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  • Pelosi on Biden’s Age: ‘He’s a Kid’– We Should Embrace His Experience, Knowledge

    07/19/2023 11:01:01 AM PDT · by ChicagoConservative27 · 51 replies
    Breitbart ^ | 07/19/2023 | Pam Key
    ormer House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) said Wednesday on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” that President Joe Biden’s age should not be a factor in the 2024 presidential election. Pelosi said, “I think the president should embrace his age, his experience, the knowledge that he brings to the job. Actually, the leader on the other side is not much younger. I don’t like to use his name, but you know who I mean. He’s not that much younger. So I don’t think age is a relative thing. And I think this president, our country is very well served by his leadership, again,...
  • Bill of Rights for Students 2023

    06/17/2023 5:58:23 PM PDT · by BruceDeitrickPrice · 2 replies
    Lobbyists for citizens ^ | June 3, 2023 | Bruce Deitrick Price
    [Author's note: a checklist for what all schools should offer, and thus a guide to identifying bad schools, which won't have any of the recommended items.] UNFORTUNATELY, SINCE THE TIME OF JOHN DEWEY, many schools have been obsessed with social engineering, and indifferent to what might be called intellectual engineering. This mistake in emphasis needs to be corrected. The goal of education is not indoctrination but to take each child as far as each child can go. Genuine education is the cement that holds the people in a society together, and connects past, present and future. ONLY WHEN CHILDREN acquire...
  • Truths...About Energy..I didn't know

    08/29/2022 1:08:41 AM PDT · by sodpoodle · 10 replies
    Prager U ^ | 08/29/2022 | Mark Mills Everything y noueed to know about everything
  • Are you concerned about the quality of our public schools?

    08/09/2022 7:22:37 PM PDT · by BruceDeitrickPrice · 17 replies
    Renew America ^ | August 7, 2022 | Bruce Deitrick Price
    (BACKGROUND: When a local group wanted to start a new school some years back, they asked me to write a proposal. Here is that proposal, which anyone may use for ideas and inspiration.) A new private school is coming to your neighborhood. You can be involved with the school in several ways— parent of a student, investor, donor, volunteer, and community support. To create something we can all be proud of, that's the goal. AlphaAcademy serves boys and girls in Grades K-9. The overarching concern is preparing students for success throughout life. The school favors a traditional curriculum and classical...
  • Biden Denies Early Knowledge of Giuliani Raid: ‘Learned About that’ with ‘the Rest of The World’

    04/29/2021 12:02:37 PM PDT · by ChicagoConservative27 · 34 replies
    Breitbart ^ | 04/29/2021 | Pam Key
    President Joe Biden said Thursday during a preview of an interview with MSNBC’s Craig Melvin that he had no advance knowledge of federal investigators’ raid on former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani’s apartment and office. The full interview will air Friday morning on NBC’s “Today” show.
  • The Ten Radical New Rules That Are Changing America

    04/05/2021 6:26:27 AM PDT · by bitt · 25 replies
    National Review ^ | 4/1/2021 | Victor Davis Hanson
    There are ten new ideas that are changing America, maybe permanently. 1) Money is a construct. It can be created from thin air. Annual deficits and aggregate national debt no longer matter much. Prior presidents ran up huge annual deficits, but at least there were some concessions that the money was real and had to be paid back. Not now. As we near $30 trillion in national debt and 110 percent of annual GDP, our elites either believe that permanent zero-interest rates make the cascading obligation irrelevant, or that the larger the debt, the more likely we will be forced...
  • What one thing would you like to know before you die?(vanity)

    03/13/2021 4:42:34 PM PST · by eastforker · 201 replies
    me ^ | 3/13/2021 | eastforker
    Because of Samadams 76 thread earlier: of what people would have thought about planes and contrails 200 years ago, what is one thing you would like to know about in history before you die. I have several on my list. 1.How did the statues arrive on Easter Island. 2.How were structures built 1000's of years ago moving 100 ton stones into precise positions. 3. What was the purpose of the Nazca lines in Peru. What puzzle would you like to know before you die.
  • IBM and the Holocaust -- 20 Years of Corporate Denial

