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Twitter Says Calling Boulder Shooter a 'White Christian Terrorist' Is OK


POST JAN.6.2021

Of course pro-Trump rally demonstrators prior -attack on the Calitol- are overwhelmingly not racist. Assuming, hopefully with pressure post Jan-6, FBI will crack down on Nazis. The downside of the aftermath is the radical left successfully generalizing negatively the conservative -overwhelmingly- decent people.



1. Pushed to bloodshed at least since 1920.
['Arab Riots of the 1920’s.' By Jacqueline Shields. JWL]
Culminating ['MOSLEMS DENOUNCE MUFTI OF PALESTINE; Opposition Group Holds Him Responsible for the Recent Jewish-Arab Clashes. AMBITION GIVEN AS MOTIVE Populace Growing impatient at the Decay in Punishing Those Guilty of Attacks.' By Joseph M. Levy. Staff Correspondent of the New York Times, Sept. 19, 1929]
with the Hebron 1929 massacre where an Arab-Muslim mob slaughtered 67 non-Zionist unarmed pious Jews.
[Richard L. Rubenstein: 'Jihad and Genocide' Rowman & Littlefield, 2010. p.63: The worst carnage took place in Hebron during the week of August 23 , 1929. About sixty-seven unarmed, anti-Zionist Orthodox Jews of all ages were the victims of the mob's homicidal rage...]

"While over 400 were saved by local Arab families"
['This Week in History: The 1929 Hebron Massacre,' by Micharl Omer-Man, Jerusalem Post, Aug. 26, 2011]

The brutality was immense
[1929 Pogrom [pra'ot Tatpat], Daat (translated):
... The rioters attacked the baker and burned his head in a primus stove which they lit,  set him on fire, and when they saw that he was still alive, they beat his intestines with daggers ... One girl begged the murderers to kill her and when they "felt sorry for her" they rattled her stomach and burned her intestines.  (Book of Hebron, page 418)]

For a week, the Mufti's people disseminated fake information, including fake photomontage of Omar Mosque with a Zionist flag on its turret.
[Bitzaron, Volumes 55-56 - Pages 77-78, 1966. Chaviv Canaan, "The Mufti's War on the Jews". ... For a week before the day of the eruption, photographs of Omar Mosque with a Zionist flag on its turret. It was a fake photomontage he needed to prove to the ignorant masses that Haj Amin's struggle against the Jews' attempts to take over the mosque was right...]

It was at the relatively lowest time of immigration.
[Excuses such as the Arab fear of an influx of Jewish immigrants can be readily dismissed as in 1929, the rate of Jewish immigration was at a low point. ...
According to Army of Shadows: Palestinian Collaboration with Zionism, 1917-1948 by Hillel Cohen:  
"Already in the 1920s, Husseini began calling his opponents, primarily the notables of the rival Nashashibi clan, "traitors"-- this at a time when there were no clear policy differences between them. (Both the Husseinis and the Nashashibis wanted all of Palestine for the Arabs, opposed all Jewish immigration, regarded the Zionists as aggressive usurpers, and so on.) Cohen argues that the Husseinis' routine use of the terms "traitor" and "collaborator" denuded them of all moral weight or political significance."
They resorted to murder of fellow Arabs, as .. in the collective memory of the Arabs they are known as the first "Arab Revolt"--which were triggered by Arab fears, methodically stirred up by Hajj Amin al-Husseini, that the Jews intended to "take control of" the Temple Mount, or al-Haram al- Sharif, and destroy the two sacred mosques in the compound, Al Aksa and the Dome of the Rock."  
Sheikh Musa Hadeib from the village of Dawaymeh near Hebron, was the head of Mount Hebron farmers' party and a founder of the Zionist-supported Muslim National Associations. 
In October 1929, he was killed near Jaffa Gate in Jerusalem..
Mention of the Maraqa clan of Hebron brings up Sheikh Taleb Marka, the main instigator of the riots.  
It was he who spread fake news of thousands of Arabs being killed by Jews on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem...
The Jewish Telegraphic Agency on September 27, 1929, reported:  
“The simple-worded testimony of thirteen-year-old Judith Reizman, of how she saw her father, mother and uncle pursued by a mob of howling... brandishing knives and daggers, later finding the bodies in the gutters, produced a dramatic atmosphere in the Hebron court."  
“When the Reizman girl had told her story in the breathless silence of the courtroom, the judge asked her if she could identify anyone... she calmly walked up to Ibrahim Abd El Assiz, a young Hebron merchant, her father’s next door neighbor, saying, ‘Yes, Ibrahim was nearest my father with a knife uplifted when the mob overtook my father.’ Then addressing the Arab, who hung his head in shame, the girl asked him in the kindest voice imaginable, ‘Ibrahim, how could you?’...]


2. Helped in Nazi pushed (Futuwwah Arab Nazi led) massacre of Jews in Iraq 1941. The FARHUD, where between 180-1,000 Jews died, 1,000-2,000 injured (mass rape, torture, body mutilation) by futuwwah Arab-Nazi organaized into Kataib-al-Shabbab gangs and some police joining them
[Edwin Black : 'The Farhud: Roots of the Arab-Nazi Alliance During the Holocaust,' C-Span, Dec.19.2010], ['By the Rivers of Babylon,' Khalid Kishtainy, Quartet, 2008, pp.76,90], ['Farhud memories: Baghdad's 1941 slaughter of the Jews.' By Sarah EhrlichReporter, Witness, BBC, 1 June 2011], ['78 Years to Farhud: The Forgotten Massacre of Iraqi Jewry'. by Yaara Zered. Srugim, 02-06-2019... Iraqi Jews were laughtered on the streets, beaten, stabbed and run over to death, women raped, children and the elderly dismembered.. children were thrown into the water in front of the parents. Jews climbed on the roofs of houses and fled from roof to roof...according to authoritative evidence, there are about 1,000 murdered..], [Shmuel Moreh: 'Hatred of Jews and riots in Iraq: a collection of studies and documents.' (Babylonian Jewish Heritage Center, Institute for the Study of Babylonian Jewry, 1992) p.196... attack on the Jewish hospital...], [Witnesses to Iraq’s Farhud
by Jane Ulman.
May 20, 2015. Over the first two days of June 1941, countless numbers of Jewish women in Baghdad were raped, more than 2,000 Jews were injured — many of them mutilated — and 900 homes, as well as 586 Jewish-owned businesses, were looted.]


3. In organizing SS Nazi Muslim division in Yugoslavia especially detriment to Hungarian Jews.
['The Arab chapter of the Holocaust,' By Dr. M. Kedar, IsraelHayom, May, 2, 2019] And to Christians in the Balkan ['Britain's Moment in Palestine: Retrospect and Perspectives, 1917-1948,' Michael J Cohen, Routledge, Feb 24, 2014 , p.433]


4. Met Adolf Hitler in November-28-1941,
whose agents had to convince themselves he is not "pure arab" in blood ['The Arabs and the Holocaust: The Arab-Israeli War of Narratives,' Gilbert Achcar, Henry Holt and Company, Apr 27, 2010, p.156]  yet, the nazi leader still refused to drink coffee with him ['The Evasive Neutral: Germany, Britain, and the Quest for a Turkish Alliance in the Second World War,' Frank G. Weber, University of Missouri Press, 1979, p.104]  for considering Arabs inferior. They agreed on cooperation against Jews. ['The Mufti of Jerusalem,' Philip Mattar, 1992, p.102]


5. Broadcasted over the airways to the Muslim world anti Jewish incitement to kill Jews.
['A Genealogy of Evil: Anti-Semitism from Nazism to Islamic Jihad,' David Patterson, Cambridge University Press, Oct 18, 2010, p.258],['Jihad and International Security,' J. Roshandel, S. Chadha, 2006, p.31], ['The Control Factor: Our Struggle to See the True Threat,' Bill Siegel, 2012, p.114]


6. Prevented rescue of children of Bialystok, 1943.
['The Jews of Bialystok During World War II and the Holocaust,' Sara Bender, UPNE, 2008, p.273], ['Jews for Sale?: Nazi-Jewish Negotiations, 1933-1945,' p.88 Yehuda Bauer, Yale University Press, 1994]


7. For 6 months, in 1943, the Mufti kept urging the Nazis to bomb Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.
[The Record of Collaboration of King Farouk of Egypt with the Nazis and Their Ally, the Mufti: The Official Nazi Records of the King's Alliance and the Mufti's Plans for Bombing Jerusalem and Tel Aviv: Memorandum Submitted to the United Nations, June, 1948. Nation Associates (New York, N.Y.), United Nations. Nation Associates, 1948.
Shelomo Alfassa: 'Reference Guide to the Nazis and Arabs During the Holocaust. A Concise Guide to the Relationship and Conspiracy of the Nazis and the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem in North Africa and the Middle East During the Era of the Holocaust'. International Sephardic Leadership Council, 2006. pp. 15-17
... that the Mufti for the past six months had been proposing an attack on Jerusalem and the Headquarters of the Jewish Agency by air and an attack on Tel Aviv...]


8. Under his leadership, the 1944 Atlas-Operation failed, where (some estimate) "a quarter of million people would have died if the plot had succeeded".
['Hitler's war against Jews continues in 'Palestine',' by Richard Mather, Jerusalem Post, March.11.2015]


9. He revived the old boodlibel.
['David G. Dalin, John F. Rothmann, Alan M. Dershowitz, 'Icon of Evil: Hitler's Mufti and the Rise of Radical Islam,' 2009, p. 115]
'HOLOCAUST ABUSE: The Case of Hajj Muhammad Amin al-Husayni.' By M. A. Sells, 2015 — The judeophobia of Husayni’s memoirs is robust. It includes scriptural phobia—the selective use of the Quran, hadith, and sira, as well as the Bible and Talmudic literature, to portray Jews as "enemies" of G. and humanity; the conspiratorial phobia that sees the hidden hand of Jewish power behind the world’s ills; and the ritual phobia of the blood accusation—the calumny that Jews, in obedience to their religious obligations, kidnap and murder non-Christians and use their blood in Passover matzos and Purim pastries.]


10. He visited Nazi Concentration Camps - had a "tour" by Nazi officials

Photographic Evidence Shows Palestinian Leader Amin al-Husseini at a Nazi Concentration Camp

An analysis of photographs sold at a Jerusalem auction house offers new insight into the role of foreign accomplices in Hitler’s Final Solution
By Wolfgang G. Schwanitz. Apr. 07, 2021

[...] al-Husseini’s written pact with the Nazis, and now the pictures of his visit to a concentration camp, and his subsequent close involvement with the Final Solution, show beyond any doubt that the Palestinian leader wanted the Jews of the Mideast to share the same fate as the Jews of Europe. On that fateful Friday, Hitler explained the nature of this joint course to him in detail, and he fully agreed to it.
Due to this new photographic evidence explained here, it seems that the last word should belong to the Nazi-hunter Simon Wiesenthal, who asserted that the grand mufti met Hitler several times and that the mufti had visited a concentration camp as part of a commission or group. Wiesenthal has been proven correct—although he may have had yet another group visit in mind.


Among his admirers, was:
Sufi Hamid [What Went Wrong?..., Murray Friedman, Simon and Schuster, Sep 11, 2007, p.93] , [Page 12-A The Jewish Floridian/Friday, January 10, 1986] (convert to Islam) in NY,  known in the 1930's as Black Hitler calling to drive out Italians and Jews ['BLACK HITLER' JAILED TO AWAIT SENTENCE; Gorgeous Array of Sufi Abdul Hamid Avails Nought -- Found Guilty in Pamphlet Sale.' The New York Times, Jan. 16, 1935, p.7. ... His name, he said, was Sufi Abdul Hamid. A year ago he was acquitted in the same court when the police accused him of urging his Negro followers to drive the Jews and Italians out of Harlem.].

Among his hemchmen:

1. Issa Nakhleh, the liar holocaust denier already in 1972 [National Lampoon, 1973, p.58] , [Jewish Observer and Middle East Review, Volume 2, p.7, William Samuel & Company Limited, 1972] (uttering his vile lying denial, less than 3 decades after the horrors, while survivors are revictimized all over again). Then denying again in 1978 to disrupt the historic peace summit between Begin and Sadat at Camp David. [Icon of Evil: Hitler's Mufti and the Rise of Radical Islam,' David G. Dalin, John F. Rothmann, Random House Publishing Group, Jun 24, 2008, p.120]. Linked to major neo nazis, spoke at holocaust deniers IHR ['Holocaust Denial,' Kenneth Saul Stern, American Jewish Committee, 1993, p.170] on behalf of Muslim Congress ['The Holocaust Denial: Antisemitism, Racism & the New Right,' Gill Seidel, Beyond the Pale Collective, 1986, p.28], worked with the neo Nazis ['The American Spectator,' Volume 19, 1986, p.20] , wrote for them and defended infamous denier Ditlieb.

2. Ahmad Shukairy, on the Nazi side during WW2  [Congressional Record: Proceedings and Debates of the ... Congress, United States. Congress, 1965, p.456], fighting for them in Mufti's fanatical gang [Congressional Record: Proceedings and Debates of the ..., Volume 107, Part 24, United States Congress 1961, p.5735], known for his calls for genocide [New Middle East, Issues 16-39, 1970, p.4],  ['What Is Future Of Palestine Liberation Forces,' Fort Lauderdale News, June 13, 1967, p.9] , [Two Palestinian dreams: Exterminate Israel and a real nation-state,' by Clifford D. May, Washington Times, February 4, 2020],  and for inventing  ['History's Worst Serial Abusers,' CJnews, December 8, 2014] apartheid slur in Oct.17.1961, a little over a year before he saluted Nazi gang [Congressional Record: Proceedings and Debates of the ..., By United States. Congress, 1965, Volume 111, Part 12, p.15916][Congress Bi-weekly, Volume 29, Issues 9-17, p.2, American Jewish Congress., 1962], which caused his removal ['Recall of Arab Delegate from U.N. is Sought; ‘saluted’ Tacuara,' JTA, December 3, 1962] from UN post.

Involved in the Mufti's sent assassination of his moderate brother Dr Anwar Shukairy in June 8, 1939.[Arye Disenchick, 'Night at House of Shukairy in Acre.' Maariv, Oct. 21, 1949, p.11:
"Further investigation revealed that the hand of his brother, Ahmad Shukeiri, was involved in the murder of Dr. Anwar Shukeiri". (חקירה נוספת העלתה כי יד אחיו, אחמד שוקיירי, ברצח הד"ר אנוור שוקיירי)]



'Have no doubt Hitler would have wiped out Arabs after Jews,' [Independent, 24 February 2007 12:11 AM]



Janrense Boonstra, 'Antisemitism, a History Portrayed,' SDU / Anne Frank Foundation,' 1989, p. 101

The Grand Mufti of Jerusalem

In 1914, the periodical Falastin – with its extremist Arab nationalist slant - was abolished by the Ottoman authorities because of its racist hate propaganda. The periodical had agitated against the immigration of Jewish refugees from Russia.

In the Twenties, the publication reappeared and led campaigns against Jewish immigration.

As a result of anti-Jewish propaganda and terror, the British government took measures between the Twenties and the Forties to restrict Jewish immigration to Palestine.

In 1921, an extremist, pan-Arab nationalist , Haji Amin al-Huseini, was appointed Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, a religious leader.

Three weeks after his appointment , he led a pogrom in which forty-three Jews were murdered.

From the beginning of the Second World War the Mufti led a rebellion of Iraqis, Syrians and Lebanese with support from Nazi Germany against the Allied Forces.

On 20 January 1941, the Mufti wrote to Hitler from Baghdad as follows: (Palestine) is a case of creating an obstacle to the unity and independence of the Arab countries by pitting them directly against the Jews of the entire world, dangerous enemies, whose secret...

Elie Kedourie, Sylvia G. Haim:
'Zionism and Arabism in Palestine and Israel' (RLE Israel and Palestine), Taylor & Francis, 2015. Page 8

Two other incidents in April added to Yishuv anxiety. In Jaffa, citrus-owner. Samuel Tolkowsky complained that Government permission for the reappearance of Falastin, which had been closed down by the Turks for incitement to race-hatred in April 1914, could only be a source of discouragement to 'moderate' Arabs and an official invitation to 'extremists'...



The Universal Jewish Encyclopedia ...: An Authoritative and ..., Volume 5, Isaac Landman, Louis Rittenberg, Simon Cohen - 1941, p.507
HUSSEINI , HAJ AMIN AL - , former Mufti of Jerusalem , one time head of the Moslem Supreme Council , and leader of the Arab anti-British , anti-Jewish opposition in Palestine and in the Near East, b. Jerusalem, Palestine , 1893.
 ... His speeches, pamphlets and articles in the newspaper Suria al Jenobia (Southern Syria) were primarily responsible for the outbreak of the 1920 pogrom in Jerusalem ..

Mufti of Jerusalem; the Story of Haj Amin El Husseini - Page 12 - Moshe Pearlman - 1947 
Aref was alleged to have been the person in command of the attackers . Haj Amin · was charged with incitement to violence . The spark was said to have been touched off by his inflammatory articles in the newspaper Suriyah al Janubiyah.

Bangladesh Historical Studies, 1979,  Volume 4, p.77
The emergence of Haj Amin al ... He was frank and open in his views and had strong hatred against the Jews and the British. 
He became prominent in 1920 riots . Haj - Amin became Mufti of Jerusalem in 1921 and President of the Supreme Muslim Council in 1922 
(Maurice Pearlman: Mufti of Jerusalem : The story of Haj Amin al - Husaini London, 1947, pp. 12-15)."Prominent+in+1920+riots"

The Evening Star, Bradford, Pa., Wednesday Evening:, June 12, 1946. Page Three 

MacKenzie Column 

The Grand Mufti Is on the Loose Again 

By DEWITT MACKENZIE (Associated Press Foreign Affairs Analyst)

Word that the powerful grand mufti of Jerusalem who is anti everything that is British or Jewish has evaded surveillance in France and again is at large somewhere among the Moslems of the Middle East, isn't calculated to ease the crisis which has arisen in Palestine over the fiery problem of Jewish immigration. 

Dangerous Man 

The highly educated grand mufti is a dangerous man to those against whom he conspires. For many years he has been leader of the Arab campaign for an independent Palestine and against the establishment of a Jewish national home as promised by the British. And it is an ironic circumstance that it was Sir Herbert Samuel, first British high commissioner of Palestine under the league of Nations mandate, who appointed him mufti. The 53-year-old Haj Amin El Husseini to give him his name not only is spiritual head of Palestine's some 1,000,000 Moslem Arabs but is political leader as well. 
Moreover his influence extends into Trans-Jordan, Iraq, Arabia, Egypt, Iran and Syria, for he is gifted with leadership, has a strong personality and is as crafty as a fox.

Most of his life. Husseini has made war on the Jews of Palestine. 

Indeed in 1920, when his brother was grand mufti, he fled to Trans-Jordan after being sentenced to 10 years imprisonment for his part in anti-Jewish riots. 

Next year the brother died and Haj Amin was granted amnesty, after which High Commissioner Samuel appointed him grand mufti, it being the custom for this high office to remain In the same family. 

Banished in 1937 

Finally in 1937 the British banished the grand mufti from Palestine. He took refuge first in Syria, and then in Iran and finally in Italy, keeping just ahead of the British forces as they occupied the Middle East in 1941.

Of course the grand mufti was welcomed by Mussolini with open arms, for both Il Duce and Hitler were doing their utmost to inflame the Moslems of the Middle East against the Allies. 

He carried on his anti-British activities from Italy until he again was forced to flee, this time to France where ultimately he came under Allied control. 

Now the grand mufti is loose again and is reported to have gone by air to Syria, but his whereabouts is a mystery. 

It scarcely can be mere coincidence that the grand mufti has made this spectacular get-away as the moment nears when a decision must be made whether the Anglo-American Committee recommendation shall be carried out. 

June 20 is the time set for both Jews and Arabs to give formal reports of their reactions to the recommendation.

Reclaiming Israel's History: Roots, Rights, and the Struggle for Peace - David Brog - 2017

THE RIOTS OF 1920 AND 1921

On March 7, 1920, the Syrian Arab Congress declared Syrian independence under the reign of King Feisal. Less than a month later, on April 4, tens of thousands of Arabs streamed into Jerusalem for the annual Nebi Musa festival. This religious celebration provided a perfect opportunity for Palestine's Arab nationalists to send a strong message to their British overlords.

They took to the streets carrying photos of King Feisal and demanding that the British cede Palestine cede Palestine—which they called "Southern Syria"—to the new monarch.

When the procession reached Jerusalem's Arab Club, a number of nationalist leaders appeared on the balcony to address the crowd below. Speaker after speaker demanded independence and unity with Syria.

They also called for violence against the Jews. Observers recalled hearing the crowd chant, “ Slaughter the Jews,”21 “We will drink the blood of the Jews," and “Palestine is our land, the Jews are our dogs." In Arabic, this last phrase forms a rhyming couplet. 

Thus incited, Arabs wielding knives, clubs, and stones burst into the Jewish quarter. They ransacked Jewish homes and looted Jewish stores. They raided synagogues and yeshivas and ripped up Torah scrolls. And they attacked any Jews they found. 

By the time the riots finally ended several days later, 5 Jews had been killed and 211 had been wounded. Many of the female victims had been raped.

The British police quickly concluded that a young nationalist leader (and future Mufti), Amin al-Husseini, was responsible for the violence. A court found Husseini guilty of inciting the riots and sentenced him to ten years in prison. He evaded jail by fleeing to Damascus.

A year later, on May 1, 1921, Palestine's Arabs launched another round of violence against their Jewish neighbors. This time the Arabs of Jaffa went on the attack. Author... describes what followed: 

"Arab men broke into Jewish buildings and murdered the occupants; women came afterward and looted. Bearing clubs, knives, swords, and in some cases pistols, Arabs attacked Jewish pedestrians and destroyed Jewish homes and stores. They beat and killed Jews, children included, in their homes; in some cases they split the victims' skulls open."

The attacks quickly spread from Jaffa to neighboring villages and beyond.

On the morning of May 5, two to three thousand Arab villagers and Bedouin attacked the Jewish town of Petach Tikvah. This time, however, the British intervened. British infantry, aided by armored cars and air support, turned back the Arab assault.

Two more attacks followed the next day. Several thousand Arabs from Ramle attacked the neighboring Jewish town of Rehovot, shouting, "Slaughter the Jews." Rehovot's residents successfully repelled the offensive. Further north, hundreds of Arabs from Tulkarem and its surrounding villages attacked the Jewish town of Hadera. Here the British intervened with infantry and air power to rout the invaders.

By the time the British had quelled the 1921 riots, 47 Jews had been killed and another 146 had been wounded.

The end of innocence

Some 100 years after the 1920 riots, which signified the opening shot in the Israeli-Arab conflict, what has changed? A great deal – and very little.

By  Nadav Shragai
Published on  05-01-2020 11:33
Last modified: 05-11-2020 12:52

April 19, 1920, on a train on his way to the San Remo Conference,  Chaim Weizmann wrote to his wife, Vera, who was living in London: "My dear, the most terrible, awful thing has happened to us: A pogrom in Jerusalem, with all the accompanying signs of a pogrom… I am tired and shattered and exhausted and nauseated by it all. If the bayonets of the English had not stopped us, we would have overcome the Arabs on the first day, but the English dismantled the weapon of our self-defense and imprisoned our people, including Vladimir Yevgenyvich (Jabotinsky)."
Two weeks earlier, on the first day of the week of Passover, 1920, the riots broke out in Jerusalem and its environs. Today, they would be considered not much more than midsize terrorist attacks. "Only" seven people were killed and 200 injured. Still, it was the start of a new era; the opening shot of the Israeli-Arab conflict, and the first major non-criminal incident of an ethnoreligious nature. 
A month earlier, Yosef Trumpeldor and five of his comrades had been killed at Tel Hai, but that battle had more to do with the Arabs' desire to fight against how Britain and France were splitting up the region and less to do with Jewish-Arab relations. 

