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  • Laine's Letters: Food Insurance

    12/31/2020 9:11:26 AM PST · by Diana in Wisconsin · 45 replies
    Bluebird Blog ^ | December 20, 2020 | Laine
    Dear Sisters, We have car insurance in case we get into a car accident. We have life insurance should something happen to us and our daughter needs to be taken care of. We have house insurance should we have a fire or storm and need to rebuild. We have health insurance should we need to be hospitalized or see a doctor. But another insurance that is a necessity for us is food insurance. We have food insurance in case of sickness, unemployment, or a tough season. Both of my grandmothers always had food insurance living in N.H. with the threat...
  • Famine Is “Knocking On The Door”

    12/10/2020 9:55:34 AM PST · by Roman_War_Criminal · 75 replies
    eotad ^ | 12/7/20 | Michael Snyder
    Unless there is some sort of unforeseen miracle, millions of people could literally starve to death in 2021. We are facing a global food crisis that is unlike anything we have ever seen before in modern times, and 2021 is going to be the year when it starts to become extremely painful all over the globe. But don’t take my word for it. David Beasley is the head of the UN World Food Program, and so he is in a better position to assess the global hunger crisis than any of us. According to Beasley, 2021 “is literally going to...
  • UN: "2021 is literally going to be catastrophic"

    12/05/2020 11:32:36 AM PST · by RomanSoldier19 · 132 replies ^ | DECEMBER 4, 2020 | Axios
    Next year is "going to be catastrophic" in terms of worldwide humanitarian crises, World Food Program executive director David Beasley warned on Friday, per Reuters. Driving the news: The stark outlook comes as many countries contend with not only the coronavirus pandemic, but also possible famine, economic instability, conflict and other humanitarian crises. A record 235 million people will need humanitarian assistance and protection next year, a nearly 40% increase from 2020, the UN projected earlier this week On Wednesday, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres urged nations to take greater action on climate change to end the "war on nature," saying...
  • Whats The Most Secure End-To-End VOIP App For iOS & Android Users To Speak With Each Other On?

    11/17/2020 6:19:43 AM PST · by BTerclinger · 41 replies
    11/17/2020 | Bteclinger
    Is anyone on FR using a smart phone VOIP app that touts their end-to-end security? Are you happy with it? I understand we are taking a lot of companies word on what they say they do, and I know that at least one (Wire) says all their software is open source and is reviewed (on the Apple App store the top rated commment for Wire implies its not that secure. And Apple's FaceTime is supposedly very secure and it is built in to the Iphone and Mac, but (a) I don't trust anything coming out of Tim Cook's mouth and...
  • American Shoppers Panic-Buying As Coronavirus Spike Aggravates Year Of Upheaval

    10/30/2020 10:33:20 AM PDT · by blam · 49 replies
    Fox News ^ | 10-30-2020 | Julia Musto
    Americans buying guns alongside their toilet paper and canned goods in anticipation of Nov. 3With just four days until the 2020 presidential election, early indicators show American shoppers concerned about political fallout, a spike in coronavirus cases and the possibility of more lockdowns are stockpiling goods. As tensions run high, toilet paper, cleaning supplies, and other basic goods are reportedly flying off store shelves once more in anticipation of a night of civil unrest next Tuesday. Approaching the close of a chaotic year, in which social and racial justice protesters have frequently clashed with federal law enforcement, uncertainty has served...
  • Three things Americans are doing to prepare for election chaos, another coronavirus spike and deepening economic problems

    10/27/2020 8:27:17 AM PDT · by Roman_War_Criminal · 57 replies
    eotad ^ | 10/25/20 | Michael Snyder
    Do you remember how crazy things got when the COVID-19 pandemic first hit the United States and widespread hoarding caused serious shortages of certain goods all over the United States? Well, it is starting to happen again. As we approach the end of 2020, a “perfect storm” of circumstances is causing the anxiety level of many Americans to go through the roof, and millions are preparing for the worst. I have been hearing from so many people that are deeply concerned about what the outcome of this presidential election could mean for our nation, and a lot of them truly...
  • Why are so many Americans suddenly relocating, buying guns and storing up huge quantities of food?

    10/16/2020 11:22:59 AM PDT · by Roman_War_Criminal · 115 replies
    eotad ^ | 10/15/20 | Michael Snyder
    sales have shattered all previous levels, and people are purchasing and storing huge stockpiles of food. We have seen the American people get deeply concerned about the future before, but we have never seen anything quite like this. It is definitely a major life decision to pack up everything you own and move to another part of the country, but that is precisely what countless Americans have been doing in recent months. WABC wanted to know precisely how many people have been doing this in New York City, and the information that they were able to get from the United...

