of Votes Found In Philadelphia (23,277 Votes, All For Biden)

ELECTION -- Out-of-State Vehicles Brought 10,000s of Unsealed Ballots to Michigan, All for Dems

ELECTION -- Pelosi’s Ex-ChiefOfStaff Is Chief Exec & Feinstein’sHusband MajorShareholder at Dominion

ELECTION -- Proof of the Dems' Election Steal--The Obvious -- and Overwhelming -- Evidence

ELECTION -- Records Request Finds No Invoices/Workorders on Election Day Water Main Break in Atlanta

ELECTION -- Rudy Giuliani: Trump Team Looking Past Election Lawsuits, Will Lobby State Houses​

ELECTION -- Rudy Says Dominion Worker Claims 100,000 Biden Ballots Brought in Back Door [MI]

ELECTION -- SCOTUS Orders PA to Segregate Mail-in Ballots Received after 8 pm on Election Day

ELECTION -- ScytlDeniesUSMil Raided/SeizedServers inDE w/"ExtremelyCompelling" Data re VoteSwitching

ELECTION -- Seven Unexplainable Results that Reveal Democrats Didn’t Even Try to Hide Their Fraud

ELECTION -- Sidney Powell Claims to Have a Batch of Shredded Ballots -- Video

ELECTION -- Sidney Powell Files Election Fraud Lawsuits (summary of lawsuits filed)

ELECTION -- Sidney Powell Gives Details about the Election Fraud Kraken

ELECTION -- Sidney Powell in the Presser Mentions BOTH Parties May Have Paid Dominion

ELECTION -- Sidney Powell Lays it Out

ELECTION -- Sidney Powell: "We’re Fixin’ to Overturn the Results of the Election in Multi States!”

ELECTION -- Sidney Powell: Election Fraud Case “Will be Biblical” in Terms of Its Explosiveness

ELECTION -- Sidney Powell: Every Red Candidate Anywhere Who Lost by <6% Should Be Filing Suit Now

ELECTION -- Sidney Powell: Whistleblowers 'May Need Witness Protection'

ELECTION -- Sidney Powell: Witness In Hospital After Beating

ELECTION -- Sidney Powell: ‘President Trump Won by a Landslide, We Are Going to Prove It’

ELECTION -- Sidney Powell: ‘We’re Getting Ready to Overturn Election Results in Multiple States’

ELECTION -- Sidney Powell: ‘We’re Getting Ready to Overturn Election Results in Multiple States’

ELECTION -- Sidney Powell: “We’ve got pictures of the check stubs paid to people to ballot harvest.”

ELECTION -- SidneyPowell's “Kraken” Is DoDCyberWarfareProgram! WeAre atWar!(Lin Wood retweeted this)

ELECTION -- SidneyPowell: Likely 3% Vote Total Chngd in Pre-Elctn Countng Cnnctd to Hammer&Scorecard

ELECTION -- SidneyPowell: “Tons of Evidence: 100,000s of Ballots Are Going to Have to Be Discarded”

ELECTION -- Skeptical of Voter Fraud in 2020? Here’s Your Evidence.

ELECTION -- Some Weird Stuff Happened in That Election

ELECTION -- Soros Promotes Smartmatic Chairman to Open Society President

ELECTION -- SW Glitch Caused 6,000 Vote Switch From Trump in One MI County -- 47 MI Counties Use SW

ELECTION -- Tens of Thousands of Pennsylvania Ballots Returned Earlier Than Sent Date: Researcher

ELECTION -- The News That Biden Voters Didn't Know

ELECTION -- There is Undeniable Mathematical Evidence the Election is Being Stolen

ELECTION -- Top Lawyer Releases Archive of 2020FraudEvidence (Robert Barnes) (

ELECTION -- Total List of Votes Switched and Lost by Dominion and Other SW by State

ELECTION -- Trump Campaign Lawyers: There Is a Pattern of Planned Voter Fraud in Multiple States

ELECTION -- Trump NowSays Biden Will Have to 'Prove' His 80M Votes Weren't Fraud before Giving up WH

ELECTION -- Trump Slams 'Virtual Fraud' CNN: Will Jeff Zucker Resign?

ELECTION -- Trump's PA Complaint Is Brilliant: Here Is a Superb Piece of Legal Craftsmanship

ELECTION -- Trump: Dominion Deleted 2.7M TrumpVotes; Analysis Finds 221K PA Votes Switched frm Trump

ELECTION -- Trump: More Votes Than Voters in Key Swing States

ELECTION -- TrumpCampaign Atty Points to Dominion Fraud: "China Materially Interfered w/Our Election

ELECTION -- Trump’s Claims Merited? Analysis of Voting Data frm GA-MI-PA & WI: NYT & Edison Research

ELECTION -- Understanding Voter Fraud in 2020: Meticulous Piece of Work Explains the 2020 Election

ELECTION -- USArmy Didn't Conduct DE Raid on Sctyl or Dominion. It Was US European Command (USECOM)

ELECTION -- Video: Obama Says Mail-in Ballots Can Only be Trusted if The Signatures Are Verified

ELECTION -- Viganò: America in Midst of ‘Colossal Electoral Fraud,’ We Must Pray NOW to Defeat Enemy

ELECTION -- Virginia Republican Says He Has Proof of Voter Fraud, Trump Won the State

ELECTION -- What We Must Believe to Believe Biden Won

ELECTION -- When Computers Cheat, They Inevitably Leave Evidence Behind

ELECTION -- Why Did 6 Battleground States ALL Pause Counting on Election Night? How Coordinated?

ELECTION -- Why Trump Will Win-“Absolutely frightening” evidence of entrenched fraud

ELECTION -- Why Trump Will Win: "Absolutely Frightening" Evidence of Entrenched Fraud (Must Read!!)

ELECTION -- WI ElectionSupervisor Chgs Disallowed by St.'s Constitution Call into ? 10,000s of Votes

ELECTION -- Wisconsin Election Fraud: Evidence of Chicanery During Election

ELECTION -- Wrinkle Worth Investigating: No Vote for Presidential Candidate, But Voted Down Ballot

ELECTION -- WSJ’s PostElectionAnalysis of BellwetherCnties Shows ClearWinner (Trump) & It’sNotClose

ELECTION -- Zuckerberg-Funded Group Comes Into Spotlight in Election [Paid $½Billion to cheaters]

ELECTION -- “450,000 Ballots That Miraculously ONLY Have a Vote for Joe Biden” – Sidney Powell

ELECTION -- “Facts of Fraud” – Giuliani:TrumpTeam to File Lawsuits against PA--800,000 Votes Invalid

ELECTION --Insane: PA's Allegheny County Board Of Elections Votes to Count Undated Ballots

ELECTION 2008 -- Vatican Prelate Says USCCB Doc Partly to Blame for Election of Most Pro-Abort Pres

ELECTION 2012 -- Bishop: Vote for Gay Marriage Jeopardizes Your Soul[+Abortion “Intrinsically Evil”]

ELECTION 2012 -- Pennsylvania Catholic Bishops call for voting against leftism

ELECTION 2016 -- 13% of illegal aliens ADMIT they vote. (About Clinton's national vote total)

ELECTION 2016 -- Chicago Had 14,000 More Votes Than Voters in 2016 General Election

ELECTION 2016 -- Chicago Had 14,000 More Votes Than Voters in 2016 General Election

ELECTION 2016 -- Claim: 3 Million Votes Cast by Non-Citizens

ELECTION 2016 -- Gallup: 84 Percent Of Americans Accept Trump As President,

ELECTION 2016 -- LA County Has 144% Voter Registration Rates

ELECTION 2016 -- Obama Encourages Illegals to Vote in Televised Interview

ELECTION 2016 -- Rev. Graham: God Intervened Nov. 8 to Stop 'Atheistic, Progressive Agenda' in US

ELECTION 2016 -- Signs of Divine Intervention in Trump Victory

ELECTION 2016 -- The Historic Facts About Illegal Alien Voters (Full Research pdf)

ELECTION 2016 -- Tom Hanks Breaks from Hollywood Pack and Says He Hopes Trump Does Well

ELECTION 2016 -- Tom Hanks On Election Results: "We Are Going TO Be All Right." (A must read)

ELECTION 2016 -- Trump is Right: Millions of Illegals Probably DID Vote in 2016

ELECTION 2016 -- U. of Michigan Gives Students Play-Doh, Coloring Books to Cope With Trump

ELECTION – Operation Scorecard CIA SW Was Running in EVERY Swing State, Switched Votes from Trump

ELECTION=AL -- Louisiana and Alabama Join Texas Case before Supreme Court

ELECTION=AZ -- Mail-in BallotsSampleFound 11%OfAcceptedBallotsDidNOT MatchAccordingToDems'OwnExpert

ELECTION=AZ -- 100-Ballot Sample: 3% Fraudulent in Favor of Biden – Larger Audit Granted By Court

ELECTION=AZ -- Arizona State Legislature Has Approved a Special Session to Choose & Appoint Electors

ELECTION=AZ -- Col. Phil Waldron Confirms Experts Saw Dom Communicating w/Frankfurt on Election Day

ELECTION=AZ -- Crowd Gasps After AZ Witness Reveals How Easy it is to Hack Dominion Voting Machines

ELECTION=AZ -- Data Experts Claim Over 790k “Laundered” Votes “Injected” into System

ELECTION=AZ -- GenFlynn: AZ Must Stop&Take Major Corrective Action; Frankfurt: Have Traffic&Packets

ELECTION=AZ -- Investigation Discovers 1000s of Phantom Voters; ~30% of Addresses Were Fraudulent

ELECTION=AZ -- Maricopa Co Will Not Comply With Subpoenas To Turn Over Dominion Voting Machines

ELECTION=AZ -- Maricopa County Used Dominion Employees, Not County Employees for Vote Tabulation

ELECTION=AZ -- Trump Legal Team Responds to Certification of False Election Results

ELECTION=AZ -- Twitter Suspends Voter Fraud Witness Bobby Piton after Scathing Testimony

ELECTION=AZ -- Voter Fraud Occurred in Arizona – The State Certified Fraudulent Results

ELECTION=CA -- California Clearly Violated Election Law—Votes are Invalid

ELECTION=CA -- Expert: More Than 1.7M Biden Votes in California Are Suspect

ELECTION=CHN -- Leaked Video Shows China Forging US Ballots; Will Trump Use Martial Law?

ELECTION=CIA -- Sidney Powell Suspects CIA Helped Rig the Election

ELECTION=DOM -- Owner Deleted Their Board & Team Member Info & Scrubbed Their Site Last Month

ELECTION=DOM -- 2006: Smartmatic Based/Top Officials in VZLA, Sold to Sequoia, Before Sale to Dom

ELECTION=DOM -- 2nd Video of Dom’s Eric Coomer Explaining to Elections Officials How to Switch Votes

ELECTION=DOM -- After Smartmatic Tweaked Server in 2016, Philippine VP Candid's 900k+ Lead Wiped Out

ELECTION=DOM -- Audio: It Looks Like Sidney Powell Begins To Release The Kraken (w/Mark Steyn)

ELECTION=DOM -- CIA, Gina Haspel and Hugo Chavez’ SmartMatic Behind USA Steal

ELECTION=DOM -- Communist China Owns Dominion Voting (bought on October 8, 2020 for $400M)

ELECTION=DOM -- ConfiscatedServersInDE: “ShouldBeScadsOfEvidenceOfFranklyAnInt'lCriminalConspiracy

ELECTION=DOM -- DemocraticSenators Warned of Potential VoteSwitching by Dominion before 2020Election

ELECTION=DOM -- Dir of Strategy & Security, Eric Coomer: Trump won't win. I made F*ing sure of that.

ELECTION=DOM -- DirAdmitted in 2017TheirSysAble to Create>=1M PhantomVotes in 2017 VenezuelaElection

ELECTION=DOM -- Dom Voting Systems’ Hired Spokesman & Jeb Bush Lackey Refutes Fraud Claims on Fox

ELECTION=DOM -- DomEmpAllegedlyCaughtDl'ingOntoUSBPlugging IntoLaptopManipulatingData&ThenPalmingUSB

ELECTION=DOM -- Dominion Backs Out of Hearing before Pennsylvania Legislature

ELECTION=DOM -- Dominion CEO Tries Defusing Team Trump's Claims of Vote Switching, Foreign Influence

ELECTION=DOM -- Dominion Engineer Told Antifa He'd 'Made Sure' Trump Wouldn't Win

ELECTION=DOM -- Dominion Issues A Denial

ELECTION=DOM -- Dominion Whistleblower Accuses CEO of Lying During Michigan Hearing

ELECTION=DOM -- Election Fraud You Can See

ELECTION=DOM -- Eric Coomer Explains To IL Elections Officials How To Alter Votes In Dom VotingMachs

ELECTION=DOM -- Eric Coomer Installed Update SW On Over 30,000 GA Machines Right before the Election

ELECTION=DOM -- Fmr 8chanAdmin(CodeMonkey) DiscoversHugeFlaw in Dominion SW Related to ElectionFraud

ELECTION=DOM -- Fox Perpetuates the Fraud: Dominion Rep Michael Steel They Interviewed is Fake

ELECTION=DOM -- Giuliani Explains Dem’s ‘Big Mistake’ That Exposed Rigged Vote-counting Machines

ELECTION=DOM -- Giuliani Says Votes Were Sent Out of the Country & Counted by Company From Venezuela

ELECTION=DOM -- How to Bust Dominion Vote-Flipping in Your State: Citizens Demand the Ballot Images

ELECTION=DOM -- If Coomer Never Wrote a "SingleLineOfCode" for Dom, WhyTestify He’d Designed System?

ELECTION=DOM -- If We Get the Dominion-SolarWinds MOAB, Even John Roberts Can’t Cover It Up

ELECTION=DOM -- In 2019 Dem Senators Warren, Klobuchar, & Wyden Issued a Complaint Against Dominion

ELECTION=DOM -- In 2019 Dem Senators Warren, Klobuchar, & Wyden Issued a Complaint Against Dominion

ELECTION=DOM -- Info: Communist China purchased Dominion Voting on October 8 for $400M

ELECTION=DOM -- Internet Sub Domains of Dom Voting Systems Lead To Data Center in CHINA

ELECTION=DOM -- Last-minute SW Update in GA by Dom’s EricCoomer Did NOT Receive Adequate Sec Testing

ELECTION=DOM -- Leaked Dominion Training Videos Show How Vulnerable the System Is

ELECTION=DOM -- Legitimacy ofBidenWin:Information from theStatesRenderVictoryLess&LessPlausible

ELECTION=DOM -- Looks as Though Dominion, Smartmatic Played Part in DHS' Election Integrity Defense

ELECTION=DOM -- LtGenMcInerney'sInterview re SpecialForcesRaid on CIA-operated Facility in Frankfurt

ELECTION=DOM -- McInerneyRptsSOF AttackedCIAServerFarmInDE InServerSeizureOp,5 Killed,ServersSecured

ELECTION=DOM -- Nat'l Security Source Confirms “A Piece Of HW Has Been Secured” From DE

ELECTION=DOM -- NBC Reported in 2019 How Easy It Was to Hack Machines; Trump Rubs Their Noses in It

ELECTION=DOM -- Parent Co of Dom Rec'd $400M from Swiss Investment Bank — 75% Owned by Chinese Gov

ELECTION=DOM -- Ramsland Jr.'s Affidavit Ranked Choice Voting Algorithm (RCV) Used in Election on SW

ELECTION=DOM -- Renowned Data & Cyber-Crimes Expert Concludes 2020 Election Results Were Fraudulent

ELECTION=DOM -- Riveting Testimony from DoD Cyber Warfare Specialist…

ELECTION=DOM -- Sent Info Election Night To 5 Countries: Germany, Spain, Serbia, Ireland, & Canada

ELECTION=DOM -- Sidney Powell Claims That Dominion Is 'Shredding Documents'

ELECTION=DOM -- Sidney Powell Explains Why Ballot Counting Suddenly Stopped on Election Night

ELECTION=DOM -- Sidney Powell Is Right re Venezuelan Angle in Election; Facts Supporting Her Claims

ELECTION=DOM -- Sidney Powell: "We’ve Identified Mathematically The Exact Algorithm They’ve Used”

ELECTION=DOM -- Sidney Powell: The Trump Vote Was So Overwhelming That It BROKE The Algorithm!

ELECTION=DOM -- Sidney Powell: Witness Who Was at Creation of Smartmatic Used to Chg ElectionResults

ELECTION=DOM -- SidneyPowell: w/o SW Fraud, Trump ‘Had at Least80MVotes’; How the ElectionPlayed Out

ELECTION=DOM -- Since ElectionDay Over 100/243 Dominion Emps on LinkedIn Have Deleted Their Profiles

ELECTION=DOM -- SmartmaticUSBoardChair is Ret ViceAdm PeterNeffenger, Sits on Biden's TransitionTeam

ELECTION=DOM -- Smoking Gun: Dominion Transferring Vote Ratios between Precincts in PA

ELECTION=DOM -- So,What’sGoingOn w/ServerReportedlyObtained inRaid inDE Related to the2020Election?

ELECTION=DOM -- SW Allows Tally Adj Based on Review of ScannedImages; LocalTech Able to ChangeVotes

ELECTION=DOM -- Technical ICANN Info Demonstrating Dominion Is Registered to Entity in Hunan, China

ELECTION=DOM -- The ‘Smartest Man in the Room’ Has Joined SidneyPowell’s Team (See #16: SP SUMMARY)

ELECTION=DOM -- Trump Campaign Surrogate Confirms Election Computer Servers Were Seized

ELECTION=DOM -- Trump Draft Pleadings of Fraud re Smartmatic (Sidney Powell)

ELECTION=DOM -- US Machines Made in Venezuela for ElectionFraud (same model elected Chavez & Maduro)

ELECTION=DOM -- Video Shows Coomer Admitting Voting Machine Systems Wireless & Support All Networks

ELECTION=DOM -- Whistleblowers: BidenImplicated in DomVotingScamConnected to Serbia; FBICovered ItUp

ELECTION=DOM -- WhitmerAdminSaysRecordsDoNotExist Re $25 Million Dom Contract Set Up by Dem Official

ELECTION=DOM – UsingDominion,WareCo.Ran=#Trump&BidenVotesThroughTabulator&Reported 26%Lead for Biden

ELECTION=GA -- County Officials Deny That Trump Team Snagged Dominion Machine From Ware County

ELECTION=GA -- '3 Wrong Counts In 3 Minutes': GA Recount Auditor Says Things Aren't Adding Up

ELECTION=GA -- (Very) Suspicious USB Handoff in Fulton County [Ruby's Daughter, Again]

ELECTION=GA -- 3rd Co Joins Floyd/Fayette Cos w/Uncounted Ballots – 3 Cos Netting Trump More Votes

ELECTION=GA -- A 2nd Illegitimate Agreement between Dems & Gwinnett Co Is Discovered

ELECTION=GA -- A ForensicsExam Of DomMach Frm WareCo Found Evidence Of Trump Votes Switched To Biden

ELECTION=GA -- Affidavit-of-Dr-Navid-Keshavarz-Nia

ELECTION=GA -- Antrim Co Admin Attempts To Dox Flynn Forensics Team As They Copy HD; Images Deleted

ELECTION=GA -- Attorney LinWood Lodges Lawsuit Seeking to Block Certification of GA Election Results

ELECTION=GA -- Auditor Called Trump Votes for Biden in Georgia Recount

ELECTION=GA -- Ballots Were Printed Differently for GOP Counties vs. DEM Counties

ELECTION=GA -- BallotsPulledOut fromUnderTable atStateFarmArena afterCountingStoppedElectionNight

ELECTION=GA -- Biden Wins 98% of One Batch of 23,487 Votes during #Suitcasegate

ELECTION=GA -- DannyTN's Summary of Sidney Powell's Georgia Filing

ELECTION=GA -- Data Scientist:Fulton Co.’s Adjudication of 106,000 Ballots ‘Physically Not Possible'

ELECTION=GA -- DeKalbCoWon'tHonorOpenRecsReqToShowDocsForChainOCustodyForAbsenteeBallotsFrmDropBoxes

ELECTION=GA -- Diff Paper For ‘Counterfeit’Ballots, ‘WatermarkSolidGrey, NotTransparent’ – 100%Biden

ELECTION=GA -- Disturbing Video from Georgia… Suitcases Filled with Ballots

ELECTION=GA -- DomEmpAllegedlyCaughtDl'ingOntoUSBPlugging IntoLaptopManipulatingData&ThenPalmingUSB

ELECTION=GA -- Election Officials Have Extended Use of Ballot Drop Boxes for Jan 5 Senate Runoffs

ELECTION=GA -- Election Scam Caught Live — 32,400 Votes Mysteriously Disappear from Perdue’s Total

ELECTION=GA -- Election Wrkrs Caught As Messed w/Voting Machines After Pipe Bursts In Room w/Ballots

ELECTION=GA -- Eric Coomer Installed Update SW On Over 30,000 GA Machines Right before the Election

ELECTION=GA -- Even More Problematic Statements frm Election Officials About the 'Smoking Gun' Video

ELECTION=GA -- Experienced Recount Worker Believes Odd Batch of Ballots Added in 'Fraudulent Manner'

ELECTION=GA -- FBI Raided Maricopa Co Res to Retrieve Evidence of Cyber Intrusion into Voting Syss

ELECTION=GA -- FBI RaidHomeInMaricopaCo:Voter-DataTheftInves:CnfscateHardDrives/Comps/BagOfUSBSticks

ELECTION=GA -- Fed Judge Allows Defendants To Challenge Temp Restraining Order in 11th Circuit CoA

ELECTION=GA -- Fed Judge Orders Voting Machs in 3 Counties Subject to Expert Exam in Powell Lawsuit

ELECTION=GA -- Firm That Conducted ‘Audit’ of Voting Machines Has Long History With Dominion

ELECTION=GA -- Former FBI Agent Finds 17K Voters with Out-of-State Forwarded Mail Addresses

ELECTION=GA -- Former Kemp Staffer Helped Dominion Land $107 Million Contract with Georgia

ELECTION=GA -- Gen Flynn: GA Analysis: Biden Takes Minimum 98% of 23,487 Vote Batch at 12:18am

ELECTION=GA -- Georgia Elections Supply Web Store Hosted on Canadian Platform

ELECTION=GA -- Georgia Recertifies Election Results, Rejecting Fraud Claims Tied to Viral Video

ELECTION=GA -- Georgia Senate Issues New Statement on Election Fraud

ELECTION=GA -- Georgia State Senator Who Ridiculed Giuliani (Parent) Was at State Farm Center

ELECTION=GA -- Georgia’s Ruby Freeman Cancels Interview, Lawyers Up

ELECTION=GA -- GOP Chair: FultonCo Rescanning 12,000 Ballots Due To ‘Unexplained Technical Problems’

ELECTION=GA -- GOP RepLoudermilk: IT Technician& Cnty Emp Wiped Election Data from Fulton Co Servers

ELECTION=GA -- Gov. Brian Kemp Calls For Signature Audit Following Footage Of Ballot Malarkey

ELECTION=GA -- Gov. Kemp Is Calling on SoS Raffensperger to Call for a Signature Audit of Votes

ELECTION=GA -- Governor Warns State Lawmakers They Cannot Choose Trump Electors

ELECTION=GA -- GovKemp'sD'sBF DiesInFieryCrash1DayAfterHeCalledForSignatureAudit;MultipleExplosions

ELECTION=GA -- GwinnettCo AdmitsTakingData Frm ElectMach, Plugging It Into Laptop, Filtering w/Excel

ELECTION=GA -- Hard Drive Shredding Truck Shows up in Georgia Voting Facility

ELECTION=GA -- In New Twist, GA Governor Urges Audit of Ballot Envelope Signatures to Look for Fraud

ELECTION=GA -- Irrefutable: GA Local Electn Offcls Instructed by St to Rpt Orig, NOT Recount Totals

ELECTION=GA -- JudgeIssues EOtoFreezeAllDomMachs; ReversesOrder1hrLater; Issues3rdOrderFreezingMachs

ELECTION=GA -- Last-minute SW Update in GA by Dom’s EricCoomer Did NOT Receive Adequate Sec Testing

ELECTION=GA -- Lawsuit: Chinese & Iranians Accessed Dom SW To Manipulate U.S. Elections

ELECTION=GA -- Lin Wood Files Emergency Request for Temporary Restraining Order against GA SOS

ELECTION=GA -- LinWood OutlinesCase for RampantVoterFraud, VoteCorruption; ElectionWill Be Nullified

ELECTION=GA -- LinWood: WouldSomeoneAskRaffensperger ifHeHasSeenTape of ElectionFraud atStFarmArena?