    02/16/2021 6:55:27 AM PST · by SJackson · 25 replies
    Frontpagemagazine ^ | Feb 15, 2021 | Edwin Black
    How a leading corporation knowingly organized all six phases of the Holocaust. Twenty years ago this week, my book, IBM and the Holocaust exposed with crystal clarity—backed up with a literal tower of physical documentation—that IBM knowingly organized all six phases of the Holocaust: identification, exclusion, confiscation, ghettoization, deportation, and even extermination, all under the micromanagement of its celebrated CEO, Thomas Watson, Sr., operating from his New York office on Madison Avenue, and later through European subsidiaries. Without IBM, there would have always been a Holocaust of hundreds of thousands. Einsatzgruppen murder squads and their militia cohorts would still have...
  • The More You Know, The More you Know You Don't Know

    12/23/2020 10:36:03 AM PST · by OneVike · 34 replies
    The reason For My faith ^ | 12/22/20 | Chuck Ness
    Solomon was blessed with much Wisdom and knowledge which allowed him to discover many things about the world around him. Solomon is credited with writing the book of Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, the Song of Solomon, and 2 Psalms 72 & 127. Throughout his writings Solomon shared the Wisdom and knowledge God had blessed him with. He was so admired by all the Kings and Queens of other countries that they sought out his Wisdom and paid tribute to him. Like Solomon, we too can better understand the world God created for us if we truly desire to. It has always...
  • Prepper Ping - Prepper Knowledge Base offer is soon to close/expire 12/25/2020

    12/12/2020 9:05:03 AM PST · by Tilted Irish Kilt · 21 replies
    vanity ^ | 12/11/2020 | Oshkalaboomboom
    Prepper Ping - Oshkalaboomboom Prepper Knowledge Base- will close Christmas 12/25/2020 I am going to open up the Knowledge Base for members of the Prepper ping list . After Christmas it will be gone and unavailable, with total removal soon thereafter.There are now over 4000 titles and 126GB of information in 15 different directories including Prepping, Survival, Unarmed Combat, Traditional and Alternative Medicine and Homesteading, among others. Preppers should send me a PM and I will let them in. Just because you may have had access before, doesn’t mean they have access now because the access link has been changed,...
  • What Ray Bradbury Can Teach Us About How To Cultivate Creativity

    08/29/2020 12:21:36 PM PDT · by Kaslin · 10 replies
    The Federalist ^ | August 29, 2020 | Nathan Stone
    As civilization crumbles around us, Bradbury and his fiction offer several primordial lessons we would be prudent to reconsider. In 2013, British writer Neil Gaiman wrote a story entitled “The Man Who Forgot Ray Bradbury.” It was about exactly what the title says: A man, losing his memory, tells the audience that he can only vaguely remember a writer who hailed from Waukegan, Illinois, who wrote wonderful and macabre fairytales of space and the otherworldly. Gaiman’s story is closer to home than what we might care to remember because, on the century of his birth, the world at large has...
  • Getting the balance right between freedom of thought and the disciplines we need.

    04/28/2020 2:48:37 PM PDT · by Ozguy1945 · 8 replies
    People who hate freedom were much too hard on Donald Trump for his disinfectant comment. He was wondering out loud if the corona-killing properties of disinfectants could be used medically. He could have phrased it better. But in the current climate thinking outside the square should be encouraged not ridiculed. Who agrees? Is it possible that Corona-virus is God’s way of a human cull in an over populated world? You can see a little more from me on these questions here:
  • K-12: The Most Appalling Things About Today's Students

    04/08/2020 6:30:52 PM PDT · by BruceDeitrickPrice · 50 replies
    Canada Free Press ^ | March 23, 2020 | Bruce Deitrick Price
    Our schools claim to teach sophisticated topics such as critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, the meaning of math, social emotional learning, and dozens of other buzzwords. Truth is, the schools hardly bother to teach even basic skills and foundational knowledge. Simultaneously, children are indulged and excused, which encourage the least desirable personal traits. All of which explains the answers left by teachers (on an internet forum, Quora) when asked this question: what are the most appalling things about students nowadays? “One of the big things that disappeared over the years from teenagers is common sense. Teens would do something really stupid,...
  • K-12: Betraying Karl Marx

