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If in a post appears a reference or mentioning of people who happened to belong to a certain group, by no means do I generalize all of that group of people. But it is specifically intended to the bigots.


'Radical left' using 'race theory' to inject socialism into every aspect of life
JANE TIMKEN | May 24, 2021
As a mom, the well-being and education of our children are top concerns.  
Even before the pandemic, our schools were falling behind. Now, we’ve seen a troubling pattern where Washington politics and special interest groups are placed above the needs of students. ...


* Education is the closest thing to magic.

* Discrimination can not be used to fight discrimination.

* Race has been used as a political weapon.

* This is not a racist country.

* We are family.

* Weakening our southern border and creating a crisis is not compassionate *

April 28, 2021, 11:35pm ET
Philonise Floyd refused to criticize Tim Scott, on CNN, then his lawyer Ben Crump cut him off and began preaching about "systematic racism" and listed the few blacks killed by police... as "proof."

Swastika Intifada
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* Crisis = "some challenges."

* Triggering mass hunanitarian suffering for minors = "humane."

* Anti-cop riots = "protests."

* BLM activists attacking Asians = "Trump's insurrectionists."

* Black anti-Asian violence = "Trump's fault."

* N.O. Islam's influenced attacking cops [Dallas, July-2016; US Capitol, Mar-2021] = Twitter - Sudden Silence Syndrome.

* 74 Million Americans = "white supremacists."

* Islamist influenced violence = "mentally ill." [CO - Mar-2021]

* Paranoid who happens to be White = "racist." [GA - Mar-2021]

* Economics = "asylum" (asides from a small minority).

* Grandchildren of immigrants = "indigenous Palestinians."

* Money used by Iranians, its proxies and by "palestinians" for twisted indoctrination and terror = "humantarian aid."

* Unfair anti all Whites generalizations = "anti-racism."


More Ironic- glossary

- Giving away all the cards + gifts of pallets of cash to Mullacracy = "negotiation"

- Openly seeking annihilation; attacking civilians via proxies = "peaceful nukes"

- BDS bigots = "human rights activists"

- Measures to prevent racist Arab attacks = "apartheid"


Department of Justice
Office of Public Affairs
Friday, September 4, 2020
Two Self-Described “Boogaloo Bois” Charged with Attempting to Provide Material Support to Hamas
The Justice Department today announced a federal criminal complaint charging Michael Robert Solomon, 30, and Benjamin Ryan Teeter, 22, with conspiring and attempting to provide material support to a designated foreign terrorist organization (Hamas).
While planning these activities, the defendants met individuals whom they believed to be members of the foreign terrorist group Hamas.  Thinking that they shared the same desire to harm the United States, they sought to join forces and provide support, including in the form of weapons accessories, to Hamas.  They failed.

Karen Piper (@PiperK) Tweeted: Remember this guy? Ryan Teeter was arrested yesterday for working with Hamas. He staged a lot of "Reopen" protests in NC.
Sep 4, 2020

Alleged Boogaloo member pleads guilty to terrorism charge

Benjamin Ryan Teeter, 22, pleaded guilty Wednesday to one count of conspiracy to provide material support to a foreign terrorist organization. Author: Associated Press
Published: 2:41 PM CST December 17, 2020

Boogaloo Suspect Arrested for Hamas Terrorist Links Had Said 'We're on Your Side'
By Brendan Cole On 9/05/20 AT 4:43 AM EDT
Aself-described member of the anti-government Boogaloo Bois group arrested over an alleged plot to provide support to Hamas, had once justified his protest actions in an interview in June where he said his aim was to "defend" people.


On anti-Jewish, anti-Israel George Soros and his likes

Gadi Taub, Nov 29, 2018:

...with all due respect to George Soros, he has long turned his back on Judaism and Jews... since this ultra-liberal elite is hostile to nationalism, the rules of its political correctness tend precisely against Zionism... In fact.. the mobile elite ... tends to be .. antisemitic.

BTW. The same goes to most Haaretz staff...


Spoilers of radical left narrative:
Non-white, Islamic linked butchers...

Times Square gunman who shot three innocent tourists is arrested eating fries in his SUV at a Florida McDonald's 'after the car RAN OUT OF GAS due to Colonial Pipeline fuel shortage'
By Melissa Koenig 12 May 2021
Police arrested Farrakhan Muhammad, 31, in Florida, on Wednesday morning

Ahmad Al Aliwi Al Issa, jihad, and questionable narratives – Catholic World Report
April 10, 2021

Noah Green Nation of Islam ties thwart progressive narrative on Capitol attack ...
Apr 2, 2021 — Social-media mavens on the left were quick to cast blame for Friday's U.S. Capitol attack on White nationalists and Trump supporters.


Joe Gutierrez who ain't "white" exposes BLM faux narrative about so-called "black & Brown"

Virginia Cop Joe Gutierrez Fired After Pepper-Spraying Black Army Lt. Nazario
By Christina Zhao on 4/11/21 AT 10:49 PM EDT
A Windsor, Virginia police officer who escalated a traffic stop of a Black and Latino Army Lieutenant has been fired from the force.
The proregressive narrative and BLM and its supporters of "equal" victimhood VS facts, such as the Joe Gutierrez case and others.

Disingenuous CNN carefully only mentioned the color and ethnicity of Nazario. Not of "brown" Gutierrez, the cop. Of course.
Second Lt. Caron Nazario, who is Black and Latino..
Nor am I sure it wasn't a planned sting operation by Nazario..

Needless to add, in no way am I trying to deny racism and of course I do denounce it. But the notion that it's the white person can be the racist just because of his color, is ludicrous.

Not to mention the epidemic of anti-Asian Black racism or anti-white racist attacks we all saw last summer. Or the long record of Hitleristic fascist Farrakhan.


"Emotional protests" - a fresh new rationalization for violent riots

On ThisWeek, on ABC [Sunday morning, April.18.2021], George Floyd's lawyer, Ben Crump answered Martha Raddatz question what he would say if Chauvin will be found not guilty. He spoke of "emotional protests" and had sharp words to all, including President Biden who say that it's "tragic but that riots, looting is not OK." Well, they should add that killing black people is not OK.

Guilty verdict in Chauvin trial could set precedent for policing: Benjamin Crump, civil rights attorney

Not sure how the term 'tragic' doesn't cover that...

I, we are against any violence, anywhere. But why would a “lawyer” try and rationalize it and even insinuating a veiled threat if some wouldn't like the verdict?



* The 3,000 in Nablus, the 1,500 (many of them Hamas supporters) in Gaza who celebrated 9/11 attack, some held posters of Bin-Laden;

* Palestinian authorities confiscating footage;

* threatening journalists not to publish;

* Arab MK's refuse to condemn celebrations

People Around the World Watch in Horror By The Associated Press
Sept. 11, 2001

LONDON -- People around the world watched in horror as images of terror in the United States filled their television screens Tuesday. On the West Bank, Palestinians celebrated but most world leaders expressed solidarity with an America that looked more vulnerable than ever.

Iraqi television played a patriotic song that begins "Down with America!" as it showed the World Trade Center's towers falling.

Palestinian youth celebrating the mass terror attacks in the United States (AP).

(17:55) Israeli embassies on alert, Palestinians celebrate

By The Jerusalem Post Internet Staff
Tuesday September 11, 2001
Israel has evacuated some staff members at its embassies throughout the world in the aftermath of today's terrorist attacks in New York and Washington, according to a CNN report.

The embassy in Washington and counsulate in New York are still open.

Reports are indicating residents of eastern Jerusalem, the West Bank, and southern Lebanon are celebrating the mass terror attacks in the United States at this time.

Dozens of Palestinian youths have taken to the streets and are distributing candies on a main thoroughfare passing through eastern Jerusalem.

Palestinians celebrate in the streets - Irish Examiner

It has been reported that Palestinians are celebrating in the streets.
TUE, 11 SEP, 2001 - 17:55
It has been reported that Palestinians are celebrating in the streets.

Thousands of Palestinians celebrated the terror attacks in the United States, chanting "God is Great" and distributing candy to passers-by, even as their leader, Yasser Arafat, said he was horrified.

The U.S. government has become increasingly unpopular in the West Bank and

Gaza Strip in the past year of Israeli-Palestinian fighting, with many Palestinians accusing Washington of siding with Israel.

In the West Bank town of Nablus, about 3,000 people poured into the street shortly after the attacks on the World Trade Center in New York and government targets in Washington.

Demonstrators distributed candy in a traditional gesture of celebration.

Several Palestinian gunmen shot in the air, while other marchers carried

Palestinian flags.

Nawal Abdel Fatah, 48, wearing a long, black dress, threw sweets in the air, saying she was happy...

