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NEW BLOG! MEMOgate: democrat party treason
11.08.03 | Mia T

Posted on 11/08/2003 3:53:38 AM PST by Mia T


MEMOgate: democrat party treason

Secret Democrat manifesto detailing the undermining of President Bush in wartime
by the seditious misuse of classified intelligence data from the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence.


Saturday, November 08, 2003


If what has happened here is not treason, it is its first cousin. The ones responsible - be they staff or elected or both - should be dealt with quickly and severely sending a lesson to all that this kind of action will not be tolerated, ignored or excused.

Sen. Zell Miller, D-Ga.

Raw Data: Dem Memo on Politicizing Intelligence
Fox News ^ | 11-5-03 | Fox News

Wednesday, November 05, 2003

Following is the text of a memo written by a Democrat on the staff of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence that suggests how to make the greatest gain off of intelligence data leading to the war against Iraq. The memo was obtained by Fox News.

Transcript of a memo written by a Democrat on the Senate Intelligence Committee staff suggesting how to make the greatest gain off of intelligence data leading to the war against Iraq.

We have carefully reviewed our options under the rules and believe we have identified the best approach. Our plan is as follows:

1) Pull the majority along as far as we can on issues that may lead to major new disclosures regarding improper or questionable conduct by administration officials. We are having some success in that regard. For example, in addition to the president's State of the Union speech, the chairman has agreed to look at the activities of the Office of the Secretary of Defense as well as Secretary Bolton's office at the State Department. The fact that the chairman supports our investigations into these offices and co-signs our requests for information is helpful and potentially crucial. We don't know what we will find but our prospects for getting the access we seek is far greater when we have the backing of the majority. (Note: we can verbally mention some of the intriguing leads we are pursuing.)

2) Assiduously prepare Democratic "additional views" to attach to any interim or final reports the committee may release. Committee rules provide this opportunity and we intend to take full advantage of it. In that regard, we have already compiled all the public statements on Iraq made by senior administration officials. We will identify the most exaggerated claims and contrast them with the intelligence estimates that have since been declassified. Our additional views will also, among other things, castigate the majority for seeking to limit the scope of the inquiry. The Democrats will then be in a strong position to reopen the question of establishing an independent commission (i.e. the Corzine amendment).

3) Prepare to launch an independent investigation when it becomes clear we have exhausted the opportunity to usefully collaborate with the majority. We can pull the trigger on an independent investigation at any time-- but we can only do so once. The best time to do so will probably be next year either:

A) After we have already released our additional views on an interim report -- thereby providing as many as three opportunities to make our case to the public: 1) additional views on the interim report; 2) announcement of our independent investigation; and 3) additional views on the final investigation; or

B) Once we identify solid leads the majority does not want to pursue. We could attract more coverage and have greater credibility in that context than one in which we simply launch an independent investigation based on principled but vague notions regarding the "use" of intelligence.

In the meantime, even without a specifically authorized independent investigation, we continue to act independently when we encounter foot-dragging on the part of the majority. For example, the FBI Niger investigation was done solely at the request of the vice chairman; we have independently submitted written questions to DoD; and we are preparing further independent requests for information.


Intelligence issues are clearly secondary to the public's concern regarding the insurgency in Iraq. Yet, we have an important role to play in the revealing the misleading -- if not flagrantly dishonest methods and motives -- of the senior administration officials who made the case for a unilateral, preemptive war. The approach outline above seems to offer the best prospect for exposing the administration's dubious motives and methods.

A former member of the Clinton administration is being linked to a bombshell Senate Intelligence Committee memo outlining a strategy to use information gathered by the committee to help drive President Bush from office in 2004.

In an editorial Friday, the Wall Street Journal reports:

"[Senate Intelligence Committee Vice Chairman Jay Rockefeller, D-WV] refuses to denounce the memo, which he says was unauthorized and written by staffers. If that's the case, at the very least, some heads ought to roll. A good place to start would be minority staffer Christopher Mellon, who serves as deputy assistant secretary of defense for intelligence in the Clinton administration."

One of Mellon's former bosses, former first lady Hillary Clinton, has been sharply critical of the Bush administration's policy in Iraq. Last week she accused the White House of trying cover-up battlefield casualties and said Bush's decision to invade Iraq was "the antithesis of the rule of law."