ELECTION=GA -- LinWood:Kemp,Raffensperger,Duncan,Sterling:GoingToJailRe[F]InterferenceW/Nat'lElectn

ELECTION=GA -- NewLawsuitFiled by TrumpTeamSeparate from SidneyPowell -- Affects1000s ofIllegalVotes

ELECTION=GA -- Not Only Aren't Republicans Reversing the 2020 Disaster, It's Already Being Repeated

ELECTION=GA -- OfficialsWarnJudge Of GraveConsequences If They’reNotAllowed To Wipe,ResetVotingMachs

ELECTION=GA -- OperativeFilmedPullingOutSuitcases of Ballots After Room WasCleared Identified (Ruby)

ELECTION=GA -- Pg 79 of Lawsuit: “All 900 Military Ballots in Fulton Co Were 100% for Joe Biden”

ELECTION=GA -- Pro-Biden Bug Also Suspected in Georgia's Vote-Counting Software

ELECTION=GA -- ProjectVeritas: GA RecountAuditors Call MultiBallots For Biden That Were Marked Trump

ELECTION=GA -- Raffensperger Responds To Video -- ‘Those Were Not Suitcases, and It Wasn’t Fraud'

ELECTION=GA -- Records Req Finds No Invoices/Workorders on Election Day Water Main Break in Atlanta

ELECTION=GA -- Ruby Freeman Shows Us All the Ballots! - Video

ELECTION=GA -- Second County in Georgia Finds Thousands More Uncounted Votes, Most for Trump

ELECTION=GA -- Sidney Powell: "Massive" Lawsuit Coming By Weds, We Will See Trump Presidency "Saved"

ELECTION=GA -- SidneyPowell: "I Have Direct Evidence of Vote Fraud on Biggest Scale in WorldHistory"

ELECTION=GA -- SidneyPowell: Dom Server Removed From FultonCo While Lawyers Sought Restraining Order

ELECTION=GA -- SidneyPowell:Gov,SoS TookBribes frm Dom, “GA ProbGng to Be1st St I’mGoing to BlowUp”

ELECTION=GA -- SidneyPowell’s EmergDeclaratoryJudgment DemandsSeizure of EveryVotingMachine in State

ELECTION=GA -- SoS Raffensperger Approves ExtendedMail-inVoting,BallotHarvesting&DropBoxesForRun-off

ELECTION=GA -- SoS Raffensperger Gave Hackers Roadmap To Infiltrate Machines A Year Before Election

ELECTION=GA -- SoS Raffensperger Wants ElctnsDir to Step Dn after FloydCnty Finds 2600 UncntdBallots

ELECTION=GA -- Stacey Abrams-founded Voter Reg Group with Senate Hopeful Warnock under Investigation

ELECTION=GA -- StateFarmArenaFootageShowsPollWorkers Staying Behind, Pulling Out Suitcases w/Ballots

ELECTION=GA -- Susan Voyles - Perfect Batch of Absentee Ballots (Fulton County, GA)

ELECTION=GA -- Timing of Biden Ballot Dump Coincides w/Timing of Mother-Daughter Election Fraud Scam

ELECTION=GA -- Trump Team Has Dom Mach from Small Georgia Co–Shows Votes Flipped from Trump to Biden

ELECTION=GA -- Trump’s Lead Counsel Breaks Down How 10s of 1000s of Illegal Votes Were Cast

election=ga -- Video Posted of Dominion Worker in Georgia Manipulating Election Results

ELECTION=GA -- VideoShowsSuitcasesFilledW/BallotsPulledFromUnderTableAfterSupvToldGOPsToLeaveArena

ELECTION=GA -- Vote Counter Who Provided Suitcase Ballots Is Daughter Of Ruby Freeman

ELECTION=GA -- Ware County, GA Has Broken the Dominion Algorithm:

ELECTION=GA -- “What’s Coming in GA Will Be Shocking!” – JordanSekulow Promises BIG NEWS on Mon/Tues

ELECTION=GA – Lin Wood Reqs Info Re WaterLeak@St Farm Ctr on Election Night Used to StopVoteCounting

ELECTION=GA – UsingDominion,WareCo.Ran=#Trump&BidenVotesThroughTabulator&Reported 26% Lead for Biden

ELECTION=KRAKEN -- Kraken Released: 104 Page GA Suit

ELECTION=KRAKEN -- KrakenReleased! SidneyPowell Files 104Pg Complaint of MassiveFraud in GA Election

ELECTION=KRAKEN -- Second Kraken Released on Michigan (Second complaint filed)

ELECTION=KRAKEN -- Sidney Powell Lawsuit Summary

ELECTION=LA -- Louisiana and Alabama Join Texas Case before Supreme Court

ELECTION=LINDELL -- Mike Lindell Really Does Have Irrefutable Proof That The Election Was Stolen

ELECTION=MI -- 379,000 Illegal Ballots Were Cast in Michigan; Now Have “Receipts” to Prove It

ELECTION=MI -- AG Files EmrgncyApplictn in St Court to Force 2 Repubs in WayneCo to Certify Election

ELECTION=MI -- Board Of Canvassers Refuses to Certify Wayne County, MI (Detroit) Election Results

ELECTION=MI -- Citing Overwhelming&WidespreadIrregularities TrueTheVote Sues MI to ChallengeElection

ELECTION=MI -- CompExpertRussRamsland Penalty of Perjury: SomethingFishy Is Going on w/Vote-counting

ELECTION=MI -- Contractor Reveals Multi Frauds Perpetrated by Dom & Directed Poll Workers-TCF

ELECTION=MI -- Dem WayneCounty, Michigan (Detroit) Board Supervisor Admits 28% of Votes Were Faulty

ELECTION=MI -- DemStRep-Elect ThreatensGOPWayneCoCanvasser’sChildren in RacistDiatribe re VoteCert

ELECTION=MI -- Dominion Contractor Drops Bombshell at Michigan Hearing

ELECTION=MI -- Dominion Whistleblower Accuses CEO of Lying During Michigan Hearing

ELECTION=MI -- Dr. Linda Lee Tarver (29 years @ MI SOS) Testimony

ELECTION=MI -- ElctnFraudExpertRussRamslandFilesAffidavit: ‘Physical Impossibility’OfElctnResults

ELECTION=MI -- ElectionsSecExpert: MI Results CompleteFraud: Can'tCount MassBidenDumps in TimePeriod

ELECTION=MI -- Federal Lawsuit Seeks to Throw Out 1.2M Votes, Flipping Michigan for Trump

ELECTION=MI -- Fraud Witness Debunks Dom CEO, Says Poulos Falsely Denied Internet Cxn & Ballot Dumps

ELECTION=MI -- Hearing Found Ample Election Fraud: Dead Voters, Vacant Addresses, Xeroxed Ballots

ELECTION=MI -- Implicates: Secretary of State Moves to Erase Proof of Ballot Tampering & Vote Fraud

ELECTION=MI -- In Dramatic Reversal, Wayne Co Election Bd Repubs Rescind Votes Certifying Results

ELECTION=MI -- In Dramatic Reversal, Wayne Co Election Bd Repubs Rescind Votes Certifying Results

ELECTION=MI -- MI AG Suggests Criminally Charging Republican Legislators for Meeting With Trump

ELECTION=MI -- MI GOP: Secretary of State Trying to Delete Election Data Amid Audit Calls

ELECTION=MI -- Michigan County Flips Back to Trump Following Election Software Update

ELECTION=MI -- Michigan Election Testimony

ELECTION=MI -- Michigan Illegally Counted or Ignored 500K Ballots, Lawsuit Claims

ELECTION=MI -- Michigan Secretary of State Announces Post-Election (Fake) Audit in Wayne County

ELECTION=MI -- Michigan Voters Call into Question More Than One Million Ballots

ELECTION=MI -- New Federal Lawsuit Seeks to Throw Out 1.2M Votes in MI, Flipping State for Trump

ELECTION=MI -- NYT MI Data: Massive VoteDump at 6amWeds (96%Biden) Used To Overcome Huge TrumpLead

ELECTION=MI -- Official Told Volunteers To Count Multi Ballots with Same Sig During Audit In Antrim

ELECTION=MI -- Out-of-State Vehicles Brought 10,000s of Unsealed Ballots to Michigan, All for Dems.

ELECTION=MI -- Redacted Information Dom Audit Report Shows Races Were Flipped: Analyst

ELECTION=MI -- Rudy Says Dominion Worker Claims 100,000 Biden Ballots Brought in Back Door

ELECTION=MI -- Sidney'sCaseMakesItToSCOTUS (24-town w/6 reg voters & 600 votes&25-SCOTUS statuses)

ELECTION=MI -- SW Glitch Caused 6,000 Vote Switch From Trump in 1 MI County -- 47 MI Counties Use SW

ELECTION=MI -- The Michigan GOP is Behaving Strangely -- and Very Badly

ELECTION=MI -- Trump Ballots Defaulted & Switched to Biden on Dominion Sys: Maricopa GOP Chairwoman

ELECTION=MI -- Trump Confirms 2 WayneCo GOP Canvassers DID NOT Sign Docs To Certify Election Results

ELECTION=MI -- Wayne Co Bd Reversed & Voted Unanimously to Certify if SoS Audits Irregularities

ELECTION=MI -- Whistleblower Reveals Fraud in Detroit (Melissa Carone, Dominion Voting Sys employee)

ELECTION=MI -- WhitmerAdminSaysRecordsDoNotExist Re $25 Million Dom Contract Set Up by Dem Official

ELECTION=MI -- Witness at Hearing Drops Hammer On Unhinged Dem After She’s Accused of Being Liar(#6)

ELECTION=MI -- Witness Speaks Out — Saw BidenBallotDump at 4am & Witnessed Tampering with Tabulators

ELECTION=MI -- Witness Testimony: Military Ballots Looked Like Photocopies with ZERO Votes for Trump

ELECTION=MN,WI -- Red Flags in Wisconsin and Minnesota

ELECTION=MULIT -- Inventor Of QR Code Technology Has Strategy & Advice For President Trump

ELECTION=MULTI -- AmistadProject:Dec8Deadline or Selection of ElectorsDoesNotApply to DisputedStates

ELECTION=MULTI -- CH WBw/RoyalAnc:Video,PhotosOfCHCounterfeitBallotPrintingOpsOfBallotsForMS,FL,&NC

ELECTION=MULTI -- DATA: Report Shows EVERY Midnight Ballot Dump Boosted Biden

ELECTION=MULTI -- Dem Opers in MI & GA Tampered w/Mil Ballots -- Filled Out New Ones 100% for Biden

ELECTION=MULTI -- Eight States Have Now Joined Texas Lawsuit (AK, AL, FL, KY, LA, MS, SC, SD)

ELECTION=MULTI -- Evidence Supports SP: Testimony in AZ & New Tech Declaration & May Implicate Obama

ELECTION=MULTI -- How to Prove a Mail-In Ballot is Genuine (Jovan Hutton Pulitzer)

ELECTION=MULTI -- Massive Election Fraud Enterprise Uncovered (Ballot Printing for 5 Swing States)

ELECTION=MULTI -- MattBraynard: Illegally Cast Votes Surpasses Biden's Margin of Victory in WI,GA,AZ

ELECTION=MULTI -- MI&PA SoS's Gave FarLeft RockTheVoteActivists Access to SensitiveData on AllVoters

ELECTION=MULTI -- NSA Whistleblower Kirk Wiebe Exposes U.S. Stolen Election

ELECTION=MULTI -- Phony Ballots Flown into Swing States on Planes

ELECTION=MULTI -- Rep Challenge to ElectoralCollege Results: Mo BrooksAdmitsGambitFacesUphillClimb

ELECTION=MULTI -- Team Identified Enough Fraudulent Ballots in GA, AZ, & WI to Overthrow Election

ELECTION=MULTI -- TX Sues GA, MI, PA, & WI at SCOTUS over Election Rules (LA, AL have joined suit)

ELECTION=MULTI -- USPS Labeled Trump Mail ‘Undeliverable,’ 388,000 Ballots Backdated, ‘Disappear’

ELECTION=MULTI -- Whistleblowers Claiming USPS Threw Out, Backdated Ballots before Election

ELECTION=MULTI – Historic/Unparalled: PA,GA,MI,WI,AZ,NV,&NM All Had GOP Electors CastVotes forTrump

ELECTION=NM -- GOP FilesLawsuit to ImpoundBallots in Bernalillo Co., CitingUnusual Election Activity

ELECTION=NV -- 92,000 Mail-In Ballots Went To Wrong Addresses, A State Biden Won By Only 33K

ELECTION=NV -- All Dem CntyComm Race, SameBallot as POTUS, ThrownOut Because of HugeVoterDiscrepancy

ELECTION=NV -- Court Hears of USPS WitnessObstruction, FlawedMachine Inspections, & Deceased Voters

ELECTION=NV -- Fraud: 1,500 Dead Voters; 42,248 Voted Multiple Times; RV Camps as Homes

ELECTION=NV -- Historically Strange Spike in Incomplete Nevada Voter Files, Casinos as Home

ELECTION=NV -- In Nevada, a Corrupt Cash-for-Votes Scheme Is Hiding in Plain Sight

ELECTION=NV -- Journalist Tests Nevada Voter-signature Verification, Finds 89% Failure Rate

ELECTION=NV -- Judge Ordered Clark Co (Las Vegas) Officials to Allow Inspection of Elections Equip

ELECTION=NV -- Total Ballots Cast: 1,327,394, Total Presidential Election Votes: 1,405,376

ELECTION=NV -- Trump Campaign Team Lawsuit: More Than “15,000 People Voted In NV and Another State"

ELECTION=NV -- Trump Team Says 40,000 People Voted Twice in Nevada

ELECTION=NY -- #NY22 Missing Post-Its – Judge Says ‘We Have a Serious Problem on Our Hands’

ELECTION=NY -- Fraud Accusations in House Race after 28K Vote Lead Erased by Judge & Mail-in Ballots

ELECTION=PA -- 96000 Absentee Ballots Not Recorded; Sent out 1.8M Mail-in Ballots, Counted 2.4M

ELECTION=PA -- Bunch of Votes Dumped into Results Faster Than Could Have Been Proc'd by Voting Machs

ELECTION=PA -- City Shuts Down Database That Showed Dead People Voted in Philadelphia

ELECTION=PA -- Data From Rigorous Statistical Analysis Points to Voter Fraud in Montgomery Co, PA

ELECTION=PA -- Delaware County, PA - Voter Books Missing (Vanity)

ELECTION=PA -- Election Board Member Will Not Sign Off on Election Results, Cites Ballot Problem

ELECTION=PA -- Enormous Evidence Why PA Doesn’t Need a Recount, but an Entire New Election (Long)

ELECTION=PA -- Evidence of Vanished Votes: per Data Integrity Group, Trump Lost over 432,000 Votes

ELECTION=PA -- GOP State Reps File Challenge to PA Election Results (led by State Rep DarylMetcalfe)

ELECTION=PA -- Insane: PA's Allegheny County Board Of Elections Votes to Count Undated Ballots

ELECTION=PA -- Lawmakers: Numbers Don’t Add Up, Cert of Presidential Results Premature & In Error

ELECTION=PA -- Lawsuit Filed In PA State Court by PA GOP Challenging Legality of Vote-By-Mail

ELECTION=PA -- LegislatorsNeverVotedonUsingDom;MandatedByGovernor;RejectedBarCodesOnMail-InBallots

ELECTION=PA -- Mail-In Ballots in Pennsylvania Not Registered in State Data, Hundreds of Voters Say

ELECTION=PA -- Math Prof Says in Sworn Statement ~= 100,000AbsenteeBallots Requested by Someone Else

ELECTION=PA -- Mathematician Finds >500,000 Unique Last Names in PA

ELECTION=PA -- New Batch of Votes Found In Philadelphia (23,277 Votes, All For Biden)

ELECTION=PA -- Obama-Appointed Judge in PA Sends Outrageous Message to Trump Attorney

ELECTION=PA -- Observer Says Agts from AG’sOffice Showed Up at Her Door to ? Her After She Testified

ELECTION=PA -- PA JudgeRules 2020 PA Election Likely Unconstitutional – Case “Likelihood to Succeed”

ELECTION=PA -- PA's Response Ordered by Justice Alito Reflects Fear of Defendants (#18 re 12/08)

ELECTION=PA -- Pennsylvania Voters Describe Irregularities in Mail-in, Absentee Ballot Process

ELECTION=PA -- Philadelphia Rpts 8,000 Newly CountedBallots 2 Wks After Election Day – 85% for Biden

ELECTION=PA -- Rudy: Rep Legislature Let Down America. Completely Misled the President & Me.

ELECTION=PA -- SCOTUS Orders PA to Segregate Mail-in Ballots Received after 8 pm on Election Day

ELECTION=PA -- Spike Anomaly: Biden 99.4% v Trump 0.6%: Testimony That Media Has Dutifully Ignored

ELECTION=PA -- State Legislature Files Resolution to Dispute Statewide 2020 Election Results

ELECTION=PA -- StatsAnalysisRevealsPotential "StuffingTheTail" Similar to 2008 Sub-PrimeMrtgMeltdown

ELECTION=PA -- Tens of Thousands of Pennsylvania Ballots Returned Earlier Than Sent Date: Researcher

ELECTION=PA -- Three Fishy Things In Pennsylvania Voter Data The State Has Yet To Explain

ELECTION=PA -- Trump Lawyer Gives Viewers the FACTS on 700,000 Illegal Votes in PA

ELECTION=PA -- Trump's PA Complaint Is Brilliant: Here Is a Superb Piece of Legal Craftsmanship

ELECTION=PA -- USPS Driver&WhistleblowerJesseMorganInterrogated by FBI – StartedHarassing his Family

ELECTION=PA -- Whistleblowers Allege Up to 300,000 Completed Ballots Crossed State Lines in October

ELECTION=PA -- Williams College, MA Professor & Mathematician Flags up to 100,000 Suspicious Ballots

ELECTION=PA -- Witness Observed USB Cards Uploaded to Voting Machines -- 47 USB Cards Missing

ELECTION=PA -- “Big News Coming Out Of PA”- Trump Tweets: “Very Big Illegal Ballot Drop”

ELECTION=PA -- “Facts of Fraud” – Giuliani:TrumpTeam to File Lawsuits v. PA--800,000 Votes Invalid

ELECTION=PA -- “I Was Driving Completed Ballots from NY to Pennsylvania – So I Decided to Speak Up”

ELECTION=PA -- “Mysterious” Election Day Spike Gave Biden Nearly 600,000 Votes, Only 3,200 for Trump

ELECTION=PA --Insane: PA's Allegheny County Board Of Elections Votes to Count Undated Ballots

ELECTION=PENCE -- Legal Team Sues Pence, Demands He Reject Unconstitutional Electoral College Slates

ELECTION=SCOTUS -- LinWoodMakesAllegationsTowardsJusticeRoberts(Epstein+MakingSureTrumpNotReElected)

ELECTION=TX -- Arkansas and Missouri join the fight!

ELECTION=TX -- Co GoesBlue for 1stTime Since 1964 after HiringFormerSmartmaticExec as ElctnsAdmin

ELECTION=TX -- Eight States Have Now Joined Texas Lawsuit (AK, AL, FL, KY, LA, MS, SC, SD)

ELECTION=TX -- Houston Ballots All Have Same Signature and Same Address


ELECTION=TX -- Sekulow on TX Lawsuit — "This Is the One, This Is the Case We’ve Been Waiting For!"

ELECTION=TX -- TX Sues GA, MI, PA, & WI at SCOTUS over Election Rules (LA, AL have joined suit)

ELECTION=USPS -- Truck Carrying Fraudulent Ballots Vanishes, Driver Still Unable To Locate (Details)

ELECTION=VA -- Multiple Reversals & Proportional Votes In VA after 11pm Indicate Fraud Occurred

ELECTION=VA -- Running the Numbers Shows That It May Have Been a Massive Fraud State

ELECTION=VA -- Sidney Powell Claims Massive Voter Fraud in Virginia, Warns ‘See You Soon’

ELECTION=VA -- Sidney Powell: The #KrackenOnSteroids Team Is Also Looking at Election Fraud in VA

ELECTION=VA -- Virginia Republican Says He Has Proof of Voter Fraud, Trump Won the State

ELECTION=WI -- 'Trump Will Be Proven Winner. WI Elections Comm Has Repeatedly Failed to Follow Law."

ELECTION=WI -- Ballots Identified in Pristine Condition Similar to Fraudulent Ballots in GA & MI

ELECTION=WI -- Conservative Group Says They Discovered 150,000 Fraudulent Ballots

ELECTION=WI -- Day AFTER Election, Biden Receives Dump of 143,379 Votes at 3:42am When He Was Losing

ELECTION=WI -- DemsStole for Biden frm EveryDvlpmntllyDsbldPerson in MilwHomesWhistleblowerSpokeWith

ELECTION=WI -- During Recount, Group Sues to Stop WI CertifyingResults + 386 UnopenedAbsenteeBallots

ELECTION=WI -- ElectCommTrying to Chg RecountManual at EmrgncyMtgTonight re TrumpRecountPetition/Obj

ELECTION=WI -- GroupFilesEmergPetition in WI afterFIndng150,000PotentiallyFraudulentBallots(SEE #20)

ELECTION=WI -- MilwaukeeElctnsCommRefuses toLetTrumpRepsSee AbsenteeBallotEnvelopes orBallotsClearly

ELECTION=WI -- Trump Campaign Files Suit Over 221,000 Ballots In Wisconsin

ELECTION=WI -- WI Appears to Have Same Legal Problem as PA. Will WI Republicans Follow PA's Lead?

ELECTION=WI -- WI ElectionSupervisor Chgs Disallowed by St.'s Constitution Call into ? 10,000s Votes

ELECTION=WI -- Wisconsin Election Fraud: Evidence of Chicanery During Election

ELECTION=WI -- Wisconsin Voters File Lawsuit to Exclude Over 792,000 Votes in 3 Counties

ELECTION=WI -- “I Couldn’tGoToMyGraveKnwingWhatIKnew”–ElctnWhstlblwrExplainsWhyCameForwardOnDemFraud

ELECTION=WI,MI -- Evidence Of Ballot Dumping Found In Wisconsin, Michigan

ELECTIONI=MI -- NYT MI Data: Massive VoteDump at 6amWeds (96%Biden) Used To Overcome Huge TrumpLead

ENTERTAINMENT -- Hollywood, We Have A Problem

ENVIRONMENT -- (Arianna SUV expose' spreads to Mark Steyn's site from Malkin's)

ENVIRONMENT -- ABC Won't Tell Who Caused Ecological Disaster (tires at bottom of ocean at Fla.)

ENVIRONMENT -- But Her Heart Was Good (How many has Rachel Carson killed?)

ENVIRONMENT -- Carson's toxic legacy ("Silent Spring" author - green 'saint')

ENVIRONMENT -- Contracepting the environment – Effect of birth-control pills in poisoning of streams

ENVIRONMENT -- Crichton: Fear & Complexity[State of Fear & Why Politicized Science is Dangerous]

ENVIRONMENT -- Early California: A Killing Field -- Finds Indians Decimated Birds

ENVIRONMENT -- Fateful Voice of a Generation Still Drowns Out Real Science

ENVIRONMENT -- Frightening Eco-Freak Quotes

ENVIRONMENT -- Keeping Taxpayers in the Dark (Ithaca Solar Panels lose $1 million)

ENVIRONMENT -- Manure Makes Farm a Superfund Site - enviro's going after farmers

ENVIRONMENT -- Prius Outdoes Hummer in Environmental Damage

ENVIRONMENT -- Prius The Magic Car (The Toyota Hybrid's Dirty Secret Has Been Outed Alert)

ENVIRONMENT -- Study: Renewable Energy Not Green

ENVIRONMENT -- The inconvenient truth about hybrids

ENVIRONMENT -- Why I Left Greenpeace

EUTHANASIA -- Belgium to Consider Legalizing Under-18 Euthanasia

EUTHANASIA -- Dutch Debate Euthanasia for Babies

EUTHANASIA -- Grim truth about euthanasia

EUTHANASIA -- Half of Infant Deaths in Flanders Were Euthanasia

EUTHANASIA -- UK Doctors Face Jail if They Refuse to Euthanize Patients

Ex-CIA chief says U.S. fighting World War IV; Woolsey sees 3 enemies.

Excerpt of BXVI's Message Read at Cardinal Meisner's Funeral Today. It Is Loaded with Meaning:

Eye Color Explained: Everything you know is wrong

Facing Fear and Other Cowardly Acts.

Failing the IQ Test

FAMILY -- 'Life's Short. Get a Divorce.' -- Chicago Billboard Turns Heads

FAMILY -- 11-year-old fights for funeral for stillborn sister

FAMILY -- 8-year-old Boy Saves 6 in Blaze before Dying While Trying to Save Two Others

FAMILY -- A Boy's Life with Unisex Scouts (defines manliness superbly)

FAMILY -- A Challenging Truth, Part Two: The Day the Birth Control Died

FAMILY -- A Nation of Bastards

FAMILY -- Abuse risk seen worse as families change (Bring a barf bag)

FAMILY -- Abused men often suffer in silence

FAMILY -- Australian 'angel' saves lives at suicide spot (Saved 160+ lives! One life at a time!)

FAMILY -- Being Sexually Deprived in a Sex-Saturated Culture

FAMILY -- Ben Carson: A Physician’s View on the Sanctity of Life

FAMILY -- Bill Cosby: Men, Claim Your Children

FAMILY -- Bill would give wives an equal stand in Orthodox Jewish divorce

FAMILY -- Bush Did It....(he got a 20-year-old pregnant) (rise in cost of birth control pills)

FAMILY -- California Initiative Proposes Abolishing All Marriage from Law

FAMILY -- Calling all fathers: Save the girls

FAMILY -- Children Conceived by IVF Have Nearly Twice as Many Health Problems

FAMILY -- Children do best with two parents

FAMILY -- Children Who Have An Active Father Figure Have Fewer Psychological And Behavioral Problems

FAMILY -- Cohabitation is bad for men, worse for women, and horrible for children

FAMILY -- Couple welcomes 17th child — and wants more

FAMILY -- Demasculation of America's Boys

FAMILY -- Divorce: Women who walk [Many men say they never saw it coming.]

FAMILY -- Doug Giles: Raising Girls That Pimps and Thugs will Hate

FAMILY -- Doug Giles: Raising Girls that Pimps and Thugs Will Hate (Part 2)

FAMILY -- Dr. Warren Farrell Explains The Boy Crisis

FAMILY -- Families Without Children - Report Reveals Changes in Attitudes Towards Kids

FAMILY -- Fear of Too Many Babies is Hard to Bear - Mark Steyn

FAMILY -- First Comes Junior In a Baby Carriage (4 in 10 Births by Single Moms)

FAMILY -- German federal institution advocates incestual pedophilia (Unbelievable)

FAMILY -- Green Martyrdom (Not Environmentalist "Green" - Read for Explanation)

FAMILY -- Hang on to Your Hats ... Mark Steyn

FAMILY -- Heroic Chinese mother saved 30 children found dumped in the trash

FAMILY -- Infant-mortality myths

FAMILY -- Is America Still Making Men?

FAMILY -- Is Fatherhood Being Killed so the State Can Play God?(Fathers Removed from Society)

FAMILY -- It's sex o'clock in America (Raquel Welch)

FAMILY -- Lies, Damn Lies, and Statistics at UNICEF (inequities of boys v. girls)

FAMILY -- Like a Virgin, The Case Against Having Sex

FAMILY -- Love and Marriage and the Meaning of Sex

FAMILY -- Manliness is next to godliness(masculinity, feminism, & the wussification of Christianity)

FAMILY -- Marriage in America: The frayed knot

FAMILY -- Marriage matters to kids

FAMILY -- Men Blamed for Marriage Decline but Women's Relationship Wounds Often Self-Inflicted

FAMILY -- Mom' and 'Dad' banished by California

FAMILY -- Mother sacrifices self for unborn baby (another saint enters heaven...)

FAMILY -- New Study On Homosexual Parents Tops All Previous Research (2013)

FAMILY -- Not Fatherless by Choice (how it feels to be the offspring of a sperm donor)

FAMILY -- Oops! Black Children Better Off with Married Parents

FAMILY -- Our heartless inattention to the collapse of marriage

FAMILY -- Out of wedlock, out of money

FAMILY -- Pew Poll on Marriage and Parenthood Reflects Narcissism, Cultural Corrosion

FAMILY -- Polygamists Fight to Be Seen As Part of Mainstream Society

FAMILY -- Prom night decisions: easier than parents think (#17 Dating Application)

FAMILY -- Raising Girls That Pimps and Thugs Will Hate: Part 3

FAMILY -- Regulatory Czar Sunstein urges the term 'marriage' abolished

FAMILY -- Senator who Births Babies gets Boost from Voters (Boxer attacks Coburn for free Births)

FAMILY -- Sex Icon Raquel Welch: Contraceptives Shattered Marriage, the Cornerstone of Civilization

FAMILY -- She's Repulsed by Her Baby

FAMILY -- Single Mothers, Many Problems

FAMILY -- Soccer Heartthrob’s Response to Supermodel’s Anti-Catholic Outburst: I Was a Virgin

FAMILY -- Stupid Men

FAMILY -- Teen Sex: The Parent Factor

FAMILY -- The Fatherless Generation

FAMILY -- The Negative Health Effects of Homosexuality (Classic for Your Files)

FAMILY -- The Pill ruined the institution of marriage, says Raquel Welch

FAMILY -- The Silence of the Wedding Bells

FAMILY -- To Women: How to Build a Lasting Relationship

FAMILY -- Together for 71 years, couple die only four hours apart

FAMILY -- When A Woman Isn't In The Mood: Part I (Prager On Why Sex Is So Important To A Man)

FAMILY -- When A Woman Isn't In The Mood: Part II (Female Nature, Sex And Men Alert)

FAMILY -- When A Woman Isn't In The Mood: Part II (Female Nature, Sex And Men Alert)

FAMILY -- Where to Buy a Retirement Home for Under $600 a Month

FAMILY -- Why do men die first? (Humor)

FAMILY -- Why Feminists Fear Fathers

FAMILY -- Why Men Are Happy.... (Monday night giggles)

FAMILY -- Woman Who Refused Chemo To Save Unborn Child Dies (Mother Of Three Dies Of Leukemia)

FAMILY -- Women Desire Real Men, Not Metrosexuals

FAMILY -- Working mothers 'damage their child's health'

FDR New Deal: How FDR's New Deal Harmed Millions of Poor People

FESSIO -- Breaking: Fr. Joseph Fessio, S.J., dismissed from Ave Maria University [Catholic Caucus]

FESSIO -- Top Ave Maria official dismissed (Fr. Fessio told to leave immediately)

Fifth Bishop Didn't Take Up National CCHD Collection

Flat Tax: US moves quietly toward a flat tax

Flurry of angst over obesity (WRA editorial)

FOCA -- Barack and the bishops (the coming confrontation with the Catholic church)

FOCA -- Catholic bishops will fight Obama on abortion

FOCA -- On the end of Catholic Hospitals

FOOD -- Bread In 10 Minutes - No Oven - No Yeast - No Eggs - 3 Ingredients - (#28)

FOUNDATION -- America's Code Of Slience (Chuck Norris: Bring The Ten Commandments Back Alert)

Founding Fathers re God & Government -- Judge Moore Ain't Removing Ten Commandments

FOX -- The Inevitable Collapse of Fox News

FR -- ***vanity*** When is's anniversary?

FR -- 2nd Annual Viking Kittie Lightning Strike

FR -- Access to Free republic at work denied

FR -- Add a quick Free Republic search feature to your browser

FR -- Admin Moderator Attention (re: hitting the abuse button for ANYTHING requiring attention)

FR -- Alex Jones' Written Statement on Internet Censorship

FR -- Andrew H. Card says " You Guys( Are Great!"

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FR -- Behind the Scenes of a ZOT!

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FR -- DNC letter to FreeRepublic: Stop Lying about Howard Dean, and Gov Sebelius...OR ELSE!

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FR -- Notice: The daily sport of posting Catholic bashing threads on FR stops today. Thanks.

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FRANCIS -- Antonio Socci: “Cardinal” Scalfari Reveals That Benedict Is Still the Pope !!!

