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  • The Steal

    10/19/2021 8:11:01 PM PDT · 49 of 51
    FourtySeven to mo

    Thank you. I agree completely with your reply. “Just because it was ‘legal’ doesn’t make it a crime”.

    You’re entirely correct, in my opinion, and exactly why I posted what I did. To make it Crystal clear: I do NOT believe everything “legal” isn’t criminal. This is a prime case right here (not to mention the “legality” of abortion).

    Abortion is a crime against humanity. And so is this. It’s obvious to anyone with a brain that these “helpers” did more than “help” someone fill out a ballot. They obviously “helped” such people who rarely if ever voted complete their ballot “correctly” (ie for Biden). But good luck proving that in court.

    That’s why I’ve said that the GOP/Trump needs to focus on this real problem, rather than some crazed conspiracy theory(theories) like Powell and others promote. Really how IS her deposition going with Dominion? I kinda think it’s not going so well (because she’s fallen off the reality train into God knows what). I mean the woman doesn’t even know basic facts about her own claims. See here:

    Screw Mediaite who cares about their leftist bent (which is well documented of course) it’s a VIDEO of Powell herself caught in her own ignorance. Watch yourself (any reading this) if you don’t believe me.

    But I’ve digressed long enough into the lunacy of these tin foil hat nutters.

    The point is, the GOP/Trump was outsmarted by the Dems in 2020 who (the Dems) used the Covid hysteria then to their advantage to let all kinds of craziness WRT mail in voting transpire. And all “legally”. So again, either get with that program and do the same kind of vote “helping” or change the laws back to where they were before Covid.

    Either way though, it’s pure insanity to focus on this “stolen election” nonsense. The election was only “stolen” in the sense that Trump let the Dems outsmart him in 2020; and the Dems used their “helpers” in an amoral way (because they have no morals because they are from Satan).

    Remember when Trump HIMSELF said that there were “no problems” with Mail in votes, the system in place months before the election? ( ) He was duped. Just like everyone in the GOP. It’s time to admit that defeat, change our battle tactics or suffer the consequences in perpetuity.

    There were no “hacks from China” or “bamboo ballots” or whatever TF else some nut job/scam artist on the Internet says. By clinging to THAT fantasy, it makes real voter reform exceedingly difficult if not impossible because we become the party of “faked moon landings” and “Roswell aliens”. Never to be taken seriously, even if what we want to do is what’s RIGHT.

  • The Steal

    10/18/2021 4:58:36 AM PDT · 1 of 51
    A pretty good editorial, but BOR gets one thing wrong. Barr did not state "that election fraud was committed". Quite the opposite really

    Note, even Gateway Pundit has reported on this problem. The real steal

    This is the real problem FRiends, in all battleground states not just PA, not some vote hack from China or whatever TF. There was no "steal" in the sense that illegal measures (like tampering with ballots or machines) was done. The real "steal" was in that the Democrats/leftists were simply better organized and funded where it counted in 2020. And also that because of the pandemic, usual regulations restricting widespread mail-in voting were lifted. That's where the GOP/Trump failed in 2020, by not lifting a finger (until it was too late) to change such "temporary" allowances.

    Note, this also quite well explains how "Sleepy" Joe was able to garner more votes than Trump, despite the obvious enthusiasm differences in their rallies etc. Also how so many "bellwether" predictors were broken in favor of Biden. It's the pandemic stupid, simple as that. And leftists using it to their advantage, all in a legal (not moral, but legal) way.

    But now the leftists want to make such changes permanent. If the GOP/Trump doesn't start focusing on this, instead of wild-eyed conspiracy theories out of Venezuela or wherever, then it's over for good. Either get the laws changed, back to where they were pre-pandemic, or do as they did in 2020. Get out the vote, reach the homebound, "bundle" as many mail ins as they did.

    Or else suffer the consequences in perpetuity.

  • Election investigators haven't found evidence of counterfeit ballots in Georgia

    10/13/2021 8:25:47 PM PDT · 44 of 62
    FourtySeven to kiryandil

    Trolls typically resort to name calling since that’s all they have (to “prove” themselves “right”). and they crave attention. I will thus leave it to the reader of the exchange between you and I to determine who is the “troll” between the both of us.

  • Election investigators haven't found evidence of counterfeit ballots in Georgia

    10/13/2021 8:17:24 PM PDT · 38 of 62
    FourtySeven to kiryandil

    And once again, she can have all the “opinions” she wants; if they were never considered by any court in this case they are irrelevant.

    Again, lack of critical thought.

  • Election investigators haven't found evidence of counterfeit ballots in Georgia

    10/13/2021 8:15:19 PM PDT · 35 of 62
    FourtySeven to kiryandil

    Great! She attacks the left when justified, brava for her!