The Journal recommended that, until those responsible for Democrats' decision to politicize intelligence are fired, the Intelligence Committee should be "shut down, cleaned out and reconstituted later, preferably after the next election."

Clinton Appointee Linked to Bombshell Anti-Bush Intel Memo ^ | 11/07/03 | Carl Limbacher and Staff

YOO-HOO Ds! (espec. Howard & Susan)
How to use MEMOGATE to take your party back. . .


by Mia T, 11-05-03

CEMOGATE INDIRECTION: Rockefeller and Daschle are decoys, more cutout than cutthroat, less sockdolager than sock-puppet. Rockefeller's too genteel; Daschle's too "concerned." Neither, frankly, has the requisite utter disregard for life. And perhaps most important, (insofar as decoy suitability is concerned), each is sufficiently insipid to ensure insufficient opposition ire.

No. Memogate bears the indelible mark of clinton.

hillary talks: On White House Coverups

(viewing movie requires Flash Player 6, available HERE)
missus clinton's REAL virtual office update




The scheme is more manifesto than memo; it is ludicrous to think that it could have been concocted by anyone other than the clintons. The clintons control the Democratic Party, have impressive presidential-coup field experience (on both ends, spanning three decades), and are beginning to understand that, for reasons ranging from Rudy to rape, they don't have forever to make their move. Hence, the scheme... and the memo.


If what has happened here is not treason, it is its first cousin. The ones responsible - be they staff or elected or both - should be dealt with quickly and severely sending a lesson to all that this kind of action will not be tolerated, ignored or excused. --Sen. Zell Miller, D-Ga.

If the Ds really want their party back, they should make their move now. Someone out there can finger the clintons. He should do it. Now.

He mustn't delude himself into imagining that the Invertebrate Party will nail her. That will never happen. (Which, by the way, will cost the GOP votes. We will never again tolerate a party that puts its own power above national security... and that is precisely what the GOP will be doing if it allows a clinton (once again) to remain in office. (Didn't you guys learn ANYTHING from 911???))

P.S. Note the increase in defensive, diversionary dem mudslinging since the memo surfaced, especially by hillary's Boy in Harlem. Rangel's been on the tube 24/7 calling for Rummy's resignation. That should tell you something about hillary clinton's vulnerability...

 hillary talks: ON CHINA
EXPENSIVE CHINA: the clinton legacy

(viewing movie requires Flash Player 6, available HERE)

missus clinton's REAL virtual office update


Hear Bush 41 Warn Us--October 19, 1992*

*Thanx to Cloud William for text and audio

LEHRER: President Bush, your closing statement, sir.


PRESIDENT BUSH: Three weeks from now--two weeks from tomorrow, America goes to the polls and you're going to have to decide who you want to lead this country ...

On foreign affairs, some think it's irrelevant. I believe it's not. We're living in an interconnected world...And if a crisis comes up, ask who has the judgment and the experience and, yes, the character to make the right decision?

And, lastly, the other night on character Governor Clinton said it's not the character of the president but the character of the presidency. I couldn't disagree more. Horace Greeley said the only thing that endures is character. And I think it was Justice Black who talked about great nations, like great men, must keep their word.

And so the question is, who will safeguard this nation, who will safeguard our people and our children? I need your support, I ask for your support. And may God bless the United States of America.



play tape




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1 posted on 11/08/2003 3:53:43 AM PST by Mia T
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To: StarFan
per your request ping
2 posted on 11/08/2003 3:55:44 AM PST by Mia T (Stop Clintons' Undermining Machinations (The acronym is the message.))
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To: jmstein7
Your input requested ping. Need contact links for the blog. thx.
3 posted on 11/08/2003 4:05:02 AM PST by Mia T (Stop Clintons' Undermining Machinations (The acronym is the message.))
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To: Mia T

BTW, Ellen Ratner just said on FoxNews morning show that the memo is Bush's fault. If he were "just forthcoming with intel background," this wouldn't have happened. Stunning....

4 posted on 11/08/2003 4:28:50 AM PST by anniegetyourgun
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To: WorkingClassFilth; Gail Wynand; looscannon; Lonesome in Massachussets; IVote2; Slyfox; ...

