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2013-7-19 Obamacare, Simplified

2021-9-15 A Step-by-Step Guide to Getting Ivermectin | Guest; Dr. Pierre Kory

2021-9-16 A Step-by-Step Guide to Getting Ivermectin | Guest; Dr. Pierre Kory

"Strictly Confidential" AIG Internal Draft Memo on It's Systemic Risk

01A Vanity - how do y'all post those pictures?

2001-3-19 Why I Am Never Going to Own a Home Again

2009-0-8 China Puts Up a Fighter

2009-10-9 Virus linked to chronic fatigue syndrome - Prostate

2009-11-12 J-10s For Pakistan

2009-11-13 Obama's disgusting pattern of disrespect to America and the flag

2009-11-13 U.S. F-22s versus Chinese F-35s

2009-11-19 Breaking News Story: CRU has apparently been hacked – hundreds of files released

2009-11-20 Angry Congress lashes out at Obama (Gets it from both sides!)

2009-11-20 HUSH MONEY? New AmeriCorps IG Walpin Firing Scandal Revelation

2009-11-20 United Nations says that diversity is bad and fossil fuels are good

2009-11-22 25 Reasons We Will Not Have a Depression

2009-11-24 Month-by-month USA Unemployment Map (wow!)

2009-11-7 Fort Hood Texas: Free Republic Archives

2009-11-8 Ft. Hood - The Hero the Media Purposely Ignored

2009-11-9 FLIGHT TEST: Dassault Rafale - Rampant Rafale

2009-11-9 Legendary Lost Persian Army Found in Sahara

2009-12-1 Mass UFO sightings across South America cause panic, video

2009-12-1 Why Is China Engaged In A Military Build-Up In The Himalayas?

2009-12-18 PUTZ Why Stresses To The Global Economy Will Push Oil To $40

2009-12-2 Indian air force grounds fighter jets after crash (Sukhoi-30MKI)

2009-12-3 Japan Seeks An F-22 Substitute

2009-12-3 So, was this a language misunderstanding or terrorist dry run?

2009-8-20 (Indian)Navy eyes Maldives-Counter to China’s ‘string of pearls’ plan

2009-8-20 Bambi And The Gun: Texas deputies disciplined for staging hot-waitress-with-rifle pics

2009-8-20 Guess who screened White House appointments!

2009-8-20 I really think the US is toast.

2009-8-20 POTUS Usurper Chester Arthur Forced Military To Salute British Flag.

2009-8-20 Redfaced Greenpeace insists 'we didn't make it up' - we just 'emotionalised the issue'

2009-8-21 NY TIMES Reveals Another US State Secret

2009-8-21 Personal heath insurance source?

2009-8-21 Petrobras: Buy and Sit Tight Like Soros

2009-8-24 5 Reasons Macs Can't Claim They're Better than Windows 7 — plus rebuttal...

2009-8-24 A Soldier's Miracle--One Word From A General Seems To Bring Wounded Soldier Back To Life

2009-8-24 Cheney Statement on CIA Documents/Investigation

2009-8-24 description of the Obama administration I've ever heard

2009-8-24 Federal Workers' Pay Ascending Rapidly

2009-8-24 James Madison on when it's time for Revolution

2009-8-24 Mac OSX Snow Leopard: The Pros... and the Cons

2009-8-24 S.D. National Guard leader: Pentagon control of local troops would create chaos

2009-8-24 Voters seeing through Obama's poll-tested lines about health care

2009-8-25 Parallels to make switching to the Mac easier, safe and painless

2009-8-27 America's Lost Decade: You Lived It (Many of you just did not know it)

2009-8-27 Glenn Beck Daily Clips You Tube Channel

2009-8-28 At least 8 minor earthquakes shake parts of Okla.

2009-8-28 Not The End Of The World (Predictions about Obama, dated Nov 4, 2008)

2009-8-28 Resuscitating the Atomic Airplane: Flying on a Wing and an Isotope

2009-8-30 Discovery Of 'Fatostatin' A Turnoff For Fat Genes

2009-8-30 Glenn Beck Has Gone from Crazy Talk to Dangerous Incitement

2009-8-30 Why the 'O'-ministration will implode in weeks

2009-8-31 What We Are Learning About the Era of Obama

2009-8-8 India's First Stealth Fighter Scheduled to Fly in 4 Months

2009-9-10 5 Reasons to avoid the gold rush

2009-9-10 Teenager invents £23 solar panel that could be solution to developing world's energy needs

2009-9-12 ‘Go Home!’: DC Crowd Drowns Out CNN Reporter During Live Report

2009-9-16 Gates endorses new U.S. bomber project (B-3 'Bingo' Bomber)

2009-9-16 President to Aggieland = Prez to Notre Dame

2009-9-16 Shocking 1995 Obama Race-Baiting Interview Found: Listen To The Well-Spoken Bigot!

2009-9-17 Colour blindness corrected by gene therapy - Treated monkeys can now see in technicolour.

2009-9-17 Home power plants project unveiled in Germany

2009-9-18 China's Silver and Gold Download

2009-9-19 Amazing, Interactive, Panoramic, 360-view of Entire Night Sky Unveiled

2009-9-22 Energy Secretary Chu: Americans Are Like Teenagers & Aren't Acting the Way They Should Act

2009-9-3 Man Who Lost Finger to Bite by ObamaCare Supporter Tells Story (VIDEO)

2009-9-3 Mud experiments overturn long-held geological beliefs

2009-9-8 Sun-Caused Warming

2009-9-9 Crystal Cave of Giants (Amazing Pictures!)

2009-9-9 Mysteries in the Mountains: A real-life Twilight Zone in Southeastern Arizona

2010-1-11 Vitamin D Is Essential To The Modern Indoor Lifestyle

2010-1-18 Meet the Real Jack Bauers

2010-11-1 Sand hardened by bacteria could create roads without using oil

2010-11-26 Tax Reform 201: The Optimal Tax Rate

2010-12-1 It’s Official – Our Leaders Have Lost Their Freaking Minds…

2010-12-1 Stocks a sucker bet (amazing facts in last paragraph!)

