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Hillary's list of excuses for losing the 2016 election [running list]

The Obama Economic Disaster Revealed in a Single Glance

The Many Things that Democrats want to Ban (Running List)

Many things liberals want to ban.

The Kerry links:

John Kerry's Flip Flops (extensive documentation)

John Kerry's leadership - FOUR bills passed in 19 years. (4 resolutions as well)

Complete voting record linked by Project Vote Smart at FR Post

What Kerry Said and What You Need to Know ("MUST READ")

Policy Memo: Progress on Homeland Security (Most of Kerry's proposals already done...)

Instapundit Has Pictures of Exact Page, Citation and Context of Kerry's Speech about Cambodia
[Comprehensive Thread for Various Versions of Kerry's Christmas in Cambodia Stories.]

John F. Kerry Timeline

"Kerry Quotes on Iraq"

"Connect the Dots . . ." [Saddam Hussein and al-Qaeda]