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Activism (Religion)

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  • Dem Bones

    09/20/2022 10:09:24 AM PDT · by MurrietaMadman · 6 replies ^ | September 17, 2022 | Me
    Cancellous Bones, the Rib and Creation…Cancellous bone makes up about 20 percent of the human skeleton, providing structural support and flexibility without the weight of compact bone. It is found in most areas of bone that are not subject to great mechanical stress. It makes up much of the enlarged ends (epiphyses) of the long bones and is the major component of the ribs, the shoulder blades, the flat bones of the skull, and a variety of short, flat bones elsewhere in the skeleton.Cancellous bone is usually surrounded by a shell of compact bone, which provides greater strength and...
  • Walking in God Almightys Favor[charismatic caucus]

    09/12/2022 2:02:32 AM PDT · by Jedediah · 2 replies
    Forecasting the favor of my spirit is easy to seize, By doing my will finds My favor willing to please, Answering your declarations and heart's desire, For as you move in my will, you attract my Holy Fire 🔥, Your faith in action confuses the enemy, Combined with praise and worship blinds their eyes so they can not see, My very will forecast ahead of you, By You speaking my words of knowledge as a preview, Of miracles, signs and wonders about to arrive ! With legions of my mighty angels by your side ! Truly you are now one...
  • Walking I God Almightys Favor[charismatic caucus]

    09/12/2022 1:50:25 AM PDT · by Jedediah · 1 replies
    Forecasting the favor of my spirit is easy to seize, By doing my will finds My favor willing to please, Answering your declarations and heart's desire, For as you move in my will, you attract my Holy Fire 🔥, Your faith in action confuses the enemy, Combined with praise and worship blinds their eyes so they can not see, My very will forecast ahead of you, By You speaking my words of knowledge as a preview, Of miracles, signs and wonders about to arrive ! With legions of my mighty angels by your side ! Truly you are now one...
  • The Atlantic Magazine MUST Apologize… bigoted against Rosary.

    08/27/2022 2:23:04 PM PDT · by Angelino97 · 67 replies
    America Needs Fatima ^ | August 26, 2022 | Robert Ritchie
    On August 14, The Atlantic published a blasphemous article by Daniel Panneton titled, “How Extremist Gun Culture Is Trying to Co-Opt the Rosary.” In it, he tries to portray the sacramental, first promoted by Saint Dominic, as an extremist far-right symbol that poses a violent threat to society. Here are some of the things the author said in his article: * Attacking those who faithfully recite the Rosary in reparation for sin, he stated that “armed radical traditionalists have taken up a spiritual notion that the rosary can be a weapon in the fight against evil and turned it into...
  • Pope sees Cardinals as a threat

    08/25/2022 1:37:46 PM PDT · by Gillibrand1 · 20 replies
    Cathcon ^ | 25/8/2022 | CG
    Pope Francis has by no means attributed to the cardinals as figures of universal church leadership the importance that they gained over a thousand years ago and had also visibly expressed more recently since Pope Nicholas II's Papal election decree of 1059. Cardinals were papal legates, great builders and patrons. They often came from great noble families and it was from their formerly very manageable circle that the new popes emerged. Cardinals bore a special co-responsibility for the overall governance of the Church.
  • Something big is coming. What will Francis tell his Cardinals

    08/25/2022 1:35:25 PM PDT · by Gillibrand1 · 22 replies
    Cathcon ^ | 25/8/2022 | CG
    ardinals from all over the world are coming to Rome next week for the Consistory. The rumour mill is bubbling: "Something big is coming", say Vaticanists. Some suspect Francis may clarify the rules for a Pope's resignation or health failure. "Not at the moment, not in the near future". Pope Francis put the kibosh on resignation rumours in several interviews in the first weeks of July. Meeting on 27 August - in the middle of the summer break His trip to L'Aquila to visit the tomb of Celestine V, the first Pope to allow a resignation and then to resign:...
  • The complete collapse of German power in Vatican corridors of powers