Tag-Line Musings:
Stop Clintons' Undermining Machinations (The acronym is the message.)

by Mia T, 10.29.03


Permit me to highlight my Free Republic tag line; the acronym really is the message.

Posted on 10/29/2003 6:35 AM EST by Mia T (Stop Clintons' Undermining Machinations (The acronym is the message.))

The clintons have, for the last decade--most recently, behind (they would say "between" (as in "interregnal")) the scene(s)--set into motion the democrats' seemingly psychopathic--but certainly suicidal and seditious--undermining of America...

As the nine dwarfs labor mightily to render their unfitness unequivocal, bill clinton and the little missus (almost too casually for my taste) assume an ersatz elder stateman pose sufficiently colorable to fool some--perhaps enough-- of the people, in order to revise his legacy... and to reprise hers.

Thoroughly clintonized, (which Andrew Cuomo would tell you also means "clueless,") the democrats are completely inverting (perverting) the sea captain's refrain.

"Down with the ship" does not mean "the ship goes down with me." PING
5 posted on 11/08/2003 4:29:33 AM PST by Mia T (Stop Clintons' Undermining Machinations (The acronym is the message.))
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To: jla; Wolverine; All
The Democratic Party's Problem Transcends Its Anti-War Contingent


hyperlinked images of shame
copyright Mia T 2003.

by Mia T, 4.6.03


If Act I was a thinly veiled allegory about naked clintonism, then Act II is a parable about the plan for world domination by the Establishment, aged hippies in pinstripes all, with their infantile, solipsistic world view amazingly untouched by time.




Al From is sounding the alarm. "Unless we convince Americans that Democrats are strong on national security," he warns his party, "Democrats will continue to lose elections."

Helloooo? That the Democrats have to be spoon-fed what should be axiomatic post-9/11 is, in and of itself, incontrovertible proof that From's advice is insufficient to solve their problem.

From's failure to fully lay out the nature of the Democrats' problem is not surprising: he is the guy who helped seal his party's fate. It was his Democratic Leadership Council (DLC) that institutionalized the proximate cause of the problem, clintonism, and legitimized its two eponymic provincial operators on the national stage. The "Third Way" and "triangulation" don't come from the same Latin root for no reason.

That "convince" is From's operative word underscores the Democrats' dilemma. Nine-eleven was transformative. It is no longer sufficient merely to convince. One must demonstrate, demonstrate convincingly, if you will… which means both in real time and historically.

When it comes to national security, Americans will no longer take any chances. Turning the turn of phrase back on itself, the era of the Placebo President is over. (Incidentally, the oft-quote out-of-context sentence fragment alluded to here transformed meaningless clinton triangulation into a meaningful if deceptive soundbite.)

Although From is loath to admit it -- the terror in his eyes belies his facile solution -- the Democratic party's problem transcends its anti-war contingent.

With a philosophy that relinquishes our national sovereignty -- and relinquishes it reflexively… and to the UN no less -- the Democratic party is, by definition, the party of national insecurity.

With policy ruled by pathologic self-interest -- witness the "Lieberman Paradigm," Kerry's "regime change" bon mot (gone bad), Edwards' and the clintons' brazen echoes thereof (or, alternatively, Pelosi's less strident wartime non-putdown putdown)… and, of course, the clincher -- eight years of the clintons' infantilism, grotesquerie and utter failure -- the Democratic party is, historically and in real time, the party of national insecurity.

The Democrats used to be able to wallpaper their national insecurity with dollars and demogoguery. But that was before 9/11.

6 posted on 11/08/2003 4:32:23 AM PST by Mia T (Stop Clintons' Undermining Machinations (The acronym is the message.))
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To: Mia T; All
MemoGate- sedition, slander-- or something worse?
Various FR links | 11-06-03 | The Heavy Equipment Guy

7 posted on 11/08/2003 4:38:18 AM PST by backhoe (Just an old Keyboard Cowboy, ridin' the trakball into the Sunset...)
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To: Mia T




Bin Laden Plots "Death Blow"

A Saudi Arabian news magazine is reporting that Osama bin Laden and his Al Qaeda Terror network is planning a "Death Blow" to the United States during the "holy month of Ramadan" which continues now through November 25th.

