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  • A Challenging Creation Message and Video on Divine Creation in Light of a 2 Peter 3:1-7 Scoffer World - Accident or Design?

    04/12/2024 10:35:11 AM PDT · by The Ignorant Fisherman · 5 replies
    Word of Truth Ministries ^ | 4/12/24 | Word of Truth
    Beloved, our dear friends at "Word of Truth Production" have created this amazing MUST VIEW video which causes us to use our God-given common sense as we look at man's inventions versus Almighty God's highly complex creation and design (Gen. 1:1-3, Neh. 9:6; Prov. 3:19, Isa. 45:18, John 1:1-3, Rom. 1:18-32, 1 Cor. 8:6, Rev. 4-5)! The question that we need to ask ourselves is this, "Are we a product of time and chance or have we been designed by our ETERNAL RIGHTEOUS Creator with an ETERNAL RIGHTEOUS calling, vocation, and purpose (Matt. 4:19, John 1:12, 2 Cor. 5:17-21)?" As...
  • How would you respond to this argument: "Since science cannot prove or disprove the existence of God, then it's possible he exists"?

    12/10/2023 12:53:16 PM PST · by daniel1212 · 188 replies ^ | Updated 12-10-23 | Daniel Hamilton
    Partly, by responding that scientific discovery and knowledge does not warrant the premise that the universe and everything therein can (at least someday) all be attributed to purely natural processes.Meaning that the atheist/antitheist position claim that there is no Creator/God, is one lacking in evidential warrant and requires great faith. For it can only presume that an exceedingly vast, systematically ordered, intricate universe,* exquisitely finely tuned for earthly life with its extensive diversity and astounding complexity, came to be by known (or potentially known), purely natural demonstrable powers, as if it was Divine, without any supreme supernatural intelligence behind it.And...
  • Genesis Impact (2020) | Full Movie [text transcribed using AI Scripted exchange btwn science museum teacher and student challenging him. See comment]

    10/22/2023 1:46:00 PM PDT · by daniel1212 · 13 replies
    [Video : Lead Actors: Reggie McGuire, Hannah Bradley. Secular museum docent (Reggie McGuire) presents his best case for evolution at the natural history museum, but little does he know that Christina (Hannah Bradley) has a few questions at the end of his talk that turn the tables…... Length: 67 Minutes [McGuire, beginning at 3:41 mark of vid] I encourage you to visit the exhibits that will help you visualize what we've discussed today. These exhibits should be marked in the maps that we provided for you. First, we have a wonderful exhibit that shows that apes and humans share about...
  • The Ultimate Creation vs. Evolution Resource [7th Revision]

    09/25/2001 8:03:44 AM PDT · by Junior · 12 replies · 2,992+ views
    Free Republic, et al | 9/24/2001 | Junior, et al.
    The Ultimate Creation vs. Evolution Resource v. 7.0 Burning up the threads since June 1999 Must See Sites:   The Complete Idiot's Guide To Understanding Evolution WHAT IS EVOLUTION? Working Theory of Evolution (Physicist) At some finite time in the past, life began somehow. (How it began is beyond the scope of the theory, but the observational evidence strongly suggests that only one such beginning on Earth has left descendants to the present day.) As life reproduces and multiplies, mutations occur with small but finite probabilities, causing new genes to be added, and creating new alleles of existing genes. The ...
  • Do Articles Evolve Or Are They Created?

    05/14/2022 7:23:24 PM PDT · by OneVike · 53 replies
    The Reason For My Faith ^ | 5/14/22 | Evolved
    One would think that asking such a question is beyond observed, yet if you truly look at all the facts, then one must consider the idea that maybe, just maybe there is no such thing as an original author. After all, unless you can verify that you sat down next to someone writing or typing an artless from start to finish, how can you honestly testify that the one claiming to write something, indeed did? Take this post as an example, I am in my office sitting in front of my computer. My wife is on the other side of...
  • Accident or Design? Powerful Creation Science YOUTUBE Video

    10/13/2021 8:49:38 AM PDT · by The Ignorant Fisherman · 6 replies
    IFB ^ | 10/13/21 | Word of Truth Production
    A Challenging Creation Message and Video on Divine Creation in Light of a 2 Peter 3:1-7 Scoffer World - Accident or Design? Beloved, our dear friends at "Word of Truth Production" have created this amazing video which causes us to use our God-given common sense as we look at man's inventions versus Almighty God's highly complex creation and design (Gen. 1:1-3, Neh. 9:6; Prov. 3:19, Isa. 45:18, John 1:1-3, Rom. 1:18-32, 1 Cor. 8:6, Rev. 4-5)! The question that we need to ask ourselves is this, "Are we a product of time and chance or have we been designed by...
  • Irreducible Complexity: The Challenge to Darwinian Evolutionary Explanations of Many Biochemical Structures

