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  • Bipartisan Baucus plan may leave Democrats cold

    09/15/2009 3:51:11 AM PDT · 12 of 18
    claudwitz to nickcarraway
    we're getting very close" to finalizing sweeping health legislation to enact President Barack Obama's priorities of extending coverage to most of the 50 million uninsured....
    It looks like Baucus is back to including the illegal aliens that Obama, in his address to Congress, tossed under the bus.
  • Clinton outlines how U.S. may deal with nuclear Iran

    07/22/2009 2:04:06 AM PDT · 7 of 14
    claudwitz to james500
    Hillaryous(any & all puns intended)!
  • Obama's Jimmy Carter Problem?

    06/17/2009 6:36:20 PM PDT · 16 of 44
    claudwitz to lbryce

    Jimmah Cahtear is not a problem. Obama is the problem.

  • Despite His Own Flu Warning, Biden Takes Train Home (damage control)

    05/02/2009 3:41:58 PM PDT · 42 of 69
    claudwitz to Sub-Driver
    On Biden's trip home, did anyone notice if his keepers had him in handcuffs or a very tightly-wrapped jacket(the only aspect of Biden that would be tightly-wrapped)?
  • Heavy demand for guns, ammo puts strain on supply chain

    04/28/2009 10:32:28 AM PDT · 97 of 131
    claudwitz to Hodar
    If your local gun shop has raised prices, he's gouging you. This is a temporary shortage.
    I had the opportunity to talk with a couple of representatives in the business back mid-February. They did not see anything improving until at least the end of 2010, if then at all. It sure didn't sound temporary.
  • OPEC wants oil to reach $70 a barrel

    04/26/2009 6:53:16 PM PDT · 11 of 29
    claudwitz to SES1066

    Heck...I’d like to see oil at $0.0070/bbl also.

    We’re close.

  • Gen. Petraeus: U.S. no less safe under Obama

    03/29/2009 8:58:32 AM PDT · 26 of 50
    claudwitz to Sub-Driver

    The US may be no less safe under Obama but he certainly isn’t making the US any safer - I believe one of his ‘sell-by’ promises.

  • 508 Chicago School Students Shot In 16 Months

    03/10/2009 11:04:51 AM PDT · 33 of 87
    claudwitz to Sub-Driver

    Damned good thing they’ve got those tough gun laws.


  • Bush says Iran nuke claims must be verified

    11/23/2004 12:09:13 AM PST · 11 of 12
    claudwitz to OXENinFLA
    Without replacing Kofi, ElBaradi and completely reforming the IAEA we're headed for a nuclear Iran.

    The history of both U.N.'s and Euro's failures, appeasement and corruption which has led to weapon's proliferation should completely negate acceptance of any deal they broker. The only reason I can see that the Iranian's have so far agreed to the deal is the Euro's must have dropped any demands for unannounced and complete, unprohibited access to any site within Iran.

    What needs to be remembered is the IAEA only stumbled upon Iran's program after having their nose's rubbed in data from Libya and Khan's network uncovered by the U.S. and Britain.
  • Putin: We Develop New Atomic Bomb

    11/18/2004 2:15:42 AM PST · 12 of 88
    claudwitz to Robert Drobot

    Just a minor point for clarity.

    It was a previous President which worked so hard to help Mr. Putin and Russia back on her feet, ex-President Billy 'Loose-zipper' Clinton, through loans guaranteed by not only the U.S. but our 'all-lies' the Euro's.

  • Russian Nuclear Missile System Ready Within A Few Years

    11/18/2004 12:12:22 AM PST · 1 of 45
  • Putin: We Develop New Atomic Bomb

    11/18/2004 12:11:43 AM PST · 1 of 88
    Finger-pointing moonbat alert!
  • Deputy Secretary of State Armitage Quits -Official

    11/16/2004 3:00:29 PM PST · 20 of 25
    claudwitz to West Coast Conservative


  • Ohio To Go Through Statewide Vote Recount After All(Gag)

    11/16/2004 2:57:39 PM PST · 38 of 266
    claudwitz to dinok
    They received the money,
    mostly in small contributions.
    What the Euro's and Islamists are getting cheap these days, one-dollar bills in unmarked envelope's?

    Idiots...complete friggin idiots.

  • Swiftvet O'Neill: If Kerry Comes Back, So Will We

    11/15/2004 4:41:56 AM PST · 23 of 25
    claudwitz to kattracks
    For the great service these men have done I what the thank them all but.....

    Far from backing off during the next four years, I'll be extremely disappointed if everyone here doesn't do their best to urge the members of the Swift's to continue their efforts and express their support in as many ways as possible. Just read the stories, far from ceasing the attacks upon the administration and President, the Democrat's, the hard Left and Islamists are initiating new attacks and campaigns daily.

