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  • Ron Paul’s Soros Defense Plan

    01/02/2012 8:38:41 AM PST · by mnehring · 89 replies
    It was recently observed that Ron Paul was to the left of Obama on national security and the best evidence for that statement can be found when one year ago Ron Paul joined forces with Barney Frank​ on a proposal to gut national defense via a panel of experts, quite a few of whom were tied to George Soros​. In July 2010, Barney Frank and Ron Paul co-authored a Huffington Post article rolling out their Sustainable Defense Task Force. The Task Force “consisting of experts on military expenditures that span the ideological spectrum” would recommend a trillion dollars in defense...
  • Expanding the French Connection

    11/04/2005 11:36:55 AM PST · by paperjam · 22 replies · 3,194+ views
    Self ^ | Friday, November 04, 2005 | Paperjam
    <p>Fox news ran stories last night based on some of the things we were tracking right here in this post. Here is their on line story.</p> <p>As unfinished as my research is, I feel compelled to release what I've found so far as the story cannot wait any longer.  I am not looking for a scoop on anyone or anything, but at the same time I don't want anyone thinking I made this stuff up after the fact either.</p>
  • A North American road to nowhere

    08/21/2007 4:59:36 PM PDT · by Tolerance Sucks Rocks · 95 replies · 1,740+ views
    Toronto Globe and Mail ^ | August 21, 2007 | Gloria Galloway
    OTTAWA — It's a threat that has left-wing Canadian nationalists and right-wing U.S. congressmen in rare and dismayed agreement: a freeway, four football fields wide, stretching from Mexico to northern Manitoba. Groups on both sides of the political spectrum say the corridor - dubbed the NAFTA superhighway - is a primary goal of the Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP) of North America established two years ago by the leaders of the United States, Canada and Mexico. At separate press conferences in Ottawa yesterday, the road was held out as an example of the potentially repugnant effects of the trilateral partnership....
  • NAFTA Superhighway Has Giuliani As Key Player (RON PAUL opposed!)

    07/24/2007 3:59:53 AM PDT · by OrthodoxPresbyterian · 35 replies · 1,003+ views ^ | 6-26-2007 | Diane M. Grassi
    NAFTA Superhighway Has Giuliani As Key Player Submitted by admin on Tue, 2007-06-26 20:28.A NAFTA superhighway extends North through Texas into Oklahoma and Colorado, and it's a four lane huge superhighway.On March 23, 2005, U.S. President George W. Bush, former Canadian Prime Minister, Paul Martin and former Mexican President, Vicente Fox, authorized the Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP), now under the auspices of the U.S. Department of Commerce. Most Americans have little to no knowledge of this seemingly innocuous sounding unofficial treaty and therefore believe there is little reason to be alarmed.However, what could be misinterpreted as legislation which has...
  • Finally! The full exposé of North American agenda.

    06/22/2007 3:51:57 AM PDT · by ohhhh · 69 replies · 1,005+ views
    WND ^ | June 20, 2007 | Jerome Corsi
    This is a WorldNetDaily printer-friendly version of the article which follows. To view this item online, visit Wednesday, June 20, 2007 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- WND BOOKS Finally! The full exposé of North American agenda Book documents plans for merger of U.S., Mexico, Canada -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Posted: June 20, 2007 1:00 a.m. Eastern -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- © 2007 WASHINGTON – Resistance to enforcing immigration laws and border security by political elites in the nation's capital is, at least in part, a result of plans to promote political, social and economic integration of the U.S., Mexico and Canada, charges a new book, "The Late...
  • Timeline of the Progress Toward a North American Union

    09/04/2006 11:23:31 AM PDT · by Tolerance Sucks Rocks · 47 replies · 1,688+ views
    Vive le Canada ^ | August 31, 2006 | Vive le Canada
    Canadian, U.S., and Mexican elites, including CEOS and politicians, have a plan to create common North American policies and further integrate our economies. This plan goes by various names and euphemisms, such as "deep integration", "NAFTA-plus", "harmonization", the "Big Idea", the "Grand Bargain", and the "North American Security and Prosperity Initiative". Regardless of which name your prefer, the end goal of all of these plans is to create a new political and economic entity named the North American Union (NAU) that would supercede the existing countries. Theoretically, it would be similar to and competetive with the European Union (EU). The...
  • US divided by superhighway plan

    06/16/2006 10:20:30 AM PDT · by Tolerance Sucks Rocks · 202 replies · 3,759+ views
    Scotsman ^ | June 16, 2006 | Craig Howie
    A MASSIVE road four football fields wide and running from Mexico to Canada through the heartland of the United States is being proposed amid controversy over security and the damage to the environment. The "nation's most modern roadway", proposed between Laredo in Texas and Duluth, Minnesota, along Interstate 35, would allow the US to bypass the west coast ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach to import goods from China and the Far East into the heart of middle America via Mexico, saving both cost and time. However, critics argue that the ten-lane road would lay a swathe of concrete...
  • Goodbye and good riddance, Paul

