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  • We can't trust SCOTUS to give us liberty and self-governance

    06/21/2020 12:12:51 PM PDT · by Nateman · 63 replies
    Convention Of States ^ | June 18, 2020 | Convention Of States
    By now you've heard about this week's decisions from the U.S. Supreme Court. Conservative Review's Daniel Horowitz sums them up well in a piece entitled, "Conservatives get massacred by fake 'conservative' SCOTUS": Within 35 minutes today at 10 a.m. Eastern, what some thought was the most conservative Supreme Court of all time concocted a fundamental right to transgenderism in the context of labor law, erased the Second Amendment, and interfered with a state death penalty case, but declined to interfere with a California law that criminalizes law enforcement cooperation with federal immigration agents. Taken in totality, the “conservative” legal movement,...
  • On Friday, the lockdowns end

    05/21/2020 8:20:26 PM PDT · by Tippecanoe · 21 replies
    Open the States ^ | 5/18/2020 | Open the States
    On Friday, the lockdowns end It's time. It's time to stand up to overreaching governors, mayors, and bureaucrats. It's time to open up our businesses while adopting responsible, common-sense safety measures. And it's time to support those businesses by showing up to purchase their goods and services. We're calling all Americans to Stand Up, Open Up, and Show Up this Friday, May 22. For months, we've complied with lockdown and "stay-at-home" orders supposedly designed to "slow the spread" of the dangerous COVID-19 virus. But even as the infection rate slowed and rural communities saw virtually zero transmission, power-hungry and terrified...
  • The anti-quarantine protests seem spontaneous. But behind the scenes, a powerful network is helping

    04/22/2020 6:30:49 AM PDT · by Oldeconomybuyer · 46 replies
    The Washington Post via SFGate ^ | April 22, 2020 | by Isaac Stanley-Becker and Tony Romm
    The ads on Facebook sounded populist and passionate: "The people are rising up against these insane shutdowns," they said. "We're fighting back to demand that our elected officials reopen America." But the posts, funded by an initiative called "Convention of States," were not the product of a grass-roots uprising alone. Instead, they represented one salvo in a wide-ranging and well-financed conservative campaign to undermine restrictions that medical experts say are necessary to contain the coronavirus - but that protesters call overkill and whose economic fallout could damage President Trump's political prospects. A network of right-leaning individuals and groups, aided by...
  • Convention of States (Limit the Federal Government Via State Legislatures)

    12/14/2019 3:05:15 PM PST · by yesthatjallen · 27 replies
    Convention of States ^ | 12 14 2019 | Convention of State
    Convention of States Almost everyone knows that our federal government is on a dangerous course. The unsustainable debt combined with crushing regulations on states and businesses is a recipe for disaster. What is less known is that the Founders gave state legislatures the power to act as a final check on abuses of power by Washington, DC. Article V of the U.S. Constitution authorizes the state legislatures to call a convention for proposing needed amendments to the Constitution. This process does not require the consent of the federal government in Washington, DC. The Convention of States Project; a national effort...
  • 2ndDivisionVet has passed away

    11/10/2019 9:33:59 AM PST · by Vendome · 1,118 replies
    Vanity | 10/10/2019 | Vendome
    I received word from 2ndDivisionVet wife that he passed away. I am not using his real name here out of respect but, will ping his handle and his wife can if she would like. I didn't ask what he died from but, knowing him for better than 10 years, I knew of medical conditions and a few terrible Operations he had. He was a wonderful human being who cared deeply for his fellow Americans and the ideals that make this country so great that people the world over want to come here and be free, live in liberty and be...
  • Tidal Wave of Millennials Join Fight to Drain the Swamp (COS)

    04/13/2019 12:14:20 PM PDT · by Jacquerie · 76 replies
    Convention of States ^ | April 9th 2019 | Convention of States
    The next generation of conservative leaders have been watching and waiting for a cause where they can make a tangible difference and be a part of history in the making. For years, they felt hopeless. But today, the scene looks very different. Ben Shapiro has teamed up with Convention of States to funnel his millions of young listeners into the fight to call a Convention of States. In a matter of weeks, tens of thousands of young activists have flooded into the movement, taking on leadership positions, and being trained to take back their power from Washington, D.C. These are...
  • Mississippi Legislature becomes 15th to adopt Convention of States resolution

    03/28/2019 4:17:32 AM PDT · by cotton1706 · 58 replies ^ | 3/27/19 | Sarah Ulmer
    Today the Mississippi House of Representatives followed suit with their Senate counterparts and passed Senate Concurrent Resolution 596 by a vote of 69-49. The bill also brought its fair share of controversy among party lines. The amendment calls for a Convention of States to approve amendments that would restrict the fiscal restraints of the federal government, effectively limiting their power. The House debated the bill for over an hour, offering several amendments that were not accepted among members before passing, mostly on a party line vote. The Senate originally passed the bill last Thursday, by a vote of 32-17.
  • Utah Legislature Approves Resolution Calling for State Convention to Change U.S. Constitution

