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2012-07-27 - Gun control? It's the OBOTS who are filling up prisons for violent crimes, not the Tea Party.)
2012-12-13 - (Gun control? It's really not about gun control. It's about PEOPLE CONTROL!)
2013-04-20 - (The truth is hate to those who hate the truth.)
2013-06-07 - (It's ALL about PEOPLE CONTROL!)
2014-0? - (In Washington it's common knowledge that Barack Hussein Obama is ineligible to be POTUS.)
2015-04-29 - For Progressives, Islamonazis & Totalitarians: It's all about PEOPLE CONTROL!

This is a special comment to me that I'm still dumbfounded by. Nevertheless, I shall always treasure it. /sarc
42 posted on 12/3/2020, 12:02:30 PM by RedStateRocker to Perseverando
Counting ballots, fine. Idiotic whackjob conspiracy theories (wait, that’s a redundancy) like fake ballots and voting machines flipping votes deserve ridicule.

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