It's not that budding nationalism and fears of Zionism and aliyah hadn't been simmering among the Arabs already, but in 1920 they came into focus and took on clear political and religious angles. That same year saw the foundations for the religious aspect of the national conflict, especially on the Arab side under the leadership of the Grand Mufti Hajj Amin al-Husseini.

Husseini elevated the status of the mosques on the Temple Mount, using them for his political purposes and inventing the blood libel "Al-Aqsa is in danger," which even then falsely accused the Jews of intending to demolish the mosques on the Mount. The riots and the libel spurred the growth of the Palestinian national movement. In 1920 the seeds of the modern-day Palestinian outlook, which does not recognize Israel as the national state of the Jewish people, were sown. This worldview is willing to accept Judaism only as a dhimmi, a protected subservient religion, and not as a sovereign entity in an independent state.

Illusions smashed

The events opened the eyes of many Jews who had made the mistake of believing that the dispute between Arabs and Jews over the land would be limited to the "new" Jews, the ones who were arrived from abroad, whereas the veteran residents who had lived among Arabs for years would be spared any evil.
Historian Joseph Klausner noted that "Among the casualties and wounded were Jews of every ethnic background, of all classes, of all parties, Sephardim and Ashkenazim, devout rabbis and educated freethinkers. The enemy did not differentiate. Let us, therefore, stop differentiating between ourselves…."
The illusion that a foreign power could be trusted to defend us was also smashed. "We were told by the government that nothing bad would befall the Hebrew public, because the government would keep order and peace in the Land, and we believed it," Ha'aretz stated in an editorial that threw off the naiveté in the face of the new reality.
What happened in those days came as a complete and utter shock. They brought an end to innocence and, much more importantly, a start to the formation of an orderly military force and the realization that the organization HaShomer would no longer be enough. Eliyahu Golomb faced off with HaShomer and convinced David Ben-Gurion that it was time to build a much more extensive and orderly defensive force. 
As a result, after 1920, defense forces in various towns and communities organized and formed the Haganah. It was still a small, scattered, and weak organization, and would become effective only a decade later. But 1920 marked the beginning.
The terminology changed, too. The writer Moshe Smilansky, for example, believed that the conflict was one "between two peoples." He and his friends in the Jewish Peace Alliance erred in thinking that it would be possible to establish a bi-national state in the Land of Israel that would be based on what the cultures had in common. Reality came knocking. In 1920, Jerusalem saw the first calls of "Itbah al-Yahoud" (Slaughter the Jews) or "Palestine is our country – the Jews our dogs" – calls that are still used. 
The Arabs of the land began to call themselves "Palestinians," and the weapons the rioters used 100 years ago haven't changed, either: knives, iron pipes, rocks, and sticks.
It is worth noting that in 1920 no use was made of guns. A report by a British committee of inquiry set up to probe the riots described one of the characteristics of Palestinian terrorism, which would remain in the years to come: "All the evidence indicates that these attacks were of a cowardly and traitorous nature. Most of them were against the elderly, women, and children. Most were attacked from the back."

The creation of 'interests'

So what, if anything, has changed in the 100 years since then? Two days after Israel's 72nd Independence Day, Palestinian terrorism is not the existential threat it used to be, but it can still disrupt our lives. The terrorist organizations and many of those who carry out terrorism have not changed their goal: The eradication of the state of Israel. And that goal still rests on the worldview that Jews are not among the groups entitled to self-determination because Judaism is a religion, not a nationality.
Most of the expressions of reconciliation from the Arabs, including the peace treaties, were not the result of any recognition of our rights, but rather recognition of our power. At their base, they are the result of interests and the understanding that what the Jews built here will not be erased, that it's too late to turn the ship around and that it is better to have peaceful relations and cooperation with Israel than be an enemy. 
That is what happened with Egypt and Jordan as well as with Saudi Arabia and various African countries and Persian Gulf states. There's no love story here, rather a story of mutual interests. Will it be different in the future?
In most cases, relations between peoples that are based on a combination of interests and proximity will stand the tests of time and history. But we shouldn't count on that combination.
The 100 years that have passed have taught us, sadly, that over time, the ethnoreligious conflict has pushed aside personal ties between Jews and Arabs. However, economic, military, intelligence or health interests have overcome the conflict itself. These are what have laid the basis for something else, which might someday lead to peace – and not peace because of shared interests. A hundred years after the start of the conflict and 72 years after the state was founded, we need to make do with that. It's not nothing, and it's not something to be taken for granted.


FARHUD -  June-1941 pogrom on Jews in Iraq, only for being Jews: 

Hitler's F. Grobba; Nazi propaganda over the airwaves; ex-Mufti al-Husseini; Rashid 'Ali; Syrian/Palestinisn teachers; Arab-Nazi Futuwwa gang; Iraqi police/army - 180, 780 or 1,000 died and 1,000 to 2,000 injured. Scenes included smashed babies organs, mass rape. Patients and medical sraff were targeted at the attack on the Jewish hospital


Carole L. Basri: 'The Jews of Iraq: A Forgotten Case of Ethnic Cleansing,' 2003, p.12 

The official Iraqi Government report concerning the Farhud laid the blame for the slaughter on six sources.

First , the report noted the responsibility of the German Legation , for spreading sustained anti - Jewish Nazi propaganda under the direction of Dr . Fritz Grobba.

A second source of incitement was the Mufti of Jerusalem, Amin al-Husseni and his entourage, which accompanied him to Iraq in 1940 . As the report stated: "Once he was firmly established , he began disseminating Nazi propaganda with great cunning, while decrying the injustice done to Palestine and under the guise of Pan-Arabism and the Islamic religion."

Third , the report pointed to Palestinian and Syrian schoolteachers , installed in every school, who "poisoned the pupils' minds and turned them into instruments of their propaganda." Whenever they perceived that the government was taking any steps against Nazism, they went into action , arousing the students who would then go out in demonstrations and issue harmful manifestos. "The new government expelled these teachers."

Fourth , the report blamed the German Arabic - Language Radio Station, which also spread Nazi propaganda and whose persuasive power only increased after it was made legal by Rashid Ali.

Fifth, the report blamed antisemitic incitement broadcast by the Iraqi Broadcasting Station, which over the two months Rashid Ali was in control , "broadcast false reports about misdeeds in  Palestine. The broadcasts contained patently inflammatory agitation against Jews and powerful appeals to A British intelligence Nazism."

A sixth element listed in the report were the Futuwwa and Youth Phalanxes , pro-Nazi paramilitary groups summed up the situation which had participated heavily in the Farhud . 
The report also as one in which blamed the leadership of the of the Baghdad Police for their inaction, and ordered that they be brought before a military tribunal for their failure to protect the public .

 A British intelligence report also written in 1942 summed up the situation as one in which "whatever the outcome of the war , . . . the Iraqis will punish the Jews eventually."

'Farhud: a slaughter in Iraq.'  
L. Julius, The Jewish Chronicle, May 31, 2011 11:31

There was a frenzied banging on the front door. When my mother answered it, she recognised her aunt's Jewish cook, ashen-faced, pleading to be let in: "I was on a bus, and the Muslims were pulling the Jewish passengers out and killing them. I said I was a Christian." A month earlier, pro-Nazi officers led by Rashid Ali al-Ghailani, had staged a successful coup in Iraq. The German-backed Rashid Ali and his men were soon routed by British troops - but not before they had incited murder and mayhem against the Jewish "fifth column".

Seventy years ago, on June 1 1941, a group of Jews, wearing their Shavuot best, had ventured out for the first time in weeks to greet the returning pro-British Regent, only to be ambushed by an armed Arab mob. Terrified Jews barricaded themselves inside their houses, or ran for their lives across the flat rooftops.
The rioting went on for two days: around 180 Jews died in Baghdad and Basra (the exact figure is not known); hundreds were wounded, 900 homes and 586 Jewish-owned shops were destroyed; there was looting, rape and mutilation. Stories abound of babies murdered and Jewish hospital patients refused treatment or poisoned. The dead were hurriedly buried in a mass grave.

Jews recognised some assailants - the butcher, the gardener. But some brave Arabs saved Jews. My aunt tells how the neighbours sheltered her until the trouble had died down. The neighbour was a prominent Nazi, but his wife was "a lady --- she even made the beds for us," my aunt recounts.
The Farhud (Arabic for "violent dispossession") marked an irrevocable break between Jews and Arabs in Iraq and paved the way for the dissolution of the 2,600-year-old Jewish community barely 10 years later.

"The screams reached the ambassador at a candlelit dinner"

A question mark hovers over the role of the British - encamped on the city outskirts, they delayed intervening until the looting had spread to Muslim districts. Yet the victims' screams reached the British ambassador, Cornwallis, who was enjoying a candlelit dinner and a game of bridge.

Loyal and productive citizens comprising a fifth of Baghdad, the Jews had not known anything like the Farhud in living memory. Before the victims' blood was dry, army and police warned the Jews not to testify against the murderers and looters. Even the official report on the massacre was not published until 1958.

Despite their deep roots, the Jews understood that they would never, along with other minorities, be an integral part of an independent Iraq. Fear of a second Farhud was a major reason why 90 per cent of Iraq's Jewish community fled to Israel after 1948.

But the Farhud was not just another anti-Jewish pogrom.The Nazi supporters who planned it had a more sinister objective: the round-up, deportation and extermination in desert camps of the Baghdadi Jews.

The inspiration behind the coup, and the Farhud itself, came not from Baghdad, but Jerusalem. The Grand Mufti, Haj Amin al-Husseini, sought refuge in Iraq in 1939 with 400 Palestinian émigrés. Together, they whipped up local anti-Jewish feeling. An illiterate populace imbibed bigotry through Nazi radio propaganda. Days before the Farhud broke out, the Nazi youth movement, the Futuwa, went around daubing Jewish homes with a red palm print. Yunis al-Sabawi, who, together with the Mufti and Rashid Ali, spent the rest of the war in Berlin, instructed the Jews to stay in their homes so that they could more easily be rounded up.

The Farhud cemented a wartime Arab-Nazi alliance designed to rid Palestine, and the world, of the Jews. The Mufti's postwar legacy endured. The uprooting of the 140,000 Jews of Iraq followed a Nazi pattern of victimisation - dismantlement, dispossession and expulsion. Nuremberg-style laws criminalised Zionism, freezing Jewish bank accounts, instituting quotas and restrictions on jobs and movement. The result was the exodus of nearly a million Jews from the Arab world.

More Jews died than on Kristallnacht, yet the Farhud has not become part of Holocaust memory. Indeed, the Washington Holocaust Museum had to be vigorously lobbied to include the Farhud as a Holocaust event.

Nazism gave ideological inspiration both to Arab secular parties and the Muslim Brotherhood (Gaza branch: Hamas). The unremitting campaign to destroy Israel is simply a manifestation of the genocidal intentions of Arab nationalism and Islamism. The demons awakened by the Farhud are still with us today.

'Farhud memories: Baghdad's 1941 slaughter of the Jews,'
By Sarah Ehrlich Reporter, Witness
BBC, 1 June 2011 

On 1 June 1941, a Nazi-inspired pogrom erupted in Baghdad, bringing to an end more than two millennia of peaceful existence for the city's Jewish minority. Some Jewish children witnessed the bloodshed, and retain vivid memories 70 years later.

[Image caption: Steve Acre witnessed the bravery of his Muslim landlord from a palm tree]

Heskel Haddad, an 11-year-old boy was finishing a festive meal and preparing to celebrate the Jewish festival of Shavuot, oblivious to the angry mob that was about to take over the city.

Thousands of armed Iraqi Muslims were on the rampage, with swords, knives and guns.
The two days of violence that followed have become known as the Farhud (Arabic for "violent dispossession"). It spelt the end for a Jewish community that dated from the time of Babylon. There are contemporary reports of up to 180 people killed, but some sources put the number much higher. The Israeli-based Babylonian Heritage Museum says about another 600 unidentified victims were buried in a mass grave.

"On the first night of Shavuot we usually go to synagogue and stay up all night studying Torah," says Haddad, now a veteran ophthalmologist in New York.

"Suddenly we heard screams, 'Allah Allah!' and shots were fired. We went out to the roof to see what's happening, we saw fires, we saw people on the roofs in the ghetto screaming, begging God to help them."
The violence continued through the night. A red hand sign, or hamsa, had been painted on Jewish homes, to mark them out. Families had to defend themselves by whatever means they could.

Haddad remembers the marauders coming down his street at dawn, and watching them from the roof as they looted his neighbour's house.

"My father had a dagger in his hand and a pipe to prevent people from attacking us on the roof. An idea came to me and I took some bricks from breaking the walls and started throwing them. Other kids came with me and began throwing rocks on these people.

"And when we hit somebody and they began to bleed, they began screaming 'Allah!' and they left. And they left the loot behind them."
Some families bribed policemen to stand guard, paying half a dinar for each bullet fired. Others owe their lives to Muslims who took great risks to protect them.

Woman's breast

In a nearby street in a mixed Jewish and Muslim quarter, Steve Acre lived with his widowed mother and eight siblings in a house owned by a Muslim.

Acre, now 79 and living in Montreal, climbed a palm tree in the courtyard when the violence began. He still remembers the cry "Cutal al yehud" which translates as "slaughter the Jews".

[Image caption: Nazi influence in Baghdad fanned anti-British and anti-Semitic sentiments]

From the tree he could see the landlord sitting in front of the house.
"When the mob came he talked to them. He told them that we are orphans who took refuge in his house and they cannot touch us. If they want us they have to kill him. So lucky for us, the mob moved away, moved to other houses," he remembers.
The men then crossed the street and screams began to emanate from the house of his mother's best friend.

"Later lots of men came outside and set the house on fire. And the men were shouting like from joy, in jubilation holding up something that looked like a slab of meat in their hands.

"Then I found out, it was a woman's breast they were carrying - they cut her breast off and tortured her before they killed her, my mother's best friend, Sabicha."
Until the Farhud, Baghdad had been a model of peaceful coexistence for Jews and Arabs. Jews made up about one in three of the city's population in 1941, and most saw themselves as Iraqi first and Jewish second.

Nazi tide

So what caused this terrible turn of events?

[Image caption The Grand Mufti and Hitler, pictured, were closely linked with Rashid Ali]

A month earlier, a pro-Nazi lawyer Rashid Ali al-Gilani, had overthrown Iraq's royal family, and started broadcasting Nazi propaganda on the radio.

But when an attack on a British Air Force base outside Baghdad ended in humiliating failure, he was forced to flee. The Farhud took place in the power vacuum that followed.

In a tragic twist to the tale, it turns out the British Army could have intervened to halt the violence. On 1 June, British cavalry were just eight miles from the city, having raced 600 miles from Palestine and Egypt under orders to prevent Iraqi oil falling into Nazi hands.

"To Britain's shame, the army was stood down," says historian Tony Rocca, co-author with Farhud survivor Violette Samash of the book, Memories of Eden.

"Sir Kinahan Cornwallis, Britain's ambassador in Baghdad, for reasons of his own, held our forces at bay in direct insubordination to express orders from Winston Churchill that they should take the city and secure its safety. Instead, Sir Kinahan went back to his residence had a candlelight dinner and played a game of bridge."

A move to halt the pogrom was finally taken by the Mayor of Baghdad and police loyal to the Iraqi monarchy, who imposed a curfew at 5pm on 2 June.

After the Farhud, life changed drastically for the city's Jews. Up to that point Haddad had had many Muslim friends.

"Suddenly I changed my attitude. I didn't feel any more Iraqi. I felt I'm a Jew and I vowed that I wanted to kill an Arab," he says.
One day, swimming in the River Tigris, he encountered a drowning man, and instinctively helped him to the shore.
"When I came home I was shook up. Not because I saved the guy but because I didn't follow my vow to kill an Arab. And when I went to see the rabbi, he said, 'You can't make a vow to kill. You can only make a vow to help.'

"That's what stimulated me to go into medicine, actually. I knew that I want to save lives, not to kill people."

Lingering distrust

The anti-Semitism that Hitler had successfully exported to Iraq made life unbearable for the Jewish community. There were frequent arrests on false charges of spying and public hangings of prominent Jews.

Morris Zebaida, a survivor who now lives in London, says: "We learnt to live like mice. If we didn't, we would be spat upon or arrested."

In 1950, Jews were finally allowed to leave, on condition they give up all their property and assets, including their bank accounts. By 1952, only 2,000 of 150,000 were left.
Acre and Haddad still feel a lingering distrust of the British, because of their failure to stop the violence.

For Haddad, another legacy of the Farhud is a contradictory attitude to Iraqi Muslims. He has operated on injured Iraqis free of charge, has visited Iraq as an adviser to the government, and is described by Iraq's ambassador in Washington as "the best Iraqi I know". But while he numbers some Iraqi Muslims among his friends, he remains on his guard in the presence of others.
"I have this feeling, a sort of distrust, that the Farhud created," he says. "It's an emotional thing that you cannot eradicate that easily."

'Remembering the Farhud massacre of June 1941,'
Edwin Black/Guest columnist, May 31, 2015, Winston-Salem Journal Now

'Violent dispossession.' In an Arabic dialect, the word is Farhud. For decades after it occurred, many thought the nightmare was a sudden and unexpected convulsion that afflicted the Iraqi Jewish community, one that lived in that land for some 2,600 years. But in truth, the wild rape and killing spree of June 1-2, 1941 was not unexpected.

Soon after Hitler took power in 1933, Germany's chargé d’affaires in Baghdad, Nazi operatives, acquired the newspaper Al-Alem Al Arabi, converting it into a Nazi organ that published an Arabic translation of Hitler's "Mein Kampf" in installments. Radio Berlin beamed anti-Jewish Arabic programs across the Middle East. The Nazi ideology of Jewish conspiracy and international manipulation was widely adopted in Iraqi society, especially within the framework of the Palestine problem that dominated Iraqi politics.

As Arab Nationalism and Hitlerism fused, numerous Nazi-style youth clubs began springing up in Iraq. One pivotal group known as Futuwwa was nothing less than a clone of the Hitler Youth. In 1938, Futuwwa members were required to attend a candlelight Nazi Party rally in Nuremberg. When the delegation came back from Germany, a common chant in Arabic was, "Long live Hitler, the killer of insects and Jews."

By the outbreak of World War II in September 1939, the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, Haj Amin al-Husseini, and a coterie of transnational Palestinian agitators had thoroughly permeated Baghdad's ruling circles.

By April 1, 1941, with World War II in full swing, a group of pro-Nazi Iraqi military men known as the Golden Square staged a coup, ousting the British-dominated government. Quickly, the Golden Square welded Iraqi actions to Berlin’s iron will. Why did they become partners? The Golden Square wanted Germany to destroy the British and Jewish presence in their country. The Third Reich craved what was beneath the ground — oil.

On June 1, British authority was nominally restored, but still withdrawn beyond the outskirts of Baghdad. During the few hours surrounding the British-controlled regent's return, a power vacuum existed in the country. It resulted in the bloodbath of June 1-2 that became known as the Farhud.

Lists of Jews had already been compiled. Jewish homes had been marked in advance with a blood-red palm prints. The text announcing the mass murder was already prepared and scheduled for radio broadcast.

But Jewish leaders who learned of the impending disaster begged for mercy from the temporary local mayoral authorities, who successfully engineered the expulsion from Baghdad of the massacre planners. The radio broadcast on May 31 merely announced that the British-appointed regent would return to his palace from his temporary refuge in Trans-Jordan.

Baghdad's Jews had every reason to celebrate. June 1 was the joyous holy day of Shavuot, commemorating when the Law was given to the Jews on Mt. Sinai. Baghdad’s Jews thought stability had returned to their 2,600-year existence in Iraq. They were so wrong.

At about 3 p.m. that June 1, Regent ’Abd al-Ilah landed at the Baghdad airport. He was making his way across al-Khurr Bridge when a contingent of Baghdadi Jews went out to greet him. As the group came to the bridge, they encountered a contingent of dejected soldiers just returning from their dismal surrender to British forces. The mere sight of these Jews, bedecked in festive holiday garb, was enough to enrage the soldiers.

Suddenly, the Jews were viciously attacked with knives and axes. Several were hacked to death right then and there on the bridge. The planned systematic extermination, now foiled, broke down into a spontaneous citywide slaughter.

Baghdad became a fast-moving hell. Frenzied mobs raced throughout the city and murdered Jews openly on the streets. Women were raped as their horrified families looked on. Infants were killed in front of their parents. Home and stores were emptied and then burned. Gunshots and screams electrified the city for hours upon hours. Beheadings, torsos sliced open, babies dismembered, horrid tortures, and mutilations were widespread. Severed limbs were waved here and there as hideous trophies.

In home after home, furniture was moved up against the door to create a barricade. As Arabs breached the entrances, many families escaped to the roof, one step ahead.

Fleeing Jews jumped from one roof to another. In some instances, parents and siblings threw children down from roofs to waiting blankets below.

Women were defiled everywhere. Arabs broke into the girl’s school and the students were raped — endlessly. Young or old, Jewish females were set upon and mercilessly gang raped and often mutilated.

In truth, no one will ever know many were murdered or maimed during those two dark days. One Iraq historian suggested as many as 600 were murdered during the overnight rampage.

Farhud — in Arabic, the word means violent dispossession. It was a word the Jews of wartime Europe never knew. Holocaust — it was a word the Jews of wartime Iraq never knew. But soon they would all know their meaning regardless of the language they spoke. After the events of June 1-2, 1941, both words came together.

Edwin Black is the author The Farhud -- Roots of the Arab-Nazi Alliance in the Holocaust and other books. Today, he will lead a commemoration of International Farhud Day at a globally streamed event at the United Nations

When Nazism met Arabism
When Baghdad Burned: The June 1941 Farhud Massacre
The fusion of Nazism and Arab nationalism in the Middle East spelled unimaginable horror for Iraq's ancient Jewish community.
E. Black , Israel National News, 27/05/15 16:44

Yad Vashem - Iraq
... In the pogrom, horrific acts of cruelty were committed: murder and genocide. Trampled babies' organs, the elderly and women, rape, synagogue abuse and desecration of Torah scrolls.

The Farhud | Holocaust Encyclopedia
The rise of this pro-German government threatened the Jews in Iraq. Nazi influence and antisemitism already were widespread in Iraq, due in large part to the German legation's presence in Baghdad as well as influential Nazi propaganda, which took the form of Arabic-language radio broadcasts from Berlin. Mein Kampf had been translated into Arabic by Yunis al-Sab'awi, and was published in a local newspaper, Al Alam al Arabi (The Arab World), in Baghdad during 1933-1934. Yunis al-Sab'awi also headed the Futtuwa, a pre-military youth movement influenced by the Hitlerjugend (Hitler Youth) in Germany. After the coup d'etat, al-Sab'awi became a minister in the new Iraqi government.

78 Years to Farhud: The Forgotten Massacre of Iraqi Jewry
by Yaara Zered - 02-06-2019

These were two days of the 1941 Shavuoth [Pentecost] in Iraq. The Farhud was a brutal massacre of Jews who returned from prayer or spent time with their families, two days marking the end of a glorious, oldest community outside the Land of Israel about 2,600 years old

... Farhud, the horrific days when Iraqi Jews were laughtered on the streets, beaten, stabbed and run over to death, women raped, children and the elderly dismembered.
In places close to the river and in houses where there were wells, the children were thrown into the water in front of the parents. Jews climbed on the roofs of houses and fled from roof to roof.
Torah scrolls were desecrated and synagogues were damaged, Jewish shops were marked in red, looted and set on fire, and houses were also looted, sometimes burned, sometimes flooded.

These were two days of the 1941 Pentecost in Iraq. The Farhud was a brutal massacre of Jews returning from prayer or spending time with their families, the boiling point for harassment of Iraqi Jews, racial laws and mass layoffs. These were also the days that marked the end of a glorious Kehiloh, the oldest outside the Land of Israel about 2,600 years old. An educated and prosperous community, it had ministers and MPs, government officials in key positions, wealthy merchants, economists, accountants, lawyers, intellectuals, musicians and intellectuals.

