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  • Rep. McClintock: If We Prosecuted BLM and Antifa Rioters with the Same Determination, the Capitol Riots May Not Have Happened

    01/14/2021 10:22:26 AM PST · by rustyweiss74 · 23 replies
    MenRec ^ | 01/14/21 | Staff
    Republican California Rep. Tom McClintock said there might not have been any Capitol riot if the Black Lives Matter (BLM) and antifa rioters had been prosecuted “with the same determination” as impeachment. MCCLINTOCK: “And if we prosecuted BLM and Antifa rioters across the country with the same determination these last six months, this incident may not have happened at all. Now, short of declaring war, the power of impeachment is the most solemn and consequential act that Congress can take. To use it in this manner, in the heat of the moment, with no hearings, no due process, many members...
  • Report: Biden Worried Impeachment Will Shut His Agenda Down

    01/14/2021 8:08:03 AM PST · by rustyweiss74 · 66 replies
    MenRec ^ | 01/14/21 | Rusty
    President-elect Joe Biden is reportedly concerned that implementation of his agenda will be slowed significantly by the Democrats second impeachment of President Trump. House Democrats officially impeached Trump on Wednesday, making him the first President to ever be impeached twice. The earliest the Senate could begin an impeachment trial would be January 20th, according to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, the day of Biden’s inauguration. Biden, knowing that the Senate process for potential conviction would be time-consuming, is concerned his agenda could get derailed right out of the gate. “I had a discussion today with some of the folks in...
  • Judge Orders MI Sec of State to Release All Communications with Dominion & Big Tech

    01/14/2021 7:39:08 AM PST · by McQ444 · 30 replies
    NN ^ | 01-14-21 | Jay Greenberg
    Michigan's Democrat Secretary of State has been hit with a bombshell court ruling after a judge ordered the top state official to release all communications regarding the 2020 election between her office and Dominion Voting Systems. Michigan 13th Circuit Court Judge Kevin A Elsenheimer also ordered MI SOS Jocelyn Benson (D) to hand over any communications she made with anyone working for, or connected to, Big Tech companies, including Facebook, Twitter, Apple, Amazon, or Google.
  • Kakistocracy: Government by the Worst

    01/13/2021 10:56:10 AM PST · by The Houston Courant · 6 replies
    The Houston Courant ^ | 1/13/2021 | M. Tremoglie
    The Democratic Party Left, their media myrmidons, and their Wall Street/Silicon Valley allies have brutalized, terrorized, and silenced Trump supporters since 2016. Conservative complacency is to blame. It has finally come to pass. The Kakistocrats have prevailed and they are silencing dissent. Trump voters are to speak only with bated breath, if they are permitted to speak at all, in the presence of the Democratic Party masters, their surrogate thugs, their monied puppet masters and their media myrmidons. For those of us who experienced the rioting and insurrection perpetrated by Democrats and their surrogates during President Trump’s 2017 Inauguration, we...
  • Hillary Clinton Calls Capitol Riots ‘Result of White-Supremacist Grievances,’ Agrees Trump Should Be Impeached

    01/13/2021 8:05:00 AM PST · by rustyweiss74 · 43 replies
    MenRec ^ | 1/13/21 | Rusty
    Hillary Clinton claims the Capitol riots were the “the tragically predictable result of white-supremacist grievances fueled by President Trump” and supported calls for his impeachment. The comments come in a published op-ed at the Washington Post. In addition to calling for the President’s impeachment, Mrs. Clinton also demanded any Republican lawmakers who objected to the certification of electoral votes be forced to resign. “Removing Trump from office is essential, and I believe he should be impeached,” she writes. “Members of Congress who joined him in subverting our democracy should resign, and those who conspired with the domestic terrorists should be...
  • Joe Biden should celebrate, not demonize, energy workers.

    01/11/2021 6:18:58 PM PST · by The Houston Courant · 18 replies
    The Houston Courant ^ | 1/11/2021 | D. Andrade
    Growing up in Miami, Florida, I knew next to nothing about the energy industry. As long as I could afford to put gas in my car and the lights came on when I needed them, I was happy. I had no clue — like many Americans — how essential energy is to every aspect of our lives. After the manager of a successful land management firm took a chance on a young, ignorant college kid who just needed a job, my eyes were opened to the reality of just how dependent our modern, comfortable lives are on access to energy...
  • Federal Prosecutor Refuses to Rule Out Criminal Charges For President Trump Over Capitol Riots

