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  • Nostradamus’ predictions for 2021: Asteroids, zombies and a bad outlook

    12/28/2020 5:17:04 PM PST · by dynachrome · 12 replies
    NY Post ^ | 12-28-20 | Lauren Steussy
    And you thought it couldn’t get any worse? World-ending asteroids, zombies and ruinous famine are on deck for 2021, according to French philosopher Michel de Nostradamus, whose track record for predicting the future has been freakishly accurate. Nostradamus, who died in 1566, has famously prophesied calamitous events through his “Les Prophéties,” a collection of poetic quatrains. The Renaissance-era seer alluded to such events as the French Revolution, the development of the atomic bomb and the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks. Now, close readers of his work say he foresaw a 2021 even more destructive than this hellscape of a year.
  • Gov. Wolf predicts COVID-19 resurgence in fall, offers hope it won’t force new round of school and business closings

    06/24/2020 3:39:00 PM PDT · by lightman · 45 replies
    Penn ^ | 24 June A.D. 2020 | David Wenner
    Gov. Tom Wolf said Wednesday he expects COVID-19 to surge again in Pennsylvania this fall. But he said preparations and lessons learned during months when the state was shut down may enable us to weather it without a repeat of the shut down. The advantages if faced with a second wave include increased hospital preparedness and capacity, expanded testing and expanding contact tracing to find and isolate people who have been exposed. Wolf said Pennsylvania now has capacity for 16,000 tests per day -- more than the total tested in March -- and has nearly 600 contact tracers, with plans...
  • VIDEO: 2 Millions Views in 2 Months - Nostra-Dumbass - Trump Starts World War III

    01/17/2017 9:40:57 AM PST · by johnk · 7 replies
    youtube ^ | 11/20/2016 | top 5s finest
    These idiots are always using Nostradamus to conjure up fictional story lines. Nostradamus' writings are inaccurate, illogical ramblings of a mad man. But yet here we go again... I can't believe I still get caught off-guard by their stupidity. People read the Bible it is God's inerrant word. It has been proven right thousands of times for over 3 millennia.
  • Nostradamus: Election 2016 (Trump wins!)

    11/05/2016 3:32:51 PM PDT · by Az Joe · 20 replies
    History Channel ^ | 11/6/2016 | History Channel
    The Nostradamus predictions 2016 talk of a “false trumpet” that will “cause Byzantium to change its laws”. Also, it talks of a “man who wants the edict withdrawn, changing money and standards”. Believers have pointed out that the trumpet refers to Trump who is a highly controversial businessman turned political aspirant. There are several references to broken agreements in the passage. These may refer to Trump’s wish to end several treaties and also “the wall”. The latter refers to Trump’s desire to build a wall at the border between Mexico and the United States
  • More ISON Craziness: Tales of Popes, a Prophet and a Comet

    09/19/2013 11:48:09 AM PDT · by BenLurkin · 6 replies ^ | September 19, 2013 | David Dickinson on
    There’s an astronomical tall tale from the Middle Ages that seems to get recycled as factual every time a “great” comet rolls around. This week, we thought we’d look at a story that just won’t die, as well as a new twist in comet conspiracy that’s rolling around ye’ ole ‘Net.
  • Are Cardinals Electing The Last Pope? If You Believe Nostradamus...

    03/10/2013 3:17:08 PM PDT · by Steelfish · 64 replies
    NBCNews ^ | March 10, 2013 | Carol Grisanti
    Are Cardinals Electing The Last Pope? If You Believe Nostradamus... By Carol Grisanti, Producer, NBC News ROME— (snip) According to an ancient prediction, this next pope will be the last. That theory dates back more than 900 years to when Malachy O’Morgair, the 12th century Archbishop of Ireland, had a vision. Legend has it that St. Malachy, as he is now known, had a strange dream while on a visit to Rome. He “saw” all the names of the future popes – complete with identifying characteristics – who would rule the church until the end of time. In his book,...
  • Libyan Prince - Saif Al-Islam Gaddafi? [Nostradamus]

