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Pets/Animals (Bloggers & Personal)

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  • Bailey the Beagle Shows off His Hilarious Moves as He Dances in The Kitchen

    12/05/2023 2:56:07 PM PST · by allen592 · 9 replies
    The Pet Zealot ^ | December 05, 2023 | James Alain L.
    Who says humans are the only ones who can dance? Bailey the Beagle, an adorable furry friend from Florida, has taken the internet by storm with his incredible dance skills. In a recent viral video posted on Pinterest, Bailey can be seen putting his best paw forward as he grooves to the rhythm of a catchy reggaeton song. This four-legged dancing sensation will make you laugh, smile, and want to join him on the dance floor!
  • Adorable Video Shows Chubby Cat Doing Abs Workout At The Gym

    12/05/2023 1:27:02 PM PST · by allen592 · 7 replies
    The Pet Zealot ^ | December 05, 2023 | James Alain L.
    Who says cats can't hit the gym? In a captivating Twitter video, an adorable fat cat breaks stereotypes and shows off its impressive abs workout at the gym. This feline fitness fanatic is determined to shed some pounds and prove that with a little determination, even our furry friends can lead a healthy lifestyle.
  • The Adorable Moment When a Dog Owner Captures Her Dog's Attention with a Random Phone Conversation

    12/05/2023 11:47:59 AM PST · by allen592 · 9 replies
    The Pet Zealot ^ | December 05, 2023 | James Alain L.
    Dogs are known for their exceptional hearing and ability to understand certain words and phrases. They are always listening, even if we don't realize it. As dog owners, we often try to avoid saying certain words in front of our furry friends to prevent them from becoming overly excited. However, one dog mom decided to put her dog's attention to the test by having a fake phone conversation near him. The adorable reactions and engagement from her dog were captured and shared on social media.
  • Kitten With Few Months to Live Fulfills “Bucket List”

    12/04/2023 3:09:15 PM PST · by allen592 · 1 replies
    The Pet Zealot ^ | December 04, 2023 | James Alain L.
    When a small black kitten arrived at a shelter in California, little did anyone know that she had just a few months to live. Despite her short time, this kitten named Footloose embarked on a heartwarming journey to fulfill her very own "bucket list". With the love and care of her foster parent, Footloose experienced an abundance of joy before passing away peacefully. This heartwarming story has touched the hearts of many, as seen by the overwhelming response on social media.
  • Good Samaritan Spots Pile Of Matted Wool And Twigs — Then Realizes It’s Alive

    12/04/2023 2:06:41 PM PST · by allen592 · 9 replies
    The Pet Zealot ^ | December 04, 2023 | James Alain L.
    Imagine stumbling upon a seemingly lifeless pile of matted wool and twigs only to realize that it's actually a living, breathing being. In a heartwarming tale of resilience and compassion, a passerby came face to face with this extraordinary sight and embarked on a journey to save a life. This is the story of Alex, the sheep who defied the odds and found his forever home at Edgar's Mission.
  • The Most Utterly Chaotic Cat Video You'll Ever See

    12/04/2023 12:31:48 PM PST · by allen592 · 10 replies
    The Pet Zealot ^ | December 04, 2023 | James Alain L.
    I have been an avid internet user for numerous years, and like the vast majority of individuals who frequent the online realm, I have come across my fair share of cat videos. However, I must admit that I have never encountered one quite as captivatingly chaotic as this. In a mere 29 seconds, this video showcases a spectacle of feline frenzy, where it seems that nearly all the cats featured have synchronized their notorious "mad half hours" into a full-blown display of kitty carnage. It is an experience that warrants multiple viewings, as each subsequent watch allows one to focus...
  • Real or Fake? Pandas Melt Hearts with Human-like Dining Antic

    12/04/2023 11:08:24 AM PST · by allen592 · 3 replies
    The Pet Zealot ^ | December 04, 2023 | James Alain L.
    In a heartwarming video that has captured the attention of millions, pandas in China's Chongqing Zoo have been seen sitting and eating like humans. These adorable black and white bears have caused quite a stir on social media, with some viewers questioning whether they are the real deal or simply humans in clever disguises.
  • The Incredible Weight Loss Journey of a Chihuahua Who Was Fed Only Sausage and Eggs