Evidence of those damned days shows the atrocities that took place there, the cries in the streets that were washed with Jewish blood, lots of incited Arabs who searched and located Jews in homes, synagogues and streets and stabbed them with daggers, policemen and soldiers joining the rioters and firing firearms, pregnant women with torn abdomen The gold bracelets and at the end, a huge mass grave where the bodies of the Jews were piled.

The Farhud took place during years of continuous pro-Nazi propaganda in Iraq, one of the people who led and fed the daily incitement was Mufti Amin al-Husseini, a friend of Hitler and Eichmann, who fled Israel and then Lebanon (disguised as a woman) and arrived in Iraq in 1939. His status.

He received hundreds of thousands of dollars from the Iraqi House of Representatives out of "concern for the Palestinian cause," money that helped him connect well with Iraqi government officials, military and police officials, and intellectuals. In those years, al-Husseini tightened his ties with senior members of the Nazi government in Germany and with the German ambassador to Iraq (Fritz Grobba) and even received grants of hundreds of thousands of marks from the Nazis.

In a letter he sent to Husseini to Hitler in early 1941, he emphasized the sympathy and admiration that the Arab people have for Hitler and the German people. He constantly engaged in continuous and violent incitement against the Jews, making sure to present Nazi Germany as the "defender of the Muslim world" and the Jews as "dangerous enemies." Cooperation with the Nazis also led to the spread of anti-Semitic propaganda in Arabic throughout Iraq, public radio, newspapers, posters and demonstrations, messages were also circulated in the Iraqi parliament and mosques began to preach against the Jewish enemy. All this in parallel with the racial laws against the Jews, mass dismissals from public positions, discrimination and harassment in the streets.

According to official data in the State of Israel, 179 Jews were killed in the riots, over 2,000 were injured, over 200 children were orphaned and property of about 50,000 Jews was looted. The figure of the 179 murdered is usually attached to the word "at least" because no one has examined in depth how many were killed in the riots (the data adopted by the State of Israel are mostly based on the Iraqi Commission of Inquiry). In fact, even Yad Vashem publishes the names in their database Who have never researched the subject.

"There are also half-names," a representative of our glorious museum once told me, "we have not researched," thank other representatives.

According to other historians, there is an estimate of hundreds of murdered (for example, the historian Eli Kadouri, who estimated that there were about 600 murdered), according to authoritative evidence, there are about 1,000 murdered.

Shmuel Moreh: 'Hatred of Jews and riots in Iraq: a collection of studies and documents.'
Babylonian Jewish Heritage Center, Institute for the Study of Babylonian Jewry, 1992. p.196

Yossi Ozer (Jerusalem, 1952) in his poem "Farhud" mentions, as a hearing witness from his parents, also the attack on the Jewish doctors and patients of the Jewish hospital "Meir Elias":

"The two Arab guards of the beautiful Meir Elias Hospital in Baghdad, | one black-skinned and the other white begging the crowd, their voices are squashed in the mob's rush.
And Rina, Rina the nurse will watch a crowd of burglars and slaughter doctors / and slaughter clerks and slaughter patients and slaughter /
Even in the white clothes her skin was whiter than snow, now they were frozen from ice even more, from begging from a stone."
And the poet concludes in a lesson that these cruel riots left no room for joy in the hearts of the Jews of Baghdad. The report of the Iraqi government commission of inquiry set up to investigate the disturbances confirms the content of Yossi Ezer's poem. There, too, it's mentioned that the mob had stormed the hospital and demanded the exit of the doctors, the nurses.

Witnesses to Iraq’s Farhud

Over the first two days of June 1941, countless numbers of Jewish women in Baghdad were raped, more than 2,000 Jews were injured — many of them mutilated — and 900 homes, as well as 586 Jewish-owned businesses, were looted. All told, according to Iraqi-born historian Elie Kedourie, 600 Jews, including children and infants, were slaughtered. This Nazi-inspired pogrom is known as the Farhud, which in Kurdish means violent dispossession, and it marked the beginning of the destruction of the Iraq’s 2,600-year-old Jewish community, which beforehand had numbered more than 75,000 in Baghdad and 120,000 throughout Iraq.

The Nazis’ influence in Iraq can be traced back to 1933, when Hitler first came to power, which was just a year after Iraq gained its independence from Britain. Excerpts from “Mein Kampf” began appearing serially in Iraqi’s newspaper Al-Alem Al Arabi (The Arabic World), which had been purchased by Germany’s ambassador to Iraq, Dr. Fritz Grobba. A youth organization, Al Fatwaa, similar to the Hitler Youth, was formed, and Radio Berlin began to broadcast anti-Semitic propaganda in Arabic.

Pro-Nazis had taken power of the Iraqi government just two months before in a coup staged by Gen. Rashid Ali al-Gaylani and four generals, called the Golden Square, with support from the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, Haj Amin al-Husseini, a Nazi collaborator in exile in Baghdad. They overthrew the former, pro-British government and exiled the young King Faisal II and his regent, Prince Abdul Ilah. Al-Gaylani, intent on controlling Iraq’s oil fields for Germany, staged the takeover, in league with the Nazis and the Grand Mufti. But Britain, dependent on Iraq’s oil, returned fire by sending in additional troops, and, after a month of fighting, emerged victorious. The British army then stationed itself outside Baghdad, and on May 30, al-Gaylani, his generals and the Grand Mufti fled the country.
Witnesses to Iraq’s Farhud
by Jane Ulman.
May 20, 2015

The story of the "Farhud" on Pentecost in Iraq.

The "Farhud" (pogrom) that was on Pentecost in Iraq.

Added a chilling story about the days of the Farhud received from Mr. Yosef Nimrodi the Sixteenth.

Farhud, the full story.

The sword threatens the necks of Iraqi Jews.

In 1932, the British Mandate ended and Iraq became an independent state and was accepted into the League of Nations in Geneva. Unlike his father, Ghazi was an extremist and unstable man, leaning towards Nazi Germany. The Nazis became housemates in Iraq. Nazi Dr. Grobbe, who was also the head of Nazi intelligence in the Middle East, was appointed the first German ambassador to Iraq. At the same time, Gazi allowed nationalist army officers to occupy key positions in his court. They gained power and great influence in the governmental system, this had a severe impact on the government's policy towards the Jews.

Nazi propaganda was now overt, Iraqi teachers were sent to Germany to study the doctrine of hatred. Al-Futuwwa and Katab al-Shabab youth movements were formed, which became the spearhead of hatred. Iraqi Nationalists gradually spread among many young people, incited openly against the Jews. (Chapter evidence can be read testimonies of Jews who were students then in schools, the sheer hatred, spread among some teachers in schools.)

In 1936, Haj Amin al-Husseini, the Mufti of Jerusadqlem and his apostles, arrived in Iraq and began Palestinian propaganda against the Jews. The Mufti proposed to Hitler to apply the "final solution" on the Jews in Arab land.

The press is full of incitement articles, which encouraged the owners of the companies not to employ Jews. In 1936, in parallel with the Arab uprising in Israel and under its influence, 10 Jews were murdered on the streets of Baghdad and in the countryside, the government did not even investigate to check who the killers were, their blood was the no man's land. At that time a "committee for the rescue of Palestine" was set up which organized mass rallies in the mosques and all were directed against the Jews.

In 1941, an officers' revolution took place, headed by Rashid Ali al-Gaylani, the pro-Nazi, the Regent, 'Abd al-Ilah, the uncle of [youngsger] King Faisal II, and the other monarchs fled. The British, fearing that Iraq would become a Nazi base, reoccupied Iraq, Rashid Ali fled while the British stood on the outskirts of Baghdad on the banks of the Tigris, a few hours away from the city.

The secretary of the community committee said that a few days before the massacre, they began to mark the homes of the Jews with a red cap and at the same time Chief Rabbi Sasson Kadouri was summoned to the governor of Baghdad. During the conversation, the rabbi was told that the authorities would protect the Jews and that it was "recommended" for Jews to lock themselves in their homes during the holiday. When the secretary of the community committee heard the rabbi's words, he warned him of a trap.

In the period between Rashid Ali's escape and the British entry, a terrible massacre took place. Some believe that the British could have entered and prevented this, but they preferred to stay on the outskirts of the city and wait.

The massacre of the Jews of Baghdad on Shavuot

It was the signal for carnage, where to the Iraqi Jews of Baghdad known as the "Farhood," the first day for Shavuot, mobs and police officers and army, who raided their uniforms were mingled into the mob and attacked the Jews wherever they were, slaughtered and robbed.

Arabs snathed off Jews off buses and slaughtered them, beheaded pregnant women and killed their Waldens. 

There are various testimonies regarding the number of murdered. According to some testimonies the results of the massacre were: 135 killed, others talking about 180 and more, 2,000 wounded. (It is known that the victims were many but the heads of the community were asked to report a smaller number to prevent riots). Thousands of homes were burned and huge property was looted. For 2 days a massacre took place and there was no one to stop it. Most of the massacre was on the Jews of Baghdad.

The horrific massacre left no room for doubt, Jewish security in their ability to continue to exist in Iraq faded.
 Disruptions proved to them that all their contribution of loyalty to Iraq would be of no use. They felt betrayed by the Iraqis and the British, who helped them so much. Why are they, the loyal citizens, who have never betrayed or done anything against the Iraqi people and homeland, who, having contributed their talent and energy to the Iraqi people and who had not until then seen themselves Zionists in the sense of leaving and immigrating to Israel received such terrible treatment.

These riots were a turning point for many young people. Until then, despite narrowing their steps, they found alternatives. For example, when it was limited the entry of Jewish students in high schools and universities send their children Jewish community's educational institutions and study overseas, did not imagine, that their lives will be in danger.

After the riots Jews reacted in three ways:

Some of them look their way escape from Iraq to any other country. An illegal individual escape has begun.

Some went to set up self-defense organizations were established .: Two Small "Free Jewish Committee and rescue Youth Organization".

Some went to the communist underground. They saw this party that carved the banner of equality regardless of religion and race, a solution to the plight of those with beat down Jews in an Arab country.

However, The majority of the Jews returned to rebuild the ruins under the auspices of the British government. In these years until the end of World War II, the economic situation in Iraq greatly improved, both for the Muslim population and for the Jews.

Received from Mr. Yosef Nimrodi:

At the time of the Farhud we lived in a devout Shiite Muslim neighborhood in Baghdad. There were only 5 Jewish houses in the alley and the five houses were separated. At that time, my uncle, my father's brother who was a discharged officer from the Iraqi army, lived with us. He had guns and other weapons. In addition, a few days before the riot, he brought oil bottles, soap and water and of course stones to our roof.

On the evening of Farhud, my father's nephew came to us, excited and scared. He shivered all over and said that in the Jewish neighborhood a lot of people attacked Jewish houses and animals, looted and beat and stabbed every Jew who came their way. He asked to stay with us because he knew that the uncle would protect us.
On the morning of the attack, we were getting ready to go to the circumcision of my cousin, Mama's brother. Through the window we saw dozens of people armed with knives, axes and firearms, some of them carrying objects and furniture that theh had looted from Jewish homes.
I saw a woman carrying a baby's foot in her hand with a gold bracelet. They all stormed the 5 houses. The uncle pulled out the guns and went up to the roof. We went down to the stuffy little basement. A few minutes later all the neighbors went through the roofs to our roof and from there went down and joined us in the basement.
The boiler fired down towards the attackers several shots, mixing water with soap and oil and pouring on their heads. Many of the crowd slipped and fell and were run over under the feet of the crowd.
An hour later some of the attackers went up to our roof and evacuated the boiler. He told them that he was a devout Muslim and that he was an officer in the Iraqi army that was stationed in Krakow in the north. He said: I came to Baghdad and no Muslim wanted to help me. These good Jews took me home with them, helped me to adapt and supported me in every way he added Muhammad commanded us to protect the weak and those who helped us and therefore I will not allow any of you to harm these Jews. They told him that they did not believe him to be a Muslim and an officer: if you are really a Muslim and an officer, show us proof. Pray here before us. The uncle told them to wait until he brought the shtil and the rosary and prayed before them.

They left after emptying the neighbors' 4 more homes of all property.
The situation lasted all night and the boiler was on the roof and we were with the neighbors north in the stuffy basement, of course there was no food and no drinking. In the morning the English army took over and made order. The uncle suggested he stay to look after the house and we would take Arbana cart and drive to the police where all the survivors gathered.

I was 10. The sights I saw on the streets cannot be forgotten. Corpse organs are scattered in every corner, here babies' feet, there a woman's breasts to dismembered organs scattered among the broken and blood-soaked dishes and furniture. A few days later we left the house in the cursed neighborhood and moved to the respectable Alsace neighborhood.

Jun 1, 2020
WJC (@WorldJewishCong) Tweeted:
It started on June 1st, 1941. For two days, a mob in Baghdad went from door to door to Jewish homes - killing, raping, looting. The pogrom, known as the Farhud in Arabic, was a shocking turning point for the Iraqi Jewish community. Within a decade, most of them fled the country.

The Farhud: The Massacre that Ended Iraq’s 2,600-Year-Old Jewish Community
Emanuel Miller. July 18, 2019



Dr. Anwar Shukeiri VS his brother Ahmad Shukeiri (Shukairy / Shuqairy)

Dr. Anwar Shukeiri, at the age of 29, was assassinated on June 8, 1939[1] by Mufti Haj Amin al-Husseini's Abu Mahmoud gang,[2] by tricking him, rushing him out by lying to him his wife was ill.[3]
Reason: for speaking out against the radical Mufti and following his moderate father As'ad Shukeiri. He was a leader at the short lived Palestine Defense Party.[4]

An investigation showed his brother Ahmad Shukeiri was also involved in his murder.[5]

Ahmad Shukeiri, allied himself with the Mufti, escaped with him[6] to Beirut and helped his propaganda 1938-39.[7]

He testified that he and all who surrounded him prayed for Hitler's victory.[8]

Ahmad Shukeiri helped the Nazis,[9][10] at least since Russia entered the war in 1941.[11][12]

In 1946, he and another Nazi helper Jamal Husseini had justified the Holocaust.[13]

In the UN he has spread anti-Jewish hatred[14] and in Nov. 30 1962 had saluted neo Nazis, [15] and promoted them [16] which triggered [17], prompted[18] his removal from UN mid-December of that year by Saudi Arabia. After being condemned in the UN and moderate Arabs' push to remove him,[19] he attempted to switch it around, unsuccessfully. (Especially as he quoted the New York Times published weeks earlier, and it stated there clearly gang's Nazi nature.[20])

He is more known for his genocidal calls such as "predicting" pre 1967 war, that "no one will survive" in Israel, at the war.[21][22]

In 1970, Swiss journalist published, that Shukeiri complained that he took the blame for calling to sweep the Jews into the sea, as this was the the outlook by Arab leaders, in general,  before their 1967 defeat.[23]




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Jewish Telegraphic Agency, June 11, 1939.

Dr. Anwer Shukeiri, a leader of the Palestine Defense Party, was shot dead last night in Acre.

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"Soviet Distortion. Extension of Remarks Of HON. LEONARD FARBSTEIN Of NEW YORK. In the House of Representatives. Tuesday, January 26, 1965... Ahmed Shukairy, the self-proclaimed spokesman for the Arab refugees — a man who worked for the Nazis and their henchmen during World War II..."

[ ]


Congressional Record: Proceedings and Debates of the ... Congress, Volume 110, Part 22. United States. Congress. U.S. Government Printing Office, 1964, p.524-5.

"Trouble in the Middle East. Extension of Remarks Of HON. HUGE SCOTT Of PENNSYLVANIA . In the Senate of the United States. Monday, February 3, 1964 ...

Shukairy has had a remarkable history. As has been revealed ... he worked with the Nazis in the Middle East and was a henchman of the notorious Mufti of Jerusalem..."

[ ]


Congressional Record: Proceedings and Debates of the ..., Volume 107, Part 24, United States Congress 1961, p.5735 ; Congressional Record: Proceedings and Debates of the... Congress, 1961. p.35. United States. Congress. U.S. Government Printing Office.

"Warmongering in the U.N. Extension of Remarks Of HON. LESTER HOLTZMAN Of NEW YORK. In the House of Representatives.

Wednesday, July 26, 1961...

In 1946, Shukairy joined the 'Arab Higher Committee' which was also headed by the ex Mufti. Shukairy got his start in 'politics' in the early 1930s when he belonged to a group of fanatical extremists led by the ex-Mufti. This gang cooperated with the Communists and prior to the Hitler-Stalin Pact sought in every possible way to sabotage the Allied war effort against the Nazis in the Middle East. However, when Soviet Russia joined the Allies, Shukairy's group split with the Communists, and went all out for Hitler."

[  ]


Prevent World War III., Issues 58-64. Society for Prevention of World War III, 1961, p.25

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"Argentine Youths in Nazi Group Salute and Cry: 'Hail Tacuara!'; Anti-Semitic Organization, Said to Be Growing, Asserts It Fights 'Zionism, Capitalism and Communism' Tells About Drills He Doubts Charges," The New York Times, Sept. 16, 1962

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[ ]



Alois Brunner, Wilhelm Voss, Aribert Heim, Leopold Gleim, Otto Remer, Johan Von Leers

The Axis of Torture was taught by a Nazi and is likely to grow

Muhammad Hussein

January 6, 2021 

Alois Brunner was a member of the infamous SS, and a leading figure of the Nazi movement in Vienna before World War Two. He was responsible for the capture and transportation of an estimated 128,000 Jews all across Europe, sending them to concentration camps, one of which he commanded in France. According to Adolf Eichmann, one of the most prominent SS officers behind the Nazi Holocaust, Brunner was his "best man"...

Brunner left Germany in 1954, going first to Rome, then Cairo, before ending up in Damascus where he became an advisor to the government. There, it is said that he taught torture and interrogation techniques to the Syrian intelligence services throughout the rule of President Bashar Al-Assad's father and predecessor, Hafez Al-Assad.

The Secret History of Israel's War Against Hitler's Scientists

Apr 12, 2018 — Years after the Holocaust, the Mossad learned that Egypt was working with German scientists on weapons of mass destruction.

Hitler's Henchmen in Arabia - The Daily Beast
Guy Walters

Dec 7, 2014 — Nazi Alois Brunner’s confirmed death in Damascus reveals an uncomfortable truth: Egypt and Syria have long ties to Nazi Germany and long provided sanctuary to fugitive war criminals.

Eichmann's Best Man Lived and Died in Syria

The reported death of Nazi war criminal Alois Brunner, Adolf Eichmann's unrepentant "right-hand man," reminds us how he lived a long consequence-free life.


DECEMBER 1, 2014

Over the weekend, the death of Alois Brunner, the world's most wanted Nazi, was all but confirmed by the Simon Wiesenthal Center. Brunner, who was the top aide to "Final Solution" architect Adolf Eichmann, is thought to have died four years ago in Syria, where he lived for decades after sending nearly 130,000 Jews to Nazi death camps during World War II.

Though the death was first suspected nearly four years ago, the ongoing Syrian civil war made independent confirmation impossible. Brunner would have turned 102 two years old on Monday.

In a conversation with Jodi Rudoren, Efraim Zuroff, the noted Nazi hunter, summed up Brunner's legacy thusly:

He was a notorious anti-Semite, sadist, fanatic Nazi. The only known interview we have with him was to a German newsmagazine in 1985, in which he was asked if he had any regrets, and he said, ‘My only regret is I didn’t murder more Jews.’

Brunner's presumed 2010 death is more than a surreal historical footnote for a number of reasons. His story is not just one of a mass killer who escaped, but rather a man who found a way to continue killing long after he fled Europe. To put this all into some context, I spoke with Deborah Lipstadt, a professor and Holocaust historian at Emory University, about Brunner's post-war legacy.

"He didn't just go fishing for the next 30 years. He participated and apparently advised Assad."

HITLER'S SHADOW - National Archives |

by R Breitman ·  HITLER'S. SHADOW. Nazi War Criminals, U.S.. Intelligence, and the Cold War. Richard Breitman and Norman J.W. Goda. Published by the National Archives

Black Terror White Soldiers: Islam, Fascism & the New Age - Page 310

David Livingstone · 2013 

... for several thousand Nazi fugitives including former SS Captain Alois Brunner, ... Both Nasser and Sadat belonged to the overtly fascist "Young Egypt" (Misr al-Fatah)... Nevertheless, Young Egypt came to be modeled directly on Hitler's party, complete with paramilitary Green Shirts aping the Nazi Brown Shirts..

Egypt faces questions on Nazi fugitive's past

Nazi hunters urged Egypt on Friday to come clean about how much it knew about a fugitive dubbed "Dr. Death," who reportedly lived there for decades until he died in 1992.

Feb. 6, 2009, 4:50 PM EST / Source: The Associated Press

Nazi hunters urged Egypt on Friday to come clean about how much it knew about a fugitive dubbed "Dr. Death," who reportedly lived here for decades until he died in 1992. But Egypt has long kept a strict silence about former Nazis reported to have taken refuge on its soil.

The discovery of Aribert Heim's secret life throws light on how the Arab world took in members of the Nazi regime after World War II, said Efraim Zuroff, head Nazi hunter at the Simon Wiesenthal Center. The region's role as a haven has gone little examined while researchers focused on the larger, better known influx of Nazis to Latin America.

A number of Nazis are believed to have been welcomed in the 1950s by the Egyptian regime of then-President Gamal Abdel-Nasser, who was locked in an intense rivalry with Israel that erupted into wars in 1956 and 1967. Nasser enlisted some Nazis to train Egypt's military or produce anti-Israel propaganda — and Israel feared they were involved in building a rocket program.

So far there is no indication that the Austrian-born Heim, a former concentration camp doctor accused of carrying out gruesome, deadly experiments on Jewish prisoners, played any role with the Egyptian government.

Instead, it appears he lived a quiet life in downtown Cairo since the early 1960s. A later convert to Islam, he bought sweets for friends from a famed confectionery and was known for playing pingpong and taking long walks for exercise, said Egyptians who knew him.

The only hint of his past — besides a constant refusal to be photographed — was the personal "research" that he wrote purporting to prove that the Jews of Israel are not true Semites, according to the son of Heim's Egyptian dentist, who saw the paper.

Keeping silent

The Egyptian government has been silent since Heim's presence in Egypt was first reported by The New York Times and Germany's ZPF television Thursday. Government officials and several former Nasser-era officials approached by The Associated Press refused to comment on any aspect of the reports.

In this 1959 file photo released by the State Office of Criminal Investigation in Stuttgart, southern Germany, Dr. Aribert Heim, a former Nazi concentration camp doctor and wanted war criminal, is seen at unknown location. Documents have surfaced in Egypt showing the world's most-wanted Nazi war criminal, concentration camp doctor Aribert Heim, died in Cairo in 1992, Germany's ZDF television and The New York Times reported Wednesday, Feb. 4, 2009. The report said Heim was living under a pseudonym and had converted to Islam by the time of his death from intestinal cancer.

One current security official would say only that if Heim was in Egypt, he was let in under a previous government. The official, speaking on condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the issue, said Egypt would look into the reports.

The silence reflects a reluctance to acknowledge an era that is potentially embarrassing now, three decades after Egypt's peace accords with Israel.

German investigators say they want to search in Egypt for definitive proof of Heim's death and are preparing a request to Egypt for permission.

It remains unknown whether the Egyptian government knew who Heim was when he first entered the country in 1963 and, if not, whether it subsequently found out. He entered using his real last name and middle name, Ferdinand Heim, which appear on a 1964 residency permit found in a satchel of Heim's documents in a Cairo hotel where he lived his last years.

Hunting for Nazis

Zuroff said Heim's name was on a 1967 list of 26 former Nazis believed to be hiding in Egypt at that time, drawn up by Wiesenthal, a Holocaust survivor who became the most prominent Nazi hunter.

