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  • Richard Spencer, Trump's former Navy secretary, endorses Michael Bloomberg in 2020 race

    02/07/2020 12:43:07 PM PST · by AndyJackson · 62 replies
    The Washington TImes ^ | February 7, 2020 | Andrew Blake
    Richard V. Spencer, President Trump’s ousted former Navy secretary, endorsed on Friday the opposing White House campaign of Democratic candidate Michael R. Bloomberg. Mr. Spencer, who was asked to resign in November amid a dispute involving retired Navy SEAL and convicted war criminal Edward R. Gallagher, stumped for Mr. Bloomberg during a campaign event held in Virginia shortly after his support was announced on the candidate’s official website. Speaking near a naval base in Norfolk, Mr. Spencer touted the billionaire media mogul and former New York City mayor for having characteristics crucial to running the country. We need a leader...
  • Malkin: ‘Believe Women’ is perilous baloney

    09/30/2018 10:31:47 AM PDT · by AndyJackson · 24 replies
    Conservative Review ^ | September 19, 2018 | Michelle Malkin
    I have a message for virtue-signaling men who’ve rushed to embrace #MeToo operatives hurling uncorroborated sexual assault allegations into the chaotic court of public opinion. Stuff it. Your blanket “Believe Women” bloviations are moral and intellectual abominations that insult every human being of sound mind and soul. A certain class of never-Trump harumphers are leading the charge on behalf of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh’s memory-addled partisan accuser Christine Blasey Ford — who cannot recall the year she was allegedly traumatized, where it happened, who threw the party that paralyzed her for nearly four decades, how many were in attendance...
  • James Mattis on American Foreign Policy at Dartmouth

    09/23/2018 12:00:00 PM PDT · by AndyJackson · 34 replies
    Powerline Blog ^ | SEPTEMBER 22, 2018 | James Mattis
    Watch video of our great hero Some notable quotes: What I want our adversary to know is please work with our State Department. You really don’t want to work with me. That’s our message. America today is emerging from a period of strategic atrophy. To be out of Washington DC I am so happy I could cry. We have changed our tactics from attrition to annihilation. We surround the enemy and eliminate it.
  • Washington, D.C., Braces for White Nationalist Rally [Barf]

    08/12/2018 12:03:14 PM PDT · by AndyJackson · 16 replies
    Fortune Magazine ^ | August 11, 2018 | BLOOMBERG
    Washington is bracing for a white nationalist rally [Unite the Right 2] that law enforcement agencies will try to prevent from descending into a melee like the one in Charlottesville, Virginia, that cast a shadow over Donald Trump’s presidency a year ago. .... Marking the anniversary on Saturday, Trump condemned “all types of racism and acts of violence,” a shift from his widely-criticized equivocation of 2017. ..... “I think there is blame on both sides,” Trump said during a press conference in the lobby of Trump Tower in New York. He added that the white nationalist protesters in Charlottesville included...
  • Rosenstein not smiling anymore after House Republican’s spotted with his impeachment docs

    07/15/2018 6:09:46 AM PDT · by AndyJackson · 111 replies
    BizPacReview ^ | 7/14./2018 | Vivek Saxena
    Two House Republicans are seeking to file impeachment documents against Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein as early as Monday, according to Capitol Hill sources who spoke with Politico. .... Listen to Jordan examine Rosenstein [Why are you keeping information from Congress. I have provided Congress with all appropriate information...Why did you redact the name of Judge Contreras"]
  • The Anti-Trump Conservative Firing Circle Is Wildly Out Of Touch With The American Electorate

    07/10/2018 7:14:20 PM PDT · by AndyJackson · 32 replies
    The Federalist ^ | 7/10/2018 | Michael Doran
    Donald Trump, it turned out, read the conservative electorate much more accurately than the finest minds in Republican punditry. Their response is revenge. In his rebuttal of Emerald Robinson’s attack on President Trump’s conservative critics, Jonah Goldberg singled me out for opprobrium because I applauded her thesis on Twitter. .... Rubio, Silver explained, was almost every Republican’s fallback candidate. He was the first choice of only one group: “cosmopolitan conservatives.” Silver’s label hit me with a jolt of self-recognition. I have degrees from Stanford and Princeton universities, spend many weeks of every year abroad, and live and work in uber-liberal...
  • Trump’s Psychopathology Is Getting Worse [BARF]

