Since Nov 7, 2003

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I am conservative, and vote republican. However I do look at the big picture which means I have some Libertarian leanings. I was born in 1964. I grew up in NC, now reside in eastern KY, but have traveled and spent time in all 48 contiguous states plus Canada, and Mexico. I am a huge Carolina Panthers fan, and also love NASCAR. I was adopted at birth in Richmond VA (thank God abortion wasn't legal in 1964) and am always on the lookout for any members of my birth family (birthname was Childers or Childress). The people who adopted me were the best parents a person could hope for. They were Republican, as were both of their families, and I was raised with conservative principles, and a hunger for all things political. I am married, have one daughter, and 3 grandsons, 1 furry kid, a Peekapoo named Mugsy. I love to read, love rock and roll (as well as jazz,and big band) and love silly and dry humor.
Free republic has been a Godsend. I now have a way to exercise my political demons without beating my friends and family over the head constantly.
I look forward to a long relationship with all my FReeper friends.