Zuroff said he didn't know why the lead on Heim was never pursued. It appears to have been forgotten: Most reports on Heim over the past decade speculated he was living in Latin America.

Also on the list was Alois Brunner, long one of the most wanted Nazi fugitives as commander of a camp that processed Jews for deportation from occupied France. Brunner is believed to have later moved to Damascus and worked for the Syrian government. He is widely thought to have died in Syria in the 1990s, though the Damascus regime has never confirmed he was there.

Of the 26 on Wiesenthal's list, Zuroff said, "I don't think any of them are alive — or are in Egypt, for that matter — because they have either left the country or died in Egypt." He said no pressure was ever put "on Egypt in any way to cooperate in investigation and prosecution of Nazi war crimes."

Sheltering Nazis

Rafael Medoff, director of the David S. Wyman Institute for Holocaust Studies in Washington, said Cairo should start accounting for Nazis it harbored.

"In the 1950s, Egypt opened its doors wide to fugitive Nazi war criminals," he said in an e-mail interview with the AP. "The time has come for Egypt to give a full accounting of its policy of sheltering Nazi war criminals — and if any of those Nazis are still alive, they should be surrendered for prosecution."

The total number of Third Reich figures who fled to Egypt is not known, and the Egyptian government has never acknowledged any were present.

Egypt would not be the only state to try to draw on the expertise of former Nazis — the United States took in a number of German rocket scientists to work in its space program, particularly Wernher von Braun, who headed NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center.

The prospect of Egypt using Nazis to develop a rocket program "was a major concern for Israel," Zuroff said. In the early 1960s, Israel sent a spy posing as a former Nazi, Wolfgang Lotz, who reported back on German scientists working in Egyptian armaments programs, according to Lotz's 1972 memoir.

But most Nazis taken in by Nasser's regime appear to have been involved in training the Egyptian military and police or in producing propaganda to foment anti-Israeli attitudes.

Sympathy among Arabs

Among those whom researchers have placed in Egypt were Johann von Leers, a Nazi propagandist, who allegedly worked in Egypt's Information Ministry, converted to Islam and died in Cairo in 1965. Leopold Gleim, a Gestapo colonel in Poland, is believed to have worked with Egypt's secret police.

Nasser touted himself as the leader of the Arab world against Israel, and his regime fought the Jewish state in two wars, suffering a devastating defeat in 1967.

"In the Arab world, there was a great sympathy to Nazis," said Emad Gad, an expert on Egyptian relations with Israel at Cairo's Al-Ahram Center for Political and Strategic Studies.

But the welcome began to chill during the 1960s, when Egypt came to rely more on Soviet aid and training for its military. The atmosphere for former Nazis further soured when Nasser's successor — Anwar Sadat — began the peace process with Israel in the mid-1970s, signing a peace accord in 1979.

Gad said Heim's story may give hints on how the Egyptian government became less willing to protect hidden Nazis.

Heim's documents suggest he likely converted to Islam in the late 1970s, since the first one bearing his Muslim name, Tarek Hussein Farid, is dated 1981.

Gad speculated Heim converted after "he was advised that there will be no political cover anymore and that he has to search for other means."

"So he choose to convert and dissolve in the community," Gad said.

The Enemy of My Enemy: The Alarming Convergence of Militant Islam and the Extreme Right - George Michael · 2006 · Page 121

Not long after the war , many German military officers and Nazi party officials were granted sanctuary in Middle Eastern countries, most notably Egypt and Syria, where they helped develop the militaries and intelligences agencies of those ... In the early postwar years, Egypt hosted many leading Nazi refugees. For example, Major General Otto Ernst Remer, the officer that squelched the anti-Hitler coup in July 1944, found refuge in Egypt, where he offered his services to the Nasser regime. With the help of Remer and other German military and technical advisers, Egypt developed a support base for Algerian, Moroccan, and Tunisian guerrillas fighting against France, as well as anti-British movements in Aden and the Mau Mau..

The Silent Warriors - Page 130 - Joshua Tadmor · 1969

The Germans in Nasser's Service ...

that their task was made impossible by the lack of trained Egyptian personnel. 

Foss had also been helpful in the reorganization of the Egyptian army following its defeat in 1948 by Israel.

At his behest a group of ranking Nazi army officers was brought to Egypt and set about revamping that country's armed forces.

At the head of this Nazi military assistance mission was the former Wehrmacht infantry commander, General Wilhelm Pfermbecher.

Until the Soviet Union became Egypt's principal military supplier in the late 1950's, the Germans in Cairo enjoyed a privileged status. Because they were careful to avoid involvement in domestic politics, their position did not suffer at the time of the "Free Officers" revolt in 1954. 

Under the new regime, in fact, the Nazi advisers were held in even higher esteem, as their anti-Jewish records guaranteed their usefulness and loyalty to the anti-Israeli orientation of Nasser's government. 

Egypt's experience in the Sinai Campaign of 1956, however, led to the diminished influence of the German military advisers, who were made to serve as scapegoats for the humiliating defeat by Israel

With the introduction of Soviet and Czechoslovak military instructors in 1957, most of the German military advisers were relegated to second-rate positions.

By this time the number of Nazi refugees in Egypt had reached several thousand.

One of the best-known former Nazis was Professor Jonathan Von Leers who had been one of Goebbels' chief assistants and was wanted as a war criminal.

Shortly after World War II he escaped with his family to Argentina, but with the overthrow of dictator Juan Perón in 1955, Von Leers, like many other Germans in Argentina, feared that the new regime would be less zealous in protecting Nazi criminals from Israeli agents already hunting for Adolf Eichmann , Martin Bormann, and Dr. Mangele, the sadistic "Angel of Death" of Auschwitz...

Hitler and His Henchmen - Page 109 - 1967

Target For Israeli Agents 

Kurt von Gottberg, a witness at the Nuremberg War Crimes Trials, testified: "It was a practice of Dirlewanger's brigade to seize villages, shut the inhabitants in barns and houses, set the buildings afire and shoot down the human torches when they tried to escape." 

Dirlewanger buried wounded prisoners alive, then dallied to hear their screams as they slowly suffocated.

He also enjoyed giving girls lethal injections with a hypodermic needle. After watching them die in agony, he would have their bodies boiled for soap. 

Now old and senile, Hitler's most degenerate monster lives in constant fear that even his concentration camp guards will not be able to save him from the secret agents who have stalked him for 17 years.

Another inhuman monster, Major Alois Anton Brunner, learned recently that his crimes have not been forgotten. Eichmann's most successful deportation expert, Brunner sent millions of Jews to Nazi death camps, conducting mass round-ups in Berlin, Vienna, Paris, Salonika and Bratislava. 

For five years, he carried out "the final solution of the Jewish question" with ruthless efficiency

A Vienna court sentenced him to hang in May, 1946, but he escaped and fled to Egypt. Brunner changed his name to George Fischer and pretended, as had so many other fugitive Nazis, to be a respectable exporter-importer.

He later became Nasser's secret police adviser in Syria.

On September 18, 1961, Brunner went to the main post office in Damascus to pick up his mail. 

He received three letters and a small parcel wrapped in brown paper. As he opened the package, it exploded. He was badly burned on the face, chest and arms . Several postal clerks and customers also were hurt by the bomb blast. 

Lt. Col. Abdul Hamis Sarraj, Nasser's vice president in Syria and chief of Syrian secret police, personally rushed Brunner to a hospital - an indication of the ex-Nazi's importance in the Nasser regime. 

Surgeons saved Brunner's life, but had to remove his right eye. 

His only visitors at the hospital were Nasser politicians and police officials. Secret policemen, some of them Arabized Germans, surrounded the hospital and guarded Brunner's private room night and day.

Ten days after the assassination attempt, Syria broke away from Nasser's United Arab Republic.

Syrian security forces arrested Brunner as his bodyguards were trying to smuggle him out of the hospital. Along with Sarraj and other Nasser.,+as+had%22,%C2%A0Nasser%27s%C2%A0vice%22


Congressional Record: Proceedings and Debates of the ... Congress. United States. Congress · 1957. Page 4153

Nasser's Nazi advisers 

The dexterity and speed with which the Nasser government has moved against its Jewish population have been cited by many observers as indicating that practiced hands have been guiding this campaign.

It is well known that Egypt employs many foreign advisers, including Communist technicians from Russia and her satellites. But the employment of German Nazis, former Wehrmacht officers and members of the Afrika Korps has been largely hidden from the world.

At present , it is estimated that some 200 or more work in Egypt, including: 

SS Gen. Wilhelm Voss - in charge of Egypt's Central Planning Board and chief adviser to the War Minister.

Dr. Johann von Leers, associate of Goebbels and notorious anti-Semite - advises on anti-Jewish propaganda.

Indicative of Egypt's attempt to hide her Nazis is the fact that William Stevenson of the Toronto Star was expelled from the country 24 hours after filing the first interview with von Leers.

Gen. Otto Remer - headed the Egyptiantraining program which created the fedayeen guerrilla fighters.


Racist Arab Islamic Slavery & Vicious Lying Farrakhan

UN says tribal clashes in Sudan’s Darfur kill 40 over 3 days

By Samy Magdy | AP

April 5, 2021 at 3:42 p.m. EDT

CAIRO — Tribal clashes that erupted over the weekend between Arabs and non-Arabs in Sudan’s western Darfur region have killed at least 40 people and wounded around 60 others, the U.N. said Monday.

The violence was between the Arab Rizeigat and the Masalit tribes in Genena, the provincial capital of West Darfur province. It happened after unknown armed men on Saturday shot dead two people from the Masalit, according to the U.N. humanitarian affairs agency.

Clashes between Arabs, non-Arabs in Sudan province kill 30 - AP News

May 6, 2020 — CAIRO (AP) — Tribal clashes between Arabs and non-Arabs in Sudan's South Darfur province left at least 30 people dead and a dozen wounded

Viewpoint from Sudan - where black people are called slaves - BBC News

Jul 26, 2020 — The use of racial slurs in Sudan shows how deeply entrenched racism is there, writes Zeinab Mohammed Salih..

Sudan's Democratic Transition Opens Door to Address Systemic Racism

Aug 22, 2020 — Amid protests against racism in the West, the Arab world is facing a reckoning all its own. No country better demonstrates this than Sudan

'We have no Harlem in Sudan' - Africa Is a Country

Jun 29, 2020 — The current global discourse ... does not yet adequately include anti-black racism beyond how the West experiences it.

Farrakhan betrays today's black slaves

Nation of Islam head Louis Farrakhan continues to maintain his silence regarding black slavery in Muslim North Africa while blaming the troubles of black people worldwide on the Jews.

By Charles Jacobs
Published on  07-07-2020 18:25
Last modified: 07-08-2020 08:57

Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan is now the most popular and dangerous anti-Semite in America. Neo-Nazis and white supremacists are surely a problem for Jews, but polite society rejects them. Their best effort to date – a "national rally" in Charlottesville, Va. – drew a few hundred people, whereas Farrakhan's rants excite adoring crowds many times that size. His online influence is growing.

Unlike alt-right rallies, a Farrakhan event will never be shut down by toughs throwing fists. Farrakhan has open sympathizers in positions of power. What Louis Farrakhan says about Jews will only reach more and more people. His July 4 address to the nation was pulled by Fox TV's Soul channel after sparking outrage among decent people, but millions will still see what he has to say on social media. Billboards advertise his talk along the highways of Atlanta, Baltimore, Charlotte, Chicago, Compton, Dearborn, Detroit, and Phoenix.

Though he is a clear and present danger to Jews, Jewish leaders find it difficult to press black activists to renounce Farrakhan because the black community perceives him as a black liberator. That is why it is more important than ever to understand precisely how this is untrue: Farrakhan has covered up and sought to deny the modern-day enslavement of Africans by Arabs and Muslims. He has been and continues to be an obstacle to their liberation.

In the early 1990s I, along with Mohamed Nacir Athié, a Mauritanian African Muslim refugee, launched an American movement to free black chattel slaves in North Africa. In Sudan, as part of a war waged by the Arab north against the black, mostly Christian south, Arabs stormed African villages, killed the men and captured the women and children to serve as goatherds, domestics, and sex slaves. In Mauritania, Muslim Berbers, who had conquered the area centuries before, have since kept black people as slaves even when they had long ago been converted to Islam.

When Athié and I appeared on PBS's national black-focused news show – Tony Brown's Journal – the Nation of Islam pressured PBS to allow its spokesman, Akbar Muhammed, equal time. Akbar claimed that reports of slavery were a "big lie," and part of a "Jewish conspiracy" against Minister Farrakhan.

As it turned out, Akbar was Farrakhan's man in Muammar Gaddafi's Libya, itself a slaving hellhole. According to Clarence Page of The Chicago Tribune, Gaddafi loaned Farrakhan $5 million in 1984.

On the heels of the Tony Brown debates, there were fireworks in New York's black press. Cornered at a news conference on March 14, 1996, Farrakhan was asked about the slaves of Sudan. The New York Times reported that an emotional Farrakhan shot back: "If slavery exists, why don't you go, as a member of the press?! And you look inside of the Sudan, and if you find it, then you come back and tell the American people what you found!"

The Baltimore Sun took up the challenge and dispatched reporters to Sudan where they bought the freedom of two young African slave boys from an Arab slave retriever. Their report ran as a front-page series in the Sun and was nominated for a Pulitzer Prize. Leaders of the South Sudanese peoples' struggle for liberation then asked Farrakhan for his help. He promised he would help them but betrayed them instead.

Today, there could still be as many as 35,000 Africans in bondage to Arab masters in Sudan. Mauritanian blacks continue to serve as slaves to Arab and Berber masters in Mauritania. The black Muslim soldiers of Boko Haram in Nigeria enslave black Christians. CNN has video of Libyans holding black slave auctions, and in Algeria, Africans seeking a passageway to Europe are being caught and enslaved.

Farrakhan continues to stay quiet about black slavery in Muslim North Africa while blaming the troubles of black people worldwide on the Jews.

Farrakhan has covered up and sought to deny the modern-day enslavement of Africans by Arabs and Muslims. He has been and continues to be an obstacle to their liberation.

The Role of Race and Arabness in Sudan 1899-Present - ArcGIS StoryMaps

Dec 10, 2019 — In the wake of the Darfur Conflict, the African tribes primary sided with the rebels, whereas Arabs sided with the government marking the peak of ...

Black People Are Still Slaves. Why Haven't You Heard About Them?

Oct 14, 2019 — Every day across Africa, black men, women, and children are captured, bought, and sold into slavery with the Western world paying scant ...

Louis Farrakhan Denies the Existence of Slavery in Sudan (March 14, 1996 ...)

Apr 18, 2019 — As the reality of modern-day black slavery in Africa began to trickle through the media in the 1990s, Louis Farrakhan* and the Nation of Islam ...

Marc Lamont Hill's one-sided view of racism in the Middle East - The Jerusalem Post

Mar 8, 2017 — The same Arab Slave Trade that was in some instances far more brutal than the Atlantic Slave Trade; for instance, Arabs would castrate

Confronting anti-black racism in the Arab world | Egypt News | Al Jazeera

Jul 7, 2013 — The Arab slave trade is a fact of history, and anti-black racism in the region is something that must be addressed.

Obama and Romney Not Likely to Discuss Africa, Haiti | 2012 Presidential Election ... Oct 22, 2012 — He added that many Americans would also like to hear “about Arab racism against Black Africans." "The Sudan is where it's at its worst...

'Nubian monkey' song and Arab racism | Lebanon | The Guardian
Nov 23, 2009 — Nesrine Malik: The fairness of Lebanese singer Haifa Wehbe's skin makes her patronising lyric all the more problematic for black  ...

A paler shade of black | Society | The Guardian

Mar 5, 2008 — Nesrine Malik: Arabs like to imagine that their countries are comparatively free from racism. But it exists, nonetheless...

Racism at root of Sudan's Darfur crisis -

Jul 14, 2004 — The visits by US Secretary of State Colin Powell and UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan to Sudan last week gave hope that the genocide in Darfur

Islam and slavery - Shades of grey | Books & arts | The Economist

Mar 28, 2002 — THERE are few examples of cruelty so appalling as the Atlantic slave trade. A rarely noted fact, however, is that the scale of the trade  ...

Genocide and Slavery in the Sudan: The Farrakhan Connection

Sabit Abbe Alley

The City Sun, June 6 – 11, 1996, edition

While most African Americans are beginning to awaken to the reality of the tragic situation of genocide and slavery in the Sudan, the NOI’s Louis Farrakhan still continues to aggressively deny and defend the Islamic fundamentalist regime of Sudan from its genocidal war and slave industry. Following his return from his so-called world tour, Mr. Farrakhan traveled the length and breadth of this country not just to preach and boast about his reception in Africa but also to absolve the Sudan’s government from its current war of extermination and enslavement against the African people of the Sudan.


Yikes.. another infected by N.o. Islam's fascist Farrakhan/Hitler real racist virus

Had enough of the "whites are devil"[1] minister?

Shortly after another Hitleristic Farrakhan ideology [2] infected apologized, yet another outburst of more poison coded language infection, this time Nick Conner [3] (including deciding who is Jewish. This hate based history denial also linked to the Hannukah massacre [4], despite DNA finding most Jews of any color are connected to Biblical matriarchs [5]).

It's based on seeing the Jew behind everything. it's the philosophy of the swastika hanging behind radical delusional Bernie Sanders[6]  (eventhough he is a fanatical anti Israel critic and attached falsely epithet to Netanyahu [7] , still. It doesn't matter). 

Or whatever grievances, always make sure to blame the J. If you can't find a J connection, "create" one.

The oldest cruel real racism pandemic still strong amidst "anti racism" woke. 

The same militant Nation of Islam fascist Farrakhan who has pushed for a falsification of history book which also confused Jewels with Jews and final research shows Jews were actually very under represented in slave trade [8], but cherry picked the few 'brown' Jews among the sea of Arab, Muslim, European Christians, Hindus as an excuse to blame "white" Jews , and diminishes Goliath Arab slave trade [9].

Never underestimate the genocidal hint in the Nation of Islam Farrakhan racist dehumanization of "termites," [10] like preachers in "Palestine"'s 'apes and pigs' [11] doctrine.
A side note / historical perspective: Malcolm X assassination, which Farrakhan admitted role in [12], was less than a year after Jews losing lives for blacks.[13].

Now, imagine if (descendant of French) Derek Chauvin would have had even just 10% J. connection or Cup Food owner where 911 call on George Floyd originated from wouldn't be Arab Muslim Palestinian...but of J. Origin...

What would Hitleristic Farrakhan bloody trail look like?
Or better don't.



Carmeta Albarus, ‎Jonathan Mack: 'The Making of Lee Boyd Malvo: The D.C. Sniper,' p.94
'He recalled listening to many of Minister Farrakhan's speeches, such as "Message to the Black Man," "The White Man as the Devil." '

Holocaust survivor invites Eagles' DeSean Jackson to Auschwitz, By Aaron Reich, The Jerusalem Post, July 8, 2020 16:37

Nick Cannon spreads antisemitic conspiracy theories online
TV host references ‘Rothschild’ control and claims that Black people are ‘the true Hebrews’
By Amy Spiro, Jewish Insider, July 12, 2020
Jake Tapper on Twitter: Nick Cannon, Professor Griff, and a "discussion" about Jews. What could go wrong? 5:59 PM, Jul 12, 202

Rabbi Dies Three Months After Hanukkah Night Attack
Josef Neumann had been gravely injured in the machete assault in a Hasidic rabbi’s home in Monsey, N.Y., northwest of New York City.
By Azi Paybarah, The New York Times, March 30, 2020

Our Four Genetic Moms, By Zachary Solomon, JTA, Aug. 29, 2013
On Friday nights Jews traditionally bless their daughters to emulate Sarah, Rebecca, Rachel, and Leah. But the women these girls actually take after are 4 other women entirely.
In a genetic study conducted in 2002, scientists found that 40% of all living Ashkenazi Jews—some 3.5 million—trace their DNA back to 4 “founding mothers” who lived in Central and Eastern Europe over 1,000 years ago.
The scientists studied the mitochondrial DNA (otherwise known as mtDNA) of 11,000 women of Ashkenazi origin living in 67 different countries. Four distinct strands of mtDNA were found in each of the study’s participants, indicating shared maternal ancestry. What’s more, this genetic signature appears almost exclusively in Ashkenazi Jews (with occasional occurrence in Sephardic Jews, as well).

Bernie Sanders says he never expected to see a Nazi flag waved at a major political rally
By Devan Cole, CNN 
Updated 12:11 PM EDT, Sun March 08, 2020

Israelis aren't 'racist' - they're worried By Isi Leibler, The Jerusalem Post, January 24, 2007 22:18

... Slave Trade a Nation of Islam Lie... B. Ungar-Sargon, TabMag, Aug. 4, 2013
 Faber found during his more recent scholarly research with British Naval Office records that in 18th-century Britain, Jews actually were not heavily invested in the trading part of the slave trade.
“Overwhelmingly,” Faber said, “Jewish merchants and shippers were not involved at all; they represent a minuscule portion of owners of ships." While Jews did own slaves, he found, “their ownership was directly proportionate to their numbers." Both were about 18 percent. The two companies with slaving ventures had small numbers of Jews among their owners: The Royal Africa Company had none until 1712, and the South Sea Company always had a handful of Jews, ..Faber says.
The numbers just aren't there to support the view," said Faber. "Jews were involved, but to an insignificant degree. That doesn't absolve them of that guilt, but everyone made money off African slaves: Arabs, Europeans, Africans," he said. "And there was no attempt to deny it..."
And indeed, most black intellectuals were never convinced by The Secret Relationship. "You can't even say that Christians across the board were slave-traders!" said Hilary Shelton, Washington bureau director and senior vice president for Advocacy for the NAACP. "There is not a religion that doesn't have someone doing some dastardly thing. Did you know that in Ku Klux Klan's handbook, it states specifically that one must be a devout Catholic? And this is problematic for the relationship between the two communities, which has been so important to us...

'Slavery in the Arab World,' Murray Gordon, 1989
(...comprehensive portrait of slavery in the Islamic world from earliest times until today..)
Arab Slave Trade (GoogleBooks)

Chelsea Clinton Goes To Bat For Jews Over Farrakhan’s ‘Termites’ Comparison, Forward, October 17, 2018, By Jenny Singer
Louis Farrakhan 'termites' video removed from Facebook - The Jerusalem Post Oct 22, 2018

Andrew G. Bostom, M.D.: 'Legacy of Islamic Antisemitism: From Sacred Texts to Solemn History,' 2011, p.639
In Falastin Al-Muslima, he writes ... who were turned into apes, pigs, lizards, and mice were also punished by not being able to reproduce...
Apes and pigs dehumanization by (radical) Arab Muslim Palestine and beyond."apes+and+pigs" |"apes+and+pigs"

May 10, 2000 · Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan admits his complicity in the 1965 murder of Malcolm X

Encyclopedia of African American History: 5-Volume Set, edited by Paul Finkelman, 2009, p.206
On 21 June three young activists—James Chaney, a black CORE organizer from Mississippi, and two Jews from New York, the CORE organizer Michael Schwerner and the summer volunteer Andrew Goodman—were apparently abducted by two carloads of Ku Klux Klan members after having investigated a church burning in Neshoba County, a Klan stronghold.
The men shot Schwerner and Goodman and then shot Chaney, after chain-whipping and mutilating him.
The bodies of the three young men were discovered nearly two months later buried in an earthen dam. The Freedom Summer activists, subjected to horrendous racist and anti- Semitic violence, thus exemplified the joint and and valiant efforts of both blacks and Jews to challenge and end discrimination.




