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  • Astrobiologist Makes 'Improbable' Find Atop Massive Martian Volcanoes

    06/11/2024 12:56:42 PM PDT · by Red Badger · 20 replies
    The Debrief ^ | June 11, 2024 | CHRISTOPHER PLAIN
    Screen The frost on Olympus Mons, is shaded in blue. CREDIT: Credit: ESA/DLR/FU Berlishot A Brown University astrobiologist and an international team of planetary scientists say they have found an ‘improbable’ series of patches of water frost sitting atop a number of massive Martian volcanoes. According to the researchers behind the discovery, this finding represents the first time that water frost of any kind has been spotted near the planet’s equator. It would also be a finding that goes against current models describing the red planet’s atmosphere and water cycle. “We thought it was improbable for frost to form around...
  • Gravity Without Mass? New Study Challenges the Existence of Hypothetical Dark Matter

    06/10/2024 9:00:46 AM PDT · by Red Badger · 63 replies
    The Debrief ^ | June 07, 2024 | Micah Hanks
    A recent study that presents new challenges to the existence of dark matter suggests gravity may be able to exist even in the absence of mass. Although all life on Earth experiences its effects daily, gravity remains one of the great mysteries of modern physics. Now, a new study published by Dr. Richard Lieu with The University of Alabama in Huntsville (UAH) proposes that the gravitational effects observed in galaxies and clusters may be the result of what he likens to topological defects in the universe, a theory that does not require the inclusion of dark matter to explain phenomena...
  • Horses may have been domesticated twice. Only one attempt stuck

    06/09/2024 3:24:03 AM PDT · by SunkenCiv · 19 replies
    Science News ^ | June 6, 2024 | Tina Hesman Saey
    Horses were domesticated at least twice, researchers report June 6 in Nature. Genetic data suggest Botai hunter-gatherers in Central Asia may have been the first to domesticate the animals for milk and meat around 5,000 years ago. That attempt didn't stick. But other people living north of the Caucasian Mountains domesticated horses for transportation about 4,200 years ago, the researchers found.Those latter horses took the equine world by storm. In just a few centuries, they replaced their wild cousins and became the modern domestic horse...ancient people from southwest Asia known as the Yamnaya have been credited with being the first...
  • Spacex Super Heavy has splashed down in the Gulf of Mexico

    06/06/2024 10:40:53 AM PDT · by Red Badger · 56 replies
    Jared Isaacman @rookisaacman · 4h Unreal SpaceX team.. great job. You just brought the most powerful booster in the world one step closer to reusability.
  • A strange intermittent radio signal from space has astronomers puzzled

    06/06/2024 11:46:47 AM PDT · by Red Badger · 37 replies
    The Conversation ^ | June 05, 2024 | Staff
    When astronomers turn our radio telescopes out towards space, we sometimes detect sporadic bursts of radio waves originating from across the vast expanse of the universe. We call them “radio transients”: some erupt only once, never to be seen again, and others flicker on and off in predictable patterns. We think most radio transients come from rotating neutron stars known as pulsars, which emit regular flashes of radio waves, like cosmic lighthouses. Typically, these neutron stars spin at incredible speeds, taking mere seconds or even a fraction of a second to complete each rotation. Recently, we discovered a radio transient...
  • Stunning New Pics of Jupiter's Hellish Moon Snapped From Earth's Surface

    06/06/2024 9:26:08 AM PDT · by Red Badger · 13 replies
    Science Alert ^ | June 05, 2024 | MATT WILLIAMS, UNIVERSE TODAY
    The Jovian moon Io as seen by the New Horizons spacecraft. The mission's camera caught a view of one of this moon's volcanos erupting. (NASA Goddard Space Flight Center Scientific Visualization Studio) The Large Binocular Telescope (LBT), located on Mount Graham in Arizona and run by the University of Arizona, is part of the next generation of extremely large telescopes (ELTs). With two primary mirrors measuring 8.4 m (~27.5 ft), it has a collecting area slightly greater than that of a 30-meter (98.4 ft) telescope. With their resolution, adaptive optics, and sophisticated instruments, these telescopes are expected to probe deeper...
  • Thomas Edison invented the concept of the job interview. Albert Einstein himself failed Edison's Test

    06/06/2024 8:51:08 AM PDT · by SeekAndFind · 66 replies
    History Facts ^ | 06/06/2024
    Although Thomas Edison was awarded 2,332 worldwide patents as an inventor, one of his lasting contributions to modern society was not proprietary: the job interview. Edison was not just a prolific inventor — he was also a businessman in charge of an industrial empire. His corporation, Thomas A. Edison, Inc., employed more than 10,000 workers at dozens of companies. Edison wanted employees who could memorize large quantities of information and also make efficient business decisions. To find them, he devised an extensive questionnaire to assess job candidates’ knowledge and personality.Edison began using tests for candidate assessment in the late 19th...
  • Elon Musk's xAI selects southern city for 'world's largest' supercomputer site

