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Kerry, Watergate: DNC Links Caused Break-In? (Kerry lied! He was still with VVAW JUNE 1972)
US Newswire ^ | 2/9/2004 | Bob Weiner

Posted on 08/24/2004 4:17:23 AM PDT by stockpirate

WASHINGTON, Feb. 9 /U.S. Newswire/ -- Were John Kerry and the veterans organization he led the real reason the Republicans broke into Watergate in 1972, with information on them the target of the espionage? Was doing so an early onset of Republican political paranoia against his work, a harbinger of the pending campaign against him in 2004?

Bob Weiner, the 1971-72 Youth Voter Registration director for the Young Democrats office at the Watergate headquarters of the Democratic National Committee and recently a Clinton White House staffer for six years, is asking these questions after doing a little research to refresh his memory. Weiner looked in the Senate's Watergate Hearings in volumes held by the Library of Congress and researched Kerry's specific assistance to the Party's '72 effort, a Rhode Island speech supporting youth voter registration, in the Providence Public Library's archives.

Here's what Weiner has confirmed:

James McCord of the Watergate burglars and CREEP (Committee for the Reelection of the President) testified before the Select Committee on Presidential Campaign Activities on May 18, 1973 and was asked by Senator James Inouye (D-Hawaii) why the break-in was conducted. McCord replied, "Democratic national headquarters staff members" were "working closely with violence groups"... "which involved violence and demonstrations against our committee". When Senators Inouye, Lowell Weicker (R-Conn.), Ed Gurney (R-Fla.), and Howard Baker (R-Tenn.) asked for more detail, in each case McCord repeated the "violence" reference but specifically -- and only -- named the "Vietnam Veterans Against the War", accusing them as "a violence-oriented group" (Hearing pages 180, 200, 201, 223-24 and elsewhere, May 18 and 22 testimony).

(Excerpt) Read more at ...

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The violent actions of the VVAW and the connections to Communist's in Europe, North Vietnam, and the United States.

Violent activity the VVAW was involved in the US include; gun running to Black group in Cario IL, plans of kidnaping US Government officals, plans of assassinating elected officals of the US Government.

The files document FBI accusations of a conspiracy to riot during the 1972 Republican National Convention, the passing of classified information to a Japanese communist leader. A member of the Connecticut chapter of the VVAW was arrested with an explosive device en route to a speech given by Vice President Spiro Agnew.

1 posted on 08/24/2004 4:17:26 AM PDT by stockpirate
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To: 68-69TonkinGulfYachtClub; BykrBayb; LakeLady; bridgemanusa; Darksheare; Dr Snide; faithincowboys; ..


Here it comes!

2 posted on 08/24/2004 4:19:01 AM PDT by stockpirate (Real issue is Kerry attended meeting where VVAW discussed killing 7 US Senators! 11/71)
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To: stockpirate

WOW JFKerry is sounding more and more like OBL.

3 posted on 08/24/2004 4:19:45 AM PDT by Just mythoughts
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To: stockpirate

See! This is proof! proof! that the Republicans are out to get John Kerry and keep him from being president. They started investigating him 30 YEARS ago! (/sarcasm)

4 posted on 08/24/2004 4:24:15 AM PDT by miner89 (Wherever you go, there you are)
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To: Just mythoughts
The TRUTH is Vietnam Veterans Against the War was a Domestic Terrorist Group.

Everyone fire up your ping lists there is more information coming. I ahve been trying for two weeks to get the media to release the research I have been doing, and they don't respond.

With the exception of, and Judical Watch.
5 posted on 08/24/2004 4:24:41 AM PDT by stockpirate (Real issue is Kerry attended meeting where VVAW discussed killing 7 US Senators! 11/71)
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To: Just mythoughts

Notice how you never see the two of them in the same room at the same time... Hmmmmmmmm....

6 posted on 08/24/2004 4:25:02 AM PDT by eno_ (Freedom Lite, it's almost worth defending.)
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To: stockpirate

Here what comes?