According to an E-mail sent by a top Al Qaeda leader, Abu Mohammed al-Ablaj: "Al-Qaeda is going to carry out a death blow against Amer-icans during the month of Ramadan.

Muslims have the right to draw the blood of Americans,
civilian or military, everywhere in the world," Ablaj said.

"The guerrilla war decided by bin- Laden and his assistants won't be limited to martyr (suicide) operations mentioned in his last two messages. This (war) will be
carried out by other means and (using) different types of weapons," he added.

This information corroborates with terror experts in the US who have been monitoring online website discussion forums in the Arabic and Islamic world that have hosted postings by Al Qaeda members talking about their groups
plans. Read,4057,7724346^1702,00.html

more on this by clicking here.

Unusual Events Currently Transpiring In Middle East
5 November 2003

Mubarak made brief trip to Damascus Monday to convey sharp hands-off warning from Washington to Assad to desist from interfering in Iraq war, sponsoring Palestinian terror and frequent threats to strike at Israeli settlements on Golan Heights. Syrian ruler told he is exposing Syria to extreme American and Israeli reprisals.

DEBKAfile's military sources report unusually heavy US bomber and fighter air traffic on the move from US West Coast to Middle East via Scotland ElBaradei: Documents Tehran submitted to nuclear watchdog show Iran did
not honor its nuclear non-proliferation treaty commitments.

The Keating Report


1. Breaking News - Massive Solar Flare Released
2. The Keating Report
3. Important News and Updates
4. Special for Ezine Subscribers


1. Breaking News - Massive Solar Flare Released


Researchers are saying that the Sun's current spate of activity - now 10 days in duration - is the most dramatic and intense ever witnessed on the Sun's surface.

[QX: Sounds like the Biblical "SIGNS IN THE HEAVENS" to me.]

For the rest of the story:

[snip ad]

2. The Keating Report

The deadly California fires were the beginning of very severe chastisements. We have the seen the warnings about a new fatwa against the United States and most of us realize the threats facing this country.

I spoke with a trusted visionary today. During the conversation, I was told that God had reached the end of His mercy for the United States. Consequently, the US is in grave danger.

I have reported for some time that our country and everyone
in it needed to get back to God, to return God to His rightful place. However, God has systematically been removed from public places, and in many cases, God has been removed from our lives.

Therefore we will bear the brunt of some very horrible
chastisements unless we immediately turn around and embrace
God. These chastisements and they will be dreadful, will
continue until we finally get the point.

For weeks people have felt their lives are going to change,
that they'll never be the same. That is an accurate
assessment, one that deserves our complete attention.

The US will be decimated unless we stop the nonsense and
turn back to God. For those people who give God time, who
pray daily and love Him, these chastisements will not be
as severe. But I was warned today about people who fail to
honor God in their lives, who consistently live for
themselves and disregard the Almighty, those people will
be dealt with swiftly and harshly.

In essence, our country will only be destroyed to the
extent we allow it. God has promised to restore America
if we would only change. Now.

Perhaps it will take the destruction of a major city
before it will bring us to our knees and bring us back to
God. Hopefully, it won't take more than that. Yet, if we
continue being recalcitrant, we will receive blow after
blow until we shed our arrogance, abandon our pursuit of
evil and change our lives.

Lately, Americans have been griping about all sorts of
things, things of no real consequence. We madly chase after
the latest cars, gadgets and so called conveniences, which may all be destroyed in an instant.

We worry about our IRA's and soccer practice and how to
get ahead. Soon, none of that will matter. Americans are
slated to reap what we have sown. As a Godless society,
we have started our own implosion, but I assure you, the
final meltdown will be complete if we remain stiff-necked.

There isn't time or need to worry about tomorrow. We only
have today - this second, this minute. We have to make the
best use of it. Without God, there is only death and
destruction. For those of us who don't believe it, don't
worry. You will. God has had enough. We have no one to
blame but ourselves.

Just remember though, God is tremendously forgiving and
He is eager to forgive, eager to receive each one of us.
If it takes a major calamity to drive home the point, know
God wants to help each one of us.