    01/30/2006 12:11:15 PM PST · by Clive · 11 replies · 729+ views
    Toronto Sun ^ | 2006-01-30 | Hartley Steward
    It’s never nice to kick someone when they’re down. If my father told me that once, he told me a dozen times. Sorry, Dad. Canada is well rid of soon-to-be-ex-PM Paul Martin. Paul Martin: Full to overflowing with the notion that the Liberal party was the rightful ruling party of Canada; fuelled by an awful ambition to somehow redeem his father and become PM; blessed with the skin of a rhinoceros; cursed with a mind that maddeningly simplified the most complicated of ideas; possessed of a vocabulary so intemperate and vicious, he lowered the level of political debate and discourse...
  • A Defeat for Anti-Americanism

    01/28/2006 6:37:20 AM PST · by DogBarkTree · 21 replies · 937+ views
    The Washington Post ^ | 1/28/06 | Editorial
    ACCORDING TO his opponent, Canadian Conservative Party Leader Stephen Harper exposed "an agenda really drawn from the extreme right in the United States." He favored the Iraq war, opposed the Kyoto treaty on global warming, and is a social conservative to boot. He might just become -- heaven forbid -- "the most pro-American leader in the Western world." His victory would -- O, Canada! -- "put a smile on George W. Bush's face." Despite all those scary warnings, Mr. Harper and his party won Canada's election on Monday. That put an end to 12 years of increasingly incoherent and corrupt...
  • Harper wins, Martin says he'll step down

    01/23/2006 9:23:08 PM PST · by Aussie Dasher · 52 replies · 1,523+ views
    Toronto Star ^ | 24 January 2006
    Canadians today elected a minority Conservative government led by Stephen Harper and Prime Minister Paul Martin said he would step down as leader of the Liberal party. After 13 years of Liberal rule, Canadians elected a government led by Harper that is promising squeaky-clean ethics, a crackdown on crime and lower taxes. In his concession speech at Liberal headquarters in Montreal, Martin said he would not lead the party into another election. He said he would consult with party official about an orderly transition. Tory Leader Harper scored a victory in today’s federal election, helped in part by strong, long-sought...
  • Harper wins Tory minority government, CBC News projects

    01/23/2006 7:13:33 PM PST · by mylife · 52 replies · 1,455+ views
    CBC ^ | 1/23/06
    Harper wins Tory minority government, CBC News projects Last Updated Mon, 23 Jan 2006 22:09:22 EST CBC News Conservative Leader Stephen Harper will become Canada's next prime minister, as Canadians have elected a Tory minority government and ended a 12-year reign of Liberal rule, CBC News projects. At 10 p.m, the Tories were leading or elected in 99 ridings in central and eastern Canada, the Liberals in 89, the Bloc in 39 and 20 for the NDP. In the Atlantic provinces, the Liberals, who won 22 seats in the June 2004 election, had elected or were leading in 19 of...
  • Harper wraps up fight in PM's hometown

    01/23/2006 4:24:07 AM PST · by Clive · 5 replies · 308+ views
    WINDSOR, Ont. -- Stephen Harper has made his last pitch for Ontario votes in Prime Minister Paul Martin's hometown. The Conservative leader urged an early morning crowd of about 400 party supporters to work right through the last campaign day before Monday's vote. Harper said every riding in southwestern Ontario is within Conservative grasp. The Conservative leader said it's time for voters to end Liberal rule. "If you want your taxes to go down, you have to vote for it. If you want a government that actually does something about crime, you have to vote for it. If you want...
  • Canadian General Election, Live Thread (UPDATE: Conservatives Win!)

    01/23/2006 8:03:44 AM PST · by GreenLanternCorps · 1,988 replies · 99,220+ views
    If JimRob, etc. approve this is the Live Thread for the Canadian General Election, on January 23rd, 2005. We have a while to go before the returns start coming in, but I thought the thread needed to get up and running.
  • Harper Seeks To Lock Up Voters (Tory Leader Slams Directionless And Desperate Liberals Alert)

    01/23/2006 1:55:32 AM PST · by goldstategop · 10 replies · 385+ views
    Ottawa Sun ^ | 01/23/06 | Kathleen Harris
    WINNIPEG — Canadians must deliver a damning indictment of 13 years of Liberal rule when they head to the polls today, Conservative Leader Stephen Harper said as he capped off an eight-week campaign by driving home the need for wholesale change in Ottawa. Working to stave off potential last-minute voter jitters, Harper warned of the “consequences” of putting the Grits back in power. The status quo isn’t enough and Canadians deserve better, Harper told supporters in a final cross-country sweep with stops in Ontario, Manitoba and British Columbia. “A re-elected Liberal government would interpret a victory, even a tiny victory,...
  • [Canadian] Conservative Lead Continues