    Still don’t see how that relates to THIS case. You see FRiend, anyone can have all the court victories in the world about unrelated cases. Doesn’t mean a dang thing if not about the case at hand!

    I can’t believe I have to explain this basic concept of critical thought on FR. Sigh.

  • Election investigators haven't found evidence of counterfeit ballots in Georgia

    10/13/2021 8:12:13 PM PDT · 32 of 62
    FourtySeven to kiryandil

    Ohhh haha I guess you really and conclusively proved me wrong with the “punk” name call. LOL. Pathetic that is, not that you personally are pathetic but your clearly desperate attempt to deflect from your own lack of facts. That is what is “pathetic” to anyone who is rational and unbiased.

    Again, please, ping me when this latest hero of “stop the steal” prevails in court in any relevant way. Until then she’s a modern day snake oil salesman like all the rest.

    Again I also sadly wonder what has happened to the critical thinking skills of FReepers as of late. Surely not like the glory days of the last decade. Surely not what I remember what gave me confidence in believing “the RIGHT has exclusive access to unbiased reason, the LEFT exclusively ruled by emotion”.

    Seems both “sides” engage in blind hero worship these days. Rational thought he damned.

  • Election investigators haven't found evidence of counterfeit ballots in Georgia

    10/13/2021 7:51:31 PM PDT · 24 of 62
    FourtySeven to kiryandil

    “ Engelbrecht beat federal stooge-judges in federal court.”

    Oh, about this case in particular? If so I stand corrected. But only until proven that (with court documents)

    Until THEN, have a nice day (evening).

  • Election investigators haven't found evidence of counterfeit ballots in Georgia

    10/13/2021 7:49:19 PM PDT · 23 of 62
    FourtySeven to kiryandil

    Nice!!! Ping me please when she has a victory in court.

    Until then there’s nothing to discuss (among reasonable men).

  • Election investigators haven't found evidence of counterfeit ballots in Georgia

    10/13/2021 7:31:41 PM PDT · 15 of 62
    FourtySeven to kiryandil; All

    Wonderful! Nothing could make me happier, believe me.

    So we should expect to see this “Engelbrecht” in court any day now right, swearing to all he claims on the Internet, in court, under penalty of perjury. Right?

    Because to me, if not, if he never makes one court appearance either by himself or under representation, he’s just another Internet scammer, like any other snake oil salesman.

    You see that right? That anyone can claim anything they want on the Internet. But it only really matters in court.

    At least in a civilized, “law and order” society. By definition of “law and order”.

  • Election investigators haven't found evidence of counterfeit ballots in Georgia

  • Election investigators haven't found evidence of counterfeit ballots in Georgia

    10/13/2021 7:12:09 PM PDT · 1 of 62
    You don't have to believe the NPR affiliate, as well you shouldn't believe them just because they "say so". NPR isn't the arbiter of truth just as no one source is.

    I just link to it because it seems, in my opinion, to be an accurate summary of the court document after reading it myself. You can read the official court document yourself here:

    Prove the NPR affiliate forged court documents, and be an internet star. Or stipulate the documents at the above and below documentcloud links are real, and then consider the following:

    Yes, this is Raffensperger's office's response (which just today was, along with other documents accepted as proof by the judge that the "respondents" have "no standing" see here: ). However it (the response by Raffensperger) is a dutifully sworn document sworn under penalty of perjury (because it's an official court document), so one must presume that the "investigators" mentioned in said document (the first link) aren't lying to serve Raffensperger, or any alleged agenda of his, but really are independent in their investigation and/or conclusions. This is simply the only rational way to interpret such statements by these investigators. Unless they are part of some massive pizza-loving, lizard sympathizing whatever the heck else one wishes to pull out of one's hat to dismiss even further the weight of evidence *against* a "stolen election" claim.

    Even if you, the reader of this post, aren't at that "place" yet (to acknowledge the reality of court proceedings), please at least consider that you have probably never heard of this fact, that these independent investigators have reached these conclusions, from any right-leaning media you may exclusively rely upon for "news". Please, please, ask yourself why is that? Why have you only heard, at "best", from such sources that this case was "only dismissed for lack of standing". It wasn't. It simply wasn't "only" dismissed for that reason. It was ALSO dismissed because the evidence was indeed examined, and found to be lacking, just like all the other cases in the Twitter thread in my profile.

    Please read it, and at least try to consider that the news sources you rely upon might actually be biased themselves. I know it's difficult, I faced the *exact* same difficulty back in Dec 2020, as I detail in my profile. (and let me be CRYSTAL clear, I do NOT deny that there is indeed leftist bias in media such as CNN, MSNBC, the WP, etc, there IS). All I'm saying now, and have been for months now, is that it's sadly become clear to me that some on the right have an equal bias.