    12/03/2023 2:07:24 PM PST · by allen592 · 22 replies
    The Pet Zealot ^ | December 03, 2023 | James Alain L.
    When Sweet Tomato, a Chihuahua, arrived at Muttville Senior Dog Rescue in San Francisco, California, her excessive weight astonished her new friends. Weighing a staggering 30 pounds when she should have only weighed 10, Sweet Tomato's previous owner had fed her a diet primarily consisting of sausage and eggs. The consequences were severe, as she could barely move and required a stroller even for short distances. This excessive weight was detrimental to her overall health, prompting her rescuers to embark on a weight loss journey to ensure her well-being.
  • Hilariously Golden Retriever Soaks in Lake So He Can Spray His Victims

    12/03/2023 1:08:24 PM PST · by allen592 · 5 replies
    The Pet Zealot ^ | December 02, 2023 | James Alain L.
    A mischievous golden retriever with a wicked sense of humor has been capturing the attention of internet users around the world. This playful pup has found a hilarious way to entertain himself by soaking in a lake and then spraying unsuspecting victims with the water. With each shake of his wet fur, this mischievous golden retriever delights in his clever prank.
  • Otter-Obsessed Woman Brought to Tears as She Meets Sea Otters in Person for First Time

    12/03/2023 11:54:11 AM PST · by allen592 · 20 replies
    The Pet Zealot ^ | December 02, 2023 | James Alain L.
    Have you ever been so passionate about something that it brings you to tears? For one otter-obsessed woman, the opportunity to meet these adorable animals in person was a dream come true. With her heart pounding and excitement building, she couldn't wait to finally come face to face with the creatures she had admired from afar for so long.
  • Man Visits Shelter Every Day For 2 Months To Convince Dog To Let Him Adopt Her

    12/03/2023 10:05:24 AM PST · by allen592 · 17 replies
    The Pet Zealot ^ | December 01, 2023 | James Alain L.
    Imagine walking into a shelter and instantly falling in love with a dog. Now picture that dog, with a heartbreaking past, who has lost faith in humanity due to her struggles. This is the story of a man named Joe Rotunda, who visited a shelter every single day for two months to convince a fearful dog named Alva to let him adopt her. This tale of patience, compassion, and unwavering dedication is a testament to the transformative power of love and the strong bond between humans and animals.
  • Amazing Video Shows Cat Displaying Its 'Math Skills'

    12/02/2023 3:43:52 PM PST · by allen592 · 4 replies
    The Pet Zealot ^ | December 02, 2023 | James Alain L.
    In a fascinating Pinterest video captioned "That’s why you need to think before you do," an owner tested their four cats' abilities by setting up a plastic fence in their home. The goal was to challenge the cats' problem-solving skills and observe how they tackled the obstacle. The results were astonishing, and the video quickly gained popularity as viewers marveled at the feline's mathematical prowess.
  • California Woman Goes Viral for 22-Year Friendship With Pet Tortoise She Received for Christmas as a Child

    12/02/2023 2:26:24 PM PST · by allen592 · 12 replies
    The Pet Zealot ^ | December 02, 2023 | James Alain L.
    Some friendships are destined to last a lifetime, defying all odds and capturing the hearts of those fortunate enough to witness their unbreakable bond. In the case of Caitlin Doran, a California native, her friendship with Tiptoe, the African tortoise she received as a Christmas gift 22 years ago, has not only endured the test of time but has also become an online sensation. Their heartwarming and enchanting relationship has resonated with millions of people on social media, making them feel part of something truly extraordinary.
  • Here's Why Kangaroos Might Try to Drown Your Dog

    12/02/2023 1:10:09 PM PST · by allen592 · 32 replies
    The Pet Zealot ^ | December 02, 2023 | James Alain L.
    In October of this year, a video emerged online, capturing a kangaroo's attempt to drown a dog in a river in Australia. However, this incident is not an isolated occurrence, as it turns out that marsupials have employed this peculiar tactic before. Mick Moloney, while strolling along the banks of the Murray River in northwestern Victoria, Australia, suddenly realized that his loyal companion, Hutchy, was nowhere to be found. His gaze shifted towards the water, where he witnessed a kangaroo standing waist-deep, with its arms submerged. To his astonishment, Hutchy emerged from the water gasping for air, expelling water from...
  • Smart Dog Seemingly Solves Math Questions With Ease When Quizzed by its Owner