    07/04/2018 7:22:44 PM PDT · by AndyJackson · 47 replies
    Project Syndicate: The World's Opinion Page ^ | July 3, 2018 | JEFFREY D. SACHS , BANDY X. LEE
    Most pundits interpret the US president’s outbursts as playing to his political base, or preening for the cameras, or blustering for the sake of striking future deals. In fact, Trump suffers from several psychological pathologies that render him a clear and present danger to the world. NEW YORK – Seemingly every day now, US President Donald Trump escalates his policy and personal attacks against other countries and their heads of state, the poor and the weak, and migrant families. Most recently, Trump has championed the heartless separation of migrant children from their parents. Though public outrage may have forced him...
  • In Donald Trump, Some See The End Of The World Order

    06/09/2018 6:41:41 AM PDT · by AndyJackson · 119 replies
    NDTV The Washington Post ^ | June 09, 2018 | Karen Deyoung
    ... The most recent episode began with Friday's Group of Seven summit in Quebec, .... It followed Trump's decision not to exempt any of them from new U.S. "national security" tariffs on steel and aluminum imports. That ruling came on the heels of nearly 18 months of clashes over climate change, trade, NATO, Iran and other issues on a list so long it is hard to remember everything on it. "What worries me most . . . is the fact that the rules-based international order is being challenged," European Council President Donald Tusk said
  • Sinclair's script for stations ["Extremely dangerous for our democracy"]

    04/01/2018 7:43:26 AM PDT · by AndyJackson · 25 replies
    You Tube ^ | March 31, 2018
    Extremely humerous - A pastiche of common memes reiterated across the spectrum of newsbabes and metrosexual newsboobs. This video puts the lie to any claim that we have "independent" journalists providing our television news.
  • Sharyl Attkisson Explains the Origins of the 2016 'Fake News' Narrative in TedX Talk

    02/15/2018 5:04:09 AM PST · by AndyJackson · 27 replies
    PJ Media ^ | FEBRUARY 14, 2018 | DEBRA HEINE
    In a Tedx Talk at the University of Nevada a couple of weeks ago, investigative journalist Sharyl Attkisson revealed the origins of the "fake news" narrative that was aggressively pushed by the liberal media and Democrat politicians during the 2016 election, and how it was later flipped by President Donald Trump. Attkisson pointed out that "fake news" in the form of tabloid journalism and false media narratives has always been around under different names. But she noticed in 2016, there seemed to be a concerted effort by the MSM to focus America's attention on the idea of "fake news" in...
  • US Constitution and Insurrection

    02/11/2018 8:06:42 AM PST · by AndyJackson · 33 replies
    US Constitution ^ | June 21, 1788 | James Madison, Alexander Hamilton
    Q anon tells us to expand our thinking, Seals [SEALS] are wonderful creatures, and work fast at capturing their prey." Well let us broaden our thinking and look at some of the frequently overlooked powers under the US constitution pertaining to "insurrection." After all bonus marchers aside, how long has it been since we have faced genuine "insurrection" within the boarders of the US? First, what is insurrection? The dictionary defines it as "a violent uprising against an authority or government." 18 US Code §§2381-2390 address TREASON, SEDITION, AND SUBVERSIVE ACTIVITIES. For instance 18 U.S. Code § 2383 states "Whoever...
  • Leaks, feasts and sex parties: How ‘Fat Leonard’ infiltrated the Navy’s floating headquarters

    02/02/2018 7:47:06 AM PST · by AndyJackson · 16 replies
    Washington Post ^ | 1/31/2018 | Craig Whitlock
    ... Francis [Fat Leonard] systematically infiltrated the Blue Ridge ...Francis doled out illicit gifts, hosted epicurean feasts and sponsored sex parties for Blue Ridge personnel...Officers from the Blue Ridge consumed or pocketed about $1 million in gourmet meals, liquor, cash, vacations, airline tickets, tailored suits, Cuban cigars, luxury watches, cases of beef, designer handbags, antique furniture and concert tickets — and reveled in the attention of an armada of prostitutes ... he then prodded his moles on the Blue Ridge to reroute aircraft carriers and other vessels to ports controlled by his firm so he could more easily overcharge the...
  • Nauert: Kelly called State Dept to knock down reports of Tillerson ouster

    11/30/2017 12:37:42 PM PST · by AndyJackson · 55 replies
    The Hill ^ | 11/30?2017 3:26 PM | Max Greenwood
    White House chief of staff John Kelly called the State Department on Thursday to dispel media reports that a plan had been developed to remove Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, agency spokeswoman Heather Nauert said.
  • It’s What Bob Corker Does Next That Counts

