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  • prayer request for my son

    11/04/2015 4:59:04 PM PST · 60 of 63
    rikkir to heartwood

    I will pray for your son’s safety, but take heart.
    I was a little younger than he when I decided it was time to go face the big bad world.
    He may seem young for his age as you say, but that may be his love and respect for his mother giving you that impression.
    It doesn’t matter where, or how old he is, he’ll always have those “I need to talk to Mom” moments. I still do. I’m 51, and my mom’s been passed since 1993.
    It sounds like you raised him right. Have faith in those lessons, and understand that your son’s desire to prove his manhood, and independence, are a direct result of his upbringing, and the instinctual desire to pass it on to the next generation.
    My crystal ball says, he’s just as likely to be successful, meet a beautiful girl, get married in a couple of years, and then we’ll get to congratulate you for those cute grandbabies!
    God Bless you and him!

  • Waco Coverup Unraveling

    11/04/2015 4:25:17 PM PST · 77 of 172
    rikkir to Trumpinator; Finny; don-o

    “I love mechanical things like bikes but I can’t buy the idea these outlaw bikers are just guys out for a joyride with their chums.”

    Well here ya go FRiend.
    I suggest you sling your rear-end across some iron, and get out there and meet some of these guys.
    Stop believing what you read, because most of it is written by a bunch liberal, limp-wristed, metrosexual sissies, who wet their underoos at the sound of a V-Twin engine.
    A couple of years ago there were over a million of these so called “criminals” who rode into DC in support of our veterans.
    Seen a million of anyone else do that?
    I’ve spent my whole life around these clubs off and on, and never had one seconds problem.
    Bottom line; You can always “assume” what you think is true, or you can go find out what’s real.
    Also, look up the term 1%, or 1%er, it should clue you in on the reality of this argument.

    I’m out before TG starts stalking me again! LOL!

  • Prayer, & Thought Request

    11/03/2015 6:13:49 PM PST · 107 of 109
    rikkir to combat_boots; All

    I’m doing better. The funeral was today, and the outpouring of support I have received has been overwhelming.
    Patsy was loved by all who met her.
    I’m surprised they didn’t have to close the Wal-Mart here last night. It seemed like the entire store showed up for the visitation.
    It’s been an exhausting 5 days, and most are telling me that I’m gonna be really drop kicked in the gut now that all the processes are over.
    One second at a time, one step at a time, and keep moving forward.
    I even took time and went to vote for Matt Bevin today after the funeral.
    She would have been upset with me not doing my duty because of her.
    Thanks again to all of my FRiends. Your prayers, and thoughts have been like a warm blanket on a frosty morning.
    God bless you all.

  • Prayer, & Thought Request

    11/01/2015 1:32:01 AM PST · 94 of 109
    rikkir to All

    Once again I thank all of you for the kind words of support, and Prayer.
    It is why I consider Free Republic one of the most important places in my daily life. The people here are treasures.
    I wish I could take the time to express my gratitude to each of you individually, and I may in the days and weeks to come.
    In the interim, please know that your caring words have touched me deeply.

  • Prayer, & Thought Request

    10/31/2015 2:10:01 PM PDT · 31 of 109
    rikkir to All

    Thank you all so much, and I apologize that I can’t respond to all your kind word personally as usual.
    I am bouncing between so many tasks for the next few days that all I have time to do is sneak in for a peek, and a quick thank you.
    But believe this. I already feel God’s strength emanating from this place.

  • Prayer, & Thought Request

    10/31/2015 1:46:00 PM PDT · 1 of 109
    Thanks for letting me say these things to the people who understand me best.

    May God Bless, and keep you and your families safe.

  • Texans release quarterback Ryan Mallett after missed flight

    10/27/2015 7:15:48 PM PDT · 61 of 61
    rikkir to TTFlyer

    Yep, and that’s our 3rd string. Our backup could be starting for most teams in the NFL. I’m surprised we didn’t lose him in the off season.
    Webb, for whoever their best safety is...I’ll take that trade.
    Get someone to take the pressure off Kuechly, and Norman. Our Defense would be impenetrable.

