Since Jul 19, 1998

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“Never argue with an idiot. They will drag you down to their level and beat you with experience.” - Mark Twain

Conservative, Trump (only) Republican, period. I retired after twenty years from the US Army as a First Sergeant (1SG/E8) Jump Master 11B5P/71L5P/76Z50. From dropping out of high school my junior to enlist in 1973 as a 17 year old airborne infantryman to working for two Four Star Generals (Commander in Chief-Korea), and (3-star) Commander XVIII Airborne Corps Secretary General Staff as well as the Stenographer for the Commander, 82d Airborne Division. I served in Joint US Mil Group-Korea for two 2 Two Star's and was also the IG NCO for Assistance and Investigations (Complaints) for the 82d Abn Div on CG Staff. I had the life you could dream about and books be written!

I am also retired Foreign Service with the US Department of State as an Information Management Specialist. My combined military and foreign service is just over 33-years total. I am not a double dipper.

I have over twenty-two years combined overseas service in Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, Israel, The Netherlands, Brussels Belgium, Georgetown Guyana S. America, and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Fun Fact (Fate?) I retired 38 years to the day I first enlisted in the Army from the US Department of State. A parachuting accident from 1987 finally caught up me while in the foreign service and literally put me out of action at the tender age of 55; I have been in pain everyday of my life since that accident, but I would not have changed a thing had I the chance to start over again with maybe the exception I would have remained with the Department of Defense rather than joining the State Department.

The US Capitalist system bar none is the best economy and life in the world; those who want to destroy it for Euro-lite should get a US Government paid 5-year immigration trip to EU nation of choice - if they stay in Europe then it is because they love it there, or if they return to the USA they will certainly be a conservative.

I have no more use for the GOPe after their supporting Obama in trying to overwhelm US citizens with non-citizens, e.g. I only belong to the GOPt = Trump’s arm of the GOP. If he can implement his book “The America We Deserve” the GOPt will stand as guardians of the Founding Fathers democracy.

Update Nov 3, 2019, I reported the Clinton Email Server to the Department of State in 2009, by forwarding an email that contained the sender’s username SecState/HRC22@clintonmail.com to Diplomatic Security and Information Management and was reprimanded and given a cease and desist order by the ambassador in Guyana. I have tired to inform the president and Judicial Watch to no avail but this date I will go to JW in to make a statement and ask them to FOIA my records to include all emails and personnel file. I had a four plus hour appointment or meeting with Judicial Watch and feel I have a bond with the attorney with which I had my meeting! Essentially, JW asked me why I was doing this and to stay out of it simply because JW “already has it all”.

Along my journey during military service, I became a Volunteer Fighter (Level I & II certified), and spent three years as a volunteer fireman.

I did my best to raise two boys and was an active leader in Cub Scouts and Boys Scouts across three continents and one boy is an Eagle Scout.

I was active overseas as Master Mason, Shriner and in the Scottish Rite.

I would never engage in acts disloyal to the Constitution or laws of this great Nation. I have spent my life working in matters of security and defense of our Country.

Today I have a concealed carry permit which to me signifies participation as a citizen in partnership with law enforcement - and this shows I can exercise lawful duty as a citizen to uphold the law in matters pertaining to my own safety and that of my family. In 1998 I found Free Republic and financially I support together with the NRA.