Since Mar 25, 2017

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DoodleBob's proposed Homeschooling Amendment: ”A well regulated Family, being necessary to the furtherance of a free State, the right of the parents to educate and bear Children, shall not be infringed.”

For everyone freaking out about asteroids, reason is your friend:

This is available at

There are the Mask Karens, who believe it is their duty to tell everyone that they need to wear a mask lest they infect Karen and the rest of the planet. They are Stasi-like people, who make your business THEIR business.

Then, there are the AntiMask Zealots, who believe it is their duty to tell everyone that wearing a mask is a sign of moral and intellectual inferiority, and that you will soon be rounded up like turkeys in mid-November. They consider themselves to be like the main character in Ayn Rand's Anthem, when in reality they have more in common with William Kristol.

‘The gov killed Nana’ banner flies over NYC, LI beaches