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  • 2+2=5 Critical Theory: This is What CRT Scholars Actually Believe

    11/12/2020 4:38:48 PM PST · by Its All Over Except ... · 21 replies
    Youtube ^ | 11/12/2020 | Aydin Paladin
    In September 2020, President Trump banned Critical Race Theory (CRT) from government agencies, coinciding with a social media push for 2+2 to equal 5. Joe Biden claims he will rescind Trump's executive order. But, just what is CRT and what do CRT scholars actually believe, in their own words, in their own studies? This final installment examines CRT research and the influence of the family on math education.
  • Quotes from Sensoy and DiAngelo’s Is Everyone Really Equal? (Critical Race Theory

    11/10/2020 6:43:17 PM PST · by Its All Over Except ... · 18 replies
    Robin DiAngelo, whose website identifies her as a critical race and social justice educator, is one of the most well-known critical race theorists in the U.S. today. Her book White Fragility is a best-seller and she travels the country, giving seminars on race and social justice at churches and universities. In Is Everyone Really Equal? An Introduction to Key Concepts in Social Justice Education, she and co-author Özlem Sensoy, address not just race, but gender, class, sexuality, physical ability, and other identity markers. This book is extremely important for anyone interested in the influence of contemporary critical theory on the...
  • Deconstructing CRT And Dealing With The Racism Found Within Critical Race Theory

    11/08/2020 3:34:30 AM PST · by Its All Over Except ... · 5 replies
    11/8/2020 | Its All Over Except...
    The progenitors and developers of CRT subjectively believe that racism is ingrained within American society and theorize that institutional racism is also ingrained and is utilized structurally to perpetuate so-called white privilege. Critical Race Theory (CRT) is founded upon and rooted in an obsession over racially stereotyping others, illogically proffers Gross Generalizations, and utilizes the Kafka Trap that whites are inherently biased and racist. It pushes woke "White Fragility", ultimately dispensing a system where accusations of racism are proof of it, denial of it is guilt, and disagreement over it is racist per (but not limited to) one of its...
  • Wokefornia: California's ethnic-studies mandate for K-12ers is dead for now, but cultural Marxism is flourishing.

    10/23/2020 9:53:40 AM PDT · by karpov · 4 replies
    City Journal ^ | October 23, 2020 | Larry Sand
    It’s not surprising that an effort is underway to recall California governor Gavin Newsom, who administers a state with record homelessness, rising crime, and exploding pension debt. He rules imperiously, mandating arbitrary pandemic-related restrictions. In September, Newsom decreed a ban on gas-powered cars starting in 2035 because California is facing “a climate damn emergency.” And he signed a bill mandating the “study and development of proposals for reparations for blacks who live in the Golden State.” Newsom insisted in a tweet that “our past is one of slavery, racism, and injustice.” Is he aware that California was admitted to the...
  • Critical Race Theory: A satanic lie from the pit of hell

    10/19/2020 6:34:37 PM PDT · by Jan_Sobieski · 4 replies
    World Net Daily ^ | 19 October 2020 | Mychal Massie
    I was recently contacted pursuant to my perspective on the damnable heterodoxy known as Critical Race Theory (CRT). For whatever reason(s) the person seeking my input failed to reconnect with me to hear my thoughts regarding same. That said, I've been planning to share my feelings regarding CRT – and there's no time like the present. Let me first say that I am an unapologetic, uncompromising, in your face when the situation calls for it, born-again Christian, ordained minister who has been called to a ministry that has kept me on the front lines of the political theater. I stand...
  • Business Groups Urge Trump to Withdraw Order on Diversity Training.

    10/16/2020 2:56:00 PM PDT · by karpov · 36 replies
    Wall Street Journal ^ | October 15, 2020 | Khadeeja Safdar and Lauren Weber
    More than 150 business and nonprofit groups, including the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, are asking President Trump to withdraw his executive order that puts a limit on some diversity training. In a letter sent to the White House Thursday, the groups said that the order creates confusion, leads to unnecessary investigations and hinders employers from combating workplace discrimination. The group said the order “is already having a broadly chilling effect on legitimate” diversity training and its ambiguity could lead to unwarranted complaints and investigations. The executive order, issued on Sept. 22, prohibits federal agencies, companies with federal contracts and recipients...
  • Trump Attack on Diversity Training Has a Quick and Chilling Effect

    10/13/2020 4:01:45 PM PDT · by karpov · 58 replies
    New York Times ^ | October 13, 2020 | Hailey Fuchs
    WASHINGTON — For the diversity consulting industry, this summer was like no other. Amid the racial reckoning spurred by the death of George Floyd, a wave of senior-level executives began to look critically at their companies, and consultants like Melanie Miller and Loretta VanPelt found themselves deluged with work. Then President Trump stepped in. An executive order, issued in late September as Mr. Trump was stepping up his charged attacks on Black Lives Matter protesters and “political correctness,” banned the federal government, as well as its contractors, subcontractors and grantees, from offering certain diversity training on racial and gender biases...
  • More Va. Public Schools Using Kids As Guinea Pigs For Critical Race Theory