    08/24/2022 8:45:22 AM PDT · by Gillibrand1 · 6 replies
    Cathcon ^ | 24/08/2022 | CG
    For several years there was German supremacy: Joseph Ratzinger, alias Pope Benedict XVI, had established an influential network in Rome. Now this system is collapsing - and the former Pope can hardly hope for support. The relationship with Pope Francis seems to have broken down. The downfall of the German supremacy in the Vatican is observed every morning by many. It is quiet at St Peter's this winter, unusually quiet. The pandemic has silenced St Peter's Square. The otherwise usual background noise of pilgrims streaming to St Peter's does not disturb the peace in the Vatican at the moment.
  • Pope's Reign of Terror at the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith

    08/18/2022 7:43:38 AM PDT · by Gillibrand1 · 8 replies
    Cathcon ^ | 18/8/2022 | CG
    Celebration of the Latin Mass now career-ending The Under-Secretary of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith becomes a parish priest in the mountains of the Diocese of Parma. An leading office holder has to resign immediately after a hint from the Apostolic Nunciature in the USA. Purges take place again at the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith in Rome.
  • Diocese supports voodoo-inspired skeleton parody of Virgin Mary

    08/18/2022 7:35:09 AM PDT · by Gillibrand1 · 4 replies
    Cathcon ^ | 18/8/2022 | CG
    Irritation over sculptures made of bones in church. The local newspaper writes of "astonishment and sometimes horror" among some conservative Catholics. The Diocese of Fulda, which is responsible for Kassel, on the other hand, welcomed the opportunity for a meeting of cultures through the show. According to a media report, more works of art are causing discussion at the documenta in Kassel. The new case concerns sculptures by the artist collective, Atis Rezistans from the Caribbean state of Haiti, which are on display in the Catholic Church of St Kunigundis in Kassel.
  • Going for the Gold of God!

    07/24/2022 7:37:43 AM PDT · by Mrs. Warrior
    Going for the Gold of God! Jesus loved His Father so much that he was willing to take off his pure golden crown. Before he began his life of sacrifice, he went to a wedding with his family. It was a time for him to enjoy being with people. The first miracle of turning water into wine was a time to savor drinking the wine before he, as the Vine, was going to be crushed into the vat of human sin. At his trial, Roman soldiers beat a crown of thorns into his head. As blood dripped into his eyes...
  • Unilever deal ends Ben & Jerry’s anti-Israel boycott in hit to BDS

    06/29/2022 8:08:07 AM PDT · by gunsmithkat · 24 replies
    World Israel News ^ | June 29, 2022 | World Israel News Staff
    Unilever distances itself from BDS, announces new deal to allow sale of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream to Israelis in Judea and Samaria. British consumer goods giant Unilever announced Wednesday the end of an anti-Israel ice cream boycott that drew heavy criticism, triggered sanctions by some US states, and even provoked a lawsuit.
  • PBCJolt Interviews Marina Hofman of Moms for America

    05/06/2022 12:39:19 PM PDT · by Jacvin · 2 replies
    PBCJolt ^ | 5/6/22 | Jack Furnari
    Marina Hofman, Ph.D., is a homeschool mom to a sweet 3-year-old daughter, Willow, and shares with us how the inspiring examples of mothers in the Bible are models of courage and faith amid opposition and teach us about faith, life, and parenting. She is also a Bible professor at Palm Beach Atlantic University, award-winning author of Women In The Bible Small Group Bible Study, and President of Moms for America’s Palm Beach County chapter. JF: Tell us about the miracle of your daughter, Willow?
  • Let's Go[charismatic caucus]

    02/04/2022 6:53:32 PM PST · by Jedediah · 2 replies
    Chuck the old and start anew for we are breaking NEW ground and as we proceed there is no need to ever look back for you are my new wine skin and I have healed and removed all brittleness of heart now so invigoration and restoration flow freely through the rivers of your soul. Now come with Me as we redig the wells in others and stir the waters of revival and restoration lifting others up in need of "Hope Restored" for The Voice of many waters is calling to you for His Glory! Genesis 26:17 So Isaac left that...
  • Heart Strings[charismatic caucus]