Her daughter Maysoon, 22, said she hoped the next attack would be launched against Tel Aviv.

In traditionally Arab east Jerusalem, there was a smaller gathering of about two dozen people, many of them young children led in chants by adults. Some drivers passing the scene honked their horns and flashed victory signs from their windows

Around the world, terror met with disdain, anger By BETH GARDINER Associated Press Sep 12, 2001
Iraq, some Palestinians celebrate in streets

...Britain and Belgium banned commercial flights over their capitals, and Britain warned its citizens traveling in the United States to beware of possible further attacks. Israel closed its airspace to foreign flights and evacuated staff from diplomatic missions and Jewish institutions around the world.

In the West Bank town of Nablus, about 3,000 people poured into the streets shortly after the attacks began, chanting "God is Great" and handing out candy in a traditional gesture of celebration.

World reactions to U.S. attacks
By Associated Press
Wednesday September 12, 2001
... In the West Bank town of Nablus, about 3,000 people poured into the streets shortly after the attacks began, chanting "God is Great" and handing out candy in a traditional gesture of celebration.

Shock felt around world; Palestinians celebrate in streets - Kitsap Sun
Sep 12, 2001 — ... 3,000 people poured into the streets shortly after the attacks began, chanting "God is Great"

Pained world condemns acts, but some cheer

Published Sep 10, 2005

Governments around the world offered condolences to the United States after the terrorists attacks Tuesday, but thousands of Palestinians celebrated in the West Bank and in Lebanese refugee camps.

In the West Bank town of Nablus, Palestinians cheered and distributed candy to passers-by, and Iraqi television played a patriotic song that began "Down with America!" as it showed the World Trade Center towers collapsing...


Bin-Laden Poster Seen at Gaza Rally

The Associated Press
Friday, Sept. 14, 2001; 6:09 p.m. EDT

JERUSALEM –– About 1,500 Palestinians, many supporters of the Islamic militant group Hamas, marched in a Gaza Strip refugee camp on Friday, burning Israeli flags and carrying a large poster of Osama bin Laden, who has been named as a key suspect in this week's terror attacks in the United States.

After the rally, plainclothes Palestinian policemen questioned several journalists, including staffers of foreign news agencies, and confiscated videotape and film as well as camera equipment. An Associated Press Television News video was among the materials taken, and an AP photographer was warned by officials not to publish pictures of the bin-Laden poster.

AP protested and demanded return of the video and other material.

The journalists were told police would review the material before deciding whether to release it.

Officials of Yasser Arafat's self-rule government refused to comment on the record and did not respond immediately to AP's protest.

Wednesday - September 12, 2001
Jerusalem Post (14:00) Report: Armed Palestinians threatened photojournalists

Reports indicate armed Palestinians trapped foreign photojournalists inside a Nablus hotel late yesterday while thousands took to the streets in celebration of the terror attacks in the United States.

The journalists were reportedly forced to remain confined in the hotel, guarded by armed Palestinians - both in uniform and wearing civilian clothes - while the festivities continued in the streets. At least one photographer who did manage to capture images of the celebrations was told his life would be in danger if the pictures were eventually published.

America under attack - Your condolences
Express your condolences to the victims of the mass terror attack on the United States.

America under attack
Express your thoughts on what the future holds for the United States, Israel and the free world in the wake of the mass terror attack on the US.

Palestinian Police confiscates footage at Gaza rally
Jerusalem Post Staff and Ap.

JERUSALEM (September 16) - About 1,500 Palestinians, many supporters of Hamas, marched in a Gaza Strip refugee camp Friday, burning Israeli flags and carrying a large poster of Osama bin Laden, an exiled Saudi millionaire who US Secretary of State Colin Powell has named a key suspect in last week's terror attacks in the United States.

After the rally, plainclothes Palestinian policemen questioned several journalists, including members of foreign news agencies, and confiscated videotape, film, and other camera equipment.

An Associated Press Television News video was among the materials taken, and an AP photographer was warned by officials not to publish pictures of the bin Laden poster. AP protested and demanded the return of the video and other material.

The journalists were told police would review the material before deciding whether or not to release it. Palestinian Authority officials refused to comment on the record and did not respond immediately to AP's protest. The Palestinian Police said in a statement that the rally in the Nusseirat refugee camp took place without a permit. "The Palestinian Police confiscated media material which documented illegal acts," the statement said.

Earlier last week, Palestinian Police stopped camera teams and photographers from covering a rally in Nablus in which several thousand Palestinians celebrated the attacks in the US. Palestinian officials said the demonstration did not represent widespread Palestinian opinion.

According to one source, the Reuters correspondent in Nablus not only agreed to the PA demand not to document the rally, but attempted to press his AP counterpart to follow suit. He was unable to reach him in time. The AP cameraman later received death threats.

PA unapologetic on confiscating rally footage, by Lamia Lahoud, The Jerusalem Post, 17 September 2001

JERUSALEM (September 17) - Palestinian Authority actions to confiscate film footage of Palestinians celebrating the terror attacks on the US were logical to prevent the media from painting the wrong picture of Palestinian sentiment, Bassam Abu Sharif, an adviser to PA Chairman Yasser Arafat, said yesterday.

"This was a normal preventive act... we don't want to give more to the Zionist propaganda which portrays all Palestinians as terrorists," he said. "The idea is that these people were not allowed to film, because a small group of people on film would represent the Palestinian people as a whole."

He said only a few kids held up pictures of bin Laden, and the police arrested journalists and confiscated the film of those who defied orders not to film an illegal demonstration.

Abu Sharif charged that Israel has violated press freedom far more than the PA and accused Israel of taking advantage of it for its own propaganda.

"How many were injured and killed by the IDF? How many times have cameras been broken... there are soldiers on trial for severely beating an Egyptian camera crew," he said.

Journalists and cameramen have complained that they have been threatened by Fatah activists for planning to show footage of celebrations, and there have been reports that Palestinian policemen detained cameramen who filmed a Hamas demonstration in Gaza on Saturday at which Palestinians carried pictures of Osama bin Laden.

AP protests threats to freelance camerman who filmed Palestinian rally
Associated Press | September 12, 2001

JERUSALEM (AP) - The Associated Press on Wednesday protested to the Palestinian Authority about threats against a freelance camerman who filmed Palestinians celebrating terror attacks in the United States.

The videographer, on assignment for Associated Press Television News, was summoned to a Palestinian Authority security office and told that the material must not be aired. Calls in the name of the Tanzim militia, an armed group associated with Yasser Arafat's Fatah group, warned him he would be held responsible and made what he interpreted as threats on his life.

Several Palestinian Authority officials spoke to AP in Jerusalem urging that the material not be broadcast. Ahmed Abdel Rahman, Arafat's Cabinet secretary, said the Palestinian Authority "cannot guarantee the life" of the cameraman if the footage was broadcast.

The cameraman then requested that the material not be aired. In light of the danger, APTN has not released the footage of the rally in Nablus.

AP news stories reported worldwide on the demonstration in Nablus and AP distributed still pictures and video of similar rallies in east Jerusalem, Lebanon and elsewhere. An AP still photographer did not take pictures of the Nablus rally after being warned at the scene not to do so.

The protest by AP Chief of Bureau Dan Perry said, "I ask the assurances of the Palestinian Authority that you will protect our journalists from threats and attempts at intimidation and that no harm would come to our freelance cameraman from distribution of the film."

September 14, 2001, The Jerusalem Post, Foreign Press Association protests PA threats to journalists, by Jerusalem Post Staff

JERUSALEM (September 14) - The Foreign Press Association expressed deep concern yesterday over life threats made to journalists by the Palestinian Authority, after PA security personnel on Tuesday tried to prevent photo and video coverage of a rally in Nablus where hundreds of Palestinians celebrated the terror attacks in New York and Washington.

The videographer, on assignment for Associated Press Television News, was summoned to a PA security office and told that the material must not be aired. Calls in the name of the Tanzim militia, an armed group associated with Yasser Arafat's Fatah group, warned him he would be held responsible, and made what he interpreted as threats on his life.

Several Palestinian Authority officials spoke to AP in Jerusalem urging that the material not be broadcast. Ahmed Abdel Rahman, Arafat's cabinet secretary, said the Palestinian Authority "cannot guarantee the life" of the cameraman if the footage was broadcast.

The cameraman then requested that the material not be aired. In light of the danger, APTN has not released the footage of the rally in Nablus.

The protest by AP Chief of Bureau Dan Perry said, "I ask the assurances of the Palestinian Authority that you will protect our journalists from threats and attempts at intimidation, and that no harm would come to our freelance cameraman from distribution of the film.

"We strongly condemn the direct threats made against local videographers by local militia members, and the attitude of Palestinian officials who made no effort to counter the threats, control the situation, or to guarantee the safety of the journalists and the freedom of the press," said the FPA.

