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Hello. Despite what you may believe, I'm not a leftist in disguise or a member of the "Deep State". I'm just a guy that likes to ingest all available data, and then make my own informed decision. That's all I recommend for anyone really, despite whatever may have led you here to my profile, to hopefully "discover" some "gotcha" about me.

If you are here to read why I post what I do about the election of 2020, then please read the following Twitter thread, at least. This is what gave me pause, initially, to dig deeper, and discover that indeed, despite what figures like Mark Levin, Rudy Giuliani, Syndey Powell, Sean Hannity, Gateway Pundit, Right Side Broadcasting Network, Steve Bannon, and yes, even President Trump himself, the "evidence" for the "steal" of Election 2020 was indeed considered and found to be lacking: Click

You probably haven't heard about that on the "conservative" sources mentioned above, or the "conservative" people mentioned above, have you? Don't worry, I didn't either, before Christmas 2020. Before then, I *too* couldn't understand how anyone couldn't see the election was "stolen" since the "courts never considered the evidence". I believed that too! Because that's what trusted figures like those mentioned above told me. And I trusted them implicitly.

But then I dug into that Twitter thread, and the cases listed therein, and I found they were accurate. I simply ask you dear reader to do the same, do what "Q" has told you, do your own research into those cases there, and you will see yourself, you have been misled to believe in the "Big Lie". The "Stop the Steal" is a misguided attempt to stop the usual election irregularities that happen every election year, at best. At worst, it's a scam, a grift.

You can decide for yourself which is "truth". Since doing my own such research, with that Twitter thread as a starting point, I am reasonably convinced that even those on the "right" in the "media" (and individual sources of info like the ones listed among others) aren't the pure angels of information, as they would have me (and you) believe. It has led me to the painful truth that some on the "right" aren't interested in the Truth, as much as they claim. Most seem to be interested in selling me (and you) something, be it a book, or a vitamin supplement, or whatever. Either via a banner ad at their website, or an advertisement during their radio show/podcast.

They have an agenda, just like those on the left. Granted their agenda is mere capitalism, whereas the agenda on the left is clearly the alteration of social and political mores, but still, an agenda, and an agenda not interested in truth for its own sake. Just because their primary motivation seems to be making money, that doesn't excuse them from ignoring part of the real Truth about a situation.

I honestly don't know which is worst at this point. One motivated by pure ideology (the left, who excuses excluding part of the Truth for that reason, "for the protection of the ignorant masses") or one motivated to make money (some on the right, excluding part of the Truth, so as to protect their "bottom line" apparently. Otherwise, I have no idea why someone like Levin or Bannon would not talk about what's in that Twitter thread above, because clearly there are legal opinions there never mentioned by them, that I ever heard up to and including 1/6)

And speaking of 1/6/2021: I may say this in some posts on FR but I'll repeat it here as well. If you, dear reader, believe that the election really WAS stolen, and stolen to such a degree as Giuliani and Powell and yes even Trump claim, much less others in the "right" media, like GP, AND you oppose what happened on 1/6, I'd only ask "why"? Why do you think what happened on 1/6 is anything to be condemned or considered shameful, at all? Make no mistake, I certainly do (although of course I don't believe it was an "insurrection" as the hyperbolic left would have people believe).

But it WAS a "riot" by every definition of the word, and it certainly set *back* all of conservatism, as a political movement. If you agree though, if you believe as I do that it harmed the conservative movement (perhaps irreparably), but you *also* believe that the election was "stolen", then I'd submit you have a disconnect. After all, if the election of 2020 was "stolen", then wouldn't have what happened on 1/6 actually haven been what a "patriot" SHOULD have done? If not MORE?

Think about it. As I've said in some posts, this is not a game. This is not something to talk about offhandedly. This is the very FOUNDATION of our country, its electoral process. Without that, without confidence in that, we might as well have 1/6's every day. We might as well just surrender to anarchy. If it's really true the election was stolen on such a massive scale, then we should have 1/6's every day, until it's reversed. But it's not something to be taken lightly, and CERTAINLY not a decision to make based on only ONE side of information (left OR right side). I will never support such obvious bias; never support uneducated, uninformed radicalism, from the left OR the right.

Interesting factoid #1: (provided on 03/29/2005 11:17:04 PM EST by murdoog)

47 is an interesting number in it's on right. You can generate a sequence of primes by starting with 2, then multiplying each number by 2 and adding 1. 47 is the last prime in this sequence before you produce a composite number

Here's the sequence:


The next number is 95, which is a composite. (The proof of which is left as an exercise).

Another wrote to me in FReepmail:

I thought it might be referencing “Black ‘47” the worst year of the ‘Famine”. Actually, the worst year of the genocide!

FourtySeven remains an enigma! Well maybe not so much...