The American Spectator, Volume 19, 1986

[Dawalibi dares to repeat old Anti Semitic invention 'bloodlibel']


Consider for a moment Ma'aruf-al- Dawalibi, president of the World Muslim Congress. The congress participated in the U.N. North American Regional NGO [ Non-Governmental Organization] Symposium on the Question of Palestine last July.
In 1984, Dawalibi spoke at a U.N. seminar at Geneva entitled, 'The Encouragement of Understanding and Respect in Matters Relating to Freedom of Religion and Belief.' He told the seminar he had read at least sixteen French books when he studied in Paris during World War II which proved that the Ta..., the ... religious book of law, teaches that 'if a ... does not drink every year the blood of a non-Jewish man, then he will be damned for eternity.
Dawalibi explained that each year ... kidnap and slaughter a non- J. boy. He told a little tale about a barber whom the J.. ordered to kill a priest and the priest's servant and to gather their blood.
The barber “admitted to have killed him and gathered his blood. . . . House's Freedom at Issue, promptly protested Dawalibi's remarks at the time. He told me, 'The whole thing was astounding. At the end Dawalibi said we have to ask why Hitler killed the Jews. As if that were a perfectly sensible question ."Dawalibi+said";'Organization%5D+Symposium+on+the+Question+of+Palestine+last+July.";

[Issa Nakhleh: holocaust denier, worked closely with neo-Nazis spreading vile lies]

'The publication you say you're representing is one of the least respectable journals, one of the smeariest sheets that is ...
In 1985 the World Muslim Congress joined with forty-two other NGOs at the U.N. to plan their annual anti-Israel campaign in the United States and Canada. The three-day symposium at U.N. headquarters in New York was sponsored by the U.N. Committee on the Exercise of the Inalienable Rights of the Palestinian People.
A decision taken by the Committee in 1982 initiated the formation of a pro-PLO body of NGOs. The Committee, which was formed at the time the 1975 'Zionism is Racism' resolution was adopted, sought collaboration with organizations representing a broad spectrum of interests to gain access to the local populations represented by the NGOs and shape their thinking on the Middle East. Savitri Kunadi, India's permanent representative to the U.N., and a member of the Committee, said at the 1985 symposium that the NGOs have been regarded from their inception 'as a valuable asset in [the Committee's] struggle for Palestinian rights.
Throughout the symposium, discussion focused on American public opinion, the U.S. media, and the role to be played by the NGOs in reshaping both toward a pro-Palestinian position.
Zehdi Labib Terzi, the PLO's U.N. observer, expressing alarm at the 'ignorance' of the American public on the Palestinian issue, urged 'consciousness raising' techniques such as polls and surveys specifically designed to promote American identification with the Palestinian cause.
One of the World Muslim Congress's representatives at the symposium was Issa Nakhleh, an attorney who has served as U.N. Observer of the Arab Higher Committee for Palestine, and who, during the 1960s and early 1970s, was associated with the late Gerald L.K. Smith (writing for Smith's publication, The Cross and the Flag), and with the racist West Coast group, Western Front.
In 1981 Nakhleh spoke at the Third Annual Convention of the Institute for Historical Review, a group that maintains that the Holocaust is a myth concocted by Jews.

Nakhleh's address was called Palestinians and Zionist "Genocide." Those remarks are crazy, Ellen Siegel of the Washington Area Jews for Israeli- Palestinian Peace (a participant in the symposium) said in response to the Dawalibi quotes.
'We're opposed to that stuff. It's not something we like to hear or want to hear or approve of. What do you want me to do? What should I do ?...

The Six Million Reconsidered attempts to prove that the Holocaust never occurred; Antizion, a compendium of anti-Semitic writing, includes a description of Hitler as a 'twentieth century statesman' and the assertion, 'There were no [???] Jews killed in 'gas chambers.' The edition of Antizion sent to the senators is a reproduction of one published by the Noontide Press of Torrance, California, which purveys racist and anti-Semitic books.

Noontide is controlled by Willis Carto, head of the Liberty Lobby, which is widely regarded as anti-Semitic and which has recently been involved in litigation against National Review and William F.  Buckley, Jr. Grimstad also served as editor of White Power, the official publication of the neo-Nazi National Socialist White People's Party headed by George Lincoln Rockwell.
In 1977 Grimstad registered with the Department of Justice as a Saudi agent. His registration form reported that the Saudi Embassy paid him $20,000 in June 1977 as a 'gift or honorarium apparently in appreciation for my book, Antizion.'
He sent the embassy a receipt for the money.
An investigation by the Anti-Defamation League revealed that the books were mailed to the senators by the World Muslim Congress...
Following the Mufti's death in 1974, Ma'aruf-al-Dawalibi took over as president of the congress.
Dawalibi lives in the Saudi capital and is an adviser to King Khaled. Financial support for the congress is provided through the World Muslim League. Based in the holy city of Mecca, the World Muslim League was created in 1962 through a Saudi government grant as a principal instrument of its policy to put all Islamic institutions, including those outside the country, under its own auspices.
1981, Dawalibi had an audience with Pope John Paul II, during which they reportedly spoke about advancing the Christian-Muslim dialogue. Later that year, Dawalibi said in Paris that such dialogues were necessary because "international [Jewry]...


Jewry is undoubtedly behind the persistence of misunderstanding between Muslim ... It is an indisputable fact that the Jews have succeeded in penetrating the highest offices in the Church...

In 1983 the Anti- Defamation League unearthed four documents from the archives of the German Foreign Ministry that verify that Dawalibi served as the Paris agent of the Nazi party official in charge of Arab affairs, SS Obergruppenfuhrer Erwin Ettel. The documents also disclose his close collaboration (as personal secretary ) with the Grand Mufti in the latter’s efforts in support of Hitler and the Axis powers.... is pro-nazi”dialogues+were+necessary+because+”+international”&dq=”dialogues+were+necessary+because+”+international";


Gracious: Enrique Rodriguez-Fabregat

As a child he was very influenced by Dreyfus trial.

Fought against anti-semitism in the USSR.

Helped Israel reestablished, and is memorialized in Israel

His higher-ground answer in 1962 to WW2's Mufti's 'guy': A. Shukairy / Shukeiri (the inventor of apartheid slander who was removed after saluting Nazi Tacuara) who falsely stated Fabregat is Jewish and therefore his loyalty can only be to Israel and not to his host country Uruguay.

From: Facts - Volumes 15-17, 1963, p.424:

During his various tenures as a delegate to the United Nations, Shukairy demonstrated virulent hatred of Israel and Jews which transcended even the passionate excesses other Arab delegates brought to the same subjects. 
In 1962 at the U.N., Shukairy even went so far as to praise the militant, anti- Jewish and neo-Nazi storm-troop gang in Argentina known as Tacuara.... instance, he declared: "I have never been an anti-Semite; I am a Semite myself." This semantic dodge has long been used by anti-Jewish Arab bigots, and by their supporters in the American anti-Jewish press, to obfuscate the palpable evidence of their anti-Jewish prejudice. During his various tenures as a delegate ...
Anti-Jewish Diatribe A year earlier, during a debate on the Arab refugee question, Shukairy's obsessive hatred was etched in sharp relief by statements he made about one of the U.N.'s most distinguished delegates, Professor Enrique Rodriguez-Fabregat, chief of the Uruguavan delegation.
In the course of a diatribe charging that Jews were expected to look upon Israel as their real government the old dual loyalty canard by anti-Semitic propagandists Shukairy wondered aloud whether Professor Fabregat who, Shukairy said was of the Jewish faith, also considered himself to be a Jew "in exile".
That Dr. Fabregat was a member of an old Catholic family and a practicing Catholic made no difference to Shukairy. Dr. Fabregat in sorrow, but without anger commented that the thoughts expressed by Shukairy were "more fitting to past ages".
Undaunted, Shukairy went on to declare that there was no real anti-Semitism in the world and that anti-Semitism was a propaganda device, a "tool" serving the interests of Zionists who had, he charged , created... on .. immigration... It is apartheid... This ideological orientation undoubtedly helped to turn the radical and anti- Western SNCC organization toward PLO for its propaganda material.


Militant Arab terror is racism

Whether terror attacks were/are linked and/or supported by Palestinian Authority,  Hamas official government in Gaza, Islamic Jihad, etc.

One can never detach racism from Arab terror in Israel, especially, as long as Israeli victims of Arab terrorism (shootings, bombing, stabbing, car rammings, rocks into car windows), and even potential civilian victims of massive foiled constant attacks, are not any way near 20% Arab, the equivalent of its population percentage in Israel. (Fully represented in Israeli official positions, including in its parliament - Knesset).

Moreover, Arab terrorists specifically go out of their way to target Jewish areas.

Also, bombers, shooters and the like, were/are aided by other Arabs, living inside Israel.

Arab terrorists will make the extra effort not to cause Arab casualties, as much as they can. Though the risk to their "brothers" is at times high, but hatred of Jews, still overrules. (Which explains, though disgustingly, the practice of using it's own people as shields when firing on Israelis. The routine which began, at least by Arafat in 1980).

The following classic is so telling of the racist Arab anti-Jewish motivation and nature in terrorism (August 2002 bus #361 massacre):

To Protect and To Serve: Policing in an Age of Terrorism, David Weisburd, Thomas Feucht, Idit Hakimi,2009,Social Science, p.183
For example, in the year 2002 Israel was plagued by a wave of terrorism attacks, and ... An Arab student from the village of Be’ana in the Galilee, Yasra Bakri, who was on the bus that same morning, was accused of failingto prevent the attack. During the course of the bus trip, Bakri was warned by the suicide bomber to get off before the imminent explosion. She and her friend got off the bus and did not report the possible commitment of a crime to any of the security agencies, including the police.

American Jewish Year Book 2003, edited by David Singer, Lawrence Grossman, VNR AG, 2003, p.221

Earlier, police had arrested  Yasra Bakri, who, with her friend Samiya Assedi, had gotten off the bus after the suicide bomber, when he got on, warned her that something bad was about to happen.
The two women, students at a college in Safed, left the bus 20 minutes before the blast took place without warning anyone else. Yasra Bakri was charged with failure to prevent a crime.

Arab-Jewish Relations Strained after Arrest of Israeli Arabs,' By Julie Stahl | July 7, 2008 | 8:12pm EDT

Jerusalem ( - Israelis were still reeling Tuesday from news that seven Israeli Arab citizens had been arrested in connection with a deadly suicide bomb attack.
Israel's secret service revealed on Monday that it had arrested seven members of a prominent Israeli Arab family believed to be involved in an early August terror attack that killed nine people and wounded 48.
Ibrahim Bakri, 22, and Yassin Bakri, are accused of planning and scouting for a location for an attack and hiding and aiding suicide bomber Jihad Hamada in blowing up the No. 361 bus at the Meron junction in northern Israel on August 4.
Another family member, Yasra Bakri, was arrested shortly after the attack. A suicide bomber reportedly warned her that she should get off the bus because something bad was going to happen. She disembarked with her girlfriend but failed to notify the authorities.
About 20 percent (1.2 million) of Israel's six million citizens are Arabs.

Besides the religious intolerance as Jihad, there is that ethnic racial bigotry.



After Netanyahu said erroneously that Hitler's extermination plan came after he met with Mufti, which is totally not true, Hitler, Nazis has the final solution long before , of course, Ihaan Tharoor, in Washington Post then wrote a piece in October 22, 2015 ] taking advantage of Netantahu's words.

However Tharoor also erred when he tried to minimize why the Mufti allied with Hitler. He intentionally omitted racist Jihadi fatwa by Mufti, his calls over the radio [ , , , ] to the Muslim world to "Kill the J.. wherever they are..This pleases Allah." Not Zionists. But any J. Wherever he is on the planet. Plain and simple.
That is way beyond any political alliances.
The ex Mufti of Palestine al-Hussein was anti-Any-Jew and called for extermination.
Despite Hitler's demagogic "praise" for this particular Arab’s look and asserting he is not pure Arab in blood...[ , ], yet, he still refused to shake his hands [ ]



Have no doubt Hitler would have wiped out Arabs after Jews, 24 February 2007



Alex Saab, Hezbollah's money man in Latin America, arrested in Cape Verde
Jun 14, 2020 · Abu Dhabi: Cape Verde authorities have arrested a Colombian businessman of Lebanese origin

Venezuela's Dark Laundering Loop: Saab Nabbed, Bagley Pleads Guilty, Maduro Sweats
By TIM PADGETT • JUN 22, 2020
The passport seized from Colombian businessman and Venezuelan operative Alex Saab after he was arrested earlier this month in Cape Verde.
Colombian businessman Alex Saab was arrested in Cape Verde, an island republic off Africa’s west coast, as his private jet was refueling. Saab is wanted in the U.S. on money-laundering charges involving hundreds of millions of dollars – but his detention in Cape Verde and his possible extradition to Miami carry big political stakes in Venezuela.

He's the go-to guy': Venezuelan dealmaker Alex Saab arrested
Jun 28, 2020 · The US confirmed Mr Saab's arrest “pursuant to an Interpol Red Notice” — a message that alerts police forces...


Issa Nakhleh: Vile liar Holocaust denier, Hitler's canard - recycler, pushing Neo-Nazi inventions on WW2, and long time agitator in S. America

Avisor UN 'Palestinian' Delegation The Arab Higher Committee for 'Palestine'. Author of "Palestine encyclopedia"

* June.17.1949: He can be considered the pioneer in vicious vitriol. Hyped imaginary terminology to "shock". (Probably the beginner of making a travesty out of anti-bigotry). At UN, he accused/defined in June-1949, acts as being "exceeding in brutality" than those of "the Nazis." 
 This "language" was picked up by Shukairy in 1961.
That was 23 years before he denied the Holocaust altogether in 1972...which he proposed as a measuring object in 1949...
He also intentionally floated the ridiculous unfounded rumour, that the (secular) Jews were supposedly  "planning" to take down mosque and build temple...

* Active in agitating Anti-Jewish hatred in Argentina 1950s. Weeks after Nazi Tacuara attacked Jews in that country, including torturing a 19 years old carving swastikas in her as "revenge" for hanging Eichmann, he formed "palestine Arab delegation" in UN. A few months later, Shukairy salutes Tacuara at UN.

* In December 30, 1963, wrote to infamous fascist "Canadian Fuhrer" Adrien Arcand. (Incidentally, unaware, this Arcand referred in derogatory terms to Palestinian restaurants).

* Under his activities in Palestine "delegation," its postage meter was used to mail out material for a Neo-Nazi publication that earlier carried headline "Adolf Hitler, the George Washington of Europe.

* In 1967, just before the outbreak of the six-day war, he travelled to speak at at supremacists Western Front supporters event. 
On March 7, 1969, he was featured speaker at "free Palestine" meeting joined with infamous anti-black anti-Jewish racist G. Smith, and Western Front.

* As, in behalf of Palestine's ex- Mufti, he represented Sirhan in R. Kennedy's murder, Arabs (whether by his initiative or his tacit go-along) spread around a conspiracy theory blaming Jews that they did it and pinned it on an Arab... 1968.

* May-1970: Recycled Hitler's old canards on Jews; pushed neo nazis' inventions about WW2; referred to (in singular term) "Jew war criminals" in his article in violent racist publication. 

* November-14-1972: Openly said at UN, that Hitler did "not" kill Jews, that it was all an invention by Jews, and that the six million are "very much alive...".  
(The horrendous cruelty within less than 3 decades of survivors' traumatic experience and indescribable loss).
He's also cast it as his "vs gentiles" Nazi adopted idea. (One assunes, his atrocious speech wasn't quoted at the time by JTA at least apparently through search, most probably as to not hurt so much, survivors and after less than 30 years from the Holocaust. Though vast local newspapers did).

* In 1973, he wrote a hate filled letter why Palestinian Arabs oppose Kissinger, (incl.) because he was a persecuted Jew by Nazis in Germany. Pressed for his view on the Kissinger appointment, Issa Nakhleh, U.N. observer for the Palestinian Arab delegation, exclaimed: "You Jews are doing the same thing you did in Germany.".

In 1978, at historical Begin and Sadat  Camp David peace summit, Issa Nakhleh was urgently occupied with his Memorandum, denying the Holocaust, sent to Carter and Sadat.

* Addressed at "convention" of Holocaust deniers; published a denial "piece" in their publication; wrote for various racist groups. 1981-2.

* 1982:  Together with holocaust-revisionists and supremacists LibertyLobby (under cloak of his official chief Arab-Palestinian delegation at UN and Muslim Congress advisor) advocated to court for accused Swedish Holocaust denier Ditlieb Felderer - as a "scholar." It didn't help.

* Much of his writing is dedicated to his hero, infamous ex Mufti al-Husseini, Hitler's staunchest active ally in the Arab world, "explaining" him. By the same token, this vicious hater, in his inciting venom, the sneaky snake carefully crafts his thesis, framing his all throughout theme of Jews and non-Jews, into some supposed "historical facts." He also so twistedly exaggerates the weak power of Jews at the time of WW2, basing it all on one quote from one letter from one Jewish personality and phrases it as the "world Jews" and states it as a fact that "this is why" (no kidding) Great Britain and allies went into war. 
That's right, he "found" the "J." (as in that  letter by an unarmed civilian) to be "behind" Churchill/Hitler/Roosevelt....
But since we are on this most serious topic, let us also remember that no Jew on this planet or even a Rabbi (such as Weissmandl) could influence in as much as getting Auchwitz-Birkenau bombed, even while allies' planes were already heavily in operations anyhow.
Not to mention the boat (M.S. St. Louis) in 1939 with Jews fleeing, being turned away...
In addition, in order to fit his libeleaus "book", hypocrite Nakhleh didn't include in it his total denial of the Holocaust which he uttered in 1972 and at Holocaust deniers convention, it wouldn't "work," since he tried to compare acts to those of Nazis.

* His "Palestine encyclopedia" - "work", has been correctly categorized as only an anti-Israel propaganda piece.
Even by comparing it to other Arab Palestinian authors/work.

* In Nov.1999, at AmerianMuslimsForJerusalem - event, which was described as "Anti-Jewish" (not just anti Israel),  offered the illegally raising money from abroad  to lobby US Congress.
He 'promulgates anti-Semitic conspiracy theories at a Chicago conference of the Islamic Association for Palestine (IAP)'.

* Of his last known "good" and "love" deeds on earth was to blame on "Israel lobby," a 2002 sincere investigation at kidnapping children to Saudi Arabia.

Note: Most Arab-Palestinians are Muslims.  Yet, this Islamicized hater who was a fiery highest "spiritual" leader's aide, made sure to appear as a "Christian" when he thought it could help him in inciting Christians. At the Holocaust denial convention in 1982, he came officially representing Muslim Congress.

[It might remind jihadi Palestinian terrorists who, to Muslims they raise the banner of holy war on Jews in Israel, but when speaking to the West suddenly mention "rights" and "democracy."]
This very same denier, has also pushed for the idea of some so-called "mutual admiration" (by highlighting --out of the Zionists- one  (radical and not accepted by mainstream, who had some Arab allies too) person's agreement seeking for emigration, attempting to save lives . Ignoring the some 30,000 Jews of Palestine that fought the Nazis, as reported at the time. .


Nation - Volume 164 - Page 561 - J.H. Richards, 1947
The Mufti's Henchmen A Who's Who General Assembly by the Nation Associates . ... Most of the originals are in the possession of the Department of State . They substantiate to the last detail the charge that the Mufti not only was an Axis agent throughout the war ..
... The persons named were the following: Emil Ghouri, Henry Katan, Wasef Kamal, Rajai Husseini, Isa Nakhleh ...

Congressional Record: Proceedings and Debates of the ... Congress - 1947
... Ghouri, Rajai Husseini, Henry Katan, Wasef Kamal, Isa Nakhleh, Rasem Khalidi. ... In 1922, he became the Mufti of Jerusalem and later the President of the

Near East Report - Volumes 8-11 - Page 150 - 1964
The Arab World is a glossy monthly which emphasizes social, economic and political achievement. There are 23,000 copies, of which 5,115 go to educational institutions, 2,128 to libraries, 1,159 to newspapers, 1,117 to press services, 541 to public officials.
For the Record is a polemical report issued occasionally to deal with political questions. The Attorney General's report tells us that “a major theme of this publication is that Israeli propaganda is a camouflage for aggressive designs on Arab territory and a threat to ArabAmerican relations...
Another agency is the Palestine Arab Delegation, with offices at 801 Second Ave. , New York. It was organized in April 1961 to represent the Arab Higher Committee for Palestine, but the UN will not recognize or seat it. In 1963, it spent $25,426. It issues a bulletin; it distributes press releases; it uses vitriolic expletives-"for it is not responsible to any government and need not exercise diplomatic restraint. 
A typical circular begins: "The international Zionist gangsters seized, by terror and murder, a part of Palestine and declared
themselves a state." 
These pamphlets frequently reproduce atrocity photographs. They vilify U. S. officials who support Israel.
The director of this group is Issa Nakhleh, who describes himself as "the permanent representative" of the delegation.
Nakhleh had some training as the press attache for the Egyptian Embassy in Argentina, a country where the Arab League has collaborated with neo-Nazis in the dissemination of scurrilous antiSemitic propaganda. On the P.R. Front.
Near East Report, Volume 8
Near East Report, Incorporated, 1964 - Jewish-Arab relations

Congressional Record: Proceedings and Debates of the ..., Volume 113, Part 17
United States. Congress · 1967 · Law
The Palestine Arab Delegation is in fact the local agency of the Arab Higher Committee for Palestine, an international Arab organization formed at Cairo in 1946, under the chairmanship of the ineffable Grand Mufti Mohammad Amin el-Husseini—the same noisome personage who had earlier served as Hitler's advisor on “the liquidation of the Jewish question.” The Mufti's committee maintains offices in Egypt, Syria, Lebanon and Iraq besides its overseas representatives in the United  States...
this "delegation" maintains relations  with the most undesirable on the American political scene. Not long ago, its postage meter was used to distribute a mailing of James H. Madole's National Renaissance Party Bulletin's publication of a group described in a staff report of the House Un-American Activities Committee as avowedly neo-nazi in character.
(An earlier issue of the same publication carried the headline: "Adolf Hitler, the  George Washington of Europe"). 
Long aricles by this "delegation" have been reprinted in Common Sense The Cross and the Flag. The Palestine Arab Delegation also maintains relations with the Neo-Nazi National Renaissance Party....
Palestine Arab Delegation also maintains relations with the Neo-Nazi ...


The Canadian Fuhrer: The Life of Adrien Arcand - Page 351
Issa Nakhleh, letter to Adrien Arcand, New York, 30 December 1963, Library and Archives Canada, Adrien Arcand collection, MG 30, D91, vol. 2. 'Des livres de ...
Jean-Francois Nadeau - 2011
[The Canadian Fuhrer: The Life of Adrien Arcand
Jean-Francois Nadeau · 2011 · Biography & Autobiography
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Justice Department Keeps Watch on Arab Students Group As Sirhan Probe Continues
June 24, 1968

The Department of Justice said yesterday that it will remain alert to operations of the Organization of Arab students while the investigation of Sirhan Sirhan and all ramifications of the Robert F. Kennedy assassination is continuing. This disclosure was made by J. Walter Yeagley, Assistant Attorney-General, in a letter to Rep. Joel T. Broyhill, Virginia Republican. Mr. Broyhill had asked the department to investigate Arab extremist activities in this country and possible Communist links with them.
The department said that on the basis of information so far available to the Government, “it does not appear that the Organization of Arab Students has incurred an obligation to register under the Foreign Agents Registration Act at this time. While the organization does receive some funds from officials of foreign governments, the amount is not sufficient to warrant a conclusion that it is acting within the United States at the direction or control of a foreign government so as to create the requisite agency relationship necessary to require registration.”
Arab-American businessmen in Los Angeles are spreading a story that Sirhan Sirhan, alleged assassin of Sen. Robert F. Kennedy, was “a secret agent ‘paid by the Zionists' to blacken the name of the Arab world,' it was reported here today by the Washington Post.
In a related development, the Arab Higher Committee for Palestine, in Beirut, has instructed its New York office to offer “all possible assistance' to Sirhan. The committee's spokesman, former Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, Haj Amin el-Husseini, who visited Berlin during World War II and collaborated with Hitler, said it had instructed its New York representatives to legally defend Sirhan as far as United States law will permit. The committee is known in New York as the Palestine Arab Delegation. Its New York representatives are Issa Nakhleh and Omar Azzouni, both attorneys


Facts - Volumes 18-22 - Page 482 - Anti-defamation League of B'nai B'rith., [1969]

The Organization of Arab Students (OAS) claims to represent all Arab students on American college and university campuses. Although it purports to function as a "cultural and educational" organization, OAS is, in fact, a major source of anti-Israel propaganda in the United States.