"We hold the PA fully responsible for the safety of each and every journalist operating within their areas, especially those who were filming and covering Tuesday's events in Nablus."

Asked by telephone about the allegations of harassment, Palestinian Information Minister Yasser Abed Rabbo said: "We deny that."
(AP contributed to this report.)


Arab MKs refuse to condemn Palestinian joy over U.S. attacks, by Gideon Alon, September 17, 2001, Haaretz.

All Knesset factions except the Arab parties yesterday denounced manifestations of Palestinian joy following last week's deadly terror attacks in the United States, in a summary statement adopted at a special session to express solidarity with the American people in the wake of the attacks.

Those Palestinians who support terror, the resolution said, "could not restrain themselves. While across the sea, people were counting the bodies of innocent civilians, they [Palestinian supporters of terror] chose to dance on the blood of the dead."

The resolution was supported by all Knesset factions except the Arab parties.

The Arab factions also refused to sign the Knesset's letter of sympathy to the American people, for the same reason: This letter, which the heads of the other Knesset factions signed and delivered to U.S. Ambassador Dan Kurtzer yesterday, also included a denunciation of those Palestinians who celebrated the attacks.

The summary statement said that the Knesset shares the deep sorrow of the American people for the loss of so many citizens in an inhumane terror attack. It added that the Knesset views terror as the greatest strategic threat to worldwide peace, and praised U.S. President George Bush's decision to embark on a determined struggle against terrorism.

MK Ahmed Tibi (Arab Movement for Renewal) said that he also denounces the manifestations of joy in the Arab street. "I feel shame and anger toward those who expressed joy at this human tragedy," he said.

However, he added, "We are talking about a handful of rash, stupid and ugly people, and the attempt to stigmatize the entire Arab and Islamic nation with their exceptional acts is cheap, harmful and perverted."

Kurtzer, upon accepting the Knesset's letter, expressed his hope that the U.S. would succeed in forging a broad coalition against terror, and that even those who until now "had made the wrong decisions" would now "make the right choice" and participate in the coalition.

Prime Minister Ariel Sharon told the special session that those who sent the murderous terrorists against America last week "were trying to undermine the [world's] largest democracy, which, more than any other country in the history of the world, has been the foundation and the basis for global security and peace."

"The massacre of innocent civilians was meant to cause a demoralization and loss of security in American society," he said.

But such terror, he continued, is nothing new to Israel, which "has been fighting Arab, Palestinian, Islamic and fundamentalist terror for over 120 years. Thousands of Jews have been killed in terror attacks; Arab terror has left thousands of widows and tens of thousands of orphans in its wake."

Terrorism, he added, is abetted by the incessant incitement in the official Palestinian media and the mosques, which encourages people to commit terror attacks.

Opposition leader Yossi Sarid told the session it would be a mistake to think that the worldwide shock over last week's attacks in the U.S. will enable Israel to turn Palestinian Authority Chairman Yasser Arafat into Osama bin Laden. It is no accident, he said, that it is the Americans who are now urging Israel and the PA to resume negotiations.


Palestinians celebrate at Damascus Gate - YouTube

Palestinians celebrate at Damascus Gate
AP Archive, Jul 30, 2015

(11 Sep 2001) Jerusalem, Damascus Gate place to enter the Old City of Jerusalem.
1. Various of adults and children celebrating in the street
2. Shop owner giving out celebratory cakes
3. Various of trucks driving past waving, beeping and saluting in celebration

STORYLINE: There were celebrations at Jerusalem's Damascus Gate, following the attacks on the Trade Centre and the Pentagon. Palestinian men, women and children chanted in jubilation after terrorists crashed two planes into the World Trade Center causing them to collapse on Tuesday morning.
Within the hour, an aircraft crashed on a helicopter landing pad near the Pentagon, and the White House, the Defense Department and the Capitol were evacuated.
It was not immediately known how many people were killed.
Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat called the attack a "terrible incident," sending his condolences to the people of the United States. Authorities had been trying to evacuate those who work in the twin towers, but many were thought to be trapped.
About 50-thousand people work at the Trade Center. 

September 11, 2016
Actual footage of some Palestinians celebrating at the sight of the 9/11 terrorist attacks against the United States in 2001.

This footage was shown on CNN, MSNBC and FOX News on 9/11/01.
Still today, there are voices in Palestinian society who repeatedly embrace and praise terrorism - and it’s not exclusive to the Palestinian communities. There are voices of extremism throughout the Middle East who praise and celebrate terrorism against Western countries.

If we are ever to defeat the plague of terrorism we must expose and speak out against not only hate, but the celebration of hate.

The Video of Celebrations That Was Broadcast on 9/11 - First Draft. Political News, Now. - The New York Times
Nov 24, 2015 

The video of revelers cheering 9/11 that no one got to see
By Harry Litman
December 3, 2015 | 8:45pm


Fact Checks
September 11th

Palestinians Dancing in the Street

Did CNN fake footage of 'Palestinians dancing in the street' after the terrorist attack on the USA?

David Mikkelson

Claim:   CNN used old footage to fake images of ‘Palestinians dancing in the street’ after the terrorist attack on the USA.

Status:   False....

Origins:   No, CNN did not air decade-old footage of Palestinians dancing in the streets. Eason Jordan, CNN’s Chief News Executive, confirmed that the video used on CNN was in fact shot on Tuesday, 11 September 2001, in East Jerusalem by a Reuters TV crew, not during the Persian Gulf conflict of 1990-91 — a fact proved by its inclusion of comments from a Palestinian praising Osama Bin Laden (whose name was unlikely to have come up ten years earlier in connection with the invasion and liberation of Kuwait) as well as the appearance in the video of post-1991 automobiles. The person who made the claim quoted above has since recanted.

(The argument that the footage CNN used could not possibly be real because it showed Palestinians in broad daylight not long after the attack — even though Palestinian territory is several time zones ahead of New York — is not valid. Eastern Daylight Time in the United States is six hours behind the area of the Middle East referred to as Palestine. Thus, when the first attack occurred in New York just before 9:00 A.M., Palestine time would have been 3:00 P.M., and the area would still have been bathed in plenty of mid-afternoon sunlight.)

Reuters, the international news agency whose camera crew shot the footage, issued the following statement:

Reuters rejects as utterly baseless an allegation being circulated by e-mail and the Internet claiming that it circulated 10-year-old videotape to illustrate Palestinians celebrating in the wake of the September 11 tragedies in the United States.

Reuters welcomes a statement by the Universidad Estatal de Campinas-Brasil (UNICAMP), one of whose students was the author of the original e-mail, setting the record straight.

The videotape in question was shot in East Jerusalem by a Reuters camera crew on September 11 in the immediate aftermath of the attacks on the United States. The footage was broadcast by CNN and other subscribers to the Reuters video news service.

Said CNN of the matter:

There is absolutely no truth to the information that is now distributed on the Internet that CNN used 10-year-old video when showing the celebrating of some Palestinians in East Jerusalem after the terror attacks in the U.S. The video was shot that day by a Reuters camera crew. CNN is a client of Reuters and like other clients, received the video and broadcast it. Reuters officials have publicly made the facts clear as well.

The allegation is false. The source of the allegation has withdrawn it and apologized. It was started by a Brazilian student who now says he immediately posted a correction once he knew the information was not true. This is the statement by his university — UNICAMP — Universidad Estatal de Campinas-Brasil.

OFFICIAL STATEMENT by Universidad de Campinas-Brasil 17/09/01:

UNICAMP (Universidad Estatal de Campinas-Brasil) would like to announce that it has no knowledge of a videotape from 1991, whose images supposedly aired on CNN showing Palestinians celebrating the terrorist attacks in the U.S. The tape was supposedly from 1991, and there were rumors that the images were passed off as current.

This information was later denied, as soon as it proved false, by Márcio A. V. Carvalho, a student at UNICAMP. He approached the administration today, 17.09.2001, to clarify the following:

the information he got, verbally, was that a professor from another institution (not from UNICAMP) had the tape;

he sent the information to a discussion group e-mail list;

many people from this list were interested in the subject and requested more details;

he again contacted the person who first gave him the information and the person denied having the tape; the student immediately sent out a note clarifying what happened to the people from his e-mail list

The original message, however, was distributed all over the world, often with many distortions, including a falsified by-line article from the student. He affirms that a hacker attacked his domain. Several E-mails have been sent on his behalf and those dating from 15.09.2001 should be ignored.

Among the distortions is the fact that UNICAMP would be analyzing the tape, which is absolutely false. The administration considers this alert definitive and will be careful to avoid new rumors.

