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  • Cartoon re: Bush decision to skip NAACP convention

    07/19/2004 12:01:04 PM PDT · 6 of 9
    vanmorrison to Solamente


  • Uprising - Palestinians Rage Against Arafat. Palestinian Officials, French Kidnapped

    07/19/2004 11:50:40 AM PDT · 17 of 21
    vanmorrison to BJungNan

    "And, I did read stories a few months back that ordinary Palestinians kicked Hamas bomb makers out of their neighborhoods, they did not want their neighborhood wiped out by Israel."

    I prefer to interpret this as members of a rival gang kicking Hamas out of their territory. NEVER as "ordinary Palestinians", meaning "ordinary people", shedding ne'er-do-wells from their midst. It just means that the Hamas thugs weren't members of the local gang of thugs.

    There are simply NO "normal" Palestinians in existence! They're ALL rabid wolves!

  • Revisiting Chappaquiddick After 35 Years

    07/19/2004 11:11:19 AM PDT · 28 of 80
    vanmorrison to Wolfstar

    "...he is probably haunted by what he has done."

    "I sincerely doubt it. He didn't care about Mary Jo immediately after the accident. Why would he care 35 years later?"

    And why should he care, when the people of Taxachusetts, home of JohnEffinKerry, continued to re-elect this monster from that day to this? He's a hero! He beat the rap! Just like OJ!

  • Uprising - Palestinians Rage Against Arafat. Palestinian Officials, French Kidnapped

    07/19/2004 10:47:58 AM PDT · 9 of 21
    vanmorrison to BJungNan

    "Uprising - Palestinians Rage Against Arafat
    Third day of demonstrations against corruption of Arafat administration. Government offices burned, gunfire traded with police."

    You need to learn to read between the lines here. The only "regular" Palestinian people are members of Hezbollah, Abu Nidal, etc. In other words, terrorist gangs with allegiance to mob bosses different than Arafat and his band of thugs, who call themselves the "police". This is like the Corleone family going after the Tattaglias, or any other of the "five families". Except in the Palestinian territories, there are no "civilians", only gang members of one mob or another. They're all absolutely crazy! What else can you expect from suicidal and homicidal mad Moslem murderers?

  • Some see Collins faltering in GOP Senate bid [Go Cain!]

    07/19/2004 10:33:55 AM PDT · 32 of 43
    vanmorrison to UlsterDavy

    I wish I lived in Georgia so I could vote for Herman Cain!

  • Eliminate Primary Elections, Says Columnist Reese

    07/19/2004 10:01:41 AM PDT · 13 of 42
    vanmorrison to RonF

    "I wouldn't ban primary elections. I'd simply ban public financing of them. If the Republicans or the Democrats want to have a primary election, let them pay for it."

    A much better idea!

  • Senate candidate says: U.S. out of U.N. Klayman launches nationwide petition campaign

    07/19/2004 7:37:30 AM PDT · 6 of 12
    vanmorrison to Stellar Dendrite

    Why doesn't some politician run on the wildly popular issue like CLOSING THE BORDER and ENDING ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION? That's a sure winner!

  • GOP LETS CHENEY LOOSE! Republicans counting on 'secret weapon' in the Heartland

    07/19/2004 7:33:41 AM PDT · 16 of 80
    vanmorrison to omnibus

    "Cheney called Mandela a terrorist... that makes him scum in my book."

    In my opinion, this proves that Cheney is a superb judge of character. Mandela is more than simply a terrorist; in fact, he's a communist, too!

    And this also OUTS Omnibus as a closet Democrat, trolling the Freeper boards!

  • GOP LETS CHENEY LOOSE! Republicans counting on 'secret weapon' in the Heartland

    07/19/2004 7:20:02 AM PDT · 2 of 80
    vanmorrison to areafiftyone

    "In Minneapolis last weekend, the true believers pronounced themselves satisfied. "He's an honest fellow who's got a brain," said Howard Stenzel, a retired chief financial officer from suburban Cottage Grove, "and he's not a lawyer. That's important."

    This comment and summation says it all. Neither Cheney or Bush are lawyers. This fact should be trumpeted from the highest rooftops. In the mind of the average American, this fact alone merits voting for the Bush-Cheney ticket.

