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  • Analysts Shift House Predictions Heavily In Favor of Republicans

    05/26/2022 5:58:35 PM PDT · by ChicagoConservative27 · 13 replies
    Breitbart ^ | 05/26/2022 | Jacob Bliss
    Analysts from the Cook Political Report, who predict the probable outcome for U.S. House of Representatives races, released its newest round of predictions on Thursday, moving ten districts heavily in favor of the Republican incumbent or candidate versus the Democrat. This week, Cook shifted 12 race predictions in total — ten races in favor of Republicans and two races in favor of Democrats — while there are now 35 seats overall across the county that are considered to be “toss-up” or worse for the incumbent.
  • General Patton: “Old Blood and Guts”

    03/04/2022 4:17:12 AM PST · by Phoenix8 · 17 replies
    History on the Net ^ | 2012 | Michael Keane
    Famed World War Two general George S. Patton commanded the U.S. Seventh Army in the Mediterranean and European theaters of World War II. General Patton is best known for leading the U.S. Third Army in France and Germany in the wake of the Allied invasion of Normandy in June 1944. This article contains stories, quotes, timelines, and other pieces of information on one of the most competent and flamboyant generals in American military history.
  • Prediction Thread(Haven't done one of these in awhile)...

    03/03/2022 3:38:33 PM PST · by US Navy Vet · 54 replies
    03 Marcg 2022 | US Navy Vet
    What will be the Washington Post's Headline the day after Election day 2022?
  • Inflation Winners And Losers

    01/27/2022 4:06:57 PM PST · by blam · 14 replies
    Zubu Brothers ^ | 1-27-2022 | Charles Hugh Smith via OfTwoMinds blog
    The clear winners in inflation are those who require little from global supply chains, the frugal, and those who own their own labor, skills and enterprises. As the case for systemic inflation builds, the question arises: who wins and who loses in an up-cycle of inflation? The general view is that inflation is bad for almost everyone, but this ignores the big winners in an inflationary cycle. As I’ve explained here and in my new book Global Crisis, National Renewal, the two primary dynamics globally are 1) scarcity of essentials and 2) extremes of wealth/power inequality. Scarcities drive prices higher...
  • Should We Be Bracing Ourselves For “The Beginning Of Sorrows”?

    04/26/2021 5:15:38 PM PDT · by Roman_War_Criminal · 40 replies
    eotad ^ | 4/25/21 | Michael Snyder
    If things are so wonderful, then why do so many people feel a deep sense of unease about what is ahead? I think that the reason why our society is so obsessed with apocalyptic movies and television shows is because most of us realize on some level that we are living in an apocalyptic generation. As I have been documenting in my articles over the last several months, the clock is ticking for humanity. If we continue to do things the way we have been doing them, our society will inevitably collapse. Even now, virtually all of our systems are...
  • VIDEO: 2 Millions Views in 2 Months - Nostra-Dumbass - Trump Starts World War III

    01/17/2017 9:40:57 AM PST · by johnk · 7 replies
    youtube ^ | 11/20/2016 | top 5s finest
    These idiots are always using Nostradamus to conjure up fictional story lines. Nostradamus' writings are inaccurate, illogical ramblings of a mad man. But yet here we go again... I can't believe I still get caught off-guard by their stupidity. People read the Bible it is God's inerrant word. It has been proven right thousands of times for over 3 millennia.
  • More ISON Craziness: Tales of Popes, a Prophet and a Comet

    09/19/2013 11:48:09 AM PDT · by BenLurkin · 6 replies ^ | September 19, 2013 | David Dickinson on
    There’s an astronomical tall tale from the Middle Ages that seems to get recycled as factual every time a “great” comet rolls around. This week, we thought we’d look at a story that just won’t die, as well as a new twist in comet conspiracy that’s rolling around ye’ ole ‘Net.
  • Are Cardinals Electing The Last Pope? If You Believe Nostradamus...

