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  • What I Saw At The Coup

    09/11/2012 5:45:42 PM PDT · by Travis McGee · 249 replies
    Western Rifle Shooters Association ^ | 9-11-2012 | Matt Bracken
    What I Saw At The Coup Short-fuse fiction by Matt Bracken intended to spread alarm among progressives, in the spirit of dispiriting them from ever attempting such a mad folly in order to cling to power. Matt Bracken is the author of the Enemies Foreign And Domestic trilogy, and Castigo Cay. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ This is the first time in many years that I have put pen to paper for a lengthy letter, so please forgive my misspellings, poor handwriting or any other errors. I will probably do this in one go and be finished with it. I won't need much of...
  • TMS Live Stream with Matt Bracken - 3PM EST SUNDAY January 17th 2020

    01/17/2021 11:52:09 AM PST · by MtnClimber · 7 replies
    youtube ^ | 17 Jan, 2021 | Fernando Aguirre and guest Matt Bracken
    The Modern Survivalist with Fernando Aguirre and guest Matt Bracken (Free Republic's Travis McGee) discuss cultural instability, self defense, preparation and survival skills. The show starts live at 3PM EST. The broadcast usually lasts two hours. Watch live or replay later at the same link.
  • State Dept. instructions on how to remain connected if your internet get shut off

    01/16/2021 5:09:19 AM PST · by shoff · 100 replies website ^ | January 31, 2011 | Susannah Vila
    Interestingly this was published on website in 2011. It was part of Hillary’s State Department training given in Mexico City. This conference sponsored by Hillary’s State Department and Google. Training was provided to youth activists in the use of social media. Special classes were held in the use of software designed to evade government surveillance. This software is called TOR, funded thru Google, US Naval Research lab and George Soros’s Human Rights Watch. This is the same software WikiLeaks uses and is illegal in the United States per the Patriot act. This was archived since it has been scrubbed...
  • Are we headed for an economic and dollar collapse? If so, how do I prepare?

    01/15/2021 10:20:17 AM PST · by SeekAndFind · 114 replies
    Christian Post ^ | 01/15/2021 | Chuck Bentley
    Dear Chuck, Is America heading towards an economic collapse? If so, how do I prepare? Worried Boomer Dear Worried Boomer, My view is we are headed towards another economic crisis with a low risk of an actual economic and/or currency collapse. In either scenario, there are ways to be prepared. Economic Crisis vs. Collapse An economic crisis is different from a collapse. America has worked through several in my lifetime: ‘70s stagflation, ‘81 recession, ‘89 savings and loan crisis, post-9/11 recession, ‘08 great financial crisis, and the 2020 coronavirus crisis we are in now. A collapse is brought on by...
  • Trump must be held to account - but Biden must stop this insane McCarthyite witchhunt against everyone connected with him before it sparks a new civil war

    01/14/2021 11:41:11 AM PST · by rickmichaels · 44 replies
    Daily Mail ^ | Jan. 14, 2021 | Piers Morgan
    America is a tinderbox. A smouldering, snarling, hyper-partisan, violent tinderbox. And decisions taken in the next few days and weeks will determine whether that tinderbox explodes or not – now or some place down the road. I've lived and worked in the United States on and off for 15 years. It's a country I've grown to love as a second home. But right now, I've never been more worried for its future. Three events in the past year have led to this breaking point: the coronavirus pandemic, George Floyd's killing, and Donald Trump's refusal to accept the result of the...
  • TMS Podcast with Matt Bracken January 10th 2021

    01/13/2021 6:41:44 AM PST · by MtnClimber · 15 replies
    Behind the youtube iron curtain ^ | 10 Jan, 2021 | Fernando Aguirre and guest Matt Bracken
    The Modern Survivalist with Fernando Aguirre and guest Matt Bracken (Free Republic's Travis McGee) discuss cultural instability, self defense, preparation and survival skills. The show this week is a podcast (not live) due to youtube word police violations last week. It is not certain who the naughty person was who spoke what shall not be spoken, but it has been narrowed down to two suspects. The broadcast is approximately two hours.
  • Lt. Gen. Tom McInerney: World War III has started

    01/13/2021 7:18:57 AM PST · by Perseverando · 69 replies
    NOQ Report ^ | January 13, 2021 | Michael Scheur
    Today, The Two Mikes again were lucky enough to have another chance to talk with Lt. Gen. Tom McInerny about the China-backed war being waged against the American republic by the Beijing-suborned Democrat Party, much of the Republican Party, the media, and most of the Congress. The General described some new information about the manipulation of the 2020 election in Michigan, Pennsylvania, Georgia, and Nevada which shows with great precision the voting machines that were manipulated by the Democrats, their U.S.-citizen allies, and their Chinese and other foreign paymasters. The new information also shows instances of an exact number of...
  • THUCYDIDES SPEECH TO THE SPARTANS; Daniel Natal Brings History To Americans - The MAGA Saga.