FRANCIS -- Before Pope Francis Was Accused of Heresy, Catholics Reached Out to Him Numerous Times

FRANCIS -- Pope Francis Backs The Wrong Horse....Again

FRANCIS -- Pope Francis Touts Universal Basic Income

FRANCIS -- Pope Francis: Christians Should Not Fear Looking Like ‘Communists’

FRANCIS -- Scalfari: Francis' Goal Is One World Religion; God Is for Francis “Not Simply Christian."

FRANCIS -- The Bride of Christ, Caught in Adultery?

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Free Republic Hall of Fame Threads

FREE SPEECH -- Deconstructing Whoopi - a Republican Fires Back

FULTONSHEEN -- Hating on Sheen

GAY ADOPTION -- Plea Agreement For No Jail Blows Up; Couple Accused Of Abusing Boys Headed To Trial

GAY MARRIAGE -- Traditional Marriage Group Assaulted by Pro-Homosexual Activists (Warwick, RI)

GAY MARRIAGE -- 'Gays' don't want 'marriage' after all (Stats on low #s of marriages))

GAY MARRIAGE -- 12 Must-Read Quotes from Bishop Paprocki's Same-Sex Marriage Exorcism

GAY MARRIAGE -- A Gay ( or not! ) Old Time- Gay Marriage Links

GAY MARRIAGE -- A Moral Revolution at Warp Speed—Now, It’s Wedding Cakes

GAY MARRIAGE -- A Pharmacist's View on Gay Marriage

GAY MARRIAGE -- Archbishop:'True Intention Behind' Gay Marriage is Imposition of Totalitarian System

GAY MARRIAGE -- Are Same-Sex Couples Just Like You?

GAY MARRIAGE -- Biological Mom Ordered to Give Up Child

GAY MARRIAGE -- Black pastors join gay-marriage debate

GAY MARRIAGE -- California Churches Plan a Big Push Against Same-Sex Marriage ( Propostion 8 )

GAY MARRIAGE -- California Dreaming: Reasoned Debate on Gay Marriage

GAY MARRIAGE -- Catholic schools to buck city bill: No benefits for gay marriages (Washington, DC)

GAY MARRIAGE -- Children in the "Gay Marriage" Crosshairs

GAY MARRIAGE -- Comparing the Lifestyles of Homosexual Couples to Married Couples

GAY MARRIAGE -- Critical Differences: Marriage, Gender, and Role Models

GAY MARRIAGE -- DC tells Catholic Church Comply or Bye Bye

GAY MARRIAGE -- Divorced from reality (same sex marriages and polygamy)

GAY MARRIAGE -- Dutch Disaster: How Holland Destroyed Marriage

GAY MARRIAGE -- Expert Gives Powerful Testimony in Defense of the Family

GAY MARRIAGE -- Five Myths about Same Sex Marriage

GAY MARRIAGE -- Five Ways to Talk to the Left About Same Sex Marriage

GAY MARRIAGE -- Gay "marriage"

GAY MARRIAGE -- Gay Couples’ Children Oppose Same-Sex Marriage, Tell of Unpleasant Upbringings

GAY MARRIAGE -- Gay Marriage And The GOP

GAY MARRIAGE -- Gay Marriage: Even Liberals Know It's Bad

GAY MARRIAGE -- Gay marrieds say they will not be monogamous

GAY MARRIAGE -- Gay Thought Police Take Note (How to Win against the Homosexual Nazis)

GAY MARRIAGE -- Gays Push to Recast Marriage on Morals (#14 & 19)

GAY MARRIAGE -- Going Dutch? (Lessons of the same-sex marriage debate in the Netherlands)

GAY MARRIAGE -- Guest Opinion: Why Marriage is Inherently Heterosexual

GAY MARRIAGE -- Hatred, Bigotry and Truth in the Homosexuality and Same Sex Marriage Debate

GAY MARRIAGE -- Homosexual Activist Admits True Purpose of Battle is to Destroy Marriage


GAY MARRIAGE -- Honeymoon is over for gay weddings (gay weddings down 50% in past year)

GAY MARRIAGE -- How Same-Sex Marriage Points to End of the World

GAY MARRIAGE -- I'm Gay, but I'm Not Switching to a Church That Supports Gay Marriage

GAY MARRIAGE -- In MA, Accept Gay Marriage Or Lose Your Job

GAY MARRIAGE -- Judge Completely Trolls Justice Scalia In Striking Down Utah's Gay Marriage Ban

GAY MARRIAGE -- Love Isn't Enough: 5 Reasons Why Same-Sex Marriage Will Harm Children

GAY MARRIAGE -- Maggie Gallagher on "Gay Marriage" in California: [Marriage] Redefinition Revolution

GAY MARRIAGE -- Many 'Successful' Gay Marriages Share an Open Secret(promiscuity, infidelity common)

GAY MARRIAGE -- Marriage now just a sexual relationship (same-sex 'marriage')

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GAY MARRIAGE -- Opposition to Gay Marriage Is Not Discrimination

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GAY MARRIAGE -- Thomas Sowell: Affirmative Action and Gay Marriage

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GENEALOGY -- Do You Know Who Your Ancestors Are?

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GENEALOGY -- looking for great-grandmother

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Get Ready for Twenty World Trade Center Bombings (A MUST READ interview from 1997)

GI-Jeffords enlists in Democratic army: David Limbaugh finds a silver lining in political war clouds

Girls Terrorized in France's Macho High-Rise Ghettos

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GLOBAL WARMING -- 2008: Another Grim Year for the Global Warmers

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GLOBAL WARMING -- An experiment that hints we are wrong on climate change

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GLOBAL WARMING -- Congressional Trip finds Latest Scientific Studies Refute Fears of Greenland Melt

GLOBAL WARMING -- Consensus on climate change is catastrophe in itself (what Gore built hoax on)

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GLOBAL WARMING -- Conserve as I say, not as I do ('green' hypocrisy)

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GLOBAL WARMING -- Critics Slam Nobel Winner Gore

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GLOBAL WARMING -- Does the sun cause global warming?

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GLOBAL WARMING -- Drought NOT Caused by Global Warning

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GLOBAL WARMING -- Early flurry of killer tornadoes linked to cold winter

GLOBAL WARMING -- Earth a little more resilient than computer models (cooling and model errors)

GLOBAL WARMING -- Earth May Reach 250 Degrees C, Actress Stops Washing Hair, 1934 Now Warmest

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GLOBAL WARMING -- Embellishing exaggerations (Waterbury Republican-American editorial)

GLOBAL WARMING -- Energy Guzzled by AlGore’s Home Could Power 232 U.S. Homes for a Month (up 10%)



GLOBAL WARMING -- Environment Minister Sammy Wilson bans adverts warning of climate change

GLOBAL WARMING -- Environmental Activist Funding, Agendas Exposed

GLOBAL WARMING -- Environmentalists Pick Up Where Communists Left Off (by Charles Krauthammer)

GLOBAL WARMING -- Errors covertly corrected by theI.P.C.C. after publication

GLOBAL WARMING -- Ethanol Hypocrites ( Environmentalists...)

GLOBAL WARMING -- EU To Fight Global Warming With Taxation (the real agenda)

GLOBAL WARMING -- Europe in Retreat on Climate Plan, US to Follow (Carbon Trading Fails Mrkt Test)

GLOBAL WARMING -- Europe's Carbon Con Job

GLOBAL WARMING -- Even Left Now Laughing at Global Warming (Socialists Complain about Focus on AGW!)

GLOBAL WARMING -- Evidence unclear: Scientist tries to dispel myths about global warming

GLOBAL WARMING -- Evidence: 'Ocean Acidification' Scare May Be as Fraudulent as 'Global Warming'

GLOBAL WARMING -- Excellent Rebuttal to Global Warming Alarmists

GLOBAL WARMING -- Extended South Pole cold spell blamed for bigger hole in ozone.

GLOBAL WARMING -- Extra CO2? Warming Temperatures Are Feeding the World!

GLOBAL WARMING -- Facts debunk global warming alarmism (01/20/09)

GLOBAL WARMING -- Falsified Temperature Record in China Behind Al Gore's Climate Fraud(84 Temp Stns)

GLOBAL WARMING -- Famed Hurricane Forecaster Says Al Gore is ‘Brainwashing Our Children’

GLOBAL WARMING -- Famed Hurricane Forecaster William Gray Predicts Global Cooling in 10 Years

GLOBAL WARMING -- Father of Climatology ThrowsUp at the Thought of Al Gore's 'An Inconvenient Truth'

GLOBAL WARMING -- Former astronaut speaks out on global warming (Harrison Schmitt: political tool)

GLOBAL WARMING -- Former IPCC Member Slams UN Scientists' Lack of Geologic Knowledge (fiction)

GLOBAL WARMING -- Freeman Dyson DebunksDire Forecasts on GlobalWarming and Other Tenets

GLOBAL WARMING -- French physicist calls Al Gore a 'crook' over global warming issues

GLOBAL WARMING -- Furcoats and Bikinis Part One

GLOBAL WARMING -- Gallup Poll: 'Record-High 41% of Americans now say global warming is exaggerated

GLOBAL WARMING -- Gas escaping from ocean floor may drive global warming

GLOBAL WARMING -- German government's environmental plans may cost 500,000 jobs

GLOBAL WARMING -- German Professor: NASA Has Fiddled Climate Data On ‘Unbelievable’ Scale

GLOBAL WARMING -- Global 'Sunscreen' Has Likely Thinned, Report NASA Scientists

GLOBAL WARMING -- Global Cooling Alert (Calling John McCain......)

GLOBAL WARMING -- Global Cooling Costs Too Much

GLOBAL WARMING -- Global Garden Gets Greener (Earth is Really Getting Greener--Global Warming Good )

GLOBAL WARMING -- Global Hot Air (Thomas Sowell)

GLOBAL WARMING -- Global Hot Air: Part II (Thomas Sowell)

GLOBAL WARMING -- Global Hot Air: Part III (Thomas Sowell)

GLOBAL WARMING -- Global Hot Air: Part III (Thomas Sowell)(#7 has scientists against global warming)

GLOBAL WARMING -- Global ocean temperatures "plunge"

GLOBAL WARMING -- Global Warming Bombshell: Hockeystick Broken

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GLOBAL WARMING -- Global Warming and Pseudo-Science (Hawaii)

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GLOBAL WARMING -- Global Warming Bombshell

GLOBAL WARMING -- Global Warming Bureaucrat Hansen Lashes Out at Critics (more on calculation error)

GLOBAL WARMING -- Global Warming Consensus Gone Up in Flames

GLOBAL WARMING -- Global warming debate 'irrational': scientists [GW caused by sun]

GLOBAL WARMING -- Global warming debunked

GLOBAL WARMING -- Global Warming Delusions

GLOBAL WARMING -- Global Warming Ecophobia

GLOBAL WARMING -- Global Warming Expedition to North Pole Cancelled Due to Cold and Frostbite

GLOBAL WARMING -- Global Warming Insanity

GLOBAL WARMING -- Global Warming Is Real, Scientists Warn -- Study Confirms late 20th-c Temp Spike

GLOBAL WARMING -- Global Warming Is Running Out of Hot Air

GLOBAL WARMING -- Global warming is the new religion of First World urban elites

GLOBAL WARMING -- Global Warming Lies Create a Climate of Crisis

GLOBAL WARMING -- Global Warming Link to Hurricane Intensity Questioned

GLOBAL WARMING -- Global warming predictions are overestimated: study on black carbon (Cornell U.)

GLOBAL WARMING -- Global Warming Reversal: Sea Surface Temps Plunge to Coldest Temperatures in 6 Yrs

GLOBAL WARMING -- Global Warming Rope-A-Dope....(global warming ia a blatant lie )

GLOBAL WARMING -- Global Warming Ruled a Religion by British Judge

GLOBAL WARMING -- Global Warming Scientists Cross A Very Important Line

GLOBAL WARMING -- Global Warming Shakedown Begins

GLOBAL WARMING -- Global Warming Stopped 16 Years Ago, Reveals Met Office Report Quietly Released

GLOBAL WARMING -- Global Warming Turns Ugly

GLOBAL WARMING -- Global Warming, Inc.

GLOBAL WARMING -- Global Warming, Inc. - Al Gore, Silicon Valley, and venture politics

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GLOBAL WARMING -- Global Warming: The Population Bomb of the 21st Century?

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GLOBAL WARMING -- Global Warming: it's not caused by greenhouse gases says academic

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GLOBAL WARMING -- Global Warming? Look at the Numbers (re: Corrected Data)

GLOBAL WARMING -- Global warming? More doubts ( air & ocean systems synchronizing)

GLOBAL WARMING -- Global Warming? Some Inconvenient Questions

GLOBAL WARMING -- Global WarmingNorth Pole Sea Ice twice as thick as expected

GLOBAL WARMING -- Global-warming skeptics cite being 'treated like a pariah

GLOBAL WARMING -- Global-Warming Swindle, Hysterics exposed...(Thomas Sowell)

GLOBAL WARMING -- GM exec stands by calling global warming a "crock"

GLOBAL WARMING -- Gore and the Global Warming Fraud Exposed

GLOBAL WARMING -- Gore getting desperate proof public cooling on GW hoax

GLOBAL WARMING -- Gore Losing the War: 59% Don't Believe Man Is Warming the Planet

GLOBAL WARMING -- Gore Movie Contains ‘One of the Single Stupidest Statements Ever Put on Film’

GLOBAL WARMING -- Gore pays for photo after Canada didn't (misrepresents photo)

GLOBAL WARMING -- Gore Refuses to Debate Global Warming Theory

GLOBAL WARMING -- Gore Taking Heat for Global Warming

GLOBAL WARMING -- Gore Won't Ask Wealthy Hollywoodans to Alter Lifestyle to Save Planet

GLOBAL WARMING -- Gore's Company Says He's Not Profiting from 'Carbon Offsets'

GLOBAL WARMING -- Gore's Company Says He's Not Profiting from 'Carbon Offsets'

GLOBAL WARMING -- Gore's Crusade Ends at His Front Door (Al Gore Slapdown)

GLOBAL WARMING -- Gore's global-warming hype a big cash scheme

GLOBAL WARMING -- Gore's hypocrisy exposed (Kyoto)

GLOBAL WARMING -- Gore's Message To Climate Change Skeptics (60 Minutes tonight)

GLOBAL WARMING -- Gore's prize: A fraud on the people

GLOBAL WARMING -- Gore, Pelosi, and Global Warming: It’s Tough To Sell A Theory You Don’t Believe

GLOBAL WARMING -- Gore: Climate Crisis More Dire Than Terrorism

GLOBAL WARMING -- Gore: Ignoring Climate Crisis Akin to Appeasing Hitler

GLOBAL WARMING -- Greenhouse effect is a myth, say scientists

GLOBAL WARMING -- Greenhouse Gas Myth

GLOBAL WARMING -- Greenhouse sceptics to congregate

GLOBAL WARMING -- Greenhouse Simplicities (Newsweek)

GLOBAL WARMING -- Greenland Ice Find Debunks Al Gore’s Global Warming Theories

GLOBAL WARMING -- Greenpeace Leader Admits Arctic Ice Exaggeration

GLOBAL WARMING -- Guardian Jumps the Shark Again: Called Out by NYT (Antarctic "collapse")

GLOBAL WARMING -- Hansen finally frees his global temperature software code (it's wrong!)

GLOBAL WARMING -- Hansen Then and Now (post-embarassment)

GLOBAL WARMING -- Hansen’s Boldest Lie To Date (copied & pasted Russia’s temps for 09/08 into 10/08)

GLOBAL WARMING -- Hansen’s Former NASA Supervisor Declares Himself Skeptic (Says NASA Embarrassed)

GLOBAL WARMING -- Hansen’s NASA GISS – Cooling the Past, Warming the Present (2013)

GLOBAL WARMING -- Heartland Institute exposes Al Gore

GLOBAL WARMING -- Heat of the Moment Gore camp suggests scientists bought off

GLOBAL WARMING -- Heating Up Over Nothing: Some Facts About Global Warming

GLOBAL WARMING -- Horrible effects of global warming: Nice weather, more crops

GLOBAL WARMING -- Hostages to a hoax (Global warming)

GLOBAL WARMING -- How one number touched off big climate-change fight at UW

GLOBAL WARMING -- How the world was misled about global warming and now climate change

GLOBAL WARMING -- How To Talk To A Climate Change Denier (HuffPo)

GLOBAL WARMING -- Hundreds of Scientists Have Published Evidence Countering Man-Made Global Warming

GLOBAL WARMING -- Hurricane Expert Gray: Global Warming Is Hoax

GLOBAL WARMING -- I Pledge Allegiance to Global Warming (Scientists sign loyalty oath)

GLOBAL WARMING -- Ice & Snow Center Admits Error in Calculation of Polar Ice This Year (size of CA)

GLOBAL WARMING -- Ice Age ‘07: Politically Incorrect Weather

GLOBAL WARMING -- Ice Cold Bunk (See #9: 10 Facts about Global Warming THEY don't Want You to Know)

GLOBAL WARMING -- If They're Wrong About Gore-bal Warming, So What? [Larry Elder]

GLOBAL WARMING -- Improved Predictions Of Warming-Induced Extinctions Sought; Species Persist

GLOBAL WARMING -- In 2008, a 100 Percent Chance of Alarm (NYT questions global warming!)

GLOBAL WARMING -- In Their Own Words: Climate Alarmists Debunk Their "Science"

GLOBAL WARMING -- Inconvenient Kyoto Truths(George Will Nails It!)

GLOBAL WARMING -- Inconvenient Truth For Gore As His North Pole Sums Don't Add Up

GLOBAL WARMING -- Industry caught in carbon ‘smokescreen’ (Carbon Offset fraud)

GLOBAL WARMING -- Inhofe slams DiCaprio for scaring kids in two-hour Senate speech debunking

GLOBAL WARMING -- IPCC Challenged to Recant Global Warming Position

GLOBAL WARMING -- IPCC Findings Dispute ABC, CBS, NBC and BBC Antarctica Sea Level Rise Claims

GLOBAL WARMING -- IPCC Nobel winner calls IPCC report "Dishonest Political Tampering with Science"

GLOBAL WARMING -- Is Global Warming a Sin? (You're not going to believe this!!!)

GLOBAL WARMING -- Is the Earth still recovering from the "Little Ice Age"? Possible cause of GW

GLOBAL WARMING -- Is Warming Our Fault? [father of scientific climatology: GW a bunch of hooey]

GLOBAL WARMING -- Island Shrinking by Global Warming… But for Over 100 Years?

GLOBAL WARMING -- James Hansen Exposed, Climate Outlook is Excellent

GLOBAL WARMING -- James Hansen's Hissy Fit

GLOBAL WARMING -- James Hansen: Abusing the Public Trust

GLOBAL WARMING -- Jet-setting pop stars no problem for Live Earth fans

GLOBAL WARMING -- Job Losses From Obama Green Stimulus Foreseen in Spanish Study

GLOBAL WARMING -- Joe Bastardi of in debunking blame of CA fires on Global Warming

GLOBAL WARMING -- John Coleman (Weather Channel Founder) [Greatest Scam in History]

GLOBAL WARMING -- John McCain's 'Global Warming' Hearings Blasted by Climatologist

GLOBAL WARMING -- John Stossel Exposes Global Warming Myths

GLOBAL WARMING -- John Stossel: The Global Warming Myth?

GLOBAL WARMING -- Judge attacks nine errors in Al Gore's 'alarmist' climate change film

GLOBAL WARMING -- Junk Science: Al Gore's Epic Hypocrisy (house used 20x nat'l. ave. and rose 10%)

GLOBAL WARMING -- Junk Science: Global Warming's New 'Consensus'

GLOBAL WARMING -- Just In Time For 'Earth Hour': Americans Care Less Than Ever About Globaloney

GLOBAL WARMING -- Last Year Was Warmest in a Century (#5)

GLOBAL WARMING -- Let 'em live like common people

GLOBAL WARMING -- Letter to algore by award-winning climate scientist

GLOBAL WARMING -- Level of important greenhouse gas has stopped growing

GLOBAL WARMING -- Lies Revealed — Greenpeace Leader Admits Arctic Ice Exaggeration

GLOBAL WARMING -- Lists of Names and Studies in Senate Report Grow (global warming skeptics)

GLOBAL WARMING -- Live Earth branded a foul-mouthed flop

GLOBAL WARMING -- Live Earth: Dead On Arrival (Jonah Goldberg: Algore Jumped The Shark Alert)

GLOBAL WARMING -- Local scientist calls global warming theory 'hooey'

GLOBAL WARMING -- MADONNA USES MORE OF THE WORLD (Carbon Footprint Equivalent of Over 14,000 People)

GLOBAL WARMING -- Man-Made Global Warming Supposedly Began 5,000 Years Ago

GLOBAL WARMING -- Man-made Global Warming: Even the IPCC Admits the Jig Is Up

GLOBAL WARMING -- Mark Steyn: Don't Ruin Economy Over Tiny Temp Rise

GLOBAL WARMING -- Mark Steyn: How Gore's massive energy consumption saves the world

GLOBAL WARMING -- Massive Cover-Up Exposed: Lying Alarmists Rebranded 70s GlobalCoolingScare as Myth

GLOBAL WARMING -- Mathematically Confirmed: There Is No Climate Change Crisis

GLOBAL WARMING -- Media Ignore Al Gore’s Financial Ties to GlobalWarming(AlGore's Inconvenient Loot)

GLOBAL WARMING -- Media Ignores Gore's Financial Ties To Glbl Wrmg(Buys Carbon Offsets Through Firm)

GLOBAL WARMING -- Meltdown! The world is feeling the heat of global warming. (Please help me!)

GLOBAL WARMING -- Meteorologist Launches Website to Counter Media’s Global Warming Hysteria

GLOBAL WARMING -- Meteorologist Says Money Behind Warming Alarmism 'Can Corrupt Anybody'

GLOBAL WARMING -- Meteorologist: Gore climate theory 'ridiculous'(We're brainwashing our children)

GLOBAL WARMING -- Mexicans bundle up as temperatures drop

GLOBAL WARMING -- Michael Mann Faces Bankruptcy as his Courtroom Climate Capers Collapse

GLOBAL WARMING -- Middle Stance Emerges in Debate Over Climate

GLOBAL WARMING -- Mironov Tells Kyoto Experts The World Is Getting Cooler

GLOBAL WARMING -- MIT Professor: Global Warming Is a "Religion"

GLOBAL WARMING -- MIT Study: Everything at Paris Climate Talks Will Accomplish Exactly Nothing

GLOBAL WARMING -- Momentum Shifting:Prominent Scientists Reverse Belief in Man-made Global Warming

GLOBAL WARMING -- More Cowbell! (Gore Wrong about Earth Having a "Fever")

GLOBAL WARMING -- More Evidence That Sun Is Climate Key, Not Human CO2

GLOBAL WARMING -- More hot air from the U.N. {Hal Lindsey on global warming]

GLOBAL WARMING -- More Hot Air on Global Warming

GLOBAL WARMING -- More than 700 scientists discredit man-made global warming fears

GLOBAL WARMING -- Move to block emissions 'swindle' DVD [Global Warming]

GLOBAL WARMING -- NASA Administrator Michael Griffin Not Sure That Global Warming Is A Problem

GLOBAL WARMING -- NASA Astronaut Schmitt Disputes Global Warming in Letter to Planetary Society

GLOBAL WARMING -- NASA chief Michael Griffin silenced - Part XXVI

GLOBAL WARMING -- NASA's Hansen to Obama: Use Global Warming to Redistribute Wealth

GLOBAL WARMING -- National Geographic: Melting Mars Means Man-Made Global Warming a Myth

GLOBAL WARMING -- Neptune News [Neptune's warming correlates to Earth's warming and solar activity]

GLOBAL WARMING -- New climate report too rosy, experts say (dire predictions may be "sugarcoated")

GLOBAL WARMING -- New Climate Study Indicates Hottest Decade In 1300 Years

GLOBAL WARMING -- New Documentary Challenges Gore's 'Inconvenient Truth' on Global Warming

GLOBAL WARMING -- New global warming villain fingered: Trees

GLOBAL WARMING -- New northern ice age could send refugees to Australia

GLOBAL WARMING -- New Peer-Reviewed Scientific Studies Chill Global Warming Fears

GLOBAL WARMING -- New Scandal Erupts over NOAA Climate Data

GLOBAL WARMING -- New source of global warming gas found: plants

GLOBAL WARMING -- Newsweek Cover Story

GLOBAL WARMING -- Newsweek Editor Calls Global Warming Cover Story ‘Fundamentally Misleading’

GLOBAL WARMING -- Newsweek's Climate Editorial Screed Violates Basic Standards of Journalism

GLOBAL WARMING -- Newsweek: Alarmed by Deniers

GLOBAL WARMING -- Nine Facts about Climate Change

GLOBAL WARMING -- No Consensus on Global Warming (The earth is warming – but we’re not at fault.)

GLOBAL WARMING -- NOAA: 2008 Temp for U.S. Near Ave, was Coldest Since '97; Below Ave for Dec

GLOBAL WARMING -- Nobel Peace Prize Winner Asks UN To Admit Climate Change Errors

GLOBAL WARMING -- Nobel Peace Prize? No Connection Between Environmental Crises/Armed Conflict:Study

GLOBAL WARMING -- Nobel Prize ignores inconvenient untruths to reward Gore (See #11)

GLOBAL WARMING -- North Pole: ice 100% thicker than expected

GLOBAL WARMING -- Not That Simple - Global Warming: What We Don't Know

GLOBAL WARMING -- Nuremburg-Style Trials Proposed for Global Warming Skeptics

GLOBAL WARMING -- NY Times: Global Warming Claims Bogus #2

GLOBAL WARMING -- NYT: "U.S. Data Since 1895 Fail To Show Warming Trend"

GLOBAL WARMING -- NYT: Maybe Greenland Isn't Melting After All

GLOBAL WARMING -- Obama Spent $7.4 Bil Helping Third World Fight Imaginary Problem

GLOBAL WARMING -- Oceans are cooling according to NASA

GLOBAL WARMING -- Offsetting your carbon footprint takes decades

GLOBAL WARMING -- On Global Warming: Follow the Money Indeed! (David Asman / Fox News)

GLOBAL WARMING -- One Last Thing | Taking closer look at Al Gore's truth

GLOBAL WARMING -- OnlineVideo Rebutting Gore's Inconvenient Truth:"The Great Global Warming Swindle"

GLOBAL WARMING -- Over 500 Scientists Have Published Evidence Countering Man-Made Global Warming

GLOBAL WARMING -- Overwhelming Majority of Americans Oppose Lieberman-Warner Global Warming Proposal

GLOBAL WARMING -- Ozone hole may soon shrink

GLOBAL WARMING -- Pacific islands not sinking from global warming (study debunks Gore's fairy tale)

GLOBAL WARMING -- Pegg Scolds Climate Change Deniers, Says They'll Be Drowning, Burning or Starving

GLOBAL WARMING -- Perpetuating The Big Lie: Debunking the Catastrophic Global-warming Myth

GLOBAL WARMING -- Photos of poorly sited weather stations-The global warming racket broken wide open

GLOBAL WARMING -- Physicist Howard Hayden's one-letter disproof of global warming claims

GLOBAL WARMING -- Planet 'emergency' 55 million years ago was global warming: study

GLOBAL WARMING -- Plus Ça (Climate) Change (Inconvenient history/common sense)

GLOBAL WARMING -- Pluto thought to be warming up

GLOBAL WARMING -- Polar Winds Depleting Ozone, Affecting Climate Change, Study Says

GLOBAL WARMING -- Politically inconvenient truth about electric cars

GLOBAL WARMING -- Poll: most Britons doubt cause of climate change

GLOBAL WARMING -- Polls hide the truth about climate change (what would they be willing to give up?)

GLOBAL WARMING -- Prediction Time: Global-warming truths are not as certain as some claim them to be

GLOBAL WARMING -- President of Czech Republic Calls Global Warming a Myth - Questions Gore's Sanity

GLOBAL WARMING -- Princeton Physics Professor Global Warming Testimony, crushes Gore

GLOBAL WARMING -- Princeton Professor Denies Global Warming Theory

GLOBAL WARMING -- Prius Outdoes Hummer in Environmental Damage

GLOBAL WARMING -- Prominent Scientist Fired By Gore Says Warming Alarm "Mistaken"

GLOBAL WARMING -- Prominent Scientists Reverse Belief in Man-made Global Warming - Now Skeptics

GLOBAL WARMING -- Public opinion turning against GW almost as quickly as science (10 Myths Debunked)

GLOBAL WARMING -- Pure Propaganda: The Great Global Warming Swindle (GGWS inaccurate information?)

