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  • NewsGuard- How advertising on credible news increases reach, efficiency, and performance

    01/27/2022 5:39:26 AM PST · by ptsal · 5 replies
    NewsGuard ^ | May 01, 2021 | Staff NewsGuard
    Avoiding misinformation and supporting journalism isn’t just about brand safety or corporate responsibility. New data, from an IPG Mediabrands client launch, shows NewsGuard’s data for responsible inclusion of news leads to major improvements in campaign performance metrics.
  • Time to Slay the ‘Privilege’ Dragon

    01/27/2022 5:37:10 AM PST · by Kaslin ^ | January 27, 2022 | Laura Hollis
    It is time to vigorously go on the offensive against those who are selling the deeply deceitful ideology of “privilege” before they tear this country apart. Although the “privilege” peddlers point to many characteristics that they say create entrenched and undeserved advantage for some in society, one identified most frequently is so-called white privilege. “White” is a word with constantly shifting definitions. For a long time in this country, “white” designated people whose ethnic origins could be traced to Europe. But the current American definition of “white” (at least among those driving the national conversation) commingles European ethnicities that were...
  • Whistleblower bombshell: DOD medical data reveals surges in oft-cited vax 'adverse events' in 2021

    01/27/2022 5:32:30 AM PST · by Red Badger · 1 replies ^ | January 26, 2022 - 11:07pm | By Natalia Mittelstadt
    Three military doctors say medical billing code data captured by Defense Medical Epidemiology Database shows sharp spikes in miscarriages, myocarditis, cancer diagnoses, Bell's palsy, female infertility. According to the data found by the military doctors, there was also a nearly 300% increase in cancer diagnoses, from a 38,700-per-year average in 2016-2020 to 114,645 in 2021. Military medical whistleblowers have come forward with a trove of data on vaccine safety that they claim is the most accurate available. On Monday, Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wisc.) hosted "COVID-19: A Second Opinion," a livestreamed discussion panel featuring world-renowned doctors and medical experts who provided...
  • To Politicians: We Don't Need Your Help Making Good Decisions

    01/27/2022 5:24:57 AM PST · by Kaslin · 2 replies ^ | January 27, 2022 | Veronique de Rugy
    Does anyone truly believe that our government -- which consistently creates monopoly privileges for companies with its own cronyism -- can be trusted to ensure that private markets remain competitive? Apparently so. Consider the resurgence of antitrust efforts against "Big Tech." If history is our guide, going after disfavored companies will result in less competition, not more, along with fewer choices and higher prices for you and me. Take the American Innovation and Choice Online Act recently approved by a Senate panel. This bill would block a handful of tech companies like Amazon and Apple from favoring their own products...
  • UK Brexit: Furious farmers lash out at Australia trade deal with stinging criticism of Liz Truss

    01/27/2022 5:24:01 AM PST · by Cronos
    Daily Express ^ | 27 January 2022 | Dan Falvey
    LIZ TRUSS's free trade pact with Australia faced renewed criticism from farmers today as they attacked the agreement for not being "a particularly good deal". The National Farmers Union (NFU) claimed the deal with Canberra would open the floodgates for imports. Under the terms of the agreement, quotas on imports from Australia such as meat will be phased out over 15 years. It means in the future there will be no limit on agricultural products shipped to Britain from Down Under. However, the NFU's director of trade and business strategy, Nick von Westenholz, said that while there would be an...
  • BIDEN: ‘When I Went To Dearborn, Driving That, Eh, You Know, Uh, Was Up There, Uh…I Don’t Know, Man’

    01/27/2022 5:24:00 AM PST · by Red Badger · 6 replies ^ | Jan 26, 2022 | Todd Starnes
    It appears as thought someone on the White House staff may have forgotten to slip Biden’s pills into his porridge. Watch below.
  • It is no wonder we have so much corruption when most of the media willingly supports corrupt people for president

    01/27/2022 5:19:13 AM PST · by MtnClimber · 8 replies
    American Thinker ^ | 27 Jan, 2022 | Jack Hellner
    Most of the media clearly knew about the payments to Hunter Biden by China, Russia, and Ukraine before the 2020 election as they campaigned for Joe. Yet when a well-researched story by the New York Post came out about Hunter’s laptop and corruption, most of the media buried, by falsely blaming it on Russian disinformation. They couldn’t take the risk that the public would learn the truth. The same media that willingly interfered in the election knew that many states violated their election laws in 2020, yet still proclaim the election was the cleanest ever. Now, there is a new...
  • Media BLACKOUT On MASSIVE Trucker "Freedom" Convoy Protesting Vax Mandates