    01/11/2021 4:26:46 AM PST · by Hostage · 15 replies
    Youtube-The MAGA Saga ^ | January 11, 2020 | Daniel Natal
    John Stuart Mill said that "No matter how good your constitution is, it's useless if the people won't back it up. It's like a horse without a rider", he says. "A republic", he affirms, "demands an active populace, without it we will not keep our freedom for very long", he says This is why it's beautiful that Trump invited patriotic Americans to be active to show their support by going to Washington DC. The Secret Service estimated that between two to four million people already showed up in the District of Columbia to support the President and the Rule of...
  • Mourning in America Exclusive: Patrice Lewis sees something akin to Stalin's Great Purge around the corner

    01/09/2021 7:44:43 AM PST · by rktman · 64 replies ^ | 1/8/2021 | Patrice Lewis
    I had this week's column all written and ready to go, until the events of Wednesday occurred. I trashed the column and stayed glued to the computer as the events in Washington, D.C., unfolded. I went to bed Wednesday night and hardly slept. I tossed and turned and watched the clock for hours. Election fraud. Antifa provocateur riots. Chaos. Anarchy. Murder. My thoughts tumbled around, each more dire than the last, as I speculated on what the upcoming year would bring. I finally realized the reason behind my sleeplessness: I was mourning America. The events of the last couple months...
  • Open Letter from an American Coward

    12/16/2020 6:38:21 AM PST · by Politically Correct · 32 replies
    sarah-chamberlain ^ | 16 Dec 2020 | Sarah Chamberlain
    Open Letter from an American Coward Sarah ChamberlainPlease save, screenshot, etc., then boost. I don’t usually ask for my content to be shared. What I am about to say though is perhaps the most important thing I will ever say in public, and in the present landscape of the internet, there is a very high probability that it is being silenced or erased even now as you read it. So, I am asking you to please, save an offline and/or archived copy of this letter RIGHT NOW.If, once you’ve read this letter, you feel that it has any value or...
  • COMMS Alert!! (prepare for plan B)

    01/08/2021 8:20:28 PM PST · by jimjohn · 121 replies
    self | jimjohn
    Having no inside information, the trend appears that conservative networks are under assault. Now is a good time to have a plan B. This is an alert to Ham operators, shortwave and low-power FM broadcasts. Frequency and contact info needs to be made available where possible. If you have a web site and/or podcast, please make your ip address available in case of domain blockage. Any sensitive and/or peronal isnfo you wish to keep should be copied to local hardware. (get a min 2TB drive to backup everything). This is not a drill or 'the sky is falling'. Do not...
  • Poll: CW2 expectations reach new high, 71% of Trump voters

    01/08/2021 9:43:56 AM PST · by RandFan · 53 replies
    Washington Examiner ^ | Jan 8 | by Paul Bedard
    According to a new survey, a record high 71% of President Trump's supporters believe the country is headed toward a new civil war. What’s more, 40% of President-elect Joe Biden's supporters agree. Trump has done little to cool feelings, today tweeting that he plans to stay in the fight after leaving office The poll from the Frontier Center’s Ear to the Ground, shared with Secrets, is the latest to show the deep division in the nation and likely support Trump has. The Center’s Anne Sorock Segal told us, “The controversy over the disputed election outcome is crystallizing the view that...
  • How Do You Prepare for a Revolution?

