Aussie Dasher
Since Oct 13, 2004

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As you might guess, I'm an Australian living just outside the second largest city in Australia, Melbourne.

My political hero is The Great Ronald Reagan (God rest his soul), and I'm a great admirer of George W. Bush.

I'm a member of the Liberal Party of Australia. This, I know, may come as a shock to Americans, but in Australia "Liberals" are the main conservative party. We have recently been re-elected for a forth consecutive term and our leader, Prime Minister John Howard, has now become the second longest serving Prime Minister in the nation's history - surpassed only by the Liberal Party founder Sir Robert Gordon Menzies who led Australia for 17 years until 1966.

I am very fond of the United States, as are most Aussies, and keen to participate in political discussions on what is happening in the US. Until recently, I have been an enthusiastic contributor to the 'New York Times' Abuzz forum but, sadly, that has now folded. I look forward to joining with you good people as we "chew the fat" across the Pacific Ocean. What more can I say but "Four More Years!!!!"