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  • Concealed Carry: Advice from a Cop

    01/15/2021 9:55:01 AM PST · by w1n1 · 41 replies
    Am Shooting Journal ^ | 1/15/21 | N Perna
    Large-frame handgun? Small? What caliber? Glock? S&W? It's all about balancing 'Comfort vs Lethality,' says longtime Policeman. One of the best parts about being a cop is HR 218. This law allows officers to carry a firearm in practically every locale in the United States. "Carrying on your badge," as it’s referred to, is one of the few perks law enforcement still enjoys. In 2020, the job lost a lot of its appeal, but I still appreciate the fact that I can carry concealed to protect others and myself. In a perfect world, these rights would be afforded to every...
  • Gun question(s) for California Freepers

    01/14/2021 3:37:48 PM PST · by fightin kentuckian · 38 replies
    a day late | Fightin Kentuckian
    I have a cousin in CA who wants an AR15. He and I understand there are a ton of hoops to jump through. Question 1. Can a CA resident legally have a complete AR15 upper, 16 inch barrel, 5.55 or 223 Wylde, shipped to their residence? Question 2. Same for a lower parts kit without the stripped lower? question 3. Do you need a background check to buy ammo in CA and how much can you buy at a time? Question 4. I believe 30 round mags are lawful in CA. Is that correct? Thanks.
  • Extend the Range and Lethality of your Shotgun with Flechettes

    01/14/2021 6:16:35 AM PST · by w1n1 · 27 replies
    Am Shooting Journal ^ | 1/14/21 | J Dickson
    There’s more than one way to neutralize a threat and these novel, thin, finned steel projectiles can put on a hurt at greater distance than buckshot - Flechettes were first used as small bomblets dropped from airplanes in World War I and World War II. Their use in small arms began in February 1951, when Irwin R. Barr of Aircraft Armaments Inc. came out with the concept of firearms flechettes. Initially, the emphasis was on firing one flechette instead of a standard rifle bullet. This led to the Army’s Special Purpose Individual Weapon (SPIW) program, as the concept was tested....
  • Vanity: looking for manual on Stevens model 67 Series E

    01/13/2021 7:47:57 AM PST · by john316 · 12 replies
    In search of manual for Stevens model 67 series E 12 gauge
  • Smith & Wesson 327 TRR8 Revolver Review: SWAT Dream?

    01/12/2021 11:53:18 AM PST · by Onthebrink · 48 replies
    19FortyFive ^ | 1/12/2021 | Richard Douglas
    The revolver or wheel gun is that classic cowboy gun that everyone wants; it’s reliable, powerful, and is just plain cool. Smith & Wesson brings a new modern take on the revolver with the 327 TRR8, a .357 blacked out showstopper designed with SWAT use in mind. Is it the best new revolver in town, or does it lose the wheel gun showdown? Let’s take a closer look in my review of the Smith & Wesson 327 TRR8 just below.
  • Mastering the Magnums

    01/12/2021 5:56:54 AM PST · by w1n1 · 12 replies
    Am Shooting Journal ^ | 1/12/21 | P Massaro
    When it comes to this powerful cartridge, 'bullet choice is imperative for the best results.' - I had just obtained my first .300 Winchester Magnum – a cartridge I'd come to absolutely love, and one that I'd end up taking all over the world – and simply could not wait for the first day of deer season. I had the rifle zeroed perfectly, so any shot in the open woods of our hunting property was a dead hold, and it was grouping very well. When opening day finally arrived, the morning had been rather quiet – just a couple does...
  • SR-71 Blackbird: A History Of The Fastest Plane Ever

    01/11/2021 10:46:41 AM PST · by Onthebrink · 52 replies
    19FortyFive ^ | 1/09/2020 | Peter Suicu
    The Lockheed SR-71 spy plane was – and still is – the fastest plane on the planet. The Goal Known unofficially as the “Blackbird” for its black paint job, which was developed to dissipate heat, the jet featured sleek lines that certainly were “futuristic” when it was flying top secret missions years before American astronauts headed to the moon. It was developed in secret in the late 1950s to cruise to 80,000 feet above the earth, near the edge of space, and out fly any missile that was launched at it.
  • 14 World War II Guns That Belong In The History Books