God is a God of love, but He is also a God of justice. We
should never lose sight of that fact. If you think plagues
and chastisements were locked into the Old Testament, you're in for a surprise.

Please pay attention to those nagging feelings you're having and do something about them. Very few people will escape what is coming. It will touch each one of us. It's up to us if it's a velvet hammer or obliteration.

© 2003 Kathleen Keating. All rights reserved

3. Important News and Updates

We will be adding a new feature to the website. Kathleen is
going to start an internet radio broadcast. If you are
interested in learning more, please click on the link below:

Foreign Troops On Our Borders? Read The Silent
Invasion and get actual eyewitness accounts.
Don't miss this book!


A Change In The Wind

Jackie Skevington

I feel a change in the wind......"things" are going to change in America. People won't like it at first.....they will complain, and grumble and cry out--but God said My people who HAVE cried and sought my face--it is to them that this wind has come--to change the entire "atmosphere" of America ........

Even the very way the people think will begin to change.....just as it did decades ago...slowly taking time to appear on the surface of the populaces "mind set" so it will shift the entire country's very thoughts and way of being and thinking.

Where as once it was a "Norman Rockwell " will change just as drastically

Everyone will not say "me, me , me and mine"

But it will be for the neighbor and the stranger in their midst as well.

Brothers will bind up the burdens of their sisters, and sons will help carry the loads of their Fathers.

And those that worship satan will not do so openly as they have in recent times.

It will not be a time of knowledge and abounding. But a time of caring, and surviving.

For I have heard my childrens prayers that cry to me day and night.

And I WILL answer speedily, for I am the Lord thy God and I will bring even the elements of nature into alignment of MY will for my chosen and elect and what is good for men's souls is what I seek, not the pleasurement of their flesh as many have attribiuted, in these days and times.

I will bring fire and blood in the days to come. But I will reach down in mercy and cause my children to Know me as they have never known me before.

I will create where there was nothing. I will do mighty works in their midst.

And I will be a Father that they have never known, and I will provide their very needs and wants as I am the Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end. Besides me there is no other.

I will create a desire in men's hearts to draw closer to me.

But I will not honor their programs and their schedules.

I will do this in my way, my times schedule and by my power and spirit.

When all will say :surely the Lord has been in our midst, and His ways are wonderful to behold.

For I will knit the hearts of the people to one another once again as thou hast never seen in the time of this country.

And I will bless this country once again , as it draws close to me once again.

For I am the Lord thy God and beside me there is no other. I am the one and only .

Call upon me while the time is still day, for the night time is coming when men will call upon me in desperation and anguish of soul. And it will seem as if I hear not.

Call upon my name and I will grant unto the life and joy in abundance, and all you have need of will I grant even before thou thinks to ask of me.

But to those who go their own way and seek after their own pleasures they will find it hard when the night comes to hear my voice and follow my ways, for it has been foreign unto them. They seek a way where I am not. They follow voices that are not mine.

They say it is I who speaks to them and leads and guides them, but it is not.

They are my sheep , but they have followed after their own heart and strayed from my pasture.

I am the way, the truth and the life, and besides me there is no other.

I am the way. The only way.

Seek my face while it is yet day.

In Jesus name,


Nov 2nd, 2003

In Jesus name,


Jeremiah 32:

27. Behold, I am the Lord, the God of all flesh: is there any thing too hard for me?

Kim Clement
Oct 11, 2003

NOTE: These prophetic utterances are posted from the Prophetic Roundtable at


October 4, 2003 @ TBN Hendersonville, Tennessee...

Gather yourselves together, warriors of God. Gather yourselves together for the battle of the century, and the battle of the ages. For the Spirit of the Lord says, there is a battle that has been planned. There has been a battle planned against this nation and 28 other nations, says the Lord. But where are the foes, where are the enemies of the Lord? For those who are with you are far greater than
those who are against you.

Right into the very core of this nation, the enemy will endeavor to do something, but God says, a flame shall come forth from the Midwest; a flame shall come forth from the middle as well. God says, this flame will literally consume your enemies. For even this hour, says the
Lord, prepare yourselves for a very, very swift battle in the spirit.

For the same demonic power that came and battled against the Angel that was coming to Daniel, has come again to this nation. But God says, I have raised up the spirit of Daniel that knows how to pray. And God says, the spirit of Daniel is upon your children, and your children’s children.