    01/27/2022 5:11:33 AM PST · by Eleutheria5 · 26 replies
    The Hill ^ | 26/1/22 | Kim Iverson
    Massive protest convoy by truckers in Canada against mandates by Canada and US. MSM refusing to report. Same planned by US truckers.
  • When Media Bias Is Worse Than It Appears

    01/27/2022 5:07:01 AM PST · by Kaslin · 4 replies ^ | January 27, 2022 | Brian McNicoll
    We’ve long been familiar with media bias, where the opinions of those who own or produce news make their way into the stories they tell and even the choices of which stories are worth telling. But in recent years, there’s been a new kind of journalism that deserves more scrutiny – when publications produce stories for the express purpose of achieving certain results. In the case of Donald Trump, it was used to start the Russia collusion debacle and attempt to ruin him politically. But the tactic has more commercial uses as well. In Washington, a publication known as the...
  • Three Underappreciated Acclamations of Eucharistic Piety

    01/27/2022 5:06:11 AM PST · by Cronos · 1 replies ^ | 25 January 2022 | Msgr Pope
    Let’s consider three rather humble but important moments that are often lost in the minds and hearts of the faithful – the Mystery of Faith, the Amen, and the Agnus Dei. They rise in importance because they are moments that belong especially to the faithful rather than the clergy.I. The Mystery of Faith (Memorial Acclamation) In the Ordinary Form of the Liturgy, an acclamation of the people has been added just after the consecration. The priest bids them to acclaim the paschal mystery that has just been made present in the Eucharistic Sacrifice.In effect, this addition to Mass is the...
  • Buckle up, Buccaroos! How the Pig in a Pantsuit could be “POTUS” within weeks…

    01/27/2022 4:59:52 AM PST · by one guy in new jersey · 63 replies ^ | January 27, 2022 | Ann Barnhardt
    Buckle up, Buccaroos! How the Pig in a Pantsuit could be “POTUS” within weeks… So Justice Breyer is resigning. And Biden’s operating system is now crashing every 120 seconds. Scenario: -The Demented Pedophile Biden nominates Harris to fill Breyer’s seat on the Supreme Court thus solving the “Harris Problem”. And Harris is a very, very big problem. The Deep State can’t get rid of Biden without first getting rid of Harris. -Biden then appoints Hillary Vice President. -Biden then resigns citing “prostate cancer” or some such. Anything but dementia. Ah, prostate cancer. The “Canadian girlfriend” of resignation excuses. -Hillary becomes...
  • THREE DAYS LATER FROM EUROPE: How the Rendition of Mason and Slidell was Received; Insulting Tone of the British Press Toward the Rebel Commissioners (1/27/1862)

    01/27/2022 4:58:15 AM PST · by Homer_J_Simpson · 2 replies
    Halifax, Sunday, Jan. 26. The R.M. steamship Europa, Capt. ANDERSON, from Liverpool at 3 P.M. of the 11th, and Queenstown on the 12th, arrived here at 10 1/2 o'clock last night. The wind was then and is still blowing a hurricane, with a heavy sea. The Europa has neither troops nor stores, the Government having discontinued shipments by the Cunarders. The Europa has 18 passengers for Boston, £6,500 for Boston and £64,000 for Halifax. It was said that notwithstanding the pacific solution of the American question, warlike preparations at Woolwich have not been relaxed. The steamers Spartan and Ajax continued...
  • Spotify Will Reportedly Remove Neil Young’s Music After Dispute Over Joe Rogan

    01/27/2022 4:57:21 AM PST · by redguyinabluestate · 18 replies
    Forbes ^ | Jan 26, 2022 | Zachary Snowdon Smit
    Spotify is removing Neil Young’s music from its platform, the Wall Street Journal reported Wednesday, following Young’s public ultimatum that the streaming service choose between him and Joe Rogan
  • WATCH: Loudon County parent announces run for Congress on Tucker Carlson (Brandon Michon)

    01/27/2022 4:57:04 AM PST · by 11th_VA · 4 replies
    Brandon Michon, a parent in the Loudoun County School District that went viral for speaking out against remote learning, joined Tucker Carlson on Fox News Wednesday to announce that he is running for Congress in Virginia. "I had the opportunity to be in the room with Governor Youngkin when he signed the executive orders allowing parents to choose what's best for their children. Parents want to have a voice and they just want to be heard. That's why I'm excited to announce on your show, live right now, that I am running for the 10th congressional district of Virginia and...
  • ‘Betraying the American people’: Leaked video reveals Joe Biden’s ‘hush hush’ migrant invasion