    10/09/2017 7:47:22 AM PDT · by AndyJackson · 46 replies
    The Atlantic ^ | Oct 8 2017 | James Fallows
    ...Senator Bob Corker ... deserves credit for saying ... what ... prominent Republicans have known ... Namely: that Donald Trump is irrational, ill-informed, impulsive, unfit for command, and increasingly a danger to the country and the world. “I know for a fact that every single day at the White House, it’s a situation of trying to contain him[.]” ...[the "responsible" GOPeers] consider him intellectually unaware of the cliffs toward which he is steering the country, and temperamentally unable to exercise anything like mature judgment.
  • Report: Fed Bureaucracies Commit Thousands Of Felonies Every Day [Hiring Thousands Illegally]

    09/20/2017 3:53:49 PM PDT · by AndyJackson · 25 replies
    Daily Caller ^ | 09/20/2017 | TIM PEARCE
    Bureaucracies have successfully evaded congressional budget oversight for years by illegally hiring contract labor to take the place of employees, according to a Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI) report released Tuesday. Bureaucracies commit thousands of felonies a day, misappropriating funds not approved by Congress and expanding agency influence at a time when government agencies should cut back. Bureaucracies freeze hiring new employees, ideally to stop expansion and cut costs, when under pressure to reform or adapt to budget cuts. Many agencies continue to grow despite budget cutbacks, however, by illegally hiring outside contract labor. “While contracting for these services is contrary...
  • Donald Skunks the Democrats

    06/24/2017 8:24:02 PM PDT · by AndyJackson · 83 replies
    NY Times - Opinion ^ | 6/24/2014 | Maureen Dowd
    ..."It's Trump for and us zero," says...Tim Ryan of Ohio...we're doiong something wrong here because a) he's president and b) we're still losing to his candidates." ...The Repubulicans have a wildly unpopular, unstable and untruthful president, and a Congress that veers between doing nothing and spitting out vicious bills, while the Democratic base is on fire and appalled millennials are racing away from Trump. Yet Democrats are stuck in loser gear.. Trump's fatal flow is that he cannot drag himself away from the mirror. "We congenitally believe that our motives are pure and our goals are right," Rahm Emanuel told...
  • Jeanine Pirro: Opening Statement [It's back to business as usual for GOPe]

    06/17/2017 7:33:10 PM PDT · by AndyJackson · 94 replies
    Twitter: Fox News ^ | 6/17/2017 | Jeanine Pirro
    Summary - Judge Jeanine asks where is GOPe on defending Trump. They are not interested because, for them, getting rid of Trump is a return to business as usual. Hillary as President would have been no problem. Trump is. They think they can get rid of Trump and by the 2018 election everything will be fine
  • Navy Officer Heads To Prison For Six Years In Bizarre Romance Scandal

    06/04/2017 7:01:29 PM PDT · by AndyJackson · 24 replies
    Daily Caller ^ | June 3, 2017 | Jonah Bennett
    Naval officer Lt. Cmdr. Edward C. Lin will serve six years in prison for mishandling classified information in an attempt to impress women. As part of a plea deal, Lin will only have to serve six years instead of the nine that Judge Cmdr. Robert Monahan sentenced him to Friday, and since he’s already spent 646 days in prison, he effectively has only four years left of confinement, The Virginian-Pilot reports. He will also be dismissed from the Navy and lose all pay allowance. Prosecutors wanted 12 years and the defense hoped to bring down the sentence to 1.5 years...
  • New Kushner-Russia Story Stokes Concern of West Wing Leakers

    05/28/2017 9:22:26 AM PDT · by AndyJackson · 38 replies
    Polizette ^ | May 28, 2017 | Magaret Menge
    The latest claim stems from a supposed meeting that President Trump's son-in-law, Jared Kushner, and Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn had on Dec. 1 or 2 with the Russian ambassador, Sergey Kislyak. According to The Washington Post, U.S. officials who reviewed intercepts between Kislyak and Moscow saw that Kushner requested "a secret [communications] channel with Moscow rather than relying on traditional government systems." ...Interestingly, The Washington Post apparently received its tip about this story through an anonymous letter it received in December — whose full contents the newspaper has not revealed.
  • Harvard’s Class Gap:Can the academy understand Donald Trump’s “forgotten” Americans?

    05/23/2017 5:25:35 AM PDT · by AndyJackson · 16 replies
    Harvard Magazine ^ | May-June 2017 | Richard D Kahlenberg
    THE GAP BETWEEN coastal elites and America’s white working class has been growing for decades, but in the wee hours of November 9, America’s intellectuals discovered that they had been drowned in a tidal wave of anger and frustration. Harvard students may have supported Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump by 80 percent to 6 percent, and 91 percent of Harvard faculty members’ campaign contributions may have gone to Clinton—but none of that mattered as non-college-educated whites delivered a convincing electoral college victory to a man whom many elites abhorred. If selective colleges are the place where smart high-school kids begin...