2010-12-16 Killers Without Conscience - 2010


2010-2-11 The Obama Retirement Trap Has Started

2010-2-16 FOX NEWS reviews "The Coming Insurrection"

2010-2-16 US lab births flexy, stingy solar cells - 99 per cent less silicon

2010-2-18 Here's The 'V' That Impaled The Shorts, And It's Growing

2010-2-19 Letters shed new light on British despair during the American War of Independence

2010-2-20 The Bloom Box: An Energy Breakthrough? (Fuel Cells Redux w/o platinum)

2010-2-22 Rahm Emanuel Is Toast

2010-2-5 It Is Now Mathematically Impossible To Pay Off The U.S. National Debt

2010-2-5 The Bankruptcy of the United States is Now Certain

2010-2-9 Lactobacillus improves Helicobacter pylori infected gastritis

2010-2-9IRAN Will Announce Nuke

2010-3-13 1934 Editorial Cartoon - SCARY

2010-3-13 Economy Kept On Life Support While Global Governance Is Organized

2010-3-15 Breaking: Excerpts from Reconciliation Bill

2010-3-17 Landing on a Pitching Deck, Part 1

2010-3-22 Twenty Things You May Not Know About ObamaCare

2010-3-26 Health Care Package Major Provisions Timeline

2010-3-27 I'm 63 and Im Tired!

2010-3-31 Arctic sea ice sets record! (latest annual max extent on record)

2010-3-31 Longer-life F/A-18 Hornet needed to fill US Navy's strike fighter gap

2010-3-31 USAF rules out new F-15s and F-16s to narrow ‘fighter gap’

2010-3-37 What is in The Health Care Monstrosity(ObamaCare)

2010-3-9 Will Millennials leave US to avoid becoming the 'chump' generation?

2010-4-2 McDonnell Douglas F-15 Eagle The Ultimate MiG-Killer

2010-4-20 The New Suburbs, a Plane Ride Away (telecommuting picks up steam)

2010-4-28 Say Goodbye To U.S. Air Dominance -- And Perhaps To Victory In The Next War

2010-4-3 Israeli unveils tank-defense system of the future

2010-4-3 Replacing The Missing F-35s

2010-4-3 The Road to Area 51

2010-5-1 (Desperately) Looking for Arctic warming

2010-5-12 VAWA: Billions Spent on Pure Government Evil

2010-6-19 5 Places to Retire On Social Security Alone

2010-6-28 John Hussman: It's Official, The Data Says Another Recession Is Coming

2010-6-28 USS Carrier Harry Truman Now Officially Just Off Iran ... Imminent Tehran Raid

2010-7-30 The CW2 Cube: Mapping the Meta-terrain of Civil War Two

2010-7-31 The Truths We Dare Not Speak About Illegal Immigration


2010-9-12 US military Jeep torn completely down and rebuilt in four minutes.

2010-9-17 Demand for pilots is 'set to soar' as plane travel grows

2010-9-17 Military retirement system broken, board says (recommends big cuts)

2010-9-22 1920: The Great Depression That Wasn't (How Warren Harding avoided it)

2010-9-22 The unofficial guide to installing iTunes 10 without bloatware

2010-9-22 Top Five Reasons To Trust This Rally

2010-9-25 How do I post pictures?

2010-9-6 Get Out Of Stocks--Jim Rickards

2010-9-7 "Conduct Unbecoming": A Shocking Book Tells of America's Destruction

2010-9-7 China’s young officers and the 1930s syndrome

2010-9-7 China’s young officers and the 1930s syndrome

2010=9-29 Book Review: The Next American Civil War

2011+2+25 Oh, To Be A Teacher In Wisconsin

2011-1-14 Precious Metals and the Dollar’s Next Big Move (Gold is trending down, dollar rallying)

2011-1-15 Radical-in-Chief

2011-1-17 Cold Fusion getting hot with 10kw heater prepping for market

2011-1-27 Italian commercial cold fusion saga continues with new papers released

2011-1-9 U.S. Will Counter Chinese Arms Buildup

2011-10-10 Business Coalition Seeks Reduction in Corporate Taxes

2011-10-10 Free Republic Sacrilege: Why Perry is the Conservative and Cain is Not

2011-10-10 Marxism: In The Ash Heap

2011-10-10 The Great Crew Change: 'Honey, How Are We Going to Train All These Kids?'

2011-10-16 Demographic Winter: A Disaster Movie In the Making

2011-10-16 Self-Direct Your Retirement

2011-10-18 Patrick Henry's Warning: The Tax-gatherers on the Rampage

2011-10-2 Fat Lady with Big Bottom Sings in Stock Market

2011-10-24 Five Ways to Increase Your Productivity by Working Less

2011-10-25 What's Driving S&P 500

2011-10-3 The Return of the Zumwalt Guided-Missile Destroyers

2011-10-4 17 Facts That Prove That The Average Family Is Getting Absolutely Pulverized

2011-10-4 Forecasting the Economy for Q3

2011-10-4 Fourteen (Financial) Facts That Just Might Scare The Living Daylights Out Of You

2011-10-4 More Than Ten Reasons Americans Don’t Trust Obama

2011-10-7 Credit Suisse: Buy The Dips, A Recession Is Priced In

2011-10-7 Triple-Digit Returns? Even When Bears Are on a Rampage

2011-10-9 Top 10 Reasons to Support Rep. Connie Mack's Penny Plan

2011-11-22 Indian talent show: ‘the craziest thing you’ll ever see on the web’ (video)

2011-11-30 Hunting a Shark From the Deep (Discovery/BBC youtube)

2011-11-30 Images Show Devastation at Iran Base After Blast

2011-12-1 'We Don’t Face Any Good Options

2011-12-1 A National ID Card The Real ID Act Goes Into Effect On May 11

2011-12-1 CRS: Afghanistan Casualties - Military and Civilians

2011-12-1 How The U.S. Will Become A 3rd World Country (Part 1)

2011-12-1 The Sino-American War

2011-12-1 Vanity: Did anyone catch Newt on Hannity last nite?