Certainly CNN wasn’t the only news organization to report on the reaction of some Palestinians to the events of September 11, as other outlets such as Reuters and the Los Angeles Times carried the same story. Also, other news outlets such as Fox and The Jerusalem Post reported that journalists were threatened for capturing images of Palestinian celebrations, making real footage of the event harder to obtain:

Palestinian Authority actions to confiscate film footage of Palestinians celebrating the terror attacks on the US were logical to prevent the media from painting the wrong picture of Palestinian sentiment, Bassam Abu Sharif, an adviser to PA Chairman Yasser Arafat.

“This was a normal preventive act . . . we don’t want to give more to the Zionist propaganda which portrays all Palestinians as terrorists,” he said. “The idea is that these people were not allowed to film, because a small group of people on film would represent the Palestinian people as a whole.”

The footage was real. It’s a shame, in fact, that its provenance was doubted because the lives of journalists who have attempted to capture similar acts on video have been threatened. That this tape made it out at all is a miracle. But CNN’s reputation was besmirched by a single person, a Brazilian student who reported (without verification) that the footage in question actually came from a 1991 report on “Palestinians celebrating the invasion of Kuwait,” a copy of which was in the possession of one of his teachers. (Actually, the invasion of Kuwait by Iraq took place in 1990, and it’s unlikely anyone captured images of Palestinians “celebrating” that event. If CNN had used similar footage, it probably came from the Palestinian reaction to Iraq’s launching of missiles at Israel during the Persian Gulf War in 1991.)

Subsequent rumors that the “Israeli Defense Agency” sent a film crew to hand out candy to Palestinians in order to induce them into staging a “celebration” for the cameras appear to be equally unfounded. However, this issue does emphasize a point that appears to have been overlooked in the debate over whether video was re-used from a previous year or not: that images themselves are not the whole story. A news report can be accompanied by stock footage and still be fair and accurate, but a news report accompanied by current footage is not necessarily either fair or accurate. A simple news clip doesn’t always provide us with enough context to discern what the people depicted in it are reacting to, why they’re reacting the way they are, or whether their actions are representative of a large group of people or a very small one, as an Italian journalist in Beirut reported:

Trying to find our bearings, my husband and I went into an American-style cafe in the Hamra district, near Rue Verdun, rated as one of the most expensive shopping streets in the world. Here the cognitive dissonance was immediate, and direct. The cafe’s sophisticated clientele was celebrating, laughing, cheering and making jokes, as waiters served hamburgers and Diet Pepsi. Nobody looked shocked, or moved. They were excited, very excited.

An hour later, at a little market near the U.S. Embassy, on the outskirts of Beirut, a thrilled shop assistant showed us, using his hands, how the plane had crashed into the twin towers. He, too, was laughing.

Once back at the house where we were staying, we started scanning the international channels. Soon came reports of Palestinians celebrating. The BBC reporter in Jerusalem said it was only a tiny minority. Astonished, we asked some moderate Arabs if that was the case. “Nonsense,” said one, speaking for many. “Ninety percent of the Arab world believes that Americans got what they deserved.”

An exaggeration? Rather an understatement. A couple of days later, we headed north to Tripoli, near the Syrian border. On the way, we read that Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat, who donated blood in front of the cameras, was rejecting any suggestion that his people were rejoicing over the terrorist attack. “It was less than 10 children in Jerusalem,” he said.
Last updated:   8 March 2008

    Burba, Elisabetta.   “Whooping It Up — In Beirut, Even Christians Celebrated the Atrocity.”     The Wall Street Journal.   22 September 2001.
  Lahoud, Lamia.   “PA Unapologetic on Confiscating Rally Footage.”     The Jerusalem Post.   17 September 2001.
Radler, Melissa.   “Jewish Leaders Stress Palestinians’ Support of Attacks.”     The Jerusalem Post.   13 September 2001.
Wilkinson, Tracy.   “Anti-U.S. Displays Worry Palestinians.”     Los Angeles Times.   16 September 2001.


The video of revelers cheering 9/11 that no one got to see

By Harry Litman
December 3, 2015 | 8:45pm

... Many of us believe we recall seeing similar footage of Palestinians living in the West Bank exulting in the wake of the attacks.

But implausible as it sounds, those recollections are faulty, and the actual footage has never been seen, because a major US news organization has kept it under wraps for the last 14 years.

Here are the facts, all of which are matters of public record. On the afternoon of Sept. 11, 2001, thousands of jubilant Palestinians took to the streets, chanting “God is great,” firing automatic weapons and handing out sweets to passers-by. The largest demonstration took place in Nablus in the West Bank, where some 3,000 marchers danced and cheered as guerrillas fired assault rifles and grenades into the air.

Many journalists were on the scene, but they were forcibly detained in a hotel by armed Palestinian security forces to prevent coverage of the rally. One cameraman — a freelance AP reporter — nevertheless managed to film some of the celebration.

The next day, members of Tanzim, the military arm of Fatah, physically threatened the cameraman and warned AP not to air the material. A cabinet secretary for the Palestinian government told the Associated Press that the government could not “guarantee the life” of the cameraman if the film were broadcast.

The Palestinian information minister explained to the Washington Post that the coercive tactics “were not against the freedom of the press but in order to ensure our national security and our national interest. We will not permit a few kids here or there to smear the real face of the Palestinians.”

The threat worked. After initially declining to confirm the incident, the AP bureau chief in Jerusalem acknowledged the intimidation and the news organization’s capitulation to it. On Sept. 14, 2001, the news organization made known that “in light of the danger,” it wouldn’t release the video for world broadcast because “the safety of our staff is paramount. At this point we believe there to be a serious threat to our staff if the video is released.”

Fourteen years later, the historic footage from 9/11 remains inaccessible to public view.

But wait a minute. Wasn’t video of the West Bank celebrations transmitted around the world? In fact, the footage that many people remember consisted of a few still shots and brief clips of other, far smaller rallies in Lebanon and East Jerusalem. In contrast to the riotous celebrations in Nablus and elsewhere, these were possible to explain away as the repugnant response of “a few kids here or there.”

The suppressed video isn’t simply a historical artifact. The episode contains current lessons for the reliability of reporting from the Middle East, where the propaganda war can be every bit as intense and ruthless as ground combat. And the passionate anti-Western views it puts on vivid display appear to remain in full force.

A recent examination of more than 300 public-opinion polls among Palestinians revealed widely held views about terrorist attacks on Israel and the West that would be stunning even among Israel’s fiercest critics in the United States. A majority of respondents were unwilling to describe the 9/11 attacks — or, for that matter, the Madrid train explosions in 2004 and the London underground explosions in 2005 — as “terrorism.”

Fifty-nine percent responded that suicide bombings were often or sometimes justified. A similar percentage agreed with the statement “US involvement in the region justifies armed operations against the US everywhere.”

The continued suppression of the footage from 9/11 is a blot on the free press that, 14 years after the events, should long since have been removed...


EXCLUSIVE: Some Jersey City Muslims did celebrate 9/11, cop and residents say
Updated: Jan. 17, 2019, 1:02 a.m. | Published: Dec. 21, 2015, 10:00 a.m.

Baathism - Arabism: admiration for Islam and admiration for/influenced by Nazism, Hitlerism

Adel Soheil (2018). "The Iraqi Ba'th Regime's Atrocities Against the Faylee Kurds Nation-State Formation Distorted." pp. 55-56.

Similar to al-Husri, 'Aflaq was an ardent proponent of pan-Arab ideology celebrating the glorious Islamic past and advocating the unity of all Arab states. However, he deviated slightly from al-Husri's though in that he endeavoured to create a synthesis between nationalism and socialism applicable to all Arab states.

Apart from 'Aflaq's enthusiasm for Hitler, he also deemed his National-Socialist Germany as a model for the society he wanted to create. When the pro-German pan-Arab nationalists under al-Gilani took power with the support of the Third Reich in Iraq, 'Aflaq formed a committee to defend al-Gilani's regime. German nationalist ideology appealed strongly to 'Aflaq and his young generation.
As it is confirmed by one of the old Ba'thists, they were "influenced by Nietzsche's Thus Spoke Zarathustra, Fichte's Fourteen Letters to the German Nation, and Hitler's Mein Kampf," 'Aflaq's pro-Nazi inclination, despite his studying in France and becoming acquainted with the constitutional basis of the French Revolution...

The three French-educated Syrian intellectuals 'Aflaq, a Greek Orthodox Christian, together with Salah al-Din Bitar a Sunni Muslim, and Zaki al-Arsuzi, an Alawit founded the Ba'th party in 1947 ...Sami al-Jundi who later became a leading Ba'thist, describing himself and his friends during the 1940s as ”racists who admired Nazism” and contemplated to translate Mein Kampf into Arabic.

Elie Kedourie (1974). "Arabic Political Memoirs and Other Studies." London: Frank Cass. p. 200.

