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  • Adam Schiff Loses His Mind Over Secret FISA Memo – UNLEASHES ON POTUS TRUMP

    01/29/2018 12:01:10 PM PST · by b4its2late · 122 replies ^ | 1/29/2018 | by Cristina Laila
    Ranking member of the House Intel Committee and suspected leaker Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) is melting down as we get closer and closer to viewing the damning FISA memo. News of the FISA memo spread like wildfire on social media after the House Intel Committee quietly voted to make the the memo available to House members. Trump supporters pushed a #ReleaseTheMemo campaign after GOP Reps came forward demanding the document be released to the American public. Schiff even blamed ‘Russian bots’ for pushing the campaign. Schiff fiercely worked to block Chairman Nunes from exposing the illegal unmasking and FISA abuse...
  • Are Nervous Democrats Starting to Eye Obamacare Repeal?

    11/18/2013 1:44:58 PM PST · by Libloather · 55 replies
    Townhall ^ | 11/18/13 | Guy Benson
    **SNIP** And the Obamacare debacle could very well grow worse. Also complicating the Left's messaging are conflicting and shifting explanations of their lies. President Obama claimed that there was no lie, then attempted to re-write his infamous promise, then half-assedly 'apologized' for it. Skittish Democrats like Mary Landrieu and Jeff Merkley are insisting they had no idea that millions of Americans would lose their coverage because of Obamacare, while others breezily admit that everyone knew. How is it possible that Landrieu was totally in the dark, while the truth was blatantly obvious to her Senate sisters? (Hint: It's not). Will...
  • A Suddenly Nervous China Tells The US To "Earnestly Take Steps" To Avoid A Default

    10/07/2013 9:19:14 AM PDT · by Nachum · 37 replies
    Zero Hedge ^ | 10/7/13 | Tyler Durden
    While the world's largest hedge fund, the Fed, may not care about the performance of its "bad bank" assets, and thus is largely ambivalent if the US Treasury defaults on the $2 trillion in US paper held by Ben Bernanke, others don't have the luxury of merely printing away any incurred MTM losses. Such as America's largest foreign creditor China, which at last check held at least $1.277 trillion in US Treasurys, which after realizing with a substantial delay that the US Congress is not precisely a "rational actor" and its bonds may be materially impaired in the case of...
  • Fed Plan to Consolidate Power Over Nation's Power Highway Has States Nervous

    10/01/2011 7:46:59 AM PDT · by Son House · 22 replies
    FOXNEWS ^ | October 01, 2011 | Judson Berger
    The need for more transmission lines is apparent -- in the vast states where wind and other forms of renewable energy are produced, the energy is often hundreds of miles from where it would be consumed. The states, which along with local governments have long had authority over whether and where power lines get built, derided the plan as a move that would make it harder for local residents to weigh in. The proposed change has drawn the skepticism of at least one senator. Sen. Jeff Bingaman, D-N.M., who helped write a 2005 law that initially expanded federal power over...
  • Brokaw: I'd Be Nervous Going Into Bar or Restaurant in Arizona on Saturday Night Because of Guns

    01/13/2011 10:57:44 PM PST · by Nachum · 31 replies
    Newsbusters ^ | 1/14/11 | Noel Sheppard
    Tom Brokaw on Thursday said that as a result of Arizona's loose gun laws, he'd be nervous going into a bar or restaurant in that state on a Saturday night. Such was uttered during a discussion about gun control on MSNBC's "Morning Joe" (video follows with transcript and commentary): TOM BROKAW: Here is why I think there are a lot of Glocks being sold: because gun owners are worried that they're going to be outlawed. That's what happened when President Obama first took office is that people were buying ammunition and storing it in underground bunkers...
  • Kevin Drum is Making Me Nervous

    12/14/2010 1:45:47 PM PST · by Nachum · 11 replies
    verum serum ^ | 12/14/10 | John
    Kevin Drum, who I recently learned lives not far from me, has some thoughts on yesterday’s Obamacare decision and the enumerated powers of the Constitution: The state of Massachusetts can basically do anything it wants as long as it’s arguably rational and not specifically prohibited or reserved to the federal government. And this works out fine, which is why it’s so odd to hear opponents of a federal individual mandate chatter so furiously about slippery slopes and tyranny. After all, the argument goes, if the commerce clause of the constitution is interpreted to mean the federal government can force you...
  • ABC: Pelosi should be “nervous” about November (Even though she says she's "not nervous")