2011-12-1 What Have The Central Banks Of The World Done Now?


2011-12-19 USAFE releases AIB report on F-15E crash in Libya

2011-12-5 Gasoline: The new big U.S. export

2011-12-5 Walter Reed Hospital Bars Family Members From Bringing Bibles to Injured Soldiers

2011-12-9 Local sheriff defends farmer from FDA intrusion

2011-2-10 Coldest Temperature Ever Recorded in Oklahoma: -31F today


2011-2-24 All Hell Could Break Loose In The Middle East After March 11 (Day o Rage in Saudi Arabia)

2011-2-27 America could in fact avoid bankruptcy

2011-2-7 Introduction to the Rumsfeld Online Archives (My Title)

2011-3-1 Financial terrorism suspected in 2008 economic crash

2011-3-1 Why Koch Industries Is Speaking Out (MUST READ from Charles Koch)

2011-3-1 Why Koch Industries Is Speaking Out (MUST READ from Charles Koch)

2011-3-14 50 Things Everyone Should Know How To Do

2011-3-16 Fukushima Status as of 6am EDT March 16th

2011-3-18 Fukushima one week on: Situation 'stable', says IAEA | Shameful media panic

2011-3-19 Live 'Super Moon' 2011 Thread (got pics? & some pics&stuff from around the world)

2011-3-30 Could this be the biggest find since the Dead Sea Scrolls?

2011-3-6 Great Bear raises eyebrows {Alaska Oil Shale}

2011-4-12 The Real Housewives of Wall Street (This will make your jaw drop and blood boil alert)

2011-4-13 The President's Budget Address and the Reality of Taxing the 'Rich'

2011-4-14 Jets Scrambled Overnight? Not in the News this a.m.

2011-4-16 Oil Without Apologies

2011-4-2 High-End Medical Option Prompts Medicare Worries

2011-4-20 Where the Budget Deficit Actually Came From

2011-4-22 WWII spy relives exploits

2011-4-23 100 Must See Movies: The Essential Men’s Movie Library

2011-4-8 Exposing the Birth Certificate Lies Used to Cover for Obama

2011-5-1 3 Weird Things About Tonight's Huge Silver Selloff (-9%)

2011-5-11Hydrocarbons in the deep earth - (Renewable? Maybe..National Academy of Science weights in)

2011-5-25 Hyperinflation Nonsense

2011-5-27 Heads Up! The Way You Are Sleeping May Be Killing You

2011-5-31 U.S. manufacturers are leaving China behind

2011-6-22 The Deflation Situation

2011-6-24 This Is HUGE News: Defkalion Press Conference

2011-6-29 Federal Withholding Tax Data Says US Already In Recession

2011-6-8 John Alison, daring WWII ace, dies in DC at 98

2011-7-10 Kate, The Princess of Cambridge, Has a 'Marilyn Moment'

2011-7-13 The Chosen One (Who is Obama Really?) - Must Read

2011-7-21 The Fed Audit

2011-7-3 Maybe I should just join them.

2011-7-4 July 4 Heartwarmer: A Marine and His Miracle Dog (A Must Read Article)

2011-8-01 Shazam! CNN Discovers There Aren't Enough "Rich" People to Tax

2011-8-11 Alan Simpson on Obama’s Leadership (The former Senator is Perplexed at what he sees)

2011-8-11 The Need to Restructure the DoD Part 2

2011-8-11 The Need to Restructure the DoD: Part I

2011-8-12 Federal Judge Throws Out Obama Drilling Rules

2011-8-15 Everything I Learned In MBA School Was Wrong

2011-8-15 Innovators make a business of friendlier fracturing

2011-8-19 66 Percent of CEOs Plan to Freeze or Downsize Workforce Size

2011-8-21 Recession Is Not In View But Economy Is Ugly

2011-8-23 Adrenaline from being put under pressure could cause hair to change colour

2011-8-23 Fed Economists – “We see a 15 year Bear Market for Stocks”

2011-8-25 Out to Steal Your Pension The 401(k) Could Prove a History-Making Fiasco

2011-8-26 How Far to the Bottom of the Market?

2011-8-26 The Truth about Taxes, the Rich, and the Poor

2011-8-5 Federal Register 2.0 Exposes Alarming Growth of Regulatory Regime

2011-8-5 US Long-Term Rating Lowered To 'AA+' Due To Political Risks

2011-8-7 Audio Links to Good Financial Info - Austrian Economic Perspectives

2011-9-29 New advanced biofuel as an alternative to diesel fuel

2011-9-30 Fat Lady with Big Bottom Sings in Stock Market

2011-9The 10 Countries That Are Trying To Be The Next China (Something for investors to consider...)

20110-2-9 The jobs tide threatens an American industrial tsunami (John Ratzenberger)

2011=8=12 Think Gold Price Is Not Manipulated? Think Again!

2011Jim Rickards - Gold Standard Coming, Fed’s Hoenig Correct (Bernanke gold standard trial balloon)

2012-1-22 Decline of civilization

2012-1-23 Charting The US (Un)Recovery (The real truth in graphs)

2012-1-23 Comprehensive List of Obama Tax Increases

2012-1-23 Eleven Stunning Revelations From Larry Summers’s Secret Economics Memo To Barack Obama

2012-1-26 The Income Tax in 1913

2012-1-27 Meet the Marriage Killer (Nagging)

2012-1-27 Obama: People Don't Get Rich on Their Own

2012-1-31 The Constitutional Meaning Of "Natural Born Citizen"

2012-1-31 What Good Can a Handgun Do Against an Army.....?