On March 7, 1969, pro-Arab activists distributed copies of Free Palestine, the Fatah publication, along with subscription blanks, at a Los Angeles meeting sponsored by the Arab Higher Committee, headed by the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem supported Hitler in World War II. 

Featured speaker at the meeting was Issa Nakhleh, a representative in the U.S. of the Mufti group. Invitations to the meeting were sent to persons on the mailing lists of the Christian Nationalist Crusade, the orgnization headed by Gerald Smith, long-time anti- Jewish propagandist, and of Western Front, an organization headed by Walter White, husband of Mrs. Opal Tanner White, a long-time Smith aide.,+pro-Arab+activists+distributed+copies+of+Free+Palestine,%C2%A0the+Fatah%22


'Anti‐Zionists' and antisemites
Journal -
Patterns of Prejudice , Volume 4, 1970 - Issue 4, p.28
Taylor & Francis journals

The antisemitism of "anti-Zionism" was re- vealed when the violently anti-Jewish US paper. Common Sense, No. 560, of 15 May 1970, published a long article by an Arab lawyer, resident in London, Issa Nakhleh, LLB., "graduate of London Universuty and Barrister-at-Law of Lincoln's Inn", who not only berated "Zionist colonialism" and "Zionist control" of US mass media but also canvassed the neo-Nazi allegation  that Zionist leaders had "railroaded the US into World War II to implement their 1933 declaration of War against Germany". In this spirit Mr. Nakhleh freely refers to "Jew war criminals" now, "Jew gangster of Tel Aviv" who were "completely eradicating Christianity and Islam from the holy Land".

He does his best to revive the somewhat old-fashioned propaganda  -- Hitler's piece de resistance  -- about "Jewish Bolshevism." He rehashes all the long discredited tales of "the international conspiracy of the Jews", how they have plotted the Bolshevik revolution in Russia unleashing communism in the world"... He also adds one or two touches...

Nakhleh is aware that "the American reader might question why it is, if Communism is Jewish ... then why does the Soviet Union now take a position of favouring the Arabs?" But he has a "very logical" answer." One the one hand he says, "Arab States were compelled to seek arms for their defense from the Soviet Union", and on the other, he argues, the Soviets are not really with the Arabs, since they tecognize and support the existence,  sovereignty and rights of the so called 'Israel'". Therefore, he concludes, the Americans would be wise to back the Arabs against Israel, or rather the "Jew war criminals"...
The National Front unequivocally avows it racialisim. This is what its official statement says: "Is the NF a racialist organization? Yes. We are nationalists -- Patriots -- and we see as our first duty the preservation of the British Nation. While there is no such thing as the 'British race', the people whom we call British are the descendants of various tribes of European racial origin who invaded these islands in the Dark Ages and early Middle Ages. Because these tribes were kinfolk (e.g. the Normans were simply the French-speaking progency of Viking pirates who settled both in France and Britain), they were able to assimilate and form a homogeneous population group.



November 14, 1972
The Times from San Mateo, California · Page 10
Arab Says Hitler Didn't Kill Jews 
The extermination of six million ... on orders of Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler was "a big lie" concocted by ...who are still "very rnuoh alive" in the United States and Israel, a Palestinian Arab told the United Nations Monday. Issa Nakhleh, head of the so - called "Palestine Arab deleglion" addressed the General Assembly's special political committee. currently in the middle of its annual debate on Palestine Arab refugees.

November 15, 1972
Panama City News-Herald from Panama City, Florida · Page 3
'Hitlers Killing Of Jews Big Lie', Arab Declares 
Wednesday, November 15,  Page 3 UNITED NATIONS (UPI) 

The extermination of six million Jews on orders of Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler was "a big lie" concocted by.. who are still "very much alive" in the United States and Israel, a Palestinian Arab told the United Nations. Issa Nakhleh, head of the so- called "Palestine Arab delegation," addressed the General Assembly's special political committee, currently in the middle of its annual debate on Palestine Arab refugees. 

The allegation by Nakhleh drew swift condemnation from Israeli delegate Jacob Doron, who termed the Palestine Arab delegation "another name for the Arab higher command headed by the notorious ex- mufti of Jerusalem who has a record of terrorism and murder going back 50 years."

Daily Independent Journal from San Rafael, California · Page 2
November 14, 1972
Execution Of Jews Is Called A Lie 
Tuesday, Nov. 14, 1972 Arab Says Hitler Didn't Kill Jews 

By U P. INTERNATIONAL UNITED NATIONS (UPI) - The extermination of six million Jews on orders of Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler was "a big lie" concocted by ... who are still "very much alive" in the United States and Israel, a Palestinian Arab told the United Nations Monday. Issa Nakhleh, head of the so- called "Palestine Arab delegation," addressed the General Assembly's special political committee, currently in the middle of its annual debate on Palestine Arab refugees. 

The allegation by Nakhleh drew swift condemnation from Israeli delegate Jacob Doron, who termed the Palestine Arab delegation 'another name for the Arab higher command headed by the notorious ex- mufti of Jerusalem who has a record of terrorism and murder going back 50 years.' Nakhleh, whose delegation does not have a standing with the United Nations outside of its annual appearance before the political committee, also charged that ... had financed and cooperated with Hitler before he came to power in 1933. Nakhleh said the J.. had “invented the big lie of the extermination of six million Jews in Europe” who were “still very much alive in the United States and in Palestine (Israel).' He added, '... used this big lie of the six million to blackmail Germany for more than $18 billion as compensation. "The world J... propaganda machine keeps reminding the Gentiles of their responsibility for the alleged extermination of the six million Jews and suppresses the truth which was published in several Jewish periodicals that Hitler was a.." Nakhleh added.

Pomona Progress Bulletin (Newspaper) - November 15, 1972, Pomona, California Progress-Bulletin, p.39
Progress-Bulletin, Pomona, Calif.,    Wednesday, November 15, 1972 
Arab Says Nazi Murder Of Jews a 'Big Lie' UNITED NATIONS (UPI) — The extermination of six million Jews on orders of Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler was "a big lie" concocted by ...who are still “very much alive” in the United States and Israel, a Palestinian Arab told United Nations Monday. Issa Nakhleh head of the so called "Palestine Arab delegation," addressed the General Assembly’s special....

November 15, 1972
Clovis News-Journal from Clovis, New Mexico · Page 9
UNITED NATIONS (UPI) The extermination of six million Jews on orders of Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler was "a big lie'" concocted by ... who are still "very much alive" in the United States and Israel, a Palestinian Arab told the United Nations Monday. Issa Nakhleh, head of the so-called "Palestine Arab delegation," addressed the General Assembly's special political committee, currently in the middle of its annual debate on Palestine Arab refugees. | The allegation by Nakhleh  drew swift condemnation..
Nakhleh said the ... "invented the big lie of... extermination of six million... "still very much alive" in the United States and Israel. He said the "lie" was perpetuated "to blackmail Germany for more than $18 billion as compensation." "The world J... keeps reminding the Gentiles of their responsibility for the "alleged" extermination of the six million Jews ...

Jewish Observer and Middle East Review - Volume 21 - Page 7, 1972
PROSPECTS FOR PEACE between Israel and the Arabs are better now than ever before , in the opinion of Israel's Deputy ...
THE NAZI EXTERMINATION of six million Jews was "a big lie" concocted by Jews, a Palestinian Arab declared on Monday in the United Nations . Issa Nakhleh , head of the so - called Palestine - Arab Delegation , was addressing the General Assembly's special legal committee currently debating the Palestine refugee issue parallel with the Assembly's debate on terrorism. His accusation drew swift condemnation from Israeli delegate Jacob Doron . .  He recalled the collaboration between the former Mufti of Jerusalem ( for whom Nakhleh is the New York spokesman ) and Eichmann and Hitler . Nakhleh then retorted that Hitler was a ...

National Lampoon - Page lviii - 
New York Times (L. Kagan) 1973 
According to Issa Nakhleh, a Palestinian Arab leader, the six million Jews generally thought to have been exterminated by Hitler are “very much alive" and living in the United States and Israel after fabricating the well-known story of their deaths.. 
Nakhke said it was the... invented the big lie....


East Europe - Volume 23, Issues 1-2 - Page 30 - 1974
Palestinian Arab Opposition to Kissinger By Issa Nakhleh..... The mere fact that Dr. Kissinger and his family became refugees from Germany, and were subjected to persecution and indignities in Nazi Germany, must have left a very deep impression on his mind and soul. &q=%22Soul%22

Anglo-American Support for Jordan: The Career of King Hussein - M. Joyce · 2008 · History - p.121
...a hate filled letter from Chairman of the Palestinian Arab Delegation at the UN Issa Nakhleh. Nakhleh referred to Kissinger's background; he was a German Jewish refugee ...
MANAGING THE 1973 WAR a hate-filled letter from Chairman of the Palestinian Arab Delegation at the UN Issa Nakhleh. Nakhleh referred to Kissinger's background; he was a German..

Near East Report - Volumes 16-18 - Page 139 - 1972
Pressed for his view on the Kissinger appointment, Issa Nakhleh, U.N. observer for the Palestinian Arab delegation, exclaimed: "You Jews are doing the same thing you did in Germany."

Icon of Evil: Hitler's Mufti and the Rise of Radical Islam, David G. Dalin, John F. Rothmann, 2008, Biography & Autobiography, p.119-120.
In 1978, for example, in the midst of the political activity surrounding the historic diplomatic summit at Camp David attended by Jimmy Carter, Menachem Begin and Anwar Al Sadat, Holocaust denial found public expression in a memorandum submitted to presidents Carter and Sadat by the Palestinian Arab diplomat Issa Nakhleh.
Nakhleh, one of the mufti's closest political confidants and collaborators and a noted Holocaust denier, had served for several decades as the permanent representative ofthe Arab Higher Committee for Palestine at the United Nations. "The hoax of the .. who supposedly perished in Europe. Nakhleh stated emphatically, “has been used by the Zionists to win sympathy...

American Spectator - Volume 19 - Page 20 - 1986
... Muslim Congress's representatives at the symposium was Issa Nakhleh, an attorney who has served as U.N. Observer
of the Arab Higher Committee for Palestine, and who, during the 1960s and early 1970s, was associated with the late Gerald L.K. Smith (writing for Smith's publication, The Cross and the Flag), and with the racist West Coast group, Western Front
In 1981 Nakhleh spoke at the Third Annual Convention of the Institute for Historical Review, a group that maintains that the Holocaust is a myth concocted by Jews. Nakhleh's address was called "Palestinians and Zionist genocide"...
The Six Million Reconsidered attempts to prove that the Holocaust never occurred; Antizion, a compendium of anti-Semitic writing, includes a description of Hitler as a "twentieth century statesman" and the assertion, "There were no Jews killed in ' gas ...

Extremism on the Right: A Handbook - Page 49 - 1983
Beyond promoting anti-Semitism, these meetings have, on occasion, also promoted anti-Israel, Arab propaganda. In 1967, just before the outbreak of the Six Day war, Issa Nakhleh, a representative of the Palestine Arab Delegation, journeyed to the West Coast to speak to Western Front supporters.

Kenneth S. Stern 
The American Jewish Committee 
New York - 1993

... One of the earliest Palestinian references to Holocaust denial occurred at the United Nations. "In 1972," wrote Teressa Hendry approvingly in the December 1978 edition of the National Educator, "with little attendant publicity, a Palestinian Arab addressed the UN, charging that the Zionists financed Adolf Hitler and 'invented the big lie of the extermination of the ...

117. For many years the IHR, like its cousin, the Liberty Lobby, has tried to Ingratiate itself with the Arab world. While refusing to call what happened to Jews in World War II genocide, it liberally promotes the term to describe lsraeli treatment of Palestinians. At the IHR's Third Revisionist Conference, lssah Nakhleh, described as "chairman of the Palesline-Arab Committee," was a highlighted  speaker about "Zionist genocide." An IHR article noting the criticism of the  Palestinian Red Crescent Society for printing Holocaust denial wondered if the  Red Crescent would be expelled from the ICRC, thus allowing Israel "to strafe those Palestinian ambulances which roll up to collect the latest dead and wounded Arab youngsters on the West Bank and Gaza strip?" An IHR pamphlet advertising its tenth conference quotes Faurisson as saying: "Of course I am ready to go to jail. I don't mind. I am sure that I will convert first the guards, and then the prisoners, because seventy per cent of them are Arabs." 

Icon of Evil: Hitler's Mufti and the Rise of Radical Islam - David Dalin - 2017
In 1982, Issa Nakhleh published an article in Journal of Historical Review, a publication devoted to Holocaust denial...

Shofar FTP Archive File: orgs/american/ihr//nakhleh

Archive/File: orgs/american/ihr nakhleh One participant of the 1982 conference was Issa Nakhleh, head of the Palestine Arab Delegation, an extremist pro-PLO group originally formed by the notorious Grand Mufti of Jerusalem who broadcast from Nazi Germany to the Arabs in the Middle East. In the US, Nakhleh has associated in recent years with Western Front, an antisemitic organisation. 
This site is intended for educational purposes to teach about the Holocaust and to combat hatred. Any statements or excerpts found on this site are for educational purposes only.
As part of these educational purposes, Nizkor may include on this website materials, such as excerpts from the writings of racists and antisemites. Far from approving these writings, Nizkor condemns them and provides them so that its readers can learn the nature and extent of hate and antisemitic discourse. Nizkor urges the readers of these pages to condemn racist and hate speech in all of its forms and manifestations.


Henri Temianka Correspondence - Chapman University Digital Commons
by E Aran · 1982
Dec 15, 1982 · telegram to the district attorney from Issa Nakhleh, Chairman of the "Palestine Arab Delegation" and adviser to the "World Muslim Congress"...
Who is Ditlieb Felderer?
To the Liberty Lobby and to the Palestine Arab delegation to the UN , "unfettered scholar". 
To the court in Sweden he is a criminal who defamed Jews
... the IHR thesis that the Holocaust was a hoax...

The Holocaust denial: antisemitism, racism & the new right - Page xxviii - Gill Seidel - 1986
The previous year the conference had been addressed by Mr Issah Nakhleh, who describes himself as "Legal Adviser to the World Muslim Conference". In 1982, when the Swedish Holocaust-denier, Ditlieb Felderer, was convicted of ...

Anti-Zionism - Yohanan Manor - Department of Information, World Zionist Organization, 1984 - Antisemitism - 21 pages - p.20
Ibrahim Ayad, one of Arafat's advisors declarations to the newspaper, A IkaiAlaam, 9 March 1982; 
cf also the telegram sent by Issa Nakhleh, president of the Palestinian Arab Delegation to the United Nations and Judicial Adviser to the World Muslim Congress, to the Attorney- General of Stockholm, Thorsten Jonsson, asking for the release of Dietlieb Felderer, well- known Holocaust revisionist, Heritage, 31 December 1982.

Les Protocoles des sages de Sion: Faux et usages d'un faux - Pierre-André Taguieff - Fayard, Oct 6, 2004 - Social Science - 508 pages 
.. ainsi qu'à l'intervention très significative du président de la Délégation arabe palestinienne aux Nations Unies , également conseiller juridique au Congrès mondial musulman , Issa Nakhleh , auprès du procureur général de Stockholm , Thorsten Jonsson , et demandant à celui - ci par un télégramme officiel la mise en liberté de Ditlieb Felderer
Les Protocoles des sages de Sion - Pierre-André Taguieff - Berg international, 1992 - Antisemitism - 1223 pages, p.328
[Translated by Google:
... as well as the very significant intervention of the President of the palestinian Arab Delegation to the United Nations, also legal advisor to the World Muslim Congress, Issa Nakhleh, to the Attorney General of Stockholm...]

Jan. 18, 1986 [p.10]

A jury awarded $5.2 million today to a survivor of a Nazi concentration camp who asserted he had been emotionally tortured by the taunts of a man who kept telling him the Holocaust was a fiction.

The jury in Los Angeles Superior Court deliberated only three hours and 45 minutes before finding that a Swedish publisher, Ditlieb Felderer, should be held responsible for damages to the plaintiff, Mel Mermelstein, for libel and intentional inflicting of emotional distress.

Mr. Mermelstein's hands trembled and he choked back tears while the clerk read the panel's decision awarding him $500,000 in compensatory damages and $4.75 million in punitive damages.

Mr. Felderer was not represented in court in the two-day trial because he never answered the complaint. Mr. Mermelstein's attorneys hope to have any default judgment against him enforced by the Swedish Government.

Mr. Mermelstein, who is 59 years old, sued Mr. Felderer in 1981 for statements the Swede made about Mr. Mermelstein in a publication called the Jewish Information Bulletin. Mr. Felderer is a member of the editorial advisory committee to the Institute for Historical Review, an organization based in Torrance, Calif., that asserts the Nazis never had an extermination policy for the Jews.

One of the pamphlets Mr. Felderer sent to Mr. Mermelstein included a letter calling him a racist and ''exterminationist.'' With hand-drawn cartoons, the letter mocked assertions that Jews were gassed at Auschwitz.

In testimony, Mr. Mermelstein tearfully recalled his experiences at the death camp, and of losing his brother and father in work camps and watching his mother and sister led to gas chambers.

Mr. Mermelstein's psychiatrist, Dr. Daniel Borenstein, testified that the survivor struggled for years with his anguish over the atrocities he had seen at Auschwitz, but that by 1973 he was cured. But Dr. Borenstein testified that Mr. Mermelstein regressed completely in 1980 when he began receiving pamphlets from Mr. Felderer, saying that Mr. Mermelstein was ''peddling the exterminationist hoax.''


Project MUSE - 
Perceptions of the Holocaust in Palestinian Public Discourse 

Meir Litvak and Esther Webman
Israel Studies
Vol. 8, No. 3, Israel and the Holocaust (Fall, 2003), pp. 123-140
MeirLitvak and Esther Webman Perceptions of the Holocaust in Palestinian Public Discourse

The origins of the Palestinian discourse could be discerned in the period before the end of the war. The growing realization of the extent of the Jewish tragedy brought about mounting pressure by the Zionist movement to hasten the rescue of Jewish survivors and refugees and to allow increased Jewish immigration to Palestine. Understanding the repercussions of the possible success of this Zionist eff ort on the struggle over Palestine, Palestinian public figures and the press had to address, willingly or unwillingly, the issue of the Holocaust in their response to the evolving political conditions. Two approaches seem to have emerged simultaneously since 
these very early days.
One, which was shared by other Arab leaders, acknowledged the Jewish tragedy in Europe but rejected any linkage between it and the situation in Palestine. It argued that the entire world should participate..

... Some Palestinian writers conclude that this alleged collaboration was not only motivated by pragmatism but also by the ideological affinity between Nazism and Zionism, claiming that many Nazi leaders sympathized with Zionism and its goals. Issa Nakhle, for instance, attributed the  “mutual admiration” of both movements to the great similarity between them.


Reference & User Services Quarterly - Volume 45, Issues 1-4 - Page 78 - Library of Congress - 2005
For instance, there is no entry on suicide or suicide bombers. Anyone wishing to trace the history of this particular aspect of the conflict would need to know which particular organizations, such as Hamas and the Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigade, have engaged in this practice. There are no directly comparable reference works available.
Philip Mattar's Encyclopedia of the Palestinians (Facts On File, 2000), the most recent work on the subject, is focused much more on the history and culture of the people over a longer time period, and less so on the conflict, and, for the most part, it is not concerned with an Israeli perspective...
Another title, Issa Nakhleh's Encyclopedia of the Palestine Problem (Intercontinental Books, 1991) is essentially a piece of anti- Israel propaganda.

Middle East: Abstracts and index - Page 955 - Northumberland Press, 1994 - Middle East
But the pseudo-historical assumptions of Mr. Nakhleh are more important than his racist style. He threatens Mr. Christopher and the crazy Israelis' with Arab and/ or Muslim unity, a unity that Is going to destroy Israel as the Crusaders were ...

1946-1973 - TCU Digital Repository - Texas Christian University
by D Grantham · 2015
led by nationalists and pro-Catholic groups, like the Tacuara, turned on Jewish citizens and ... Arab League representative in Argentina, Issa Nakhle, “ started

Israel in the Third World - Michael Curtis, Susan Aurelia Gitelson · 1976 · History - pp.157-8
In September 1947 an official delegation, representing the Arab states, visited Latin America...
On the establishment of the state of Israel, Arab propaganda's main job was to content that Israel was a fictitious state... the Arabs also tried to influence public opinion... "Jewish imperialism"... 
 ... LA representation in Arab countries has increased. .. To this list may be added Arab League representation that began in 1952 when Issa Nakhle, accredited as. press attache to the Egyptian Embassy  and later a Syrian diplomat, opened an office in Buenos Aires. The office continues to function despite a crisis in 1964, caused by the relations of Hussein Triki with right-wing circles. 
A curious result of this policy took place at the United Nations in 1962: Ahmed Shukairy, then head of the Saudi Arabian delegation, openly praised the Argentine Nazi group Tacuara. The Argentine delegate expressed dismay. 
Another example of cooperation between pro-Nazi groups and the Arabs is the Chilean publication Cruz Gamada (swastika), most of which is devoted to "Palestine. Arab land" and "Communist- Jewish infiltration." Or "capitalist Jewish exploitation,"
Another curious result of this sort of collusion took place in Buenos Aires in 1964. At a public meeting called to express solidarity with the Arab states, the Arab League delegate was greeted with " expel the Jews to Israel" and the Nazi salute.
Israeli-Latin American Relation, Edy Kaufman, Yoram Shapira, Joel Barromi, Transaction Publishers, 1979 


[American Muslims for Jerusalem: Radical] Islam's American lobby

by Daniel Pipes
Jerusalem Post
September 20, 2001

The terror attacks on America could not have taken place without a sophisticated infrastructure of agents operating inside the United States that gathered information, planned, and then executed the four hijackings. That infrastructure, in turn, could operate thanks in large part to the protection provided by America's militant Islamic lobby.
The militant Islamic lobby impeded law enforcement's ability to devote special attention to Middle Eastern passengers, a procedure that surely would have caught the four suicide teams. The lobby also forestalled the closing down of Web sites and the expulsion of foreigners associated with terrorist organizations like Osama bin Laden's....
The pattern was set at AMJ's first major event, a fundraising in November 1999, which one participant described as "crudely anti-Jewish." Speakers like Nihad Awad and Abudrahman Almoudivied with one another... they spun an elaborate conspiracy theory about Jewish control...
The dinner's keynote speaker, Issa Nakhleh of the Arab Supreme Council for Palestine... proposed as specific scheme for achieving this goal. By his (fanciful) calculations, the Israel lobby spends $20 million a year to buy members of Congress and have them impose the "Jewish" message on Christians. Arabs and Muslims can easily do better, Nakhleh suggested, by sending fundraising delegations to Saudi Arabia and the emirates. "I am sure you will get $10 million from these two, and Iran will give you $10 million," thereby surpassing the supposed pro-Israel funding. (Never mind that it is illegal to lobby Congress with money that comes from abroad).
The evening's excess of inaccuracy...
Miniatures: Views of Islamic and Middle Eastern Politics
By Daniel Pipes

Issa Nakhleh, IAP :: Audio and Video Clips :: The Investigative Project on Terrorism
Issa Nakhleh, IAP
November 26, 1999

Issa Nakhleh, of the Arab Higher Committee for Palestine in New York City and a former advisor to the delegation of Arab states of the United Nations, promulgates anti-Semitic conspiracy theories at a Chicago conference of the Islamic Association for Palestine (IAP), a Hamas support group in November of 1999.
Nakhleh: My Sisters and Brothers, I am going to address you tonight about the Zionist conspiracy to destroy Al Masjid Al Aqsa, Al Kupa Til Sakrah, wa Haram Al Sharif and to build a Jewish Temple. Now what the Jews are doing every month, everyday they make resolutions, all rabbis in the United States in England, and in Israel, they make meetings, conferences and they declare that they have to destroy Al Masjid Al Aqsa and build the Temple."


