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  • Kean wins N.J. race; Riley leads in Ala.

    06/07/2006 8:18:06 PM PDT · 31 of 31
    Brandon to Antoninus
    And Tom Kean Jr. will be member 15 of the Gang of 14.

    And that would be bad ... why? Ever since that deal was brokered, Bush has got his nominees to the floor to a vote, and thence to the federal bench. We've confirmed not one but two conservative Supreme Court justices, when I would have bet big money against one being confirmed 18 months ago. Sure, some conservatives were aching for the "nuclear option", but which would you really rather have -- judges confirmed, sitting on the bench and rendering decisions, or a food fight?

  • Kean wins N.J. race; Riley leads in Ala.

    06/06/2006 8:42:01 PM PDT · 15 of 31
    Brandon to aumrl

    In a Democrat controlled Senate Harry Reid will be majority leader, Chuck Schumer will be chairman of the Judiciary Committee ... want me to go on?

  • Pat "Leaky" Leahy Aided NSA Phone Taps

    05/20/2006 4:08:37 PM PDT · 80 of 84
    Brandon to Txsleuth

    It seems to have passed by a voice vote. No paper trail.

  • DICK MORRIS - "Suddenly it's a race" (Spencer vs. Hillary)

    04/06/2006 5:04:17 AM PDT · 25 of 95
    Brandon to GWB00
    I think Morris is a smart guy -- genuinely. But his newspaper column is strictly fodder for the masses. If you want to know what he really thinks, you have to pay big bucks.
  • Dash to Baghdad Left Top U.S. Generals Divided

    03/12/2006 11:47:18 PM PST · 21 of 134
    Brandon to Ernest_at_the_Beach
    How are you suppose to know what the enemy has planned?

    You can't know for certain, although you can make educated guesses. But because you can't know, you are supposed to analyze the enemy's capabilities, and at least consider the possibility that the bad guys might do what they are able to do. Most military disasters in history are a result (at least in part) of disregarding this fundamental rule.

  • Seaport Security - Tip of the Iceberg or Another Chicken Little?

    02/23/2006 4:48:00 AM PST · 22 of 78
    Brandon to saveliberty
    For once, Novak wasn't just projecting.

    Yep. Even a blind sow finds an acorn every now and again.

  • A Principled Stand On Alito (The DLC opposes a filibuster)

    01/29/2006 3:12:44 PM PST · 49 of 103
    Brandon to Zack Nguyen
    We shouldn't hit the libs too hard here; when a leftist President nominates pro-abortion, anti-family, anti-2nd amendment judges I might want them filibustered too.

    And it will be just as wrong then as it is now.

  • 20 Best Excuses for Calling in Sick

    01/16/2006 11:27:50 AM PST · 19 of 38
    Brandon to laney

    The voices are telling me to stay home and clean my gun collection.

  • Vanity: Possible Senario for Delay's Replacement??

    01/08/2006 5:01:18 AM PST · 3 of 14
    Brandon to musicman
    1. Hastert will never accept a demotion.

    2. The House will never elect a non-member as Speaker, regardless of the legalities.

    3. Dole is very old news. His day is past. Plus, even if point #2 is ignored, proposing Dole for the position would likely lead to a revolt among some of the more conservative members of the GOP caucus.

    4. Open White House meddling in the selection of the House majority leader/Speaker would cause great unhappiness in the House.

  • Pres. Bush was just on LIVE - he's mad (vanity)

    12/17/2005 8:57:03 AM PST · 229 of 760
    Brandon to STARWISE
    I notice the $$ gang on Fox is not taking it up.

    I believe those Saturday morning shows are taped on Friday afternoon.

  • Incipiency

    10/25/2005 3:17:14 PM PDT · 6 of 8
    Brandon to Cicero
    Absent the war on terror, I honestly cannot support this President if Miers is confirmed.

    That's too bad. It might actually give the writer some leverage -- if it weren't for the fact that Bush doesn't need his (or anyone else's) vote, for anything, ever again.

  • We was robbed!! Sox 2 Angels 1

    10/13/2005 6:03:38 PM PDT · 340 of 353
    Brandon to Alberta's Child
    It is important to remember that a manager cannot lodge a formal protest over an umpire's judgement. Formal protests are only permitted when a manager is questioning an umpire's application of the rules.