    08/02/2010 1:10:14 PM PDT · by SeekAndFind · 31 replies · 9+ views
    Hotair ^ | 08/02/2010 | Ed Morrissey
    Yesterday, Nancy Pelosi told Christiane Amanpour that she was “not nervous at all” about Democrats keeping control after the upcoming midterms. ABC’s Rick Klein says that her fellow Democrats don’t share that sense of calm — and for good reason. Stuart Rothenberg puts the number of seats at risk in this election at 88, with only 12 of those belonging to the GOP. That gives Republicans 64 chances (net) to get to 39 seats, and in this environment, all of those numbers may be conservative, especially with two ethics trials pending in the House: Democrats now hold a 39-seat edge...
  • Why Hollywood should be nervous about court pick

    05/11/2010 6:19:37 PM PDT · by Nachum · 24 replies · 784+ views
    reuters ^ | 5/11/10 | reuters
    LOS ANGELES (Hollywood Reporter) - Hollywood may have some reason to be nervous about President Obama's nomination of Elena Kagan to be the next U.S. Supreme Court justice. Not a whole lot is known about Kagan's judicial philosophy, which in some ways, makes her the perfect pick to win confirmation by the Senate. Her record on issues the industry cares about, though, isn't entirely opaque. Hollywood's biggest worry about Kagan might be her philosophy on intellectual property matters. As dean of Harvard Law School from 2003 to 2009, she was instrumental in beefing up the school's Berkman Center for Internet...
  • Obama: Firms nervous that health reform may pass

    10/15/2009 1:56:05 PM PDT · by Nachum · 44 replies · 1,315+ views
    Reuters ^ | 10/15/09 | staff
    NEW ORLEANS (Reuters) - U.S. President Barack Obama said on Thursday that the drop in the health insurance stocks this week was a sign the industry has become nervous that a healthcare reform bill may pass.
  • Anger does increase brain blood flow

    07/03/2009 12:23:09 PM PDT · by MyTwoCopperCoins · 8 replies · 725+ views
    ANI ^ | 4 Jul 2009 | ANI
    A piece of research has shown that anger or mental stress can increase the flow of blood in the brain. Led by Tasneem Naqvi and Hahn Hyuhn from the University of Southern California and Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, the study involved a series of ultrasound experiments. It showed that mental stress causes carotid artery dilation, and increases brain blood flow. The researchers say that that dilatory reflex was absent in people with high blood pressure. They evaluated carotid artery reactivity and brain blood flow in response to mental stress in 10 healthy young volunteers (aged between 19 and 27 years), 20...
  • Rendell 'still a little nervous' about Penn., asks Obama to return

    10/21/2008 5:32:17 PM PDT · by TornadoAlley3 · 125 replies · 3,459+ views
    cnn ^ | 10/21/08 | cnn
    Rendell wants Obama to come back to Pennsylvania. (CNN) — Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell has sent two separate memos to the Obama campaign in the past five days requesting that the Democratic Presidential candidate—as well as Hillary and Bill Clinton—return to campaign in Pennsylvania, Rendell told CNN's Gloria Borger. Rendell said the McCain campaign is clearly making a push to win Pennsylvania, given the recent visits by the Arizona senator, his wife and his running mate. As a result, he wants Obama to appear in western Pennsylvania, Harrisburg and one more “large rally” in Philadelphia. Democrats generally worry that the...
  • 'Excited, and a little bit nervous,' 11th Signal Brigade heads to Iraq

    10/05/2007 6:46:25 PM PDT · by SandRat · 263+ views
    Arizona Daily Star ^ | Aaron Mackey
    SIERRA VISTA — Army Chief Warrant Officer Lisa Stansbury's family has plenty of work to do while she's in Iraq for the next 15 months. There's the horse to take care of and ride, plenty of homework to finish and weekly letters to write — not to mention building a house. "We've got to have it done before she gets done," said her husband, Doug, who along with 11-year-old daughter Sarah saw Stansbury off Thursday morning during a departure ceremony for the 11th Signal Brigade. Stansbury, along with more than 100 other soldiers from the unit, departed from Fort Huachuca's...
  • Hi - I'm new here and like to post random items I receive in email, please don't ZOT me.