Jundi records the occasion, on 29 November 1940, when he and four other young men met in the room of one of them and listened to a four-hour lecture by Arsuzi on Democracy, Communism and Nazism, beginning with Descartes ...At the end Of this discourse which 'plumbed the depths ' and was 'warm and emotional', Arsuzi suggested the formation of an Arab Resurrection Party. Jundi became the treasurer of the small group...

We were racialists [’irqiyyin], admiring Nazism, reading its books and the source of its thought, particularly Nietzsche's Thus Spake Zarathustra, Fichte's Addresses to the German Nation, and H. S. Chamberlain's Foundations of the Nineteenth Century, which revolves on race. We were the first to think of translating Mein Kampf.

Rodney P. Carlisle (2005), "Encyclopedia of Politics." p. 540.

While Aflaq embraced Islam as the religion for the Arab peoples, it was ironic that he had been raised a Christian. During World War II, he admired Adolf Hitler and saw in Nazism the type of national socialism he espoused for the Arab world.

Princeton Papers: Interdisciplinary Journal of Middle Eastern Studies. (1997). United States: Markus Wiener Publishers. Vol. 5, p.33.,
; William Harris, ‎Aḥmad Ashraf, ‎Yesim Arat (1997), "Challenges to Democracy in the Middle East." p.33.,

The Islamic Component A. The Genesis of the Ba'th: Islam in the Thought of Michel 'Aflaq ... 'Aflaq called upon all Arabs, Muslims as well as Christians, to admire Islam and the ''Prophet'' because of Islam's "important role in shaping Arab history and Arab nationalism."

Lee Smith, "It’s an Arab Nationalist Thing. Osama’s Islamism and Saddam’s Baathism are more alike than you think." Slate, Oct 22, 2004.

... as Elie Kedourie wrote in Islam in the Modern World, '[T]o define the Arab nation in terms of its history is—sooner rather than later—to come upon the fact that Islam originated among the Arabs, was revealed in Arabic to an Arab "prophet".' Hence, 'Arab nationalism,” Kedourie explained, “affirms a fundamental unbreakable link between Islam and Arabism.' (Here’s an essay on the same subject, with a collection of quotes from Arab writers agreeing with Kedourie that Arabism and Islam are one and the same.)..


Arab "Palestinian" Racism


Massacres and Crimes Committed by the Arab-Muslim "Palestinians" and the Syrians Against the Lebanese Christians (1975–90)

Mordechai Nisan: The Conscience of Lebanon: A Political Biography of Etienne Sakr (Abu-Arz), (Routledge, 2004), p. 158

Appendix: The Massacres and Crimes Committed by the Palestinians and the Syrians Against the Lebanese (1975–90)
[Note: This is not a complete list.] 
  • 20 May 1975: Palestinians from the Tel el-Zaater camp attacked the Dekkwaneh neighborhood in East Beirut killing tens of civilians.
  • 10 September 1975: The Christian village of Deir Ashash in the north of Lebanon was attacked, with the slaughter of three very elderly priests and forcing inhabitants from their homes.
  • 11 September 1975: The Christian village of Beit Mallat was attacked, leaving seven people killed while ten were kidnapped.
  • 9 October 1975: The Christian village of Tal Abbas in the northern Akkar region was attacked with 15 people killed. A local church was set alight.
  • 30 October 1975: The village of Naameh was attacked and tens of civilians were killed. (In 1948 the convents of Naameh sheltered Palestinian refugees in Lebanon.)
  • 13–15 January 1976: The Christian towns of Damour and Jiyya south of Beirut were attacked. Initially 50 civilians were slaughtered in Damour,  among which was the entire Canaan family. Executions of people followed and the cemetery was excavated. More than 300 inhabitants were killed and the churches were vandalized. Women were raped and little children hacked to death.
  • 15 January 1976: Palestinians assaulted Kab Elias, a Christian-Muslim village in the Bekka. Sixteen Christians were killed and 23 injured. The exodus of Christians to Zahle, East Beirut and Jouniya began.
  • 19 January 1976: The village of Hosh Barada in the Bekka was attacked and destroyed. Tens of residents were executed.
  • 21 January 1976: The Christian town of Damour was still under assault, 260 more people were massacred. (582 people in total.) 
  • 10 March 1976: The al-Khiam barracks in southern Lebanon were attacked, and more than 30 Lebanese soldiers were executed.
  • 16 May 1976: Edward Saab, chief editor of L'Orient-Le Jour, was assassinated.
  • 31 May 1976: The Syrians invaded Lebanon by openly employing their army, attacking the Akkar region, sacking towns and villages, killing over 50 civilians.
  • 1 June 1976: American Ambassador Francis E.Meloy, Jr. was assassinated in Beirut along with his Economic Assistant and Lebanese driver.



PA official: Jerusalem “is an exclusive Islamic right… non-Muslims have no right to it”
Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, official PA
daily  | Jan 28, 2020


BBC edited clip, removed Arab in cheering crowd: "im sacrificing my wife my child for Jerusalem"


May 21, 2021

'Clashes in Jerusalem hours after Israel-Palestinian cesaefire - BBC News [Jeremy Bowen reporting].

In the original broadcast, the Arab interviewed by Jeremy Bowen screams in front of cheering crowd:

"We sacrifice everything for Jerusalem. I'm sacrificing my wife my child for a Jerusalem."  And this is how he reported it on BBC live TV.

Yet, when it came to saving it on YouTube, they edited it, omitted those words and just quoted the part when he says 'we sacrifice evything...'



1. The Arab Muslim masses on the street, agitated by leaders, show their culture and child sacrifice.
2. The audacity of media to conceal it.
3. It falsely reports on "celebration" as for "surivval," which was originally stated...


Anti-Israel terrorists use of its own people

HUMAN SHIELDS: Arab-Islamic Terrorists' Use of Its Own Civilians - JVL (מגן אנושי)


Stein, Gil. "Hamas 'dead baby strategy' reprehensible". Santa Cruz Sentinel. 2010-01-10.

Dershowitz, A. "Why do the media keep encouraging Hamas violence?". The Jerusalem Post | 2018-05-17.

'Calling this the "dead baby strategy" may seem cruel, because it is cruel. But don’t blame the messenger for accurately describing this tactic.'

"The dead baby strategy & their Palestinian daddies…". 2014-07-19.

Wharton, Molly. "Reporter Tells Truth About Rocket Fired from Gaza Hospital, Complains When Quoted by Pro-Israel Media". The National Review. 2014-08-04.

'A Finnish journalist reported seeing Hamas terrorists launch a rocket at Israel from a Gaza hospital, but later attacked news outlets for using her report as a pro-Israel “propaganda weapon.”
Aishi Zidan, a journalist for the daily newspaper Helsinging Sanomat, described the rocket attack in a report, which was uploaded to YouTube on Friday. The blog Legal Insurrection provided a translation of the Finnish report.'

Landes, Richard. "The Media’s Role in Hamas’ War Strategy". The American Interest. 2014-08-05.

Brodie, Tuvia. "The dead baby strategy: defend terror, not democracy". INN. 2014-08-11.

Avrech, Robert J. "Hamas Dead Baby Strategy". Seraphic Press. 2014-07-22.

'Throughout, Israel strives tirelessly to minimize Palestinian civilian casualties. Yet in spite of the hundreds of thousands of leaflets Israel dropped, the countless text messages and personal phone calls it made warning Palestinian civilians to leave targeted areas, tragedies still occur. Israel deeply regrets these losses and continuously hones its operations to make them more surgical still.
In a war with Hamas, though, Israel’s strength and morality can become vulnerability and guilt. By investing nothing in air raid sirens and bomb shelters, by hiding deep beneath neighborhoods and shooting near hospitals and mosques, Hamas ensures that Israel will invariably wound and kill civilians.
IDF soldiers mourn their fallen heroes. Hamas gunmen carry out attacks disguised as women and old men, fight from UN and Red Cross vehicles, store rockets in schools, and physically prevent Palestinian civilians from fleeing combat zones. This context, though, is rarely mentioned by the media when covering the civilian cost of the fighting.
Unlike Israel, which respects the privacy and dignity of its fallen, Hamas has no difficulty in displaying these casualties to foreign cameras. And the media broadcasts them, obsessively.'

Sturm, Melanie. "Countering Evil in Gaza -- If Not Now, When?". Think Again. 2014-07-31. 'Hamas knows its most lethal weapon is retaliation-caused devastation, which is why its “dead baby strategy” works.'; Sturm, Melanie. "Sturm: Confronting evil in Gaza — if not now, when?" Aspen Times. 2014-08-04.

Shacham, Chaim. "Civilian deaths — tragedy for Israel — victory for Hamas". Jewish Journal. 2014-08-11.

