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  • Fox News Immediately Cuts Away From Trump the Moment He Mentions His Blockbuster Interview with Tucker Carlson (VIDEO)

    09/25/2023 11:26:36 PM PDT · 21 of 21
    Peter ODonnell to All

    I made up a new name for Fox and it only requires one letter to be altered. :)

  • BREAKING: Top Analyst Edward Dowd Warns The Globalists Are Planning Something Big To Cover Up Covid Vax Deaths

    09/25/2023 5:02:42 PM PDT · 20 of 30
    Peter ODonnell to All

    Yes, they said they were afraid in 2016, but nothing happened to them, and if they lose power in 2024, I will not be surprised if they are not prosecuted, not found guilty, not punished. I would love to be wrong about that but, I suspect if Trump does get re-elected, he won’t be able to do very much and it will go like it did 2017-2020, never ending conflict, stalemate, run out the clock.

  • Former Indian diplomat claims Justin Trudeau’s plane to India was ‘full of cocaine’

    09/25/2023 4:55:57 PM PDT · 17 of 21
    Peter ODonnell to All

    If you had to spend winters in Ottawa, you also would be on cocaine.

  • Does Satan Believe in the Rapture?

    09/25/2023 4:52:00 PM PDT · 65 of 72
    Peter ODonnell to BipolarBob

    Not hoping to find out, but I would suppose hell could be a very well organized place, it’s just that the activities organized would not be very enjoyable. But chaos would not surprise either. The point was, Satan would look at things differently, otherwise, why rebel?

  • The Destruction of the United States Is Intentional. Here's What Will Happen Next.

    09/25/2023 2:53:43 PM PDT · 64 of 64
    Peter ODonnell to All

    A lot of this analysis depends on where we are now, in the end time scenario. All approaches saying things will continue to get worse, and then Antichrist is revealed, could be wrong, perhaps the reign of Antichrist is already underway. All the “even worse” things supposed to occur in the future could be said to have begun in 2020. We could be near the end and not the start of the tribulation.

    So what happens next could be the second coming and destruction of the reign of Antichrist. This is how I see it anyway. So who is the already present Antichrist?

    I see that as the reign of antichrists, not one specific person, although there are clearly candidates in full view. Why should any one of them be given special billing, it is their combined effort that has given us the tribulation.

    I would say that my analysis is relatively optimistic because most of the tribulation is done, “he will reign for three and a half years...” well, Nov 2020 to Apr 2024 is exactly that. As the next election is Nov 2024, clearly the end of the rule will not be brought about by an election, at least not one on a regular schedule. What else could bring it about?

    Christians know the answer to that. AND ... there is a solar eclipse visible in parts of the USA on April 8, 2024. Very interesting. I would stay alert for an earlier and not a later end to these troubles.

  • Does Satan Believe in the Rapture?

    09/25/2023 9:48:16 AM PDT · 39 of 72
    Peter ODonnell to All

    Satan gets to run hell in the kingdom age, I suppose perhaps Satan clings to the idea that hell will be a sort of heaven, or perhaps he just looks forward to the awfulness of it.

    In any case, if Satan already exists and is not a future apparition, then he has lots to do now and will have lots to do in the future. Busy busy. Just running the progressive political parties of our planet takes a lot of energy.

  • Fury as Megan Rapinoe REFUSES to sing US National Anthem despite being picked to captain the team for her final ever game

    09/25/2023 12:52:11 AM PDT · 74 of 100
    Peter ODonnell to All

    Anyone who ever heard an athlete singing a national anthem would probably be glad she refused to sing it.

  • Canadian MP claims 'honk honk' is code for 'heil Hitler'

    09/24/2023 1:01:23 PM PDT · 66 of 71
    Peter ODonnell to All

    Well anyway she is wrong, honk honk would be code for f*** Trudeau. It’s a reference to the 2022 truck convoy that invaded Ottawa to protest the COVID regime. It never had any connection to Nazis or Adolf.

  • VIDEO: Justin Trudeau Channels His Inner Fidel in Crazed Ukraine War Speech

    09/24/2023 12:55:53 PM PDT · 23 of 24
    Peter ODonnell to All

    I know it’s hard to believe, but living in Canada I can pretty well guarantee that two thirds or three quarters of Canadians are unaware that Justin Trudeau could be the son of Fidel Castro and not the widely revered elder Trudeau, and of that one-third or one-quarter, about half would think it either did not matter, or was a good thing.