    06/07/2024 8:06:33 AM PDT · by SeekAndFind · 51 replies
    MSN Via Fox News ^ | 06/06/2024 | Aislinn Murphy
    XAI has its sights set on creating the world’s largest supercomputer and, according to a recent announcement, the Elon Musk-founded artificial intelligence company has selected Memphis for its site. The Greater Memphis Chamber revealed the southwestern Tennessee city had landed the planned project on Wednesday, saying it will be the "largest capital investment by a new-to-market company in Memphis history." The supercomputer will be called the "Gigafactory of Compute," the group said. Musk said it's "true" in a reply to an X post that contained footage of the Greater Memphis Chamber’s press conference announcing plans for Memphis to get the...
  • William Anders dies in plane crash: Apollo 8 astronaut, 90, named as pilot killed in Washington fireball smash

    06/07/2024 8:38:15 PM PDT · by Morgana · 41 replies
    Daily Mail UK ^ | June 7, 2024 | James Gordon
    Retired American astronaut William Anders, who was part of the Apollo 8 mission in 1968, has died after his small plane crashed into Puget Sound in Washington State. The 90-year-old died after the small aircraft he was piloting crashed near Orcas Island on Friday, resulting in a fireball as the plane hit the water. Officials with the United States Coast Guard Pacific Northwest said the crash happened just before 11:45am on Friday. Video footage shot on the Sound shows the plane flying high in the sky before it plummets as it begins a dive. Just before the plane began to...
  • Apollo 8 astronaut William Anders' plane crashes northwest of Seattle

    06/07/2024 4:48:31 PM PDT · by janetjanet998 · 109 replies
    Apollo 8 astronaut William Anders' plane crashes northwest of Seattle. Search and rescue underway
  • Academic Publisher Wiley Retracts Over 11,300 Papers and Shuts 19 Journals As It Is Overwhelmed by Fraud

    06/05/2024 9:46:55 PM PDT · by SeekAndFind · 10 replies
    Red State ^ | 06/05/2024 | Streiff
    Academic fraud is forcing Wiley, a major publisher of scientific journals, to close 19 journals after some were overwhelmed by industrial-scale research fraud. In the last two years, Wiley has retracted over 11,300 papers containing some fraudulent content.Academic publishing is a major industry for two reasons. The publishing industry generates about $30 billion in revenue, approximately 40% of which comes from within the United States. These publications don't make their money from advertisers. To have a research paper published in a top-tier journal will cost the research team several thousand dollars. That money typically is an authorized expense of the...
  • Ancient snake drawings are among the largest known rock art worldwide

    06/05/2024 1:38:07 PM PDT · by SunkenCiv · 19 replies
    New Scientist ^ | June 4, 2024 | Chen Ly
    Prehistoric engravings of giant snakes along South America's Orinoco river are among the largest examples of rock art we know of anywhere in the world, with some stretching for more than 40 metres.The Orinoco is one of the world's largest rivers, flowing through Venezuela and along its border with Colombia. "There's an outstanding record of rock art along the Orinoco, especially on the Venezuelan side," says José Oliver at University College London. "Usually, they are paintings found in rock shelters."Engravings are common in many open-air sites along the river, he says, but not all of them have been officially recorded...Since...
  • ULA Launches NASA’s Boeing Starliner Crew Flight Test

    06/05/2024 5:47:06 AM PDT · by 6ppc · 46 replies
    Nasa Space Flight ^ | 6/5/2024 | Nasa Space Flight
    Here is a live stream of the latest attempt to get Starliner off the ground from Nasa Space Flight's youtube channel. Launch is scheduled for 10:52 EDT. This is an instantaneous launch window. If they have any delay it will be scrubbed. I tried to find the betting odds on it actually getting off the ground today, but couldn't find anything. My bet is 50%. Tomorrow SpaceX is launching Starship Flight Test 4. Launch window starts at 8 am EDT. I give SpaceX 90% chance of getting it off the ground.
  • Yearning For the Good Old COVID Years

    06/05/2024 8:27:25 AM PDT · by Rev M. Bresciani · 2 replies
    New American Prophet ^ | June 5, 2024 | Rob Pue
    The New World Order Globalists are deadly serious about their plans for rebuilding Babylon, and they’re not stopping. Their goal is a one-world government, with a single leader to rule the world. Of course, there are many underlings doing his bidding, already at work in nations around the world, to destroy their own national sovereignty, and prepare the way for this tyrannical control of Planet Earth.
  • Astronomy Picture of the Day - Comet Pons-Brooks Develops Opposing Tails