  • Privatize Space Exploration

    07/19/2004 5:42:27 AM PDT · 12 of 21
    vanmorrison to samtheman

    "But all this private exploration is hobbled by the crucial absence of a system of property rights in space. Imagine the incentive to a profit-minded business if, for instance, it were granted the right to any stellar body it reached and exploited."

    "Too late. The UN has already reserved the rest of the universe for socialism... and the US has signed on."

    Don't be discouraged. The effectiveness of any UN edict is limited by their ability to enforce it. If the Iraqi situation is indicative of such an ability, or lack thereof, then space is wide-open to all.

    Besides, I don't think that the US Air Force Space Command will allow any foreign nationals to have access to the Space Base that is planned on the Moon, or Mars, if that ever happens.

  • Fox and Gophers (Fox can't get a broadcast license in Canuckistan, but al-Jazeera can)

    07/19/2004 5:35:45 AM PDT · 3 of 27
    vanmorrison to presidio9

    The Liberals were just re-elected, yet again, for the umpteenth time. Which tells me that the Canucks in Canuckistan thing the present arrangements are just fine and dandy, Thank You!

    Canuckistan is lost! F**K Canuckistan!

  • Some blacks shift from Democrats

    07/18/2004 7:30:20 PM PDT · 44 of 46
    vanmorrison to Rmack

    Just once, I'd like to see a discussion on a thread dealing with this issue where black people would read the print before their eyes and ingest the point being made without trying to rewrite the material to fit their own jaundiced approach, setting up straw men, and arguing about things never even included in the original posting. Look at the stuff I originally wrote, READ IT, then make some sort of point relevant to the original post, not some hackneyed input and lamentation that supports the view that all blacks are incapable of discussing this issue "dispassionately".

    It is laughable to throw out the Santayana quote that everyone uses, but few appreciate, about remembering history. Then, try REMEMBERING HISTORY! The facts are, millions of people around the world have suffered at the hands of Leviathan government, here and abroad. Mostly abroad! Nobody is suggesting that bad things haven't happened to black people. The point being made is that black people are not, and never have been, the ONLY people of any ethnicity to suffer at other's hands. NOT EVEN HERE IN THE US! Given this, it is ludicrous to assert, as some have here, that implementing the statist agenda currently espoused by the socialist/communist Democrats among us will lead to anything other than more misery and death, as these approaches have led to the misery and death of untold millions worldwide. Until blacks here begin to recognize THIS historical truth, as Garvey and King were unable or unwilling to do, but as Douglas and Washington were able to appreciate, then black people will continue to suffer REGARDLESS of whether their oppressors are WHITE OR BLACK!

    "Those who do not remember history are condemned to repeat it." - Jorge Santayana

  • With Bush on 9/11 (“A man on a mission, courageous and decisive. Totally in command.”)

    07/15/2004 11:12:55 AM PDT · 11 of 19
    vanmorrison to rhombus

    "Another patriot shoulders his musket and heads for the green."

    Terrific phraseology!

  • The NAACP needs a name change

    07/15/2004 11:04:33 AM PDT · 25 of 29
    vanmorrison to SpyGuy

    "Of course, the solution to this is simple (and even more correct): eliminate tax-exemptions from ALL organizations."

    I think the ULTIMATE solution to this would be to eliminate TAXES from ALL organizations. This would expedite the creation of many anti-NAACP groups, minimizing the influence of the NAACP and all other left wing Trust Funds of whatever stripe!

  • Paige, Nation's First Black Education Chief, Blasts NAACP Leadership

    07/15/2004 10:39:25 AM PDT · 20 of 24
    vanmorrison to nypokerface

    "Paige said. "I long for the day when our nation's education policy will not be grist for the partisan mill - when we can work together, black and white, rich and poor, for the sake of our children."

    Don't hold your breath, Dr. Paige!