“One Land, Two People,” and Dozens of Errors
By: Eric Rozenman - September 1, 2004

...the Post's inclusion of the Encyclopedia of the Palestine Problem, edited by Issa Nakhleh. In the encyclopedia's introduction, Nakhleh blames World War II on the Jews. He claims that Zionist leaders in the United States, in Great Britain and throughout the world, not only waged their "holy war" against Germany and the Germans in the economic field, but they initiated a world-wide propaganda campaign to block any avenue of understanding, or settlement of disputes, between Germany, Great Britain and France. The pressure which Zionists were exerting upon Great Britain and France to wage war against Germany was quite apparent everywhere and could not be mistaken.
To these "Elders of Zion" conspiracy ravings, Nakhleh adds the accusation that "the Zionist and Israeli leaders have followed in the footsteps of the Nazis."
Nahkleh dedicates the encyclopedia to two of his heroes. The first is the pro-Nazi Palestinian Arab leader Haj Amin al-Husseini, who incited anti-Jewish pogroms in pre-war Palestine and then spent World War II in Berlin advising Nazi leaders. The second is Saudi King Faisal ibn Abdul Aziz, who also promoted anti-Semitic conspiracy theories and once handed a copy of the czarist forgery The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zionto then Secretary of State Henry Kissinger.



The Arab League is not officially recognized by Argentina...

According to its historical tradition, great Britain, tries to prevent, through intrigue and manouevers of its satellites in the Middle East the Arab aspiration to constitute a nation the civilizers close the road to those becoming civilized," The Arab League, as said before, is not officially recognized by Argentina. This does not mean, however, that it does not deploy great activity. 
On the contrary, under the disguise of other names, or by fronting through other Arab or Argentine bodies, it is intensely active. 

Its representative until lately was Issa Nakhle, who, inter alia, published under his editorship the journal "America y Oriente", starting from November 20, 1952, until he left the country in "AMERICA Y ORIENTE" was a very efficient arm of the Arab propaganda, and reached wide circulation among the leading J'eronist circles, antisemitic nationalist groups, nazi elements and university circles.

On the other it is apparent now that Issa Nakhle was the factotum of said journal, and since he left the country, it stopped publication and it seems that at the moment there are no people capable to continue the work.

Many other means are being used, in the meantime.- In that journal, besides the glorification of Naguib and later of Nasser, and of other Arab rulers, great space was devoted to falsifying grossly the real situation in the Middle East, and to infamous slanders against Israel, among them chiefly the item that "the Jews desecrate the holy places of Jerusalem", that they persecute other faiths, particularly the catholics. 

One of its objectives was to incite the hate against the Jews of our own country. Furthermore, by establishing an identity of ideals between the Arab countries and Latin-America, based on pretended common longings of "liberation from the imperialist yoke and the flowering of the nationalist movements for freedom and progress", the journal suggested the establishment of a block of Latin-American countries in support of the Afro-asian demands, and particularly in support of the Arab demands. At the same time, and from the start, "america y ORIENTE" attacked the Jews. In an article called "The Arab League and Bonn", it criticized the decision of the Bonn government to the amount of 715 million dollars to the Jews as reparations, echoing the Arab League's protest before Bonn against that decision. It referred very often to the problem of the Arab refugees of Palestine. lt went so far as to praise openly the criminal and terrorist action of the "fedayeen", counting some of their "prowesses".

The virulence and the deleterious effects of the propaganda campaign managed by "America y Oriente", caused the DAIA to present July 23,1954, an ample memorandum to the Minister of the Interior, in which it was said that "It has become a custom with Arab publications appearing in Argentina to attack regularly and systematically the Jews living in this country, to whom is thus made extensive the hate against Israel in the Middle fast."

Previously, on December 2nd, 1953, in a note addressed to the same ministry, DAIA had drawn the attention to the anti-jewish campaign of "El Diario Sirio-Libanes".- In order to furnish a more precise idea about the danger involved in our country by Issa Nakhle's action, we may add the fact that the Israeli ambassador felt compelled to make a presentation before the Ministry for Foreign Affairs by the end of 1956, in which he drew the attention "to the activities of an organism called "Delegation of the League of Arab States" and of its head, Mr. Issa Nakhle, stressing that by a campaign of instigation to racial and religious hate an attempt is being made to create in the public opinion a feeling contrary to the friendly relations between Argentina and Israel.

This poisonous agitation, carried out through the despatch of letters and pamphlets profusely distributed in the streets, propagates vicious slander, appealing to the most primitive instincts and attempts to convince the public of the existence of a "world Jewish plot whose objective is to throw out Christianity from the holy places in Palestine". 

This propaganda was a direct outgrowth of the one carried out in nazi Germany. 

The presentation also stressed the fact that the person responsible for said campaign pretended to invest diplomatic character and was supposed to carry out a mission of the Syrian government before the Argentine government.

Issa Nakhle had started his activity in Buenos Aires several years earlier as Press Attache to the Egyptian Embassy, later he was the founder and editor of the journal "America y Oriente", known for its systematical anti-jewish campaign and its glorification of the totalitarian regimes, particularly of the nazi Germany

In August 1956 Issa Nakhle returned to Argentina, after a prolonged trip to the Soviet Union, this time in his character of head of the "Delegation of the League of Arab States", armed with a diplomatic passport as plenipotentiary minister of the Syrian government. 

This status created the mistaken impression that the formerly egyptian "diplomat" and present Syrian "diplomat" was exercising his authority with the Argentine government's consent Issa Nakhle, main promoter of the Arab propaganda campaigns has been succeeded by Nazih Hakim, who came to this country in June 1957 and henceforth deploys an intensive action, within the line established by his predecessor. He publishes pamphlets, inspires statements signed by institutions which seem to exist or revive only when there has to be signed some advertisement or statement,and gives lectures. Lately he has carried out a series of visits to the more important Arab communities in the provinces.

In these meetings propaganda films are displayed. He has attempted to have these d-ocumentals shown in commercial movie houses,up to now to no avail.he had planned for March last a great meeting in the city of Mendoza,with the cooperation of the Cuyo University. He sends petitions and protests to various embassies.from, his office have started various actions,particularly related to the problems of Algeria and Tunis.

He tries to establish offices; of the Arab League in other Latin-American countries.he is also endeavouring to attract to the Arab cause Argentine personalities. Nazih Hakim figures as Press councillor to the Syrian embassy in our country. 

Attitudes towards Jews in Argentina - Jstor
by VA Mirelman · 1975 
and published a bulletin under the name Tacuara which appeared irregularly. ... Issa Nakhle who had started his activity there as Press Attache of the Egyptian.

Formation of 'palestine Arab Delegation’ Announced by Arab at U. N.
July 19, 1961
The formation of a new, so-called “Palestine Arab Delegation, ” dedicated to “the termination of the unjustified occupation of 80 percent of the territory of Palestine by Zionist aliens, was announced here today.

The announcement was made in a communication signed by one Issa Nakhleh, who calls himself “permanent representative of the Palestine Arab Delegation. “Little is known here about Mr. Nakhleh, except that he claims to be a refugee from Palestine. It is understood that, since 1948, he has lived most of the time in Argentina. He has been in the United States since the fall of the Argentine regime headed by ex-dictator Juan Peron.


Investigation into abductions of American children to Saudi Arabia: hearings before the Committee on Government Reform, House of Representatives, One Hundred Seventh Congress, second session, June 12; October 2 and 3; and December 4 and 11, 2002, Volume 4 - United States, United States. Congress. House. Committee on Government Reform · 2003 · Custody of children
Mr . Nakhleh also suggests that this investigation is a result of Congress being controlled by the Israeli lobby . Have you heard anything like that... 


The truth about Christians in 'Palestine'
By Joseph Farah 
Published February 28, 2003 at 1:00am

There's a new propaganda effort under way designed to convince churches in the U.S. that Israel, not Yasser Arafat's the Palestinian Authority and the Arab states, is victimizing Christians in the Middle East.
The proposition would be laughable if it were not so well organized and ingeniously conceived and diabolically executed.



Miami imam slams normalization with 'descendants of pigs and apes'

Fadi Yousef Kablawi in sermon tells mosque-goers peace with Jews is for 'losers' and 'criminal' Jews behind all corruption worldwide
L20 March 2021, 6:05 pm

Yad Vashem monument defaced
By Yori Yalon
Published on 03-19-2021
The vandal spray-painted the words: "Emissary of God, monkey team."

Acting Yad Vashem Chairman Ronen Plot said he condemned any act of vandalism and added, "Yad Vashem is devoted to the memory of the Holocaust and the six million and an act like this is an unforgiveable attack on them and their memory, especially at a time like this, when we are nearing Holocaust Memorial Day."

Father of Boulder Islamic Terrorist: Christians & Jews are “stray animals” created for “he-ll exclusively”. Moustafa Alissa April 5, 2016
March, 24 2021

Charity chief resigns after calling Jewish grandchildren apes and pigs | FR24 ...

Jul 24, 2020 — The head of Britain's largest Muslim charity has resigned after posting anti-Semitic messages on social media. Heshmat Khalifa, a former..

Rantz: Seattle-area Imam smiles in anti-Semitic video comparing Jews to apes, pigs
Jason Rants
Jan 2, 2020 — A Seattle-area mosque featured a smiling imam comparing Jews to apes and pigs in a viciously anti-Semitic lecture in front of congregants, including children.

Dec 27, 2020

Kuwaiti Islamic Scholar Othman Al-Khamees: Today’s Jews May Be Seen as Brothers of Apes and Pigs; Christians Were Transformed into Pigs ...

Seattle imam preaches Koran's labeling of Jews as 'apes and pigs' -

Dec 29, 2019 — The Jewish Federation of Seattle is a mere 20 miles from Masjid ar-Ramah where Imam Joban delivered his dehumanizing “update” of the Jews..

Swedish imam fined for calling Jews the 'offspring of apes and pigs' - Jewish Telegraphic  Agency

Sep 3, 2019 — Samir el Rifai of Helsingborg made the statement in Arabic in response to Israel limiting prayer at the Al-Aqsa mosque...

Allah transformed Jews into apes and pigs for disobeying Him' - www.israelhayom ...

Dec 24, 2019 — Indonesian-American Imam Mohamad Joban of Masjid Ar-Rahmah in Redmond, Washington, delivered a lecture recently focusing on the Quranic..

Louis Farrakhan's 2018 tweet comparing Jews to termites is gone - The Jerusalem Post
Jul 10, 2019 — (JTA) — A 2018 tweet in which Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan compared Jews to termites was no longer available on Twitter.

Why do Canadian Imams call Jews “the sons of the pigs and apes”?
Mar 3, 2019 — Canadian Imams depict Jews or Israeli Jews as descendants of pigs and apes. This degrading depiction is based on the Quran and Islamic

Imam who called Jews 'apes and pigs' to receive 'retraining' | Jewish News

Dec 17, 2017 — Muslim community to 'consult and retrain' preacher in New Jersey who delivered anti- Semitic sermon. › qura...

Quran: Jews & Christians are “Apes & Pigs” – Mona Sabah Earnest – Former Muslim

Aug 16, 2017 — Shocking, isn't it? In a world that teaches tolerance, I feel that it's important to know what is being taughSt in the Quran and in Mosques all over...

Teaching Hate, Inspiring Terrorism: Saudi Arabia's Educational Curriculum - by Nina Shea
Jul 19, 2017 — Sixteen years after 9/11, Saudi Ministry of Education textbooks still teach an ideology of hatred and violence against Jews, Christians, Muslims, ...11. “As was cited in Ibn Abbas, and was said: The Apes are the people of the Sabbath, the Jews; and the Swine are the infidels of the communion of Jesus, the Christians.”

Hamas presents new policy document

May 1, 2017 — Schools and mosques run by Hamas teach children that Jews are apes and pigs. This is the real Hamas.”

Ismail Haniya elected new Hamas leader - CNN
May 6, 2017 — Schools and mosques run by Hamas teach children that Jews are apes and pigs. This is the real Hamas,” said David Keyes

"Christianophobia: The Persecution of Christians under Islam," Raphael Isr. (2016), p.113
That Jews and Christians... To punish them, Allah has turned them into apes and pigs... that Jews and Christians are enemies of the "believers". . . Sheikh Majid al-Firian, stated in a mosque in Riyadh: "Muslims must educate their children to Jihad... and to hatred of the Jews, the Christians and the Infidels."

Texas imam apologizes after 'Muslims will kill the Jews' sermon in response to Trump's Jerusalem speech

Jan 3, 2018 — The imam, Aymen Elkasaby, also referred to Jewish people as “apes and pigs.” And in July, a California imam apologized after a videotaped...

Danish imam calls Jews 'apes and pigs' in video - The Local - The Local Denmark

Oct 14, 2014 — An imam who was instrumental in stirring up anti-Danish sentiment in the aftermath of the Mohammed cartoons calls on Muslims to

Bernardi defends Wilders' right to speak in Australia

By Bianca Hall
February 20, 2013 

He said there was a clear double standard at play, when Saudi Sheikh Abdul Rahman Al-Sudais – a cleric who has described Jews as ''accursed by Allah'', ''apes and pigs'' and ''scum of the earth'' – was due to come to Australia to speak at the Australian Islamic Peace Conference next month with little controversy.

Apes, Pigs, and F-16s | National Review
Jan 26, 2013 — When Mohamed Morsi dehumanizes Jews as “the descendants of apes and pigs,” there's an elephant in the room. We find it here..

Why Middle East Muslims are taught to hate Jews

For far too long the pervasive Middle Eastern qualification of Jews as murderers and bloodsuckers was dismissed in the West as an extreme view of radical fringe groups. But it is not. It is time for the region's secular movements to start a counter-education in tolerance.

January 24, 2013
By Ayaan Hirsi Ali

Egypt’s newly elected president, Mohamed Morsi, was caught on tape about three years ago urging his followers to “nurse our children and our grandchildren on hatred” for Jews and Zionists. Not long after, the then-leader of the Muslim Brotherhood described Zionists as “bloodsuckers who attack the Palestinians,” “warmongers,” and “descendants of apes and pigs.”

These remarks are disgusting, but they are neither shocking nor new. As a child growing up in a Muslim family, I constantly heard my mother, other relatives, and neighbors wish for the death of Jews, who were considered our darkest enemy. Our religious tutors and the preachers in our mosques set aside extra time to pray for the destruction of Jews.

For far too long the pervasive Middle Eastern qualification of Jews as murderers and bloodsuckers was dismissed in the West as an extreme view expressed by radical fringe groups. But it is not.

All over the Middle East, hatred for Jews and Zionists can be found in textbooks for children as young as 3, complete with illustrations of Jews with monster-like qualities. Mainstream educational television programs are consistently anti-Semitic. In songs, books, newspaper articles, and blogs, Jews are variously compared to pigs, donkeys, rats, and cockroaches, and also to vampires and a host of other imaginary creatures.

Consider this infamous dialogue between a 3-year-old and a television presenter, eight years before Mr. Morsi’s remarks....

Morsi's anti-Semitic slurs 'deeply offensive', US says - BBC News

Jan 16, 2013 — TV footage shows Mr Morsi in 2010 referring to Zionists as "bloodsuckers" and " descendants of apes and pigs". US officials want the leader to ...

How the Web spreads anti-Semitism
Oct 18, 2013 — ... poisonous anti-Semitism, including instances of Arab leaders, imams, and ordinary people saying that Jews are the children of apes and pigs.

Neil J. Kressel: '"The Sons of Pigs and Apes": Muslim Antisemitism and the Conspiracy of Silence.' Potomac Books, 2012
The frightening resurgence of antisemitism in the Muslim world.

From the 1950s through the 1990s, antisemitism everywhere seemed to be on the wane. But as Neil Kressel documents in this startling book, the Muslim world has resurrected in recent decades almost every diatribe that more than two millennia of European hostility produced against the Jews, and it has introduced many homegrown and novel modes of attack. Though it is impossible to determine precisely how many of the world s 1.2 billion Muslims hold anti-Jewish beliefs, Kressel finds that much bigotry comes from the highest levels of religious and political leadership.

Compounding the problem, as Kressel demonstrates, many in the West refuse to recognize this issue. The growing epidemic of hate has been largely ignored, misunderstood, or downplayed, Kressel reveals, because of apathy, ignorance, confusion, bigotry, ideology, purported pragmatism, and misguided multiculturalism. 

Those who value human rights ignore antisemitism at their own risk, he cautions, noting that no antisemitic regime or movement has ever been otherwise reasonable or progressive. Kressel argues convincingly that Muslim antisemitism provides an acid test of the seriousness of Western liberalism. If the West fails to stem this growing tide, as now seems likely, future affairs will not go well for the true proponents of democracy. Kressel moves beyond sounding the alarm to explore the diverse religious, political, social, and psychological forces that have created and nurtured the new hostility to Jews in the Muslim world; he concludes with a bold and clear plan for what must be done to confront this hostility."

Race Row: Dr. Sumaya Alyusuf
13 April, 2012
The principal of an Islamic school has admitted that it uses textbooks which describe Jews as "apes" and Christians as "pigs" and has refused to withdraw them.

Dr Sumaya Alyusuf confirmed that the offending books exist after former teacher Colin Cook, alleged that children as young as five are taught from racist materials at the King Fahd Academy in Acton, England...

Aired March 8, 2011 - 20:00  ET

I want to quote back to you something else you said and I don't have a tape of this. This was an interview you gave and you said, "A practicing Muslim goes to mosque, prays five times a day, doesn't drink, believes God gave him women to be his property, to beat, to stone to death. He believes Christians and Jews are apes and pigs because they are cursed by Allah. He believes it is his duty to declare war on the infidels because they are Allah's enemies. That is a practice in Muslim."

Elsa Lee, "Homeland Security and Private Sector Business Corporations' Role in Critical Infrastructure Protection", (2009) p. 254

Once, he calls them Ahl Al-Dhimma, another time he calls them the "People of the Book," and yet another time he compares them to apes and pigs, or he calls the Christians "those who incur Allah's wrath."

Terrorist television would violate our racial hatred laws - Sydney Morning Herald

Aug 7, 2009 — According to Australia's peak communication regulator, the ... Al-Manar has videos of children undergoing military training accompanied by a rousing chorus singing, "Death, death, death to Israel" and others singing to their mothers asking them for stories about their fathers martyred fighting Israel. Animation segments have portrayed Jews as turning into apes and pigs. This segment is an example of the blatant anti-Semitism on al-Manar - almost certainly contravening Australian racial hatred laws...
The station broadcast a 30-part series in 2003 during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan based explicitly on the famous anti-Semitic forgery The Protocols of the Elders of Zion and also portrayed rabbis as plotting to slaughter non-Jewish children to use their blood for Passover matza. Hezbollah leader Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah described Jews on air as "Allah's most cowardly..

Australian official endorses al-Manar - Jewish Telegraphic Agency

Aug 27, 2008 — An Arab member of an Australian human rights commission backed the right of a TV station to call Jews “the offspring of pigs and apes... - Inside the Middle East - Blog
Feb 4, 2008 — In response to 9.40, peace will come about when the Arabs consider Jews, particularly those in Israel ,as humans and not apes and pigs etc.

Hamas Cleric Predicts 'Rome Will Be Conquered by Islam' | Fox News

Published April 14, 2008
Last Update January 13, 2015

A sermon last Friday by a prominent Muslim cleric and Hamas member of the Palestinian parliament openly declared that "the capital of the Catholics, or the Crusader capital," would soon be conquered by Islam...
"The most exalted form of jihad is fighting for the sake of Allah, which means sacrificing one's soul by fighting the enemies head-on, even if it leads to martyrdom," he said in a June 23, 2007 interview.

"When jihad becomes an individual duty, it applies to women too.
... Friday's rant repeated that theme: "Today, Rome is the capital of the Catholics, or the Crusader capital, which has declared its hostility to Islam, and has planted the brothers of apes and pigs in Palestine in order to prevent the reawakening of Islam.

"I believe that our children, or our grandchildren, will inherit our jihad and our sacrifices, and, Allah willing, the commanders of the conquest will come from among them.

In Gaza, Hamas's Insults to Jews Complicate Peace (Published 2008)
By Steven Erlanger
Apr 1, 2008 — At Al Omari mosque, the imam cursed the Jews and the “Crusaders,” or Christians, and the Danes, for reprinting cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad. He referred to Jews as “the brothers of apes and pigs,” while the Hamas television station, Al Aksa, praises suicide bombing and holy war until Palestine is free of Jewish control.

We do use books that call Jews 'apes' admits head of Islamic school

07 February, 2007
The principal of an Islamic school has admitted that it uses textbooks which describe Jews as "apes" and Christians as "pigs" and has refused to withdraw them.

Dr Sumaya Alyusuf confirmed that the offending books exist after former teacher Colin Cook, alleged that children as young as five are taught from racist materials at the King Fahd Academy in Acton, England...

Transcripts -
Dec 21, 2006 — UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE (through translator): They are apes and pigs. ... "Jews and Christians cursed by Allah and turned into apes and pigs.

How Great a Threat is Militant Islam's War Against the West? | Fox News

Jul 28, 2006 — NONIE DARWISH, "THE OBSESSION": Hatred, indoctrination, and repeating the same thing over and over again. "Jews are apes and pigs.

Saudi Textbooks Still Teach Hate, Group Says : NPR

In the aftermath of the Sept. 11 attacks, the United States pressured Saudi Arabia to reform its educational curriculum by eliminating educational material that demonizes Christians and Jews or that urges holy war on "the unbelievers." 

May 24, 2006 — The report says that textbooks instruct students that Christians and Jews are "apes and pigs" and warns students not to "greet," "befriend" or "respect" non-believers.

Christians still 'swine' and Jews 'apes' in Saudi schools. By Harry de Quetteville, Middle East Correspondent.
Jun 25, 2006 — Saudi Arabia has been accused of continuing to foster religious hatred in its schools, despite its repeated assurances since the September 11...

NPR : Saudi Textbooks Still Teach Hate, Group Says It says that the textbooks instruct students that Christians and Jews are apes and pigs, and warns students not to greet, befriend, or respect non-believers (aka non Muslims) ... 
May 24, 2006 5:47 PM ET
Heard on Morning Edition

Imam gets suspended jail for racist comments in Denmark - AP News

Dec 20, 2016 — COPENHAGEN, Denmark (AP) — A Danish court has convicted an imam of violating Denmark's racism laws and given  14-day suspended jail sentence...
Mohammed al-Khaled Samha held a speech in September 2004 in which he described Jews as “children of apes and pigs.”

The Syrian-born Samha said the words were made within the framework of Denmark’s freedom of speech but the court on Tuesday sided with the prosecution and decided it was in violation with the country’s racism laws.

Samha, 58, is an imam at a mosque...

Saudi Broadcasts Promote Anti-Semitism, Martyrdom | Fox News

Jun 15, 2002 — ... sparked outrage by broadcasting clips that show young children being taught to hate Jews — referring to them as "apes and pigs" ...
Raw Data: Interview With Muslim Girl | Fox News
Jun 15, 2002 — 'Amer: Because they are apes and pigs. Who said they are so? Toddler: Our God. 'Amer: Where did he say this? Toddler: In the Koran.

