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  • How the rocks fit the Flood. Shaun Doyle talks to Tim Clarey about his research career in Flood geology.

    10/20/2020 12:22:24 PM PDT · by fishtank · 5 replies
    Creation Ministries International ^ | 10-20-2020 | Shaun Doyle
    How the rocks fit the Flood. Shaun Doyle talks to Tim Clarey about his research career in Flood geology. by Shaun Doyle 10-20-2020 Geologist Dr Timothy Clarey is a Research Associate and Geologist at the Institute for Creation Research (ICR) in Dallas, Texas. He earned a B.S. in geology summa cum laude, an M.S. in geology from the University of Wyoming, and an M.S. in hydrogeology and a Ph.D. in geology (1996) from Western Michigan University. Spending nearly 10 years in the oil exploration industry and 17 years in academia gave Tim a unique perspective for his work at ICR,...
  • Darwinians Displayed Bones of "Inferior" Races in Museums

    09/25/2020 11:08:36 AM PDT · by fishtank · 16 replies
    Creation Evolution Headlines ^ | 9-24-2020 | Jerry Bergman, PhD
    Darwinians Displayed Bones of "Inferior" Races in Museums Sept. 24, 2020 Displaying the bones of ‘inferior races’ in museums: The whitewashing of Darwinism may be ending by Jerry Bergman, PhD Introduction One of the few positive changes that resulted from the recent protests in America has been a reexamination of Darwin’s racial legacy. It is well-documented that Darwinism was foundational to the flourishing of the so-called race science that birthed the “scientific racists.” The late Harvard Professor, Steven Jay Gould, coined the term “scientific racists,” for those who attempt to base their racism on science, especially Darwinism. The scientific racists...
  • Origin of Tectonic Plates Best Explained by the Flood

    09/25/2020 3:17:10 PM PDT · by fishtank · 56 replies
    Institute for Creation Research ^ | 9-21-2020 | Tim Clarey, PhD
    Origin of Tectonic Plates Best Explained by the Flood BY TIM CLAREY, PH.D. * | MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 21, 2020 A new study published in Nature Communications claims to have figured out how the tectonic plates may have originated.1 It’s been over 50 years since the theory of plate tectonics became an accepted idea in the scientific community. But, secular scientists are still struggling to explain both the origin of the continental crust and the tectonic plates.2 Earth is unique in our solar system because it is the only planet with tectonic plates. As far as we know, it may be...
  • Radiocarbon Calibration Is Stretchy

    08/20/2020 12:41:45 PM PDT · by fishtank · 1 replies
    Creation Evolution Headlines ^ | 8-20-2020 | David F. Coppedge
    Radiocarbon Calibration Is Stretchy August 20, 2020 | David F. Coppedge The latest calibration curve for radiocarbon dating is raising eyebrows. Will it upset what is “known” about the past? Sometimes “new and improved” is welcome news. For example, the Hubble Space Telescope improved the resolution of faint objects compared to ground-based telescopes tremendously. Without controversy, it has dazzled the world with the beauty of astronomical objects. Other times, though, “new and improved” suggests that what came before was bad. And sometimes one doesn’t want a “new and improved” version of something, like the standard kilogram or meter, because it...
  • Deep Water Coals Discovery Supports Flood

    08/17/2020 8:25:01 AM PDT · by fishtank · 19 replies
    Institute for Creation Research ^ | 7-31-2020 | Tim Clarey
    Deep Water Coals Discovery Supports Flood BY TIM CLAREY, PH.D. * | FRIDAY, JULY 31, 2020 Recent geological discoveries are defying standard uniformitarian explanations. First there was the massive Whopper Sand found in the deep water of the Gulf of Mexico.1 Then there was the dinosaur bone washed 70 miles offshore and buried 1.5 miles deep.2 And now researchers have come across another startling discovery—coal beds hidden far beneath the South China Sea.3 Geologist Peter Lunt reviewed recent oil well drilling data in an area in the South China Sea known as North Luconia, about 175 miles off the coast...
  • ‘Impossible’ Hybrid Suggests Non-Darwinian Change

    07/30/2020 11:40:33 AM PDT · by fishtank · 27 replies
    Creation Evolution Headlines ^ | 7-28-2020 | David F. Coppedge
    ‘Impossible’ Hybrid Suggests Non-Darwinian Change July 28, 2020 | David F. Coppedge Animals may be more capable of sharing genetic information than coming up with it de novo. What is a sturdlefish? It’s a cross between a sturgeon and a paddlefish. But this is no silly riddle for middle schoolers. It’s a reality that biologists thought was impossible: two species of fish from different continents that interbred and produced live offspring, even though their “common ancestor” supposedly lived 184 million years ago.
  • Solving the mystery of why Donald Trump was elected president; The clueless ones are looking at the wrong in the wrong places, ignoring God's sovereign will