GLOBAL WARMING -- Quantifying the Hansen Y2K Error (Climate Audit Finds Big NASA GISS US Temp error)

GLOBAL WARMING -- Radical Environmentalism Revealed: Ending Sovereignty and Private Property

GLOBAL WARMING -- Rap Star In Gore Climate Concert Lineup Flies Dinner Across The Atlantic

GLOBAL WARMING -- Recent cold snap helping Arctic sea ice, scientists find

GLOBAL WARMING -- Red faces at NASA over climate-change blunder

GLOBAL WARMING -- Relax, the planet is fine

GLOBAL WARMING -- Report on Gore energy use prompts hate-filled messages

GLOBAL WARMING -- Research Adds Twist to Global Warming Debate

GLOBAL WARMING -- Research explores sun's climate role (G.W. debunked again)

GLOBAL WARMING -- Research further debunks warmism(variation cannot be attributed to carbon dioxide)

GLOBAL WARMING -- Researcher Predicts 80-year "Little Ice Age" to begin soon.

GLOBAL WARMING -- Researchers Question Validity Of A 'Global Temperature'

GLOBAL WARMING -- SanFran Chronicle: Only The 'Informed' Believe in Global Warming LOL!

GLOBAL WARMING -- Satellite shows regional variation in warming from sun during solar cycle

GLOBAL WARMING -- Scare Watch: 'Arctic warming is unprecedented'

GLOBAL WARMING -- Scenes from the Climate Inquisition (The chilling effect of the G W consensus)

GLOBAL WARMING -- ScienceGroup Startled By Outpouring of Scientists Rejecting Man-Made Climate Fears

GLOBAL WARMING -- Scientific Skeptics Have a Right to be Heard

GLOBAL WARMING -- Scientific Smackdown: Skeptics Voted The Clear Winners in Global Warming debate

GLOBAL WARMING -- Scientist Alleging Bush Censorship Helped Gore

GLOBAL WARMING -- Scientist Demands Apology From ABC for Global Warming Hit Piece

GLOBAL WARMING -- Scientist Dr. Happer Testifies to Congress: Warming & increased CO2 will be good

GLOBAL WARMING -- Scientists Admit [Low] Polar Bear Numbers Were Made Up To ‘Satisfy Public Demand’

GLOBAL WARMING -- Scientists blame Hollywood for increased fears over global warming

GLOBAL WARMING -- Scientists Denounce AP For Hysterical Global Warming Article

GLOBAL WARMING -- Scientists have inconvenient news for Gore..(inaccuracies tempered with real data)

GLOBAL WARMING -- Scientists Offer Dire Forecast for Earth

GLOBAL WARMING -- Scientists Receive Death Threats For Questioning Man’s Role in Global Warming

GLOBAL WARMING -- Scientists respond to Gore's warnings of climate catastrophe

GLOBAL WARMING -- Scientists Threatened for 'Climate Denial'

GLOBAL WARMING -- Sea Change in Global Warming?

GLOBAL WARMING -- Sea Ice Ends the Year At Same Level It Was In 1979 (01/01/09)

GLOBAL WARMING -- Sea Ice Growing At Fastest Rate in Recorded History

GLOBAL WARMING -- Sean Hannity Exposes Al Gore and Liberals with Their Global Warming Hypocrisy

GLOBAL WARMING -- Selling Snake Oil to the Rubes

GLOBAL WARMING -- Sen. Inhofe Slams Gore and Climate Alarmism in Historic Two Hour Speech

GLOBAL WARMING -- Senate Report:Over 400 Prominent Scientists Disputed Man-Made GW Claims in 2007

GLOBAL WARMING -- Senator Inhofe Announces Release of "Skeptic's Guide to Debunking Global Warming"

GLOBAL WARMING -- Series of blunders turned the plastic bag into global villain

GLOBAL WARMING -- Seven Answers From ... [Michael Crichton]

GLOBAL WARMING -- Shattering 3 Myths About Liberals

GLOBAL WARMING -- Shock call to Action: 'At what point do we jail or execute global warming deniers'

GLOBAL WARMING -- Should We Believe the Latest UN Climate Report?

GLOBAL WARMING -- Skeptic's Take on Global Warming(greatest deception in the history of science)

GLOBAL WARMING -- Snowy forests 'increase (global) warming' !!!

GLOBAL WARMING -- So many people taken in by Gore's hysterical lies

GLOBAL WARMING -- Some inconvenient truths about the politics of environmental crisis

GLOBAL WARMING -- Some Scientists Eye Odd Climate Fixes ["We are playing with fire here,"]

GLOBAL WARMING -- Spiegel’s Series: Climate Catastrophe: A Superstorm for Global Warming Research

GLOBAL WARMING -- Statistical Analysis Debunks Climate Change Naysayers

GLOBAL WARMING -- Statisticians reject global cooling

GLOBAL WARMING -- Statisticians: "Global Cooling" a Myth (See #5)

GLOBAL WARMING -- Steve McIntyre Finds new NASA Hansen World temp errors

GLOBAL WARMING -- Stranded Polar Bear Hoax Uncovered

GLOBAL WARMING -- Study shows competition, not climate change, led to Neanderthal extinction

GLOBAL WARMING -- Sun's Activity Increased in Past Century, Study Confirms

GLOBAL WARMING -- Sun's low magnetic activity may portend an ice age

GLOBAL WARMING -- Sun's pulses point to drenching rain (Solar driven climate system)

GLOBAL WARMING -- Sunspots Linked To Heavy Rains In East Africa (Not Human GW?)

GLOBAL WARMING -- Surprise: Earths’ Biosphere is Booming, Satellite Data Suggests CO2 the Cause

GLOBAL WARMING -- Survey: Less Than Half of all Published Scientists Endorse Global Warming Theory

GLOBAL WARMING -- Tempest In A Teapot (Global Warming Hype - GOOD READ)

GLOBAL WARMING -- Teutonic Twit: Schwarzenegger, Global Warming and the Bush Administration

GLOBAL WARMING -- The "Grim Realities" of Global COOLING

GLOBAL WARMING -- The 'Old' Consensus? (1971 NASA's scientist Hansen pushed human caused ice age)

GLOBAL WARMING -- The 97 Percent Figure on Global Warming the Media Won't Tell You About

GLOBAL WARMING -- The BBC's amazing U-turn on climate change

GLOBAL WARMING -- The Chill Is On [no global warming]

GLOBAL WARMING -- The Coming Global Cooling?

GLOBAL WARMING -- The Cooling World (Newsweek, April 28, 1975)

GLOBAL WARMING -- The Day the Global Warming Death Spiral Began ( Graphical Evidence)

GLOBAL WARMING -- The Death Of The Global Warming Movement (Kaput, Finito, Done)

GLOBAL WARMING -- The Deceit Behind Global Warming (Excellent History of the Scam)

GLOBAL WARMING -- The End Of Global Warming


GLOBAL WARMING -- The folly of Kyoto (Lead Editorial - today's National Post)

GLOBAL WARMING -- The Global Warming Scandal

GLOBAL WARMING -- The Global Warming Swindle (A green convert to common sense)

GLOBAL WARMING -- The godfather of global warming lowers the boom on climate change hysteria


GLOBAL WARMING -- The Great Global Warming Hoax?

GLOBAL WARMING -- The Great Global Warming Swindle (Man Made Global Warming Debunked Documentary)

GLOBAL WARMING -- The Great Global Warming Swindle (new documentary)

GLOBAL WARMING -- The Greatest Scam in History (Best Explanation of Carbon Credits)

GLOBAL WARMING -- The Green Left Cheapens the Holocaust

GLOBAL WARMING -- The Inconvenient Truth About Al Gore

GLOBAL WARMING -- The IPCC: On the Run at Last (#8--the more informed, the less belief)

GLOBAL WARMING -- THE IPCC: ON THE RUN AT LAST (glo-bull warming fanatics can't find support data)

GLOBAL WARMING -- The Myth of the Climate Change '97%'

GLOBAL WARMING -- The new-age faith of the hysterics (By Wes Pruden--debunking "global warming")

GLOBAL WARMING -- The Nobel Fraud Prize

GLOBAL WARMING -- The Pope condemns the climate-change scaremongers

GLOBAL WARMING -- The Real History of Carbon Dioxide Levels

GLOBAL WARMING -- The Real Inconvenient Truth About Global Warming: Skeptics Have Valid Arguments

GLOBAL WARMING -- The Religion of Global Warming: Broken Down

GLOBAL WARMING -- The Scandal of Fiddled Global Warming Data

GLOBAL WARMING -- The Scientific Consensus Is In: Al Gore Is A Kook. #1

GLOBAL WARMING -- The Scientific Consensus Is In: Al Gore Is A Kook. #2

GLOBAL WARMING -- The Truth About Denial(Newsweek puts global warming deniers under the microscope)

GLOBAL WARMING -- The UN Climate Change Numbers Hoax (Devastating)

GLOBAL WARMING -- The UN Global Warming Hoax is Slowly Dying

GLOBAL WARMING -- The world has never seen such freezing heat (Hansen data screwed up again)

GLOBAL WARMING -- The Worst Is Now Over

GLOBAL WARMING -- There Is NO Man-Made Global Warming

GLOBAL WARMING -- There Is No ‘Consensus’ on Global Warming

GLOBAL WARMING -- Three-chord propaganda [Bob Dylan: "Where's the global warming?."]

GLOBAL WARMING -- Time Publishes Melting Arctic Scare Piece As Ice Levels Dramatically Rise

GLOBAL WARMING -- Times of London:Headline Tomorrow: Scientists in Cover-up of Damaging Climate View

GLOBAL WARMING -- Today's editorial: Cool it, hotheads (OC Register chimes in on the NASA error)

GLOBAL WARMING -- Top 5 "Climate Change" Myths More Thoroughly DEBUNKED Than Ever

GLOBAL WARMING -- Twisting Science to Fit the Global Warming Template

GLOBAL WARMING -- Two New Books Confirm Global Warming is Natural; Not Caused By Human Activity

GLOBAL WARMING -- U.N. climate panel chief: I won’t quit over error (Himalayan glaciers)

GLOBAL WARMING -- U.S. Experts Insist Global Warming Not Man-Made

GLOBAL WARMING -- U.S. Media Ignoring About Face by Leading Global Warming Proponent

GLOBAL WARMING -- UAF professor continues to question sources of global warming

GLOBAL WARMING -- UK Court Calls Gore Film “Pure Rubbish”

GLOBAL WARMING -- UN calls climate debate 'over'

GLOBAL WARMING -- US Senate Report Debunks Polar Bear Extinction Fears[#s are growing not shrinking]

GLOBAL WARMING -- US Temperatures Have Been Falsely Adjusted According to the Level of CO2 (2013)

GLOBAL WARMING -- Verbatim: A Coal CEO Addresses Global Warming

GLOBAL WARMING -- Victim of Climate Change, a[n Alaskan] Town Seeks a Lifeline (See #13)

GLOBAL WARMING -- Video: CNN meteorologist calls global-warming hysteria “arrogant”

GLOBAL WARMING -- Viewpoint: Global Warming Natural, May End within 20 Years

GLOBAL WARMING -- Warm welcome for returning butterfly (Global warming causes return)

GLOBAL WARMING -- Warming a cold fact? (Voice of Reason)

GLOBAL WARMING -- Warming deniers stumbling

GLOBAL WARMING -- Warming scaremongers lap up the cash (population, ice age, and GW scams)

GLOBAL WARMING -- Warming to Failure (Re GW Hysteria)

GLOBAL WARMING -- Was 2012 'Hottest Year on Record' Based on Phony Data?

GLOBAL WARMING -- Watch the web for climate change truths (Brits getting it!)

GLOBAL WARMING -- Water Vapor Rules the Greenhouse System-Humans cause 0.28% of the GreenhouseEffect

GLOBAL WARMING -- Weather Channel Climate Expert Calls for Decertifying Global Warming Skeptics

GLOBAL WARMING -- Weather Channel Climate Expert Calls for Decertifying Global Warming Skeptics

GLOBAL WARMING -- Weather Channel Founder Explains the History of the Global Warming Hoax

GLOBAL WARMING -- Weather Channel Founder-Global Warming ‘Greatest Scam in History’

GLOBAL WARMING -- Weather Channel Host Shows Climate Alarmists' Ugly Side

GLOBAL WARMING -- When Physics Trumps Hysteria in Global Warming

GLOBAL WARMING -- When scientific fraud kills millions (reduced farm land for biofeuls)

GLOBAL WARMING -- When the warmest year in history isn't

GLOBAL WARMING -- Who Are the Merchants of Fear? (Global warming attacked by a progressive!)

GLOBAL WARMING -- Who's Afraid of Global Warming?

GLOBAL WARMING -- Why 'Global Warming' is Not a Global Crisis (DELIBERATE ERROR)

GLOBAL WARMING -- Why Did Global Warming Become a Moral Matter?

GLOBAL WARMING -- Why Didn’t the US Media Report This?

GLOBAL WARMING -- Why Oceans are not Rising

GLOBAL WARMING -- Why So Gloomy? [MIT -- Newsweek: 'Alarm over climate change is based on ignorance]

GLOBAL WARMING -- Why spending £100bn on windfarms is Labour's greatest act of lunacy

GLOBAL WARMING -- Wilson row over green alarmists(UK minister calls GW hysterical pseudo religion)

GLOBAL WARMING -- With five private jets, Travolta still lectures on global warming

GLOBAL WARMING -- World heading towards cooler 2008 -- coolest globally this century.

GLOBAL WARMING -- World Misled Over Himalayan Glacier Meltdown[Retraction; Major Blow To Al Gore!]

GLOBAL WARMING -- Wouldn't it be nice? { Global Warming Hoax }

GLOBAL WARMING -- Y2K Bug Drastically Changes US Climate Data

GLOBAL WARMING -- Year 1934 Hottest in USA -- GISS Corrected Data

GLOBAL WARMING -- You were saying something about a Global Warming Consensus(myth slowly crumbling)

GLOBAL WARMING -- [German Chancellor Angela] Merkel: No Sacrificing Jobs to Global Warming Farce

GLOBAL WARMING -- [Gore's] Chilly reception for debate offer

GLOBAL WARMING -- [Walter Williams] Global warming heresy

GLOBAL WARMING -- ‘Consensus’ On Man-Made Global Warming Collapses in 2008

GLOBAL WARMING --- NOAA Data Tampering Approaching 2.5 Degrees

GLOBAL WARMING --Global Warming: A Chiling Perspective(Great for rebutting global warming)

Global Warming: Junk Science - Harvard and Beyond -- Congressman BillyBob

GLOBALWARMING -- Al Gore’s Incredible Shrinking Climate Change Footprint (2013)

GLOBALWARMING -- Climate Alarmists Caught Doctoring ‘97 Percent Consensus’ Claims

GLOBALWARMING -- Climate Change: This Is Not Science – It’s Mumbo Jumbo

GLOBALWARMING -- Climate Scientists Debunk ‘Point of No Return’ Paper Everyone’s Freaking Out About

GLOBALWARMING -- Former New Scientist Editor States That Climate Change Orthodoxy Must Be Challenged

GLOBALWARMING -- GW Is Just HALF What We Said, World's Top Climate Scientists Admit (2013)

GLOBALWARMING -- Marcott’s Hockey Stick Uptick Mystery – It Didn’t Used to Be There

GLOBALWARMING -- NASA Caught “Adjusting” Global Temperature Graph — Again


GLOBALWARMING -- The Great Green Con #1: The Hard Proof That Finally Shows Global Warming Forecasts

GLOBALWARMING -- Top Climate Scientists Admit Global Warming Forecasts Were Wrong (2013)

GLOBALWARMING -- Top MIT Scientist: Newest UN Climate Report Is ‘Hilariously’ Flawed

GLOBALWARMING -- UN: Warmer world in 2020 busted weather records, hurt people

GOBAL WARMING -- Accuweather Expert Refutes Global Warming Dogma on Foxnews


GOVERNMENT -- Republic v. Democracy

GRACE -- Man who lost family when jet hit house: Pray for pilot

Green Protest Backfires

GUILIANI -- Abortion Flap Fuels Free Fall (NH Poll) (Black Elk on Politicians & Ex-Communication)

GUILIANI -- Giuliani admits pro-choice views:"the reign of social conservatives is coming to an end"

GUILIANI -- Why I - a Staunch Pro-Lifer - Am Voting for Guiliani

GUNS -- According To FBI, Knives Kill Far More People Than Rifles In America – It’s Not Even Close

GUNS -- FBI: More People Killed with Hammers, Clubs than with Rifles of Every Kind (2019)

GUNS -- How ‘Christian Liberals’ Twist the Words of Jesus to Wage War on the Second Amendment

GUNS -- March for Our Lives: This is What Demagoguery Looks Like

GUNS -- Microstamping Case Headed for California Supreme Court Argument

GUNS -- Pollak: Teenage Survivors Are Not Immune from Criticism When They Push Gun Control

GUNS -- Taxpayer Funded Gun Study Ordered By Obama Blows Holes In Every Gun Control Argument

GW FRAUD -- Hacked archive provides fodder for climate sceptics

GW FRAUD -- "Global Warming" SCAM - Hack/Leak FLASH

GW FRAUD -- "Global Warming" SCAM - Hack/Leak FLASH in forum [Ticker]

GW FRAUD -- "Summaries of the CRUgate Files."

GW FRAUD -- 'Cap and Trade Is Dead'---So declares Oklahoma Sen. Jim Inhofe,

GW FRAUD -- 'Climategate' professor Phil Jones awarded £13 million in research grants

GW FRAUD -- 'M & M' stick in craw of climate-change crew (CA hobbyist clobbers global warm-mongers)

GW FRAUD -- 'You've Taken the Words Out of My Mouth,' Peer Review, Scientific Corruption, & the NYT

GW FRAUD -- (AP:) Hackers leak e-mails, stoke climate debate

GW FRAUD -- 12 Days, 3 Networks and No Mention of ClimateGate Scandal

GW FRAUD -- A Betrayal of Science - And of You

GW FRAUD -- A climate change dust-up ( eMails in the wild....) (LAT)

GW FRAUD -- A Climatology Conspiracy? (The plot thickens!)

GW FRAUD -- A Superstorm for Global Warming Research (Der Spiegel UNLOADS on fraudster warmists!)

GW FRAUD -- A teeming rain forest of irrelevant climate claims

GW FRAUD -- A Third Theory: CRU Climate Zip File Found Not Stolen

GW FRAUD -- Accuweather: Climategate Revelations are but the Tip of a Giant Iceberg

GW FRAUD -- AGW meltdown: UK Met Office needs three years to review East Anglia data

GW FRAUD -- Al Gore Wishes He Never Invented The Internet

GW FRAUD -- Alleged CRU Emails - Searchable ( Global Warming Hoax exposed....)

GW FRAUD -- Alleged CRU Emails - Searchable (Global warming is toast - here's some evidence)

GW FRAUD -- Amazongate: new evidence of the IPCC's failures

GW FRAUD -- Another CRU/Climategate Data Revelation: Is This the Smoking Gun?

GW FRAUD -- Another IPCC Lie Exposed!

GW FRAUD -- Barbara Hollingsworth: Who's who on climate fraud

GW FRAUD -- BBC Exposes 'Fudge Factor' in ClimateGate Global Warming Computer Programming Code

GW FRAUD -- BBC sat on Hacked CRU climate emails for a month!!!

GW FRAUD -- Big Hack Attack: Global Warming Exposed as 'Globaloney'?

GW FRAUD -- Breaking News Story: CRU has apparently been hacked – hundreds of files released

GW FRAUD -- Breaking: Hackers Infiltrate World's Leading Climate Research Unit (Panic)


GW FRAUD -- Call for Congressional investigation into ClimateGate...

GW FRAUD -- CBS: East Anglia CRU covered up bad data, computer modeling (Blind Pig Alert)

GW FRAUD -- Cleaning Out the Climate Science Cesspool

GW FRAUD -- Climate 'czar' [Carol Browner] says hacked e-mails don't change anything

GW FRAUD -- Climate Change Bombshell: Dr. Tim Ball on the hacked CRU emails

GW FRAUD -- Climate Change Data Dumped (thrown away so no other scientists can check it)

GW FRAUD -- Climate change data dumped!!!!!!!!

GW FRAUD -- Climate change data dumped!!!!!!!!

GW FRAUD -- Climate change scandal deepens as BBC expert claims he was sent 'cover-up' emails

GW FRAUD -- Climate Change Skeptics Get to Say 'I told you so!'

GW FRAUD -- Climate change: this is the worst scientific scandal of our generation

GW FRAUD -- Climate Changed Rocked

GW FRAUD -- Climate Cuttings 33 (Useful annotations and links to Climategate emails)

GW FRAUD -- Climate czar [Carol Browner] rejects doctored data claims

GW FRAUD -- Climate email hackers had access for more than a month

GW FRAUD -- Climate Emails Stoke Debate

GW FRAUD -- Climate Fraud and the Environmental Agenda

GW FRAUD -- Climate Gate Development: CEI Files Notice of Intent to Sue NASA (Paging James Hansen!!)

GW FRAUD -- Climate Gate Development: CEI Files Notice of Intent to Sue NASA (Paging James Hansen!!)

GW FRAUD -- Climate sceptics claim leaked emails are evidence of collusion among scientists

GW FRAUD -- Climate Science and Candor

GW FRAUD -- Climate scientist at center of e-mail controversy to step down

GW FRAUD -- Climate scientist at centre of leaked email row dismisses conspiracy claims

GW FRAUD -- Climate scientists subverted peer review

GW FRAUD -- Climate Skeptics See Smoking Gun in Researchers' Leaked E-Mails

GW FRAUD -- Climate theory e-mails missing

GW FRAUD -- ClimateGate - Climate center's server hacked revealing documents and emails

GW FRAUD -- ClimateGate - Climate center's server hacked revealing documents and emails

GW FRAUD -- Climategate - CRU Source Code Confirms AGW Fraud From Hacked

GW FRAUD -- ClimateGate and the Elitist Roots of Global Warming Alarmism(from real scientist)

GW FRAUD -- Climategate CRU Computer Model - The Smoking Gun (graph)

GW FRAUD -- ClimateGate Data Series Part I: A break-down of large data file (Simplified Overview)

GW FRAUD -- Climategate e-mails sweep America, may scuttle Barack Obama's Cap and Trade laws

GW FRAUD -- Climategate Files Were Leaked to BBC But They Refused to Cover the Story (with video)

GW FRAUD -- Climategate goes SERIAL: Russians confirm that UK climate scientists manipulated data...

GW FRAUD -- Climategate goes uber-viral;Gore flees leaving evil henchmen to defend crumbling citadel

GW FRAUD -- Climategate reminds us of the liberal-left's visceral loathing of open debate

GW FRAUD -- ClimateGate Research Unit Disables Its Website

GW FRAUD -- Climategate Scandal Heats Up, As Researcher "Accidentally" Deleted Data

GW FRAUD -- Climategate Scandal Spreads to New Zealand as MSM Continues Ostrich Act

GW FRAUD -- ClimateGate Scientists Cited in Report to White House and Congress

GW FRAUD -- Climategate Update: CRU emails were leaked before they were hacked

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GW FRAUD -- ClimateGate: East Anglia Climate Research Unit Hacked; Damning Emails Revealed

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GW FRAUD -- Climategate: it's all unravelling now

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GW FRAUD -- Climategate: Stunning Deception and Misconduct at UK Warming Research Center Revealed

GW FRAUD -- Climategate: the final nail in the coffin of 'Anthropogenic Global Warming'?

GW FRAUD -- Climategate: the final nail in the coffin of 'Anthropogenic Global Warming'?

GW FRAUD -- Climategate: the final nail in the coffin of 'Anthropogenic Global Warming'? (LIFTOFF!!)

GW FRAUD -- Climategate: The Fix Is In

GW FRAUD -- Climategate: The Ice Begins to Melt on MSM’s Refusal to Practice Journalism

GW FRAUD -- Climategate: the scandal spreads, the plot thickens, the shame deepens…

GW FRAUD -- ClimateGate: The Very Ugly Side of Climate Science

GW FRAUD -- Climategate: the whitewash begins

GW FRAUD -- Climategate: University of East Anglia U-Turn In Climate Change Row

GW FRAUD -- Climategate: Which one blew the whistle?

GW FRAUD -- Climategate: White House Involvement in Scandal Will Make It Harder for MSM to Ignore

GW FRAUD -- Climategate: You should be steamed

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GW FRAUD -- Climategate’s Perry Mason Moment

GW FRAUD -- Climatic Research Unit Hacked Emails, Searchable here...<Just in time for Copenhagen>

GW FRAUD -- Coast to Coast AM BLASTING 'Climate Gate' (I am shocked! - LVD)

GW FRAUD -- Congress Launches Climategate Investigation (Fox Video phone Interview with Sen Inhofe )

GW FRAUD -- Congress May Probe Leaked Global Warming E-Mails

GW FRAUD -- Consensus Does Not a Science Make

GW FRAUD -- Controversial EPA Ruling Linked to 'Climategate' E-mails

GW FRAUD -- Cooking the books on climate

GW FRAUD -- CRU Emails may be "open" to interpretation, but commented code...tells the real story

GW FRAUD -- CRU emails reveal a worrying pattern of bad behaviour

GW FRAUD -- CRU Files Betray Climate Alarmists' Funding Hypocrisy

GW FRAUD -- CRU Files Betray Climate Alarmists' Funding Hypocrisy (follow the AGW money)

GW FRAUD -- CRU Hack: Are we missing the Smoking Gun? Tropical tropospheric trends?

GW FRAUD -- CRU's programming 'way below expected standards'

GW FRAUD -- CRU's Source Code: Climategate Uncovered

GW FRAUD -- CRU's Source Code: Climategate Uncovered

GW FRAUD -- CRUgate File Summaries

GW FRAUD -- CRU’s Tree-Ring Circus

GW FRAUD -- Denying the global-cooling cover-up - Obama team puts politics above science on climate

GW FRAUD -- Do hacked e-mails show global-warming fraud?

GW FRAUD -- Dr. Tim Ball on Alex Jones Tv 1/5:Myth on Global Warming & The CRU Hacked Documents!!

GW FRAUD -- E-Mail Fracas Shows Peril of Trying to Spin Science

GW FRAUD -- E-mail leak turns up heat on global warming advocates

GW FRAUD -- E-Mails Of Climate Researchers Buttress Case Of Warming Fraud (IBD)

GW FRAUD -- East Anglia U-turn in climate change row [agree to publish their figures in full]

GW FRAUD -- Ed Begley Jr. Loses it on Fox News (AGW non-Denier)

GW FRAUD -- Editorial (Washington Times): Denying the global-cooling cover-up

GW FRAUD -- Editorial (Washington Times): The global-cooling cover-up #2

GW FRAUD -- Emails & documents exchanged between leading climate scientists stolen by hackers

GW FRAUD -- Emails that rocked climate change campaign leaked from Siberian 'closed city' university

GW FRAUD -- Eric S. Raymond on the East Anglia CRU's Global Warming Fraud (Who is he u ask?)

GW FRAUD -- Even Monbiot says the science now needs “reanalyising” AGW circular firing squad!

GW FRAUD -- Even Russian TV Does Better Job Reporting ClimateGate Than CNN

GW FRAUD -- Famous weather scientist: Climategate 'tip of iceberg'

GW FRAUD -- Follow the money, IPCC/AGW edition ( top climate scientist in the world, exposed)

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GW FRAUD -- Global Warming Fraud and the Future of Science

GW FRAUD -- Global Warming Fraud Uncovered

GW FRAUD -- Global Warming Fraudsters Bilked EU & US for £800,000 Annually for Last 20 Years

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GW FRAUD -- Global Warming’s Blue Dress Moment? The CRU EMail Hack Scandal WooHOO!!

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GW FRAUD -- GloBULL Warming Email Finds

GW FRAUD -- Gore Flees in Panic from Chicago Book Signing

GW FRAUD -- Gore's Manipulation Allowed by Mainstream Media Climate Change Bias

GW FRAUD -- Greens to be Held to Account?

GW FRAUD -- Guilty As Charged: Quotes from the Eco-Fraudsters

GW FRAUD -- GW E-Mails Scandal Show Scientists May Have Cooked the Facts(US News & World Report)

GW FRAUD -- GW emails row deepens as Russians admit they DID come from Siberian server (GREAT!)