    06/04/2024 12:19:19 PM PDT · by MtnClimber · 8 replies
    NASA ^ | 4 Jun, 2024 | Image Credit & Copyright: Rolando Ligustri & Lukas Demetz
    Explanation: Why does Comet Pons-Brooks now have tails pointing in opposite directions? The most spectacular tail is the blue-glowing ion tail that is visible flowing down the image. The ion tail is pushed directly out from the Sun by the solar wind. On the upper right is the glowing central coma of Comet 12P/Pons–Brooks. Fanning out from the coma, mostly to the left, is the comet's dust tail. Pushed out and slowed down by the pressure of sunlight, the dust tail tends to trail the comet along its orbit and, from some viewing angles, can appear opposite to the ion...
  • Harassment of scientists is surging — institutions aren’t sure how to help

    06/04/2024 6:53:39 PM PDT · by DoodleBob · 30 replies
    Nature ^ | May 21, 2024 | Bianca Nogrady
    As a vocal advocate of vaccinations for public health, Peter Hotez was no stranger to online harassment and threats. But then the abuse showed up on his doorstep. It was a Sunday during a brutal Texas heatwave in June 2023 when a man turned up at Hotez’s home, filming himself as he shouted questions at the scientist, who is a paediatrician and virologist at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, Texas. Because of the long-running online and real-life abuse he has faced, Hotez now has the Texas Medical Center Police, Houston Police Department and Harris County Sheriff’s Office on speed...
  • Scientists are Using Tooth Isotopes to Bring Home Unidentified Soldiers

    11/25/2022 11:34:52 AM PST · by nickcarraway · 9 replies
    Forensic Magazine ^ | November 21, 2022
    November 21, 2022 Share Email 592205.jpg Credit: U.S. Military One of the keys to bringing home unidentified military remains, including POW/MIAs and the more than 81,500 soldiers unaccounted for in conflicts dating back to World War II, is using science to determine where home might be. University of Utah scientists are engaged in an effort, in support of the Defense POW/MIA Accounting Agency, to develop methods that can trace the geographic origin of remains, particularly teeth. Why teeth? Because everyone’s body, including their teeth, contains a record of where they’ve lived and traveled in the form of various stable isotopes...
  • BREAKING: Chaos Erupts As Marjorie Taylor Greene Lobs 'Personal Attack' At Fauci, Dems Stop Hearing

    06/03/2024 2:47:07 PM PDT · by Eleutheria5 · 101 replies
    Forbes Breaking ^ | 3/6/24 | MTG
    Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene's (R-GA) vicious grilling of Dr. Anthony Fauci in today's House Select Committee on the Coronavirus hearing leads to multiple breakdowns over her "personal attack." Fuel your success with Forbes. Gain unlimited access to premium journalism, including breaking news, groundbreaking in-depth reported stories, daily digests and more. Plus, members get a front-row seat at members-only events with leading thinkers and doers, access to premium video that can help you get ahead, an ad-light experience, early access to select products including NFT drops and more:
  • Astronomy Picture of the Day - Rotating Moon from LRO

    06/02/2024 1:53:13 PM PDT · by MtnClimber · 7 replies
    NASA ^ | 2 Jun, 2024 | Video Credit: NASA, LRO, Arizona State U.
    Explanation: No one, presently, sees the Moon rotate like this. That's because the Earth's moon is tidally locked to the Earth, showing us only one side. Given modern digital technology, however, combined with many detailed images returned by the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO), a high resolution virtual Moon rotation movie has been composed. The featured time-lapse video starts with the standard Earth view of the Moon. Quickly, though, Mare Orientale, a large crater with a dark center that is difficult to see from the Earth, rotates into view just below the equator. From an entire lunar month condensed into 24...
  • Whoa! Astronomers Just Discovered The Earliest Galaxy We've Ever Seen

    05/31/2024 8:50:25 AM PDT · by Red Badger · 19 replies
    Science Alert ^ | May 31, 2024 | MICHELLE STARR
    The most distant galaxy discovered to date, JADES-GS-z14-0, less than 300 million years after the Big Bang. (NASA, ESA, CSA, STScI, Brant Robertson/UC Santa Cruz, Ben Johnson/CfA, Sandro Tacchella/Cambridge, Phill Cargile/CfA) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ A newly discovered galaxy has just smashed the record for the earliest seen yet, presenting a major challenge to our current models of galaxy formation. It's called JADES-GS-z14-0, and its brightly gleaming in the early Universe, as it looked less than 300 million years after the Big Bang. A second recent discovery, called JADES-GS-z14-1, was confirmed to be nearly as distant. The detections, astronomers say, are now "unambiguous",...