    06/10/2006 4:25:12 PM PDT · by concernedcitizenusa · 95 replies · 6,860+ views
    snopes ^ | 6-10-2006 | ConcernedCitizenUSA
  • Malvo and the War Debate (ZOT!!! Why not to go off antipsychotic meds without a doctor’s guidance)

    05/29/2006 6:48:25 AM PDT · by DanPride · 80 replies · 4,217+ views
    Me | Today | Dan Pride
    I am curious why none of the media covers the most important aspect of the Malvo shootings. If you look at Newspapers on the dates when the shootings are underway you discover something I find quite interesting. The shootings begin to dominate the news the day before the debate on the Iraq war starts and they catch them the day after the declaration of war??? If you ask most people "do you remember the debate about starting the second Iraq war", they will all answer "yes of course". But if you followup with the question "name one point in the...
  • What is a FReeper? (zot)

    05/30/2006 12:41:24 PM PDT · by Uddercha0s · 183 replies · 7,024+ views
    5/30/06 | Uddercha0s
    I recently received a reply to a post that stated: "This should be beneath a "freeper". Sad." So I asked.. what is it that makes a FReeper? My reply (and I will admit was tasteless) was also questioning. It stirred controversy and was removed? Why Moderators? Can you not tell me? Did it not meet with your "FReeper" mentality? According to all posted guidelines it should be listed but no, you chose to delete it. Yes.. I'm the first one IBTZ, I'm sure you'll nick me for speaking up..
  • NASA nervous as orbiter nears Mars - MRO begins orbit acquisition process FRiday, March 10 (LIVE Thr

    03/08/2006 9:35:55 PM PST · by NormsRevenge · 224 replies · 3,289+ views
    AFP on Yahoo ^ | 3/8/06 | AFP
    WASHINGTON (AFP) - NASA scientists were nervous as an orbiter neared Mars after a seven-month voyage carrying the most expensive equipment ever sent to another planet. "We have a tremendous amount of anxiety and concern at this particular point in time," said Jim Graf, project manager for the Mars Reconnaissance Observer (MRO). "At the same time we feel confident, we have a very good spacecraft ... (and an) excellent well trained team," he said in a press conference from the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California. "We are about 325,000 miles (523,036 kilometers) from Mars. We're traveling at about 6,400...
  • China says US-India nuclear deal must conform to non-proliferation rules

    03/04/2006 11:08:24 PM PST · by Flavius · 17 replies · 627+ views
    forbes ^ | 3.4.06 | na
    BEIJING (AFX) - China has said nuclear co-operation between the United States and India must conform with the rules of the global non-proliferation regime. 'Co-operation must conform with the requirements and provisions of the international non-proliferation regime and the obligations undertaken by all countries,' foreign ministry spokesman Qin Gang told Agence France-Presse. Qin was speaking to reporters in Beijing as US President George W Bush and Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh sealed a nuclear deal in New Delhi seen as the bedrock of a new bilateral strategic partnership. ph/kma/lod/gf/dk
  • A special message from the Department of Troll Control, come and get it!

    01/12/2006 8:39:35 AM PST · by dhls · 6,335 replies · 37,707+ views
    Department of Troll Control | Another Ignorant Troll
    Fellow Americans, there comes a time every mans life when we must give up ourselves before we are worthy to recieve. There comes a time in this war on terror when in order to protect liberty, we have to give it up in the mean time for safty. That's right folks. Today, Americans have forsaken the creator for the creation and have decided that they would value our "civil liberties" than protecting western civilization and rich white people from the tender mercies of radical Islamic terrorists. Selfish liberals insist and whine that Bush has no right to spy on Americans...
  • Bye-bye Delay! So long crooks! Goodbye world, I'm gone by ZOT!

    01/08/2006 6:43:32 PM PST · by SoLongCrooks · 317 replies · 9,527+ views
    Yaa, you repukes are not doing so well, huh? Imagine, you repukes control the presidency, both houses of Congress, and appointed 7 of the 9 Supreme Court justices. Yet the Supreme Court thre out sodomy laws in all 50 states and recognized the right of government to seize land for any reason. And you couldn't pass your Social Security changes could you? Sorry, that was your last shot. Come November, we're going to start seeing more Democratic faces in the House. It's the end for you guys. You guys are celebrating when Bush's numbers go *up* to 45%. Then Faux...
  • Bush's Job Growth WORST in 50 Years (Roll out the red carpet for this “staunch Bush supporter.”)

    01/03/2006 8:29:33 AM PST · by intruder alert · 344 replies · 12,727+ views
    bopnews ^ | Hale Stewart
    Bush’s giant Right Wing Noise Machine (RWNM) loves to preach about the Bush economic miracle. In fact, the RWNM’s current thinking is Bush doesn’t spend enough time talking about his economic triumphs. If only he did, then everyone would fall in line and believe in the great Bush economic miracle. There is one problem with this argument: it’s a lie. Any way you look at the Bush economy, it comes up short. Today, I want to compare Bush’s job creation record with other economic recoveries. As usual, Bush comes up way short. The national Bureau of Economic Research has identified...