Since Apr 29, 2004

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I am a retired Marine Gunnery Sergeant and father of an active duty Marine Gunnery Sergeant, OORAH!!

My letter published in Times-Union: Kerry smears Veterans

Jacksonville welcomes President Bush with 50,000 at All tel Stadium Oct 23, 2004!

Stolen Honor public showing in Orlando with Swiftees and POWs for Truth

Swiftee sticker thread - get yours!

Click here for ALL the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth Ads

FReep of Kerry in JAX 9-21-04

FReep of Michael PROPAGANDIST Moore in Jax 10-1-04

Sandusky FReep 10-8-04

Edwards FReep Oct 22, 2004

Cpl. James Wright, USMC, saluting the
casket of President Reagan, 6/10/04.

General Tommy Franks, US Army, Commander of Operation Enduring Freedom quoted from his book "American Soldier"

This little boy was sold out by Clinton and Reno. Someday you will be free, Elian.

1951 Pontiac Chieftain Sedan Deluxe I owned from 11/02 - SOLD 04/05 it was my first classic car that I enjoyed driving with pride!


How to post - a refresher course

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After Action Report FReep of Kerry Krew Del Sandusky