    This is exactly where America went so seriously astray after the attack on 9-11. No sooner had the last voice of a united America called out 'Never Forget' and the administration began to implement those policies necessary to protect the nation, did funds begin to roll-in to do the exact derail their efforts. And a great many people 'Forgot.' Organizations sprang up instantly, activists began decrying their rights were being subverted, the White House was beginning its quest for gas and oil in Afghanistan and the wailing of Muslim organizations began their own campaign to silence every voice which unveils the depths of their deceit.

    And it almost worked. American's need to know exactly who the man who could have been President really is and must be fully appraised of the dangers he presented. We can't leave the administration and President flanks exposed to another 4 years of lies and half-truths in the media. To muslim organizations who work daily to suppress the truth and freedom of speech. To the Leftist detractors who continue to fabricate stories, rumors and lies.

    The last 4 years are going to seem like a cake-walk compared with what the next 4 will yield. Positions around the world have hardened, Islam's going full-bore in their quest. The Euro's are afraid to abandon the hard-line tyrant's to whom they've subverted their interests and our media is covering-up their duplicity along with that of the U.N.. The list goes on and on...and on.

    To stop now in exposing Kerry, the media and the agenda of those who would have put this man in power, will spell disaster. Its my opinion that we should follow what GW has stated, 'Stay the Course.'

    We've got to work to expose Kerry, the media, the U.N., the Islamists and the Euro's. Don't let any party dare put up this type of man as a serious contender for the office of President.

  • Kerry run in '08 called conceivable

    11/09/2004 3:33:37 AM PST · 21 of 121
    claudwitz to kattracks
    It's really time to pull out all the stops on Sen. Kerry and expose the man for what he truly is. It's not in the countries interest to wait another 4 years to have the Democratic Parties each enter their own candidate; one for traitors and socialists, the other for head-cases and psycho's.
  • Iran Nukes Deal ???? I Don't Get It.

    11/09/2004 3:19:19 AM PST · 5 of 7
    claudwitz to publius1
    help with regional security concerns
    A non-nuanced version of that would read:
    The EU guarantee's Iran's security and defense against U.S. or Israeli aggression or intervention.

    I wish they'd hurry-up and publish the full text of their surrender and nuclear proliferation agreement. I'm absolutely certain we're going to be just delighted. :-|


    11/03/2004 7:39:15 AM PST · 1 of 13
    Might be the end of the show. Such a pity...../not.

    Will Kerry now sign the 180? Who will start digging into possibility of a questionable discharge?

    I'd like to see how close we did come to complete disaster. Not so much as to get any closer than we already are.

  • Oil Down $2, Speculators Bet on Kerry Win

    11/01/2004 11:34:06 AM PST · 28 of 30
    claudwitz to Tumbleweed_Connection
    With a drop in the futures contracts by such an amount, it does appear the futures could have been manipulated by a 'short squeeze.' It's certainly not an uncommon event and occurs on our exchanges more than one would like to think. It's generally accomplished by a group of traders, a house and/or marketmakers tacitly in cahoots, artificially inflating demand for contracts or issue(s), then selling the contracts/issue(s) short on the downside. Soro's is an expert on the currency markets in such tactics.

    The problem, as with the embargo's and manipulation of supply by OPEC, the tactic has a very nasty backlash. When the price's were as high as they were, owners of non-affected contracts ie, those they've take possession of or holders of large inventories, will reissue and sell new contracts - a short - not buying at the higher price. Production facilities themselves, will look to alternative sources, tailor production for decreased inventory stocks and/or switch to product streams. The oil producer is then hurt by lack of demand and drastically falling revenues.

    Those worst hurt by such tactics are those whose inventories are run on a mostly JIT, 'just-in-time', principles, those with small inventories and those unable to switch product streams, 3rd world developing countries.

    Another vote by our Euro and Arabian islamofascists? It wouldn't surprise me, it certainly wouldn't be the first occurrence. But as those that were up-to-no-good later found out the consequences were like Russian roulette, the game where you merrily say, 'Shoot Yourself.'

    10/31/2004 1:19:28 PM PST · 43 of 105
    claudwitz to coffee260
    I'm calling foul, this story smells.

    There may be some at the agency who are working against Bush but a Kerry election spells a bloodletting within the intelligence community not seen since 74' & 75'. In fact Biden, who is speculated to take control within the intelligence hierarchy under a Kerry administration catastrophe, was instrumental in pushing through much of the legislation which not only de-fanged and raped the CIA but neutered the entire community.