    07/20/2020 7:46:45 AM PDT · by SeekAndFind · 7 replies
    Christian Post ^ | 07/20/2020 | Wallace B. Henley
    The presidency of Donald J. Trump is a grand enigma, so enigmatic that powerful opponents — and even some supporters — thought he must have had outside help to win the Oval Office. The Mueller investigators spent more than $30 million over two years searching for Russian collusion and produced almost 450 pages trying to solve the Trump enigma but found no collusion. Impeachment proceedings then feverishly sought reasons to remove Trump from office. The maddening (to some) mystery remained: What power made Donald Trump the president of the United States of America? “How?” is indeed at the heart of...
  • Jews Worldwide Now Moving to Israel in Unprecedented Droves as Prophesied in Jeremiah

    06/24/2020 12:04:01 PM PDT · by Perseverando · 111 replies
    Breaking Israel News ^ | June 18, 2020` | Dr. David Sidman
    And there is hope for your future —declares Hashem: Your children shall return to their country. Jeremiah 31:13 (The Israel Bible™) The latest forecast from Jerusalem says that Israel is expecting 90,000 Jews from the diaspora to emigrate to Israel by the end of 2021. The process of Jewish people worldwide naturalizing in Israel is called ‘Aliyah’. Aliyah Integration Minister Pnina Tamano-Shata said on Wednesday that the latest estimates reveal that 90,000 Jews worldwide (Olim) will move to Israel from around the world in the next 18 months reports the JPost. Meanwhile, Nefesh b’ Nefesh, a non-profit organization that facilitates...
  • Stop Believing in Science. Science is not a religion. It doesn’t offer virtue or certainty.

    05/23/2020 8:00:23 PM PDT · by E. Pluribus Unum · 70 replies
    Front Page Magazine ^ | Fri May 22, 2020 | Daniel Greenfield
    The alchemists and astrologists who were the distant ancestors of modern science believed in a world of absolute truths. Uncovering the right formula, searching the sweep of sky, offered total control over the otherwise mysterious forces of the universe. Our current knowledge of the way that things are tells us that while the universe may have absolute realities, our understanding of them will never be so. Quantum indeterminacy has left us with a universe in which the drive to know is constrained by our search for knowledge. Existence seems to be built to challenge our hubris, forcing us to think...
  • Yedomas show one ice age

    05/13/2020 11:03:36 AM PDT · by fishtank · 7 replies
    Creation Ministries International ^ | 5-13-2020 | Michael Oard
    Yedomas show one ice age by Michael J. Oard Just recently, another indicator of just one ice age has emerged. Yedomas are a special type of permafrost that contain a large amount of organic matter (about 2% carbon by mass) and from 50 to 80% ice by volume.17 The ice is in the form of large ice wedges and ice layers and lenses. Permafrost covers 23 million km2, or 24%, of land in the Northern Hemisphere. Yedomas cover substantially less—1,387,000 km2 in north-east Siberia, Alaska, and Yukon Territory of north-west Canada.18 They are often tens of metres thick with a...
  • Dinosaur eggs point to the global Genesis Flood

    10/10/2019 8:08:23 AM PDT · by fishtank · 20 replies
    Creation Ministries International ^ | 10-10-2019 | Michael Oard
    Dinosaur eggs point to the global Genesis Flood by Mike Oard 10-10-19 The first well-known discovery of dinosaur eggs was in Mongolia during the early 1920s. Then in the 1970s, Marion Brandvold found more dinosaur eggs, a few even containing embryos, in Montana, USA, at a 9-metre-high hill called ‘Egg Mountain’. This was later excavated by famous dinosaur paleontologist John Horner and colleagues. Researchers have now discovered eggs on almost all the continents of the world (figure 1). New egg sites are found each year and the estimated number of fossil dino eggs is in the millions. The best-known sites...
  • Are Neandertals pre-Flood people?

    02/06/2019 10:57:28 AM PST · by fishtank · 70 replies
    Creation Ministries International ^ | 2-2-19 | Robert Carter, PhD
    Are Neandertals pre-Flood people? Published: 2 February 2019 (GMT+10) Markus B. asks: I am in contact with someone who has read your article Neanderthal genome like ours. He does not agree with what you have written in your article,and thinks instead that Neanderthal man lived before the Flood and completely died out in the Flood (he also thinks Homo erectus, Homo heidelbergensis and Homo denisova died out in the flood). He argues that the genome of the Neanderthal man and modern man mixed already before the flood, and that this would explain the findings.
  • Could the Flood have been tranquil? Adapted from the author’s The Genesis Account

    01/30/2019 11:14:28 AM PST · by fishtank · 49 replies
    Creation Ministries International ^ | 1-30-2019 | Jonathan Sarfati
    Could the Flood have been tranquil? Adapted from the author’s The Genesis Account: A theological, historical, and scientific commentary on Genesis 1–11, 2015.1 by Jonathan Sarfati 1-30-2019 In response to the uniformitarian dogma of Darwin’s mentor Charles Lyell, Scottish pastor-zoologist John Fleming (1785–1857) proposed a novel idea. That is, the Genesis Flood was real and global, but it left no trace, because it was a tranquil flood. Modern long-age creationist Norman Geisler (b. 1932) also holds this view.2
  • Grand Canyon Carved by Flood Runoff