I shall arise, says the Lord, in this nation and bring the victory unto the 28 nations that shall be struck, says the Lord, but just for a moment, they shall be paralyzed. But the Lord says, fear not for those that are with you are far greater than those that are against you. Worship me tonight, for my altar shall bring forth an incense of
victory, says the Lord!

Russia: they have their eyes on you! Russia! They have their eyes on you! As they did during the first World War, they had their eyes on you, Russia! But God says, “I have my eyes on you! America has invested behind that curtain that was Iron, no longer says the Lord. For My spirit is rushing into Russia, says the Lord!

Arafat: Arafat, your days are numbered! There is a new generation that shall be raised up that shall bring peace, even for just a season. Arafat, your days are numbered, says the Lord! There is a new voice coming forth, and the Spirit of the Lord says, I will ignite the Middle East! And I shall bring My Spirit upon it, says the Lord! They
say, "there will never be peace," but the Lord says, there will be enough peace for My Spirit to move in the nations, and they shall unite for just a season. And then, God says, I will bring My Son, and I will present Him to them. This night I speak it, says the Lord.

Jerusalem: you were always Mine. You would sing My song. Israel, you were always Mine. You would bring the sacrifice to Me. Zion, you were always the beauty of Jerusalem, because you were always in My name.
But the day came, when My only Son appeared on the soil, of Jerusalem. Then you walked away no longer a son to me, but Jerusalem, you were on My mind. Jerusalem, you are on My mind.

I would hear your song, as you sang with your children. In the morning you would tell them My name. Your sons and daughters ­ Job saw in this day ­ they would prophesy and sing with the Lord. You will meet My Son, in the last days. He’ll walk the soil of Jerusalem. You will see
His eyes; you will hear His voice; He’ll walk the soil of Jerusalem.

Jerusalem, you were on My mind tonight. Israel, you were on My mind. Zion, you were in My heart. I would hear your prayers as you sat and cried. Jerusalem, you would hold My hand. You would drink the wine ­the harvest that would come. My name would never leave your heart. But you will hear My Son. He will come to you. He will walk the soil of
Jerusalem. You will see His eyes; you will hear His song as He walks upon the soil of Jerusalem. Jerusalem, you were on My mind. Israel, you were on My mind. Zion, you were in My heart.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~More Like Jesus Ministries Inc. is powered by

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I have onfile maybe another half dozen or so similar from different sources.

8 posted on 11/08/2003 4:43:27 AM PST by Quix (DEFEAT the lying, deceptive, satanic, commie, leftist, globalist oligarchy 1 associate at a time)
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To: anniegetyourgun
Did they ask ellen what the inside of her large intestine looks like? She has her head up...
9 posted on 11/08/2003 4:45:23 AM PST by RedBloodedAmerican
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To: Mia T
<< If what has happened here is not treason, it is its first cousin. The ones responsible - be they staff or elected or both - should be dealt with quickly and severely sending a lesson to all that this kind of action will not be tolerated, ignored or excused. >>

This is, of course, but the continuation of the un-and-anti-American treachery and direct support for our Nation's enemies that was par for the much-mulliganned course for the eight awful years during which the loathsome and fearsome, lying, looting, mass-murdering and co-serial-rapist Arkansas aberrations, nominally headed up by fat Monica's and by Peking's "nanren men zai hua sheng tun," so squalidly squatted and bemanured that previously most hallowed of houses.
10 posted on 11/08/2003 4:49:02 AM PST by Brian Allen ( Rebellion to tyrants is obedience to God - Thomas Jefferson)
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To: anniegetyourgun
Ellen Ratner just said on FoxNews morning show that the memo is Bush's fault.

Good God A'mighty- just when you think these people cannot possibly fall any lower or get any meaner- they do.

11 posted on 11/08/2003 4:51:10 AM PST by backhoe (Just an old Keyboard Cowboy, ridin' the trakball into the Sunset...)
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To: RedBloodedAmerican
Thankfully, Ellen has now been replaced with a more interesting and intellectual sweaters.
12 posted on 11/08/2003 4:53:19 AM PST by Miss Marple
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To: backhoe
And she called Dem. Sen. Zell Miller a Pubbie to ridicule his stand against the behavior of his fellow Dems.
13 posted on 11/08/2003 4:53:39 AM PST by mewzilla
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To: mewzilla
And she called Dem. Sen. Zell Miller a Pubbie

That is uttlerly despicable.