    03/23/2011 1:08:32 AM PDT · by americanophile · 5 replies
    Prophecies of Nostradamus & Beyond ^ | March, 2011 | Prophecies of Nostradamus & Beyond
    "The Libyan Prince will be powerful in the West, the French will become so inflamed of Arabs, learned in letters he will agree to translate the Arab language into French." ~ Nostradamus III.27 In this quatrain Nostradamus talks about a "Libyan Prince" who would play an important mediatory role during a French-Arab discord. At this moment none fits the description better than Saif Al-Islam Gaddafi, whose name means the "Sword of Islam", the second son and heir apparent of Libyan President Colonel Muammar Gaddafi. It appears that a Libyan Prince (i.e. not yet a King), who is well educated as...
  • Nostradamus Predicted Viking Kitties

    11/19/2010 8:39:19 PM PST · by charleshardin · 128 replies · 2+ views
  • If We Had Only Listened

    08/13/2010 10:58:49 PM PDT · by Ari Bussel · 3 replies · 1+ views
    If We Had Only Listened by Norma Zager “Beware the Ides of March…” fortuitous words Julius refused to heed Can man change destiny by simply heeding the advice of those who seek to warn of impending danger? Everyday we hear predictions by modern soothsayers about our world situation. We are on the verge of disaster as a nation. The world is on the brink of war, etc. etc. So we must ask ourselves, what is a soothsayer? Despite the well-known image seers conjure, in flowing robs gazing into crystals or fires, or begging for pennies in the streets, there is...
  • Is this an Easter Miracle? (The Apple on Michelle O's Newsweek Cover Has a Strange Reflection)

    03/16/2010 10:48:59 AM PDT · by mojito · 43 replies · 1,783+ views
    Michelle Obama's Mirror's Blog ^ | 3/15/2010 | Michelle Obama's Mirror
    Have you seen Lady M on the cover of Newsweek? She’s talking about her No Child's Fat Behind program again. But that’s not why I’m bringing this up. I’m just wondering; is it just because I spend my life reflecting things that I immediately thought: WTH is that reflection in the apple? Is it Leo Tolstoy? KSM? Karl Marx? Muhammad? ( I sure hope not, I understand we’re not supposed to reproduce his image, period.) Are those horns spouting from the top of his head? Where did they get this evil apple, from the Tea Partiers? Raj said it really...
  • Perdogg Predictions 2010 (post your predictions)

    12/12/2009 10:36:32 AM PST · by Perdogg · 51 replies · 1,840+ views
    Perdogg's Crystal Ball | 12.12.09 | Perdogg
    Recape Predictions for 2009 Business/Economy 1) The last half of 2008 will be declared a recession and it will continue through the first quarter. We will have little growth in the 2nd and 3rd quarter, modest growth in the 4th quarter. >Right 2) The Dow will finish at 11,500 on the last trading day of 2009, which will be Thursday, December 31st. >probably not 3) Dollar at the end of 2009 will equal € 1.32 > No ADD strikes again. I meant to say 1 Euro = $1.32 - No either way 4) Unemployment will peak in early fall. >TBD...
  • If the world ends, can you still return gifts?

    12/18/2009 5:05:55 PM PST · by george76 · 8 replies · 470+ views
    The Free Lance-Star ^ | 12/18/2009 | Donnie Johnston
    COME MONDAY, it is three years and counting. Three years till what? Three years until the end of the world! You didn't know that? Where have you been? Dec. 21, 2012--a Friday. That's the big day. The Mayans have supposedly predicted that this is when the end will come, and so have several other previous cultures. Why, even that old soothsayer Nostradamus is said to have determined that this date will mark the end of time. Of course, that makes me a little wary, because nobody seems to recognize Nostradamus' predictions until after they happen. After the Sept. 11, 2001,...
  • The world will not end in 2012

    11/16/2009 9:11:22 PM PST · by Kfobbs · 18 replies · 884+ views
    Renew America ^ | November 16, 2009 | Kevin Fobbs
    On Friday November 13th the movie titled: 2012 which dramatizes global disaster was the number one weekend box office hit in what is the first of quite possibly a deluge of movies that will inundate America and rest of the globe about what far too many believe will be the end of the world. Sure it should be taken as just a light diversion to entertain the great masses, but for far too many it will be taken more seriously. For buried within the value of its entertainment is a nugget of less skepticism at it being just a movie...
  • Nostradamus Predicts Vikings Super Bowl Win

    11/16/2009 10:11:52 AM PST · by NormsRevenge · 28 replies · 2,003+ views
    Daily Norseman ^ | 11/16/09 | frehleyscomet
    Nostradamus Quatrains Of The Centuries Century IX Quatrain IX Four dawns past the inverted name of the beast shall arise a four eyed heir to the throne, name unpronounced, in favor of the god, the child. Twin brothers in celestial dispute, Mars at its zenith, shall defend the stronghold. The great son of apostle Peter lie in tandem with the 22nd man of the serpent, reign upon the battlefields as the Taylor waits patiently for his cloth. The Bear, Lion, Eagle, shall no longer be welcome, victory blood green to purple, the spoils of war earned. Amazing that it has...
  • Vanity: Something I saw recently on The History Channel alarmed me...

