Since Sep 15, 2003

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I believe Will Durant is right. Great nations are born stoic and die epicurean.

I believe the Constitution means what it says. It is not a living document, nor does it contain any penumbras or emanations.

I believe the 17th Amendment is the primary reason our government is out of control. Instead of representing the states and tempering the passions of the mob in the House of Representatives as intended, Senators are no better than three term congressmen. They are however, far more pompous and dangerous.

I believe the founding fathers had a comprehensive knowledge of western civilization, from Holy Scripture, Plato, Aristotle, Augustine, Aquinas to Locke. They started with a blank slate and created, with the help of God, the best document ever written to direct the relationship of man and state to a new form of republican government.

I believe the truth to Democrats is that which advances their goals; factuality is irrelevant.

I believe Democrats, the ACLU, old media, labor unions, environmentalists view as "moral" any thing or action that retains or regains their power.

I believe the Uniparty leadership is an enemy of these United States.

I believe Islam is a barbaric social and political system in religious drag.

I believe there is every bit as much a right to publicly burn Old Glory as there is to an abortion. None.

I admire a single sailor, marine, soldier, airman or coast guardsman chosen at random, more than the entire Washington Press.

I believe nothing from CNN, CBS, ABC, NBC, MSNBC, AP, or Reuters without independent verification.

I believe federal judges can and should be impeached and removed from office for incompetence. Reference to foreign law and ignoring the plain language of the Constitution are reasons for impeachment.

I believe the income tax is an immoral affront to a supposedly free people.

I believe the interpretation of the Constitution is not the sole province of blackrobe judges.

I believe President Obama is a Marxist, a Muslim, and intends to bankrupt and ultimately destroy these United States.

I am certain that President Trump won the 2020 election.