I guess the DNC/DLC "talking points" line is running in hyperdrive this weekend, to give the troops their marching orders.

14 posted on 11/08/2003 5:07:01 AM PST by backhoe (The 1990's? Forever known as The Decade of Fraud(s)...)
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To: Mia T
Thanks Mia
15 posted on 11/08/2003 5:14:06 AM PST by firewalk
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To: Mia T
Does this help?

(members of senate intelligence committee)

17 posted on 11/08/2003 5:39:50 AM PST by yoe (Term Limits - and 2 terms are the limit for all elected to a Federal office!!)
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To: Baynative
Law of Dilution. Luv it. ;)

I've postulated that the left's degradation has something to do with entropy...



by Mia T, 6.11.03


The seemingly endless plume of co-rapist clinton puff coming from the left seems to defy not only the laws of logic and decency but the first law of thermodynamics -- conservation of energy… that is, if one fails to considers entropy.

The second law of thermodynamics states that the quality of energy in a closed system is degraded irreversibly. Physical, chemical, and electrical energy transform into thermal energy --heat. Reversing the process, e.g., heat into physical energy, cannot fully occur within the system without an inevitable loss of energy in the form of irretrievable heat. Energy is not destroyed; it is merely unavailable for producing work. (The irreversible increase of this nondisposable energy in the universe is measured by the abstract dimension called entropy.)

hillary talks: ON CLINTON "FINANCES"

(viewing movie requires Flash Player 6, available HERE

clinton corruption is all about the irreversible degradation of the energy in our closed system. A leftist band of heat-producing useful idiots are currently assisting in the clintons' $8-million--make that $20 million--revisionist assault.

And if ever there was a heat-producing USEFUL IDIOT, it is Harvard's ELIZABETH SHERMAN, who contends, apparently, that the clintons' rape of Broaddrick is somehow mitigated over time...


(viewing movie requires Flash Player 6, available HERE)

Contrast Sherman with clinton Administration VETERAN / BERKELEY PROFESSOR , J. Bradford DeLong, who observed missus clinton up close:

"My two cents' worth--and I think it is the two cents' worth of everybody who worked for the Clinton Administration health care reform effort of 1993-1994--is that Hillary Rodham Clinton needs to be kept very far away from the White House for the rest of her life. Heading up health-care reform was the only major administrative job she has ever tried to do. And she was a complete flop at it. She had neither the grasp of policy substance, the managerial skills, nor the political smarts to do the job she was then given. And she wasn't smart enough to realize that she was in over her head and had to get out of the Health Care Czar role quickly.... there is no reason to think that she would be anything but an abysmal president"

 J. Bradford DeLong
professor of economics at Berkeley
veteran of the Clinton Administration
clinton Administration Veteran / BERKELEY PROFESSOR:
"Hillary Rodham Clinton needs to be kept very far away from the White House for the rest of her life."

There is a lot of talk these days, most notably by voluble nervous-Nellie Democratic operatives like Susan Estrich, about the clintons sucking up the oxygen, but no one is paying attention to the irreversible transformation of light into heat by the clintons.

Once we understand that the latter process is irreversible, we will begin to do what we must.



It's time to take out the trash...
A Senate en passant capture is THE MOVE...


NEW AUDIO! Hear the Bill Bennett (PARDONGATE) epilogue





18 posted on 11/08/2003 6:22:58 AM PST by Mia T (Stop Clintons' Undermining Machinations (The acronym is the message.))
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To: Quix
Thank you.
19 posted on 11/08/2003 6:45:04 AM PST by Bennett46
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To: Bennett46

Would you be willing to share your sensings on such and the intensity of same . . . and how you compare your current feelings with past times and events etc? Either on this thread or via FREEPMAIL?

20 posted on 11/08/2003 7:28:12 AM PST by Quix (DEFEAT the lying, deceptive, satanic, commie, leftist, globalist oligarchy 1 associate at a time)
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