    01/10/2021 12:38:43 PM PST · by Onthebrink · 6 replies
    19FortyFive ^ | 1/10/2021 | Peter Suicu
    While military sidearms are generally associated with NCOs and officers, the use of handguns was much more widespread in the Second World War. Many soldiers carried handguns in addition to their main small arm, and this was especially true of paratroopers, military police, and generally any enlisted man who felt the need for a little extra firepower. And as with the other small arms of World War II, most handguns were distinctive and unique to each respective nation. As a result, the handguns of the era have become quite iconic and in some cases even a bit infamous. From the...
  • Vanity: Looking for HAM radio recceiver

    01/09/2021 3:36:38 AM PST · by john316 · 56 replies
    Looking for recommendations for means to listen to HAM radio. Just like on FR I just want to lurk. Also thought it may not be a bad idea to have small receiver setup as most internet com s will be comprised soon.
  • 5 Best Guns For Hunting, Self Defense And The Apocalypse

    01/08/2021 6:28:33 AM PST · by Onthebrink · 89 replies
    19FortyFive ^ | 1/8/2021 | Richard Douglas
    Hopefully, it doesn’t happen. Hopefully, we are never forced into a bad situation that requires us to rely on a firearm. However, if it ever does come to that, you need to know that you have the tools to put food on the table, keep predators at bay, and defend what is yours. Thankfully, some of these tools are already available to you. I’ve put together a list of five of the most popular utility guns that are reliable, durable, and available on the market. When the going gets tough, these guns will not let you down, and they won’t...
  • Flight cancellations, delays triggered by deep clean at FAA Jacksonville control center - VIRUS ALERT

    01/05/2021 3:43:58 AM PST · by srmanuel · 16 replies
    Florida Times Union ^ | 01/04/21 | Florida Times Union
    For those who are interested.....I monitor and track airplanes that fly over North Florida where I live, Civilian Passenger Planes, Military Planes and Private Aircraft, using a Raspberry Pi, ADS-B software from, it's a hobby... Yesterday during a very busy day, all the traffic I was tracking just dropped off to almost nothing, I was convinced it was my equipment and started to investigate, changing cables, rebooting the Raspberry Pi, etc....nothing worked. I went on the Flightware Discussion boards looking for a solution and ran into an article just posted by someone else from Jacksonville who was reporting the...
  • AR-15: 5 Best Upgrades You Should Do Now

    01/02/2021 6:59:49 AM PST · by Onthebrink · 49 replies
    19FortyFive ^ | 01/01/2021 | Richard Douglas
    The AR-15 is certainly one popular firearm. Simply put, the AR-15 the civilian version of the U.S. military’s M16. The only main difference being that you can’t fire in three-round bursts or full-automatic. But while it’s just as versatile, accurate, durable, and downright dependable as the one trusted by the uniformed services, the one thing you can do with an AR-15 that you couldn’t dream of doing in the military is customizing it. Think of Legos — but for grown-ups. Entering the vast and colorful world of rifle mods can be overwhelming at first, and it will take some time...
  • VANITY: Anyone watching the KISS live stream concert #KISS2020GOODBYE from Dubai today?