    01/10/2021 5:45:51 PM PST · by rustyweiss74 · 27 replies
    MenRec ^ | 01/10/21 | Rusty
    A federal prosecutor, questioned about President Trump’s role in the Capitol riots, refused to rule out criminal charges. Michael Sherwin, the acting U.S. Attorney for D.C., repeatedly assured reporters in a press call that he would investigate and charge “all actors” involved in Wednesday’s riot. Journalists pressed Sherwin about Trump’s speech and what motivating factor it may have been in inciting supporters to storm the Capitol. “I don’t want to sound like a broken record,” Sherwin said following a question specifically about the President. “I’m going to stand by my earlier statement – we’re looking at all actors here, and...
  • Trump Vows ‘Orderly Transition’ of Power, But Promises to Keep Fighting Election Outcome

    01/10/2021 8:18:31 AM PST · by rustyweiss74 · 33 replies
    MenRec ^ | 01/10/21 | Rusty
    President Trump, in a statement posted by White House deputy chief of staff Dan Scavino, vowed an “orderly transition” of power on January 20th. President-elect Joe Biden’s inauguration and swearing-in ceremony are expected to take place on that day. It will be mostly virtual due to the pandemic. In the statement posted by Scavino, the President vowed to continue fighting the election results regardless. “Even though I totally disagree with the outcome of the election, and the facts bear me out, nevertheless there will be an orderly transition on January 20th,” the statement read. “I have always said we would...
  • Former Pence Aide Says She’s Worried About Trump Supporters Causing Violence on January 6th

    12/31/2020 8:03:43 AM PST · by rustyweiss74 · 73 replies
    MenRec ^ | 12/31/20 | Rusty
    Olivia Troye, a former aide to Vice President Mike Pence, claims she is “very concerned” about violence taking place on January 6th. Troye, who made the assertion during an appearance on MSNBC’s Deadline, added any violence that might ensue would take place because President Trump is encouraging it. “I’m actually very concerned that there will be violence on January 6th because the president himself is encouraging it,” she fretted. “This is what he does,” Troye continued. “He tweets, he incites is, and he gets followers and supporters to behave in this manner, and they believe they are being patriots because...
  • 2020 Was One Hell of a Year. What’s Next for HC?

    12/31/2020 7:29:34 AM PST · by The Houston Courant · 5 replies
    The Houston Courant ^ | 12/31/2020 | D. Phaup
    2020 was one hell of a year for the country. We had an insane election, a pandemic that revealed authoritarians at every level of government, and left-wingers burning down their own cities. Socially and politically, it was a year of chaos. It wasn’t all bad however. This year for me, the editor of this publication, was an opportunity to get closer to family and build relationships. Nothing was a waste. In April, I found out my wife was pregnant and I became a father to my son in early December. I couldn’t be happier. For the Houston Courant, it was...
  • Pressured to abort because their baby had Down’s syndrome: three stories

    12/30/2020 1:50:51 AM PST · by xomething · 2 replies
    Right to Life UK ^ | 12/26/2020
    One woman was offered 15 abortions, another was told how she made her sonographer “sick” because she refused amniocentesis which might cause a miscarriage, and a third had her midwife burst into tears. All this happened because these mothers had were expecting a baby with Down’s syndrome but they did not want an abortion. Lorraine and Jaxon’s story Jaxon is described as “a little comedian” with a “really cheeky” sense of humour. He’s a typical six-year-old who happens to have Down’s syndrome. Because Lorraine was 45 when she was pregnant with Jaxon she was persuaded to have additional screening. But...
  • Abortion activist makes game where purpose is to kill an unborn baby with a shotgun (Argentina)

    12/30/2020 1:57:51 AM PST · by xomething · 4 replies
    Right to Life UK ^ | 12/16/2020
    An Argentinian pro-abortion activist has created a modification for the famous 1990s video game, Doom, in which the player completes the game by shooting an unborn baby with a shotgun. Once the player has killed the unborn baby the game displays the message “You defeated fetito [English translation – little foetus]! Give this misoprostol [the drug used for medical abortion] to those in need so they might defeat it too!” As part of the ongoing effort by pro-abortion activists to introduce abortion to Argentina, one activist Florencia Rumpel, has created a version of the controversial game, Doom, entitled: “Doom Fetito”,...
  • Iraqi interpreters 'stalked by death squads' for helping the British

    12/30/2020 2:18:01 AM PST · by xomething · 8 replies
    BBC ^ | 12/29/2020 | NafisehKohnavard
    "I am frightened. You can feel the threat. At any time, someone will hit the door of my house and shoot five bullets," Ali says. "One bullet for me, one bullet for my wife and three bullets for my three daughters." Ali (not his real name) is terrified that Iraqi militiamen will target him and his family because he worked for the British army as an interpreter. He knew it would be dangerous work, but he says he was happy to do it out of a sense of patriotism. But when the US assassinated top Iranian military commander Qasem Soleimani,...
  • The ‘intolerance and animosity’ that Muslims exhibit toward non-Muslims is not new — it’s 1,400 years old

