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Keyword: indoctrination

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  • Op-Ed: Reject Political ‘Woke’ Training for Teachers

    01/09/2021 6:10:01 PM PST · by nickcarraway · 2 replies
    CHICAGO TRIBUNE ^ | JAN 08, 2021 | Nathan Hoffman
    All teachers in Illinois would be required to “be aware of the effects of power and privilege and the need for social advocacy and social action …” under the “Systems of Oppression” standard. Teachers would additionally be required to “implement and integrate the wide spectrum of fluidity in identities in the curriculum.” Further, they would be required to “assess how their biases and perceptions affect their teaching practice and how they access tools to mitigate their own behavior” including on such concepts as “unearned privilege.” These standards ignore what is most important for our students — that is, increasing the...
  • The Great Reset: Resetting education with Sesame Street

    12/27/2020 4:01:04 AM PST · by EBH · 13 replies
    World Economic Forum ^ | 2 Months Ago | Sherrie Westin
    Interview with Sherrie Westin, President of Social Impact and Philanthropy for Sesame Street. This startling 18 minute podcast form the World Economic Forum and Sesame Street clearly talks about how they are preparing our children for this Great Reset. Take the time and listen to this podcast. Sherrie discusses everything from our children being indoctrinated during Covid to an example of how gender equality is being changed in the Middle East. While Afghan girls getting access to education is great, it is also a powerful example at how effective what they are doing is in real life. If this doesn't...
  • The Birth of Cancel Culture and the Death of Education

    12/22/2020 4:48:01 AM PST · by MtnClimber · 11 replies
    American Thinker ^ | 22 Dec, 2020 | R.W. Trewyn
    If today’s poisonous cancel culture is ever to be remedied, the cause must be understood. When deliberating the origin, most just point to America’s universities and say, “they did it.” And, clearly, that’s where the programming occurs, but it doesn’t explain why. Selwyn Duke recently noted that vanguard leftists have “indoctrinated the young in schools to transform them into foot soldiers in the leftist campaign of civilizational rape.” Those foot soldiers are today’s cancel culture warriors. But why did old-time educators morph into purveyors of cancel culture hate? How did it happen? The Vietnam War did it. Or, more precisely,...
  • Systemic Chaos in Liberal Education Land

    12/22/2020 4:40:35 AM PST · by MtnClimber · 5 replies
    American Thinker ^ | 22 Dec, 2020 | Christopher Chantrill
    It’s hard to decide whether to laugh or cry at the education chaos in Liberal Land. It’s hard to decide whether to laugh or cry at the education chaos in Liberal Land. There’s Dalton, the swank private school on Manhattan’s Upper East Side, whose staff has just issued a 24-point anti-racist manifesto demanding, amongst other things, twelve diversity officers, thusly Expand the Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion to include at least 12 full-time positions: one Director, one Office Assistant, three full-time staff members per division, and one full-time staff member for PE/Athletics. Back when I went to a swank...
  • “Anti-Racist” Education Is Neither

    12/18/2020 1:04:40 PM PST · by PoliticallyShort · 13 replies
    The American Mind ^ | 12/18/20 | Frederick M. Hess and J. Grant Addison
    Much of what passes for anti-racist education is a poisonous exercise in caricature and bigotry, with troubling consequences for prosaic educational activities like teacher training, grading, and research. Take, for instance, the anti-racist materials that schools are using to train K-12 teachers. The materials used by the Denver Public Schools teach educators that “the belief that there is such a thing as being objective,” distinguishing between “good/bad” and “right/wrong,” and valuing an “emphasis on being polite” are all distinctive characteristics of white culture. The same is true of the “individualist” mindset that “if something is going to get done right,...
  • Why American Children Stopped Believing In God

    12/13/2020 5:51:10 PM PST · by DeweyCA · 35 replies ^ | 12-13-20
    So how do we explain this link between education policy and religious belief given that academic attainment itself isn’t a factor? It’s quite simple, really. Children learn more at school than reading, writing, and arithmetic. They imbibe a whole set of implied assumptions about what’s important in life. By excluding religious instruction from public schools, the government-run education system tacitly teaches students that religious commitments are not a first-order priority in life. Faith in God becomes a sort of optional weekend hobby akin to playing tennis or video games. Christ and Moses are treated by teachers and administrators like weapons...
  • The Weather Channel says choosing fast shipping increases climate change ("Go Greener" segments)

    12/13/2020 4:59:30 AM PST · by Patriot777 · 24 replies
    The Weather Channel (live) | 12/12/2020, 6:31 AM CST
    This morning, The Weather Channel continues (as usual) to broadcast the climate change indoctrination scare tactics, courtesy of the worldwide push by the globalist elites bent of worldwide dominion. Their screed today includes showing how shipment via air, ground by choosing a fast shipment option negatively impacts our climate, and we need to select slower options so that there are not so many aircraft and trucks running around with partial loads. by bicycle? If they've eaten veggies, they'll fart and emit methane. Bad. Pony express? Poop methane. Walk? Oh no, COVID spread! Local pickup? Invite total strangers to case...
  • Compulsory lessons in sex and atheism “could cause chaos” in Welsh schools

    12/11/2020 9:26:11 AM PST · by 11th_VA · 6 replies
    Minister for Education, Kirsty Williams, is pushing an education Bill which requires all pupils to study atheism or ‘non-religious’ views such as Humanism with no parental right of withdrawal. Under the new system a non-religious committee in each area is given a veto power over all religious teaching. So humanists, who actively oppose all religion, are to be handed control over religious teaching in schools. The sensitive issue of sex education is also being given a total rewrite, imposing compulsory sex education for all pupils from the age of three. All existing safeguards on inappropriate materials are scrapped by the...
  • Race, Wokeness, and Ketman

    12/10/2020 5:50:36 PM PST · by Pining_4_TX · 1 replies
    The American Conservative ^ | 12/10/20 | Rod Dreher
    So: according to the Woke, if you don’t see color, you are a racist. But if you see color, you are also a racist. You cannot win. If they want to destroy you with accusations of racism, they will. What you have actually done, and what you actually thought, doesn’t matter. All that matters is what those with the power to destroy you on the basis of accusation alone say you have done. Do you understand now why the people who grew up under Soviet communism are so alarmed now? Do you understand why I wrote Live Not By Lies?...
  • Russians Marvel At American Bolsheviks And Give Fair Warning To The Consequences

    12/10/2020 10:07:03 AM PST · by Red Badger · 17 replies ^ | December 9, 2020 | by Tsarizm Staff
    Russians are marveling at American Bolshevism on full display on our college campuses. Lilia Kim is one Russian expat who lives in Los Angeles and has observed the retro communism fan boys and girls at close range. It scares her. She wrote a post recently that has gone viral on the subject. The post is translated below (not the best translation) and the original in Russian is here. The comments are epic. In short, beware of what you wish for, because you just might get it, and it is deadly. Today I had the weirdest conversation with my kids...
  • Principal Fired For Posting To Personal Facebook Page She Would Rather Vote For A Potato Than Joe Biden

    12/10/2020 5:27:23 AM PST · by blam · 56 replies
    Breitbart ^ | 12-10-2020 | Dr Susan Berry
    A Pennsylvania elementary school principal has filed a lawsuit against the school district that fired her after she shared on her Facebook page conservative memes, including one that read it is better to vote for a potato than Joe Biden. Veteran educator Amy Sacks, principal of Evergreen Elementary School in the Perkiomen Valley School District, where she has worked for 20 years, posted a number of conservative memes to her Facebook page, which can be viewed in the report at the Daily Mail. