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  • Atlanta's 'Marxist Land Grab' Is a Preview of Joe Biden's Nefarious Plans for the Suburbs

    07/01/2021 7:02:26 PM PDT · by Pining_4_TX · 16 replies
    PJ Media ^ | 07/01/21 | Stacy Lennox
    In a move that bites the hand that feeds it, Atlanta recommends moving to abolish the suburbs ahead of the Biden administration requiring the city to do so. Buckhead is not what is traditionally considered a suburb. Residents there provide about 20% of the city’s budget, and their children attend Atlanta Public Schools. However, it is an area of the city primarily made up of neighborhoods with single-family homes. Atlanta would like to change that. According to the Saporta Report, single-family zoning comprises 63% of Atlanta’s land area. In 2018, Mayor Bottoms said her vision was One Atlanta, a more...
  • Joe Biden Attempting to ‘Destroy’ Suburbs with Infrastructure Package, Proving Trump’s Prediction Correct

    06/29/2021 2:01:28 PM PDT · by ChicagoConservative27 · 45 replies
    Breitbart ^ | 06/29/2021 | Wendell Husebo
    President Joe Biden is attempting to “destroy” American suburbs with the reconciliation infrastructure package, proving former President Donald Trump’s prediction correct. Trump said during a 2020 campaign rally that Biden wants “to put low-cost housing in the suburbs, and that would mean abolishing, ruining the suburbs. It has already begun. It’s been going on for years.”
  • Stealth Goal Of Infrastructure Plan Could Be To Abolish The Suburbs By Bribing Towns To Change Zoning Laws

    06/24/2021 7:28:33 PM PDT · by yesthatjallen · 44 replies
    Daily Wire ^ | 06 24 2021 | Luke Rosiak
    Democrats may use their massive “infrastructure” plan to bribe local governments to essentially abolish suburbs, by making grants contingent upon towns and counties allowing apartments in any neighborhood, including those currently limited to single-family homes. That creates two scenarios, both of which benefit Democrats seeking power: If jurisdictions want to preserve a small-town feel, they must turn down the money, meaning the massive infusion of taxpayer dollars turns into a bonanza for Democratic-dominated cities, while leaving others out. Or if centrist suburbs give in to the temptation to take the money, they would essentially be signing a contract to become...
  • Trump Was Right: The Biden Administration Is Intent on Destroying the Suburbs

    06/07/2021 7:14:12 AM PDT · by SeekAndFind · 56 replies
    PJ Media ^ | 06/07/2021 | Stacey Lennox
    President Donald Trump warned you. In the name of equity and inclusion, the Biden administration is making moves that target the suburbs with federal regulation. It will pull zoning decisions away from city councils through the federal government’s typical mechanism to impose its will where it has no business intruding in our layered federalist system.The Federalist:As part of his $2.3 trillion infrastructure plan, the Biden administration is pushing local governments to allow apartment buildings in neighborhoods that are restricted to single-family homes. The administration claims it’s a way to ease a national affordable housing shortage and combat racial injustice in...
  • Maryland Lawmakers Seek to Reconnect Communities Divided by Highways

    05/25/2021 2:47:16 PM PDT · by Tolerance Sucks Rocks · 23 replies
    Maryland Matters ^ | April 28, 2021 | Bruce DePuyt
    Baltimore has its Highway to Nowhere, a road that gobbled up communities before the project was abandoned. Wilmington, Del., had neighborhoods wiped out by Interstate 95. Thousands of Detroit residents lost their homes — and surviving communities were scarred — by the construction of Interstate 375. The Overtown neighborhood in Miami, a majority-Black community, was “flattened,” also by I-95, forcing 10,000 people to leave their homes. In Nashville, bulldozers demolished 620 houses, 27 apartment buildings and six Black churches to make way for the I-40 expressway. All across the nation, American communities bear the scars of the headlong rush to...
  • Nolte: Democrat-Run Suburbs Will Be Destroyed Under Biden Infrastructure Plan

    04/15/2021 6:10:46 AM PDT · by ChicagoConservative27 · 28 replies
    Breitbart ^ | 04/15/2021 | John Notle
    If Democrats are in charge of your suburban zoning laws, get ready for the death of your quality of life. His Fraudulency Joe Biden’s $2.3 trillion “infrastructure” plan includes provisions to annihilate suburban single family housing. This from the far-left USA Today pretty much sums it up:
  • Biden’s Infrastructure Bill Includes Making ‘Diverse’ Neighborhoods Across America Through Zoning Laws