    01/27/2022 4:55:19 AM PST · by GrandJediMasterYoda · 12 replies ^ | 1/27/22 | Miranda Devine
    ‘Betraying the American people’: Leaked video reveals Joe Biden’s ‘hush hush’ migrant invasion While Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi go all out to protect Ukraine’s national sovereignty, at the same time they are orchestrating a clandestine invasion of America across the southern border. Two million illegal immigrants from dozens of countries crossed over from Mexico last year, and the Biden administration is facilitating the cartels’ people-smuggling operation — at taxpayer expense. Under cover of darkness, every night the federal government is transporting illegal migrants as fast as they can away from the border on secret charter flights into unsuspecting communities...
  • The Democrats get silly about threats to democracy

    01/27/2022 4:52:26 AM PST · by MtnClimber · 1 replies
    American Thinker ^ | 27 Jan, 2022 | Silvio Canto, Jr.
    Where are the serious people in the party? The Democrats are just getting sillier by the minute. Where are the serious people in the party? I can't see too many of them. The latest is talking about "threats to democracy" and Miami talk radio. This is from Alex Perez: The painful reality for the Latinx set is that Hispanics are, as Ruy Teixeira recently wrote, “a patriotic, upwardly mobile, working-class group with quite practical and down to earth concerns.” Which means they have more in common with working-class Americans of all races than they do with Democratic Party elites. Anti-Americanism,...
  • Joe's Gaffes Now Matter

    01/27/2022 4:52:05 AM PST · by Kaslin · 3 replies ^ | January 27, 2022 | Emmett Tyrrell
    Washington -- Accuracy is making a comeback. The plagiarist in chief gave a long off-the-cuff press conference, complete with misstatements and canards, and now his listeners around the world are apprehensive that the Russians may take him at his word and launch an invasion of Ukraine. White House spokesmen have spent days walking back the plagiarist in chief's misstatements, but he happens to be the president of the United States and, as he himself has said, his words matter. The electorate elected in 2020 a 77-year-old man with a lifelong record of plagiarism, lying about his achievements (and other people's...
  • Holocaust Remembrance Day: Lessons to learn from the darkest chapter of history

    01/27/2022 4:34:05 AM PST · by MtnClimber · 13 replies
    American Thinker ^ | 27 Jan, 2022 | Rajan Laad
    Being a passive spectator results in the emboldening of totalitarians. The Holocaust is among the darkest chapters in the history of mankind. It was the first time an entire people were systematically targeted, discriminated against, persecuted, and murdered on an industrial scale for their religious persuasion. But this genocide against the Jewish people did not occur in a vacuum. The Holocaust was the result of a prolonged and sinister campaign against the Jewish people. While the shocking nature of barbarism, violence, and mass murder causes the Holocaust to the focal point of historians, the Nazi strategy that enable them to...
  • The Trailer: San Francisco’s school board recalls are tearing Democrats apart

    01/27/2022 4:32:50 AM PST · by 11th_VA · 9 replies
    Washington Post ^ | January 11, 2022 | By David Weigel Reporter
    SAN FRANCISCO — The black and yellow signs were hard to miss, their message spelled out in English and Cantonese: “Vote YES to Recall the School Board.” Volunteers with the Chinese American Democratic Club urged shoppers to get registered for the Feb. 15 election, telling them why three members of the city’s school board — all Democrats — needed to be removed from office. Yung Chen, 73, was already convinced. “Martin Luther King’s speech, I believe in that: Don’t judge people by racers ,” he said. His grandson, he explained, nearly missed out on a spot at the high school...
  • How Low Will Biden Go?

    01/27/2022 4:32:25 AM PST · by Kaslin · 8 replies ^ | January 27, 2022 | Chris Stigall
    Democrats excoriated Sarah Palin as did some Republicans once upon a time for warning Obmacare would produce “death panels.” That is, government bureaucrats making decisions based on charts and graphs and demographic actuarial tables as to who deserved life saving treatments, procedures, etc. and who should just go home and wait for their time to run out. The doctor/patient relationship would no longer be stronger than the government/doctor relationship. Turns out that “fear monger” was prescient. We can only assume the White House was livid when the Supreme Court of the United States destroyed their authoritarian attempt to circumvent Congress...