    Please, just consider this possibility. And always be careful who you trust for any information. That's all I've ever wanted from anyone.


    10/07/2021 5:18:11 PM PDT · 164 of 184
    FourtySeven to Lazamataz

    Thanks Laz! Just got it today, and it’s BEAUTIFUL great job!

  • LIVE Thread: Audit Report Released To AZ Senate in Phoenix, AZ 9/24/21

    09/24/2021 5:51:57 PM PDT · 425 of 557
    FourtySeven to freeandfreezing

    Or no, I guess I’m “wrong”.

    Yeah you’ll “overcome” the cheating “next time”, by.......what exactly?

    What “means” do you propose to overcome the cheating in 2020? Or I guess I should ask, “How do you propose to change what happened in 2020, ensure it never happens again?”

    Oh yeah, that’s right, this report will “change the game” right? It’ll force changes that will ensure this will never happen again right? Until it doesn’t, and then the next “audit” will promise such a change, (assuming we all donate enough money to fund THAT audit, then another, then another in another state, and another in another county in another state, ad infinitum)

    Somehow I find that difficult to believe, since all this started, nothing has changed. Has it? Nope, it hasn’t. Because all of *this*, is bull-S. That’s why. Really. How much does it take? How many times of shifting goal posts and “just show us THIS” does it take? To see this is all a scam? A scam to placate the ego of one man? Sheesh..............amazing how so many have been so DELUDED, even on the “right”.

  • LIVE Thread: Audit Report Released To AZ Senate in Phoenix, AZ 9/24/21

    09/24/2021 5:43:39 PM PDT · 415 of 557
    FourtySeven to freeandfreezing
    I assume if somebody cheats in a poker game you never play poker again. How dumb is that?

    I'll tell you what would be "dumb" given your poker analogy: continuing to play poker with a known cheater!

    Would you be so stupid? If you would, I'm sure you've lost a ton of money already, thinking "next time I play I'm SURE the guy that cheated last time, won't cheat this time".

    That's your "logic" here. Good luck with that.

  • LIVE Thread: Audit Report Released To AZ Senate in Phoenix, AZ 9/24/21

    09/24/2021 5:30:56 PM PDT · 405 of 557
    FourtySeven to wastoute; All

    And has anyone here ever considered the obvious lunacy, obvious hypocrisy of Trump or anyone else at this point claiming a “steal” in 2020, of STILL asking their supporters to VOTE in 2022 or 24?

    LOL it’s LAUGHABLE really, if it weren’t so sad. (And an obvious indication of how far everyone, left AND right) has fallen into the trap of blind obedience at the expense of RATIONALITY).

  • LIVE Thread: Audit Report Released To AZ Senate in Phoenix, AZ 9/24/21

    09/24/2021 5:24:31 PM PDT · 400 of 557
    FourtySeven to wastoute

    Ok, fair enough. I’ll give you credit for being bluntly honest.

    To me, it’s not “there” yet, nor if it ever is, “we” will never win that battle.

    Why? Because there aren’t enough home owned “AK-47s” (or whatever else the media incorrectly claims conservatives own as weapons) to win such a conflict.

    The Fed has tanks and planes. YOU have the equivalent of muskets.

    So “game over”. Really. The choice is simple: either accept the results, or form some militia that will fail because of lack of armaments.

    Point BLANK. That’s reality. Accept it. Either way, all of this is balderdash.

  • LIVE Thread: Audit Report Released To AZ Senate in Phoenix, AZ 9/24/21

    09/24/2021 5:15:57 PM PDT · 390 of 557
    FourtySeven to wastoute

    Oh. Thanks for the vague self-serving answer.

    Tell me, have some courage: What “needs to be done” now?

    It’s a simple question. Have the courage to give a simple answer.

  • LIVE Thread: Audit Report Released To AZ Senate in Phoenix, AZ 9/24/21

    09/24/2021 5:08:41 PM PDT · 387 of 557
    FourtySeven to wastoute

    Ok cool. Thanks for your answer.

    So what’s your answer to the “steal”? Vote Libertarian Party? What party?

    Do you intend to vote at all in 2022? 2024? Tell me. Really. Let’s cut the crap here and get to real strategy.

  • LIVE Thread: Audit Report Released To AZ Senate in Phoenix, AZ 9/24/21

    09/24/2021 4:59:04 PM PDT · 381 of 557
    FourtySeven to FreedomVsControl; freeandfreezing; traderrob6; All

    Ok. I’m curious then, what each of you (and anyone else reading this post now) would answer to the following blunt question:

    Do you intend to vote in 2022? In 2024? If so, why? Because clearly, you all pinged (and perhaps many others reading this now) believe that 2020 was compromised to such an extent as to prevent the rightful winner from actually winning.