  • Yep, I'm Giving Away a Free AR15. Why? Because America, and Screw you

    10/21/2015 7:15:15 PM PDT · 79 of 135
    rikkir to StevenCrowder

    I’m in like Flynn, and it’s shared to my FB page!!
    Good job Steven. Keep poking them in the eye!

  • Forget the debate: Two simple reasons a Republican will likely win in 2016

    10/14/2015 6:33:30 PM PDT · 73 of 79
    rikkir to MNJohnnie

    “It will take a tidal-wave election, in the mode of 1980, to blow up the DC Political/Media/Business machine but it can be done. That is why the “outsiders” candidates like Trump/Carson/Cruz are doing so well. People are looking around and saying “this is not the country I want for my kids”.

    Well said, and I 100% agree.
    We haven’t had an election with these types of candidates, making this much headway since 1980.
    I too agree that Americans as a whole are fed up with the direction of the country.
    We were in 2012 also, but Romney inspired no one except Ann Coulter.
    It’s her book that proves all the Republican candidate needs to do is pick up 7% more of the white vote, and they win a landslide. Let’s call it 8% to account for illegals voting.
    Much different feeling this time.

  • Forget the debate: Two simple reasons a Republican will likely win in 2016

    10/14/2015 6:22:51 PM PDT · 72 of 79
    rikkir to wright2bear

    Very smart take and good article.
    Polls are way too unpredictable this far out. Plus pollsters are having a much harder time getting respondents because so much of the nation is mobile.

    Also glad to see an article I haven’t seen 6 times. Some have forgotten to use the search feature before posting.
    Good job on your first.
    We’re almost twins. I started on FR in 2003.
    Glad you’re here!

  • Don't Clap!: If we're all quiet enough, maybe Pan and its fairies will die (movie review)

    10/11/2015 6:30:09 PM PDT · 44 of 47
    rikkir to max americana

    I thought Interstellar was outstanding, and for me ranks as one of the best Science/SciFi movies I’ve ever seen.
    The ending (inside the black hole...right) took me a bit to understand, and frankly I think it detracts from a movie that had a theoretical physicist help with the writing, but still a good flick!

  • 60 Minutes Thread

    10/11/2015 4:49:12 PM PDT · 23 of 35
    rikkir to fhayek

    I think I’ll find something more pleasing to do, like squeezing my dog’s anal glands for cleansing.

  • So why don't I like Donald Trump?

    10/11/2015 4:42:54 PM PDT · 351 of 398
    rikkir to laplata

    You are welcome.
    I always capitalize the word because, as evidently many don’t know it is an acronym for Taxed Enough Already.
    And despite what many, on this forum now believe, we are not liars.
    I guess I’ll have to find my super-secret TEA Party membership card, and decoder ring! :)
    Maybe, just a picture of my car from 2010-2011 with a flipping teabag hanging from the rearview mirror!

  • We still don’t get what to do about drugs

    10/11/2015 4:27:28 PM PDT · 21 of 24
    rikkir to Oldpuppymax

    Well let’s start with:
    I discount everything written about drugs by an author, that incudes the (OXY) in a discussion about Class 1 Narcotics.
    He is either deceitful, or woefully misinformed.
    In the very next sentence he contends that the government has made all these drugs illegal. Horse apples!
    The OXY he refers to is Oxycodone, or the main ingredient in OxyContin, Percoset, and many other “Prescription” medications.
    It is used by me, and many other chronic pain, and cancer patients to relieve what is otherwise debilitating pain.
    Without this medication, I am unable to lift myself out of bed, bathe myself, or even make it to the bathroom without assistance.
    This medication has given me a quality of life that most take for granted, and for him to include it in this manner is a slap in the face to all of us who this medication has helped.
    How in the hell is it our fault that a bunch of numbskulls who have obtained the med ILLEGALLY (sound like the gun argument?) have misused it?