    10/15/2020 1:49:11 PM PDT · by Travis McGee · 82 replies
    American Partisan ^ | Oct 15, 2020 | Matt Bracken
    A Review of Jack Lawson’s Civil Defense Manual: How to Prepare and Protect Your Neighborhood from Disaster, Riot and Civil Unrest If you are reading this, chances are good that you consider yourself a liberty-loving patriotic American. You might also consider yourself, as I certainly do, a “prepper,” that is, an all-around survival and preparedness advocate. As preppers, we’ve long been anticipating crises ranging from financial collapse, to violent insurrection, to natural or even man-made disasters that could extinguish our electrical grid in a flash. Now, deep into 2020, the year of the Chinese Coronavirus pandemic and widespread Marxist-inspired riots,...
  • TMS Live Stream with Matt Bracken - 3PM EST SUNDAY October 4th 2020

    10/03/2020 4:33:58 PM PDT · by MtnClimber · 7 replies
    Youtube ^ | 3 )ct, 2020 | TheModernSurvivalist (Fernando)
    TheModernSurvivalist: Hello everyone, join us 3PM EST SUNDAY October 4th as we talk with Matt Bracken about current events and how to be better prepared! Topic for the day will of course be President Donald Trump testing positive and all the implications.
  • Buy Lots Of Food And Store It Some Place Safe, Because Very Difficult Times Are Approaching

    09/01/2020 5:05:15 PM PDT · by Roman_War_Criminal · 253 replies
    the economic collapse ^ | 8/31/2020 | Michael Snyder
    I’m just going to be very blunt with you. Things have already gotten quite crazy, but they are going to get even crazier. Global food supplies have already gotten tight, but they are going to get even tighter. When even the UN starts using the word “biblical” to describe the famine that the world is facing, that is a sign that the hour is very late. Thankfully, we are not facing famine in the short-term here in the United States, but “temporary shortages” of certain items have already been popping up, and food prices are aggressively shooting higher. Earlier today...
  • Empty shelves in American stores less than 100 days before the election

    07/31/2020 4:02:16 PM PDT · by WWII_Historian · 149 replies
    NOQ Report ^ | July 31, 2020 | Gary Gindler
    <...> Many Americans are well aware that in their cities, the power belongs not just to leftists, not only to outspoken communists but also fanatics, ideological whackos with ideas of the world revolution. What will American citizens do? They, in fact, have already done, and have already decided this. America has gorged its fill of decapitated and mutilated statues, looting and marauding left-wing barbarians, and demands the restoration of order. Democrats already seem to know who won this year’s election, and the pathetic attempt to revolutionize America is simply an instinctive collective reaction of leftism to its future loss. But...
  • Inside the luxury nuclear bunker protecting the mega-rich from the apocalypse

    07/06/2020 12:03:39 PM PDT · by Red Badger · 54 replies
    CNET ^ | July 6, 2020 | Claire Reilly
    A volcanic-ash scrubber, a decontamination room, a waterslide -- when it comes to surviving a nuclear apocalypse, the Survival Condo has everything you could need, at a price. ........ For most of my adult life, I've had an apocalypse plan. It's been straightforward. Grab my go bag, drive out to a shack in the woods, then hunker down under the floorboards eating canned food through the valve in my gas mask, waiting for the nukes to drop. But after visiting my first real nuclear bunker, my apocalypse plan has been upgraded. Now my list of needs includes "underground swimming pool"...
  • First Steps to Prepping

    06/11/2020 6:12:58 AM PDT · by w1n1 · 9 replies
    Am Shooting Journal ^ | 6/11/20 | J Wood
    Do you recall how you became interested in prepping? Was it a personal experience from a localized disaster that you were not prepared for, or perhaps watching a catastrophic event on television? Maybe you fear the economic crisis in Greece or exodus of thousands of people from troubled countries who might reach the shores of America? Maybe it was triggered by a stock market shutdown due to a computer glitch? Whatever the reason or motivation that started you into prepping, the good news is these are all issues you are thinking about. You might be eager to carry this concern...
  • Who is ready for COVID-20???