'It's called the "Dead Baby" tactic. This repugnant Hamas formula is frightfully simple: Manufacture civilian deaths, and blame it on Israel. Thus, Hamas hopes that Israel can be humiliated in the eyes of an impressionable but none too discerning world, weakened in the international arena, and intimidated in its attempts to defend itself.
Understanding that such an abhorrent strategy even exists is so beyond the pale of humanity, and so difficult to grasp in civilized societies, that the Hamas plan indeed works, and Israel is forced to defend itself from the preposterous, and demeaningly repeat what should be obvious. We do not target civilians.'

Berman, Amanda, Director of Legal Affairs. "The Truth and UNtruth of the Matter". The Lawfare Project. 2015-07-01.

'It would be counterproductive for the Palestinian leadership to invest in civilian protection when its stated goal is to increase and leverage the civilian death toll in Gaza to improperly influence the international narrative against Israel. Those who truly value the lives of Palestinian civilians mustvociferously condemn the “dead baby strategy”. In continuing to rely on Hamas’s hyper-inflated civilian casualty statistics to castigate Israel – as the UN Commission did – the international community is sanctioning this strategy and is therefore complicit in the deaths of innocents.
From a legal perspective, the often-referenced proportionality argument fails to support the accusation that Israel committed war crimes. It is Hamas, not Israel, which persistently violates the proportionality principle by intentionally waging indiscriminate attacks on civilian population centers.'

Gordon, Evelyn. "ISIS Borrows a Tactic from Hamas". Commentary. 2017-04-05.

'ISIS adopts a Hamas terror tactic [human sacrifice/“dead baby strategy”] because it has gotten results.'

Tobin, Jonathan S. "The dead-baby strategy". JNS. 2018-05-18.

Fegelman, Mike. "Canadian Media Fall for Palestinian Dead Baby Strategy". HonestReporting. 2019-05-09.

Shimon Levit @ShimonLevit Tweeted:

1. Hamas' Dead baby strategy is promoted by Haaretz and the New York Times. - Hamas-controlled Gaza Ministry of Health published photos of 67 children allegedly killed in Gaza conflict. -NYT and Haaretz republished them - Regardless of the true nature of the images...
May 29, 2021.



Gross, Tom. "Arafat urged to take children off front line". Daily Telegraph. 2000-12-17.

'Palestinian parents, tired of seeing their sons and daughters killed and injured in clashes with Israeli troops, are becoming ever more vocal in denouncing their leadership for putting children in the line of fire.'

Johnson, Alan. "Palestinians' high-risk human shield tactic". BBC. 2006-11-20.

"Human Rights Watch: Stop Human Shields in Gaza". TML Staff. 2006-11-22.

"Gaza E.R. ~ Hamas Hiding in Shifa Hospital?" Wide Angle, PBS. 2009-01-13.

'Hamas Hiding in Shifa Hospital? Israeli intelligence officials say that Hamas leaders are operating out of a bunker underneath Shifa Hospital... But WIDE ANGLE reached a doctor in Gaza who believes Hamas officials are hiding either in the basement or in a separate underground area underneath the hospital and said that they moved there recently because other locations have been destroyed by Israel. The doctor, who asked not to be named, added that he believes Hamas is aware that they are putting civilians in harm's way.'

Charen, Mona. "The So-called International Community". NRO. 2009-01-03.

'Hamas representative Fathi Hamad stated it explicitly: “For the Palestinian people death became an industry, at which women excel and so do all people on this land: the elderly excel, the Jihad fighters excel, and the children excel. Accordingly (Palestinians) created a human shield of women, children, the elderly and the Jihad fighters against the Zionist bombing machine, as if they were saying to the Zionist enemy: We desire death as you desire life.”'

"Daily Press Briefing." Robert Wood, Deputy Spokesman. Washington, DC. 2009-01-07.

'QUESTION: But how can you have a diplomatic solution without Hamas?
MR. WOOD: Hamas is clearly a party to this conflict and there are interlocutors with Hamas that are trying to get Hamas to stop firing rockets and to play a constructive role in the region. But Hamas is a problem, and we have been encouraging Hamas to show – you know, to go down a different path, as I said earlier. It’s chosen not to do that. It’s firing rockets at innocent civilians. It’s using civilians as human shields. That’s unacceptable, and you can’t play a positive role in trying to bring about peace in the region if that’s what your agenda is.'

Brackman, Harold. Cooper, Abraham. "The Threat of the Human Shield Strategy Hamas Uses Extends Beyond Israel, Gaza". 2009-01-09.

Erlanger, Steven. "A Gaza War Full of Traps and Trickery". The New York Times. 2009-01-10.

'... Hamas, with training from Iran and Hezbollah, has used the last two years to turn Gaza into a deadly maze of tunnels, booby traps and sophisticated roadside bombs. Weapons are hidden in mosques, schoolyards and civilian houses, and the leadership’s war room is a bunker beneath Gaza’s largest hospital, Israeli intelligence officials say.
Unwilling to take Israel’s bait and come into the open, Hamas militants are fighting in civilian clothes; even the police have been ordered to take off their uniforms. The militants emerge from tunnels to shoot automatic weapons or antitank missiles, then disappear back inside, hoping to lure the Israeli soldiers with their fire...
The Israelis say they are also using new weapons, like a small-diameter smart bomb, the GBU-39, which Israel bought last fall from Washington. The bomb, which is very accurate, has a small explosive, as little as 60 to 80 pounds, to minimize collateral damage in an urban area. But it can also penetrate the earth to hit bunkers or tunnels...
Interviews last week with senior Israeli intelligence and military officers, both active and retired, as well as with military experts and residents of Gaza itself, made it clear that the battle, waged among civilians and between enemies who had long prepared for this fight, is now a slow, nasty business of asymmetrical urban warfare. Gaza’s civilians, who cannot flee because the borders are closed, are “the meat in the sandwich,” as one United Nations worker said, requesting anonymity...
Last week, Israel captured a hand-drawn Hamas map in a house in Al Atatra, near Beit Lahiya, which showed planned defensive positions for the neighborhood, mine and booby trap placements, including a rigged gasoline station, and directions for snipers to shoot next to a mosque. Numerous tunnels were marked. A new Israeli weapon, meanwhile, is tailored to the Hamas tactic of asking civilians to stand on the roofs of buildings so Israeli pilots will not bomb. The Israelis are countering with a missile designed, paradoxically, not to explode. They aim the missiles at empty areas of the roofs to frighten residents into leaving the buildings, a tactic called “a knock on the roof.”.. Civilians are warned by leaflets, loudspeakers and telephone calls to evacuate battle areas...
“Urban warfare is the most difficult battlefield, where Hamas and Islamic Jihad have a relative advantage, with local knowledge and prepared positions,” said Jonathan Fighel of Israel’s International Institute for Counterterrorism. “Hamas has a doctrine; this is not a gang of Rambos,” he said. “The Israeli military has to find the stitches to unpick, how to counterbalance and surprise.”
Israeli troops are moving slowly and, they hope, unpredictably, trying not to stay in one place for long to entice Hamas fighters “to come out and confront them,” Mr. Fighel said.
Today, he said, “the mind-set from top to bottom is fight and fight cruel; this is a war, not another pinpoint operation.” Israeli officials say that they are obeying the rules of war and trying hard not to hurt noncombatants but that Hamas is using civilians as human shields in the expectation that Israel will try to avoid killing them.
Israeli press officers call the tactics of Hamas cynical, illegal and inhumane; even Israel’s critics agree that Hamas’s regular use of rockets to fire at civilians in Israel, and its use of civilians as shields in Gaza, are also violations of the rules of war. Israeli military men and analysts say that its urban guerrilla tactics, including the widespread use of civilian structures and tunnels, are deliberate and come from the Iranian Army’s tactical training and the lessons of the 2006 war between Israel and Iranian-backed Hezbollah in Lebanon. Hamas rocket and weapons caches, including rocket launchers, have been discovered in and under mosques, schools and civilian homes, the army says. The Israeli intelligence chief, Yuval Diskin, in a report to the Israeli cabinet, said that the Gaza-based leadership of Hamas was in underground housing beneath the No. 2 building of Shifa Hospital, the largest in Gaza...'

Lazaroff, Tovah. "EU official: Hamas responsible for Gaza." The Jerusalem Post. 2009-01-26.

'European aid commissioner says, "When you kill innocents, it is not resistance. It is terrorism." ... "At this time we have to also recall the overwhelming responsibility of Hamas," said Michel, according to AFP. "I intentionally say this here: Hamas is a terrorist movement and it has to be denounced as such." Reuters quoted Michel as criticizing Hamas for its use of civilians as "human shields" and for fighting in populated areas.'

