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Canada Ping List
Updated pinglist
(Asreceived from Squawk 8888 2013-07-20)

clive;exg; Alberta’s Child; albertabound; AntiKev; backhoe; Byron_the _Aussie; Cannoneer No. 4; Catholic Canadian; coteblanche; Great Dane; headsonpikes; Ryle; mitchbert; happygrl; RebelAlbertan; GMMAC; DTA; Canadian Outrage; YYZ; border bud; NorthOf45; ken5050; Malesherbes; Snowyman; kanawa; youngtory; alfa6; Squawk 8888; Don W; Trippin; thecanuck; balk; In The Crease; coydog; goldstategop; canadian bob;Robert Drobot; Clypp;A knight without armor; marway; plushaye;Alexander Rubin;fanfan; GOPJ; Semper; Fair Go; JNL;Chgogal; Jedi Master Pikachu;Cornpone; Armynewsguy; Catholic Canadian; mbraynard; Reform Canada; FocusNexus; JBGUSA;Grimmy; FrPR;styky; stefanbatory; Springman; Army Air Corps; SouthDixie; Chief Engineer; dynachrome; JBGUSA; Hieronymus;MarkBsnr;ColdOne;NorwegianViking;oldweesie;Dartman;KC_Lion;TopDog2;Candor7;pgobrien;OldNewYork;kevinm13;gattaca;golux;

If an item that I am pinging has to do with military deployments, I also add these to the list:
SandRat;red devil 40;

Middle East issues add:

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