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Keyword: 1930s

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  • Nazis, Muslims and the Jews-Did Nazis carry out the horrific Oct 7th massacre?

    12/01/2023 4:29:34 AM PST · by SJackson · 15 replies
    Frontpagemagazine ^ | December 1, 2023 | Mordechai Nisan
    One of the most accurate aspects about Israel’s war with Hamas in Gaza is the use of the word Nazi to describe the terrorist enemy. No other label or historical parallel could capture the chilling ferocious madness – but not scope – of Palestinian butchery of Israelis. The Nazi vilification epithet has now become conventional Israeli discourse in public and media circles with the vivid revelation – in words and photos – of Palestinian savagery and barbarism by Hamas on October 7. Hamas terrorists, without an ounce of inhibition or remorse, shot youth in cold blood at the music festival...
  • Earlier Pallywood: 1931 blood libel attampt by Falastin - (Falstinian)

    07/13/2023 6:48:01 AM PDT · by Conservat1 · 3 replies
    FALASTIN (FILASTIN - فلسطين‎) : FAKE NEWS RECYCLING ANCIENT BLOOD LIBEL HOAX The Montreal Gazette · ‎Mar 3, 1931 (p. 3) Arab Daily Suspended Is Charged With Publishing Fake News about Jew Jerusalem, March 2. -- Tho High Commissioner of Palestine today closed the offices of the Arab dally newspaper Falastin at Jaffa after it had been charged that the newspaper had falsely reported that a Jew had abducted some Arab children and hinted at the possibility that they mights have been killed for ritual[sic] purposes.The government was said to be considering criminal proceedings against the publisher. The Canadian...
  • 1930s: Less known Arab fascist forces in Mandatory-Palestine; sides from the Mufti himself (part I)

    06/17/2023 10:20:10 PM PDT · by Milagros · 2 replies
    Ibrahim al-Shanti - Ad Difa (Difa'a / Difae الدفاع⁩⁩) - 1930s Ad Difa'a together with Falastin is considered the most prominent and important Arabic newspaper in the Land of Israel-"Palestine" at the time, and in a relatively short time the newspaper managed to reach a wider circulation than the older Falastin. In addition, Al-Difaa managed to attract a number of senior journalists, who wrote about internal Palestinian politics, pan-Arab and pan-Islamic politics as well as on a variety of social issues. The Islamist Ibrahim al-Shanti, together with two other journalists, Sami al-Sarraj and Khair al-Din al-Zarkhli, left the newspaper al-Jama'a...
  • The Left Cashes In On The Real Red Wave

    11/17/2022 5:01:56 AM PST · by MtnClimber · 20 replies
    American Thinker ^ | 17 Nov, 2022 | Eileen F. Toplansky
    Fifty-seven years ago, Ayn Rand predicted the red wave sweeping America today. The Left Cashes In On The Real Red Wave By Eileen F. Toplansky Indeed, there was a red wave but not the one conservatives had hoped for. It was, however, the continuation of the leftists’, Marxists’, and communists’ eternal obsession to destroy America and obliterate her values—and Ayn Rand predicted it in her 1965 seminal book titled The New Left: The Anti-Industrial Revolution. Frighteningly prescient, Rand understood the beginnings of the “intellectual disintegration” that is now front and center in most colleges. Fifty-seven years later, the Left is...
  • Manchukuo, puppet state created by Japan in China [1932]

    10/06/2022 10:29:11 PM PDT · by SunkenCiv · 37 replies
    Encyclopedia Britannica ^ | Last Updated: September 7, 2022 | most recently revised and updated by John M. Cunningham
    Manchukuo, Chinese Manzhouguo, puppet state created in 1932 by Japan out of the three historic provinces of Manchuria (northeastern China). After the Russo-Japanese War (1904–05), Japan gained control of the Russian-built South Manchurian Railway, and its army established a presence in the region; expansion there was seen as necessary for Japan’s status as an emerging world power. In 1931 the Japanese army created an excuse to attack Chinese troops there, and in 1932 Manchukuo was proclaimed an “independent” state. The last Qing emperor was brought out of retirement and made Manchukuo’s ruler, but the state was actually rigidly controlled by...
  • The shout of 'Heil Hitler' became a catchword which rang insolently over all [Arab] Palestine (1938 book)

    09/25/2022 2:55:00 AM PDT · by Conservat1 · 8 replies
    Ziff, William Bernard. The Rape of Palestine. 1938. p.403 Like many other informed men, Duff gave blunt warning that "as soon as the Palestinian leaders understood that Great Britain had really left them to their own devices ... a general massacre of the Jews and the destruction of their colonies would occur." It need occasion no surprise that the words 'Heil Hitler' proved a magic pass- word during the recent rebellion, protecting Europeans against attack.p. 413: All over Palestine groups of brown-clad storm troops were marching, shouting 'Heil Hitler.' At Nablus, boldly operating in the open, was a military training...