  • JOHN KERRY'S RADIO CITY SHAME (disgust at Hollywarped weirdos hate-fest)

    07/15/2004 7:43:16 AM PDT · 9 of 18
    vanmorrison to Stellar Dendrite

    "Someone in one of those letters compared the slimefest to Cheney's swearing at Leahy.
    When Cheney swore at Leahy, it slipped out. We have all had moments like that.
    When Whoopi and the rest of the Hollyweird people spoke, they had it planned and memorized.
    Big Difference"

    "sorry, i disagree. that sounds like a typical liberal justification, no offense though. the real reason it was justified was because cheney had been attacked and lied about this whole time and couldnt hold it in anymore. i think it was long overdue. but also the hate fest in NY was an unprovoked attack on bush. i wish he'd tell hollywood to f*ck off!"

    I think you're both wrong! The REAL difference is that the Democrat Bash Bush Hate Fest was a pre-planned, staged event put on for PUBLIC exhibition. Cheney's remark was intended to be completely PRIVATE, between him and Leahy.

    THAT'S the BIG difference! And its important because it speaks volumes about the kind of out-of-control lunatics the Democrats are today!


    07/15/2004 5:59:47 AM PDT · 12 of 49
    vanmorrison to JimB in Venice

    Its good that Goldberg is being held to account for her actions. But that's not enough. I learned something else through all this. I now know others to add to my eternal boycott list. Because of their participation in the RAT fest, or their past support of JEffinK and the donkeys, I will no longer buy any SlimFast, Heinz Ketchup, Newmans Own, or even John "Cougar"'s stuff.

    And I used to like Newman and "Cougar".

  • 'Outrage' over Sen. Clinton not speaking

    07/14/2004 10:18:50 AM PDT · 45 of 76
    vanmorrison to kattracks

    I keep telling people over and over again that the Hildabeast will never run for ANYTHING other than the junior Senator from the world capital of liberal insanity, New York, home of UN World Headquarters. It takes a lunatic asylum like New York to elect a person like her in the first place. All of this speculation otherwise is just ridiculous nonsense!

    The Democrats know that the only people who can stomach this animal are the absolutely demented 40% of this country that would vote for a rock if it was put up by the donkey party. And just imagine the way that letting her anywhere NEAR the nomination would energize the greater majority of American voters, including the "Independents", to crawl over broken glass, open sewers, and dead bodies to vote AGAINST the second coming of Caligula!

  • The Mollycoddling Milksops of Manila

    07/14/2004 7:37:40 AM PDT · 11 of 22
    vanmorrison to antivenom

    I can understand the dismay that Mrs. Malkin feels concerning what appears to be a reversal of support by the Phillipines for the War on Terror. But I read in her article that the military contingent provided by the Phillipines was only fifty soldiers! Why not fake out these mad Moslem murderers, put these troops on a plane, fly them somewhere for rest and recreation, wait until the truck driver is released, then fly them back to their duty stations in Iraq?

    Anyway, why is their mere presence so important in Iraq? There are plenty of operations on-going in the Phillipines itself against these mad Moslem murderers. they can support the War on Terror at home!

    The real problem here is that most of the countries who are part of the Iraqi coalition have so few troops engaged that their contributions are primarily symbolic anyway. If they contributed troops in meaningful numbers, the ongoing conflict with the recalcitrant jihadis could have been put down long ago by fanning out troops in sufficient numbers to contain the threat. Since this isn't happening, why not utilize creative manpower handling techniques to address the kidnappings and killings?

    Besides, the Iraqis themselves need to take on more of this responsibility. Let them replace the Filipino contingent.

  • Kerry Is No War Hero, Say Vietnam Comrades

    07/14/2004 6:02:37 AM PDT · 39 of 107
    vanmorrison to kattracks

    This stuff about "war hero" JEffinK is amusing, to say the least. "Waving the bloody shirt" is a venerable American political tradition, always open to dispute.

    Reading about the Battle of Leyte Gulf in WWII, I was surprised to learn that the only PT Boat in the action off Surigao Straits to be sunk was PT109, JFKennedy's boat. And it was considered at the time to be commanding officer error, since the boat was cleft in two in a collision with a Japanese destroyer. Yet this incident was blown way out of proportion in significance and transmogrified in the media as some sort of heroic adventure when it really consisted of the efforts of a desparate crew to recover from the disaster and return to their own unit.

    I'll go with the judgment of the majority of the officers and sailors who know better, and who maintain that Kerry is a charlatan misrepresenting the facts!