    03/10/2013 3:17:08 PM PDT · by Steelfish · 64 replies
    NBCNews ^ | March 10, 2013 | Carol Grisanti
    Are Cardinals Electing The Last Pope? If You Believe Nostradamus... By Carol Grisanti, Producer, NBC News ROME— (snip) According to an ancient prediction, this next pope will be the last. That theory dates back more than 900 years to when Malachy O’Morgair, the 12th century Archbishop of Ireland, had a vision. Legend has it that St. Malachy, as he is now known, had a strange dream while on a visit to Rome. He “saw” all the names of the future popes – complete with identifying characteristics – who would rule the church until the end of time. In his book,...
  • Libyan Prince - Saif Al-Islam Gaddafi? [Nostradamus]

    03/23/2011 1:08:32 AM PDT · by americanophile · 5 replies
    Prophecies of Nostradamus & Beyond ^ | March, 2011 | Prophecies of Nostradamus & Beyond
    "The Libyan Prince will be powerful in the West, the French will become so inflamed of Arabs, learned in letters he will agree to translate the Arab language into French." ~ Nostradamus III.27 In this quatrain Nostradamus talks about a "Libyan Prince" who would play an important mediatory role during a French-Arab discord. At this moment none fits the description better than Saif Al-Islam Gaddafi, whose name means the "Sword of Islam", the second son and heir apparent of Libyan President Colonel Muammar Gaddafi. It appears that a Libyan Prince (i.e. not yet a King), who is well educated as...
  • Nostradamus Predicted Viking Kitties

    11/19/2010 8:39:19 PM PST · by charleshardin · 129 replies · 2+ views
  • Nostradamus Writings Predict McCain Victory

    CAP NEWS - "Conventional wisdom picks Obama. Nostradamus, four and a half centuries ago, picked John McCain," said Dr. Hubert Evans, professor of Renaissance Studies at Yale University and author of the best-selling "Nostradamus: Prophesize This!" "Quatrain 78, Century X in particular seems to indicate that Obama had better not be measuring the White House windows for curtains quite yet, at least by my interpretation," said Dr. Evans. The quatrain to which Dr. Evans refers - Quatrain 78 - is located in the grouping of stanzas known as Century X. Originally published in 1555 in Nostradamus' still-popular Les Prophecies, Quatrain...
  • Nostradamus Obama Prophecies Revealed

    04/11/2008 1:25:49 AM PDT · by woofie · 21 replies · 8,640+ views
    dailysquib ^ | April 10th, 2008 | Andrew Olsen
    WASHINGTON DC - USA - Scholars for the Smithsonian Institute have uncovered new interpretations that may relate to Barack Obama, the Illinois senator vying to become the next US president. Professor Eugene Randell, Deputy Director of the Smithsonian Institution Archives has released information pertaining to the up and coming US elections. The Institute which holds some very rare Nostradamus manuscripts, believes that some of the quatrains written by the 16th century soothsayer are very close to describing the fight for the White House that is happening now. "We have the only existing fourth edition of Nostradamus' book Les Propheties (The...

    02/02/2007 6:06:17 PM PST · by Bob Evans · 29 replies · 2,197+ views
    Hogue Prophecy ^ | Feb 2, 2007 | John Hogue
    Friends, In all my thirty years of prophecy research I have never seen a stellar portent so closely match Nostradamus' prophecy dating the death of a potential candidate for his "Third Antichrist" such as the death of Saddam followed by the brilliant appearance of Comet McNaught. Because of these events we may at last understand why Nostradamus gave two timelines for a Third World War. Please click on this secure link to read my full article: NOSTRADAMUS AND THE MABUS COMET Does the unexpected Appearance of Comet McNaught After the Hanging of Saddam Hussein Fulfill the Prophecy that He...
  • The 3rd and final Anti-Christ (Nostradamus)(Vanity)

    11/09/2006 10:30:39 AM PST · by chemicalman · 115 replies · 28,770+ views
    armageddononline ^ | unknown | unknown
    The 3rd and final Anti-Christ According to Nostradamus, the first two anti-Christs were extremely evil, and history has shown this to be so; however, Nostradamus speaks of a third anti-Christ who is more hideous than all the others combined. Some have said Sadaam Hussein, the dictator from Iraq (proved false now), or even Osama Bin Laden. Could he be this evil tyrant? Others say that he has not yet appeared. What does Nostradamus say about this third anti-Christ? First, Nostradamus tells us he will come from the Middle East. Out of the country of Greater Arabia Shall be born a...
  • Times of Trouble