GW FRAUD -- Hacked climate emails called a "smear campaign" (The frauds still running the muck)

GW FRAUD -- Hacked climate emails: conspiracy or tempest in a teapot?

GW FRAUD -- Hacked Climate Scientists Emails Reveal Truth

GW FRAUD -- Hacked E-Mail Is New Fodder for Climate Dispute

GW FRAUD -- Hacked e-mails allude to rigged warming tests--Scientist says messages misunderstood

GW FRAUD -- Hacked e-mails reveal global-warming fraud?

GW FRAUD -- Hacked Emails are the Smoking Gun Revealing the Fraud of Manmade Global Warming

GW FRAUD -- Hacked Emails Show Climate Science Ridden with Rancor

GW FRAUD -- Hacked files of the Climatic Research Unit, Global Warming a deliberate fraud

GW FRAUD -- Hacked: Sensitive Documents Lifted from Hadley Climate Center

GW FRAUD -- Hacker Releases Data Implicating CRU in Global Warming Fraud (Updated)

GW FRAUD -- Hackers 'expose global warming con'

GW FRAUD -- Hackers steal electronic data from top climate research center

GW FRAUD -- Hackers target leading climate research unit (BBC now jumping on Hadley Hack!!)

GW FRAUD -- Hadley CRU Apparently Hacked

GW FRAUD -- Hadley CRU hacked with release of 100s of docs & emails (global warming lie exposed!!!)

GW FRAUD -- Hadley CRU has apparently been hacked – 100s of files released (MUST READ!!)

GW FRAUD -- Hadley CRU has apparently been hacked – 100s of files released [epic scientific fraud?]

GW FRAUD -- Hadley CRU has Apparently Been Hacked; 100s of Files Released

GW FRAUD -- Hadley hacked: warmist conspiracy exposed?(Globull Warming)

GW FRAUD -- HadleyCRU says leaked data is real (Global warming scam exposed!!!!!!!!!!)

GW FRAUD -- Hiding evidence of global cooling: Junk science exposed among climate-change believers

GW FRAUD -- Hostility among foes in global warming debate

GW FRAUD -- How to Forge a Consensus (Climate-Gate)

GW FRAUD -- How to Forge a Consensus: Rigged From The Start

GW FRAUD -- How to Manufacture a Climate Consensus: East Anglia emails are just tip of the iceberg.

GW FRAUD -- In the trenches on climate change, hostility among foes (fraud is exposed)

GW FRAUD -- Inhofe Asks Boxer to Investigate Possible Scientific ‘Conspiracy’ in ‘Climategate’

GW FRAUD -- Inhofe Begins Hadley Center "Climategate" Investigation (Has links for letters, etc.)

GW FRAUD -- Inhofe Begins Hadley Center Climategate Investigation & Comments on Obama to Copenhagen

GW FRAUD -- Inhofe Says He Will Call for Investigation on "Climategate" (UN IPCC included!!)

GW FRAUD -- Iowahawk Geographic: The Secret Life of Climate Researchers

GW FRAUD -- IPCC Researchers Admit Global Warming Fraud

GW FRAUD -- IPCC Scientists resign before the stuff hits the fan (resignation includes emails)

GW FRAUD -- Jon Stewart on ClimateGate: Poor Al Gore. GW Debunked Via Internet You Invented'

GW FRAUD -- Key scientist says politics behind stolen e-mails

GW FRAUD -- Leaked email climate smear was a PR disaster for UEA

GW FRAUD -- Leaked emails won't harm UN climate body, says chairman

GW FRAUD -- Less of a Catholic: Why Rep. Kennedy is wrong

GW FRAUD -- Lord Lawson calls for public inquiry into global warming data manipulation(Climategate)

GW FRAUD -- Lord Monckton: Shut Down The UN, Arrest Al Gore

GW FRAUD -- MAN-BEAR-PIG Is Dead!… Emails Prove Global Warming Junk Science Conspiracy (Updated)

GW FRAUD -- Mark Steyn on Hugh Hewitt: Climate Change Fraud

GW FRAUD -- Mark Steyn: The ‘science’ of global warming

GW FRAUD -- Mark Steyn: Climate Science and the Peer Review Consensus Forgery

GW FRAUD -- Mark Steyn: The Dog Ate My Tree Rings

GW FRAUD -- Mark Steyn: What Story? [Jourbalism's Climategate Coverup]

GW FRAUD -- Media Ignore Climate Science Scandal

GW FRAUD -- Michael Mann first of climate change scientists to be investigated

GW FRAUD -- Michelle Malkin: All the Prez's climategate deniers

GW FRAUD -- More Climate E-mails – Courtesy The CRU

GW FRAUD -- MSM Goes to Ridiculous Lengths to Avoid Climategate by Ignoring IPCC Chairman Response

GW FRAUD -- Nothing to See Here, Folks. The Lamestream Media on Climategate

GW FRAUD -- NY Times Reporter Implicated in Climategate Emails Quits

GW FRAUD -- NY Times: Hacked E-mails Fuel Climate Change Skeptics

GW FRAUD -- NYT Environmental Writer Confirms Probable Authenticity of Hacked Climate Change Message

GW FRAUD -- NZ’s NIWA accused of CRU-style temperature faking

GW FRAUD -- Obama’s Science Czar John Holdren involved in unwinding “Climategate” scandal

GW FRAUD -- One-letter disproof of global warming claims

GW FRAUD -- Open letter to Eugene Robinson, The Washington Post

GW FRAUD -- Penn State scientist in hot seat over global warming e-mails (professor distorted facts)

GW FRAUD -- Phil Jones admits there has been nor warming since 1995.

GW FRAUD -- Phil Jones' Stunning e-mail admission

GW FRAUD -- PJTV Climategate: Emails Cast Doubt on Climate Science

GW FRAUD -- Professor in scandal helps police while researchers call for him to be banned

GW FRAUD -- Proof Global Warming has Been Fraud All Along?

GW FRAUD -- Revolt Inside American Physical Society Against Climate Fraud

GW FRAUD -- Rigging a Climate 'Consensus' -- About those emails and 'peer review.'

GW FRAUD -- RNC Remains Silent on Global Warming Hoax Emails

GW FRAUD -- Scientist in climate change 'cover-up' storm told to quit

GW FRAUD -- Scientist Uses UN Security To Stop Questions About ClimateGate

GW FRAUD -- Scientists in stolen email scandal hid climate data

GW FRAUD -- Secret Draft Leak Proves More Damaging Than ‘Climategate’ As Talks Are Suspended

GW FRAUD -- Shocked, Shocked To Find That Fraud Is Going On In Here (Lost Data Found)

GW FRAUD -- Socialists in a Panic Over ClimateGate…to Pass UN Climate Treaty

GW FRAUD -- Take back Al Gore's Oscar, two Academy members demand in light of Climategate

GW FRAUD -- The Conspiracy Of The Centuries - An Examination Of The CRU Emails

GW FRAUD -- The CRU hack ("climatologists" respond)

GW FRAUD -- The CRU's Criminal Conspiracy

GW FRAUD -- The CRU's Criminal Conspiracy

GW FRAUD -- The Death Blow to Climate Science (Great read!)

GW FRAUD -- The Death Blow to Climate Science (best article)

GW FRAUD -- The Evidence of Climate Fraud

GW FRAUD -- The global warmist conspiracy - and the Australian link

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GW FRAUD -- The Great British Climate Fraud

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GW FRAUD -- The Problem With Climate Change Data

GW FRAUD -- The Ruse Unravels (IBD)

GW FRAUD -- The Scientists Involved in Deliberately Deceiving the World on Climate

GW FRAUD -- The University of East Anglia Climate Research Unit Hacking(author has background)

GW FRAUD -- The Web Discloses Inconvenient Climate Truths

GW FRAUD -- The ‘science’ of global warming [HOW THE SCIENCE GOT SETTLED]

GW FRAUD -- This climate email-hacking episode is generating more heat than light

GW FRAUD -- Those "hacked" released CRU files...

GW FRAUD -- Three Things You Absolutely Must Know About Climategate

GW FRAUD -- Tidalgate: Climate Alarmists Caught Faking Sea Level Rise

GW FRAUD -- Uh, oh – raw data in New Zealand tells a different story than the “official” one.

GW FRAUD -- UK: CLIMATE CHANGE 'FRAUD' ( Exposed in the UK )

GW FRAUD -- UN scientists turn on each other:

GW FRAUD -- Understanding Climategate's Hidden Decline

GW FRAUD -- University of East Anglia Statements

GW FRAUD -- Vincent Gray on Climategate: ‘There Was Proof of Fraud All Along’ (PJM Exclusive)

GW FRAUD -- WaPo Puts ClimateGate at the Top of Page One

GW FRAUD -- Warming alarmist: CRU scandal major blow, endangers EPA’s anticipated regulatory power

GW FRAUD -- When scientists lie: The global-warming Inquisition

GW FRAUD -- Who leaked the Hadley CRU files and why

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GW FRAUD -- Why scientists lie -- and what to do about it

GW FRAUD -- Why the climate email scandal matters. Big time.

GW FRAUD -- Why You Should Be Hot and Bothered About 'Climate-gate'

GW FRAUD -- Why You Should Be Hot and Bothered About 'Climate-gate'

GW FRAUD -- Will Climate Scandal Be a Tipping Point?

GW FRAUD -- Yet Another Incorrect IPCC Assessment: Antarctic Sea Ice Increase

GW FRAUD -- ‘Bigger Than ACORN’: Senator Launches Inquiry Into Leaked ‘ClimateGate’ Emails (video)

HANNITY -- Sean Hannity's Gospel (Sean Loses It on H&C When Questionned by Priest)

HARVEYMILK -- Drinking Harvey Milk’s Kool-Aid - Lionized by Hollywood and California legislators

Hate speech of the left

HBO HEALTH -- Doctor Shortage, the Next Pandemic

HEALTH -- Branded Curcumin Matches Effects of Prozac on Depression

HEALTH -- Diabetes Breakthrough(scientists cure disease in mice)

HEALTH CARE -- Political Virus (Hillary Clinton may have just murdered millions of Americans)

Health Insurance — Uninsured Analysis

HERESY -- An FAQ for All Christians on Divorce, Pope Francis and the Bishops Questioning Him

HERESY -- Archbishop Chaput Answers Criticism on Ciew of Amoris Laetitia

HERESY -- Archbishop Coleridge on False Clarity and the Unnerved Dubia Cardinals

HERESY -- Archbp. Vito Pinto:"The 4 Cardinals Who Have Written to Pope Could Lose Their Cardinalate"

HERESY -- Bishop: 'We Are Witnessing Today a Bizarre Form of Schism' in the Church, an 'Anti-Gospel'

HERESY -- Bishops Need Shared Approach to 'Amoris Laetitia,' New Cardinal [Farrell] Says

HERESY -- Burke on Exhortation: A Doc This Confusing ‘Can't Be Part of Church’s Perennial Teaching’

HERESY -- Burke: We Will Make ‘Formal Act of Correction’ if Pope Doesn’t Issue Amoris Clarification

HERESY -- CardBurke: if Pope Won’t Clarify SeriousError Cardinals Must Make Formal Act of Correction

HERESY -- Cardinal Burke on Amoris Laetitia Dubia: ‘Tremendous Division’ Warrants Action

HERESY -- Cardinal Cupich is Mistaken: Synod Fathers Did Reject Communion for Remarried Divorcees

HERESY -- Cardinal Cupich on the Question of Pope’s Animosity Towards JPII Catholics

HERESY -- Cardinal Farrell, New Apostate from the Truth, Accuses HolySpirit of Being Liar & Deceiver

HERESY -- Cardinal Stella on New Vatican Seminary Document: Avoid 'Rigidity'

HERESY -- Cdl. Farrell’s Super-Dicastery Sidelines CDF on ‘Amoris Laetitia’

HERESY -- Confusion, Conflict, and Chaos Increase in the Wake of the Dubia

HERESY -- Dean of Rota Warns Pope Could Strip Cardinal Burke & Others of Cardinalate

HERESY -- Did Pope Francis Just Validate China’s Godless Communist Regime? (9 & 10)

HERESY -- Dubia: On Judging, Competency and More

HERESY -- Exclusive Interview: Cardinal Burke Explains Plea to Pope for Clarity

HERESY -- Famed Papal ‘Mouthpiece’ Compares 4 Cardinals to ‘Witless Worm’ in Stream of Tweets

HERESY -- Fornicating in Self-Defense

HERESY -- Four Cardinals Throw Down Gauntlet Before Cunning Pope

HERESY -- German Bishops: Divorced & Civilly Remarried May Receive Holy Communion

HERESY -- Head of Greek Bishops Accuses Four Cardinals of Heresy, Apostasy, & Schism

HERESY -- Il Boom: Cardinal Dubia and Vatican Schism

HERESY -- In a Display of Extraordinary Arrogance, Bergoglio Cancels Consistory [Mtg] of Cardinals

HERESY -- In Wake of 4 Cardinals Letter, Pope Francis Rebukes ‘Legalism’ of Amoris Laetitia Critics

HERESY -- In Wake of Rejection of Dubia Pope Cancels Meeting with Cardinals

HERESY -- Letter in Support of the Four Cardinals from Catholic Academics & Pastors (23 signatories)

HERESY -- Magister: Banana-Republic Gestapo for Francis: Defend Amoris Laetitia or You're in Trouble

HERESY -- No, Francis Bergoglio Is NOT “Afraid of a Confrontation” with the Cardinals

HERESY -- Papal Advisor: Amoris Laetitia Sees Cohabitation as a ‘Conjugal Relationship’

HERESY -- Papal Chess: King vs. Bishop and Knights of Malta

HERESY -- Phil Lawler on Things a Pope Can’t Say (excellent)

HERESY -- Pius XII's Condemnation of Situation Ethics: "Accusations of Rigidity First Attack"

HERESY -- Polish Bishop: Four Cardinals Exercised “A Duty”; “It is Only Just to Answer Them”

HERESY -- Pope Fails to Reply to 4 Cardinals’ Urgent Plea for Clarification so They Go Public

HERESY -- Pope Francis Driving Unprecedented Wedge in Vatican

HERESY -- Pope Francis: Church Must Learn to Abandon Old ‘Traditions’

HERESY -- Pope Francis: Everything in Amoris Laetitia Was Supported by the Synod

HERESY -- Pope Francis’ Reported Words: “I Might Go Down in History for Having Split the Church”

HERESY -- Pope Reported as Boiling with Rage over Letter of the Four Cardinals & the Public Outing

HERESY -- Robert Spaemann: “It is Deplorable that Only Four Cardinals Have Taken the Initiative”

HERESY -- San Diego bishop to priests: Embrace ‘LGBT families’, give Communion to ‘remarried’

HERESY -- Some of 45 Signatories Feeling Heat over Letter Urging Clarification of ‘Amoris Laetitia’

HERESY -- Spadaro Strikes Back: The Four Cardinals Are "Disqualified"; the Issue Is Now Closed

HERESY -- There's Already a Bizarre Schism among Some Clergy, Says Bishop Schneider

HERESY -- Time to Choose Sides in the Civil War over Amoris Laetitia Says Catholic Academic

HERESY -- Vatican Chief of Sacraments [Card Sarah]: No Pope Can Change Divine Law on Communion

HERESY -- Vatican Expert: Is Amoris Laetitia Really a ‘Work of the Holy Spirit’?

HERESY -- Vatican Expert: Sources Say Pope Francis ‘Boiling with Rage’ over Amoris Criticism

HERESY -- Vatican Theologians Reportedly Studying What to Do about a Heretical Pope

HERESY -- We Are Witnessing St. John Paul II’s Prophesy of an ‘Anti-Church’

HERESY -- When Questions Are Perceived as Threats, a Guilty Conscience Is at Work (Commentary)

HERESY -- Why Hasn’t Pope Francis Replied to the Four Cardinals’ Letter?

HERESY -- [Catholic Caucus] Exposing the Sham of “Discernment”

HERESY -- [Fmr. Jesuit Superior] Kolvenbach of Opinion That Jorge Bergoglio, Francis, Is a Sociopath

HERESY -- “Boiling with Rage”: Francis Reacts to Dubia on Amoris Laetitia

HILLARY -- Former Boss: Hillary Fired for Lies, Unethical Behaviour from Congressional Job

HISTORY -- Brian Kilmeade: How Thomas Jefferson Abandoned Diplomacy and Changed US History

HISTORY -- One Filing Cabinet Held 500 Years Of History

HISTORY -- Today in history: the battle of Little Bighorn

History of Islamic Attacks: Bush Makes Recess Appointment of Daniel Pipes to USIP

History's dangerous repetition (Korea, Palestine)

HITLER -- How the Great Depression brought Adolf Hitler to power

HLF -- We Don't Believe You, Mr. President [Fr. Euteneuer "on fire"]

HLI -- We Don't Believe You, Mr. President #2

HOLLYWOOD -- Sutherland to do jail time on DUI charge

HOLLYWOOD -- "Band of Brothers" now on "History" (WWII Movie Recommendations)

HOLLYWOOD -- 'I've got my Tomb Raider guns, and I'm not afraid to use them,' says Angelina Jolie

HOLLYWOOD -- 'John Wayne made real movies. There ain't no queer in cowboy'

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HOLLYWOOD -- George Clooney: Girliest Man Alive (Julia Gorin: Sexy Man? Hell No! Alert)

HOLLYWOOD -- Hanks: Overcoming Racism Taking “Awfully Long Time” WWII a War of “Racism and Terror”

HOLLYWOOD -- Happy Days Aren’t Here Again: Another Miserable Quarter for NBC

HOLLYWOOD -- HBO leads on TV in showing homosexual characters (Dump HBO!)

HOLLYWOOD -- Heston's America

HOLLYWOOD -- Hollywood A-Listers Prove Ignorance in Supporting Hugo Chavez

HOLLYWOOD -- Hollywood Activists, Or How Norma Rae Got Norma Raed (Re Michael Moore)

HOLLYWOOD -- Hollywood Author Writes of his Damascus-Like Conversion

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HOLLYWOOD -- Hollywood Conservatives: Should They Just Shut Up and Entertain?

HOLLYWOOD -- Hollywood Fanning Flames Of Racial Hatred With False History

HOLLYWOOD -- Hollywood GOP ready for its closeup

HOLLYWOOD -- Hollywood history repeats itself(Skeleton in Sean Penn's closet)

HOLLYWOOD -- Hollywood is casualty of war as movie-goers shun Iraq films

HOLLYWOOD -- Hollywood Movies Are Toxic In More Ways Than One

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HOLLYWOOD -- Hollywood shoots itself in the foot ... Mark Steyn

HOLLYWOOD -- Hollywood starts '09 with little to celebrate (Dinosaur Media DeathWatch™)

HOLLYWOOD -- Hollywood Takes on the Left ["An American Carol" release Oct. 3]

HOLLYWOOD -- Hollywood Takes on the Left(right wing movie w/right wing Hollywood actors & producers)

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HOLLYWOOD -- Hollywood's Values Versus Family Values(Feder On The Family As Seen By Hollywood Alert)

HOLLYWOOD -- Hollywood: It's Not Just for Actors Anymore

HOLLYWOOD -- Hopkins Hits Out at Hollywood {You will love this!)

HOLLYWOOD -- How 25 Years of Gay Activism in Hollywood Has Paid Off

HOLLYWOOD -- How David Westin Ruined ABC News

HOLLYWOOD -- How Hollywood Finds Its Charitable Causes

HOLLYWOOD -- How Tom Hanks Became America's Historian in Chief (Leftist rewrites history)

HOLLYWOOD -- Huh? Actor Richard Dreyfuss Writes Rational Article for PJ Media

HOLLYWOOD -- In Hollywood, Grappling With Studios’ Lost Clout (Dinosaur Media DeathWatch™)

HOLLYWOOD -- Indiana Spielberg and His Jewish Problem

HOLLYWOOD -- Infamous Hollywood Screenwriter to Pen Film on Our Lady of Guadalupe

HOLLYWOOD -- Investigate 'Hounddog,' Mukasey Told ( Pedophilia film )

HOLLYWOOD -- IRS Sets Sights on Secret Hollywood Conservative Group

HOLLYWOOD -- IRS Targets Hollywood Conservatives


HOLLYWOOD -- James Caan Refuses to Be the Typical 'Hollywood Liberal'

HOLLYWOOD -- James Caan Refuses to be the Typical 'Hollywood Liberal'

HOLLYWOOD -- Jeff Zucker (CEO of NBC) Heartily Booed at Halftime of Giants Game (anti-MSM statement)

HOLLYWOOD -- John Gibson and Danny Bonaduce Slam Alec Baldwin and Robert Redford

HOLLYWOOD -- John Travolta 'Heartbroken' Over Son's Death

HOLLYWOOD -- John Voight Buys Thanksgiving Turkeys For Stranger At Walmart

HOLLYWOOD -- Jon Voight Calls Out Obama (04/10/10)

HOLLYWOOD -- Jon Voight on new movie September Dawn, his career, and his politics (Moral Clarity)

HOLLYWOOD -- Jon Voight on Obama: 2009 or Yesterday?

HOLLYWOOD -- Jon Voight supports Netanyahu in new ad, says Obama abandoning Israel

HOLLYWOOD -- Jon Voight's Profile in Courage (American Spectator)

HOLLYWOOD -- Jon Voight: Democrats’ ‘Oppressive’ Health Care Bill Will ‘Decimate’ the U.S. Economy

HOLLYWOOD -- Jordin Sparks Defends Purity Rings on VMAs

HOLLYWOOD -- Kelsey Grammer: Don't Penalize the Good Guys to Help Evil-Doers (video)

HOLLYWOOD -- Kelsey Grammer: Reproductive Rights Is a ‘Dishonest’ Name for Abortion

HOLLYWOOD -- Kidman condemns Hamas, Hezbollah

HOLLYWOOD -- Kidman condemns Hamas, Hezbollah

HOLLYWOOD -- Latina Actress Under Fire For Endorsing Tea Party Immigration Hardliner For CA Governor

HOLLYWOOD -- Legendary author Ray Bradbury on fixing the economy "Reagan was our greatest President"

HOLLYWOOD -- Less dream, more factory (Hollywood/Dinosaur Media DeathWatch™)

HOLLYWOOD -- Liberty Film Festival Opens in L.A. - (Ron Silver, Evan Maloney - and FReeper AnnaZ!)

HOLLYWOOD -- Madonna's Fake Judaism


HOLLYWOOD -- Marvel/DC Comics Illustrator Creates Pro-Life Comic Book

HOLLYWOOD -- Mel Gibson Tops List of Hollywood's 'Most Powerful Christians'

HOLLYWOOD -- Messages for Ron Silver: this thread will get to his manager

HOLLYWOOD -- MGM runs ads for pro-military movie on...ANTI-MILITARY web site! (DailyKos)

HOLLYWOOD -- Michael Medved: Top-money makers explode myths

HOLLYWOOD -- Michael Reagan: Remembering My Mom, Jane Wyman

HOLLYWOOD -- Michael Reagan: Remembering My Mom, Jane Wyman

HOLLYWOOD -- Michelle Obama disses Palin, promises gay adoption rights (at Hollywood fundraisers)

HOLLYWOOD -- Mickey Rourke thanks God and Catholic faith for 'second chance'

HOLLYWOOD -- Mickey Rourke: 'Bush Was in the Wrong Place at the Wrong Time'

HOLLYWOOD -- Mickey Rourke: What the Oscars Won't Tell You

HOLLYWOOD -- More Angelina Jolie : Obama will be a one-term president

HOLLYWOOD -- NAACP Warns TV Networks To Put More Minority Workers In Front Of And Behind The Camera

HOLLYWOOD -- No Happy Ending for Abortion (Film makers find abortion is not box office material)

HOLLYWOOD -- No Happy Ending in '05 for Hollywood, as Ticket Sales Drop Again

HOLLYWOOD -- Not All the Demonstrators in St Paul are Anti-War (Voight Stands w/Gold Star Families)

HOLLYWOOD -- Oliver Stone: Jewish-Dominated Media Prevents Hitler from Being Portrayed 'in Context'

HOLLYWOOD -- On the road with Sean Penn and Chavez

HOLLYWOOD -- Outspoken Lefty Actor Tim Robbins Donated Money to J.D. Hayworth Campaign

HOLLYWOOD -- Pat Boone: Why Hollywood is leftist

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HOLLYWOOD -- Republican celebrities get the party going at the convention

HOLLYWOOD -- Rock Star Admits Campaigning for Romney Was ‘Career Suicide’

HOLLYWOOD -- Ron Howard: Vatican Obstructed 'Angels & Demons' [Enemies of Catholicism Complain]

HOLLYWOOD -- Ron Silver 1946-2009

HOLLYWOOD -- Ron Silver Dies, Succumbs to Cancer at 62

HOLLYWOOD -- Roseanne Blasts Angelina Jolie & Jon Voight Over Political Opinions

HOLLYWOOD -- Screenwriter Says Hollywood Conservatives ‘Have to Meet in Secret’ & ‘Talk in Whispers’

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HOLLYWOOD -- Sinise: A man for all services

HOLLYWOOD -- Stamp honors James Stewart [decorated WWII bomber pilot] (Actors in the Military)

HOLLYWOOD -- Star Wars at Thirty... Mark Steyn

HOLLYWOOD -- Streisand hubby:Happy 9/11 James Brolin celebrates day during radio promo of new book


HOLLYWOOD -- Teachable Tyranny (Michael Moriarty)

HOLLYWOOD -- The Best Conservative Movies

HOLLYWOOD -- The Best War Movies Ever Made

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HOLLYWOOD -- The Real Glenn Ford Story (Great Read!)

HOLLYWOOD -- The Religious Affiliation of Gary Cooper great American actor (A Daughter remembers)

HOLLYWOOD -- Tinseltown loses its lustre as films find new location (selling off props)

HOLLYWOOD -- TV Business needs help, but not nearly as much as newspapers

HOLLYWOOD -- TV Great Grant Tinker Dies, Former CEO Of NBC Was 90

HOLLYWOOD -- TV viewers' average age hits 50 Study: Median age outside the 18-49 demo

HOLLYWOOD -- Ultimate Taboo Hits Big Screen: Sex With Children

HOLLYWOOD -- USA Network series (Burn Notice) debut strong (Dinosaur Media DeathWatch™)

HOLLYWOOD -- USA's Magic Formula For Making Hits [Scores in ratings without trendy sex or violence]

HOLLYWOOD -- Video: Jon Voight goes thermonuclear on “false prophet” Obama

HOLLYWOOD -- Video: Jon Voight talks about the war on O’Reilly

HOLLYWOOD -- Voight Counterpunches

HOLLYWOOD -- Voight ignites a blog storm in Hollywood (big lib backlash)

HOLLYWOOD -- Voight: Is Obama creating a civil war in America?

HOLLYWOOD -- VOIGHT: My concerns for America Obama sowing socialist seeds in young people (WOW!!!)

HOLLYWOOD -- VOIGHT: My concerns for America--Obama sowing socialist seeds in young people

HOLLYWOOD -- VOIGHT: My concerns for America; Obama sowing socialist seeds in young people

HOLLYWOOD -- While Promoting Anti-war Movie, De Palma Claimed Rapes by Military 'Reality' in Iraq

HOLLYWOOD -- Whoopi Goldberg: Palin Sounds Pro-Nazi, Wants to 'Succeed' From U.S.

HOLLYWOOD -- Why 'Avatar' is actually the 26th biggest movie (top films by # of tickets sold)

HOLLYWOOD -- Winning the Cultural War -Charlton Heston

HOLLYWOOD -- World Reknown Author Jack Engelhard's Commentary on Obama report thy neighbor campaign

HOLLYWOOD -- Zucker says NBC may scale down programming hours

HOLLYWOOD -- ["Actress" Janeane] Garofalo: Tea Party Goers Are Racists Who Hate Black President

HOLLYWOOD -- [Actor Jon] Voight (again) mincing no words on Obama

HOLLYWOOD -- [Full Metal Jacket actor Matthew] Modine: McCain was a bad P.O.W.!

HOLLYWOOD -- [Michael Moriarty] Senator Reid prepares us for our second civil war (Must see this!)

HOLLYWOOD -- ‘Put God first!’: Denzel's Inspiring Commencement Address Puts Michelle’s to Shame

HOLLYWOOD --Platoon... Reality or Stonism?

