Since Oct 22, 2001

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I 100% do not agree with the Siege On The Capitol and those people should be arrested. I want no part of those that think it was acceptable. I do not think Trump wanted that to happen. He just wanted a sea of people on the Capitol Steps showing their support as allowed by law.

To Trump:

To the FBI and NSA: I grew up a Middle America conservative. I believe in the law. I have conservative values. I am not a left wing radical or a right wing radical. So where do I fit in now? Where can I go without being called a Dem Troll for believing in my values and the law (and not believing that idiot General McInerney) and without being called a Right Wing Terrorist (for believing people should be able to stand on the steps and PEACEABLY wave a flag)? I guess I will just have to put my head down, follow the law, and hope for the best....