    03/06/2019 12:06:27 PM PST · by Jacquerie · 99 replies
    Deseret News Utah ^ | March 5th 2019 | Katie McKellar
    SALT LAKE CITY — It's official: Utah's game. The Utah House of Representatives in a late 42-32 vote Tuesday night gave final approval to a joint resolution calling for a convention to consider amendments to the U.S. Constitution. The resolution, which does not need approval from Gov. Gary Herbert, adds Utah to the list of states seeking to convene a convention to propose amendments to the U.S. Constitution to address what the resolution's House sponsor, Rep. Merrill Nelson, called a "broken" federal government. "The checks and balances in our Constitution have been stretched and broken," said Nelson, R-Grantsville. "All three...
  • Jaywalking with Convention of States Opponents

    02/25/2019 1:53:03 AM PST · by Jacquerie · 23 replies
    ArticleVBlog ^ | February 25th 2019 | Rodney Dodsworth
    When did a republic extricate itself from imminent tyranny through the election of better or more virtuous people? Perhaps Article V opponents will point to the election of President Trump. There’s no doubt that he is a reprieve, but a reprieve is just that, a temporary interruption, a finger in the dike to the tide of tyranny.1 Can we somehow do likewise with Congress and Scotus? Just elect better congressmen and senators who in turn will only consent to conservative judges? Is it reasonable to believe we can do with Congress in the future what we haven’t done since the...
  • National Popular Vote: Making Every Vote Unequal

    02/18/2019 6:14:05 PM PST · by george76 · 65 replies
    Inside Sources ^ | February 12, 2019 | Tara Ross
    Electoral College advocates see a window of opportunity to eliminate America’s unique presidential election system. They are seizing the moment, working to implement change before anyone realizes what happened. They even think they can do it without a constitutional amendment. National Popular Vote (NPV) is a California-based effort that has been running under the radar. Its proponents ask state legislatures to agree to an interstate compact. By the terms of that simple contract, each participating state would agree to allocate its entire slate of electors to the winner of the national popular vote. This is a change from the current...
  • Arkansas becomes state #13 to pass the Convention of States resolution

    02/15/2019 7:09:29 PM PST · by Nateman · 46 replies ^ | February 13, 2019 | Kyle Key
    Little Rock, AR, February 14, 2019 – Convention of States Action, the largest Article V grassroots organization in the country, is pleased to announce that today Arkansas became the 13th state to call for an Article V convention to propose constitutional amendments that impose fiscal restraints on Washington, limit its power and jurisdiction, and set term limits for federal officials. “We are very excited that Arkansas has become the 13th state to pass the Convention of States resolution,” said Mark Meckler, President of Convention of States Action. “This success is the result of incredible grassroots effort in conjunction with great...
  • Liberals Blaming The Senate For Their Loss Of Political Power Have Lost Touch With Reality

    11/04/2018 4:04:57 AM PST · by Jacquerie · 26 replies
    The Federalist ^ | October 11th, 2018 | Kyle Sammin
    The Electoral College quickly became the left’s least favorite part of the American government after Donald Trump won the 2016 election. By 2017, gerrymandering in the House of Representatives was the cause celebre. In 2018, they’re still mad about both of these things—some people will always be mad about something—but the confirmation of two conservative judges to the Supreme Court has banked the fires of resentment even higher against another part of our constitutional structure: the U.S. Senate. NBC’s Ken Dilanian captured the mainstream media zeitgeist when he tweeted: "It may not happen in our lifetimes, but the idea that...
  • Right Seeks Unprecedented Convention to Amend Constitution

    11/03/2018 3:05:27 PM PDT · by Jacquerie · 139 replies
    Associated Press ^ | November 3rd 2018 | MATT SEDENSKY
    NEW YORK (AP) — Whatever success Republicans have amassed in taking control of all three branches of U.S. government, and whatever fate awaits them as midterm elections near, some on the right are working to cement change by amending the Constitution. And to the mounting alarm of others on all parts of the spectrum, they want to bypass the usual process. They’re pushing for an unprecedented Constitutional convention of the states. While opponents are afraid of what such a convention would do, supporters say it is the only way to deal with the federal government’s overreach and ineptitude. “They literally...
  • Judge Andrew Napolitano Officially Endorses Convention of States.

