Fai Mao
Since Oct 16, 2012

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I am a retired professor.

I lived on the island of Guam but moved to Houston in July 2019

I have Bachelor degree in Asian History

I have an MLIS in Academic Libraries from UT Austin

I have a PhD in Educational Philosophy from Central China Normal University and am the first person in 60 years to have received a PhD from a university in the Peoples Republic of China who did not write their dissertation in Chinese. My dissertation was on the influence of Martin Heidegger on US education

I am a lifetime member of the NRA

I was director of libraries for a large international school in Hong Kong for many years

I have also worked for The University of Hong Kong, The Baptist University of Hong Kong, The University of Guam I can speak some Cantonese but cannot really read Chinese and I can read German but not really speak it

I am a bicycle tourist

I grow tropical fruits and flowers