    09/30/2009 3:54:29 PM PDT · by SilvieWaldorfMD · 87 replies · 2,687+ views
    First of all, I am not much of a TV watcher of shows having to do with past blowhard philosophers and such, but my son is learning about planets at school now and we decided to watch The History Channel one night, just for the heck of it. So, I was watching a program there about a week ago referring to Nostradamus' ('Nostra' for short) predictions, followed by a program regarding Leonardo DaVinci's predictions, and I was perplexed by something that Nostra "saw" in one of his many visions, which included visions of what or who would be causing chaos...
  • Nostradamus Code: World War III 2009-2012

    01/27/2009 6:27:01 PM PST · by Steelfish · 58 replies · 5,624+ views
    Sample Chapter from Nostradamus Code Book interpreting the quatrains. Elite group controls global economy; worldwide depression planned (Century VI, Quatrain 41) The Elite families made their influence and fortunes in the banking and commodities industries, such as gold, oil, copper, tins, etc. This is much like the colonial barons associated with the European world empires who started their families' fortunes exploiting the materials of the Third World nations. The Elite manipulate the economy to cause the unemployment or inflation rates to rise or fall at their whim. They have affected everyone's life. They are "pulling the strings" behind the scenes...
  • ** Official 2009 Prediction Thread ** Place your Predictions Here

    12/31/2008 9:34:55 AM PST · by Scythian · 106 replies · 29,961+ views
    Okay, I'll start: 1) Blagojevich walks scott free 2) My salary continues to remain stagnate 3) The bailout results in a massive debt to taxpayers with zero benefit to them 4) Iran aquires nuclear weapons and we (including Bush) failed to do anything about it 5) Jamie Gertz continue's to become even more attractive as she ages
  • Nostradamus Writings Predict McCain Victory

    CAP NEWS - "Conventional wisdom picks Obama. Nostradamus, four and a half centuries ago, picked John McCain," said Dr. Hubert Evans, professor of Renaissance Studies at Yale University and author of the best-selling "Nostradamus: Prophesize This!" "Quatrain 78, Century X in particular seems to indicate that Obama had better not be measuring the White House windows for curtains quite yet, at least by my interpretation," said Dr. Evans. The quatrain to which Dr. Evans refers - Quatrain 78 - is located in the grouping of stanzas known as Century X. Originally published in 1555 in Nostradamus' still-popular Les Prophecies, Quatrain...
  • When Did I Become the Crazy Guy on the Corner?

    10/06/2008 9:15:48 AM PDT · by CommonsensicalCat · 7 replies · 721+ views
    CommonsensicalCat ^ | 10/06/2008 | C C Matthews
    We have all seen him, the gray-bearded scruffy looking homeless man that stands on the corner of every mid to large sized city in the United States with a sign that says "Repent! The end is near." We probably thought - crazy homeless guy, it sure is a shame that he isn't in a facility that can help him. But what if, what if, THIS TIME crazy homeless guy is right? What is worse, what if this time crazy homeless guy is you....or me. When my community organizing diehard Democrat aunt and uncle told me they were forsaking their party...
  • McCain Wins Debate

    09/26/2008 10:19:57 AM PDT · by steve-b · 13 replies · 1,696+ views
    Washington Post ^ | 9/26/08 | Chris Cillizza
    Although the fate of tonight's presidential debate in Mississippi remains very much up in the air, John McCain has apparently already won it -- if you believe an Internet ad an astute reader spotted next to this piece in the online edition of the Wall Street Journal this morning. "McCain Wins Debate!" declares the ad which features a headshot of a smiling McCain with an American flag background. Another ad spotted by our eagle-eyed observer featured a quote from McCain campaign manager Rick Davis declaring: "McCain won the debate-- hands down."....