"Press Availability in Vienna, Austria". 2014-07-15.

'John Kerry. Secretary of State. Vienna, Austria. July 15, 2014.
... With respect to Gaza, let me say a few words. I cannot condemn strongly enough the actions of Hamas in so brazenly firing rockets in multiple numbers in the face of a goodwill effort to offer a ceasefire in which Egypt and Israel have joined together, and the international community strongly supports the idea of a ceasefire, the need – the compelling need to have a ceasefire. At the same time, there are great risks in what is happening there and in the potential of an even greater escalation of violence. We don’t want to see that – nobody does – and nor does Israel.
But Israel has a right to defend itself, and it is important for Hamas not to be provoking and purposefully trying to play politics in order to gain greater followers for its opposition, and use the innocent lives of civilians who they hide in buildings and use as shields and put in danger. That is against the laws of war and that’s why they are a terrorist organization. So we need to remember what is at stake here, and we will continue to work for a ceasefire.
' ;
"Kerry slams Hamas for ignoring cease-fire". JTA. 2014-07-15.
'U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry ripped Hamas for ignoring a cease-fire call and affirmed Israel’s right to defend itself. “I cannot condemn strongly enough the actions of Hamas in so brazenly firing rockets in multiple numbers in the face of a goodwill effort to offer a cease-fire in which Egypt and Israel have joined together,” Kerry said Tuesday in Vienna, where he was attending Iran nuclear talks.
The previous evening, President Obama defended Israel at an annual White House event honoring prominent Muslim Americans.
Israel abided for six hours by the terms of an Egyptian proposal for a cease-fire on Tuesday, the eighth day of the Gaza conflict, before resuming airstrikes due to the unabated rocket fire from the Gaza Strip.
“Israel has a right to defend itself, and it is important for Hamas not to be provoking and purposefully trying to play politics in order to gain greater followers for its opposition, and use the innocent lives of civilians who they hide in buildings and use as shields and put in danger,” Kerry said.
“That is against the laws of war and that’s why they are a terrorist organization. So we need to remember what is at stake here, and we will continue to work for a cease-fire.”'

Izenberg, Dan., Katz, Yaakov., Keinon, Herb. "HRW acknowledges Palestinians used human shields in Cast Lead." The Jerusalem Post. 2009-08-13.

"Harm to Civilians from Palestinian Armed Groups’ Rocket Attacks". HRW 2009-08-06.

Winer, Stuart. "Human Rights Watch blasts Hamas for targeting Israeli civilians with rockets". TOI. 2012-12-24.

'On Monday, HRW also blasted terrorists for putting Gaza residents in the line of fire. The non-government organization’s research in Gaza found that armed groups repeatedly fired rockets from densely populated areas, near homes, businesses and a hotel, unnecessarily placing civilians in the vicinity at grave risk from Israeli counter-fire.'

"Hamas Spokesman Encourages Gazans to Serve as Human Shields". MEMRI. 2014-07-08.

'Following are excerpts from an interview with Hamas spokesman Sami Abu Zuhri, which aired on Al-Aqsa TV on July 8, 2014...'

Wente, Margaret. "Human shields are Hamas’s PR". The Globe And Mail. 2014-07-15.

'There's another difference between the two sides. Israel doesn't want to shed civilian blood. Hamas needs it – especially from its own civilians. That's one reason why it puts rocket launchers and ammunition dumps in mosques and homes in crowded neighbourhoods. That's why it told people not to leave northern Gaza this weekend.' after Israel warned it was going to bomb.

"- Denouncing the Use of Civilians as Human Shields by Hamas and Other Terrorist Organizations in Violation of International Humanitarian Law; and Condemning the Murder of Israeli and Palestinian Children in Israel and the Ongoing and Escalating Violence in That Country". 2014-07-25.

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"Press Conference by the President." - Obama. 2014-08-01.

'Israel has a right to defend itself and it's got to be able to get at those rockets and those tunnel networks. On the other hand, because of the incredibly irresponsible actions on the part of Hamas to oftentimes house these rocket launchers right in the middle of civilian neighborhoods, we end up seeing people who had nothing to do with these rockets ending up being hurt.';
"Obama Slams Hamas Ceasefire Violations, Human Shields -". 2014-08-04.

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'The images coming out of the Gaza Strip are heart-wrenching. They are also part of a deliberate and sophisticated distortion machine.'

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'The only way to end this cycle of death is to expose the Hamas dead baby strategy for what it is — a double war crime whose ultimate victims...'

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'Polish reporter Wojciech Cegielski spent a month in Gaza during last summer's war. He has no doubt Hamas used people as human shields.'

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Text - H.R.3542 - 115th Congress (2017-2018): Hamas Human Shields Prevention Act, H.R.3542, 115th Cong. (2018).

Ahren, Raphael. "In first, European Parliament condemns Hamas for terror, use of human shields". TOI. 2014-04-19.

'The European Parliament on Thursday overwhelmingly passed a resolution that denounces Hamas as a terrorist group that uses human shields, calls for Israel’s destruction and "seems to aim at escalating tensions" at the Gaza-Israel border.
The motion also calls for the release of Israeli citizens and the bodies of fallen soldiers held by the Palestinian terror group in the coastal enclave.
The carefully calibrated text, which was the result of intense negotiations between the parliament's various factions but was eventually jointly submitted by all major political groups, also backs calls for probes into Israel’s use of live ammunition to fend off protesters at the border and calls on Israel to exercise restraint. It passed with 524 "yes" votes, 30 "no" votes, and 92 abstentions.'

Levy, Elior., Zitun, Yoav. "Detained rioter says Hamas uses women, children as arms to stay in power". Ynet. 2018-05-16.,7340,L-5262718,00.html

"Hamas Leader in Gaza Yahya Sinwar: Our People Took Off Their Military Uniforms And Joined The Marches; We Decided To Turn The Bodies Of Our Women And Children Into A Dam Blocking Arab Collapse". MEMRI. 2018-05-16. 'Source: Al-Jazeera Network.'

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Stoffel, Derek. "Gaza rocket launched during CBC interview". CBC News. 2014-08-08.

'Samer, who knows Gaza very well, thinks militants would have launched it from somewhere in northern Gaza City. This is clearly a residential area. The hotel our crew stayed at during our last few Gaza assignments is in the same neighbourhood, and I've witnessed several rocket launches.  I caught the tail end of one particular launch on July 25, from near the hotel.  Here, two rockets are fired, again from somewhere the residential area near the hotel.
There are several open areas in the vicinity of the hotel, including what some locals said was a weapons storage area for militants. That open area was hit by Israeli strikes on at least two occasions while I was at the hotel.'

"Hybrid Threats: Hamas’ use of human shields in Gaza." StratCom | NATO Strategic Communications Centre of Excellence Riga, Latvia. (2019).

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'Hamas often fires rockets at Israel from within residential areas and operates command posts in apartment blocks. The practice effectively uses civilians as human shields. Hamas has been secretly digging underground tunnels to smuggle arms into the enclave, chiefly from Egypt. The Egyptian government, however, has been clamping down on this activity.'

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'By failing to provide essential information on sourcing, the reporting environment, the victims’ proximity to legitimate military targets, their family connections with combatants, and other matters, the article presents a skewed, sensationalist image of the Gaza conflict.'

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'Political cartoon supports Israeli charge that Hamas deliberately put Gaza children in harm’s way.'

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'Nowhere is to be found the Gaza withdrawal. The suicide bombings, the efforts by the IDF to minimise civilian deaths, the thousands of rockets fired at Israel from Gaza by Hamas, who is is dedicated to Israel's destruction and who dragged the Palestinians into the war, that Israel had to launch a military operation to protect its citizens, the use of Palestinian civilians as human shields, or that Hamas placed its launching centres in densely populated neighbourhoods, mosques, houses, hospitals and schoolyards, and has carried out extra-judicial killings of Palestinians.'




Bigoted BDS promoter Omar Shakir who somehow sits on HRW used the "apartheid" slur on worried Israel of racist Arab attacks...

Omar Shakir [Omar S. Shakir] was deported from Israel in November 2019 for promoting anti-Israel boycotts while serving as the Israel and Palestine Country Director for Human Rights Watch (HRW).
Shakir has defended terrorists, whitewashed violent protests and demonized Israel.
Shakir was the 2011-2012 co-president of Students for Palestinian Equal Rights (SPER), a forerunner to Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) at Stanford University (Stanford). As an alumnus, Shakir has defended SJP and has been a featured speaker at SJP events.
In 2015, Shakir represented anti-Israel activist Steven Salaita in his lawsuit against the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC). In 2014, Salaita was fired by UIUC for posting a series of anti-Israel tweets.
Shakir is a supporter of the Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions (BDS) movement. Shakir promoted and advocated [00:06:21] for divestment bills while a student at Stanford. In 2013, he introduced a BDS resolution to the undergraduate senate at Stanford which failed to get the required two-thirds approval.