    05/10/2021 7:10:21 AM PDT · by sevinufnine · 15 replies
    The Idea Center ^ | Not Provided | Not Indicated
    "If it could be demonstrated that any complex organ existed which could not possibly have been formed by numerous, successive, slight modifications, my theory would absolutely break down." -Charles Darwin, Origin of Species With this statement, Charles Darwin provided a criterion by which his theory of evolution could be falsified. The logic was simple: since evolution is a gradual process in which slight modifications produce advantages for survival, it cannot produce complex structures in a short amount of time. It's a step-by-step process which may gradually build up and modify complex structures, but it cannot produce them suddenly.
  • Creationism’s Debt to Prof. Phillip Johnson (1940-2019), Author of Darwin on Trial

    11/04/2019 12:28:30 PM PST · by SeekAndFind · 17 replies
    Creation Evolution Headlines ^ | 11/04/2019 | David Coppedge
    Phillip E. Johnson (1940-2019) was a unifying figure, but not a compromiser. A unique and wise influencer, his strategy will continue.Op-ed by David CoppedgeWhen I heard yesterday that Dr Phillip Johnson had passed away November 2, I was saddened, but I knew that his influence was alive and well. As “godfather” of the intelligent design movement (not “father” since design arguments go back to antiquity, and the phrase “intelligent design” predates him1), Johnson’s influence was indubitably profound for ID. But how about for creationism? There have been a few creationists who have been critical of his approach, thinking he...
  • The Truth about Radiometric Dating

    06/07/2019 7:36:34 AM PDT · by fishtank · 78 replies
    Institute for Creation Research ^ | June 2019 | ICR staff (ref. Dr. Vernon Cupps)
    The Truth about Radiometric Dating June 2019 Prove it. That’s the challenge biblical creationists often face when discussing the scientific validity of the Genesis creation account with skeptics. Many people leave the church, especially young adults, when they think that the Bible and science can’t be harmonized. But what if incredible harmony actually exists? Those who believe in millions and billions of years often point to radiometric dating as indisputable scientific proof that Earth is old. Since the biblical timeline indicates a young earth that’s only about 6,000 years old, creation scientists must address the radiometric dating issue. We need...
  • How valleys and canyons formed during Noah’s Flood

    05/08/2019 11:02:54 AM PDT · by fishtank · 49 replies
    Creation Ministries International ^ | 5-8-19 | Michael Oard
    How valleys and canyons formed during Noah’s Flood by Micheal Oard Continental valleys and canyons come in all sizes and shapes. Some are V-shaped valleys, and others U-shaped canyons. Some are shallow and others have tall vertical walls, like the Grand Canyon. We rarely observe valley and canyon formation taking place today and then only in association with a flooding event. Therefore, uniformitarian1 theories about valley and canyon formation are not built on observational science but instead upon their assumptions about the past.
  • No, Dinosaurs Aren't in the Bible: Part 3

    05/04/2019 12:05:47 PM PDT · by pcottraux · 54 replies
    Depths of Pentecost ^ | May 4, 2019 | Philip Cottraux
    No, Dinosaurs Aren’t in the Bible: Part 3 How Young Earth Creationists Get Dinosaurs Wrong By Philip Cottraux For part 3 of this series, I want to critique Young Earth Creationism from a viewpoint that doesn’t get much attention; its scientifically incorrect portrayal of dinosaurs and the clumsy way it tries to factor them into the creation account. Let me disclaim once again; this has nothing to do with the age of the earth and although I’m personally an Old Earth Creationist, I’m not at all trying to prove that the planet is older than 6,000 years. One of the...
  • No, Dinosaurs Aren't in the Bible: Part 1 (Behemoth)

    04/20/2019 5:49:47 PM PDT · by pcottraux · 85 replies
    Depths of Pentecost ^ | April 20, 2019 | Philip Cottraux
    By Philip Cottraux It’s been a long time since I’ve weighed in on the creation controversy, mostly because I hate how divisive it is. But I want to start a series critiquing Young Earth Creationism on a particular aspect that doesn’t get a lot of attention: the clumsy and unscientific way it tries to factor dinosaurs into the creation account. Smart aleck atheists sometimes demand explanations why the Bible doesn’t mention dinosaurs, implying Genesis is an ancient fairy-tale that gets Earth’s origins wrong. This isn’t a problem for old-earth interpretations, but the Young Earth Creationist claims that adding up the...
  • No, Dinosaurs Aren't in the Bible: Part 2 (Leviathan)

    04/27/2019 6:22:28 PM PDT · by pcottraux · 21 replies
    Depths of Pentecost ^ | April 27, 2019 | Philip Cottraux
    No, Dinosaurs Aren’t in the Bible: Part 2 Leviathan By Philip Cottraux Last week I wrote about how the infamous passage in Job 40 about the Behemoth is often misconstrued as a dinosaur. In the very next chapter, God describes a monstrous fire-breathing sea dragon, the Leviathan, which Young Earth Creationists speculate was a real-life marine reptile, even citing this passage as evidence that dragons from ancient lore must have been based on an actual animal. I pointed out that dual references of a cow-like fertility deity and a fire-breathing dragon of chaos often appear in ancient literature in conjunction,...
  • Discovery Institute’s 2019 Dallas Conference on Science & Faith