HOLLYWOOD --‘Lord of the Rings’ Actor Blasts Political Correctness: ‘We Have Lost Our Moral Compass'

Hollywood 1943 vs. Hollywood 2003

Homosexual Agenda: Categorical Index of Links (Revision 1.1)

Homosexual Groups Admit ‘10%’ Figure Is Wrong

Homosexualality -- New European Studies Show Homosexual Marriage Harms Marriage in General

Homosexuality -- The End of Marriage in Scandinavia

HOMOSEXUALITY -- & LOOK at me when i'm talking to you! (RainbowSashMovement gears up for Pentecost)

HOMOSEXUALITY -- 'Family Values' Banned, Christians challenge ruling that 'hate speech' could

HOMOSEXUALITY -- 'Gay marriage' opposition on the rise

HOMOSEXUALITY -- 'Gay' family kids 7 times more likely to be homosexual (Gay is biological? NOT!)

HOMOSEXUALITY -- 'Gay' Gene Claim Suddenly Vanishes

HOMOSEXUALITY -- 'Gays' mock Jesus with Last Supper take-off

HOMOSEXUALITY -- 'Gays–not just in Tel Aviv' ["We want basic rights---like having a child together"]

HOMOSEXUALITY -- 'I Was Born This Way'

HOMOSEXUALITY -- 'Normalize' homosexual practice in school curriculum?

HOMOSEXUALITY -- 'Westerners are too self-absorbed'[Dalai Lama on Homosexuality, etc.]

HOMOSEXUALITY -- (Catholic) Church: we'll make gay rights martyrs (will continue adoptions)

HOMOSEXUALITY -- (Disgusting POS)Kennedy 'humiliates' soldiers to further homosexual rights

HOMOSEXUALITY -- 1.4% of Adults Homosexual? (the largest random sex survey ever conducted) 03/24/07

HOMOSEXUALITY -- 1.5 Million Italians Turn Out in Massive Rome Protest Against Gay Civil Unions

HOMOSEXUALITY -- 12.9% in Seattle are gay or bisexual, second only to S.F., study says

HOMOSEXUALITY -- A Boy's Life with Unisex Scouts (defines manliness superbly)

HOMOSEXUALITY -- A Game of Truth-or-Dare [Michael Reagan was molested by a camp counselor]

HOMOSEXUALITY -- A gay-bashing tirade? What Pope Benedict really told the Roman Curia

HOMOSEXUALITY -- A New Intolerance: Police Say Gays Accused of Slurs against Heterosexuals

HOMOSEXUALITY -- ABC 20/20 Agrees: Matthew Shepard Murdered During Robbery, Not Hate Crime

HOMOSEXUALITY -- After Linking New Strain of Staph to Gay Men, University Scrambles to Clarify

HOMOSEXUALITY -- After the Ball--Why the Homosexual Movement Has Won (PR Book)

HOMOSEXUALITY -- Analysis: Childhood Family Structure Linked to Rate of Female Homosexuality

HOMOSEXUALITY -- APA drops "gay gene" claim, research shows change is possible for gays

HOMOSEXUALITY -- Archiepiscopal backbone! - Four points on the church's teaching about homosexuality

HOMOSEXUALITY -- Astonishing Confession from Former NJ Gov. (Gay sex in bookstores & rest stops)

HOMOSEXUALITY -- Attack on Religious Freedom Begins in Earnest in Canada - Homosexuality

HOMOSEXUALITY -- Attention Gay Rights Lobby: Your Feelings Aren’t Constitutionally Protected

HOMOSEXUALITY -- Bill Clinton Ushers In Gay Acceptance

HOMOSEXUALITY -- Bishop's new document on homosexuals (Is politically correct)

HOMOSEXUALITY -- Blood Bank: We are not homophobes, just cautious [Freaking Insanity!]

HOMOSEXUALITY -- Born or Bred?: Science Does Not Support the Claim That Homosexuality Is Genetic

HOMOSEXUALITY -- Boston Children’s Hospital Opens “Transgender” Children’s Clinic

HOMOSEXUALITY -- Boy Scouts of America Response to 60 Minutes

HOMOSEXUALITY -- Brief history of the modern childlove movement

HOMOSEXUALITY -- Bush’s Choice for Surgeon Gen. Said Homosexual Practices “Unnatural and Unhealthy”

HOMOSEXUALITY -- California State Senate Passes Transsexual-Bisexual-Homosexual Indoctrination Bill

HOMOSEXUALITY -- California Supreme Court Lets School Expel Lesbians (Lutheran)

HOMOSEXUALITY -- Camille Paglia Responds on Blackout of Gay DC Murder

HOMOSEXUALITY -- Catholic adoption agency to close due to pro-homosexual British law

HOMOSEXUALITY -- Catholic University's Leaders Call Same-Sex Attraction Curable Disorder (Ave Maria)

HOMOSEXUALITY -- CDC: Gay Lifestyle Fraught with Violence

HOMOSEXUALITY -- CDC: Gay Population 2.3%; Thanks to Media, Americans Think # Is 13x Higher (2014)

HOMOSEXUALITY -- Children of Homosexuals More Apt to Be Homosexual

HOMOSEXUALITY -- Compassionate Society Should Discourage Deadly Homosexual Behavior

HOMOSEXUALITY -- Conclusive Rpt by AA of Pediatrics on Homosexual Adoption Shown to be Full of Holes

HOMOSEXUALITY -- Critics Blast 'Alexander' But Novelist Defends It (# 47)

HOMOSEXUALITY -- Dear Washington Post, please stop calling me a "homosexual"

HOMOSEXUALITY -- Debunking the ‘Born This Way’ Myth

HOMOSEXUALITY -- Defeating Gay Arguments with Simple Logic

HOMOSEXUALITY -- Denver archbishop explains why lesbian couple's child not admitted to school

HOMOSEXUALITY -- Deputy's gun used in rape, records show

HOMOSEXUALITY -- Details of student's death emerge (Matthew Shepard in reverse)

HOMOSEXUALITY -- Disgustingly Graphic Girls’ Sex Ed Book Urging Lesbianism IN Manitoba Schools

HOMOSEXUALITY -- eHarmony sued for excluding gays

HOMOSEXUALITY -- Eight members of homosexual pedophile ring found guilty of child porn & sex charges

HOMOSEXUALITY -- Epidemic:Gays May Spread Deadly Staph Infection to General Population (MRSA USA300)

HOMOSEXUALITY -- Ex-Gay Advocate Urges Telling Truth About Molestation-Homosexuality Link

HOMOSEXUALITY -- Experts Worldwide Find Gay Adoption Harmful for Children [Spanish Study Results]

HOMOSEXUALITY -- Exposed: The Myth That "10% Are Homosexual"

HOMOSEXUALITY -- Exposed: The Myth That Psychiatry Has Proven That Homosexual Behavior Is Normal

HOMOSEXUALITY -- Feiglin: Gays, Kindly Return to Your Closets

HOMOSEXUALITY -- Flesh-Eating Bacteria Striking Gay Men:spread through anal intercourse(MRSA USA300)

HOMOSEXUALITY -- Four women sentenced over attack on man (Lesbian Women)

HOMOSEXUALITY -- Furor in Italy over "gay nativity" in parliament

HOMOSEXUALITY -- Gay Activist Science Deniers Seek To Destroy Researchers Who Objectively Study LGBT

HOMOSEXUALITY -- Gay advocates disagree about the dangers of bathhouses.(warning graphic text)

HOMOSEXUALITY -- Gay Agenda Means Less Freedom For All

HOMOSEXUALITY -- Gay Liberation Manifesto (1972)

HOMOSEXUALITY -- Gay Man Excluded From St. Vincent de Paul Presidency (St Louis)

HOMOSEXUALITY -- Gay marriage does not work - men are just too predatory, says Pete Burns

HOMOSEXUALITY -- Gay Persecution of Christians: The Latest Evidence

HOMOSEXUALITY -- Gay senator wants Boy Scouts kept out of executive mansion (See #33)

HOMOSEXUALITY -- Gay sex forces closure of store toilets

HOMOSEXUALITY -- Gays & lesbians often seek health care (more often 48.5% GLBT to 22.5% Hetero)

HOMOSEXUALITY -- Gays Admit They Were Not Born That Way, Shocking Undercover Video

HOMOSEXUALITY -- Get out of San Francisco!" (San Fran Board Supervisors Condemns Catholic Church)

HOMOSEXUALITY -- Has Homosexuality Become the New Normal? (Statistics)

HOMOSEXUALITY -- His Brain, Her Brain (Links to Gay Studies Downthread)

HOMOSEXUALITY -- HIs Gay The New Black? (Morally Invalid Comparison Between Gay And Black Struggle)

HOMOSEXUALITY -- HIV Positive Scout Leader Faces Sex Trial

HOMOSEXUALITY -- Homophobia spies in the classroom

HOMOSEXUALITY -- Homosexual Activist Lays Out Obama’s Extensive Pro-’Gay’ Record; AFTAH Responds

HOMOSEXUALITY -- Homosexual activist predicted takeover of nation

HOMOSEXUALITY -- Homosexual Acts Cannot be Approved or Celebrated by the Church – Here’s Why

HOMOSEXUALITY -- Homosexual Acts Defy Design Of The Body, Immunological Journal Finds

HOMOSEXUALITY -- Homosexual Agenda: Categorical Index of Links (Revision 1.1)

HOMOSEXUALITY -- Homosexual blog forecasts violence against Christians

HOMOSEXUALITY -- Homosexual Group Measures TV Stations for Gayness: ABC & CW Lead

HOMOSEXUALITY -- Homosexual Parenting: Is It Time For Change?

HOMOSEXUALITY -- Homosexual U.K. Documentarian Says Gay Lifestyle a "Sewer"

HOMOSEXUALITY -- Homosexuality in the Bible

HOMOSEXUALITY -- Homosexuality is not biologically determined - latest research.

HOMOSEXUALITY -- Homosexuality Is Not Hardwired--Dr Francis S. Collins, Head Of Human Genome Project

HOMOSEXUALITY -- Homosexuals more likely to molest kids, study reports

HOMOSEXUALITY -- Homosexuals Should Pay More Insurance

HOMOSEXUALITY -- How a 'gay rights' leader became straight

HOMOSEXUALITY -- How pedophiles have targeted the Boy Scouts

HOMOSEXUALITY -- HowGayActivistsWillRespondToAMajorScientific ReportThatRefutesTheirTalkingPoints

HOMOSEXUALITY -- Husband-wife love causes controversy at Harvard

HOMOSEXUALITY -- I was in Hell: Huw Raphael on What It Was Like to Be Affirmed in Homosexuality

HOMOSEXUALITY -- Identical Twin Studies Prove Homosexuality Is Not Genetic

HOMOSEXUALITY -- If Gay Brother Research is Correct It Shows Homosexuality is Abnormal

HOMOSEXUALITY -- If We Don’t Say No to Same-Sex Unions, then Why Not Incest & Pedophilia--Archbishop

HOMOSEXUALITY -- It really is elementary: Ex-gays exist (Great Read!)

HOMOSEXUALITY -- Jesus Never Said That?

HOMOSEXUALITY -- Johns Hopkins Psychiatrist Challenges LGBTQ narrative

HOMOSEXUALITY -- Johns Hopkins Psychiatrist: ‘There Is No Gay Gene’

HOMOSEXUALITY -- Johns Hopkins: Transgender is Mental Disorder; Sex Change Biologically Impossible

HOMOSEXUALITY -- Judaism’s Sexual Revolution: Why Judaism (then Christianity) Rejected Homosexuality

HOMOSEXUALITY -- Latest 'Gay' Brain Study Scrutinized

HOMOSEXUALITY -- Latest Twin Study Confirms Genetic Contribution To Same Sex Attraction Minor(<10%)

HOMOSEXUALITY -- Lesbian Gangs Raping Young Girls, Some Attacked in School Washrooms

HOMOSEXUALITY -- Major U.S. city officially condemns Catholic Church

HOMOSEXUALITY -- Majority of sexual assaults and rapes committed in military 2011 were against men

HOMOSEXUALITY -- MD Faces Lawsuit as it Approves Schools Teaching Anal Sex, Trangenderism as Normal

HOMOSEXUALITY -- Media nervous on new Duke U. rape case (molested/pimped by adoptive gay couple)


HOMOSEXUALITY -- Miller Lite-approved: Toddlers at the Folsom Street Fair (San Francisco)

HOMOSEXUALITY -- More on Homosexuality in the Bible (Part 1)

HOMOSEXUALITY -- More on Homosexuality in the Bible (Part 2)

HOMOSEXUALITY -- Msgr Pope: What Does the Catholic Church Offer to the Homosexual Person?

HOMOSEXUALITY -- New Bacteria Strain Is Striking Gay Men

HOMOSEXUALITY -- New Evidence Found for Childhood Family Factors Influencing Sexual Orientation

HOMOSEXUALITY -- New Evidence that Childhood Family Factors Influence Sexual Orientation

HOMOSEXUALITY -- New gay Army--Top general calls Christian soldiers 'bigots'

HOMOSEXUALITY -- New law could make gay jokes illegal

HOMOSEXUALITY -- New Strain of MRSA Spreads Among Gay Men

HOMOSEXUALITY -- New Study On Homosexual Parents Tops All Previous Research (2013)

HOMOSEXUALITY -- New Study Shows 32% of Homosexuals Have Suffered Abuse by their "Partner"

HOMOSEXUALITY -- New study shows family structure influences sexual orientation of women

Homosexuality -- New Study: Homosexual Men Promiscuous: 42.9% Had 60 partners

HOMOSEXUALITY -- New Study: Sexual Orientation Can Be Changed

HOMOSEXUALITY -- No scientific basis for 'born gay' theory. (DUH!)

HOMOSEXUALITY -- Obama’s “Safe Schools Czar” Is Promoting Child Porn in the Classroom

HOMOSEXUALITY -- Official Anti-Catholic Bigotry Returns to Parliament (#27 Priest/Teacher stats)

HOMOSEXUALITY -- On Heterophobia

HOMOSEXUALITY -- OUT Magazine Lists 50 Most Influential ‘Homos’

HOMOSEXUALITY -- Outcry after bishop's gay marriage jibe (encompasses bigamy and incest)

HOMOSEXUALITY -- Outcry over Study that Challenges LGBTQ Narrative

HOMOSEXUALITY -- Pedophilia in the Homosexual World

HOMOSEXUALITY -- Pedophilia in the Homosexual World

HOMOSEXUALITY -- Phil: Man-Man Sex ‘Not Logical'; CDC: ‘Anal Sex is Highest Risk Sexual Behavior’

HOMOSEXUALITY -- Pope says humanity needs 'saving' from homosexuality

HOMOSEXUALITY -- Pope: Homosexuals destroy themselves

HOMOSEXUALITY -- Position Paper: The Right's Attack on Sex

HOMOSEXUALITY -- Priest in Texas newspaper: ‘Homosexual acts lead to the damnation of souls’

HOMOSEXUALITY -- Public Gay Sex - Is It Acceptable to You?

HOMOSEXUALITY -- Rates of Homosexual Assault in the Military Are Disproportionately High

HOMOSEXUALITY -- Report: "Married" Homosexuals Die 24 Years Younger

HOMOSEXUALITY -- Report: Man Falsified Police Report in Alleged Anti-gay Attack

HOMOSEXUALITY -- Researchers Say Sexual Orientation Can Change

HOMOSEXUALITY -- Rev. Michael Moore (Farah Sets Moore Straight About Homosexuality In The NT)

HOMOSEXUALITY -- Revealed: 'Gay' plans to target 2-year-olds

HOMOSEXUALITY -- Robertson’s View on Homosexuality Reflects Catholic Church’s Teachings (See #24)

HOMOSEXUALITY -- Same sex marriage alert: Shocking statistics on gay and lesbian infidelity

HOMOSEXUALITY -- Same-sex marriage debate threatens redefinition of parenthood

HOMOSEXUALITY -- Same-sex video is pulled in Evesham show to 4th grade instead of 3rd grade)

HOMOSEXUALITY -- Scottish government to withhold results of homosexual adoption study

HOMOSEXUALITY -- Should gay priests adopt? (Ann Coulter at her finest!) (+ Boy Scouts)

HOMOSEXUALITY -- So Much for 10% Gay: Stats Show Gay Couples Represent only .6% of Couples in Canada

HOMOSEXUALITY -- Sodomites Kidnap, Torture & Sodomize Little Boys Before Murdering Them

HOMOSEXUALITY -- Sodomy: A Public Health Risk

HOMOSEXUALITY -- Star of 'Shakespeare in Love': 'There's nothing worse than gay parents'

HOMOSEXUALITY -- Straight or Gay, Sin is Sin

HOMOSEXUALITY -- Studies Showing Relationship Between Childhood Sexual Abuse & Homosexuality

HOMOSEXUALITY -- Study Claiming Biological Basis for Homosexuality Rubbish: NARTH Psychiatrist

HOMOSEXUALITY -- Study Finds Children of Homosexual Parents Have More Than 2x the Emotional Problems

HOMOSEXUALITY -- Study Finds Disproportionate Percentage of Illinois Foster Child Abuse is Same Sex

HOMOSEXUALITY -- Study: 34% of Molestations Are Homosexual

HOMOSEXUALITY -- Sullivan Hits A New Low: Hate Speech As A Substitute for Argument

HOMOSEXUALITY -- Surgeon General's Warning: Gay sex kills

HOMOSEXUALITY -- Swedish Study Author Confirms AP Misrepresented Report on Homosexuality

HOMOSEXUALITY -- Swept under the carpet (the truth about same-sex parenting)

HOMOSEXUALITY -- Text-messaging teen kills woman in suicide try

HOMOSEXUALITY -- The 'Gay' Deathstyle

HOMOSEXUALITY -- The Atlantic: Kill Boy Scouts Like Rabid Dogs

Homosexuality -- The Case Against Homosexual Marriage

HOMOSEXUALITY -- The Founders on Homosexuality

HOMOSEXUALITY -- The Homosexual Assault On Traditional Marriage

HOMOSEXUALITY -- The Mother of the Homosexual Movement - Evelyn Hooker PhD (Debunked)

HOMOSEXUALITY -- The Negative Health Effects of Homosexuality (Classic for Your Files)

HOMOSEXUALITY -- The Psychology of Homosexuality: Gays in Society: The Growing Clash

HOMOSEXUALITY -- The real story behind the gay pride issue at St. Joan

HOMOSEXUALITY -- The Sin of Sodom and Gomorrah Is Not about “Hospitality”

HOMOSEXUALITY -- The Statistics on Homosexuality and its Effects

HOMOSEXUALITY -- The Statistics on Homosexuality and its Effects

HOMOSEXUALITY -- The Trouble with Hate Crimes (Homosexual Lifestyle -- Jesse Dirkhising)

HOMOSEXUALITY -- The trouble with hate crimes: homosexual lifestyle (Matthew Shephard debunked)

HOMOSEXUALITY -- The truth about 'gay' pedophilia: (research in light of Foley fiasco)

HOMOSEXUALITY -- Therapeutically Incorrectv (Atheist psychiatrist argues that gays can change)

HOMOSEXUALITY -- Top "Gay" Organization Comes Clean: "HIV is a gay disease."

HOMOSEXUALITY -- Toronto Catholic Magazine Faced with Human Rights Complaint by Homosexual

HOMOSEXUALITY -- Traditional family defenders now in 'gay' agenda bull's-eye

HOMOSEXUALITY -- U of Oregon Pays Sexual Deviant $24,000 To Teach Students About Fisting Techniques

HOMOSEXUALITY -- U.S. Christian Camp Loses Tax-Exempt Status over Same-Sex Civil-Union Ceremony

HOMOSEXUALITY -- UK: Ban sought on promotion of marriage in school

HOMOSEXUALITY -- University Vindicates Mark Regnerus

HOMOSEXUALITY -- Upholding Ethical Truths is Not Intolerance, Pope States

HOMOSEXUALITY -- Vatican Catholics will “do everything possible” to prevent Homosexual Civil Unions

HOMOSEXUALITY -- What Is “Lobby” All About in the Vatican “Gay Lobby” Chatter Going On?

HOMOSEXUALITY -- Who's Hiding in the Closet Now?(What Catholics Must Do to Combat Homosexual Agenda)

HOMOSEXUALITY -- Why homosexuals despise marriage

HOMOSEXUALITY -- Why Isn't Homosexuality Considered A Disorder On The Basis Of Medical Consequences?

HOMOSEXUALITY -- Why Liberals Are Crushing Dissent (California Left's Pro-Gay Censorship Alert)

HOMOSEXUALITY -- Will ex-gays bring down 'Big Sodomy'?

HOMOSEXUALITY -- Zondervan faces $60M federal lawsuit over Bible, homosexuality

HOMOSEXUALITY -- ‘Ex-Gay’ Men Fight Back Against View That Homosexuality Can’t Be Changed

HOMOSEXUALITY -- ‘Older Brother’ Study Is Unscientific, Analysts Say (Homosexuals)

HOMOSEXUALITY -- ‘Out’ Ranks the Top 50 Gays

HOMOSEXUALITY -- ‘The Sky Is Not Falling’ – Yet

HOMOSEXUALITY -- “Gay” Subculture Left Woman Scarred from Childhood in Homosexual Home

Homosexuality: Exposing the facts of homosexuality [Polycarp published on WND]

Homosexuality: Massachusetts gay marriage amendment call rejected (risks of gay sex)

Homosexuality: Myth and Reality about Homosexuality

Homosexuality: The Health Risks of the Gay Lifestyle. CDC reports, etc...

HOMOSEXUALITY: Gays: HIV 'is a gay disease' [Treat gay sex like smoking]

HOMOSEXUALTY -- For Sexual Relativism and Homophilia the Tide Is Turning (#3: Gays<2% per Atlantic)

HOMOSEXULAITY -- Scientists Outing ‘Gay Gene’ Myth

HONOSEXUALITY -- Some Gays Yearn for Infection

How the left is faking an epidemic of hate crime (MALKIN)

How to Defeat the Name-Calling Left

How to Research FR For Old Threads

HUCKABEE -- Fred Thompson Campaign Apologies (LOL, re Huckabee)

HUDSON -- Air force lessons helped on Hudson

HUDSON -- American pilot talks about her experience on US Airways flight

HUDSON -- How 'Divine Mercy' Played into Miracle of Jet in Hudson during Three o'Clock Hour

HUDSON -- Pilot 'in Shock' as He Landed Jet in River

HUMOR -- Beware Of The 5 lb. Bag Of Sugarless Gummy Bears (Truncated)

HUMOR -- Blonde jokes? Not this season

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HUMOR -- Why did the Chicken Cross the Road?...Here's how they answered:

I Don’t Want to be Black Anymore

ILLEGAL ALIENS -- Pastor Investigated: Jesus Didn't Want Predatory Migrant Hordes (Crime Stats #5)

ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION -- Contagious Diseases Brought Across Border; Obama Spreads Them Around Country

ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION -- L.A. Emergency Rooms Full of Illegal Immigrants

ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION -- The Illegal-Alien Crime Wave(2004)- Why we can't deport MANY illegal felons

ILLINOIS -- The Chicago Dictionary, Volume Four

IMMIGRAITON -- Illegal Alien Crime Wave in Full Swing - More than 2/3 were previously arrested

IMMIGRATIOIN -- Crime and Punishment at the AP [About Illegal Immigrants]

IMMIGRATION -- Pro-Illegal-Immigrant Crowd Gets Nasty

IMMIGRATION -- CA Hospital Expected to Seek Bankruptcy Protection(70 CA hospitals closed in 11 yrs)

IMMIGRATION -- "I have a plan to destroy America" — by Richard D. Lamm

IMMIGRATION -- $2.2 trillion illegal alien taxpayer sticker shock

IMMIGRATION -- $24,000,000,000.00 (That's Billion) Sent "Home" To Mexico

IMMIGRATION -- 'We've lost control of our borders for the first time since 1066,'[UK]

IMMIGRATION -- 105-Year-Old Cuban Becomes U.S. Citizen

IMMIGRATION -- 12 Million Invaders (Farah: You Broke Into My Country, You Get The Hell Out Alert)

IMMIGRATION -- 22 Problems With The Senate's Illegal Immigration Bill

IMMIGRATION -- 80-Year-Old Woman Who Moved To Scotland As A Toddler Faces Deportation To U.S.

IMMIGRATION -- A New Argument About Immigration ( Phyllis Schlafly )

IMMIGRATION -- About Half of "FBI Most Wanted Murderers" are Illegal Aliens

IMMIGRATION -- Activists working to 'paralyze' U.S.(plan mass action to disrupt economy)

IMMIGRATION -- After Protests, Backlash Grows

IMMIGRATION -- Aliens Who Did Not Register Under DACA: 'Lazy' or Committing Fraud?

IMMIGRATION -- Amnesty is not the solution to problem of illegal immigration (EXCELLENT!)

IMMIGRATION -- An Immigrant Defends Arizona's New Law

IMMIGRATION -- Anchor Babies, Away (Billybob on what the Constitution really says)

IMMIGRATION -- Are Sanctuary Cities Unconstitutional?

IMMIGRATION -- Arizona spendS up to $1.2 billion annually to educate children of illegal immigrants

IMMIGRATION -- Arnold's Immigration F-Bomb ("Amnesty *Screwed* American People")

IMMIGRATION -- B.C. stuck with medical bills worth $10M

IMMIGRATION -- Backlash in the heartland: Tougher enforcement turns up heat (#16: How they do it)

IMMIGRATION -- Bigotry always is sinful, even if the target are 'illegal' (Greeley)

IMMIGRATION -- Bordering on Fraud (Thomas Sowell)

IMMIGRATION -- CA: Cost of illegal-immigrant labor exceeds benefits

IMMIGRATION -- Capitulation, from A------ to Z (Mark Steyn)

IMMIGRATION -- Cardinal Mahoney's Unspoken Agenda on Illegal Immigration

IMMIGRATION -- Century City Doctors Hospital Begins Shutting Down(1996-> 70 hospitals closed in CA )

IMMIGRATION -- Child murder & illegal immigration: The truth about Baltimore beheadings (+ Post #3)

IMMIGRATION -- Chilling Message from Menacing Migrants Who Demand ‘Open Borders or Die’ at Ckpoint

IMMIGRATION -- Congressman McClintock's Response to President Calderon (delivered on House floor)

IMMIGRATION -- Cost of Illegals to California $10.5 Billion

IMMIGRATION -- Dallas hospital cares for illegal immigrants (11K Anchor Babies Born Yearly)

IMMIGRATION -- Death Blow to Guest Worker Amnesty:GAO Rpt Exposes Massive Mismanagement & Corruption

IMMIGRATION -- Debit cards for immigrants (See #13 for BoA credit card requirements)

IMMIGRATION -- Democrats Recruiting at Illegal Immigrant Protests

IMMIGRATION -- Deputies: Illegal immigrant made fake ID for terrorist (9/11 mastermind)

IMMIGRATION -- DHS sues Illinois for blocking immigrant crackdown [Blago]

IMMIGRATION -- Diversity Prompts Increased Racial Isolation

IMMIGRATION -- Dream Over: Illegal Alien Student Amnesty Awakens to Fiscal Reality

IMMIGRATION -- Each Illegal Immigrant Costs Us £1M, Says Study As Government Faces Calls For Amnesty

IMMIGRATION -- FBI: Iraqis Being Smuggled Across the Rio Grande

IMMIGRATION -- Final TB count: 212 test positive at 1 chicken plant

IMMIGRATION -- Financial woes jeopardize area hospitals [Los Angeles]

IMMIGRATION -- Founding Fathers Were Immigration Skeptics

IMMIGRATION -- Free to Kill; Illegal-Alien Newark Fiend on Bail - Twice (Illegal Alien Crime Stats)

IMMIGRATION -- Heritage Foundation: Feds Sue Illinois for Flouting Immigration Law

IMMIGRATION -- Holder hasn't read Ariz. law he criticized

IMMIGRATION -- Holder hasn't read Arizona law he criticized (WaTimes)

IMMIGRATION -- Home Loans for Illegal Immigrants [No SSN, no legal residency] (#23 for stats)

IMMIGRATION -- Homeland Security Helps Smuggle Illegal Immigrant Children into the U.S.