From NGO Monitor:
HRW’s “Apartheid” Publication: Demonization, BDS, and Lawfare
April 25, 2021
In this Report:
Topics in this Report
NGOs in this Report

NGO Monitor received advanced copies of a Human Rights Watch (HRW) publication, “A Threshold Crossed: Israeli Authorities and the Crimes of Apartheid and Persecution,” scheduled to be released on April 27, 2021. The following analysis highlights the salient themes and fundamental flaws in HRW’s publication.

Executive Summary

- The document adds to decades of HRW’s obsessively singling out of Jews and Israel, and rejection of the legitimacy of a Jewish nation state, per se and regardless of policies or borders.

- The contents reinforce the warning of HRW founder Robert Bernstein, in the New York Times, who wrote: HRW “has been issuing reports on the Israeli-Arab conflict that are helping those who wish to turn Israel into a pariah state.”

In the “apartheid” claim, the HRW publication makes repeated denunciations of what they sinisterly term Israel’s demographic policies, including the 1950 Law of Return that was enacted in the shadow of the Holocaust.

- HRW’s report is part of a concerted NGO campaign over the past 18-months to interject the term “apartheid” into discourse about Israel. Indeed, HRW reiterates, cites, and quotes many of these NGOs in its publication.

- For more than a decade, HRW has played a predominant role in lobbying the ICC to open an investigation against Israel. In supporting the March 2021 decision by the ICC Prosecutor to proceed, HRW demands that she “Investigate and prosecute individuals credibly implicated in the crimes against humanity of apartheid or persecution.”

- The claims made regarding Israel and the definition of apartheid under the Rome Statute are fundamentally political, and rejected by many legal experts as distortion and slander.

- To exploit the apartheid claim, HRW and the other NGOs erase the basic nature of the South African regime, which was characterized by systematic, institutionalized oppression, particularly in the realm of political and civil rights.

- The recommendations to the international community repeat the claims HRW has made for 20 years in promoting BDS campaigns against Israel and targeting companies that do business in Israel. Recently, HRW was active in (failed) BDS attacks targeting Airbnb and FIFA, as well as in lobbying intensively for the UN BDS Blacklist.

- Omar Shakir is listed as the author of “Threshold”. He has devoted many years to delegitimizing Israel, and in 2019, his Israeli work visa was not renewed because of his involvement in BDS campaigns, in violation of Israeli law.

- HRW denies Israel’s legitimacy as a Jewish state and reduces all security policies to “demographic objectives.”

- HRW dismisses Israel’s concerns and policies on security in the context of ongoing terror, falsely asserting that security is used “as a justification to advance demographic objectives.”

From the JC:
Human Rights Watch ‘Israel apartheid’ report condemned as ‘fiction’
The Board joined Israel and a Jerusalem-based research institute in dismissing the document

Mathilde Frot
April 27, 2021 14:59

The Board of Deputies joined Israel and others in condemning a leading human rights group after it accused the country of apartheid and persecution in a new report published today. 

The 213-page document written by Human Rights Watch’s Omar Shakir treats Israel as the “sole governing power” across most of the West Bank, Gaza and Israel.

“Across these areas and in most aspects of life, Israeli authorities methodically privilege Jewish Israelis and discriminate against Palestinians. 

“Laws, policies, and statements by leading Israeli officials make plain that the objective of maintaining Jewish Israeli control over demographics, political power, and land has long guided government policy.

“In pursuit of this goal, authorities have dispossessed, confined, forcibly separated, and subjugated Palestinians by virtue of their identity to varying degrees of intensity. In certain areas, as described in this report, these deprivations are so severe that they amount to the crimes against humanity of apartheid and persecution,” the report claims.

But Israel’s foreign ministry hit back against what it said were “fictional claims […] concocted” by HRW and accused the group of having a “long-standing anti-Israel agenda."

Board of Deputies president Marie van der Zyl said the report was a "sham which puts rhetoric above fact."

"They consistently ignore or downplay the fact that Israel’s security measures in the West Bank and around Gaza are the response to well-documented terror activities. The ridiculous ‘apartheid‘ slur in this report is belied by the fact that, as it stands, Israel’s next Government may well rely on the support of Arab parties, voted for by the country’s fully-enfranchised Arab citizens

Arab Apartheid vs Israel democracy

While Arabs in Israeli parilament have great power...[Arab-Israeli Dentist Holds Sway Over Israel’s Next Government. WSJ, Apr.2021].
And Arab-Israelis feel so comfortable that many attack Jews passers by... just because... and post it online bragging.

Yet, "palestine" most "moderate" leader Mahmoud Abass said in 2013, no Jews shall be in "palestine" state...
Abbas wants 'not a single Israeli' in future Palestinian state
Jul 29, 2013  ...


A pen pal writes on the 'apartheid slur':
Facts of racism in the area and the intolerance of casting fear as "racist"

* A Jew cannot buy or rent in an Arab settlement. And even in those mixed communities where there was a Jewish minority, Peki'in village is an example where Jews fled the terror of Arab racism.

* That Jews fear going through certain Arab villages, is practical fear.

Arabs targeting Jews, as identifying them as Jews, is sheer Arab racism and Islamists bigotry.

* That certain leadership in Arab political and religious sphere incite against Jews is not rare.

* The Palestinian Authority's death sentence for anyone who sells real estate to a Jew. And moderate (relatively to genocidal Hamas) Mahmoud Abass' 2013 open declaration of no Jew to be in future [judenrein, ethnic cleansed] "palestine" state, now that is raw racism.

* Denying genuine worry of Israelis and casting it as just intolerance, is in and of itself intolerance. No matter if it's Arab racism by Arab "activists" including bigoted BDS pushers abusing Human Rights org. [Enter Omar Shakir, et al] casted in "human rights" phrases/frames or anti-Jewish Haaretz/Btselem's Hagai El-Ad who by focusing its denouncements in the international arena and ignoring real human rights abuses on the Arab side (whether Arab leadership inside Israel or "palestinian") and Arab racism against Jews, proves the campaign's real agenda - defamation, at any costs, truth or not, misrepresentation or what have you. Not progress.

* Despite latest "drama," nothing major has really changed since 2006, when Jimmy Carrter (who, besides misrepresentations and white washing Arab violence) admitted that Israel is a great equal democracy for all but his "criticism" was about "territories", plus the language was to "provoke debate."...

* Is is not "apartheid" when calculations is risk assessment.

* Nor is there a difference between the "race" of Israeli-Arabs and "palestinian"-Arabs.

* Nor is it "apartheid" when Arab representation is very powerful in all areas, including in Knesset.


Re Jimmy Carter’s 2006 “book”:

Kenneth Stein, director of the Institute for the Study of Modern Israel, resigned Tuesday as Middle East Fellow of the Carter Center of Emory University, stating in his resignation letter that “President Carter’s book on the Middle East, a title too inflammatory to even print, is not based on unvarnished analyses; it is replete with factual errors, copied materials not cited, superficialities, glaring omissions, and simply invented segments.”

“The purpose of the book should be to try to bring people together, to try and reconcile them. He published in the LA Times because his book tour is going in that direction,” Stein said. “I’m a historian, I believe in the integrity of my profession, I believe that things should be written accurately, even if you disagree with them.”

... “I think the point of the book is to be hostile to Israel,” Hier said. “I think he deliberately did it.”

Hier said the book sides with the Palestinian cause and blames Israel for troubles in the Middle East.

“The reason he wrote this book is because he has become a spokesman for the Palestinian cause,” Hier said. “Having read the book, I can tell you these are not the words of a person who is objective, who is trying to see a way out of this. He has come down 100 percent on the Palestinian side.”

From Carter’s own words:

“The book is devoted to circumstances and events in Palestine and not in Israel, where democracy prevails and citizens live together and are legally guaranteed equal status.”

The title makes it clear that the book is about conditions and events in the Palestinian territory and not in Israel. And the text makes clear on numerous occasions that the forced separation and the domination of Arabs by Israelis is not based on race.” Carter explained that he is not using the word to describe racism....

It’s not based on racism.

...critics say it’s got an anti-Israel slant... The former president said
he meant to provoke debate but he also acknowledged that such a provocative term may be counterproductive.


Mufti al Husseini - 1941 - Mufti vs children of Bialystok - Shukairy [Shukeiri] helped Hitler - Arab racism - taboo - Arab-Muslim genocidal calls since the 1920s - PLO & annihilation - Iran's- annihilation

ME racism

Pslams 121:3:
Behold, He who keeps Israel Shall neither slumber nor sleep.