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  • Was there ever a pandemic response team? (Vanity)

    07/01/2020 6:57:16 PM PDT · by paladinkc · 23 replies
    I've a friend that keeps lobbing things like our president fired the entire pandemic response team, but I've nowhere to search that shows anything. Does anyone have info to refute this claim?
  • Vanity: Bottom line, either vote for Trump and a Republican House and Senate to save our Constitutional Republic or let the left burn it all down

    06/30/2020 10:43:38 AM PDT · by Jim Robinson · 90 replies
    by Jim Robinson
    Your vote--use or or lose it.

    06/27/2020 6:01:31 AM PDT · by mitchell001 · 13 replies
    June 27, 2020 | Ralph Mitchell
    We Catholics and Christians must vote to push Trump over the re-election finish line and to get rid of Pelosi and the Dem majority in the House. We have the votes and the ability to do this. We must do it, or our individual consciences and individual judgement before God will suffer. Think about it. The secular politicians get to push us around by stuffing failing, union-run schools and late term abortion down our throats, but these same politically-correct people tell us that we can’t step outside of our churches to defend Christ and the Culture. I don’t think this...
  • Corporate donors to BLM

    06/23/2020 6:11:21 PM PDT · by After Hours · 11 replies
    6/22/20 | After Hours
    Does anyone have an e-mail list of the donors that have publicized donations to Black Lives Matter and affiliates? I would like to send them a letter.
  • Tucker Carson is still on FNC at 8pm weeknights after (dropped calls) T-Mobile and (greasy) Papa Johns’ Pizza caved into crazed leftists and pulled their ads off of his show

    06/21/2020 6:02:23 PM PDT · by sickoflibs · 67 replies
    SOL/FNC/Tucker ^ | 6/21/2020 | SOL
    A simple Google search will result in many of the leftist fake media celebrating Tucker’s demise on FNC after a few cowardly advertisers pulled out after challenges on twitter. So what did Tucker do or say to get called a racist that scared these corporatists?? He criticized the rioting and looting and arson in Democrat controlled cities. He played videos of business owners pleading with BLM ‘peaceful protesters’ to spare their stores only to be beaten with rocks, bricks and 2 by 4s, then kicked by mobs on the ground. He played videos of black store owners returning to their...
  • How to Defeat Mail-in-Voting

    06/21/2020 5:04:50 AM PDT · by jimjohn · 17 replies
    self | jimjohn
    No doubt the President is clearly over the target in addressing the latest strategy of the democrats: Main-in-Voting. Even to the most reasonable person, full scale voting by mail is an attempt to legitimize both mail and vote fraud. Their excuse is due to a virus that is already on the decline, and no one knows what its status will be come November. We all know what this is really about: a lost voter base, and the inability to import enough illegal voters before the general election. The question is: how to defeat them? As one who has worked as...
  • Someone, Put a Stop to This!

    06/20/2020 5:56:58 AM PDT · by stars & stripes forever · 114 replies
    VANITY ^ | 6/20/2020 | Stars & Stripes Forever
    Why are the National Park police, government officials, and members of Congress allowing our national treasures and statues to be destroyed? Arrest these anarchists. Fire and prosecute those who are guilty of deliberate dereliction of duty. This has to stop! Enforce the laws of the land! Do not destroy America's history.
  • Vanity: Trump Launches "Barely There Biden" Website

    06/19/2020 7:21:56 PM PDT · by TigerClaws · 14 replies
    At this link.
  • Bolton's Anti-Trump Bombshells Defused

    06/19/2020 4:10:24 PM PDT · by ek_hornbeck · 34 replies
    6/19/2020 | me, myself, and I
    It's been entertaining to watch liberals backtrack and twist themselves into pretzels over the alleged claims in John Bolton's new book. On the one hand, they don't want to come across as too sympathetic to Bolton, on the other, they want to emphasize that they hate Trump and his supporters much more and so are perfectly content to enlist Bolton's support in their greater cause. Therefore, the standard liberal line seems to be that what Bolton is saying is great, but he's terrible for saying it now rather than during the impeachment hearings.I haven't seen Bolton's book and have no...
  • Trump at 47% in Rasmussen Presidential Tracking Poll

    06/18/2020 9:31:31 AM PDT · by bort · 84 replies
    Rasmussen Polling ^ | June 18, 2020 | Vanity
    Rasmussen daily tracking poll shows Donald Trump at 47% . . .
  • How many do you think are on board with BML? (vanity)

    06/17/2020 10:05:44 AM PDT · by GulfMan · 57 replies
    With all that is happening around the country it would appear the BML movement and the wider "tear the country apart and rebuild it a different way" movement is much larger than we think. I have three kids, youngest is 19, they are not caught up in this movement but one is sympathetic. To me, it seems like what we see here is largely a group of people that either failed to thrive because of poor life choices and or younger people that have found it hard to transition from their parent's basements and XBox to the real world. I'm...
  • Vanity: Minnesota Freedom Fund Took $35 Million in Donations and Paid $200,000 in Bail