    04/04/2022 10:44:33 AM PDT · by V K Lee · 67 replies
    This b&w educational film is about the United States in the 1930s. It was released in 1959. This film is part 1 of 2. FOR PART 2...
  • History Brief: Daily Life in the 1930s

    04/04/2022 10:31:55 AM PDT · by V K Lee · 26 replies
    In this video, the day to day life of American families during the Great Depression is discussed. How did families cope? How did families live?
  • History: Arab-Palestine shifting alliances

    07/20/2020 10:20:40 AM PDT · by Marinario · 2 replies
    Congressional Record: Proceedings and Debates of the ... Congress, Volume 107, Part 24 - United States. Congress - U.S. Government Printing Office, 1961 - Law In 1958 the society issued a special release exposing Shukairy's political background. Our interest in this gentleman stemmed from the fact that, when an emergency session of the UN was convened to alleviate tensions in the Middle East, he "poured scorn on the search for a durable peace and threatened the West with the spectre of war."  Shukairy summed up the Arabs' bellicose attitude towards the West and staked out Nasser's claim to empire, in a speech whose tone...
  • Nazi Arabs: 1930s, 1940s and beyond (Palestine, Iraq, Levant, etc.) [Racism]

    10/01/2021 10:56:08 AM PDT · by Conservat1 · 26 replies
    DP ^ | Oct, 2021
    Nazi Arab: 1930s, 1940s & beyond Hitler was clear about his disdain for the Arab world, writing in Mein Kampf: "As a völkisch man, who appraises the value of men on a racial basis, I am prevented by mere knowledge of the racial inferiority of these so-called 'oppressed nations' from linking the destiny of my own people with theirs".[1] And the Grand Mufti al-Husseini has said "that after the Jews, the Germans would destroy the Arabs— he knew this."[46]In the 1930s, Arab students returning from studying in Europe were determined to found the Arab Nazi party.[2]In February, 1932, the predominat...
  • Russian historian who exposed Stalin's crimes faces enforced psychiatric testing

    01/09/2018 11:39:33 AM PST · by DFG · 20 replies
    Reuters via Yahoo ^ | 01/09/2018 | Andrew Osborn
    A Russian historian whose exposure of Soviet leader Josef Stalin's crimes angered state officials is due to begin enforced psychiatric testing this week amid fears he will be falsely declared insane, his lawyer said on Tuesday. Yuri Dmitriev, 61, is on trial in northwest Russia on charges brought by state prosecutors of involving his adopted daughter, then 11, in child pornography, of illegally possessing "the main elements of" a firearm, and of depravity involving a minor. Some of Russia's leading cultural figures say Dmitriev was framed because his focus on Stalin's crimes - he found a mass grave with up...
  • When Ahmad Shukeiri (Shukairy / Shuqairy) was involved in Mufti's sent gang murdering his moderate brother Dr Anwar Shukeiri

    03/31/2021 12:58:13 PM PDT · by Marinario · 13 replies
    Various sources from the 1930s, '40s and more
    <p>Dr. Anwar Shukiri was shot yesterday at 10.15 a.m. in Acre. He later died at the Italian Hospital in Haifa.</p><p>Two people were arrested.</p><p>Anwar Shukeiri, a 29-year-old doctor who graduated from the American College of Law in the capital, was the son of the old Mufti-of-Acre, a rival of Haj Amin al-Husseini for decades.</p>
  • The Left’s War on the Constitution

    10/21/2020 9:29:50 AM PDT · by Kaslin · 6 replies ^ | October 21, 2020 | Rob Natelson
    Over the past decade, left-leaning opinion makers have been at war against the U.S. Constitution and our Founders. The nomination of originalist judge Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court has provoked renewal of the onslaught. The assault takes several forms, which are discussed below. First, however, let’s see what triggered it.The Constitution limits and distributes political power. American “progressives” almost universally favor a very powerful central government so most do not think highly of the Constitution. Throughout the 20th Century, however, they generally avoided direct criticism. Instead, they contended that the Constitution authorizes, or even mandates, their political agenda.A good...
  • Walking Lincoln's Road