    12/02/2023 10:53:02 AM PST · by allen592 · 27 replies
    The Pet Zealot ^ | December 02, 2023 | James Alain L.
    Luna, known on TikTok as @lunatheminicockapoo, is a Mini Cockapoo who has gained immense popularity on social media due to her exceptional talent. In a recent video shared by her owner, Jared, Luna astounds viewers as she effortlessly answers math addition and subtraction questions. In the video, Jared begins by asking Luna, "What is 9 minus 3?" Luna, displaying her thinking face, receives encouragement from Jared, who assures her, "You can do it." To everyone's delight, the endearing pooch taps Jared's arm six times, indicating that her answer is 6. Jared praises her accomplishment, saying, "Good job!" He proceeds to...
  • A Heartwarming Encounter: Driver Hears Cry For Help After Turning Off Car — Then Realizes It’s Coming From The Engine

    12/01/2023 1:04:58 PM PST · by allen592 · 53 replies
    The Pet Zealot ^ | December 01, 2023 | James Alain L.
    Have you ever had a strange experience while driving? Imagine this: you turn off your car, and as you step out, you hear a cry for help. But where is it coming from? Well, for one family, the answer was truly unexpected. When Mary Wolford's family turned off their car after a long drive, they heard a cry coming from the engine. Little did they know that it was a cry for help from a tiny, fluffy creature who had hitched a ride with them.
  • Adorable Video Shows Monkey 'Chilling' With Dog and Chicken

    12/01/2023 11:11:06 AM PST · by allen592 · 5 replies
    The Pet Zealot ^ | December 01, 2023 | James Alain L.
    Have you ever seen an unexpected friendship between animals that just melts your heart? Well, a wholesome video shared by 'Nature is Amazing' on Twitter has taken the internet by storm. This adorable video captures a monkey in a heartwarming moment, chilling with a dog and a chicken. Not only is the sight absolutely adorable, but in a follow-up footage, it becomes apparent that the monkey is actually caring for the chicken and the dog.
  • Homeowner Locked Out Of House Pleads with His Feline Companions To Let Him In

    12/01/2023 10:17:31 AM PST · by allen592 · 239 replies
    The Pet Zealot ^ | December 01, 2023 | James Alain L.
    Cats have always been known for their mysterious and independent nature. They can be a source of unconditional love and comfort for their humans, but they also possess a streak of cunning and aloofness. In a recent incident, a homeowner found himself locked out of his house, with the keys safely inside. Little did he know, his feline companions held the power to either let him in or leave him stranded outside.
  • Video: 2 Dogs Destroy Cars at Texas Dealership, Cause Up to $350K in Damages

    11/25/2023 1:21:41 PM PST · by allen592 · 50 replies
    The Pet Zealot ^ | November 25, 2023 | James Alain L.
    Have you ever heard of dogs wreaking havoc on a car dealership? Well, it might sound unbelievable, but that's exactly what happened at the G Motors dealership in Texas. According to employees, a Texas auto dealership has fallen victim to the destructive antics of two mischievous canines, resulting in significant financial losses. The G Motors dealership experienced three separate incidents between November 6 and November 18, during which the dogs wreaked havoc on vehicles. Surveillance footage obtained by ABC13 reveals the extent of the damage, with the dogs tearing off bumpers and fenders. Shockingly, the mischievous pooches managed to ravage...
  • Kind Man Offering Nuts To Chipmunk Gets An Unexpected 'Payment' In Return

    11/25/2023 11:05:52 AM PST · by allen592 · 66 replies
    The Pet Zealot ^ | November 25, 2023 | James Alain L.
    A few years ago, shortly after settling into his new home, TikTok user Adam stumbled upon a delightful surprise - a group of charming chipmunks had made themselves at home on his property. "I would often spot them in my garden and yard," Adam shared with The Dodo. "To my knowledge, I have at least three of them. This is my second year with these little guys." Intrigued by their presence, Adam decided to establish a connection with his newfound neighbors. He began leaving occasional piles of nuts for the chipmunks to feast on, a friendly gesture aimed at ensuring...