Since Oct 30, 1998

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    I love this cartoon. I love it because it has many levels and at the highest level of understanding it shines a light of truth on our country. The first level is easy enough. It is : I don't get it, is this suppose to be funny or what? I can understand there are probably a handful of folks out there reading this who are not familiar with the square root symbol √. It's the reverse of squaring a number. The square of 2 is (2 x 2) which is 4. The reverse of a square is the square root. The square root of 4 is 2.

     Now for the next level. In this level the thought police are taking away a dissident because he is revealing an uncomfortable truth: “The square root of 4 is 2” . This reveals their exalted leader is really no different than the rest of the people, shown as 2's , most of which are shown in submission to the leader as if he was somehow bigger and better than they are. The leader is not a man with special powers and they should not be treating him with such reverence!

This is the level most folks will get out of this but there are more to go here....

     The next level is not a common conclusion of most folks who see this cartoon. It's that the man is being taken away by the thought police not because he has said an uncomfortable truth but because he has come too close to a truth which must never be known: the leader is a negative 2 ! This is because the square root of 4 actually has 2 valid answers, 2 and -2. That is because -2 times -2 is also 4 ! It's not a common thought because most people can't think of their leader as negative. They have placed much of their hopes and dreams with this man , some even have invested time and money voluntarily much less the involuntary tribute their leader undoubtedly receives from them. We don't think of a negative leader because it's simply unthinkable to do so!

     Let me go deeper still. That leader in that cartoon should be Obama. He is clearly a negative leader. His interests are not in strengthening America and making it richer, his interests are the negative of that: making it weaker and poorer. He really has unleashed the thought police on the dissents as well. A fellow who made an anti Mohammad movie was jailed, allegedly for something else but his dissent is the real reason. The same with Dinesh D'Souza because he made an anti-obama movie. The IRS was unleashed on tea party organizations. The most negative thing of all: He has placed the country so deep in the negative of red ink that he has added more debt to the country then the rest of the other presidents combined! He actively imported invaders and parasites hostile to our nation .In the case of the Islamic invaders he imported in large numbers, they stand ready to lie and kill to take our very liberty as well as they pursue Allah's endless war of domination to impose Sharia Law.

     America has Trump now. Clearly a man who loves America even if the left hates his guts. Actually the left hates America so it's good they hate Trump. The left continues to resist everything Trump is doing and a whole bunch of the America hating scum Obama appointed are still infesting the District of Corruption. What more can be done? Click on the "In case of Tyranny" graphic below to find out!