2012-10-11 Wingman to the Aces (Lt. Floyd Fulkerson: Ultimate Wingman-475th FG (P-38s))

2012-10-13 Unemployment Set to Explode

2012-10-13 Unemployment Set to Explode

2012-10-15 Forget Wimpy Plans and NIMBYs, Let's Solve the Energy Crisis by Blowing Up Mercury

2012-10-17 The Moment Obama Folded (Best Debate Commentary Yet)

2012-10-23 America's New Energy Future: Unconventional Gas Revolution and the US Economy

2012-10-25 LiquidPiston's Hyper-Efficient Engine: Turning the Rotary Inside Out

2012-10-29 A couple of suggestions to possibly make your pages load faster

2012-10-29 Free Republic contingency pages on facebook and yahoo

2012-11-15 Reading List For Life - US Naval Academy at Annapolis (LONG but worth it)

2012-11-18 A Guide to Making Your Own Twinkies

2012-11-18 A Guide to Making Your Own Twinkies

2012-12-22 Since 2000 Average Salaries Up 44%, While Gov Spending Up 112%

2012-12-22 Since 2000 Average Salaries Up 44%, While Gov Spending Up 112%

2012-12-28 A Simple Formula That Predicts The Success Of Marriages

2012-2-1 The Constitutional Meaning Of "Natural Born Citizen"

2012-2-25 Video: Why gas prices are so high (hint: it’s not the evil oil companies)

2012-2-27 Here Comes Obama's 3 AM Phone Call

2012-2-27 Oil The never ending story

2012-2-6 Huge Plunge In Petroleum and Gasoline Usage

2012-2-7 Army Colonel exposes 'truth and lies about Afghanistan'

2012-2-8 A Post-American World? (Nope, The reports of America's demise are greatly exaggerated)

2012-3-1 It Could Always Be Worse- Try Winter in RUSSIA

2012-3-1 Thinking Stratigically about Petroleum Reserves Trapped off our Coasts

2012-3-11 The conspiracy that motivated Breitbart's crusade for America

2012-3-18The Crazy Things That One Whistleblower Says Are Happening At JP Morgan Will Blow Your Mind

2012-3-2 Here's the true, reliably sourced info about Barack Obama

2012-3-26 What Does Bernanke Know? {The Guy Rate of unemployment - 25% unemployed}

2012-3-29 ‘Flexibility’ . . . to Do What?' by Senator DeMint

2012-3-3 America 1950 vs. America 2012

2012-3-30 Nearing coffin corner: US air power on the edge

2012-3-5 35 Shocking Facts That Prove That College Education Has Become A Giant Money Making Scam

2012-3-5 How does oil speculation raise gas prices?

2012-3-8 Members of Congress: This job sucks

2012-4-12 Federal Statistics of black on white violence, with links

2012-4-12 Walter Russell Mead: The Myth of America's Decline

2012-4-15 Spitfires Buried in Burma to be Returned to UK

2012-4-16 Obama Exec Order Takes Natural Gas Away From States

2012-4-17 Amber Alert for 3 DAY old Baby Boy Issued in Montgomery County Texas

2012-4-17 Charles Hugh Smith on the Death of the Middle Class--17.Apr.2012

2012-4-17 Do You Believe in Miracles? Senate to Mark Up a Budget

2012-4-17 Regenerative medicine repairs mice from top to toe

2012-4-20 A Funny Thing Happened to a Truckload of Ammo on the Way to Phoenix

2012-4-21 ALL Any American Needs to Know About the Astonishing Obama Debt Crisis


2012-4-3 25 Must Know Skills For Surviving The Coming Nightmare

2012-4-3 Barack Obama Was A Foreign Student – American Media Threatened Into Silence

2012-4-4 Obama Is Making the Case For His Own Impeachment

2012-4-4 Peter Grandich--We Told You So-Gold and Silver Get Raided--04.Apr.2012

2012-4-7 The Growing Turkish Threat

2012-4-9 B-1 Pilots Turn Their Bombsights to the Pacific

2012-4-9 Bernanke Warns Of Risks In Money-Market Funds

2012-5-10 WWII Fighter Plane Hailed the 'Aviation Equivalent of Tutankhamun's Tomb' Found

2012-5-17 Get Ready For Another 2008-Style Financial Crisis


2012-5-18 Why Kenyan Birth Claim Was No 'Fact Checking Error'

2012-5-19 The Fiction of Barack Obama

2012-5-2 Does Elena Kagen have a $20 million commitment to destroying the American Republic?

2012-5-2Met Office April Forecast: “…drought impacts in the coming months are virtually inevitable.”

2012-5-3 NASA/Hathaway’s updated solar cycle prediction – smallest in 100 years

2012-5-30 Polls with Obam close explained by surge in support from “Power Ranger” voters

2012-5-30 S&P 500 Stock Prices, Dividends per Share Converging As Expected

2012-5-30 Shale Plays Rock Geopolitical Boat

2012-5-30 The Control Freak President on Taxes

2012-5-30 Why Obama Will Lose in a Landslide

2012-5-31 Bizarre 'Roll Cloud' Seen Over Texas Today

2012-5-6 10 Things That Would Be Happening Today If Obama's Policies Were Working

2012-5-9 David Mars, The 1929 Curtiss Robin, and A Girl Named "Pearl"

2012-6-13 Russia, US Nearing Proxy War in Syria

2012-6-13 Time for an ‘American Reset’ five dead weights dragging the country down

2012-6-17 Air Force Video Reveals Secret X-37B Space Plane's Robotic Landing

2012-6-18 How the Chicken Conquered the World

2012-6-22 Branch Banking and Trust Dividends

2012-6-22 Pentecostalism and Its Impact

2012-6-22 Prices for silver, gold tumble along with many other commodities

2012-6-23 This is Why You're Broke

2012-6-2Why Obama Failed

2012-6-3 40 Of The Most Powerful Photographs Ever Taken

2012-6-3 New Upgrades to B-1B Lancer Fleet (caution — large graphics)

2012-6-4 What to look for during Tuesday's rare transit of Venus


2012-6-5 Friday's Unemployment Report Didn't Sink the Markets (Here's the real reason...)