    01/22/2006 5:37:14 PM PST · by conservative in nyc · 44 replies · 814+ views
    SES Research ^ | 1/22/06 | CPAC/SES Research
    Final SES Research Poll (Jan 20-22): Conservative - 36.4% (-0.6% from previous day's poll) Liberal - 30.1% (+2.0%) NDP - 17.4% (-0.3%) Bloc Quebecois - 10.6% (-0.7%) Green - 5.6% (-0.4%) MOE +/-3.1% SES January 22 ONLY (All Voters): Conservative - 33.2% (-4.4% from 1/21) Liberal - 30.4% (+3.2%) NDP - 22.2% (+5.9%) Bloc Quebecois - 9.4% (-4.1%) Green - 4.8% (-0.5%) MOE +/- 5.3%
  • 218 Reasons NOT to vote For Liberals (Long But Good Canada Voters' List To Dump Ruling Party Alert)

    01/22/2006 4:46:26 AM PST · by goldstategop · 10 replies · 849+ views
    Toronto Sun ^ | 01/22/06 | Linda Williamson
    After 12 years, we at the Sun think it's self-evident that the Liberals have to go, and polls show most Canadians agree. But just in case you're still not sure, we've compiled a list of the lowlights of Liberal rule since 1993. There's plenty more where these came from, but we've narrowed it to 218 reasons not to vote Liberal. Take your pick: You really only need one. THIS ELECTION -- WE DID NOT MAKE THIS UP 1 Pre-election spending: $22.2 billion, according to Canadian Taxpayers Federation. 2 Pre-election tax relief: $30 billion -- about $323 per taxpayer; up from...
  • [Canadian] Tories lead by 10, but lots of regional fights

    01/22/2006 12:46:59 AM PST · by conservative in nyc · 31 replies · 568+ views ^ | 1/21/06 | News Staff
    With voting day on Monday, stagnant national poll numbers mask some interesting movement among voters in parts of B.C., Ontario and Quebec, says a new poll. The latest poll by the Strategic Counsel for CTV and The Globe and Mail again finds a 10-point gap nationally between the Conservatives and Liberals (percentage point change from a Jan. 17-19 poll in brackets): * Conservatives: 37 per cent (-1) * Liberals: 27 per cent (-1) * NDP: 18 per cent (+1) * Bloc Quebecois: 11 per cent (unchanged) * Greens: 6 per cent (-1) For the question of a majority or minority...
  • Goodbye And Good Riddance (Andrew Coyne Recounts Martin's Ill-Starred Tenure Of Canada Alert)

    01/21/2006 7:46:09 AM PST · by goldstategop · 8 replies · 11,049+ views
    Free Dominion ^ | 01/21/06 | Andrew Coyne
    The Ceaucescu moment in Paul Martin's short, disgraceful career as prime minister, the instant it was clear the jig was well and truly up, occurred not this year but last; not during the long, slow humiliation of the present election campaign, but in his hour of maximum triumph, perhaps the finest achievement of his premiership: the luring of Belinda Stronach, by means of a Cabinet bauble or two, into the Liberal fold. You remember: the press conference, a nervous Ms. Stronach, a beaming prime minister. Someone asks about the political impact of her defection, just days before that crucial vote...
  • Algorithm detects Canadian politicians' spin (Paul Martin ranked the worst compared to other two)

    01/20/2006 6:31:27 PM PST · by Wiz · 6 replies · 348+ views
    NewScientist ^ | 2006 Jan 20 | Stu Hutson
    With the most fiercely fought Canadian election in more than a decade taking place on Monday, the crossfire of political rhetoric between the incumbent prime minister and his Conservative Party challenger is becoming heated – but which one is more trustworthy? According to a new computer algorithm, Prime Minister Paul Martin, of the Liberal Party, spins the subject matter of his speeches dramatically more than Conservative Party leader, Stephen Harper, and the New Democratic Party leader, Jack Layton. Spin, in this case, is defined as “text or speech where the apparent meaning is not the true belief of the person...
  • Etobicoke [Ontario, Canada] Liberal riding president throws support to Tory

    01/20/2006 2:20:51 PM PST · by Heatseeker · 30 replies · 662+ views
    Toronto Star ^ | Jan. 20, 2006 | ROB FERGUSON
    In a last-minute blow to high-profile Liberal candidate Michael Ignatieff, the president of the party’s riding association in Etobicoke-Lakeshore swung his support today to Conservative rival John Capobianco in Monday’s federal election. The controversial process by which Ignatieff was acclaimed the candidate over local hopefuls ruled ineligible by the party was a major factor in the decision, said Ron Chyczij, who had hoped to contest the nomination himself. "I can no longer in good conscience support the Liberal candidate in this riding," he said in a statement released this afternoon. "After the nomination fiasco, I’ve purposely waited on the sidelines...