    Which is an important point: If the Angels really thought that the batter had been called out, and then was allowed to take first, that would be a misapplication of the rules, and grounds for a protest. The fact that 24 hours later no protest has been filed, suggests that the Angels know they don't have a leg to stand on.

  • Stopping Miers: Is it possible?

    10/04/2005 4:45:36 PM PDT · 214 of 281
    Brandon to jdhljc169
    What's John Roberts have to do with it? Possibly everything. Remember that Miers led the search team that ultimately produced the Roberts nomination. The committee (and Miers) almost certainly recommended Roberts. Why do I say this? Because you don't overrule someone and then promote them (as the President is doing with Miers). The selection of Miers for the second slot strongly suggests that the President liked what he heard and saw from Miers during the search process that produced Roberts.

    My question comes back to this...Out of all the picks, if she wasn't the president's friend, would she have gotten the nomination?

    Possibly not. But in politics who you know always matters.

  • Nomination of John G. Roberts [LIVE thread 9-12]

    09/12/2005 5:30:07 AM PDT · 14 of 1,184
    Brandon to hoosiermama
    How did both IN Senators get on Panel I?

    The Senators from the nominee's home state traditionally escort him and introduce him to the committee members. It's a ceremonial thing. Warner got added on because Roberts lived in Virginia until recently.

  • Obese Woman Cited For Not Wearing Seat Belt

    06/09/2005 3:54:05 AM PDT · 5 of 62
    Brandon to MississippiMasterpiece
    Monger has since obtained a seat belt extender from a local Ford dealer.

    She'd been pulled over several times for the same thing, but didn't get around to fixing the problem until she was actually fined. No sympathy.

  • save toby

    03/30/2005 7:40:40 AM PST · 37 of 41
    Brandon to tiamat

    Years and years ago (early 80s, maybe late 70s) SNL did their "Larry the Lobster" schtick. They had this lobster, and had set up two 1-900 numbers -- one number to call if you wanted to save Larry, and the other if you wanted them to eat Larry. Periodically they would break into their "regular programming" to tell you which side was ahead, and to update the audience on how much money the phone company was raking in on all those 1-900 calls.

  • Question for Legal Minds (Terri's case)

    03/30/2005 7:15:17 AM PST · 49 of 50
    Brandon to walford
    This case dramatically illustrates the fact that at least in Florida, this is precisely what one is doing when signing on the dotted line of a marriage license.

    Anyone who gets married without being aware of these things is an idiot. And anyone who would marry someone who they didn't trust with this power is an idiot squared.

    Marriage is a unique institution in our society. It is considered to be so solemn, private and intimate that courts may not inquire as to the private communications between husband and wife. No such "parental privelege" exists. Ironically, it is many of the same people who have championed the uniqueness and sanctity of the marital relationship vis a vis same sex marriages who now are howling that really it ought not to be the spouse who makes life-and-death decisions for those unable to make their own decisions, but the parents.

    It's a funny world.

  • Question for Legal Minds (Terri's case)

    03/28/2005 3:48:00 PM PST · 17 of 50
    Brandon to walford
    It is doubtful that most people who marry would consciously agree to put their spouse in the position wherein if they are disabled they would grant near arbitrary authority to spend funds allocated for health care on euthanasia lawyers, deny antibiotics, halt dental care, restrict parental visitation, forbid swallowing training, withdraw nutrition when the diagnosis is disputed etc.

    I would be unwilling to marry someone who I could not trust in this manner. I suspect most people would agree.

  • Books: Is "Singularity" the new "DaVinci Code?" (vanity)

    02/01/2005 11:07:02 PM PST · 26 of 73
    Brandon to paulat

    If there was no crater, that would suggest an airburst, which would be possible if the object had significant pockets of frozen gasses within it -- they would heat up faster than the surrounding rock while entering the Earth's atmosphere, and the result could be an explosion close enough to cause widespread damage, but not close enough to leave a crater. Also, iirc, no one was able to investigate the site until somewhere around 1920, due to its remoteness and the distraction provided by WWI, so even if there was a smallish crater, the signs might have eroded away by then.

  • A presidential helicopter that isn't all-American?

    01/30/2005 9:07:12 PM PST · 29 of 75
    Brandon to beaelysium
    This is about American jobs.

    No it isn't. It's about the safety of the president of the United States, his family and staff.