2012-7-12 6 charts that show the Welfare State run amok

2012-7-12 6 charts that show the Welfare State run amok

2012-7-12 Rich and infamous: Which countries think that the rich deserve their fortune?

2012-7-2 Nightmare On Wall Street: This Secular Bear Has Only Just Begun

2012-7-2 Nightmare On Wall Street: This Secular Bear Has Only Just Begun

2012-7-3 Washington DC’s derecho – not something new ( Little-Known Giant Windstorms Hits DC)

2012-8-13 Obama’s Not So Secret Plan

2012-8-13 Obama’s Not So Secret Plan

2012-8-18 A Big Version of the Biggest, Most Important Chart in American Politics

2012-8-18 The 6 Most Popular Stocks Owned By Congress

2012-8-21 Military in Iraq Used 70M Rounds of Ammo Annually: DHS Ordered 750M Rounds in One Month

2012-8-21 Snake Oil? (supplements are a waste of money)

2012-8-22 New nuclear fuel source would power human race until 5000AD

2012-8-22 Ready to Retire: What Should You Do With Your 401(k)?

2012-8-23 More Than Half Of All Americans Are At Least Partially Dependent On The Government

2012-8-23 More Than Half Of All Americans Are At Least Partially Dependent On The Government

2012-8-23 Why the Dam is Finally Breaking on the US Dollar

2012-8-24 Stephen Harper renews hunt for Franklin ships long lost to the Arctic depths

2012-8-24 WaPo: No, you’re not better off than four years ago

2012-8-24 WaPo: No, you’re not better off than four years ago

2012-8-25 Jobs: Reagan versus Obama: A Straightforward Comparison

2012-8-26 The Day Of Economic Reckoning Is Near

2012-8-27 Homeland Security’s Intent On Creating Civil War-Milita

2012-8-27 Instructions [on how to cook] Steak like a Restaurant



2012-8-29 The Rich Don't Pay Enough?

2012-8-30 Mitt Romney the GOP placeholder

2012-8-30 The 20 Awesomest GIFs of Cats Being Dicks

2012-8US Veterans Forcibly Sequestered in Mental Hospitals is Indefinite Detention (Vets Locked Up)

2012-9-11 Flight 23 - The 5th plane to be seized on 9/11, and the terrorists who got away

2012-9-15 Marc Faber: "Fed QE3 Will Destroy The World" (and the middle class)

2012-9-17 Marc Faber: "Fed QE3 Will Destroy The World" (and the middle class)

2012-9-17 Petroleum Numbers Hint at Recession

2012-9-17 The Scariest Jobs Chart EVER

2012-9-18 How China's Rehypothecated "Ghost" Steel Just Vaporized

2012-9-18 How China's Rehypothecated "Ghost" Steel Just Vaporized

2012-9-18 “Dollar Index Headed for Rapid Collapse” Over Next 3 to 4 Weeks

2012-9-20 How to and best place to buy gold.

2012-9-20 How to and best place to buy gold.

2012-9-20 Record Alligator Bagged in 2012 Arkansas Hunt (1380 lbs!)

2012-9-20 The Obama you don't know (story of the day)

2012-9-21 10 Quotes From Financial Experts About The Effect That QE3 Will Have On Gold And Silver

2012-9-26 Open Note To Askel5 from Laz

2012-9-26 The Fed Is Trapped, Gold Is The Exit (Deflationary Collapse)

2012-9-27 Advice From the Hindu Kush (Oliver North on Romney)

2012-9-27 Stop the Hand Wringing over Polls and THINK!!! And then Relax

2012-9-27 What Should I Do with Monies in Retirement Accounts

2012-9-29 Real History of the FED

2012-9-4 A Mickey-Mouse Tax Plan to Save America

2012-9-4 Biblical-Type Floods Are Real, and They're Absolutely Enormous

2012-9-5 Hard ciders mysterious demise

2012-9-5 UH-OH: Orders Of Heavy Duty Trucks Have Collapsed

2012-9-7 Are You Better Off? 40 Statistics That Will Absolutely Shock You

2012-9-9 This Is What A US Strike On Iran's Nuclear Facilities Could Look Like

2012: The US Energy Industry Is Going To Grow So '

2013-1-10 Economic Collapse! A Leading Indicator Of Better Times To Come

2013-1-10 Economic Collapse! A Leading Indicator Of Better Times To Come

2013-1-10 Economic Collapse! A Leading Indicator Of Better Times To Come

2013-1-10 The United States Ranks 7th in Comprehensive New “Freedom Index”

2013-1-28 What Good Can a Handgun Do Against an Army.....?