Based on Koranic Verses, Interpretations, and Traditions, Muslim Clerics State: The Jews Are the Descendants of Apes, Pigs, And Other Animals

October 31, 2002 | By Aluma Dankowitz
Special Reports No. 11

Muslim Clerics - Jews Are the Descendants of Apes, Pigs, And Other Animals
By Aluma Solnick (October 31, 2002)

Uri Rubin, ‎David Wasserstein, "Dhimmis and Others: Jews and Christians and the World of Classical Islam,"  (1997), p.89

Uri Rubin, ‎David Wasserstein, 'Dhimmis and Others: Jews and Christians and the World of Classical Islam.' Eisenbrauns, 1997, p.89

That Jews and Christians were once transformed into apes and pigs by way of punishment, is a well-known Islamic idea. It is based on the Quran and is elaborated in Islamic literature.



Ha-Melitz. No.201. September 25, 1896, p. 3. [Free translation from Heb.]:

The Jews were shelter to many Armenians, and they hid them until the indignation be past.
Hundreds of Armenians were saved from death only by the help of the Jews, their neighbors or acquaintances. It is therefore, that hoodlums and hooligans decided to riot on the fast day of Yom Kippur of the Jews, for this purpose they began to throw stones at the windows of the Jews' synagogues at which are at full capacity that day, or spread a false rumor, that a fire erupted, for the sake of triggering anxiety and bring upon confusion & panic [stampede] on city streets... But their malicious plan did not go through and the anxiety passed without any bad consequences for people and property.



Aharon Amir, 'Keshet,' Volume 13, 1970, p. 194:

Sultan 'Abd al-Hamid stated that "the best way to eliminate the Armenian question is to eliminate the Armenians" (as Ahmad Shukeiri later said of Israel). During this period - 25 years before the horrors of Hitler - between eight hundred thousand and one million Armenians were murdered in cold blood with no response from the world.


Prior to the '67 war Arab defeat, the hype on Arab street was ecstatic.
The masses fantasized "romantically" about ancient Arab-Islamic culture of women in war booty.

The War of Arab Destruction that Became the "Palestinian Nakba"

By: Dr. Yohai Sella | May 21, 2010

Originally published in Middle Eastern Magazine.

Every year, on May 15, the Arabs celebrate the events of the "Palestinian Nakba" in memory of the efforts of the Arab states to destroy the Jewish community in Israel - an effort that turned into a military defeat and an Arab catastrophe. Whenever the Arabs celebrate the "Palestinian Nakba", it is impossible not to ponder the question "What would have happened if? The Arab extermination plan would have been successful"? On the other hand, it is also impossible not to make a comparison between the celebrations of the "Palestinian Nakba" and the celebrations of the neo-Nazi organizations in Europe mourning the defeat of Germany in 1945.

The distance between the defeat of Germany in 1945 and the defeat of the Arabs in 1948 is not very great, because alongside the jihad war that the Arabs imposed on the Jewish community in Israel, there was an antisemitic ideological system inspired by Nazi ideology encouraged by Haj Amin al Husseini - who was the Nazi Mufti of Jerusalem until 1937, and who led the "Higher Arab Committee" during the events of the Israeli War of Independence in 1948.

The J..s as mortals worthy of extermination

In the 1940s, the Arab invasion of Palestine intensified. The Jewish Yishuv had to deal with the British policy that closed the country's gates to the cursed refugees of Europe, and on the other hand the Mandatory authorities turned a blind eye to the Arab invasion of Palestine which had economic motives alongside ideological motives. About half a million Arabs invaded the country in a short period of time. At the same time, in 1948, the Jews of Eretz Israel were proud of their contribution to the development of the country in the ears of the American media of those days, with the claim that "in recent years only half a million Arabs from neighboring countries came to Eretz Israel to find employment." This innocence cost us dearly. 

The mythical editor of the Egyptian newspaper Al-Ahram, Muhammad Hassaini Heikal, was a young journalist in 1948 who worked for the Egyptian newspaper Ahar Sa'a. It is probable that as early as 1947, a decision was made in the "Arab League" to exterminate the Jews of Israel - if the leaders of the settlement declare the establishment of an independent Jewish state. Immediately after the decision to partition in November 1947, Arab states began sending volunteer fighters to Israel t torpedo as much as possible the practical possibility of dividing the country into two states - Jewish and Arab. No one was talking about a "Palestinian state," only an "Arab state." Muhammad Hassaini Heichel was sent by the newspaper to cover the war in Israel, and in this context he accompanied an Egyptian volunteer force whose job was to ambush an Israeli supply convoy sent to help the besieged Kibbutz Nitzanim. In the battle that ensued, the convoy managed to stop the Egyptian force, and after many hours of fighting against the Egyptian onslaught, The Egyptian force was halted while inflicting heavy casualties on the dead and wounded - who were scattered in the field for their dozens. The battle greatly shocked Muhammad Hussein Heikal, and at the end of March 1948 he published the following in the newspaper Achr Sa'a:

"When I went out to the Holy Land, I thought, like many of my Arab brothers, that I would find wretched and fearful Jews there who would flee as long as their souls in them when we began to kill them. I realized I was wrong. The Jews I saw on the battlefield fought to the last drop. "Use sophisticated tactics and refuse to surrender. Any Arab army that invades Palestine would be better off taking into account what I wrote above. The battle for the Holy Land will not be easy."

These words were written even before the beginning of the organized military invasion of Arab states, which began on May 15, 1948, with the participation of Iraq, which has no common border with Israel. Gush Etzion was attacked and fell by the Arab Legion of the Kingdom of Jordan a day before the declaration of Israeli independence. In order to understand the Arab ideology advocating the extermination and extermination of Jewish existence in Israel, the following example will shed some light on the true picture: Immediately after the Arab defeat following the Six Day War, in June 1967, the official State of Israel raised a natural demand for "recognized safe borders" "In light of past lessons. Muhammad Hasnain Heikal in 1969 reflected the official position of the world-Arab newspaper "Al-Ahram" as follows: "the borders safe and sellers of Israel, in our opinion, are the synagogue of Tel Aviv and only 10 meters around."

There is a direct link between the defeat of 1948 and the defeat of 1967. In both cases, the Arabs will begin to go to war against Israel as part of the Arab extermination plan. In a mask of international conspiracy, once again, it is impossible to avoid comparing the feelings of neo-Nazi activists who see themselves as "innocent victims" of powerful and wealthy international forces.

Has Arab nationalism learned its lesson?

The Arab defeat of 1948 led to the establishment of a new Arab colonial power in the form of the imaginary "Palestinian nationalism." In 1964, the "Palestinian Convention" was even compiled for this purpose in order to create an ideological formula of extermination and annihilation according to an organized and understandable plan for each and every one of the Arab public. In 1988, the "Hamas Convention" was published, which drew its inspiration from the Qur'an and the "Palestinian Convention." Thus, the J..s who are the "sons of the pigs, monkeys," (according to the Qur'an), received political-religious significance of creatures worthy of extermination also as a religious commandment. Neither the supporters of Arab nationalism nor Jews with antisemitic tendencies do not test the historical absurdity that there are two "Palestinian movements" that have existed for at most a few decades, seeking to destroy and annihilate a national community with a written history of 5,000 years.
We are currently in the process of establishing a "third Palestinian movement encouraged by Arab nationalists with Israeli citizenship who formulate the "final solution" to the problem of "Jews in Israel." The Arab leadership of the Israeli Arabs seeks to wreak further disaster on itself and the public it ostensibly aspires to represent. Those with a radical Arab nationalist approach with fascist leanings have not yet learned the bitter and hasty lesson of the 1948 Arab extermination program.

It is better to be a second-class citizen in Israel

An Arab journalist named Khaled Abu-Toameh, who serves as a correspondent for Palestinian affairs at the Jerusalem Post, caused a great stir during May 2010 in preparation for the celebrations to mark the "Palestinian Nakba." Abu-Toameh, who lives in Jerusalem, does an excellent job as a journalist - which no Israeli journalist is capable of doing: that is, he covers the activities of the "Palestinian Authority" without fuss and without the evasive stuff that is so typical of Haaretz. Undoubtedly, Abu Toameh is an Arab patriot, but he comes with a refreshing approach that is firmly rooted in the reality of the Arab world and of the ideological ground that drives the Arab-Israeli conflict. In light of his journalistic work, he is frequently invited to lecture to various audiences overseas, as well as to thirsty Arab audiences to receive refreshing information on the political and social processes taking place in the "Palestinian Authority" and the Gaza Strip. Occasionally, Abu Tauma has met with senior statesmen around the world - not just for his journalistic work, But also to voice his reservations about the political processes taking place in the region. In his opinion, the resolution of the conflict between the "Palestinian Authority" and the State of Israel is a "gradual process" and not an "event", and that it is necessary to know how to "manage the conflict" without getting into political mines that push the parties into another round of violence.

So far so good. What infuriated Palestinians and Arabs living abroad, however, was that Abu Tauma did not hesitate to touch the exposed nerves of Arab political culture - especially the Palestinian one as expressed in practice both in the "Palestinian Authority" of Judea and Samaria and in the Gaza Strip. Under the leadership of the Hamas movement, it was on the day of the "Palestinian Nakba" that he bothered to make these arguments, which caused a surge of strong emotions among his listeners abroad:

In light of what is happening in the Arab world and in the "Palestinian Authority" politically and socially, he would rather be a second-class citizen in Israel than be a first-class citizen in an Arab state.

The Arab and Palestinian community abroad live in a "parallel universe" of political leftism and ideological radicalism that is completely detached from everyday reality.

The foreign journalists covering the Palestinian-Israeli conflict and the Arab-Israeli conflict write out of deep ignorance. In his opinion, they do not speak Arabic or Hebrew; They do not know the history of the area; And they are usually biased towards the Arab side. Foreign journalists are not interested in reporting on the existing corruption in the Palestinian Authority and the mutual violence that prevails in Palestinian society, because this does not match the narrative of the "good Palestinians" versus the "bad Israelis." For example, since 2007, some 2,000 Palestinians have been killed in armed clashes between Hamas operatives and Fatah activists. However, few foreign journalists have bothered to mention this or cover these violent incidents.

It is ironic in his eyes that in order to engage in a real press from a pro-Palestinian point of view in order to promote reform and democracy in Palestinian society, this is possible only within the Israeli media and not within the Palestinian media.

Khaled Abu-Toameh's approach is accepted (with silence) precisely among the Arab public living in Judea and Samaria, since they are intimately acquainted with the political and social life that prevails under the ruling framework of the Fatah movement and the Hamas movement - regardless of allegations concerning the "occupation" The Israeli as part of a mental system of evasion and denial typical of Arab politics. Khaled Abu-Toumeh offers an approach different from that generally accepted in Arab rhetoric. However, if radical radicals such as Ahmad Tibi , Jamal Zahalka , Raed Salah and others in Israel and others are strengthened. For, it is likely that Arab nationalism will have to deal if another Arab defeat is more severe than its predecessor. For, the cries of their ancestors since 1947 still resonate in our ears: "The men to the sea - and the women for us."

Ahmad Shukeiri was born in Lebanon to a Turkish mother, was a lawyer in Jordan , served as Syria's ambassador to the UN, as Saudi Arabia’s ambassador to the UN, the Arab League’s ambassador to the UN…Indeed a multi-national man . On the one hand, as early as 1956, he proclaimed over the UN podium, as the Arab League’s ambassador there, "Such a creature as Palestine does not exist at all", but after several years the fraud is created. In 1964, after this talented actor was hired by the Egyptian President Gamal Abdel Nasser to establish the PLO, an organization dedicated to the "liberation" of a people and a country that – in his own words, which are now being swept under the carpet – do not even exist. The founder of the "Palestinian People" is Turkish – Lebanese – Saudi – Jordanian – Egyptian – a ready hireling for every chicanery in the service of the Arab leaders. Indeed, this is the man most suitable for the pretentious deception of inventing a new People, out of nothing … … Where did this bluff come from? Until the Six-Day War, the Arabs didn’t even try to camouflage their intention with phrases like "the final solution", and the slogans that frequently were announced over the radio waves in all Arab countries were plainspoken and primitive: "Throw the Jews into the sea", "The men to the sea and the women for us", and the world knew and kept silent, but nevertheless had difficulty digesting a style so blatant and murderous…

Between a culture of shame and a culture of guilt. Sadat

Moshe Sharon | 12/05/2017

The article is published in the new issue of the "Nation" quarter, number 205, which is mostly dedicated to marking the 50th anniversary of the Six Day War

Of all the many contributions of the Six Day War to the State of Israel and to the Jewish people in general, I would like to highlight two. One is the clear, absolute victory, the power of which cannot be doubted. Not a "points" victory but a knockout that knocked the Arab armies to the boards.

The second contribution is Jerusalem, which the war brought to the Jewish people: a whole and perfect Jerusalem, and the saints of Israel for generations in her heart. Jerusalem of the past and present, that of David and Solomon and the kings of Judah, and that of the Second Temple from Ezra to Herod.

These two contributions, which unfortunately have not been fully utilized by the people of Israel, have left a mark on generations and have established a special character and a new dimension to the struggle that we do not see ending between us and the seekers of our souls. For at the outbreak of the Six Day War they were sure that our erasure from the face of the earth was a matter of a few days. Their victory was unquestionable, and all the Arab media inflamed the spirits of the masses in the style of Ahmed Said, the chief broadcaster of 'Sawt al-Arab' (Voice of the Arabs) Radio:  "We will throw the men into the sea, and we will take the women." And the masses understood well what was said. 

The imagination sailed into the realms of the ancient history of the Arabs and of Islam. The time has come for the Muslim sword to slaughter the Jewish men as it did in the past, in the heyday of the conquests, and thousands of Jewish women to become booty of war. The foolish attempt of establishing a Jewish state on Muslim land would come to an end with fire and blood, delighting the scorching disgrace of 1948.

As the armies brushed swords, the crowd cheered and rejoiced and the imagination skyrocketed in the media, Arab leaders who went to war knew how to describe its goals in wavy bristles. The world, it turned out, remained indifferent to the possibility of a second Holocaust. The ruler of Iraq in those days, 'Abd a-Rahman Araf, described the goals of the war: This is our opportunity to erase the disgrace that has been within us since 1948. Our goal is clear - to erase Israel from the map. We will meet with the help of Allah in Tel Aviv and Haifa. "

The initiator of the war and the one who formulated the idea of ​​a united Arab army was Jamal 'Abd a-Nasser, the governor of Egypt who was recognized as the first and foremost of all Arabs. The elimination of Israel was for him a supreme goal, which became the goal of all Arabs. He has presented this doctrine at every opportunity since the coup that brought him to power in 1952. Thus, for example, he said in a public speech in 1965: “Our ambition is the destruction of Israel. We have set ourselves two goals: an immediate goal is to complete the formation of the Arab force, and a national goal is the elimination of Israel. "

The entire Arab world, whether voluntarily or out of sheer enthusiasm of the masses, was swept away by these promising statements, and the war became a total war of all Arabs. At the forefront were the countries that took over the Egyptian supreme leadership: Syria and Jordan. They were joined by Iraq, Saudi Arabia and North African countries, both in the allocation of troops and in the allocation of resources. Faced with such tremendous military power, it was clear as day that the great slaughter would begin when only the signal was given. Radio Cairo and Damascus Radio in Hebrew broadcast instructions to Jews on how they should behave when the victorious Arab fighters appeared. In 1948, Azzam Pasha, the secretary of the Egyptian Arab League, promised a slaughter similar to that of the Mongols. In 1967 it seemed to the Arabs a real promise.

To succeed where Saladin failed

From now on, things are familiar: 'Abd a-Nasser set fire, and his army flowed into Sinai. U Thant, the UN secretary general in those days, was quick to evacuate the force that had been stationed in Sinai since 1957 for the purpose of maintaining peace, since what did this "peacekeeper" have to do with the new Arab knight. His eyes closed, just as the eyes of the United States closed in the face of the closure of the sea crossings in Tiran Egypt. The lack of response to these acts encouraged Nasser. The victory, almost with international support, seems certain from day to day. In front of his eyes was the figure of Saladin Ibn Ibn Ayub, who knew how to unite Egypt and Syria (including across the Jordan), and thus wrapped a choke ring around the Crusader kingdom of Jerusalem and rescued Jerusalem and the mountain ridge.

Unfortunately for him, unlike the medieval Kurdish knight, Nasser did not get the union between Egypt and Syria to last long. The United Arab Community (KM), which he founded in 1958, collapsed in 1961. But here now is another chance to march to victory, and with the Syrian and Jordanian armies under Egyptian supreme command, as well as military units and tanks from Iraq with Saudi addition. It will be a victory several times greater than that of Saladin, who with all his efforts failed to eliminate the Crusaders. Nasser considered himself a modern Saladin and promised with absolute certainty to succeed where his legendary hero had failed, and to defeat the new Crusaders who had taken over the Holy Land and inflicted disgrace on the Arabs.

The mountain of sure victory spawned a mouse on the first weekend of June 1967. The palace, the fruit of the fertile imagination of the Arabs whose media was passionate, was revealed as a building of cards. At the same time, two basic weaknesses of Arab culture were discovered when it came to dealing with a reality that did not fit the imagination. These weaknesses stem from the fact that Arab society belongs to a shame-oriented culture, unlike Western society which is a guilt-oriented culture.

American anthropologist Ruth Benedict (Patterns of Culture, 1934) and other anthropologists have distinguished between cultures of shame and cultures of guilt. Shame is a social phenomenon experienced when some negative act is exposed to the eyes of others. Guilt, on the other hand, does not depend on what others would say if they knew about an act. It is on the plane between man and himself, and unlike shame it is impossible to escape from it or hide from it. The shame is close to the person who felt it, the one whose shame was shown to the public. The blame is actually close.

In shame cultures sinners tend to go into exile, where no one knows about their past, or commit suicide (as in Japanese culture, for example). Guilt, on the other hand, creates a clear distinction between the act of sin and the person who committed it. The act was bad, but the doer remained, in principle, whole. Therefore guilt can be removed and atoned for with the help of confession, remorse or punishment. It is in our power to remove guilt from us, by punishing us or forgiving us. Shame, on the other hand, is not erased in forgiveness and there is no system of punishment that can undo it. There is no atonement for a tarnished name, for a damaged class, for a dishonored honor and for a damaged reputation. Throughout the days, the stigma and disgrace will be felt.

In shame-oriented Arab culture, the supreme value of social life is respect. Damage to dignity means that the public to which the individual belongs is aware of the fact that his or her dignity or the dignity of his or her group has been harmed, even if the harm is imagined. One of the most prominent manifestations of such harm is "desecration of the family." A crime that results in imprisonment, for example, is not necessarily an act of harming the dignity of the family. On the contrary, it can even be considered in many cases something heroic and brings honor: "The prison is for men (Al-Habas for Larjal)" - says the popular proverb. On the other hand, a woman who appears in the company of a foreign man and even happens to have such a meeting at random, it is clearly a disgrace to the family, since her disgrace was revealed to the public. The honor of the family is almost entirely concentrated in the woman, and from the moment this honor is trampled and turned into disgrace, there is no way to protest it except by its removal from the world of the one who caused it, that is, in the murder of the woman. The role of execution rests with one of the family members closest to the creator of the stigma - that is, the father of the woman or her brother, And the murder should be done in the most overt and brutal way possible. Blood must be shed, and the more it does, the better. This is the revenge of those who experienced the shame and were exposed to disgrace. In other words, shame can only be erased by public revenge, one that shame-oriented society will recognize as the blasphemer.

The lie fabricated in a phone call

And back to the Six Day War. As great as the boasting before and during the war, and as great as the lie and deception that accompanied its early days, so was the magnitude of the disgrace that befell Arab society. Not only were Arab armies beaten victorious, but it was inflicted on them by the Jews who are despised in their eyes from all over the world. Moreover, shamefully, the Jews did so in a few days. Although the war lasted until the ceasefire for about six days, in fact the honor of the Arabs was trampled to the end in one day. The disgrace was not sweetened by refraining from using the words "six days" to describe the war (instead it is called the "June war"). Words cannot remove the stigma that had two sides: one is the bone of discrimination and its depth, and the other the cause of discrimination, the Jews. If you are already ashamed, then it is worthwhile and proper that the contempt itself should not be despised.

Therefore, Arab leaders, led by the Egyptian president, who was the father of war and discrimination, first sought to find another factor to replace the Jews as the cause of the Arab failure. Towards the end of the battles, Nasser phoned King Hussein and told him a story in which the British and United States air forces joined forces to eliminate the Arab air forces. This lie, stitched up in rough stitches, was captured even after Israeli intelligence released the recording of the conversation between the two losers. Only a few sought the sheer truth, which means dealing hour by hour with the disgrace. Nasser and Hussein offered some cloak of disgrace. It does not discriminate against the Jews as it discriminates against two superpowers, and perhaps things can even be presented upside down: here is how we, the few Arabs, managed to stand for a week in front of the most sophisticated war machines in the world. Although we did not win, the disgrace is digestible.

As on the personal and family level, so on the national level: in a shame-oriented culture, the way to save a trampled honor is only through revenge on the stigma. The disgrace that Israel inflicted on the Arabs, and few people did not ultimately recognize this fact, can be removed only by revenge. In a guilt-oriented culture, even the most terrible wars of the twentieth century ended in agreements aimed at forgiving and starting a new era, since forgiveness is one way to overcome guilt. However, in a shame-oriented culture, such an approach is not possible. On the contrary, the only way to escape the stigma is to preserve hostility and prepare for revenge.

This was reflected in the Khartoum Conference convened on August 29, 1967, with the participation of eight heads of state, including Egyptian 'Abd a-Nasser, King of Saudi Arabia, King of Jordan, President of Iraq, President of Lebanon and others (Syria boycotted the conference). The conference passed a resolution centered on three aspirations: no peace with Israel, no recognition of it and no negotiations with it. Khartoum's laity were born out of the need for revenge. Therefore, the war must continue and the entire Arab world must shoot at it in order to "wipe out the disgrace" (Maho Elar - a phrase that has been repeated many times by Arab leaders since 1948, and even more so since 1967).

And to emphasize the resumption of the war, Nasser began the war of attrition. The propaganda mouthpieces of the Arabs glorified the war of attrition as a direct continuation of the Six Day War, as they say ‘we are not done yet. The goal is to destroy our Jewish enemies, and we do so after regaining our strength. ' But even the war of attrition did not mimic the disgrace, for the Jews were stuck on the bank of the canal, controlling the Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem and deepening their hold on the Golan Heights. The need for revenge was inherited from Nasser to Anwar Sadat, who was a unique personality. It had a fusion of two cultures; He was shame-oriented, but at the same time guilt-oriented. On the one hand the need for revenge burned in him, but he also knew and recognized the limitations of his power.

Peace with Israel - "Violation of Family Dignity"

On December 25, 1977, the first meeting of peace talks with Egypt took place. Four years have passed since Sadat's attempt to take revenge. The Yom Kippur War did end in an Israeli victory, a victory that was not overwhelming, even if our soldiers were 99 km from Cairo (not 101). The victory, which could have been crushing, was averted by Israel by the United States, which saved the entire Egyptian Third Army from extermination or capture by Israel. An overwhelming victory, no less, is what was required then and is still required today in every encounter between Israel and its enemies...


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The problem of these Shiites that they think they are right just because the acknowledge the preference of Ali Ibn Abi Talib to succession, and then they do whatever they want, and they, just like Christians and Jews and what they know that they are just stray animals, God created them for hell exclusively, and the day will come when they ...
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And do you think that ISIS was made by your confession that ISIS is made by the impure black Obama and the old Shiny Clinton...
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Israel is the governor of America... and I tell Trump you don't have the Golan to give to Israel...
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Palestine is Arab and will remain Arab.
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Trump and the stinky Yahweh swim opposite the current Palestine is Arab.
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Turkey and its government advocates the vulnerable and rakes their hand and applies the slogan of the Islamic brothers, so for the sake of Allah and its enemies, all of them, the first of them Arab rulers for the sake of Satan, and I do not think the soldiers of Satan will win.


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