    Canada is just Portland (Oregon) on a national scale, basically. I wish I could relocate to a reasonably conservative area as it’s quite leftist even in rural eastern BC nowadays. A few parts of Alberta are about all that are still relatively sane now. On the other hand, there is so little awareness that people are political zombies more so than zealots. It is like living in a country without adults, just all teenagers. Thus Justin who never grew up is perfectly suited to run it.

  • Crocodiles save dog stranded in river instead of eating it - in possible case of 'emotional empathy'

    09/24/2023 1:00:38 AM PDT · 27 of 29
    Peter ODonnell to All

    It was Be Kind to Dogs Day in crocodile world. Tuesday will be All You Can Eat Buffet. Dogs take note.

  • Russian foreign minister says the US is “directly at war” with Moscow

    09/24/2023 12:50:57 AM PDT · 120 of 143
    Peter ODonnell to MarMema

    I am of course very concerned about risks involved but if in fact powers not clearly evident are corresponding in order to turn situation into a money-making exercise for all parties, at the expense of the ordinary Ukrainian citizens, then who would escalate this into a wider war or a nuclear exchange, unless there is also cash to be gained from it as well?

    I don’t see good guys and bad guys in this, just perfectly disguised evil with the only real objective to enrich a class of oligarchs and billionaires, who have bought governments and NATO. If Putin wanted to escalate, would he not already have done so after several large-scale provocations? I don’t see where he has escalated, the war seems steady-state to me. Certainly open to different perspectives on this however.

  • Trudeau and Zelensky public "reception" in Toronto

    09/23/2023 3:42:19 PM PDT · 13 of 19
    Peter ODonnell to Peter ODonnell

    ... “change very much” ... I have to add all the m’s after typing the rest, key sticking ... :)

  • Trudeau and Zelensky public "reception" in Toronto

    09/23/2023 3:39:49 PM PDT · 12 of 19
    Peter ODonnell to All

    The big question up here is this, would the CPC under Poilievre change very uch, or would they do what they have done in the past, get elected on outrage over Liberal wrongdoing, then govern like a cleaned up Liberal party?

    Those in the 4% PPC support column know the answer to that question, and that is why only a handful of PPC supporters have defected. A few more PPC supporters probably will defect, not wishing to split the vote and keep the Liberals in power, but most of us have been burned too any times by CPC lies and evasions, and we don’t see Poilievre as any more likely than Harper or other CPC leaders to make serious changes. They say they will ...

    but we don’t believe it any more.

    The choice is basically the same as American voters face, Trump or some moderate RINO alternative? It’s an easy answer for you, but for Canadians, with no presidential system, voting for competent PPC leader is compromised by fear of getting noobs as members of parliament and making it all pointless.

  • Russian foreign minister says the US is “directly at war” with Moscow

    09/23/2023 3:29:36 PM PDT · 61 of 143
    Peter ODonnell to All

    Correct, we are at war ... and it won’t escalate.

    You can draw only one logical conclusion. This war is about profits for certain people associated with arms manufacturers and other suppliers in position to profit.

    It’s true to state also that Ukrainian people are being used as fodder for this enterprise.

    It casts doubt on the stated version of “truth” that western NATO nations are opposed to Putin. Does it not in fact make more sense to suppose NATO and Putin have tacitly agreed to allow this bloodbath to continue, as oligarchs on both sides cash in? If not, why not?

    And what does that make Zelensky but controlled opposition, a prod to the enabling NATO parliaments to keep the cash flowing freely? Where does it all end up? Not all goes to the arms traders, some is probably siphoned off by corrupt politicians. 1% of 40 billion dollars is 400 million dollars, and 10% is 4 billion. That won’t easily be seen in a system without audit or oversight. We can guess who is getting those table scraps and probably double dipping from kickbacks from profiteers.

    We need to end this crazy and corrupt enterprise, by voting out all who support it.

  • Defence minister declines to immediately deny India might have sabotaged Canada's plane

    09/22/2023 5:25:29 PM PDT · 14 of 16
    Peter ODonnell to All

    We don’t have a presidential plane, cuz we don’t have a president. Of course, neither do y’all.