IMMIGRATION -- Hospital Falters as Refuge for Illegal Immigrants

IMMIGRATION -- Hospitals lose (Illegal) immigrant care money

IMMIGRATION -- Housing Push for Hispanics Spawns Wave of Foreclosures

IMMIGRATION -- How Eisenhower solved illegal border crossings from Mexico

IMMIGRATION -- How Eisenhower solved illegal border crossings from Mexico [a proposal for Bush]

IMMIGRATION -- How Female Illegals Abuse the System

IMMIGRATION -- How Female Illegals Abuse the System

IMMIGRATION -- How many hospitals would Jesus close? (Mr. Silverback op-ed)

IMMIGRATION -- How Unskilled Immigrants Hurt Our Economy

IMMIGRATION -- Hunch Unravels Wedding Scam (ALARMING story!)

IMMIGRATION -- I Lift My Lamp Beside the Unemployment Office (re the Recession and Immigration)

IMMIGRATION -- I'm a racist? (Colorado Voices. Black woman speaks out about illegal immigration)

IMMIGRATION -- I'm moving to Mexico (What mexican illegals are getting for free in the U.S.)

IMMIGRATION -- If You’re Against This Illegal Invasion, Then You Hate Babies and Latinos (2014)

IMMIGRATION -- Illegal Alien Supporters in Arizona Say They Will Murder Americans With Axes

IMMIGRATION -- Illegal Alien Welfare Costs > $35 million. Total Annual Cost > $1 billion.

IMMIGRATION -- Illegal Aliens are Hunting Our Children (sex abuse and rape)

IMMIGRATION -- Illegal Aliens Declare War on the United States

IMMIGRATION -- Illegal aliens murder 12 Americans daily (more than have died in the war on terror)

IMMIGRATION -- Illegal Aliens Receive $37 Million From (L.A.) County In November

IMMIGRATION -- Illegal aliens' pink elephants: Kevin McCullough reveals high level of violent crime

IMMIGRATION -- Illegal Imigration and Disease

IMMIGRATION -- Illegal Immigrant Births - At Your Expense

IMMIGRATION -- Illegal Immigrants Cause Public School Crisis

IMMIGRATION -- Illegal Immigrants Commit 20% of Aggravated DUIs but make up only 9% of Population

IMMIGRATION -- Illegal Immigrants Crime Spree in WA. (Over half on Most Wanted List Illegal Aliens)

IMMIGRATION -- Illegal immigrants not U.S. health care burden: study

IMMIGRATION -- Illegal immigrants raising concerns in Latin America

IMMIGRATION -- Illegal immigrants turn to ID theft (gag alert)

IMMIGRATION -- Illegal Immigration And The Mortgage Mess (How iT Fueled The Mortgage Crisis)

IMMIGRATION -- Illegal Immigration Costs Colorado Nearly $1.1 Bn Annually Finds FAIR Study

IMMIGRATION -- Illegals are taking the jobs skilled Americans used to do(see #10 on cost of amnesty)

IMMIGRATION -- Illegals vs. American taxpayers-This is a real distrubing story

IMMIGRATION -- Illegals’ Rallies Alien-ate Voters (big backlash) (#25 for Mex/US flag pics)

IMMIGRATION -- Immigrants put hospitals in costly care dilemma

IMMIGRATION -- Immigrants’ Emergency Care Is Limited by U.S. Rule

IMMIGRATION -- Immigration and the Law(Cal Thomas)

IMMIGRATION -- Immigration Madness

IMMIGRATION -- Importing Poverty

IMMIGRATION -- Importing underclass that will bankrupt the country

IMMIGRATION -- Justice Dept. Figures on Incarcerated Illegals

IMMIGRATION -- Keeping it Classy: Leftist Comedian Samantha Bee Calls Ivanka a 'Feckless C***'

IMMIGRATION -- Kennedy: Bishop says Joseph and Mary were immigrants, too

IMMIGRATION -- Krauthammer: This administration is “lawless”

IMMIGRATION -- L.A. FOX 11 Tony Valdez - "You killed people to take this country for yourselves"

IMMIGRATION -- LAPD Most Wanted - 74% Hispanic

IMMIGRATION -- Lovely pics from Tucson May Day pro-Illegal Alien Rally

IMMIGRATION -- Low-paid illegal work force has little impact on prices (Dems Keep Prices Down #6)

IMMIGRATION -- Mansfield High alerts students about TB case - TB Making a Come Back

IMMIGRATION -- Marchers say gringos, not illegals, have to go

IMMIGRATION -- Medi-Cal pays for over 100,000 births by undocumented women (Each Year!)

IMMIGRATION -- Mexican aliens seek to retake 'stolen' land

IMMIGRATION -- Mexicans In Florida Behead Little Girl Who Resisted Being Raped

IMMIGRATION -- Mexicans Raise Mexican Flag over US Post Office, Maywood, CA 8/26/06

IMMIGRATION -- Mexico asks court to reject Ariz. immigration law

IMMIGRATION -- Mexico Declares War On The United States

IMMIGRATION -- Michael Reagan: Immigration Folly

IMMIGRATION -- Migration laws must respect national sovereignty and individual rights, Pope urges

IMMIGRATION -- Morality vs. Immigration: It's Not Un-Christian to Deport Illegal Trespassers

IMMIGRATION -- More Americans killed by illegal aliens than Iraq war, study says

IMMIGRATION -- More illegal aliens tried in gang rapes

IMMIGRATION -- Mormon Battalion Monument (the true story vs. the lies of reporter Tony Valdez)

IMMIGRATION -- Most Christians and Jews at Odds with Their Leaders over Illegal Immigration

IMMIGRATION -- Most immigrants in Georgia illegally, study finds

IMMIGRATION -- Myths and Lies of Illegal Immigration

IMMIGRATION -- NY Governor Spitzer gives Illegal Immigrants Driver Licenses

IMMIGRATION -- NY Times/CBS Poll Finds that 69% Believe Illegal Immigrants Should Be Prosecuted

IMMIGRATION -- One Reporter's Opinion - This Land Is Our Land (History of Mexico & US)

IMMIGRATION -- Opinion: Arizona alienates world as "hate state" -- MEXICO --(YOU NEED TO READ THIS!)

IMMIGRATION -- Over 100 Poultry Workers in South Carolina Test Positive for TB

IMMIGRATION -- Pictures from the pro-illegal protest in San Francisco

IMMIGRATION -- Pictures of illegal rally in Tampa

IMMIGRATION -- Plan Afoot To Make Cook County Immigrant Sanctuary (The entire COUNTY)

IMMIGRATION -- Poll Demonstrates Americans Want Total Revolution Against Mass Immigration

IMMIGRATION -- Pope: 'The fundamental solution: that there is no longer any need to immigrate'

IMMIGRATION -- President Trump Has Boxed in the Left Beautifully.(DACA)

IMMIGRATION -- President's Immigration speech - Live thread (ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION FACTS: #679)

IMMIGRATION -- Protesters Defend Carrying Mexican Flags

IMMIGRATION -- Protesters say it's not U.S.'s job to provide for illegal immigrants

IMMIGRATION -- Report estimates county's illegal immigrant cost at $256 million in 2006 (San Diego)

IMMIGRATION -- Savage attacked by officials pushing immigrant bailout

IMMIGRATION -- Slain Actress' Unwitting Role in Alien War (NYC Actress who was murdered by Illegal)

IMMIGRATION -- Support the National Party of the United Race?

IMMIGRATION -- Texas Hospital May Drop Illegals' Care

IMMIGRATION -- The American Dream turns into a debtor's nightmare (for illegals)

IMMIGRATION -- The Coming Amnesty Disaster (Michelle Malkin)

IMMIGRATION -- The Great American Boycott

IMMIGRATION -- The Inside Story Of How The Senate Immigration Bill Died

IMMIGRATION -- The Key Word Here Is "Illegal"

IMMIGRATION -- The Kidnappings Americans Won't Do (42.4% of Convictions Are of Non-Citizens)

IMMIGRATION -- The Politically Incorrect Americanism of (Jessica) Alba, Pacino, and Arnold

IMMIGRATION -- The Real Cost Of Immigration

IMMIGRATION -- The Victims Of Illegal Aliens (The Illegal Alien Criminal Problem Alert)

IMMIGRATION -- The Worker Next Door(Excellent piece on illegals! And in the NYT no less.)

IMMIGRATION -- Think Arizona's is tough on immigrants? - The world's harshest immigrations laws

IMMIGRATION -- This land is OUR land (The Aztlan activists have their history backward)

IMMIGRATION -- Thousands of Illegal Alien Sexual Predators Target Kids

IMMIGRATION -- U.S. workers and taxpayers pay heavy price for illegal immigration (Phyllis Schlafly)

IMMIGRATION -- UCLA Prof Calls for Mexican Revolt in United States (Why AZ shut off Mex. studies)

IMMIGRATION -- Unemployment Plummets After Crackdown on Illegals

IMMIGRATION -- VA: Goode takes on ‘anchor baby’ issue

IMMIGRATION -- Video clip on immigration law trouble for law firm (work-around U.S. laws for visas)

IMMIGRATION -- Waukegan O's 287(g) (Ill Community Supports Fed-Local LEO Cooperation on Illegals)

IMMIGRATION -- White House Report Hides Real Costs of Amnesty and Low Skill Immigration (300 years)

IMMIGRATION -- Why Americans Hate This 'Immigration' Debate(Excellent piece!)

IMMIGRATION -- Why Illegal Immigration Is About to Get Worse

IMMIGRATION -- Why They Won't Assimilate

IMMIGRATION -- Will Congress Outlaw Local Laws?(More outrage: Illegal immigration)

IMMIGRATION -- Worried, frustrated immigrants headed back home to Brazil

IMMIGRATION --Inglewood Hospital to Close Emergency Room (10th closure in LA County in five years)

Imminent Threat and David Kay WMD Summary

INCOME INEQUALITY -- Income Inequality: Fact And Fiction

INCOME INEQUALITY -- The Secret's Out: I Suffer from Income 'Inequality' (by CalThomas)

INDIANS -- The Real Meaning of the "Redskins" Debate

INFANTICIDE -- After-birth Abortion: Why Should the Baby Live? [2012]

INTERPOLEXECORDER -- Obama Executive Order Alters Your Legal Protections

IPHONE -- Breaking Apple's Grip on the iPhone

Iraq - It Ain't Necessarily So [Army Spec Ops letter]

IRAQ -- The Pope's Unexploded Bombshell (Believes Islam Is Incapable of Reform)

Iraq: Congressman Billybob Sez: Sixteen Little Words

Iraq: Payback Time for the Axis of Weasels: Mark Steyn

Is It Time to Restore the Full Psalter to the Liturgy of the Hours? (Imprecatory Psalms)

ISLAM - School Stops Scheduling Class Time For Muslim Prayer

ISLAM -- Why the Future May Not Belong to Islam (long, but important article)

ISLAM -- "No-go" bishop defends comments (Anglican bishop and family threatened)

ISLAM -- 'Honour' crimes 'on rise in UK'

ISLAM -- 'Islamophobia' Idiocy [a great read]

ISLAM -- (Aussie Woman's) Dress "offensive" to Islam

ISLAM -- (Australian) Muslim leader blames women for sex attacks

ISLAM -- (Buttering Islamofascism) American School Books Redefine 'Jihad' to Exclude Violence

ISLAM -- (Islam ... "The Relgion of Peace") 3-Year-Old Saudi Girl Gang-Raped in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

ISLAM -- (Muslim Brotherhood) Fatwa: Women Who Swim in the Sea Commit Adultery, Should Be Punished

ISLAM -- 25 years for touching Quran before washing hands

ISLAM -- 31 Of World's Wars Are Islamic Related

ISLAM -- A 17 year old girl is sentenced to death by hanging (ROP Alert, obviously)

ISLAM -- A Christian Duty in the Face of Terror (Fr. George Rutler)

ISLAM -- A Muslim woman demands her right to prostrate to front of your locker.

ISLAM -- Al Qaeda beheads children in Iraq

ISLAM -- Al-Qaeda Torture Manual Found & Released by DoD (***Warning Graphic***)

ISLAM -- All European Life Died In Auschwitz

ISLAM -- Anger in Holland over 'apartheid' Islamic hospital

ISLAM -- Arnaud Beltrame, Hero-Martyr Of France

ISLAM -- Bassam Tibi: Euro-Islam Doesn’t Have a Chance

ISLAM -- Behold Islam "Religion of Peace" Husband Forces Wife to Drink Acid for Giving Birth to Girl

ISLAM -- British Muslims feel like "Jews of Europe"

ISLAM -- British TV documentary reveals Islamic preaching of hatred against Jews and Christians

ISLAM -- Burke: ‘Highly Questionable’ to Say Islam Worships Christian God and Is Therefore Peaceful

ISLAM -- Caption the peaceful Muslims, protesting Pope Benedict

ISLAM -- Christian in Somalia Who Refused to Wear Veil is Killed

ISLAM -- Christian teacher forced out after complaining Muslim pupils praised 9/11 hijackers heroes

ISLAM -- Christians Are Untouchables! Meant for Cleaning Our Houses-Muslim Persecution of Christians

ISLAM -- Christians Have A Moral Duty To Defeat Terror (Fr. Rutler on Turning the Other Cheek)

ISLAM -- Egyptian farmer hangs, decapitates daughter in 'honour' killing

ISLAM -- European Parliament President Says “Christians Are Not Safe” in Europe

ISLAM -- Family of teen Muslim invited men to rape her

ISLAM -- Famous Leader Gave Chilling Warning about Islam (Churchill)

ISLAM -- Father Richard John Neuhaus on Radical Islam - Jihadism

ISLAM -- First Jell-O, now Santa [School considers banning traditions seen as offensive to Muslims]

ISLAM -- French Hero Officer Who Swapped Himself for Hostage Dies

ISLAM -- Friends `cheated' out of teen's funeral (Aqsa Parvez, Mississauga, On.)

ISLAM -- Fundamentalists in Gaza threaten to behead 'immodest' women broadcasters

ISLAM -- Gender Apartheid

ISLAM -- Girl buried alive in honour killing in Turkey

ISLAM -- Girls dragged in streets, hacked to death (peaceful Islamic tradition)

ISLAM -- God and Allah Are Not the Same, Judge Told

ISLAM -- Greenfield: The Gang Religion of Islam

ISLAM -- Greenfield: Why the Burkini Ban is Right

ISLAM -- Hamas "Explains" Use of Civilians as Human Shields

ISLAM -- History's bloodiest siege used human heads as cannonballs (Siege of Malta 1565 vs. Muslims)

ISLAM -- Horror: Man beheads one-year-old in Saudi grocery store

ISLAM -- How to End 'Islamophobia'

ISLAM -- Hull Mum Raped in Front of Son and Told by Attacking BF: 'I'm Muslim and You Must Obey Me'

ISLAM -- Human Rights Travesty (Stoning)

ISLAM -- Husband Cut Off Wife’s Ears, Nose On Eid Day (Muslim Man 'Sacrifices' Wife's Nose & Ears)

ISLAM -- Husband rips wife's eyes out after she refuses sex (Mohamed)

ISLAM -- Iran amputates hands, legs of 5 men as punishment

ISLAM -- Iran to hang teenage girl attacked by rapists

ISLAM -- Iran: Woman to Be Stoned (to Death) on Thursday

ISLAM -- Iraqi girl who fell in love with BRITISH soldier murdered by her father in honour killing

ISLAM -- Islamic Group Beheads Assyrian Priest, Crucifies 14 Year Old Boy in North Iraq

ISLAM -- Islam’s ‘Abrahamic’ Dilemma: The claim to Abraham creates problems, not unity.

ISLAM -- Kos Kid: Women Have It Great Under Islam

ISLAM -- Long Island couple charged with keeping slaves

ISLAM -- Man attacked over wife's veil comment

ISLAM -- Massacre Victims Sexually Mutilated by Radical Muslims

ISLAM -- Memo to American Muslims: Erase the Doctrine of Jihad or Get Out!

ISLAM -- Militants Kill Missionary Couple's 2 Children Who Refused To Convert To Islam

ISLAM -- Montreal man killed by his brother for being a bad Muslim

ISLAM -- Morocco: 16-year-old Girl Kills Herself after Being Forced to Marry Her Rapist

ISLAM -- Mothers of prevention (White schoolgirls in UK falling prey to Muslim pimps)

ISLAM -- Mozart Opera Canceled for Muhammad Scene

ISLAM -- Muslim "honor" killing in Dallas

ISLAM -- Muslim Britain is becoming one big no-go area

ISLAM -- Muslim Brotherhood-supporting DHS Adviser Blames Copts for "Promoting Islamophobia"

ISLAM -- Muslim Council Of Britain Chief - Bari - Issues Ominous Terror Threat

ISLAM -- Muslim grinches steal Bethlehem Christmas

ISLAM -- Muslim Imam in TN: Christians & Jews Are Most Evil of All Evils; Muslims May Take Property

ISLAM -- Muslim Man Rapes His Daughter Then Her Brother ‘Honor Kills’ Her for Being Raped

ISLAM -- Muslims ask to worship at Cordoba [Spain's Cordoba Cathedral........]

ISLAM -- Muslims declare sovereignty over U.S., UK

ISLAM -- Muslims Kill Christians, Bottle Their Blood, And Sell It For $100,000 A Piece To Saudis

ISLAM -- Muslims Pretend to Be Nice People ( Coptic Priest Tells It Like It Is: VIDEO )

ISLAM -- Muslims shout at Jesus' home: 'Islam will dominate the world'

ISLAM -- Muslims urinate on Torah scrolls in Hebron

ISLAM -- NASA Chief: Obama Wanted Me to Make Muslims Feel Good

ISLAM -- NATO Accuses Taliban of Using Children in Suicide Missions (Bomb Defused on 6-Year-Old Boy)

ISLAM -- New Afghanistan Law to Silence Victims of Violence against Women

ISLAM -- Nigeria: Muslims Kidnap, Convert Christian Children [Islamic Inquisition]

ISLAM -- Nigeria: Muslim Hacks Daughter to Death with Machete for Converting to Christianity

ISLAM -- Now history is off limits lest we offend Islamicists

ISLAM -- Offending the Islamofascists (Congressman Billybob)

ISLAM -- On a Wing and a Prayer

ISLAM -- Orthodox Church in Kosovo Turned into Public Toilet and Garbage Dump

ISLAM -- Outlawing the Pig

ISLAM -- Outlawing the Pig (pork products being removed to accommodate Muslim religious demands)

ISLAM -- Outrageous Outrage

ISLAM -- Palestinian father buries his daughter alive

ISLAM -- Pew Poll’s fast fade from the front pages

ISLAM -- Probes dismiss imams' racism claim

ISLAM -- Quit blaming America: We didn't earn Islamofascists' hatred

ISLAM -- Rape victim, 13, stoned to death (Somalia)

ISLAM -- Raped 'for reading Holy Bible'

ISLAM -- Raped in Oslo

ISLAM -- Religion of Peace Is Hung By Its Own Petard (Explanation of BXVI's Speech)

ISLAM -- Ritual Muslim killing

ISLAM -- Robert Spencer Banned From Britain For Saying Islam Preaches Violence Against Unbelievers

ISLAM -- Saudi gang-rape victim faces 90 lashes

ISLAM -- Schoolboys punished with detention for refusing to kneel in class and pray to Allah

ISLAM -- Scotland Shuts Down Childhood Immunization Program Over Muslim Complaints

ISLAM -- Sheik says it's OK to kill children in battle

ISLAM -- Some Sobering Lessons From Muslim Taxi Drivers (Muslim Intolerance)

ISLAM -- Spain: Catalonia, Islamic Moral Brigades Impose Sharia Law (See #3 for development)

ISLAM -- Sultan Knish: The Muslims the Media Doesn't See

ISLAM -- Swedish Police Admit Losing Control Of 55 No-Go Zones

ISLAM -- Syria: Muslims See Cross Hanging from Christian's Neck, Immediately Behead Him

ISLAM -- The dangers of tolerance

ISLAM -- THE DEATH OF A MUSLIM WOMAN : "The Whore Lived Like a German"

ISLAM -- The Faking Imams -- Pajamas Media Exclusive:

ISLAM -- The Gathering Storm (Rick Santorum's new speech - MUST READ!!)

ISLAM -- The New "Muslim Hate Crimes Increase" Hoax

ISLAM -- The New Holocaust Deniers (British Schoolteachers Afraid of Muslim Students)

ISLAM -- The Pope's Challenge

ISLAM -- The root cause of terrorism: Farah reveals simple reason jihadis continue (BRILLIANT)

ISLAM -- The Truth About Mohammed (Brigitte Gabriel's Review of Robert Spencer's New Book Alert)

ISLAM -- The U.S. and Christian Persecution

ISLAM -- Three sisters stabbed to death in Gaza 'honor killing'

ISLAM -- Turkish Mufti Would Not Match Pope's Gesture (Won't Pray at Christian Church)

ISLAM -- Two-hour rape and torture of honour killing girl murdered by her family (ROP Alert)

ISLAM -- Tyson drops Labor Day holiday for Eid al-Fitr (#46 for effect of increasing population)

ISLAM -- UK: Muslim medical students get picky (claim some topics in medicine conflict with Islam)

ISLAM -- UK: Teenage Girl Victim of Grooming Gang 'Raped by 30 Men in Just Six Hours'

ISLAM -- UK:Muslims outraged at police advert featuring cute puppy sitting in policeman's hat

ISLAM -- US Muslims Told Not to Pray for Non-Muslim VT Victims...

ISLAM -- USAir Flt. 300 Passenger Pauline Klemmer Tells the Real Story on the Flying Imams

ISLAM -- Vanity: Again, a Gathering Storm

ISLAM -- Villagers burn girl alive in 'honour killing'

ISLAM -- Warlord, Brigand, Slave-Owner, Pedophile — And a Shining Example for All Mankind

ISLAM -- Watch Megyn Kelly's expression of horror in learning thatIslam is NOT the ROP

ISLAM -- When Your Dr is a Muslim:Medical Terrorism Comes to America(Muslim dr. lets Jewish man die)

ISLAM -- Why I joined radical Islam in Britain, what I saw inside and why I left (book)

ISLAM -- Why Muslim Politicians Vote For Gay Marriage

ISLAM -- Woman raped, saw son die - then jailed

ISLAM -- Woman, two men stoned, publicly executed (More Islamic tolerance)

ISLAM -- Women in Libyan Jails Seek Right to Suicide to End Unbearable Humiliation

ISLAM -- Yemeni Girl, 15, 'Burned to Death by Father'

ISLAM -- [Explosive] Sniffer Dogs Offend Muslims

Islam Means Peace, Doesn’t It? (NOT BLOODY LIKELY)

ISLAMIC FUNDAMENTALS -- Part 1: Foundations of Sharia Law

ISLAMIC FUNDAMENTALS -- Part 2: The Foundations of Islam and Jihad

ISLAMIC FUNDAMENTALS -- Part 3: The Fast-Approaching Clash of Civilizations

ISLAMIC FUNDAMENTALS -- Part 4: Foundations of Islamic Reason

ISLAMIC FUNDAMENTALS -- Part 5: The Fast-Approaching Clash of Civilizations

ISLAMIC FUNDAMENTALS -- Part 6: Islamic Doctrine Governing Women

ISRAEL -- Netanyahu to International Community: Stop the Hypocrisy

ISRAEL -- The "Oldest Hatred" (Mark Steyn Looks At Mankind's Enduring Hatred Of The Jew Alert)

IVF -- IVF Babies 'Are a Third More Likely to Develop Childhood Cancer'

IVF -- Parents win right to grow babies for 'spare parts [UK]

JESSE MACBETH -- Jessie Macbeth's DD-214 (Kicked out of Army for failing Basic Training!?)

JFKJR -- Inside JFK JR.'s Daze of Doom (Pilot's Stumbles & Frantic Final Seconds in the Fog)

JOBS - Sorry, No One's Reading that resume You Sent : Computers now doing most of the weeding out

JOBS -- 100 Fastest-growing companies - (California home to most) (08/18/09)

JOBS -- 15 Programming Skills Most Coveted By Employers

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JOBS -- What do you guys do for extra income? (Vanity)

JOBS -- What To Do If You've Lost Your Job (Dave Ramsey Advice)

JOBS -- Where the tech jobs are now (For Techies : List of most in-demand IT skills)

JOBS -- Wife just got laid off, retirement, age 59 1/2 relevant? (401K Withdrawl, Retirement, etc.)

JOHN HOWARD -- 85% support citizenship test (Australians to immigrants: English, patriotism!)

John Moran was my son-inlaw ( Note From BCM-FIL to FreeRepublic )

JOLIE -- Brangelina's Namibian IOU

JPII -- "The Pope of the Jews" - Interview With Rabbi J. Bemporad

JPII -- ( LIVE THREAD ) Solemn Funeral Rites for Pope John Paul II

JPII -- ( LIVE) Solemn Funeral Rites for Pope John Paul II (Resource Materials for those watching)

JPII -- Bush keeps low profile at John Paul's funeral (Clinton Runs To TV Cameras)

JPII -- But What Made Him Great?

JPII -- Fred Barnes: A Great Christian (John Paul II was beloved by Protestants too)

JPII -- He was a magnificent pope who presided over a controversial pontificate

JPII -- Hero of the Century

JPII -- John Paul II Gallery of Pictures [Photos]

JPII -- John Paul II Gallery of Pictures [Photos]

JPII -- Mark Steyn: Why progressive Westerners never understood John Paul II

JPII -- Mark Steyn: The Pope's Divisions

JPII -- Missing His Holiness (Get ready for a month of the most disingenuous coverage imaginable.)

JPII -- Not In My Name (Two prominent Brit punits call Pope John Paul II and Catholicism evil.)

JPII -- Oliver North: "Be Not Afraid" (spiritual and on point of the passing of the Pope)

JPII -- Poland after John Paul II's death (pictures of the Polish Press Agency)

JPII -- President Reagan and Pope John Paul II

JPII -- Protestant Theologian: He Was My Pope, Too

JPII -- Revealed: Pope John Paul II was stabbed in 1982

JPII -- The Media’s Catechism

JPII -- The Tikkun Olam Pope

JPII -- Was John Paul II Euthanized? (red herring alert!)

JPII -- We Want God! (31 years ago today, Pope John Paul II changed the World.)

JPII DEATH -- John Paul II Gallery of Pictures [Photos]

JPII DEATH -- Pope "Very Grave" Suffered "cardio-circulatory collapse" as per Vatican

JPII DEATH -- Pope Getting Nutrition From Feeding Tube

JPII DEATH -- Pope Has Tracheotomy, Now on Respirator


JPII DEATH -- Pope John Paul II Has Gone to His Heavenly Home with God 2:37 pm EST

JPII DEATH -- Pope John Paul II Hospitalized


JPII DEATH -- Pope may be given a feeding tube....

JPII DEATH -- POPE TAKEN TO OPERATING ROOM!!!!! (Tracheotomy was a success)

JPII DEATH -- Report: Pope may require feeding tube

JPII DEATH -- Solemn Funeral Rites for Pope John Paul II ( LIVE THREAD )

JPII DEATH -- VATICAN: Pope 'abandons self to God's will'

JUDAISM -- A Torah Scholar Helps Explain the Age Of Foolishness

JUDAISM -- The Jews that Choose Trump

JUDAISM -- Will Orthodox Rabbis Recognize My Conservative Conversion? Rabbi Tovia Singer Responds

KATE SMITH -- Kate Smith’s ‘God Bless America’ out at Yankee Stadium over racist songs

Kitty Werthmann tells a powerful story about growing up during the third reich.

KNOXVILLE -- Media criticized in slayings with racial overtone (Newsom/Christian)

KOREA -- Obama inviting war on two fronts (Oliver North)

KUNG FLU -- "Why Italy?"

KWANZAA -- Happy Kwanzaa - (Exposé of sordid, concocted origins)

KWANZAA -- Kwanzaa gets an early start in East St. Louis (See #4 for Kwanzaa's background)

KWANZAA -- Kwanzaa: A Holiday From the FBI (Ann Coulter)

KWANZAA -- Least we forget about Kwanzaa

KWANZAA -- Performers kick off Kwanzaa 40th anniversary celebration (See #5 for background)

KWANZAA -- The TRUTH about Kwanzaa

Kwanzaa: Does ANYBODY actually celebrate Kwanzaa?

Kwanzaa: Kwanzaa's creator tortured black women

LARAZA -- La Raza: A Mexican Terrorist Organization

LATIN MASS -- Pope ignores protests (of certain Cardinals) to restore Latin mass

LCWR -- Cardinal Müller vs. Hubbard's Heresy

LIBERALISM -- The Left Revealed (Medved Show: David Horowitz & Nation writer Daniel Lazarre)

LITTLE FLOWER PROJECTS -- Catholic Couple Rescues 1,400 Chinese Orphans

LIVE: 60 Minutes Interviews Killian's Secretary (#s 23, 59, 86, 107, 135, 259, 279, 320, 526, & 533)

LOTR -- The Lord of the Rings: A Catholic View

MAHONY -- The Mahony Files [what does the Cardinal know, and when did the Cardinal know it?]

