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  • If you love America, are you really just a 'white Christian nationalist?'

    07/09/2021 7:20:56 AM PDT · by SeekAndFind · 31 replies
    Christian Post ^ | 07/09/2021 | Owen Strachan
    These days, the younger generation is encouraged to despise their American birthright. According to this worldview, the United States was a force for oppression in centuries past, and racism, baked into the very structure of the republic, constitutes the true narrative of the American people. And what is this worldview’s solution to our country’s alleged ills? To tear down the existing order, cleanse it of its sins, and reeducate the youth such that they become activists against democracy, free speech, and free thought.This new mentality is driven by what some call “wokeness.” As I detail in my forthcoming book: Christianity...
  • Biden declares June 'national month of action' for COVID-19 vaccinations

    06/02/2021 11:46:46 AM PDT · by Night Hides Not · 128 replies
    ABC News ^ | 6/2/2021 | en Gittleson, Anne Flaherty, Katherine Faulders and Erin Shumaker
    President Joe Biden on Wednesday declared June a "national month of action" to mobilize even more Americans to get vaccinated by July Fourth, in order to enjoy what he called "a summer of freedom."
  • Churchill, Zionism versus Bolshevism: Critique

    04/15/2021 10:19:41 AM PDT · by inpajamas · 23 replies
    Biblical News Christians Jews ^ | 04/15/2021 | The Editor
    Zionism versus Bolshevism: A Struggle for the Soul of the Jewish People - By the Rt. Hon. Winston S. Churchill - Over 100 years ago, on February 8th, 1920, an article was published on page 5 of the Sunday Herald (London). The writer was none other that Winston Churchill. The context of the time in which the article was written was marked by a few major events. The first was World War I. Less than two years earlier on November 11, 1918 Germany had formally surrendered and on June 28, 1919, Germany and the Allied Nations signed the Treaty of...
  • Donald Trump’s Nationalism is Not Going Away

    04/01/2021 12:19:31 PM PDT · by Pining_4_TX · 22 replies
    Liberty Conservative News ^ | 03/31/21 | Jose Nino
    Even people at establishment conservative rags such as the National Review recognize what Trumpism actually is. Michael Brendan Dougherty was correct in observing that Trumpisim “is a populist-nationalist politics.” He added some salients points about Trumpism: “[Trumpism] It is populist because it preaches political doctrines largely rejected by the incumbent political class: an America-first foreign policy, revision of the aims of our trade policy, and a halt to mass migration. It is a nationalist project whose ultimate aim is to restore the democratic link between the citizenry and government — a link that has been threatened by a class of...
  • Is There Anything Actually Wrong With 'Christian Nationalism?'

    03/22/2021 10:02:57 PM PDT · by DeweyCA · 24 replies ^ | 3-22-21 | Russ Vought
    Skip A pattern has emerged. An academic, often from a theologically liberal persuasion, paints a caricature of "Christian nationalism" that is clearly outside the lines of orthodox Christianity. Celebrity pastors and writers then point to that distorted definition, label any related viewpoints as heresy and call for all evangelicals to practice discernment or repent of compromising political idolatry. They point to inappropriate, but mostly anomalous, displays of Christian symbolism in political settings. Few pause long enough to consider what millions of Christians might actually mean when we say that America is a "Christian nation," or champion viewpoints that accord with...
  • Patriotism is Not Some Bad Form of Nationalism

    03/22/2021 6:11:12 AM PDT · by Kaslin · 6 replies ^ | March 22, 2021 | Rachel Alexander
    The left has become really clever at falsely associating conservatism with horrible things, such as racism, greed and violence. Under President Trump, they began a push to associate patriotism with bad forms of nationalism, like fascism and Nazism. It was easy to do because nationalism has multiple definitions; one sounds like patriotism, but another sounds like fascism or Nazism. Trump made patriotism a showy part of his platform, with his Make America Great Again slogan and massive amounts of red, white and blue decorations at campaign events. But that’s really all it was. There wasn’t any specific agenda associated with...
  • God, the nations, and nationalism (pt 1): Whose “side” is God on in the midst of this tension between intensifying nationalism and looming globalism?