    Anyway, accusations that the Liberal Party of Canada are funded by drug money strike me as mild accusations, not wild accusations. In general, Canada is probably a leading center for money laundering, BC casinos have been investigated for that in recent years. There is a huge gang presence in all larger Canadian cities and no real appearance of concern about it from any level of government. Canadians are generally speaking unarmed outside of hunting season usage, and there are very few gun crimes except for those involving gang on gang violence. In that narrow segment the level of violence is considerable, not quite up to mexican levels, but otherwise there is probably little threat of guns being used for other forms of crime.

    Personally I would imagine India did send in a team to end the agitation of the Khalistan advocate, as India’s stated policy is to disrupt any movement towards Sikh independence; whether true or false, the Indian government must have had strong belief that their target was effectively organizing support and possibly engaged in terrorist activity although it’s easy enough to say support itself is terrorist activity. As for Trudeau’s contention that India is interfering in “Canadian values,” I don’t know anybody who would fully agree that support for independence of Khalistan is a “Canadian value,” it’s probably not on anyone’s radar at all unless they are of the Sikh religion, and as to whether or not it’s lawful conduct, that would depend on exactly what activities were going on.

    I would not expect any foreign government to turn a blind eye to support of domestic turmoil of any kind, and it was probably a lapse of due diligence by our intel services that led to the escalation of this situation to the point that India felt a need to take this on-paper illegal activity violating sovereignty. Allowing the Sikh leader to provoke the response is in a way also a violation of India’s sovereignty. Even if it’s a cause people could widely support such as South Sudan’s freedom from Sudan, nobody should expect a lack of response if movements were being organized from our country. I suppose India is bound to deny involvement, but it’s rather unlikely that anyone else felt any need to assassinate the person in question, unless it would be a Canadian of non-Sikh Indian background who felt strongly about it, and in which case, acting entirely alone or with some support from New Delhi?

  • NASA predicts large asteroid could smash into Earth in 159 years

    09/20/2023 3:27:25 AM PDT · 8 of 47
    Peter ODonnell to All

    If Bennu, why he not tell us?

  • The West Must Bring China Down

    09/19/2023 8:53:38 PM PDT · 34 of 86
    Peter ODonnell to All

    China’s collapse is a lot like those robots that do housework, you hear about them a lot, but you never see anything happening.

    Who should bring China down? Chinese people, if they are brave enough.

  • Zelenskyy lectures us for failing on climate change objectives

    09/19/2023 3:59:36 PM PDT · 67 of 93
    Peter ODonnell to All

    I was in northern AZ on holiday recently and saw a storm with three conjoined dust devils just off the highway, and my first thought was, this is happening because I failed to support climate change reduction and Zelensky. Anyway they drifted in behind my accelerating car and I am still alive to tell about it. (as they were possibly F-1 or strong F-0, I would be anyway, if perhaps shaken up)

    Off topic, but there are some really bad drivers out there and no doubt thanks to Al Kahol or mary wana ... one guy in a pick up on I-15 weaving through five lanes of 80 mph traffic in SLC, at easily 100 mph, somehow all survived, and another idiot passing on double yellows at night in rural Idaho, just about totalled an oncoming driver, I may have saved a life or two by pulling onto shoulder, then in my rear view mirror on final day of trip, I see a truck forcing a pickup onto the shoulder and then they have a fender bender ripping off front bumper of pick up, no further idea what transpired as I was going “round a bend” in several different ways. Would imagine it was a case of pick up trying to go round slower truck in passing lane, not expecting truck to return to curb lane. Oops. Pro tip, never pass a truck on the right, they can’t see ya. Another pro tip, never drive anywhere near SLC unless you are really, really situationally aware. The number of instances of people switching lanes in wrong direction at very fast speed is startling, and perhaps it’s some new form of voluntary termination of life.


    09/19/2023 3:43:28 PM PDT · 17 of 110
    Peter ODonnell to Peter ODonnell

    Looks like the answer to question posed is basically this:

    Abortion was practised in 18th and 19th centuries, with fairly wide social tolerance, and scattered opposition. The largest political opposition to it (in USA) was at the state level, around 1900. A wikipedia article on the subject never cites one instance of a federal politician taking any stand on abortion (before surgical procedures, “quickening” of the pregnancy resulting in a stillbirth was the widely used type of abortion; surgical abortions were quite frequently applied by early 20th century. The great debate about abortion began in the 1960s.


    09/19/2023 3:36:55 PM PDT · 9 of 110
    Peter ODonnell to All

    In recent history, anyway. We cannot know the pro-life positions of 18th and 19th century presidents, or even first half of 20th century. When did abortion become widely available? I will research that and post an answer later.