    01/07/2021 10:53:58 AM PST · by Tilted Irish Kilt · 69 replies
    organic prepper ^ | 6/1/20 | Daisy Luther
    Prepper Ping - How do you prepare for a revolution? Or for Socialism, where the misery is shared when there is no more money In this article, I want to speak specifically about the practical steps you need to take to be prepared for a revolution if things should come to that point across the country. This article is not about philosophy or right vs. wrong. It’s not about fighting for your “side” whatever side that might be. It’s about surviving. There are lots of links because I’m not reinventing the entire wheel here – that would be a book...
  • Why Israeli sharpshooters are training Jews in US countryside

    01/06/2021 9:54:22 AM PST · by Eleutheria5 · 51 replies
    Arutz Sheva ^ | 6/1/21
    Anti-Semitic crime is on the rise in America and Hasidic and Orthodox Jews are preparing for ...
  • Some thoughts on what the anarchists may be planning

    01/06/2021 9:00:06 AM PST · by Perseverando · 20 replies
    Renew America ^ | January 3, 2021 | Steve A. Stone
    I may be going with a group to Washington, D.C., for the 6th. I expect a crowd of over 1M people there. Busses are being leased all over the country, all headed the same direction. I just hope we leave early enough to avoid the traffic snarls we’re certain to run into. I also hope everyone who goes understands how enticing a target that many patriots in one place makes for those who are trying to steal this country away from us. We’ll have to trust the security forces there to keep us safe, but I’m also aware that the...
  • Who will you trust when law and order break down and the bullets start flying?

    01/05/2021 6:03:15 PM PST · by Roman_War_Criminal · 87 replies ^ | 1/4/2020 | Leo Hohmann
    The second American civil war appears to be inching closer to reality. As I write this, hundreds of thousands of Americans are making plans to head to Washington, D.C., to make their voices heard on Jan. 6 as Congress convenes to vote on the Electoral College slate of electors that will choose our next president. Some are motivated by patriotism to rally for the continuation of our constitutional republic under President Trump, others for global socialism and an authoritarian “Great Reset” supported by Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. Regardless of who gets inaugurated on Jan. 20, expect the other side...
  • ANTIFA Being Escorted Into DC By Police Ahead Of Jan 6th MAGA Stop The Steal Rally

    01/04/2021 2:25:31 PM PST · by Enlightened1 · 105 replies
    Twitter ^ | 01/04/21
    People are already arriving in D.C. If you are heading into D.C., then stay in groups. Stay alert and watch your six.
  • A Thousand Years Of Darkness…We Are Facing A Maoist Infiltration And Will Not Recover If We Don’t Act Now

    01/04/2021 6:31:42 PM PST · by E. Pluribus Unum · 33 replies
    Creative Destruction Media ^ | December 18, 2020 | L Todd Wood
    I had Overstock-founder Patrick Byrne on my show recently and he used a term of art that stuck with me – ‘a thousand years of darkness.’ He was of course referring to the fall of Rome, which unleashed the Dark Ages, a thousand years of barbarity and medieval horror. The United States, and the world’s humanity for that matter, are now facing this existential threat. That is, if we do not act now, if we do nothing — the republic will die, and the ‘world’s policeman’, the ‘shining city on the hill’, the place where those ‘huddled masses yearning to...
  • Laine's Letters: Food Insurance

    12/31/2020 9:11:26 AM PST · by Diana in Wisconsin · 45 replies
    Bluebird Blog ^ | December 20, 2020 | Laine
    Dear Sisters, We have car insurance in case we get into a car accident. We have life insurance should something happen to us and our daughter needs to be taken care of. We have house insurance should we have a fire or storm and need to rebuild. We have health insurance should we need to be hospitalized or see a doctor. But another insurance that is a necessity for us is food insurance. We have food insurance in case of sickness, unemployment, or a tough season. Both of my grandmothers always had food insurance living in N.H. with the threat...
  • TMS Live Stream with Matt Bracken - 3PM EST SUNDAY December 27th 2020

    12/27/2020 9:19:14 AM PST · by MtnClimber · 13 replies
    Youtube ^ | 27 Dec, 2020 | Fernando Aguirre and guest Matt Bracken
    MATT BRACKEN LIVE STREAM NOTIFICATION. Watch live or replay later at the same link. The Modern Survivalist with Fernando Aguirre (FerFAL) and guest Matt Bracken (Free Republic's Travis McGee) discuss cultural instability, self defense, preparation and survival skills. Possible topics for today include the Nashville Christmas bombing, the 2020 election fiasco, dealing with the leftward shift in the USA and other current topics. The show starts live at 3PM EST and is archived if you want to watch later. The broadcast usually lasts two hours.