    06/15/2020 11:03:42 PM PDT · by TigerClaws · 11 replies
    Vanity - Twitter
    Breaking story tonight for the journalists on the board. This was one of those celebrity causes that appears to be a total sham. Minnesota Freedom fund on twitter Without jeopardizing the safety of the folks we bailed out we paid well over $200k in the weeks since the uprising alone. We are working on doing more
  • Vanity - Raw Footage - NsFW: New Mexico National guardsman [civilian militia] Apparently Arrested After Altercation and Shooting

    06/15/2020 10:13:36 PM PDT · by TigerClaws · 45 replies
    Raw footage at link. Cursing. Violence. Copy if press as likely to be taken down.
  • What happened to Kellyanne Conway?

    06/15/2020 1:51:45 PM PDT · by GAGOP · 90 replies
    Fox News Interview | vanity
    So while I was listening to Rush at work, he started commenting on how much they changed and then said: Is that Kellyanne Conway? So I turned on the Fox App and saw where Kellyanne Conway was being interviewed. She looked almost unrecognizable and definitely had some work done. Anyone else see it?
  • Happy FLAG DAY- Happy Birthday President Trump

    06/14/2020 8:42:46 AM PDT · by MurphsLaw · 23 replies
    Happy Flag Day- Fly it high AND PROUD !!! Never realized PRESIDENT Trump’s birthday was on the patriotic holiday of FLAG DAY until this year!!! THAT explains alot about his love for America.... and the Flag !! Happy Birthday Mr. President!!! ( even if the corrupt media does fawn all over you on your day like they did for Obama.... Trump 2020
  • Vanity: Minneapolis Real Estate Market Flooded with New Listings

    06/12/2020 10:03:10 PM PDT · by TigerClaws · 71 replies
    VANITY posting. Minneapolis listings are skyrocketing as residents attempt to leave the chaos. Feel sorry for those having to fire sale for many their only major asset because liberalism took hold. Compare The Media is on it. @comparethemedia · 9h 18.6% of Minneapolis’ total real estate listings have popped up for sale in just the last 7 days ** I’m getting a lot of queries as to the source of those MN real estate numbers 1) head to the Zillow app and search for Minneapolis 2) note how many properties are for sale in total 3) filter by last 7...
  • BLM Riots And The Honeymoon Phase

    06/11/2020 6:57:42 PM PDT · by ethical · 31 replies
    June 11, 2020 | Linda Jordan
    It seems we are close to entering the honeymoon phase of these latest riots. Riots that were brought to us by Black Lives Matter and financed by mostly white, limousine liberals. The superior people who know better than us. BLM is black face for the radical left who are counting on them to be their foot soldiers. Counting on them to instigate the Marxist revolution they seek. Counting on them to make their dreams come true, the transference of power into the hands of the ruling elite. The elimination of the middle class and the enslavement of the lower class....
  • Next up: A complete airbrushing of our history [Should we re-activate our local chapter system to combat this?]

    06/11/2020 11:49:58 AM PDT · by Jim Robinson · 188 replies
    by Jim Robinson
    Next up: All states, districts, counties, cities, universities, schools, military bases, ships, streets, squares, parks. sports teams, etc, named after Columbus, Washington, Jefferson, Madison, Lee (or any other Confederate officer or dignitary) must be renamed. And all statues, monuments, memorials, plaques, historical markers, cemeteries, battlefields, etc, referring to the above pulled down or like Hitler said about a WWI monument in Paris, blown up. All pictures, paintings, drawings, illustrations, books, movies, plays, videos, documentaries, museums, money, coin collections, stamps, stamp collections, etc, must be airbrushed or burned as Stalin and Hitler did. If you get caught with a likeness of...
  • What can we do to publicly show our support of police? (Vanity)

    06/10/2020 11:06:04 PM PDT · by Crucial · 32 replies
    6-11-20 | Myself
    I asking for suggestions on how we can show our public support for police. It should be something we can do enmasse. Many of us have watched this assault on our country with horrified impotence. This can't continue. We need some way to show police that we are behind the police and appreciate them and that we support the rule of law.
  • Vanity: ANTIFA Has Taken Over Part of Seattle and Issued Demands

    06/09/2020 10:29:21 PM PDT · by TigerClaws · 249 replies
    VANITY. I'll post various sources. Here are the demands: For ease of consideration, we’ve broken these demands into four categories: The Justice System, Health and Human Services, Economics, and Education. Given the historical moment, we’ll begin with our demands pertaining to the Justice System. The Seattle Police Department and attached court system are beyond reform. We do not request reform, we demand abolition. We demand that the Seattle Council and the Mayor defund and abolish the Seattle Police Department and the attached Criminal Justice Apparatus. This means 100% of funding, including existing pensions for Seattle Police. At an equal level...