    04/12/2021 6:30:00 AM PDT · by libstripper · 52 replies
    Breitbart ^ | April 11, 2021 | Penny Starr
    The focus of President Joe Biden’s $2.3 trillion infrastructure bill is allegedly to address aging infrastructure across the country, but the massive bill covers a vast amount of other spending, including money for “diversifying” neighborhoods. This portion of Biden’s American Jobs Plan would change zoning laws to end single family home neighborhoods and allow for multiple unit “affordable” or low-income rental housing.
  • Column: Legislature tries to eliminate single-family-home zoning, again [California]

    03/31/2021 10:50:05 PM PDT · by blueplum · 5 replies
    San Diego Union-Tribune ^ | 31 Mar 2021 | Michael Smolens
    The battle over housing is back at the state Capitol.... ...For some time, a main focus of housing legislation has been to bulk up density along major transit corridors. That concept appears to have broad support. But the real fight is over key provisions that allow for two, three or four units — and sometimes more — to be built on lots zoned for single-family homes... ...Eliminating single-family zoning has become a bedrock goal for many housing advocates. It is also one vociferously opposed by suburban homeowner groups ...Such developments would have to be within a half-mile of transit lines,...
  • County set to approve $100M in affordable housing projects (San Jose CA)

    03/05/2021 5:04:33 AM PST · by AbolishCSEU · 27 replies ^ | 2/23/21 | Jana Kadah
    The Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors will likely approve more than $100 million in permanent housing for low-income residents. At their Tuesday meeting, supervisors will consider approving five housing complexes that would total to 566 new units and house roughly 2,100 people. “This is our ‘all in’ program meaning we’re going to make sure we get our homeless community housed, and those who are also in high need of housing,” Chavez said in front of a potential site in Alum Rock on Monday. The funding will come from a 2016 Measure A housing bond passed by voters authorizing the...
  • Bend City Council(Oregon) approves funding for 3 affordable housing projects

    03/05/2021 4:59:23 AM PST · by AbolishCSEU · 13 replies ^ | 3/5/21 | Bradley W Parks
    A combined $1.3 million will go toward three developments in Bend that will create more than 400 units of affordable housing. Bend City Council this week approved $1.3 million that will go toward three new affordable housing developments. The projects will create more than 400 units of affordable housing in the coming years. Bend remains among Oregon’s fastest-growing cities, which has contributed to a housing shortage in recent years. The city doesn’t have enough available housing, particularly for low- and middle-income people, nor does it have adequate shelter space and transitional housing for people experiencing homelessness. Continued population growth makes...
  • One Way The GOP Can Keep Trump’s Base And Win Back The Suburbs

    01/22/2021 12:05:47 PM PST · by Kaslin · 151 replies
    The Federalist ^ | January 22, 2021 | Emily Jashinsky
    What will help Republicans unite this difficult coalition is packaging an anti-establishment temperament and policy agenda in leaders of strong character. With Donald Trump out of office, Republicans now face the difficult balancing act of retaining new voters he brought into the party while bringing back voters he alienated. Remarkably, Trump brought former Democrats and union workers and minorities into the GOP. He also oversaw some bleeding in the suburbs. To stop the tide of illiberal cultural leftism, Republicans can’t afford to write off either group. I don’t know what degree of political involvement Trump will have going forward. I...
  • The ‘Shy Trump Voter’ Is A Suburban Woman

    11/12/2020 12:12:08 PM PST · by Kaslin · 11 replies
    The Federalist ^ | November 12, 2020 | Kelsie Bolar
    According to a post-election survey conducted by Public Opinion Strategies, the biggest ‘shy Trump’ constituency of 2020 was a white, college-educated woman. Days before the presidential election, establishment media like The Washington Post claimed the “shy Trump voter” was no longer a thing. On-brand with big media’s track record of being wrong, exit polls are telling the opposite story. Indeed, there was a “shy Trump voter,” but it wasn’t the blue-collar worker pollsters missed in 2016. Instead, the shy Trump voter of 2020 was a highly educated “she.” According to a post-election survey conducted by Public Opinion Strategies, the biggest...
  • AP: Leftist Rioters Are Not Just Antifa Wackos, They’re Normal Suburban Kids

    10/23/2020 6:58:56 AM PDT · by SeekAndFind · 39 replies
    The Federalist ^ | 10/23/2020 | Joy Pullman
    “[M]ost arrested in protests aren’t leftist radicals,” headlined an Associated Press analysis published Oct. 20. Of those arrested this summer during the nation’s largest outbreak of riots in 30 years, “Very few of those charged appear to be affiliated with highly organized extremist groups, and many are young suburban adults from the very neighborhoods Trump vows to protect from the violence in his reelection push to win support from the suburbs,” the article’s second paragraph says. They've been portrayed by the president as violent left-wing radicals and used to scare suburban voters. But an @AP review found most of...
  • Suburban Rents Rise As Urbanization Trend Reverses: City Rents Slumping as City Dwellers Flee Imploding Liberal-run Metro Areas.