MALARIA -- Dying to be politically correct (DDT)

Margaret Thatcher: Thank God for strong men on the right side

Mark Steyn: BBC World News - now with all content guaranteed sexed down

Mark Steyn: Can good Muslims be good multiculturalists?

MARRIAGE -- 10 Things A Man Fears Most About Marriage

MARRIAGE -- Beautiful Picture: Prayer Before a Wedding

MARRIAGE -- Cohabitation: a Recipe for Marital Ruin (Puts Partners and Kids at Risk)

MARRIAGE -- Divorce Study Breaks New Ground

MARRIAGE -- Feminists Call for Abolition of Marriage

MARRIAGE -- Five Secular Arguments For Marriage Over Living Together (See #11 for more)

MARRIAGE -- Four Myths About Living Together Without Marriage

MARRIAGE -- Heterosexual Rejection of Marriage Values Leads to Homosexual Marriage, Says Theologian

MARRIAGE -- Moms make lousy dads ('boys don't need fathers' myth nuked!)

MARRIAGE -- N.C. Law Banning Cohabitation Struck Down (#114 -- Divroce Rate)

MARRIAGE -- OP-ED: The single-mom catastrophe

MARRIAGE -- The End of Marriage in Scandinavia

MARRIAGE -- Why Kids Need Married Mothers and Fathers, Maggie Gallagher on Child Well-being Studies

MARRIAGE -- Why Wait: The Benefits of Abstinence Until Marriage

MATTHEW SHEPARD -- No H8? -- Bombshell Book: Matthew Shephard Tortured, Murdered by Gay Lover

MATTHEW SHEPHARD -- The Gay Passion Play Unravels?

MAX CLELAND -- Ann Coulter exposes truth about Sen. Cleland, answers critics

MCCARTNEY -- Not so cute: Paul McCartney and other stars make public displays of their ignorance

MEDECINE -- Rapid Mental Rejuvenation: Expermntl DrugReversesAge-Related Cognitive Decline w/in Days

MEDICAL -- Autism Breakthrough: Girl's Writings Explain Her Behavior and Feelings

MEDICAL -- Cholesterol is NOT the Cause of Heart Disease

MEDICAL -- Diabetes May Be Disorder Of Upper Intestine: Surgery May Correct It

MEDICAL -- Simple Brain Exercise Can Boost IQ

MEDICARE -- Medicare Advantage vs Medigap

MEDICARE -- Shopping for a Medigap plan; which co. is the best but most economical for fixed income?

MEDICARE -- Snow issues detailed rebuttals to media coverage of the president (Tony Snow Gets Busy!)

MEDICARE -- Some Seniors Surprised to Be Automatically Enrolled in Medicare Advantage Plans

MEDICARE -- Which Medical Sharing Plans Would You Recommend?

MEDICINE - US Doctors Kill Skin Cancer With Cloned T-Cells

MEDICINE -- 10 ways to get a really good sleep

MEDICINE -- A Switch to Turn Off Autism?

MEDICINE -- Another Liberal-Created Failure (the mentally ill)

MEDICINE -- Babies Die from Federal Medical Experiments

MEDICINE -- Breakthrough Nanoparticle Halts Multiple Sclerosis

MEDICINE -- Cancer Patient Recovers After Injection of Immune Cells

MEDICINE -- Check Online Yourself - HPV Vaccine Now Associated with 7 Deaths, 3000+ Adverse Reports

MEDICINE -- Chocolate, Wine And Tea Improve Brain Performance

MEDICINE -- Conscientious Objection Gone Awry: Restoring Selfless Professionalism in Medicine(NOT)

MEDICINE -- Deaths Associated with HPV Vaccine Start Rolling In, Over 3500 Adverse Affects Reported

MEDICINE -- Did a Devoted Husband Find a Cancer Breakthrough? (Heart hormones)

MEDICINE -- Gardasil Researcher Drops A Bombshell

MEDICINE -- How Being a Doctor Became the Most Miserable Profession

MEDICINE -- HT Use Cut Tied To Cancer Decline (HT means hormone therapy. Breast cancer was studied.)

MEDICINE -- Local Expert Says ADD and ADHD Are a Multmillion-Dollar Medical Myth-(imagine that)

MEDICINE -- Massive Study Finds Pill Significantly Increases Cancer Risk if Used more than 8 Years

MEDICINE -- Mayo Says: Hold The Medicare


MEDICINE -- New approach to fighting Alzheimer's shows potential in clinical trial

MEDICINE -- Out of Control: AIDS and the corruption of medical science (a must read)

MEDICINE -- Pain relief to believe in

MEDICINE -- Patient Money: Not All Drugs Are the Same After All

MEDICINE -- Put people first [Environmentalists outlawed the best asthma inhalers!]

MEDICINE -- Report Gives Hope To Fla. Man's Cancer Killing Machine

MEDICINE -- Rush Limbaugh Buys Belinda the Jeweler a Car to Beat Post-Election Blues (Rush -- ZICAM)

MEDICINE -- States balk at cancer vaccine mandate (Gardasil)

MEDICINE -- Switch to 'green' asthma inhalers is near (Recommendation)

MEDICINE -- The great ADHD myth (Psychiatrist who identified ADD admits many may not be ill)

MEDICINE -- The Inconvenient Truth About Organ Donations

MEDICINE -- The Most SHAMELESS Vanity Ever! (see #31 re doctors' careers)

MEDICINE -- The vaccine to cure every strain of flu

MEDICINE -- Three Deaths Related to HPV Vaccine

MEDICINE -- Top researcher: 'Untested' vaccine could harm

MEDICINE -- Turmeric Produces ‘Remarkable’ Recovery in Alzheimer’s Patients

MEDICINE -- US Death Toll Associated with HPV Vaccine Jumps to 11 with 3779 Reactions Reported

MEDICINE -- Vatican Condemns Vaccines Made with Tissue Obtained by Abortion

MEDICINE -- Vatican Newspaper: Brain Death and thus Organ Donation Must be Reconsidered

MEDICINE -- With Child, With Cancer

MEDJUGORJE -- Pope launches crackdown on world's largest illicit Catholic shrine & suspends priest

MEDJUGORJE -- Vatican discipline for priest involved with Medjugorje [Catholic Caucus]

MELANIA -- Melania's Friends from Slovenia Speak on Her Personality before She Became First Lady

Memogate: Legal memo to the Democrats (Freeper published)

MEN & WOMEN -- Shallow Men And The Women Who Suffer (Male Lust For The Supermodel Perfect Mate)

MEN & WOMEN -- The manly man's man

Men--It's in Their Nature

MEXICO -- Mexican Official Threatens to Unleash Cartels, Flood U.S. With Drugs and Narcotics

MHO -- Michelle Malkin: Double Standard Couture

MICHAEL BROWN -- Will Amazon Suppress the True Michael Brown Story? (DOJ Report on MB)

MILITARY -- Need Marine Jokes

MILITARY -- Who Serves in the U.S. Military? The Demographics of Enlisted Troops and Officers

MILITARY -- Worried Soldier's Mum Emails Colonel In Afghanistan

MINIMUM WAGE -- Teddy Kennedy: Christianity Demands Higher Minimum Wage

MISC -- Do Not Call listings to expire in 2008

MLK -- Why Martin Luther King Was Republican

MORALITY -- "Imposing Our Beliefs" on Others

MORALITY -- "Sexy" Fashions . . . What Do Men Think?

MORALITY -- GALLUP: Public Concern About Low Morality in U.S. At All-Time High

MORALITY -- Issues Raised by Robert H. Bork in Coercing Virtue

MORALITY -- Researchers: Morality appears to be hard-wired

MORALITY -- Study: Behaviors Americans Consider 'Sinful'

MORALITY -- To Hell With 'Values' (Top Liberal Admits He Has None..)

Morality: Who Needs God? -- & Moral Relativism

MORMONISM -- Seven Differences Between Mormonism and Christianity

Morning After Pill: Congratulations, Wendy Wright!

MORTGAGES -- How Obama Bankrupted Black Homeowners

MOVIES -- New Crusades Flick: More PC History (#30)

MULTICULTURALISM -- Americans Worshipping New God Called 'Tolerance'

MULTICULTURALISM -- And Merry Xmas To You All (Mark Steyn: Xmas & The Tyranny Of Multicultural Mush)

MULTICULTURALISM -- Cultures Aren't Equal (Barone nails it: a little old, but worth re-reading)

MULTICULTURALISM -- Multicultural Madness

MULTICULTURALISM -- The Culture War Is About The Authority Of A Book (Dennis Prager Moral Absolutes)

Mumia Abu-Jamal

MUSLIM ATTACKS -- How 9/11 Happened (Ann Coulter Hits A Home Run!!!)

My Choices for Top Ten Conservative Film Makers and Novelists

MyPillow founder: Hell no, we won't drop ads from Laura Ingraham's show

NAT HENTOFF -- Lib Icon Urges Impeachment:'The Most Destructive, Dangerous President We've Ever Had'

National Review's Women of the Year Awards (2006)

NETANYAHU -- The Litmus Test for Authentic 'Freedom Fighters'

Nets and Top Papers Silent over Al Qaeda Torture House

New Study: Link Between Abortion and Breast Cancer Suppressed by Politics

NEWS -- Announcing Launch Of Conservative News Site (Total Vanity)

NORRIS -- Chuck Norris' Personal Code of Ethics / Principles for Life

Not God's Country Anymore (Brilliant Read!)

NOTREDAME -- ND Prez's Religious Superior Responds to Scandal, Criticizes Pro-Lifers

NUGENT -- Ted Nugent: Be defiant; fight for 10th Amendment

NYFD Battalion Chief John Moran (Freeper BCM) Perishes In World Trade Center

OBAMA -- Here's What 'Constitutional Scholar' Obama Really Taught at Law School

OBL -- Clinton Flashback: I Trained to Kill Bin Laden

OLYMPICS2016 -- George Will: Obama Went to Copenhagen to Speak About Himself

One Day in the Life of an Ex-Leftie

OPUS -- For those of you leaving, staying, watching the show.

PALESTINE -- A Possible Hoax--French court explores if infamous murder of Palestinian boy was staged

Palin was changing baby just before speech (Couldn't find YouTube song)

PANTS LAWSUIT -- Pants lawsuit could cost D.C. judge his $100,000 job ($54 million suit backfires)

PAPROCKI -- 12 Must-Read Quotes from Bishop Paprocki's Same-Sex Marriage Exorcism

PARKLAND -- Marine Corps Veteran Pens Open Letter to David Hogg

PARKLAND -- Parkland Hero Who Was Shot Five Times Rips Sheriff Israel

PARKLAND -- Teenagers Make Great Progressive Shock Troops

Partial birth abortion: not for the faint of heart

PATH TO 9/11 -- "Path to 9-11" Star Harvey Keitel States Controversial Show Is Truthful (WASH POST)

PATH TO 9/11 -- Clinton aide says film 'correct' {military attaché saw aborted attacks on bin Laden}

PATH TO 9/11: Michael Scheuer issues the challenge (Path to 9/11)

PAUL POTTS -- People's Tenor Pits the Sniffles Against the Sniffs (DFU and FR Mention!)

PAUL POTTS -- TRACK-POTT! EXCL We're with Pavapotty in Cowell studio as he records.(Paul Potts)

PAULRYAN -- Paul Ryan’s Bishop Defends Him Amid Attacks on His Application of Church Teaching

PC - Security Tool Malware, how do yoy remove it?

PC -- "Millions" Of Home Routers Vulnerable To Web Hack

PC -- 'It's Here' Says Microsoft; Launches IE 7 Final, Finally

PC -- 'Trivial' Passwords Enabled Huge Hack

PC -- (Vanity) Geeky computer hardware question

PC -- (Vanity)Question about installing RAM

PC -- 10 Search Engines to Explore the Invisible Web

PC -- 100s of Search Engines

PC -- 14 Windows 10 Problems… and How You Can Fix Them Forever

PC -- 20 Years Ago, World Wide Web Was Born (See # 30 for explanation of INTERNET v. WEB)

PC -- 2007 Daylight Savings Time Changes for Windows (How to use Microsoft's Time Zone Edit)

PC -- 5 Ways To Defeat Malware

PC -- 50 Skills Every Real Geek Should Have

PC -- ACK!!! What virus is this?!? Ebay wants an ATM PIN?!?

PC -- Ad Blocker? (2018)

PC -- Ad blocking costs publishers $10B, equal to 250,000 jobs, 2 aircraft carriers (2015)

PC -- Adblock Plus and (a Little) More (uBlock Origin better)

PC -- Adventures in upgrading ( from Vista to Windows 7 on a Laptop by Ed Morrissey at HotAir )

PC -- Advice on Cable Modem/WiFi Router for TWC Connection

PC -- Adware, spyware -- How to stop this crap

PC -- Air Force servers rejecting FR login (Hotspot Shield)

PC -- Android Market Share Leaps 153% As iPhone Sputters

PC -- AntiVirus Soft virus (anyone ever get this beaut) (See #8, #16)

PC -- AntiVirus Software Review (2009)

PC -- Antivirus XP 2008

PC -- Anyone a Dish Network customer? (See #30 re ATT Uverse)

PC -- Anyone Else Having Comcast DNS Problems Again This Week? (Google provides public DNS #17)

PC -- Are you ready to ditch XP for Windows 7?

PC -- Barack Obama To Little Girl: America's Not So Great (Downloading videos to save)

PC -- Battle of the anti-virus: What is the best software?

PC -- Best Alternative to Gmail

PC -- Best Free Antivirus/Security Program? (2013)

PC -- Breaking, Entering Your PC (Windows Scumware And Parasiteware Alert)

PC -- Brendan Eich, Fired From Mozilla for Defending Marriage, Has a Brave New Web Browser

PC -- Browser & Search Engine Team Up to Privacy on Internet (#28 for secure connection)

PC -- Browser battles: Which browser is best for you?

PC -- Browser benchmarks: Safari world’s fastest browser; Microsoft’s Internet Explorer dead last

PC -- Cable Modem & DSL Tuning Tips, Tricks & Software For FR Users.

PC -- Ceber Ransomware Attack at Work

PC -- Chrome Speed Crushed By New Opera Browser (v 10.5)

PC -- Chuck Norris botnet karate-chops routers hard

PC -- Cisco Says 77 Routers Open to 'Drive-By Pharming' (a network cable is unplugged)

PC -- Computer Security Software Opinion

PC -- Confirmed: How to Stop Windows 10 Forcing Itself onto PCs – Your Essential Guide -- 2016

PC -- Consumer Reports: Wiping Your Old Electronics Clean

PC -- Deciphering Windows 7 Upgrades: The Official Chart

PC -- Dell refunds PC user for rejecting Windows (Dell Business support & #12 for notebook website)

PC -- Does Anyone Have a Good Web Host They Can Recommend?????????????

PC -- Does anyone know of a good pc registry cleaner?

PC -- Don't wait for Vista SP1, pleads Microsoft [Redmond feels the heat]

PC -- Drudge:Hacker Horror:All Private Cellphone Numbers/Email Addys of Dems in Congress Made Public

PC -- External Hard drives: Western Digital or Seagate?

PC -- Firewall Advice...

PC -- Five Reasons Why Windows 8 Has Failed (Classic Shell=Looks Like Win7)

PC -- Free Republic DNS problems? (Open DNS)

PC -- Free, New Photo Hosting Site, No Registration:

PC -- FReeper Canteen ~ Technology Tuesday ~ Canteen Computer Resource Center Pt.1 ~ 20 Sep2005

PC -- Freeper help requested: Can't "Restore Active Desktop" under XP Professional

PC -- Freepers! How to kill SPYWARE on your computer.

PC -- Google Android Crushing Apple iPhone In U.S.

PC -- Google Doodle celebrates movie star Omar Sharif (AdBlockPlus gets rid of Google doodles)

PC -- Google's Android takes No 2 spot from iPhone in US

PC -- Got A Favorite FREE Computer/Windows Utility Program?

PC -- Hacker: Windows More Secure Than Mac OS X

PC -- Hekp with clcr.exe

PC -- Help me choose a laptop, PLEASE (2013)

PC -- Hijack! (No, not THAT kind!)

PC -- Home computers targeted by hackers '50 times a day' (Advice #9 & #29)

PC -- How Spyware Took The Next-Gen Threat Crown (On The Internet's No #1 Threat Today MUST READ!!!)

PC -- How To Defend Against IE's VML Bug

PC -- How to Fix your computer to change for the NEW daylight savings times.(Even windows 98)

PC -- How to Get the Real Start Menu Back in Windows 8 or 8.1

PC -- How to Remove a Computer Virus

PC -- How To Save an Hour (Or More) On XP Installs

PC -- How to save YOUTUBE videos (and upload them elsewhere)

PC -- How to save youtube videos (and upload them elsewhere)

PC -- How to Speed up Windows 10 (tutorial notes and hints for newcomers to Windows 10)

PC -- How to Start with Brave Browser -- Post #114

PC -- How to surf anonymously without a trace

PC -- How To Upgrade to Windows 7 from XP or the Beta or RC versions

PC -- HTML Bootcamp


PC -- Internet Full of 'Black Holes'

PC -- iPhone 3G S: What you need to know

PC -- Is Microsoft Vista a Wolf in Sheeps Clothing?

PC -- Is there any way to download a video file from YouTube(Vanity)?

PC -- Is Windows 7 the Greatest OS Ever? Let Me Count the Ways

PC -- Kindle vs. Nook vs. iPad: Which e-book reader should you buy?

PC -- Low-cost Windows 7 Laptops Hit Retail (plus advice on laptop and desktop brands)

PC -- Major PC Hardware Upgradce

PC -- McAfee Virus Or Anti-virus (2013)

PC -- Microsoft Defender Antivirus (running the easy way)

PC -- Microsoft Eliminated Its Networking Protocols. Any Ideas???

PC -- Microsoft OKs Early Windows 7 PC Sales

PC -- Microsoft Sees Stronger XP Sales in FY08

PC -- Microsoft to release version of Windows 7 next week

PC -- Millions tricked by 'scareware' (Cure = Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware)

PC -- Most Monitors Won't Play New HD Video (DRM and Windows Vista O/S)

PC -- MSI Wind (Windows XP notebook)

PC -- My New AMERICAN-MADE Laptop Computer

PC -- Nasty PDF exploit runs wild

PC -- Need Advice: Thoughts on the safety of using Carbonite online backup?

PC -- Need help for PC virus protection (08/20/10)

PC -- Need New Laptop -- Should I Stay with Windows 7? (avoid Win 8?)

PC -- Need Tech Help from my fellow Freepers (#15 -- website with old versions of software)

PC -- Net neutrality at stake in bandwidth crisis (Latinos hardest hit - MEGABARF!)

PC -- Netbook Buying Guide

PC -- Netbooks: Small but disruptive

PC -- Netbooks: Small but disruptive (See #11 re USB hub when few USB ports)

PC -- NetNanny Blocks FReeper Fix, (FReeperGeek Help is Needed)

PC -- Network Magic

PC -- New PC: WinXP or Win 7?

PC -- New Seagate Replica PC Backup Appliance Makes Data Backup And Recovery Effortless

PC -- Nothing but Netbook: Six Low-Priced, Fast-Selling Laptops

PC -- Notion Ink Adam Tablet Caught On Video, Specs Finalized(iPad already obsolete)

PC -- Nvidia's Ion platform - A GeForce for Atom ( and the Netbooks)

PC -- Old PC to New PC - Transferring Programs, Files, Apps...

PC -- Pop-ups, Begone! How to Kill Those Pesky Ads

PC -- Potential new unpatched IE exploit ? ~ Yes...may affect other Browsers also...

PC -- Printer Recommendations???

PC -- Radio Hack Steals Keystrokes from Millions of Wireless Keyboards

PC -- Reference HTML Cheatsheet

PC -- Remember All Those Passwords? No Need

PC -- Request for Information on Laptops (Vanity)

PC -- ReviveTube allows you to watch and download YouTube videos that have been deleted

PC -- Sales Reps Push Unnecessary Windows Recovery Disks

PC -- Samsung breakthrough packs 128 GB on one flash memory card

PC -- Snow Leopard and Windows 7: Two flavors of the same GUI?

PC -- So Your Computer is Running Slow - Here's your fix

PC -- Sony, Rootkits and Digital Rights Management Gone Too Far

PC -- Spyware, Key Logger: Exoprience, Expertise Requested

PC -- St. Isidore of Seville: Patron saint of computers, users and programmers, Internet

PC -- Starting up a Webpage?? (Software Question)

PC -- Stop Spammers - A Wordpress Blogger's Best Friend

PC -- Suggestions for Ad-Block Software? (2015)

PC -- Symantec, Windows users beset by Vista SP1 flaws

PC -- System backup

PC -- Tangled in Spyware:

PC -- Tests: Windows PC "crapware" adds 2 minutes boot time Apps on Win 7 PCs still slow vs Apple

PC -- The 15 ESSENTIAL Windows 10 Tips and Tricks You Need to Know

PC -- The 16 Best Desktop Computers of 2021 for Any Price Point (2021)

PC -- The Computer is Broken. Seems to be Circling the Drain in a Loop. TECH PING LIST SUPERSTARS

PC -- They Criticized Vista. And They Should Know

PC -- Throw away your PC

PC -- Time for a New Laptop (2014)

PC -- TROJAN:Win32/Alureon.A"; or, The ROOTKIT MALWARE (Re safety with routers)

PC -- Ugly Spyaxe Virus Alert

PC -- Understanding Windows 7's 'GodMode'

PC -- Use a Flash Drive to Rescue a Malware-Infested PC ( Antivirus Live )

PC -- Vanity, I need help for spyware (see #63)

PC -- Vanity: How Do You Make FR Posts Fit iPhone Screen?

PC -- Vanity: Reading Free Republic on iPhone

PC -- Vanity: Surfing Glitch Needs Computer Wizard (config manual DNS)

PC -- What Hard Drive Should I Buy? (2014)

PC -- What to Scan PC With (2020)

PC -- What You Need to Know About Windows 8.1

PC -- Which Windows 10 Settings Should You Change To Protect Your Privacy? (Vy Imp)

PC -- Why Buy a Tablet? (2014)

PC -- Why is my computer so slowwwwww booting up? VANITY

PC -- Wi-Fi vs. Ethernet: Has Wireless Killed Wired? (2014)

PC -- Windows 10 - Quietly Logging EVERY KEYSTROKE You Type And Sending It To Microsoft(Stopping It)

PC -- Windows 10 Preview — Little Change, but Some Requested

PC -- Windows 11 Build 22000.51: Everything you need to know

PC -- Windows 7 (See #10 for which is the best version to buy)

PC -- Windows 7 May Not Be Much Faster Than Vista

PC -- Windows 7 Performance Guide

PC -- Windows 7 RC 7100 Completed, Distributed (backup advice, too)

PC -- Windows 7—what's the rush? (Better than Vista? What Vista was supposed to be?)

PC -- Windows 8 Applications Directory- Most Comprehensive Listing of Windows 8.x Applications

PC -- Windows 8 pro Review (Upgrade XP to Windows 8 with Classic Shell)

PC -- Windows 8.1 Review: Latest Edition Should Start to Win over Consumers and the Enterprise

PC -- Windows PCs face ‘huge’ virus threat

PC -- Windows Update's Sneaky Updates

PC -- Windows XP tech question - My CD/DVD doesn't work

PC -- WindowsXP Gurus - I Need Your Help (Delayed Write ... D:/$BitMap)

PC -- World Internet Users Approach 2 Billion (FYI)

PC -- Wrap That Rascal With A USB Condom

PC -- Your Opinion on Microsoft Security Essentials: How is it?

PC: Holiday Greetings for the Politically Correct

PEDOPHILIA -- Academics Defend Pedophilia

PEDOPHILIA -- American Psychiatric Association Struggles Again with Classifying Pedophilia

PEDOPHILIA -- Is Pedophilia a Sexual Orientation?

PEDOPHILIA -- Liberal Sweden Allows Pedophile Rapist to Adopt Child

PEDOPHILIA -- Normalizing Pedophilia Continues: UK Police Say 13-Year-Old in Porn Not Child Porn

PEDOPHILIA -- Normalizing Pedophilia: Abolishing the Age of Consent

PEDOPHILIA -- Pedophilia the Next 'Sexual-Rights' Revolution? ('Minor-Attracted Persons')

PEDOPHILIA -- Redefining ‘Pedophilia’ as a ‘Sexual Orientation’

PEDOPHILIA -- “Experts” Say Pedophilia is a Sexual Orientation – Hard-wired at Birth

PELL -- Cardinal Pell’s Conviction Announced After New Trial Falls Apart

PELL -- Did George Cardinal Pell Force Bergoglio's Hand on the Removal of Becciu?

PELL -- Jailed Cdl. Pell Is Victim of Anti-Catholic Witch Hunt, Critics Maintain

PELL -- Questions Persist About Vatican Finances, Real Estate

PELOSI -- A Priest Writes to Nancy Pelosi:

PELOSI -- Bishop: It's Categorically Impossible to be Catholic & Hold Abortion is Just a Choice

PELOSI -- Bishops say Pelosi misrepresented abortion teaching in TV interview

PELOSI -- Bishops say Pelosi misrepresented abortion teaching in TV interview

PELOSI -- Bp. Vasa: Pelosi "is not formed by either Augustine or the Catholic Church" (#2: 26 Bps.)

PELOSI -- Breaking: Pelosi's home archdiocese republishes USCCB statement

PELOSI -- Cardinal Egan Blasts Pelosi (in brilliantly scathing response) [Open]

PELOSI -- Denver archbishop slams Pelosi on Church teachings and abortion

PELOSI -- House Speaker Pelosi’s 1500-Year-Old Ecclesial Sound Bite: Bishop Robert Vasa

PELOSI -- Messenger of God? The House Speaker's galling, hypocritical religious opportunism

PELOSI -- Nancy Pelosi Ditches Catholic Credentials, Can't Say if Jesus Has Right to Life

PELOSI -- On the Separation of Sense and State: (Chaput Teaching on Pelosi)

PELOSI -- Pelosi defends comments on beginning of life as ***MORE*** bishops warn against them

PELOSI -- Pelosi Lies about Catholic Support

PELOSI -- Pelosi lies about Catholicism and abortion

PELOSI -- Pelosi Says She's Told Catholic Cardinals, Archbishops, & Bishops They Must Tell Catholics

PELOSI -- Pelosi stands by abortion comments

PELOSI -- Pelosi takes Communion at papal Mass [but not from the pope himself......]

PELOSI -- Pelosi's Crooked Catholicism

PELOSI -- Pelosi, Abortion & St. Augustine (Church says abortion wrong only in last 50 years)

PELOSI -- Pelosi, By George (Cardinal George)

PELOSI -- Pelosi: "Many Catholics do not ascribe to that view”

PELOSI -- Pelosi’s archbishop slams her rationale for supporting abortion

PELOSI -- Pelosi’s feud with archbishop escalates

PELOSI -- Pope Punks Pelosi Pic (Vatican made a point of releasing no photo)

PELOSI -- Pope Rope-A-Dope's Dope Pelosi (First Round Decision)

PELOSI -- Pope To Pelosi: Catholics Cannot Back Abortion

PELOSI -- Pro-abortion Politicians Are Not Above Church Law (Pelosi and Biden)

PELOSI -- Sister Pelosi and the Other Jesus

PELOSI -- The Speaker's Archbishop Speaks (#22 for list of bishops that have spoken)

PELOSI -- Two More Bishops Correct Speaker Pelosi on Life (Colorado Springs and Pittsburgh)

PELOSI -- Were They At The Same Meeting? [Re: Pope's public chastisement Pelosi]

PELOSI --Pelosi Spokeswoman About-face: Church Clear on Life Teaching, But Catholics Need Not Listen

Personal Responsibility Is Being Banned in America

PERVERSION -- Why Sexual Deviance Is Getting Worse

PFLEGER -- (Cardinal) George Temporarily Removes Pfleger From St. Sabina

PFLEGER -- Anti-Gun Chicago Priest Calls for Death of Gun Shop Owner - Media Silent

PFLEGER -- Anti-Gun Chicago Priest Calls for Death of Gun Shop Owner - Media Silent

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