    07/05/2020 4:28:20 AM PDT · by RoosterRedux · 4 replies
    American Thinker ^ | J.R. Dunn
    On this weekend, in the midst of an attempted revolution of halfwits, when the visage of Lincoln has once again been thrust before our eyes, I’m reminded of a bit of history I came across several years ago. In the 1930s, as part of the Depression-era WPA programs meant to lessen the burden of unemployment among the educated, a government oral history program was initiated. Elderly people who had lived through or witnessed historical events were interviewed about what they had seen, in order to flesh out the official records with new points of view. In the South, this meant...
  • 'Jackie Kennedy of China' at Center of Political Drama (Mr&Mrs Bo, Mr Wang,and Dead Brit)

    04/09/2012 8:06:14 AM PDT · by TigerLikesRooster · 14 replies
    'Jackie Kennedy of China' at Center of Political Drama By JEREMY PAGE, BRIAN SPEGELE and STEVE EDER The wife of sacked Communist Party official Bo Xilai made quite an impression when she showed up in Mobile, Ala., 15 years ago with her young son in tow. Denver lawyer Ed Byrne, whom she had hired to represent Chinese companies embroiled in a legal mess in U.S. federal court, was struck by her brains, charm and beauty. Gu Kailai, he says, seemed like the "Jackie Kennedy of China." Gu Kailai was close to a British businessman who died mysteriously. . The business...
  • George Olsen & His Music "Savage Serenade" on Columbia 2810-D (1933)

    06/06/2017 5:26:18 PM PDT · by Arthur McGowan · 5 replies
    YouTube ^ | 1933 | George Olsen
    George Olsen & His Music "Savage Serenade" on Columbia 2810-D, recorded on Sept. 7, 1933.
  • Meteorologist: ‘This Heat Wave Is Child’s Play Compared to 1930s’

    08/16/2016 11:36:09 AM PDT · by Olog-hai · 51 replies
    Cybercast News Service ^ | August 15, 2016 | 4:54 PM EDT | Penny Starr
    Meteorologist Joe Bastardi says the current heat wave in most parts of the U.S. — which tied the 135-year-old record temperature in Washington, D.C. on Saturday — is “child’s play compared to the 1930s.” […] “Washington area farmers were certainly not spared in 1930, as intense, prolonged hot spells gripped the region during late July and early August,” according to a 2010 article in the Washington Post. “The official temperature recorded on July 20 was 106°F, which holds the record as the highest temperature ever recorded in Washington. “Unofficially, 110°F was recorded that same day on Pennsylvania Avenue and 108°F...
  • Children of the 1930s: “The Last Ones”

    04/11/2016 2:17:44 PM PDT · by HomerBohn · 37 replies
    Today's email | 4/11/2016 | Unknown
    Born in the 1930s we exist as a very special age cohort. We are the “last ones.” We are the last, climbing out of the depression, who can remember the winds of war and the war itself with fathers and uncles going off. We are the last to remember ration books for everything from sugar to shoes to stoves. We saved tin foil and poured fat into tin cans. We saw cars up on blocks because tires weren’t available. My mother delivered milk in a horse drawn cart. We are the last to hear Roosevelt’s radio assurances and to see...
  • At the United Nations, the Curious Career of Maurice Strong

    02/07/2007 7:12:44 PM PST · by RKV · 30 replies · 1,384+ views
    Fox News ^ | Claudia Rosett and George Russell
    NEW YORK — Before the United Nations can save the planet, it needs to clean up its own house. And as scandal after scandal has unfolded over the past decade, from Oil for Food to procurement fraud to peacekeeper rape, the size of that job has become stunningly clear. But any understanding of the real efforts that job entails should begin with a look at the long and murky career of Maurice Strong, the man who may have had the most to do with what the U.N. has become today, and still sparks controversy even after he claims to have...
  • "Hylton Stomp" is played by Jack Hylton & His Orchestra (1932)

    10/10/2015 4:55:48 PM PDT · by Arthur McGowan · 7 replies
    YouTube ^ | 1932 | Billy Ternent
    "Hylton Stomp" is played by Jack Hylton & His Orchestra. This was composed by Billy Ternent, who also did arrangements for Hylton. Recorded in London on October 12, 1932. Jack Hylton is the director. Musicians here are Philippe Brun, Jack Reine, Les Carew, Eric Breeze, Johnny Raitz, Noel "Chappie" D'Amato, Abe Romaine, Dave Shand, Billy Ternent, Johnny Rosen, Maurice Loban, Dick Williams, Billy Munn, Sonny Farrar, Harry Chapman, Clem Lawton, Spike Hughes, Max Abrams, and Gilbert Webster.