    10/21/2020 9:53:20 AM PDT · by SeekAndFind · 5 replies
    USSA News ^ | 10/21/2020 | Tyler Durden
    There's a new twist to the rental market: Apartment rents in suburban markets rise across the U.S., while city rents are slumping, mostly because city dwellers are fleeing imploding liberal-run metro areas. By now, readers have grasped several of the factors pushing city dwellers out to rural communities, that is, the virus pandemic and resulting lockdowns, socio-economic implosions, and, of course, remote working. A revival of the suburbs is the most significant 2020 real estate trend that will likely persist for a couple of years. Apartments in rural America offer more room, peace of mind, less crime, and lower...
  • Minneapolis' Guilty Whites Think BLM Lawn Signs Will Save Them When the Mob Comes

    09/22/2020 7:31:05 AM PDT · by SJackson · 46 replies
    Frontpagemagazine ^ | Sep 22, 2020 | Katie Hopkins
    They couldn't be more wrong. Minneapolis' Guilty Whites Think BLM Lawn Signs Will Save Them When the Mob Comes They couldn't be more wrong. Tue Sep 22, 2020 Katie Hopkins It’s a strange time to be staying in Downtown Minneapolis. This apartment block on 5th and 7th is all but empty. There are long corridors of fresh paint and new-smelling carpets and a reception area with fancy furniture and free coffee all set to welcome people, except the people never came. If I lacked purpose, I could go for days without seeing a soul, and even chance meetings near elevators...
  • Pittman Administration Pushes Workforce Housing (Suburban Maryland--projects in the suburbs)

    09/22/2020 7:18:04 AM PDT · by bort · 11 replies
    The Capital (Annapolis, MD) ^ | September 21, 2020 | Amy Leahy
    Unfortunately, what the Pittman administration is aggressively pushing on the middle, western and northern areas of the county is workforce housing, by introducing one bill at a time that makes way for zoning changes where high-density housing is permitted in areas that previously would be low to medium density neighborhoods. In some cases — as in Bill 65-20 — there is no height restriction to the buildings, and the zoning is changed so that a “Mixed Use” zoned area can be 100% workforce housing, instead of mixed office, commercial and residential.

    09/15/2020 10:54:45 AM PDT · by bitt · 13 replies ^ | 9/15/2020 | John Hinderaker
    Edina, Minnesota, is an elite suburb that formerly had one of the most outstanding public school districts in the country. That was before Edina’s school system went “woke” and began prioritizing indoctrination over education. In recent years, Edina’s schools have slipped badly in objective test measurements. This coincides with the city’s transformation from a Republican bastion, as recently as 25 years ago, to a deep-blue outpost of progressivism. How is that working out for Edina? In addition to the decline of the town’s schools, crime has arrived. As law enforcement has collapsed following the George Floyd riots–a development that was...
  • Why Suburban Mothers Support Trump

    09/09/2020 10:43:51 AM PDT · by Kaslin · 12 replies ^ | September 9, 2020 | Rebecca Webber
    Mothers know a simple truth – one Winston Churchill, by chance, put into words: “Kites fly highest against the wind, not with it.” In other words, teaching values is harder than letting go; working to preserve America, keeping values high, requires persistence. As a mother, let me explain why Trump’s reelection is essential – for those who care about America’s past and future, Bill of Rights, and giving our kids the chance to strive, fail, start again, and succeed. We know life is not a straight line but stops and starts. We needed the freedom to explore, live, learn, and...
  • Ben Carson: Racially ignorant media don't know most minorities now live in suburbs

    08/27/2020 5:24:54 AM PDT · by Hojczyk · 9 replies
    Just the News ^ | August 26, 2020 - 11:52pm | By Carrie Sheffield
    I've grown to expect little in the way of analysis or truth from most of the media," Dr. Carson told Just the News in a video interview at the White House. "So many of them said that our policy is racist, and we're trying to keep suburbs white and silly stuff like that. You know, they don't know the facts. They don't know that 52% of African-Americans live in the suburbs, that 60% of Hispanics live in the suburbs, 62% of Asian-Americans live in the suburbs." Carson told Just the News the policy change on suburban zoning was driven by...
  • Wrecking the Suburbs on Purpose

    08/25/2020 4:58:20 AM PDT · by Kaslin · 29 replies ^ | August 25, 2020 | Robert Knight
    President Trump caused a stir in July when he issued an order terminating some Obama housing policies aimed at killing off the suburbs. “The [Democrat] plan is to remake the suburbs in their image so they resemble the dysfunctional cities they now govern,” he wrote in a recent Wall Street Journal column jointly authored with Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson. “As usual, anyone who dares tell the truth about what the left is doing is smeared as a racist.” Outraged Democrats called the president a racist. The rule he overturned, Obama’s Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing (AFFH) program, would...