    12/30/2020 2:29:07 AM PST · by xomething · 4 replies
    Jihad Watch ^ | 12/29/2020 | Hugh Fitzgerald
    The Palestinian Christian Bishara Bahbah paints a grim picture of the lot of Christians in Hamas-ruled Gaza, but at the same time he misleadingly describes a pollyannish version of how Palestinian Christians live in the PA-ruled parts of the West Bank. In this version, Christians get along swimmingly with their Muslim “friends and neighbors.” The truth is very different.As part of his attempt to whitewash the treatment of Christians in the PA, Bahbah refers to the Pact of Umar as having “guaranteed rights and spelled out obligations” of Christians in a Muslim-dominated land. He maintains that “the pact primarily represents...
  • Austria arrests 30 Hamas, Muslim Brothehood members, in crackdown on Islamism

    12/29/2020 8:21:38 PM PST · by xomething · 6 replies
    Austrian police arrested 30 people suspected of being radical Islamists yesterday as part of the government's "war on Islamism", the Times reported. The individuals were apprehended during a series of pre-dawn raids, collectively termed 'Operation Luxor', conducted by almost 1,000 police officers, including special forces, counterterrorism personnel and dog handlers. The raids, which were conducted simultaneously around the country at 5am yesterday, focused on the Austrian branches of Hamas, the Palestinian group, and the Muslim Brotherhood, a transnational Islamist organisation. More than 70 individuals are currently being investigated, according to the Times, though only 30 were arrested during yesterday's raids....
  • Many Democrats are Marxists. Is that Helping Them?

    It seemed, by the end of the Obama Administration, that America had lost the Cold War and Communism has triumphed because of the almost totalitarian expansion of the central government regulations controlling the economy, education, the media, the Intelligence Community, and health care; but fortunately the American people and traditional American political culture reasserted itself and we just missed walking off the cliff into outer darkness. The struggle continues, of course, but the tide has turned against the radical left. But as farmers and hunters in this rural Virginia always tell me: “A dying animal is the most dangerous thing...
  • Dr. Fauci Continues Fear-Mongering: I Agree with Joe Biden That the Worst Is Yet to Come

    12/28/2020 5:27:41 PM PST · by rustyweiss74 · 29 replies
    MenRec ^ | 12/28/20 | Staff
    Reporter: President-Elect Biden said the darkest days of the Covid-19 pandemic are ahead of us. We are averaging 200,000 now new cases and more than 2,000 deaths each day. Do you agree that the worst is still yet to come? Dr. Fauci: You know, I do, Dana, and the reason I’m concerned and my colleagues and public health are concerned also is that we very well might see a post-seasonal – in the sense of Christmas, New Years – surge or as I’ve described it, a surge upon a surge because if you look at the slope, the incline of...
  • The Regimentation of American Life is Soul Sucking and Destroying Our Spirit of Individualism

    From our first day at school to our last day of work, we are told not to be entrepreneurs or think for ourselves, but instead to do what others tell us. Rather than playing a pickup game of whiffle ball on the neighborhood corner, we play organized tee ball with coaches and uniforms. Rather than studying what we are interested in while in college, we take classes that will “lead to a good job at an established company.” Instead of starting a company, we work as a nameless drone for a corporate behemoth. Rather than explore the woods, we follow...
  • California Conservatives Should Flee to a Free State

    It is not surprising that people are leaving California and New York in record numbers. Citizens of those oppressive, socialist-leaning, nanny states have long suffered under governments that prioritize the rights and well-being of criminals while ignoring or abusing their own law-abiding and tax-paying citizens. For that reason, if you are one of those rare California conservatives, it is time to move to a free state. While it is not surprising to me that people are leaving California, it is surprising to me that there are still a (relatively) significant number of California conservatives and, more generally, Republicans in California....
  • Hundreds of Pakistani Christian Families Flee Neighborhood Following Threats of Violence

    12/28/2020 4:17:17 AM PST · by xomething · 1 replies
    Faith-Based Social Media Post Leaves Hundreds Homeless for the Holidays 12/27/2020 Washington, D.C. (International Christian Concern) – International Christian Concern (ICC) has learned that hundreds of Pakistani Christian families from Charar, a neighborhood in Lahore, have fled their homes after a mob of Muslims threatened to set fire to their neighborhood. Local sources report that the mob threatened the Christians after a faith-based social media post was published by a local pastor. “Pastor Raja Waris published a faith-based post on Facebook on December 22, which Muslims claim hurt their religious sentiments,” Saleem Khokhar, a displaced Christian from Charar, told ICC....