7 posted on 08/24/2004 4:27:34 AM PDT by Dog (If he had shown up for Intelligence Committee hearings he would notice he wasn't vice chairman.")
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To: stockpirate

Finding the reason for the break-in at Watergate to be related to the activities of Vietnam Veterans Against War makes much more sense than trying to trip up some psychologist with a very minor role in the Democrat campaign. And what if they got the information they went after? This may have been a huge factor on the subsequent events following the break-in, and with Nixon taking the full responsibility, it may have sent a message to these junior subversives that caused them to reconsider their activities. They knew, then, that Nixon would go to the mat on this one, and the full force of the Presidency was arrayed against them.

8 posted on 08/24/2004 4:30:52 AM PDT by alloysteel
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This is the BEST "Bang for your political buck" - EVER!

Click the logo to donate to Swift Boat Veterans for Truth.

9 posted on 08/24/2004 4:32:30 AM PDT by Chieftain (Support the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth and expose Hanoi John's FRAUD!)
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To: alloysteel

Considering that the VVAW leadership was meeting with "AGENTS" of the NV government, and the VVAW was doing their bidding,.

Did the NV Government (world communists)cause a coup in America?

10 posted on 08/24/2004 4:33:48 AM PDT by stockpirate (Real issue is Kerry attended meeting where VVAW discussed killing 7 US Senators! 11/71)
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To: stockpirate; All
To read the latest on the Franchurian Candidate's bizzare exploits, click the picture, goto "last," and work backwards:

If you would like to help the Swift Boat Vets ( as I have, and I urge all to do-- even a few dollars will help ) kindly click on this logo:

If, perchance, the top "click the pic" link is not visible, click here:

-John Kerry- some selected, informative links...--

11 posted on 08/24/2004 4:35:00 AM PDT by backhoe (Just an old Keyboard Cowboy, ridin' the Trackball into the Sunset...)
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To: stockpirate

Is this the rumored October Surprise that people have been putting in thread after thread?

12 posted on 08/24/2004 4:35:18 AM PDT by Old Sarge (ZOT 'em all, let MOD sort 'em out!)
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To: stockpirate

Could this be the "Magic Bullet" contained in Kerry's FBI files, held by the Clintons, and set for release in late September or early October? This would be devastating to Kerry, and would suit Lucretia RodDAMN's agenda perfectly.

13 posted on 08/24/2004 4:37:30 AM PDT by thelastvirgil
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To: thelastvirgil

Good grief - this theory makes total sense! The pieces fit together.


14 posted on 08/24/2004 4:42:11 AM PDT by aragona (Support GWB!)
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To: stockpirate

To me this is less relevant to our next four years of life than men disagreeing on war stories that are 35 years old. I think everyone should get their say, but is just isn't a key issue to me.

What is encouraging to me about this story is people are digging in the Kerry sandbox. I am confident if they dig long enough they will find a big old stinky mess.

15 posted on 08/24/2004 4:42:20 AM PDT by IamConservative (A man who stands for nothing will fall for anything.)
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To: stockpirate

Domestic terrorist group is a correct designation. They plotted to ASSASSINATE sitting congressmen who were for the war.

16 posted on 08/24/2004 4:46:17 AM PDT by OldFriend (WAR IS THE REMEDY OUR ENEMIES HAVE CHOSEN)
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To: stockpirate
So what was the actual connection that the national Democratic office had with Kerry? Kerry was the public spokesperson and national chairman of the Vietnam Veterans Against the War. At the request of the Rhode Island Young Democrats, Weiner had invited Kerry to speak, urging youth voter registration, at the Rhode Island Young Democrats' convention in Providence on February 12, 1972. Kerry accepted and spoke as documented in the Providence Journal of Feb. 13, 1972. Kerry also in a news availability there called for Nixon's impeachment as later did the House Judiciary committee by a 28-10 vote before Nixon resigned.


Kerry Involved in 1971 Anti-war Plot to Assassinate U.S. Senators?