2013-1-31 LIVE: Thousands Of Companies Around The World Reveal The Truth About The Economy

2013-1-5 We're now one step closer to America's coming civil war

2013-12-16 North America to Drown in Oil as Mexico Ends Monopoly

2013-12-16 U.S. crude oil production rising faster than expected, to test record highs by 2016

2013-2-1 Top 11 "Only in America" Observations- by a Canadian

2013-2-14 Planned Changes to U.S. Crude Oil Pipeline Infrastructure

2013-2-14 Shale Oil Production Could Hit 14M Barrels per Day by 2035

2013-3-1 1 in 4 Indulge Bizarre Late-Night Food Cravings

2013-3-1 ‘Need’ defined

2013-3-1 ‘Need’ defined

2013-3-10 The Latest Major Energy Discovery Could "Dwarf North Dakota" (Louisiana)

2013-3-12 The Real 30 Year Mortgage Rate Is 2.12%, Housing Affordability at All-Time High

2013-3-14 The Obamacare Revolt: Physicians Fight Back Against the Bureaucratization of Health Care

2013-3-19 Seven Myths About “Women in Combat"

2013-3-2 Reflections on the "Wage Recession"

2013-3-2 Watching Movies On-Line? (vanity)

2013-3-20 College student invents gel that halts bleeding

2013-3-20 How To Protect Your Retirement Assets From The Coming Crash

2013-3-24 5 Habits That Are Hazardous To Your (Spiritual) Health

2013-3-28 Photo: Russian Volcano Carves Lava River

2013-3-28 Ten years ago today: the U.S. Navy F-14 Tomcat’s attack on Saddam’s yacht

2013-3-28 When Affordable Health Care Died

2013-3-29 Former sailor writes name of every U.S. military casualty from Afghanistan from memory

2013-3-3 And so it ends for Argentina

2013-3-3 And so it ends for Argentina

2013-3-3 Nuclear fusion from Google, Lockheed, Draper Fisher

2013-3-3 Nuclear fusion from Google, Lockheed, Draper Fisher

2013-3-5 The banker who shaped the modern financial world after WWII (Communist)

2013-3-6 Bakken: When will boom subside? {peak by ’14}

2013-3-6 This "Rocket Fuel" Will Send Stocks Higher Than Anyone Believes

2013-3-8 Typhoon – the best is yet to come

2013-4-11 10 Old Sayings We Need to Bring Back

2013-4-19 Report: Alharbi visited by Michelle Obama in Hospital

2013-4-2 Want to See What CSCOPE and Common Core (Even Homeschooling) Lessons Look Like?

2013-4-20 Flying the Flanker (Topgun)

2013-4-22 So Who Sold All That Gold? - JP Morgan's Own Version

2013-4-26 What If We Never Run Out of Oil?

2013-4-3 What are the top five facts everyone should know about oil exploration?

2013-4-5 Experts: New diabetes treatment flushes sugar, calories out of body

2013-5-23 I Made $570K Last Year, But I Don’t Feel Rich (In Fact, I Feel Worried)

2013-5-23 The Real Reporting on the IRS

2013-5-24 List Good Movies I Can Watch Entirely on YouTube

2013-5-25 Ernie Pyle and the death of Captain Waskow

2013-5-27 Ohio's Ancient Nile, The Teays River

2013-5-7 The Case Against Economic Deflation

2013-5-8 Antibiotics could cure 40pc of chronic back pain patients

2013-5-8 Scientists Invent Oxygen Particle That If Injected, Allows You To Live Without Breathing

2013-5-9 Scientists Invent Oxygen Particle That If Injected, Allows You To Live Without Breathing

2013-6-11 How did America’s police become a military force on the streets?

2013-6-12 7 Edward Snowden Quotes About U.S. Government Spying That Should Send A Chill

2013-6-14 A Letter from President Roosevelt on Race Suicide (1907)


2013-6-5 Breaking Video: Tennesseans raise a ruckus at Muslim outreach meeting

2013-6-5 "National Security Agency" is collecting phone records of millions of Americans daily

2013-6-5 Pentagon Blackout: “Large American Military Force” Deployed to Syrian Border

2013-6-6 Governor Palin: We’re In for a Helluva’ Ride, America

2013-6-6 June 6: A walk across a beach in Normandy

2013-6-6 Redstone radar blob: 'Whatever it was' versus what we know it wasn't

2013-6-6 WN60 (June 6, 1944)(Photos taken this week)

2013-6-6The Guardian's Bombshell Revelation About NSA Domestic Spying Is Only The Tip Of The Iceberg

2013-7-18 22 Quotes That Lay Out The Elite’s Agenda

2013-7-19 Executive Order -- HIV Care Continuum Initiative

2013-7-19 Mig-25 defection: How a Soviet Pilot Brought a Secret Warplane To The West

2013-7-19 OSX Users hit with ransomware websites posing as FBI Notices

2013-7-19 The Strange Case of Mexican Emigration ... Victor Davis Hanson

2013-7-19 Top NSA and DOJ Officials Have Fled the U.S. – Obama Admin. Files Espionage Charges

2013-7-21 Why the Federal Reserve will taper in September

2013-7-28 Branded Curcumin Matches Effects of Prozac on Depression

2013-7-29 Either Through War Or Financial Collapse

2013-8-1 A Boy and His Nuclear Reactor (Taylor Wilson & LFTR Thorium Reactors)

2013-8-1 House issues subpoenas to get Benghazi documents from State Department

2013-8-17 40 maps that explain the world

2013-8-17 How to serve a warrant: 1972 versus today, by Lt. Harry Thomas


2013-8-5 Labor Dept. monitoring shale gas work issues

2013-9-29 What Is Your U.S. Income Percentile Ranking?

2014-10-16 12 Charts That Show The Permanent Damage That Has Been Done To The U.S. Economy

2014-10-16 12 Charts That Show The Permanent Damage That Has Been Done To The U.S. Economy


2014-11-3 Why John Hussman Is Right On About The Economy

2014-11-7 Ten stocks for the next 25 years

2015-11-1 I'm Saving $950 Per Month On Health Insurance!

2016-1-7 A Disturbing Warning From UBS: "Buy Gold" Because A 30% Bear Market Is Coming

2016-10-15 Summary of James O'Keefe Reddit "Ask Me Anything" [upcoming videos]

2016-10-17 What Are The Numbers That Wikileaks Keep Tweeting -- John Kerry, Ecuador, UK FCO

2016-10-17 Wikileaks names reporters who attended Podesta home dinner

2016-10-27 Most Damaging WIKILEAKS.