    10/13/2020 8:21:56 AM PDT · by Kaslin · 5 replies
    The Federalist ^ | October 13, 2020 | Ian Prior
    Based on the recommendations of consultants they paid nearly half a million taxpayer dollars, the Loudon County school board recently approved an Equity Plan steeped in critical race rhetoric. Ever since the unfortunate death of George Floyd, corporate media, virtue-signaling neighborhood leftists, and politicians have been talking about “systemic racism” in America, even though there was and still is no evidence that Floyd’s death was motivated by race.This is emblematic of the growing concern about “critical race theory,” in which everything is viewed through the lens of race because, the theory claims, “racism is present in every aspect of life,...
  • Fighting Racism Instead of Disease: The intrusion of critical race theory into medicine and public health

    10/12/2020 7:24:32 PM PDT · by karpov · 10 replies
    City Journal ^ | October 12, 2020 | Connor Harris
    The Covid-19 pandemic in the West has disproportionately harmed racial minorities, especially those of African descent. According to a United Nations report from June, African-Americans in the United States had twice the death rate from Covid-19 as other races, as did black and South Asian ethnic groups in the U.K. Death rates among black minority groups in France and Brazil were also markedly elevated. Many have taken it for granted that these differences stem from poverty and racism, which force nonwhites into crowded housing and jobs with high disease exposure. For Michelle Bachelet, the United Nations High Commissioner on Human...
  • Loudoun County Schools Spend Hundreds of Thousands on Critical Race Theory

    10/10/2020 6:14:13 PM PDT · by MarvinStinson · 13 replies
    freebeacon ^ | SEPTEMBER 28, 2020 | Chrissy Clark
    VA school district signs contract with 'equity leadership coach' for $242,000 The Loudoun County, Virginia, Public School district has spent $422,500 in taxpayer funds since 2018 on diversity training inspired by critical race theory, which claims racism is inherent in nearly every aspect of America. According to documents obtained by the Washington Free Beacon, the school district spent $314,000 in 2019 on coaching and training sessions hosted by The Equity Collaborative, a California-based business that works with schools to "create educational equity and social justice by addressing bias and oppression." The business also offers six different services for schools, including...
  • Elementary School Kids Taught That "Objectivity" & "Perfectionism" Are Racist Traits Of "White Supremacy"

    10/08/2020 8:50:31 AM PDT · by blam · 67 replies
    USSA News ^ | 10-8-2020
    Children at an elementary school in Virginia are being taught that traits such as “objectivity” and “perfectionism” are ‘racist’ characteristics of “white supremacy.” Yes, really. Author James Lindsay posted a screenshot of the lesson outline, which is apparently taken from a 2001 Dismantling Racism Workbook by authors Tema Okun and Kenneth Jones and is being taught to kids aged 6-11 at the Belvedere Elementary School in Virginia. Belvedere Elementary School, Virginia. — Sexy James Lindsay, Halloween costume idea (@ConceptualJames) October 7, 2020 The “15 characteristics of white supremacy” include “perfectionism,” a “sense of urgency,” “individualism,” and “objectivity.” By discouraging...
  • On Re-Education Programs

    10/07/2020 9:52:10 AM PDT · by karpov · 3 replies
    The Grumpy Economist ^ | October 6, 2020 | John Cochrane
    On Sept 22, the White House put out an "Executive Order on Combating Race and Sex Stereotyping." Media coverage has been curiously spotty. Reading the primary source is revealing. One expects an executive order to consist of a short list of things that can and cannot be done, like a regulation. This one is more of an investigative report, with a philosophical preamble. What's in the training programs? Federal agencies are already implementing programs, on a wide scale. The order tells us a lot about what's in them. No, it is not an unbiased evaluation. But its selection of facts...
  • University of Iowa halts "diversity" training after Trump's executive order banning CRT.

    10/06/2020 12:31:58 PM PDT · by US Navy Vet · 10 replies
    You Tube ^ | 06 Oct 2020 | Karlyn Borysenko
  • The Truth About Critical Race Theory. Trump is right. Training sessions for government employees amounted to political indoctrination.