    05/08/2020 9:39:17 PM PDT · by Oscar in Batangas · 32 replies
    today | Oscar in Batangas
    Think about it: the inaugural season was such a great success, you KNOW "our betters" in the DeepState will try it again. So, let's put our heads together and make a FReepers' survival list for next year's COVID-20. After roughly two months, you all have a pretty good idea of your pantry's pluses and minuses. So... What are you running out of? What did you over-stock? What unexpected craving cropped up that you had no way of anticipating? Does your 'local militia' have a plan to 'discourage' the jack-boot thugs who will come around to shut down your local house...
  • Prepping/SHTF Knowledge Base

    04/30/2020 3:45:53 PM PDT · by Oshkalaboomboom · 21 replies
    Vanity ^ | 5/1/2020 | Oshkalaboomboom
    I have been working on a knowledge base of topics related to prepping and SHTF situations. It is geared towards making people more self sufficient with topics ranging from unarmed self defense to small space gardening to how to sew your own clothes. I'm one of those types of people who believe that we are going to go out with a whimper, not a bang, so there is a lot of content on how to do your own repairs, build your own stuff and live a more frugal lifestyle. In order to get access you need to send me a...
  • 7 Major Cultural Shifts The Coronavirus Crisis Should Make Happen

    04/02/2020 6:00:19 AM PDT · by Kaslin · 46 replies
    The Federalist ^ | April 2, 2020 | Joy Pullman
    The spectre of one's mortality that a global pandemic raises can be a needed and sobering opportunity to reconsider and reorder our lives, if we're granted them longer. The spectre of one’s mortality that a global health and economic crisis raises can be a needed and sobering opportunity to reconsider and reorder our lives, if we’re granted them longer.The coronavirus pandemic is a social stress test exposing many Americans’ lack of responsibility for our lives, our willingness to hold other people’s lives hostage to our own, and our national unpreparedness to manage danger. What are some long-term positive steps this...
  • Prepping/SHTF Knowledge Base

    03/31/2020 4:33:14 PM PDT · by Oshkalaboomboom · 15 replies
    Vanity ^ | 4/1/2020 | Oshkalaboomboom
    I have been working on a knowledge base of topics related to prepping and SHTF situations. It is geared towards making people more self sufficient with topics ranging from unarmed self defense to small space gardening to how to sew your own clothes. I'm one of those types of people who believe that we are going to go out with a whimper, not a bang, so there is a lot of content on how to do your own repairs, build your own stuff and live a more frugal lifestyle. In order to get access you need to send me a...
  • Revealed: The Police Checkpoints Being Set Up Across Spain’s Costa Del Sol As 30,000 Installed Nationwide To Battle Coronavirus Contagion

    03/21/2020 10:51:57 AM PDT · by Oshkalaboomboom · 10 replies
    Olive Press ^ | 3/20/2020 | Laurence Dollimore
    GUARDIA Civil are cracking down on movements across the country with a particular focus on roads which lead to the coasts. It means if you are caught travelling with families and suitcases to your second residence, you will be ordered to return to your home with a fine of between €601 and €30,000. The state security forces began the ‘high impact operation’ today in a bid to stop people planning to break the coronavirus lockdown restrictions. One of the biggest focuses has been on stopping people heading to the Costa del Sol after Andalucia surpassed 1,000 cases today. Guardia Civil...
  • Supply and Demand, Hoarding, Price Gouging -- and the Coronavirus

    03/12/2020 8:15:12 AM PDT · by Kaslin · 37 replies ^ | March 20, 2020 | Veronique De Rugy
    As the saying goes, "Nothing is certain but death and taxes." I would add, "and anti-price gouging legislation in times of crisis." Yet price increases in the face of sudden shortages are an important impetus to restore supply and demand market conditions that are closer to normal. As many of us have experienced in the past few weeks, buying toilet paper, hand sanitizer and face masks has become more difficult and more expensive. The reason, of course, is that unusually large numbers of people are rushing to buy these and other products that might prevent the spread of the coronavirus....
  • DHS Advises Americans To Store Two Weeks Of Food, Water For Coronavirus Prep

    02/26/2020 6:43:15 PM PST · by blam · 227 replies
    Breitbart ^ | 2-26-2020 | Bob Price
     The U.S. Department of Homeland Security offers tips for planning for a possible pandemic in relation to the Coronavirus on a preparedness website. now contains a topic titled, “Human Coronavirus — Know the facts about Coronavirus. Public health is everyone’s responsibility.” That website redirects to recommendations for how to prepare for a possible pandemic. DHS recommends storing a two-week supply of water and food. Officials also urge Americans to make sure they have all needed prescription medications filled for that time period. Specifically, DHS recommends: Before a Pandemic •Store a two week supply of water and food. •Periodically...