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DoodleBob's proposed Homeschooling Amendment: ”A well regulated Family, being necessary to the furtherance of a free State, the right of the parents to educate and bear Children, shall not be infringed.”

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Over the years, The Presidency went from a job where the nation wanted a guy who had ideas and leadership qualities, to sort of like the slot for lead singer in Van Halen.

You can have a killer frontman like David Lee Roth, who excites and kills live and propels the band creatively, but who is a trainwreck in terms of everything else.

You can get Sammy Hagar, who is ultra competent but not terribly motivating and not your primary pick for frontman.

Then there is Gary Cherone, who is great in Extreme but lost in VH.

Trump is Diamond Dave. Bidet is Cherone. DeSantis is Sammy.

America isn’t voting for competency anymore. We are voting for the Lead Singer of America.

Parenthetically, the American People are Eddie, Michael, and Alex-a monster band that is invariant to the guy in the singer slot.

And Trump will win the Diamond Dave vote, which will be drawn to a guy who just lost a case. Bidet will now get the Gary Cherone vote.

…Assuming no fraud.

‘The gov killed Nana’ banner flies over NYC, LI beaches