    04/04/2019 2:21:17 PM PDT · by Heartlander
    Discovery Institute ^ | January 2019 | Multple
    Discovery Institute’s 2019 Dallas Conference on Science & Faith Videos are now online James Tour: The Mystery of the Origin of Life Eric Metaxas: The Miracle of the Universe Stephen Meyer: God and the Origin of the Universe Jay Richards: The Privileged Planet Stephen Meyer: Darwin’s Doubt
  • Darwin's Doubt: Ben Shapiro interviews Intelligent Design advocate Stephen Meyer

    03/26/2019 1:38:04 PM PDT · by CondoleezzaProtege · 14 replies
    Evolution News ^ | March 25, 2019, | David Klinghoffer
    When Charles Darwin finished The Origin of Species, he thought that he had explained every clue, but one. Though his theory could explain many facts, Darwin knew that there was a significant event in the history of life that his theory did not explain. During this event, the “Cambrian explosion,” many animals suddenly appeared in the fossil record without apparent ancestors in earlier layers of rock. In Darwin’s Doubt, Stephen C. Meyer tells the story of the mystery surrounding this explosion of animal life—a mystery that has intensified, not only because the expected ancestors of these animals have not been...
  • Why Do People Believe in Pseudoscience?

    03/16/2019 6:52:06 PM PDT · by Simon Green · 82 replies
    Gizmodo ^ | 03/11/19 | Daniel Kolitz
    Most people do not have a good understanding of real science, and can therefore be taken in if a claim is presented in ‘science-y’ language. Thus purveyors of medical pseudoscience will freely use terms like energy, vibrations, frequencies, resonance and so on in describing their interventions but none of these terms are being used in the precise way that a physicist would use them. Many pseudoscientists will also refer to the latest ideas in real science to imply that their claims are derived from the latest cutting-edge theories. One example would be claiming that homeopathy is consistent with quantum mechanics...
  • Intelligent design gets even dumber

    03/16/2019 11:26:56 AM PDT · by Simon Green · 119 replies
    The Washington Post ^ | 03/08/19 | Jerry A. Coyne
    The notion of “intelligent design” arose after opponents of evolution repeatedly failed on First Amendment grounds to get Bible-based creationism taught in the public schools. Their solution: Take God out of the mix and replace him with an unspecified “intelligent designer.” They added some irrelevant mathematics and fancy biochemical jargon, and lo: intelligent design, which scientists have dubbed “creationism in a cheap tuxedo.” But the tuxedo is fraying, for intelligent design has been rejected not just by biologists but also by judges who recognize it as poorly disguised religion. Nevertheless, its advocates persist. Among the most vocal is Michael J....
  • The Three Supernovas

    10/20/2018 4:11:44 PM PDT · by pcottraux · 15 replies
    Depths of Pentecost ^ | October 20, 2018 | Philip Cottraux
    The Three Supernovas By Philip Cottraux Atheists used to believe the universe was eternally pre-existing and static. By rejecting the biblical creation account, they couldn’t accept the idea of a universe that had a beginning. Bertrand Russell, Charles Darwin, and at one time even Einstein labored under this philosophy. The idea of the whole universe condensed to a small state whose expansion was triggered by a colossal explosion was first proposed by a Catholic priest, Georges LeMaitres. The idea seemed so preposterous that astronomer Fred Hoyle first coined the phrase “big bang” as a term of ridicule. But two years...
  • The Universe Is Disappearing, And There's Nothing We Can Do To Stop It

    08/18/2018 8:10:32 PM PDT · by EdnaMode · 117 replies
    Forbes ^ | August 17, 2018 | Ethan Siegel
    It's been nearly a century since scientists first theorized that the Universe was expanding, and that the farther away a galaxy was from us, the faster it appears to recede. This isn't because galaxies are physically moving away from us, but rather because the Universe is full of gravitationally-bound objects, and the fabric of space that those objects reside in is expanding. But this picture, which held sway from the 1920s onward, has been recently revised. It's been only 20 years since we first realized that this expansion was speeding up, and that as time goes on, individual galaxies will...
  • Ken Ham Auctions Authentic Photo Of His Great-Great-Grandfather Riding Triceratops

    07/15/2018 4:18:04 PM PDT · by EveningStar · 23 replies
    The Babylon Bee ^ | July 13, 2017
    PETERSBURG, KY – As part of a fundraiser for his Creation Museum and Ark Encounter theme park, Answers in Genesis CEO Ken Ham is auctioning an original photograph of his great-great-grandfather riding atop a live dinosaur, sources confirmed.