2016-10-31 President Dwight D. Eisenhower: Principles Worth Remembering

2016-11-1 NEW BLOG: Top ten Battles in history (EVENTS IN HUMAN HISTORY)

2017-1-21 A Preview Of Trump's Seven Imminent Executive Orders

2017-2-24 Fasting Diet May Help Regenerate a Diabetic Pancreas

2017-3-25 World's First Deep-Sea Mining Venture Set to Launch in 2019

2017-5-28 re-posting the most amazing memorial day BBQ rib recipe ever.

201Federal Statistics of black on white violence, with links and mathematical extrapolation formulas

201Flour Bluff Parent Upset Over Lesson on Terrorism & Government (CSCOPE Social Studies Curriculum)

201Older and stronger: Progressive resistance training can build muscle, increase strength as we age

201The Real Reasons the Rich Are Moving Cash to the Caymans (HINT: it's not really to save on taxes)

201Where the Budget Deficit Actually Came From(good article to see coming collapse of our lifestyle)

2020-11-1 Dr Mike Yeadon – 100% of Covid-19 Vaccine Deaths have been caused by 5% of the batches

2020-11-21 Top Canadian Pathologist On COVID: 'Greatest Hoax Ever Perpetrated'

2021-1-11 Ivermectin ‘Works Throughout All Phases’ Of COVID According To Leaked Military Documents

2021-1-27 Dr. Peter McCullough: “I’m calling for a halt in the vaccine programme


2021-10-12 Governor Abbott Issues Executive Order Prohibiting Vaccine Mandates By Any Entity

2021-10-17 Federal Government Preparing for Adverse Side Effects

2021-10-19 Doctor Explains How You Can Use an Antidote After Forced COVID Jabs

2021-10-22 URGENT: Covid vaccines will keep you from acquiring full immunity

2021-10-25 Concerned Mother Wants to Air TV Ad on Pfizer’s Dangerous Vaccine After Daughter

2021-10-25 Irish City Proves Definitively that Vaccines Do NOT Stop Covid-19

2021-10-25 Ivermectin vs. Merck’s New Antiviral, Molnupiravir: How Do They Stack Up Against Covid?

2021-10-25 Three Ohio judges “die unexpectedly” in nine-day span after vaxx mandate



2021-10-29 Ten red flags in the FDA’s risk-benefit analysis of Pfizer’s EUA application

2021-10-30 The CDC Hits a New Low

2021-10-4 You Need to Hear a Story About Chickens Before Vaccine Mandates

2021-10-5 Intravenous injection of COVID-19 mRNA vaccine can induce acute myopericarditis

2021-10-6 Merck Charging US Taxpayers 40 Times What It Costs To Make molnupiravir

2021-10-6 Why are people dying after getting the Covid vaccine? Pathologists now have answers.

2021-10-8 I Interviewed Trump For 5 Hours. Here’s What He Told Me About ‘Stupid F—er’ McConnell,

2021-10-9 Breaking: Over 200 members of Congress have been taking ivermectin

2021-11-1 Ivermectin, ‘Wonder drug’ from Japan: the human use perspective

2021-11-1 Japan drops vax rollout, goes to Ivermectin, ENDS COVID almost overnight

2021-11-1 New Lancet Study Has Interesting Finding About Covid-19 Transmission Among the Vaccinated

2021-11-1 OTC Medicines & Nutraceuticals to Prevent/Reduce COVID Post-Vaccination Side Effects

2021-11-1 Prophylactic Role of Ivermectin in Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2

2021-11-1 The Unmistakable Ivermectin Miracle in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh

2021-11-17 Oh what fun!! I found (in PDF format *4MB*) HR5376 a.k.a $1.75T Climate and Social

2021-11-18 Tucker Carlson Talks To Robert F. Kennedy Jr. In Epic Interview On Covid Tyranny

2021-11-2 Biden’s Inexplicable Victory(Nine Fantastical Statistics)

2021-11-2 Official data suggests certain batches of Covid-19 Vaccine were intentionally poisoned

2021-11-21 Depopulation Agenda – Most Vaccinated Countries are all suffering rise in Excess Deaths

2021-11-21 Scientific model shows that for every 1 child saved from dying with Covid-19 over 117

2021-11-22 Supreme Court: Pfizer, Moderna et al. may own your genes

2021-11-23 The Crack-up Boom Cometh

2021-11-26 Evidence of heart disease after COVID shot exists but isn’t published

2021-11-26 Heart Disorders up 118% and Excess Deaths up 40% among Young Adults

2021-11-29 Drug cocktail that could be a saviour: New Covid treatment is FOUR TIMES more effective

2021-11-29 Hard Data Shows the Covid Vaccines Don’t Work

2021-11-3 Biden’s Inexplicable Victory(Nine Fantastical Statistics)

2021-11-6 Latest UKHSA report shows the Covid-19 Vaccines have an effectiveness of MINUS 73%

2021-12-1 1200 dead by February "Have you seen the document dump on the Pfizer vaccine data?

2021-12-1 Authoritiesmanipulating death-rate figures actual rates show the Fully Vaccinated are 286%

2021-12-19 New Novavax COVID-19 Vaccine Found To Be Safe and Effective in Trial

2021-12-2 FAUCI ALERT — American Heart Association issues warning on mRNA vaccines…

2021-12-2 Over 42,000 Adverse Reaction Reports Revealed In First Batch Of Pfizer Vaccine Docs

2021-12-2 ‘No Such Authority’: The Fifth Circuit Has Harsh Words For Biden’s Vaccine Mandate

2021-12-20 ‘Unintended’ Consequences of mRNA Shots

2021-2-12 Mike Lindell's ABSOLUTE PROOF in Eight Short Segments

2021-8-24 Bill Maher reveals that he will REFUSE COVID booster shot,

2021-8-24 Dr. Malone on FDA "Approval" of Covid Vaccine

2021-8-24 LilFarmer: "I have noticed many posts of personal experiences with adverse reactions

2021-8-24 LilFarmer: "I have noticed many posts of personal experiences with adverse reactions

2021-8-27 The truth about ivermectin

2021-8-28 Mother of U.S. fallen Marine Rylee McCollum calls into radio show. This is a MUST listen!