    After that first statement, it’s hard to take anything else he says seriously.

  • So why don't I like Donald Trump?

    10/11/2015 4:08:58 PM PDT · 338 of 398
    rikkir to MNJohnnie

    Lots of GOPe CLAIM to be “tea party” but they are not.

    So now anyone claiming to be a member of the TEA party ,or as another poster claimed, a Conservative is a liar, and a member of GOPe?

    Wow the warped, gymnastic thinking caused by the Trump worship is nauseating.

    I hate to break this to everyone, but some of us are, and have always been PROUD to be a real CONSERVATIVE, and a member of the TEA Party, and we’re not afraid to shout it from the roof tops.

    I find it amazing that Trump’s non-conservative record is causing so many to strike out at any dissent, including those of us that have been fighting this fight for years. For me it’s been since 1982, and 1984 when I got my first chance to vote for Reagan.
    Nice of you all to throw us under the bus so quickly.
    Trump couldn’t be doing any better if he openly called for Hillary to win. He is succeeding in throwing away many Republican voters every day. In case no one’s noticed he has approx. 30%. So along with the GOPe, who we still need to win the general, go ahead as alienate the base as well as there are many like me who will NEVER support him in the primary, but will grudgingly vote for him in the general. Keep calling us liars, and you’ll lose our support as well, and then he can try and get elected by Dems.

    HMMM maybe that was the plan all along. What better way to wipe out the Republican party once and for all, than by splintering the base? What a novel idea. Sound like it could have come from Hillary?

  • So why don't I like Donald Trump?

    10/11/2015 3:36:04 PM PDT · 317 of 398
    rikkir to dead

    Bravo sir, and well said!!

  • So why don't I like Donald Trump?

    10/11/2015 3:34:10 PM PDT · 315 of 398
    rikkir to E. Pluribus Unum

    I consider myself a member of the TEA party.

    Am I a liar?

  • Thought the Republicans Were Nuts? Wait 'til Bat**** Craziness of Next Week's Democratic Debate

    10/08/2015 5:29:23 PM PDT · 35 of 43
    rikkir to JLAGRAYFOX

    because by the third hour, even Democrats will have switched off their TVs!!!!

    Or reaching for the anti-depressants, liquor, and fashioning a noose out of pantyhose! LOL!

  • After Intelligent Life Is Discovered

    10/08/2015 5:26:50 PM PDT · 55 of 60
    rikkir to who_would_fardels_bear

    Why can’t a Christian believe in life in a multiverse?

    We know God exists. We know Heaven and Hell exists. We know Heaven is not in the sky, and hell is not below ground.
    Why can’t God be an omnipotent being from a dimension that we can’t perceive?
    I believe science allows us to better see God’s wonders.
    What better than an extra-dimensional Being, and location explains the existence of the Divine?
    We will never know in this lifetime, because God requires Faith, but the possible scientific plausibility of the theory has the potential to bring millions to God’s Love.
    How does one feel about eternal life on the surface of a star? Kinda sounds like Hell, huh?

  • My Son Singing to His Wife.

    10/08/2015 4:33:26 PM PDT · 39 of 58
    rikkir to Eaker

    He has a great natural talent there.
    Hopefully the response he gets from this will cause him to lose some of the timidity I heard in the voice at the beginning of the song.
    Toward the end where he takes those deeper breaths, you can really hear the potential of that beautiful gift.
    If he’s never been to a coach, It could be a lucrative, and life changing investment, as I really believe he could do something great.
    So many of today’s performers rely on computer enhancement to sound good on recording. A true natural talent, with (from a dudes opinion) good looks, can be a powerful thing in today’s music industry.
    Hope his wife swooned.
    I make my wife happy by not singing to her. :)