Since May 2, 2005

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I’m a Christian blogger who writes weekly Bible lessons. Topics range from Bible studies, apologetics, theology, history, and occasionally current events. Every now and then I upload sermons or classes onto YouTube.

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My people are destroyed from lack of knowledge:
Hosea 4:6.

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Blogs I've posted on FR so far:

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The Persecution Letters
Fahrenheit 451: A Book Review
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The Three Supernovas
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The Danger of Hitler Comparisons: Part 2
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The World Gets Worse, But Victory Is Just Ahead
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The Danger of Hitler Comparisons
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Why Paul is Important to Christianity
His Hand Is Stretched Out Still
The Molten Sea
Is Christianity Just Wishful Thinking?
Learning to Put God Number One
We Can Still Call Fire Down from Heaven
The Danger of Picking and Choosing Scripture"
Video: Banned from the Bible?
The Importance of the Resurrection
How Many Isaiahs Wrote Isaiah?
Video: The New Testament Papyri
A Christian Perspective on Stephen Hawking's Legacy
Video: The Dead Sea Scrolls
Are You Prepared to Throw Acid in Children's Faces?
Why the Media, Not Guns, are Responsible for Mass Shootings
Brave New World: A Book Review
Manchester: Where Terrorism Dashed Fantasies
49 Souls (On the Orlando Massacre)
Babylon Rises (on the rise of transgenderism)
Drunken With the Blood of the Saints