    So, why vote? At all? What’s the point? To invite to yourselves further frustration and disappointment that is “obviously” pre-written?

    Don’t you see the danger of this now? Seriously, what is your endgame here?

    Maybe I should make it as blunt (yet accurate) as possible: Have you thought past step “one” here (”proving” the election was stolen from Trump)? Even if “you” are successful, again, what’s your endgame? What do you think will happen even if it’s “proven” to everyone’s satisfaction? Do you really think Trump will be “re-instated”?

    Again, do you plan to vote in 2022? 2024? If so, why? Tell me please. I’m curious to see how much each of you (and anyone else reading this who still agrees with you) has thought all of this through.

    Because maybe, just maybe (if you REALLY want to talk “conspiracy theory”) ALL of THIS, is a leftist ruse, intended to supress enthusiasim among conservative voters everywhere, because really, if nothing really changes (which it’s not going to), if Trump isn’t re-instated (which would obviously be the only “righteous” outcome if you’re all correct), then your vote in 2022/2024 is MEANINGNLESS.

    You all realize that right? I mean really, let’s put all our cards on the table here.

  • LIVE Thread: Audit Report Released To AZ Senate in Phoenix, AZ 9/24/21

    09/24/2021 4:32:27 PM PDT · 374 of 557
    FourtySeven to FreedomVsControl
    This is where the examination of the paper comes in, I would think...

    I would think so too.

    Since we now know for certain the hand recount by the Ninjas matched all other hand recounts, the only really relevant question here is: do we know the physical ballots were indeed genuine?

    I imagine the report will be made public (in written form and complete) at some point. Of course the "draft" is available from multiple places by now and I don't think it's changed much (from what I've read) and I don't see where in the drafts now publicly available where any serious "audit" of the ballots themselves was done, OR, really, if such audits found anything to scream about.

    To me this is a "tell" (as we say in Poker). You aren't talking about how the ballots themseleves are compromised, YET, you also say your OWN hand recount matches what the county did.

    Hello? McFly?

    Maybe someone can find it in the draft(s) now publicly available. Here's one if anyone's interested in combing through it (I have, again, I haven't found any forensic audit of the ballots themselves, even though that was promised, showing large scale fraud with such physical things): Draft

    Does anyone see an "audit" of the actual ballot (paper) in there? If so, please point it out to me.

    If NOT, which again I don't think there is such an audit there, then all this talk about "routers" and "hacks from China" or whatever is nonsensical, smoke and mirrors level stuff. Really. I'm sure you (whoever's reading this) sees that right?

    If not, let me state it plainly: Because if even the Cyber Ninja's own hand recount matches the County's, AND Cyber Ninja's have no proof that the ballots themselves were not genuine, then it's circular reasoning (by definition) to say, "well we still know something else nefarious was done". It's circular reasoning because you have no independent proof.

    Maybe the final "official" report will have more. I kind of doubt it.

    Now of course there's all this talk about the "Mail in Ballots Voted from Prior Addresses" section and/or other sections.

    First, about that first section (6.3.1): Buried in the analysis, below the table everyone is all in a huff about, you'll find the category "Mail-in votes from voters who moved within Maricopa County prior to the registration deadline" (15,035 ballots). Let that description sink in for a second: Even if such a category exists (which, given CN's track record of missteps throughout this process I'm not sure it does but let's say it does) then what's the "big whoop" here? That someone moved from one address within the county to another address within the county?

    At best, the Ninjas have demonstrated (in this particular category) a lack of tracking those who move from one address to another within the county of Maricopa. But ultimately, what's the impact there, on the election itself? Those 15,035 still lived in the county!

    I could go on but I'm tiring of this, again, tiring of the apparent lack of critical thinking (does anyone on this board even know what "critical thought" is anymore?) in fellow "conservatives" in general and the GOP in particular.

    You know FRiends, it's perfectly "ok" to admit someone/something you support just didn't win the day. It really is. I was just as PO'ed as anyone here that Trump didn't win on Election Night (and the weeks thereafter).

    But only asses refuse to admit a loss, given mountains of evidence to the contrary. And damage, perhaps irreparable against the cause of conservatism perhaps for years to come. All for allegiance to one man, an obviously disturbed if not broken man who's pride is apparently all that is important to him. Did Trump do a lot of good during his presidency? Yes. But that doesn't mean he's any more than just a man, flawed like the rest of us.

    I say it's time to wake up, and leave this inanity in the dustbin of tin-foil hat nuttery where it belongs.