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  • Trump... Are we being played? Freeper thoughts please.

    07/18/2023 3:00:30 PM PDT · by Dagny Muriel · 178 replies
    Self | 7/17/2023 | Vanity
    As we all know, we live in a time of a 24 hour news cycle. If big news comes out, it will capture attention at best for 48 hours before it is replaced with the next big story. Many have pointed fingers at the timing of Trump being notified of him being the target of an investigation. Notibly, with the whistle blower testistomony Wednesday, the timing seems targeted to cause distraction. This is at least what we are being told. I find a few red flags with this narrative. 1. The testimony only became a big news headline Monday night....
  • Drunk Dialing Vermin Supreme!

    11/30/2022 3:15:54 PM PST · by nakededmund · 19 replies
    YouTube ^ | 11/30/2022 | JC King
    I thought my fellow freepers might enjoy this...I was going through the vault on my old podcast clips and found this clip where I drunk dialed Presidential Candidate and New Hampshire nut job Vermin Supreme. Anyways, I promise to post plenty of other stuff on here and not just my stuff...but I thought this was funny and wanted to share with someone who could appreciate it! Enjoy!
  • Stop talking about Mr Pelosi’s underwear and politicians’ rhetoric. The GOP talking point should be that SF crime is out of control, including break-ins

    10/30/2022 7:34:39 PM PDT · by NeverCheney · 115 replies
    Vanity ^ | Oct 30 2022 | nevercheney
    The same week that Pelosi had his incident, a San Francisco supervisor had his house broken into, and appliances stolen. This Democrat-run city is rampant with crime. THATs what conservative politicians and social media influencers should be talking about, not debating the private life of victim Pelosi Voters care about crime, and this Pelosi incident plays into the theme that Democrats let their cities be overrun by crime. Instead of wasting breath apologizing for harsh political attacks on Pelosi or anybody else, GOP politicians should be hammering on the urban crime issue - hard and loud. Here’s one article from...
  • The Case For George P. Bush-IMHO

    05/23/2022 7:17:37 AM PDT · by DIRTYSECRET · 105 replies
    Incumbent Ken Paxton-8 years in office. Shouldn't he move on to something else? George P's a Trump supporter who went against the entire Bush klan without disowning them. Too many here see him as the family scapegoat. He's been a loyal republican who didn't support Hillary. The left calls us all haters and I can see an element of it here. He'd do well at the job and the case can be made for a change based on party health alone.
  • [Real Fake News] March 2022 North American blizzard

    02/06/2022 5:03:02 PM PST · by Right Wing Vegan · 20 replies
    The March 2022 North American blizzard, alternatively named Winter Storm Mandy, was the costliest and most intense extratropical cyclone ever recorded in the Atlantic. It developed as an elongated trough over the northwestern Caribbean Sea on March 4, and struck the Yucatan Peninsula before moving east-northeast, impacting Florida and the Bahamas before paralleling the east coast of the United States. A combination of the absorption of a second, weaker low-pressure system near Bermuda, an unusually sharp sea surface temperature gradient along its path, a rapidly cooling upper troposphere, and the presence of an anomalously strong jet stream resulted in the...
  • Why the Angst About No School?

    03/31/2021 12:50:47 PM PDT · by Shery · 40 replies
    3.31.2021 | Vanity
    You read everywhere about how unfair it is for our American children to be out of the classroom due to teachers' strikes and governors' policy. Well, maybe instead, we should be counting our blessings! How do you think we've gotten to this situation of woeness and socialism? In the classroom! It is taught on every level and many textbooks make sure the children learn the 'lesson" by using rewritten history to change the narrative and remove the truth from our children's ears. While I know that they can still learn this online through virtual school settings, the parents have a...
  • The Left: Milo Yiannopoulos is grifting on being "Ex-gay". Also the left: Those who declared a gender, changed it, or change it again - not grifting [Vanity]

    03/10/2021 4:46:05 PM PST · by Its All Over Except ... · 35 replies
    3/10/2021 | Its All Over Except...
    Milo Yiannopoulos, who has said he was once abused by clergy, has consecrated his life to St. Joseph, is now living celibate with his "husband" as a housemate, and who will enter "conversion therapy", is already being targeted as a "grifter" by the left. As far as being "ex-gay", he said he's entering conversion therapy and living celibate, so I don't think it's exactly as the left is portraying it. Ironic then if those who said they were a certain gender, now identify as another, may go on to identify as another, or may attempt to revert back, don't seem...
  • Illegal immigration can be a terrible snare or the finest hour for Christians.

    03/07/2021 10:45:15 PM PST · by GardenerForLife · 41 replies
    3/7/2021 | GardenerForLife
    Illegal immigration on our southern border is a terrible situation. There are individuals, families, lone children all of who have less than nothing and have walked thousands of miles with just the hope of finding food, shelter, and maybe work. There are no doubt that some of them are harden criminals. In fact, some statistics show that there is a high probability of the women on these treks being raped. They are pouring into this country by the thousand, bad habits, terrible culture, and all the problems, pain, and all the baggage that creates. The first step they take in...
  • Possible reason for "disaster" narrowly averted, as referred to in recent reply to post.

    02/19/2021 2:18:26 PM PST · by Patriot777 · 54 replies
    2/19/2021, 3:50 PM CST | Patriot777
    Not long after I posted a reply to another post, that in considering what The Republic of Texas is looking to in reference to Governor Abbott and the winter storms disaster declarations, power grid woes and plans to repair / restructure, the word "nuclear" fairly popped into my mind. I wasn't thinking about it. I was musing as to why my stomach was growling after such a bodacious and filling breakfast. And whether I should take a nap before that. How to build a sleet/snowman with a plastic coffee container and whether if it formerly contained a "robust, bold roast",...
  • Sean Hannity, Sit Down and STFUp!