    10/25/2018 2:25:15 PM PDT · by Jacquerie · 56 replies
    Convention of States ^ | October 23rd 2018 | Garrett Humbertson
    Full Title: Judge Andrew Napolitano Officially Endorses Convention of States to Chain Down the Federal Government. The Convention of States Project announces an endorsement from Judge Andrew Napolitano, Senior Judicial Analyst, Fox News Channel and author of nine books on the U.S. Constitution. Judge Andrew Napolitano says, “For generations, long before the Convention of States Project, I have joined many of my ideological and political friends in recognizing the need to call an Article V Convention. American history and human nature teach that Washington, D.C., will never actually restrain itself and restore the foundations of personal liberty that the Constitution...
  • This Constitution Day, states should finally unwrap the gift of Article V

    09/16/2018 8:39:05 AM PDT · by E. Pluribus Unum · 60 replies
    The Hill ^ | 09/16/18 08:00 AM EDT | LINDSEY STROUD, OPINION CONTRIBUTOR
    Sept. 17 is Constitution Day, when Americans commemorate the signing of the U.S. Constitution. Hence, there is no better time to reexamine the true intentions of the founding fathers on the power of the national government. Despite popular conceptions that the Constitutional Convention lacked conflict, the founding fathers often debated the balance of power between the national and state governments, among many other issues. As ratification hung in the balance, two factions emerged: Federalists, who supported the Constitution and a strong central government, and anti-Federalists, who supported strong state governments. ADVERTISEMENT To placate the anti-Federalists and ensure ratification, the Federalists...
  • Article V – Dynamic Federalism

    09/10/2018 12:45:15 AM PDT · by Jacquerie · 4 replies
    ArticleVBlog ^ | September 10th 2018 | Rodney Dodsworth
    Over a long radio career, Rush Limbaugh regularly slammed the Congressional Budget Office for its static analysis of tax cuts. It is natural to think in linear terms. If Congress cuts taxes by X, then government revenue should fall by X. Right? Except, it often doesn’t work that way. Man and men in society aren’t linear thinkers. Sometimes the output is a magnitude larger and opposite to the input. Cut taxes by X and the output isn’t an X tax loss, but typically a dynamic increase in tax revenue several times the tax cuts. Dynamic response isn’t limited to economics....
  • State Legislators Article V Caucus - September 2018 Newsletter

    09/04/2018 12:46:06 PM PDT · by Jacquerie · 6 replies
    Article VCaucus ^ | September 2018
    This month's articles. Click the source link. Article V Applications are Missing Natelson Study Questions Seven Article V ‘Rescissions’ UK Pub Reported on ALEC Convention / Article V Efforts BBA Group Announces Prominent New Board Members Forbes Article Suggests Use of Article V to Legalize Marijuana CNN Says National Debt is Becoming a Pressing Issue Economists Highlight Fiscal Rules to Fight National Debt Italy at Odds over Constitutional Balanced Budget Provision Wolf-PAC Leader Calls on Progressives: Support an A5 Confab
  • What difference will an Article 5 COS make? (vanity)

    09/03/2018 7:52:45 AM PDT · by Optimist · 64 replies
    vanity | Sept 3, 2018 | self
    I do understand the point of a Convention of States. There are certainly things that have gone wrong constitutionally in this country. It appears, however, that the issue is not the constitution, but rather ADHERENCE to the constitution. Although there are items that MIGHT be able to correct that problem (term limits? return to the original election of senators by state legislatures? just for example) the real issue is that the constitution is NOT followed by either those elected to serve and protect it nor those appointed to justify the laws based upon it. I assume if we are taking...
  • Why We Need a Convention of the States-An opportunity to make America free again

    08/31/2018 6:23:38 AM PDT · by SJackson · 64 replies
    Frontpagemagazine ^ | August 31, 2018 | David Horowitz
    Editor's note: Below is David Horowitz's speech in New Orleans on August 10 at the annual meeting of ALEC -- a policy organization of thousands of state legislators. I want to thank my old friend Lisa Nelson and ALEC for inviting us to present our case for a Convention of the States whose purpose would be to reform our Constitution. Why are we raising this prospect of reform to the fundamental law of the land? It’s because we are in the midst of a constitutional crisis the likes of which we have not seen since the Civil War. It’s because...
  • FED up with creeping socialism, conservatives in BIG push for constitutional convention

    08/12/2018 7:36:28 AM PDT · by SleeperCatcher · 94 replies
    The National Sentinel ^ | 8/12/2018 | USA Features
    It’s Time: There hasn’t been one since the earliest days of our founding, but conservatives — increasingly alarmed by creeping socialism, Left-wing courts, and Democratic efforts to overturn the 2016 election are now turning their attention more avidly towards a “constitutional convention.” In the days of the Tea Party movement, a book called “The Liberty Amendments” by constitutional scholar, author, talk host and former Reagan Justice Department official Mark Levin sparked a modern-day convention movement that would operate much as the first “con-con” which took place from May 25 to September 17, 1787 in Philadelphia. “I think we’re three or...