    03/17/2021 8:15:40 AM PDT · by SeekAndFind · 17 replies
    Christian Post ^ | 03/17/2021 | Wallace B. Henley
    Nationalism and globalism are on a collision course and the future of civilization is at stake. “Progressive nationalism ... seeks to impose a highly specific and controversial vision of social order,” warned George Washington University Professor Samuel Goldman, as reported March 16 in The Christian Post by Ryan Foley. Meanwhile, Pope Francis proposes a new world order of globalism to counteract all the rising nationalisms.[1] “The world will never be the same again (because of the COVID pandemic),” said the Pontiff. However, “it is precisely within this calamity that we must grasp those signs which may prove to be the...
  • Rev. Tim Keller: Church's affiliation with Republicanism has given Christian nationalism 'a place to incubate'

    03/12/2021 7:53:54 AM PST · by SeekAndFind · 25 replies
    Christian Post ^ | 03/12/2021 | Leah MarieAnn Klett
    Famed pastor and author Tim Keller said the American Church’s championing of the Republican Party over the last several decades has given Christian nationalism “a place where it could incubate.” “Christian nationalism works on fear and resentment,” Keller, founder and former pastor of Redeemer Church in New York City, said in an interview with the Church Leaders Podcast on Wednesday. “Friedrich Nietzsche said there is no truth. So you can't appeal to truth. What you appeal to is fear and resentment, and that's how you get power and that's how you win.” Keller said that while he agrees with the...
  • White Nationalism in the military

    02/05/2021 10:29:45 AM PST · by freedomjusticeruleoflaw · 38 replies
    Courier Press ^ | Charlotte Clymer
    Military veterans account for 7% of the adult population of the United States, according to a report released by the U.S. Census Bureau last year. NPR looked into the backgrounds of those charged so far in the violent Capitol attack last month by supporters of then-President Donald Trump and found that nearly 20% are veterans — meaning those who have served in the military were nearly three times more likely than non-veterans to have been involved, despite having taken an oath to defend the Constitution.
  • Rather: Republican Party Has Been ‘Playing with Fire of White Nationalism’

    01/15/2021 6:13:30 AM PST · by ChicagoConservative27 · 48 replies
    Breitbart ^ | 01/14/2021 | Pam Key
    Former CBS News anchor Dan Rather said Thursday on MSNBC’s “The Beat” that “the Republican Party as a whole and overwhelmingly has been playing with the fire of white nationalism.” When asked if President Trump should be held accountable for the Capital Hill riot, Rather said, “The answer is yes. Donald Trump can be made to pay a price. I would argue that it is absolutely essential for the general health of our democracy in our country that that happen. And we can get things under control.”
  • Technically, all Christians ought to be Christian Nationalists

    12/17/2020 8:55:04 AM PST · by SeekAndFind · 9 replies
    NOQ Report ^ | 12/17/2020 | Ray Fava
    Very few people in Big Eva love the spotlight as much as Beth Moore. She loves making vague statements leveling unsubstantiated accusations against the church. After several months of soothing the conscience of Joe Biden voters, Big Eva is circling the wagons to rally against the biggest threat to Christianity in America, “Christian Nationalism.” Erick Erickson and David “Vichy” French have both chimed in their support of an absolute heretic, while claiming Christ, because Trump Derangement Syndrome is a very ecumenical cult.Fill in the blank. The greatest threat to the church in America is _________. Marxism, the scamdemic, effeminacy, lukewarmness,...
  • Was Beth Moore right to warn about Christian nationalism?

    12/16/2020 6:32:13 AM PST · by SeekAndFind · 63 replies
    Christian Post ^ | 12/16/2020 | Michael Brown
    This past Sunday morning, Beth Moore tweeted, “I do not believe these are days for mincing words. I’m 63 1/2 years old & I have never seen anything in these United States of America I found more astonishingly seductive & dangerous to the saints of God than Trumpism. This Christian nationalism is not of God. Move back from it.” Was she right in raising these concerns? Before we can respond, let’s put aside the question of whether you are a Beth Moore fan or not. To some, she is a beloved and faithful teacher of the Word. To others, she...
  • The Woke Supremacy -- American Greatness review

    08/22/2020 7:26:53 AM PDT · by Evan Sayet · 3 replies
    American Greatness ^ | August 22, 2020 | Thaddeus McCotter
    As the elections approach and civil war draws nearer, it is vital to know the enemy. This is a review of The Woke Supremacy: An Anti-Socialist Manifesto which details who the Woke are, where they came from, what they want, what they're willing to do get it and, most disturbing, what is likely to befall humanity should they win.
  • Do all black lives matter? Top 10 reasons I'll never support the #blacklivesmatter movement