    03/25/2020 6:42:48 PM PDT · by BruceDeitrickPrice · 7 replies
    New Right Network ^ | Feb 5, 2020 | Bruce Deitrick Price
    As John Dewey revolutionized the US education system with Karl Marx’s ideas, dysfunction entered the system. Chalk up another failure at the hands of the Progressive revolution. -- In the Communist Manifesto, Karl Marx demands: “Free education for all children in public schools.” Marx wanted to eliminate unfairness. Presumably, he intended working-class kids to have whatever upper-class children had. In effect, he intended for everyone to attend a good prep school. That is still something that hasn’t yet happened.Enter the Edu-Swamp What went wrong? Why has our Education Establishment betrayed Karl Marx? Rivers of money flow towards public schools. The...
  • K-12: What explains our failing, flailing public schools?

    10/30/2019 9:34:29 PM PDT · by BruceDeitrickPrice · 56 replies
    New Right Network ^ | May 25, 2019 | Bruce Deitrick Price
    The whole point of American education was preparing people to pursue their interests, and their version of the American Dream. This blueprint has faded. Many kids today don't learn enough to have vivid, inspiring dreams, nor do they master abilities needed to fulfill dreams if they had any. Jimmy Kimmel sent a crew to the street with a map of the world and the challenge, "Point to a country and name it." Many people could not name even one country, even though the USA was in the middle of this map. At Notre Dame, Professor Patrick Deneen concluded that many...
  • K-12: Making The World Safe For Totalitarianism

    02/04/2019 7:21:26 PM PST · by BruceDeitrickPrice · 16 replies
    Republic Standard ^ | Nov 10, 2018 | Bruce Deitrick Price
    --The Left Never Knows When To Stop-- It was a shock. Jay Leno went Jaywalking and revealed the startling fact that a lot of Americans didn’t know much history, geography or anything else. Who won the Civil War? What country is Mount Rushmore located in? People didn’t know and didn’t seem to care. Many thought that was the high watermark of dumb. What could be dumber than not knowing who won the Civil War? Jimmy Kimmel has astonished the nation by showing that America is even dumber than we worried it is. He sent a crew out to the streets...
  • LATINO Most of us would fail the U.S. citizenship test, survey finds

    01/13/2019 7:23:37 AM PST · by Ancient Man · 54 replies
    NBC News ^ | October 12, 2018 | Allyson Escobar
    The survey, released Oct. 3 by the Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation with the research firm Lincoln Park Strategies, sampled 1,000 American adults. It showed that only 36 percent actually passed the test. Respondents 65 and older scored the best (74 percent), while only 19 percent of test-takers 45 and younger passed.
  • Death of a Nation

    01/10/2019 8:01:09 PM PST · by oldasrocks · 7 replies
    film | unknown | Dinesh D'Souza
    If you have not watched this you need to. A well written film that will enlighten you to the real world of politics. This is a documentary that will show what is going on and why.
  • This and That

    11/25/2018 11:49:05 AM PST · by sodpoodle · 20 replies
    email | 11/26/2018 | unknown
    If you can’t afford a doctor and feel you need a check up, go to the airport. you will get a free x-ray and breast exam and if you mention al queda you will also get a free colonoscopy. Adultery is a sin; you cannot have your Kate and Edith too. I had a really bad day. First, my ex got ran over by a bus - then I got fired from my job as a bus driver. Wife: Look at that drunk guy. Husband: Who is he? Wife: 10 years ago he proposed to me and I rejected him....
  • K-12: Dear Abby, Here Are The Two Big Reasons Why Kids Lack Motivation

    11/10/2018 4:25:35 PM PST · by BruceDeitrickPrice · 32 replies
    Canada Free Press ^ | July 29, 2018 | Bruce Deitrick Price
    A mother in Chicago wrote for help: “Dear Abby: All of my grown children are underachievers. When contemporaries talk about their children getting jobs, getting married, having kids, going on vacation, buying a house/car, I have nothing to contribute. My children do not have lives; they work low-paying jobs and scrape by. Worse, they have no ambition to do better.” Dear Abby responded with little insight: “Your children are adults. If they were motivated, they would be doing more with their lives than scraping by. Be glad they are independent and have good relationships with each other—it’s a plus, and...