U.S. Veteran Dispatch
August 8, 2004

Thomas H. Lipscomb, writing for the New York Sun reported March 13, 2004, that in 1971, the pro-Hanoi anti-war group that presidential candidate John Kerry was principal leader and spokesman of debated and voted down a plot to assassinate U.S. Senators who supported the Vietnam War. Numerous media outlets claim witnesses and FBI documents conclusively place Kerry at that November 1971 meeting of Vietnam Veterans Against the War (VVAW) in Kansas City.


Kerry, during the Primaries, said he had quit the VVAW before the KC meeting. Per the US Newswire release, he was still associated with VVAW as late as February 1972--three months AFTER the KC meeting (as documented by the FBI files).

Kerry also denied being in KC by saying he appeared on William Buckley's weekly problem aired during the timeframe of the KC meeting.

While that is true that the Buckley/Kerry interview aired during that KC timeframe, records show that interview was taped 3 weeks earlier than its air date.

Another Kerry attempt to deceive.


The more scrutiny on Kerry's past, the more we find, to quote Kerry's good friend and mentor, Senator Ted Kennedy, "lie after lie after lie after lie."
17 posted on 08/24/2004 4:52:27 AM PDT by TomGuy (After 20 years in the Senate, all Kerry has to run on is 4 months of service in Viet Nam.)
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To: OldFriend; Fedora; wretchard; ALOHA RONNIE; Squantos; Grampa Dave; Travis McGee
I want to know Kerry's connection to the theft of the Pentagon Papers. I want to know how close he was to the event that launched President Nixon's impeachment.

If they did it once, they'll do it again.

Black April and the killing fields are probably a legacy of Nixon's loss of power and removal from office. And it all started when he demanded to learn the identity of the Pentagon Papers leak, launching the creation of the Plummers.

Was Kerry in on the fun? Did he know that Vietnam would be used as a wedge to destroy a president? Was his testimony engineered as an overture to impeachment?

President Bush, watch your back, sir. Our nation depends on your success.

18 posted on 08/24/2004 4:55:12 AM PDT by risk
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To: IamConservative
but is just isn't a key issue to me

That is the crux of the problem, though. Kerry has made it the issue. Kerry won't discuss 'issues' that are current. Kerry won't discuss his 19 year Senate record (and he has to keep 'acquiring' Bob KerrEy's accomplishments and calling them his own).

Kerry won't move the discussion to current topics, except to say that--

---"I have a plan [no details, no specifics], but GWB is bad..."

---"I would have done that differently..." [oh? how? what? when? where? no specifics, no details]

---"We need to go in a different direction..." [oh? where? no specifics, no details. Off the cliff?]

Kerry hasn't moved to debate to allow for a discussion of the real issues. Because---Kerry hasn't solidified a position on any of them. He is still flipflopping on nearly everything. Just in the month of August, he flipflopped from wanting to reduce overseas troop numbers (This Week -- ABC -- early August) to decrying GWB's mention of wanting to reduce overseas troop numbers----only 3 weeks later.

Maybe, Kerry will be forced to discuss the 'issues' during the debates.
19 posted on 08/24/2004 5:00:17 AM PDT by TomGuy (After 20 years in the Senate, all Kerry has to run on is 4 months of service in Viet Nam.)
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To: stockpirate
Perhaps this sort of open speculation about the past will force Kerry to open his military records. Perhaps not. America and Americans are too obsesssed with the Vietnam War. Lydon Johnson got us into Vietnam with lies and misread the strength of the opposition. Nixon committed political suicide covering up the covert activities he had ordered the White House "Plummers" to undertake.

Kerry is walking a tightrope now dancing in high winds of outrage. The truth is about to hit him like a tornado.

Regarding Agnew: He was a corrupt federal official taking cash bribes in his Vice Presidential office. He should have been "blown out of his office" at the time, and, in fact, eventually was forced to resign. 'Nuff said.

20 posted on 08/24/2004 5:06:38 AM PDT by ex-Texan
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