2021-8-30 How Do We FIX This Mess? (Throw the One Ring into the Fire)

2021-8-30 Top ivermectin expert says deworming drug does not treat COVID

2021-8-30 Why So Many Americans Reject Legal Due Process in the Age of Covid

2021-9-10 Vaccines Have NEGATIVE Effectiveness in the Over-40s, as Low as MINUS 38%

2021-9-12 German Pathoologist Covid Vaccines Deaths

2021-9-12 SARS-CoV-2 mRNA Vaccination-Associated Myocarditis in Children Ages 12-17

2021-9-15 COVID-19 Weekly Cases and Deaths per 100,000

2021-9-15 Don't freak out about hospitals filled with COVID patients:

2021-9-15 No one elected Mark Milley

2021-9-16 India's Ivermectin Blackout - Part III: The Lesson of Kerala

2021-9-20 Comment to ACIP meeting of August 30, 2021 submitted bySteve Kirsch

2021-9-20 FDA Panel Member on COVID Vaccines: 'Heart Attacks Happen 71 Times

2021-9-20 FDA Panel Member on COVID Vaccines: 'Heart Attacks Happen 71 Times

2021-9-26 India has the cure for Covid (Sunbray)

2021-9-7 Pay no attention to the spike proteins .mechanism for Covid vaccine-caused heart injury

2021-9-7 The ShOT; Sample Exemption Request...

2021-9-7 Uttar Pradesh government says early use of Ivermectin helped to keep positivity, deaths low

2021-9-8 Why do people with diabetes severe COVID-19? Interferon beta and possibly meth

2021=9-7 In Vitro Efficacy of a Povidone-Iodine Nasal Antiseptic Covid

2022-1-13 Leaked Military Documents Show Ivermectin “Works Throughout All Phases” of Covid

2022-1-15 Dr. Peter McCullough Reveals the Six Things

2022-1-27 Whistleblowers share DOD medical data that blows vaccine safety debate wide open

2022-1-27 Doctor’s Organization Has Treated Over 150,000 COVID-19 Patients With 99.99

2022-1-27 Updated M1 and M2 figures

2022-1-27post hi-lighting the way Prednisone played a key role in his Covid recovery, FLCC's IMATH+


2022-1-4 This Could Be the Tweet that Gets Senator Ron Johnson Suspended

2022-2-11 Tucker Carlson Interviews Dr Robert Malone (full interview)

2022-2-12 How the Covid-19 Vaccinated became Genetically Modified Humans

2022-2-13 How the Covid-19 Vaccinated became Genetically Modified Humans

2022-2-26 Listening in on Russian HF transmissions

2022-2-27 Four Historical Maps That Explain The USSR

2022-2-27 Looking for an honest (non-FDR-lionizing) documentary on The Great Depression

2022-2-28 Did a Quickly Deleted Essay in Russian Media Explain What Vladimir Putin Wants

2022-2-28 Putin's generals looked stunned: nuclear deterrent forces to go on 'alert'

2022-2-6 This medical data from the US DoD is explosive

2022-2-7 DMED data is explosive. Mainstream media has been ordered to ignore it.

2022-2-9 HERE’S THE LIST: 1,000 Studies Show Evidence of Vaccines Adverse Events

2022-3-15 Pathologist Ryan Cole on the mysterious blood clots

2022-3-3 Judge Unseals 400 Pages of Evidence, Clears Way for Pfizer Whistleblower Lawsuit

2022-3-7 Must Reads for Young People in a Stupidly Woke World

2022-3-9 Endurance: Shackleton's lost ship is found in Antarctic

2022-3-9 Endurance: Shackleton's lost ship is found in Antarctic

2022-4-1 Type 2 diabetes remission is possible for people with lower BMIs

2022-5-14 Survey shows over 500,000 killed by the COVID vaccines so far

2022-5-21 Dr. Robert Malone: Monkey Pox --Truth versus Fearporn.

2022-5-29 Vaccine adverse reaction articles

2022-5-30 Whey or Metamucil supplement helps control Type 2 diabetes

2022-5-7 New UK government data shows the COVID vaccines kill more people than they save

2022-6-10 Protein supplement helps control Type 2 diabetes

2022-6-12 A Dire Outlook From Wall Street’s Biggest Bear

2022-6-6 'A true American hero': 99-year-old WWII veteran who enlisted at AGE 15

2022-6-7 US Import Demand Is Dropping Off A Cliff

2022-6-7 US Import Demand Is Dropping Off A Cliff

2022-7-12 If you run a US airline, I'm willing to help pay cardiac tests

209-9-3 Cartoon predicts the future 50 years ago. This is amazing insight!

21Read This First Before You Decide That Preppers Are Crazy

2911-11-19 America Before The Entitlement State

3013-3-13 The rich pay majority of U.S. income taxes

A backlash against Obama's budget (Business prepares for War)

A Guide to Home-Based COVID Treatment

A History of US Secret Human Experimentation

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A VIABLE Plan to Save Our Constitutional Republic

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A1 2010-11-26 Reference HTML Cheatsheet

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April 15 Protest Tomball/Magnolia TX Post Offices

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BREAKING: side-by-side comparison of Ryan budget vs. Simpson-Bowles/Gang of 6/Coburn budget (vanity)

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Even Worse Than the Great Depression

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Generation X and The Tenets of Conservatism - ALAN KEYES

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KC Fed President for Temporary Nationalization

Keyes v. Bowen in Sacramento Superior Court Tomorrow, Friday 13th

Know Anyone Who Purchased A 1960 Birth Certificate Printer. One Was Sold On April 16,2009

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Voting with Their Feet (2000000 Americans Leave America)

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