    10/05/2020 2:18:20 AM PDT · by karpov · 22 replies
    Wall Street Journal ^ | October 4, 2020 | Christopher F. Rufo
    Moderator Chris Wallace asked President Trump during last week’s debate why he “directed federal agencies to end racial-sensitivity training that addresses white privilege or critical race theory.” Mr. Trump answered: “I ended it because it’s racist.” Participants “were asked to do things that were absolutely insane,” he explained. “They were teaching people to hate our country.” “Nobody’s doing that,” Joe Biden replied. He’s wrong. My reporting on critical race theory in the federal government was the impetus for the president’s executive order, so I can say with confidence that these training sessions had nothing to do with developing “racial sensitivity.”...
  • 'Critical Race Theory' Is A Classic Communist Divide-And-Conquer Tactic.......(Good Read)

    10/02/2020 3:52:00 PM PDT · by caww · 34 replies
    thefederalist ^ | 10/29/2020 | Stella Morabito
    Of all the ways identity politics is used as a tool to sow hatred among people where there should be the potential for friendship, “critical race theory” is one of the gravest offenders..Indeed, the tactics used by proponents of critical race theory share many parallels with old tactics used by the Bolsheviks. As such, federal employees and those who work for corporations that do business with the federal government sucked into the poisonous vortex of critical race theory can thank President Trump for ordering a stop to the promulgation of critical race theory. Thanks should also be sent to scholar...
  • The Military Is Using Racist ‘White Privilege’ Materials, And The Next Funding Bill Would Make It Worse

    09/29/2020 10:42:01 AM PDT · by Kaslin · 18 replies
    The Federalist ^ | September 29, 2020 | Elaine Donnelly
    To reinforce the principles that strengthen our military, the Trump administration should vigorously enforce prohibitions on critical race theory programs. Imagine this: Army base streets or Navy ship decks are painted with tributes to Black Lives Matter, a movement whose lead organization self-identifies as Marxist. At the Army-Navy game, players take a knee instead of saluting the flag. Military officers are denied promotions if they do not fit percentage-based sex and race quotas. And, to meet “New Woke World” expectations, some promotable officers organize book clubs for subordinates to study best-sellers like “White Fragility.”Oh, wait — Navy Captain Hallock Mohler,...
  • Woke Science Is an Experiment Certain to Fail. Advancing knowledge, not imposing diversity, should be the goal of federal research funding.

    09/27/2020 5:00:27 AM PDT · by karpov · 15 replies
    Wall Street Journal, ^ | September 24, 2020 | Heather Mac Donald
    President Trump has ordered an end to training on “white privilege” and “critical race theory” in the federal bureaucracy. The directive is a good first step toward removing identity politics from federal operations. Next up should be the millions of taxpayer dollars devoted annually to cultivating race- and sex-based grievance in the sciences. The National Science Foundation, the National Institutes of Health, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have all embraced the idea that science is pervaded by systemic bias that handicaps minorities and women. Those agencies have taken on the job of extirpating such inequity on the...
  • Why Black Lives Matter Only Empowers Racist White Leftists

    09/24/2020 6:41:36 AM PDT · by Kaslin · 12 replies
    The Federalist ^ | September 24, 2020 | Peter Burfeind
    Leftists are outing themselves as racists complicit in perpetuating systems of oppression. Maybe it's time we started believing them. Black Lives Matter is the operational arm of “critical race theory,” the postmodern philosophy of “critical theory” applied to race. Critical theory suffers an inescapable epistemological conundrum. It’s the Liar’s Paradox: If a Cretan says all Cretans are liars, is he to be believed?Or, in the case of critical theory: If a theory denies objective or universal truths, claiming that the powers-that-be subconsciously construct “reality” by projecting their will to power onto the transcendent screen of axiomatic certainty, all to perpetuate...
  • It’s The ‘Little Things’ Too

    09/24/2020 4:07:52 AM PDT · by Kaslin · 2 replies ^ | September 24, 2020 | Derek Hunter
    I know, I know – the only things that matter right now are the election and filling the vacancy on the Supreme Court left by the death of Associate Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Certainly nothing matters more, but other things matter and the public can’t afford to take its eyes off all of them. The fight against Democrats is a multi-front battle, and every front must be minded and tended, always. Sometimes fronts that were everything a minute ago fade into oblivion because of the hysteria created to manipulate the public. We need to remember to stay focused amid the...
  • Trump’s Directive on Critical Race Theory Affirms Martin Luther King Jr.'s Vision

    09/23/2020 8:40:56 AM PDT · by Kaslin · 6 replies ^ | September 23, 2020 | Timothy Daughtry
    President Trump’s recent directive stopping Critical Race Theory training in federal agencies is a clear affirmation of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s vision of an America in which people are “not judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.” Calling Critical Race Theory training “a sickness that cannot be allowed to continue,” Trump took a bold stand for the vision of racial equality promoted by Dr. King and against the left-wing narrative about America that has crept into many of our cultural institutions. Russ Vought, director of the Office of Management and Budget, informed...