    06/07/2020 8:52:27 AM PDT · by SeekAndFind · 37 replies
    Christian Post ^ | 06/07/2020 | Ryan Bomberger
    Every life unjustly killed deserves justice. In the cause to make things right, I will not join a movement that has nearly everything wrong. More innocent lives have now been killed (#BlueLivesMatter, too) since these predominantly violent protests began over George Floyd’s horrific death. What about the black lives killed in this nationwide chaos? Do they matter?“Well, you don’t have to agree with everything. Just pick out the good things in the #BlackLivesMatter movement,” I’m told. Really? Let’s apply that same logic to another example. I’ve been repeatedly approached to partner with New Black Panthers in anti-abortion billboard campaigns. We...
  • The ADL’s Soros, Hamas and Hitler Anti-Israel Conference - Greenfield

    01/26/2019 10:41:44 AM PST · by Louis Foxwell · 16 replies
    FrontPageMag ^ | January 25, 2019 | Daniel Greenfield
    The ADL’s Soros, Hamas and Hitler Anti-Israel Conference The ADL is becoming a threat to Jews. January 25, 2019 Daniel Greenfield Daniel Greenfield, a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the Freedom Center, is an investigative journalist and writer focusing on the radical Left and Islamic terrorism. Jonathan Greenblatt introduced the ADL’s Never is Now 2018 conference with a full-throated defense of George Soros. It was a strange decision for an organization that had once criticized the radical anti-Israel billionaire’s defenses of anti-Semitism. But under Greenblatt, a former Obama official, the ADL had turned sharply to the left and Never is Now,...
  • China is setting the stage for the next major war

    05/29/2020 6:02:09 AM PDT · by RoosterRedux · 71 replies
    American Thinker ^ | Robert Arvay
    Before the ink was dry on the treaty that ended World War 1, planning began for the Second World War. That is not far from the truth. The 1920s and '30s saw Japan, Germany, and Italy seeking to expand their military forces, including in the case of Japan and Germany, in violation of treaties. Japan transitioned from a nascent democracy to a brutal military dictatorship, while Hitler began laying the groundwork for his rise to power. Mussolini of Italy had plans to establish a sort of second Roman Empire and sent his army to Ethiopia to begin it. The history...
  • A New Front for Nationalism: The Global Battle Against a Virus

    04/12/2020 5:45:24 AM PDT · by Oldeconomybuyer · 12 replies
    The New York Times via Yahoo! News ^ | April 11, 2020 | by Peter S. Goodman, Katie Thomas, Sui-Lee Wee and Jeffrey Gettleman
    As they battle a pandemic that has no regard for borders, the leaders of many of the world’s largest economies are in the thrall of unabashedly nationalist principles, undermining collective efforts to tame the novel coronavirus. The United States, an unrivaled scientific power, is led by a president who openly scoffs at international cooperation while pursuing a global trade war. India, which produces staggering amounts of drugs, is ruled by a Hindu nationalist who has ratcheted up confrontation with neighbors. China, a dominant source of protective gear and medicines, is bent on a mission to restore its former imperial glory....
  • Coronavirus Crisis a Watershed for Nationalism vs. Globalism

    04/07/2020 10:15:35 AM PDT · by River Hawk · 6 replies
    US Inc. ^ | April 7th, 2020 | Allan Wall
    The COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic continues. As of today, the world has had over 1,340,00 cases with over 74,000 deaths. Since ancient times, diseases have spread throughout the world. But nowadays they can spread so much faster. With today’s rapid air travel, an infected person could fly around the world and infect hundreds of people before he’s even aware that he himself is infected. It’s a global problem. So, how are “globalists” handling it?
  • UK rejects Trump's offer to help with Boris Johnson's coronavirus treatment

    04/07/2020 7:54:18 AM PDT · by conservative98 · 88 replies
    BI ^ | 4/7/20 | Adam Bienkov and Thomas Colson
    UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson's spokesman has rejected President Donald Trump's offer to help with Johnson's COVID-19 treatment. Trump on Monday offered to put Johnson's doctors in touch with unnamed companies working on coronavirus treatments. The prime minister's spokesman rejected the offer on Tuesday. "We're confident the prime minister is receiving the best possible care from the National Health Service," he said. "Any treatment he receives is a matter for his doctors."
  • EU & European Nationalistic Antisemitism

    04/03/2020 9:13:44 AM PDT · by Olympiad Fisherman · 4 replies
    Dispensational Publishing House ^ | 4/3/20 | Mark Musser
    It has been well documented for quite some time now with the rise of Islamic populations in Europe that the EU has succumbed to increasing antisemitism. By making the Muslims, who are perhaps among the most unassimilated people groups in the world, the posterchild for politically correct multiculturalism, this is hardly surprising ....