    12/31/2020 4:32:03 AM PST · by SilvieWaldorfMD · 32 replies
    Kiss ^ | 12/31/20 | Self (Somewhat)
    #KISS2020GOODBYE includes the largest stage ever built by humans, 50 cameras, 360-degree angles and $1 million worth of pyrotechnics, live streamed from the Atlantis Hotel in Dubai. Starts at Noon ET. Full global schedule at link.
  • Passing along useful auto tools and such, thread

    12/30/2020 4:19:36 PM PST · by Secret Agent Man · 99 replies
    As its winter, and a lot of people have batteries die on them due to the cold... Wanted to pass along a very nice tool that not only can start your car, but start a car with a dead battery And has the ability to ressurect a dead battery The autowit version 2 super capacitor pack It comes in two versions, a lite version for smaller car engines, and a standard version for bigger engines up to 7.0l gas engines There are youtube videos of the device out there And it is available on amazon I dont sell them but...
  • REVIEW: Wonder Woman 1984

    12/25/2020 7:19:47 PM PST · by tbw2 · 56 replies
    ScifiScribe ^ | 12/25/2020 | Richard Paolinelli
    Back in 2017 when Wonder Woman came out my first reaction was that DC needed to give Patty Jenkins the keys to their movie-making department and let her run all of the franchises. That movie was that good. I’ve just finished watching Wonder Woman 1984. My first reaction? We should take those keys back.
  • TNW Firearms: Heritage, Innovation and Protecting the Troops from IEDs

    12/23/2020 9:28:19 AM PST · by w1n1 · 1 replies
    Am Shooting Journal ^ | 12/23/20 | F Jardim
    How Tim Bero went from making floppy disks to manufacturing semiauto .50-caliber machineguns, helping save Humvee crews' lives in the Second Gulf War and now, Multi-Caliber Survival Rifles, Pistols, and more. TNW Firearms first made a name for itself among American shooters 20 years ago in a really big way with a really big gun. That gun was a semi-automatic, full-size replica of the military M2 HB .50-caliber heavy machinegun, a weapon that's seen continuous use in all theaters of war from the 1930s to the present. That sexy belt-fed beast, known affectionately as the Ma Deuce in military circles,...
  • (TECH) Looking for best M2 SSD for Laptop

    12/21/2020 10:56:14 PM PST · by Bikkuri · 49 replies
    Self ^ | 11/18 | Bikkuri
    Looking for best M2 SSD for 2019 HP low/mid lvl laptop.. (2tb)
  • The Wonderly Webley .455

    12/18/2020 6:35:57 AM PST · by w1n1 · 10 replies
    Am Shooting Journal ^ | 12/18/20 | J Dickson
    The only recoil-cancelling pistol made, this first successful British automatic may be largely forgotten today given the rise of the M1911, but it sported notable features for its time. Recoil and muzzle bounce are a fact of life for pistol shooters firing powerful calibers. The time taken to recover from that muzzle bounce is the biggest limiting factor on accurate rapidfire. Only one pistol has successfully engaged this problem and eliminated it: the Webley & Scott .455 automatic pistol. It accomplishes this miracle with its unique locking system. More on that later, but rapidfire is furthered by perhaps the best...
  • Federal Agents Raid Polymer80, Target “Ghost Gun” Makers

    12/11/2020 9:23:08 AM PST · by Black_Rifle_Gunsmith · 15 replies
    The Gun Study ^ | 12/11/2020 | Travis Olander
    Federal agents this morning raided Polymer80, one of the largest makers of firearm build kits, which are chided as ‘ghost guns’ by the left. The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms seized records from the company’s headquarters near Carson City, Nevada on Thursday. The agency claims Polymer80 is illegally manufacturing and distributing firearms, failing to pay taxes, shipping guns across state lines, and not conducting background checks on buyers. The probe centers on the company’s “Buy, Build, Shoot” kits, which include parts to fabricate a handgun at home without the need to buy anything from a gun dealer. The component...
  • The 5 Best States to Hunt White Tail Deer

    12/09/2020 10:09:22 AM PST · by w1n1 · 73 replies
    Am Shooting Journal ^ | 12/9/20 | C Rice
    Want to bag a buck? Head to the South and Midwest, where the huntin’s good for America’s deer. The deer hunting sector has been changing over the last few years, with new entrants moving into the top positions as far as the number and quality of white-tail deer hunting is concerned. Judging which states are working hardest to produce a high number of deer for hunting can be difficult, but there have been many changes to the states that sit at the top of the list in the last few years. The best States for deer hunting are spread through...