    02/17/2021 1:58:29 PM PST · by blu · 129 replies
    Sean, you've disgraced yourself...again!
  • The speech I think Trump should have given after the steal

    02/16/2021 4:32:22 AM PST · by Mr170IQ · 17 replies
    Me | Feb. 16, 2021 | Me
    The speech I think Trump could have given, 2 days after the election. On election night, the vote counting was stopped in several battleground states, the poll watchers were sent home, and then was secretly resumed to replace tens of thousands of valid ballots with fraudulent ballots for Joe Biden. Hundreds of low-paid workers were brought in in the middle of the night to perform the tasks required for this fraud. I am speaking now to those people who were hired to perform these illegal actions, and offering them a once-in-a-lifetime chance to come clean and redeem their honor. For...

    02/15/2021 5:30:19 PM PST · by knarf · 128 replies
    Media Accountability Collective ^ | January 7, 2021 | MEDIA ACCOUNTABILITY COLLECTIVE
    This will disappear 21 minute video raising serious questions I don't have an answer so I post it for others
  • Some serious questions to ask right now

    02/15/2021 6:03:16 PM PST · by Secret Agent Man · 56 replies
    Why is there a standing army tens of thousands strong in the capitol? For what purpose? Where is the press with screaming questions about this? You know they would be on 24/7 screaming about a military takeover by republicans. The emocrats would be on tv using literal war rhetoric, melting down on tv. The democrats do so and nothing. Explain how nanzi pelosi has any legal delegatd power to do anything with the us military? She has zero. Yet it appears she is calling the shots on how long they stay around. Imagine newt gingrich discussing the military in dc...
  • Welcome to the new Totalitarian States of America

    02/15/2021 4:26:58 PM PST · by The_Harlequin · 23 replies
    Free America | 2-15-21 | The Harlequin
    This is an alternate history scenario that didn't really happen. Consider it something like a concept for a new video game. The included backstory is purely speculative fiction. Welcome to the new Totalitarian States of AmericaIt’s time to understand and accept what’s happened. The time for argument and discussion is over. And complaining about it is about as relvant as French citzins bemoaning how the Nazis are tracking mud up and down the Avenue des Champs-Élysées. The Democrats and their collaborators will do as they please, because they can. They now have the power to subdue anyone, or any group...
  • God Bless Karen!!!

    02/10/2021 7:04:10 PM PST · by dangus · 53 replies
    In case I'm not contrarian enough, here goes: Karen is a hero. Karen wants to speak to the manager. That's what defines Karen. She doesn't want to berate some poor clerk at the register; she knows that poor 17-year-old kid has no authority. She's not going to swipe something because she feels self-justified in doing so. She's not going to get revenge by taking a crap on the heater in the bathroom. She feels, rightly or wrongly, that she has been screwed over and she demands that she be treated as a human being by a human being who is...
  • How the Impeachment Trial will undermine the Biden Presidency:

    01/27/2021 4:38:22 PM PST · by 2harddrive · 25 replies
    Vanity | 01/27/2021 | Vanity
    How the Impeachment Trial will undermine the Biden Presidency: There is no provision in the US Constitution that provides for any person other than the Chief Justice of SCOTUS to oversee an impeachment trial of POTUS. It is explicit! Any senator or congressman or congresswoman is disqualified from presiding over said "trial" of a citizen (other than the POTUS, here, Trump) as they are not impartial, (having been either for or against him in the first trial) which would be grossly improper. The impeachment article reads that it concerns "Donald John Trump, President of the United States" which is now...
  • It's time to embrace the madness... ~Vanity

    01/21/2021 9:29:56 PM PST · by GraceG · 25 replies
    ...Then reach into your pocket grab a knife and while the madness is distracted by your embrace... you stab that sucker right in it's back!!!! But seriously I am thinking the system itself has gotten so bad the best approach is to "Work AROUND" the system while pouring as much sand as we can into it's bloated system. President Trump bought us some time, he was not going to be savior but both a bit of nostalgia to how it was and a reminder of more importantly of HOW IT COULD BE!
  • Impeaching a former Pres WTF, over !

    01/21/2021 3:11:49 PM PST · by Bell Bouy II · 65 replies
    How can a former President be impeached ? I dont get it help me understand WTF is going on !
  • What If Covid is God's Punishment for Abortion?

    01/21/2021 3:08:20 PM PST · by CharlesOConnell · 28 replies
    Self | 01-21-01 | CharlesOconnell
    (To start out, what if there were a God, and He didn't believe in YOU?) Oh, Terrific, so you KNOW that's not true, and the God of your making would never do such a thing, and anyone who would consider the possibility needs a tinfoil hat transplant, they are so crazy. Except that, often, the God of history and eternity doesn't do things especially to avoid offending our delicate sensibilities. Often when I punish my children, they don't even know about the punishment. It's because when I reward them, it isn't to teach them a lesson, it's because some virtuous...
  • A conspiracy theory, but is it real? [vanity]

    01/21/2021 3:12:45 PM PST · by GardenerForLife · 31 replies
    1/21/2021 | Gardener
    We are pretty certain that covid-19 was released from the virology lab in Wuhan, China. What if it was intentionally released by the CCP? China has a population well over 1 billion people. And they know they are over populated. So if a few million die, even if 100 million die would the CCP really care? But who would do that? I mean only completely evil monsters could even attempt such a thing right? Aren't communists known to be exactly that; monsters? Haven't they historically purged their own ranks of millions and tens of millions of their own citizens? However,...