    12/03/2018 7:50:00 AM PST · by fishtank · 28 replies
    Institute for Creation Research ^ | 11-30-18 | Tim Clarey, PhD
    Grand Canyon Carved by Flood Runoff BY TIM CLAREY, PH.D. * | FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 30, 2018 Secular science has long struggled to explain the timing and origin of Grand Canyon. The majority of secular scientists assumes it was carved by a large river in less than six million years.1 Why did it form where it did? In particular, how did the river “hurdle” the massive Kaibab uplift?
  • Inselbergs. Evidence for rapid Flood runoff.

    10/17/2018 10:56:02 AM PDT · by fishtank · 16 replies
    Creation Ministries International ^ | 10-17-18 | Michael Oard
    Inselbergs. Evidence for rapid Flood runoff. by Michael Oard As the world’s continents were uplifted from the waters of the global Flood, they were greatly eroded. During this massive erosion, the rocks that weren’t pulverized were transported hundreds of kilometres toward the oceans. The enormous power of the receding water, relentlessly shaving off the surfaces it flowed over, left behind large flat areas known as planation surfaces, along with coastal Great Escarpments, large natural bridges, and freestanding arches. Scientists studying conventional geomorphology find all these features puzzling because they ignore the Flood and rely only on slow erosion over millions...
  • Assembling the Pre-Flood World

    04/02/2018 8:43:14 AM PDT · by fishtank · 11 replies
    Institute for Creation Research ^ | 3-30-18 | Tim Clarey, PhD
    Assembling the Pre-Flood World BY TIM CLAREY, PH.D. * | FRIDAY, MARCH 30, 2018 Knowledge of the pre-Flood world is limited because the Bible only gives a few details. Some creationists have relied heavily on secular interpretations in their studies on continental configurations and pre-Flood geography. ICR’s geological research is the first to tackle this issue using actual rock data from around the globe.
  • Amazing Fossils Found in Flood Deposits

    12/04/2017 8:25:06 AM PST · by fishtank · 28 replies
    Creation Evolution Headlines ^ | December 4, 2017 | David F. Coppedge
    Amazing Fossils Found in Flood Deposits December 4, 2017 | David F. Coppedge Flood geology explains these unique fossils like slow-and-gradual geology cannot. Hundreds of Flood-Deposited Pterosaur Eggs Found It’s all over the news: several hundred well-preserved pterosaur eggs have been uncovered in China, buried by ‘storms’ (floods). Details and photos can be found here:
  • The ‘Great Unconformity’ and associated geochemical evidence for Noahic Flood erosion

    10/13/2017 7:48:13 AM PDT · by fishtank · 9 replies
    Creation Ministries International ^ | 10-13-17 | Harry Dickens
    The ‘Great Unconformity’ and associated geochemical evidence for Noahic Flood erosion by Harry Dickens The Bible’s Flood account describes the greatest rain event ever recorded. Forty days and nights of rain falling on the earth (Genesis 7:12) would have caused immense denudation of landmasses around the globe. Evidence for this is provided by a key stratigraphic surface and by associated geochemical signatures. Nature and extent of the ‘Great Unconformity’ The term ‘Great Unconformity’ was originally used to describe the prominent stratigraphic surface exposed in the Grand Canyon that separates the Lower Cambrian Tapeats Sandstone (of the Sauk cratonic sequence) from...
  • A global flood on Mars - but not on Earth?

    08/01/2017 9:08:32 AM PDT · by fishtank · 36 replies
    How a watery catastrophe shaped a planet Most scientists reject the idea of a global flood on Earth yet say they are certain there was a watery cataclysm on Mars so enormous that it carved a 3,500 km long channel that is about 400 km wide and up to 2.5 km deep. Kasei Valles, seen in MOLA elevation data. Flow was from bottom left to right. North is up. Image is approximately 1,600 km across, showing the enormous size of this channel, which is 3,500 km long, greater than 400 km wide, and exceeds a depth of 2.5 km Spectacular...
  • The Flood, Catastrophic Plate Tectonics, and Earth History

    07/31/2017 8:15:49 AM PDT · by fishtank · 22 replies
    Institute for Creation Research ^ | Aug 2017 | Jake Hebert, Ph.D.
    The Flood, Catastrophic Plate Tectonics, and Earth History by Jake Hebert, Ph.D. * Evidence for Creation Although evolutionary scientists insist there is no evidence for the global, Earth-destroying Flood described in Genesis, accepting the Genesis Flood as literal history enables researchers to make sense of a wide array of geological, climatic, and cultural data. Fossils in Water-Deposited Rocks Most of Earth’s land surface is covered with sedimentary rocks or sediments, which are formed when pre-existing rock material is weathered. The resulting sediment is then transported to another location by water, wind, or glacial action. Even secular geologists acknowledge that nearly...