    09/21/2005 11:07:45 AM PDT · by laney · 80 replies · 1,523+ views
    nostradamusonline ^ | Dr. Michael Rathford
    Volcanoes, earthquakes, floods, droughts, famines, rioting A very bright, previously unknown comet will appear and coincide with the time of great geological troubles, with earthquakes and volcanoes erupting and disrupting weather systems. This will cause widespread famines and droughts, and social upheavals in unexpected places. Nations that are considered prosperous and powerful, particularly western nations, will be weakened. They will be torn with civil strife and rioting as people migrate to areas that have water and can support crop-growing. The social upheaval and weakening of political structures will help the Antichrist come to power. A great and rich power will...
  • Nostradamus quatrain 10.72 - deception and fulfillment

    02/02/2005 6:53:25 AM PST · by Truth666 · 57 replies · 3,340+ views
    Nostradamus success Most people have heard of Nostradamus, the 16th century “prophet” who was able to “see into the future.”Almost 500 years after his death, Nostradamus´s books are STILL selling, so there are plenty of people who must think Nostradamus was on to something. Never before in the History of Mankind did so many people expected the furfillment of a prophecy at a given moment as in the month of July 1999, the solar eclipse of August 11, 1999 and the end of the millenium. Nostradamus Prophecies comprise the only piece of literature other than the Bible that has  been continuously in...
  • For Those Who Take Nostradamus seriously ( title)

    05/31/2002 11:31:31 AM PDT · by krodriguesdc · 43 replies · 469+ views
    The year 999, and September month From the sky will come the great King of Terror, He will awaken the great king of the Angolmois Before and after Mars to reign by good luck. ~ Nostradamus. X.72 This ominous sounding four lined prophecy is probably the most famous and the most controversial of almost 1000 prophecies that Nostradamus wrote in his book "The Centuries" in French almost 500 years ago. This quatrain, along with others in his book indicate devastating wars, probably a great world war, anytime during the period 2000 - 2007 - 2012. Every new conflict and...
  • Nostradamus and Mabus

    05/31/2002 3:52:39 AM PDT · by UCANSEE2 · 20 replies · 758+ views
    I was reading about Nostradamus and the return of the Antichrist. The name is supposed to be Mabus. One coincidence I found was in an article in the WASHINGTON REPORT. The first sentence contained this.Former Georgia Senator Wyche Fowler has taken up duties as U.S. ambassador to Saudi Arabia, replacing outgoing Ambassador Raymond Mabus. See Link. Is it coincidence ?The other direction my search took is the SCUD MISSILES that Saddam Hussein has. The one that they can launch WMD with biologicals on is called AL ABBAS.If you see this missile, with the name on it, you might see it...
  • Straight Dope and Nostradamus

    05/22/2002 7:59:27 AM PDT · by Frank Grimes · 35 replies · 504+ views
    Straight Dope ^ | today | Myself
    OK- I first want to get out of the way that normally I would post this to General Interest, but I am having technical difficulties about being logged on over there. So, sorry about that.I like to read some of the questions over on Straight Well today, they had an archived question about Nostradamus on the site, and I noticed it was from 1984. Anyway, I was reading it and didn't think too much of it. Usual debunking of his predictions and all that, until I came to this comment from the answer guy, Cecil...Supposed predictions by Nostradamus of...
  • Vanity: Something I saw recently on The History Channel alarmed me...

    09/30/2009 3:54:29 PM PDT · by SilvieWaldorfMD · 87 replies · 2,687+ views
    First of all, I am not much of a TV watcher of shows having to do with past blowhard philosophers and such, but my son is learning about planets at school now and we decided to watch The History Channel one night, just for the heck of it. So, I was watching a program there about a week ago referring to Nostradamus' ('Nostra' for short) predictions, followed by a program regarding Leonardo DaVinci's predictions, and I was perplexed by something that Nostra "saw" in one of his many visions, which included visions of what or who would be causing chaos...