    02/02/2022 4:45:19 AM PST · by Jedediah · 2 replies
    Jesus ^ | Holy Spirit
    Your voice is virtue on the wing, Take a deep breath and begin to sing, Your heart will explode with my love, And rest upon the hearers as a soft and supple Dove, For you carry all my promises in your heart, For You are the strings of my harp, So sing aloud so others hearken unto to me, For it is My Heart in you that they see . . .
  • Perfect Love[Charismatic Caucus]

    01/26/2022 8:27:46 AM PST · by Jedediah · 3 replies
    Come, rediscover me my children, come back into the arms of the Lover of your soul . Refresh anew your mind and open the eyes of your heart ❤️ to the many facets of the wisdom of My understanding for I AM The Jewel and crown 👑 that you truly seek for as my love causes your heart to expand with My Kingdom you then realize I have always been the mansion and precious silver treasure of your heart's desire . Come, rediscover and receive The Father of lights as never before and witness your eternal dressings in the Glory...
  • Good News Club (( prediction 2022 )) ! Will 2022 produce a worldwide revival ?

    01/21/2022 11:57:42 PM PST · by FRinCanada2 · 17 replies
    Various online resources ^ | Various online resources
    More of a question than a post: It appears to me that 2022 (2 years after the great Public School “PLANDEMIC” shut down) is going to be the years parent regain control of our public school system! I am very interested in the politics of religious based after school programs such as “Good News Club”. The link I posted is intentionally ANTI “Good News Club” however I am personally very PRO Good News Club. As well as PRO any religious program being offered —- key words offered to students requiring parental consent of course. The main point is that parents...
  • Abortion staffer pretends to be injured woman’s mother during 911 call

    01/06/2022 9:48:42 AM PST · by Red Badger · 5 replies ^ | By Cassy Fiano-Chesser | January 5, 2022 , 06:41pm
    A botched abortion that is now part of a medical malpractice lawsuit is under further scrutiny following the release of the 911 call from facility staff. Markeisha Hemsley is suing Capital Women’s Services in Washington, D.C., Moore ObGyn in Maryland, and nurse Khalilah Jefferson for $30 million, claiming that a late-term abortion left her potentially infertile. Hemsley suffered a lacerated cervix, a three-inch tear in her uterus, and massive internal hemorrhaging, as well as an incomplete procedure. Jefferson, who committed the abortion, did not remove the baby’s head. Instead, it was pushed through the hole in Hemsley’s uterus, and ended...
  • Focus on the harvest[Charistmatic caucus]

    01/03/2022 4:21:51 AM PST · by Jedediah · 5 replies
    Bible ^ | Holy Spirit
    There is an opportunity to move with me as never before in this new year for I am bringing in the sheaths as I burn off the dross and as I begin this new harvest of souls, truly you shall see the ease and favor I have bestowed upon you as I did on the day of pentecost for my tongues of fire shall now be your friend and companion yet one in spirit and truth for truly this is the fire of my breath upon my children to bring in those lost and stolen by the enemy returning now...
  • Real AMERICAN history

    12/29/2021 5:16:33 PM PST · by Nextaxpro · 6 replies
    Stormer, The Death of a Nation ^ | December 29 ,2021 | Nextaxpro
  • Protect Wives, Daughters, and Children Project

    12/17/2021 8:47:56 AM PST · by John Leland 1789 · 1 replies
    December 18, 2021 | John Leland 1789
    PROTECT WIVES, DAUGHTERS AND CHILDREN PROJECT: NDAA FY 2022 is now law without the provision requiring all females from age 18 to 26 to register for Selective Service. Thank the Lord. Rep. Chip Roy (R-TX-31) said that there was a massive grassroots surge against the provision. But there will be NDAA FY 2023, 2024, 2025, and on and on. The anti-family forces will not stop. We will not wait until late in 2022 to keep any "draft our daughters" provision out of NDAA FY 2023. The BAPTIST COMMITTEE OF CORRESPONDENCE (BCoC) is part of the grassroots that Rep. Roy spoke...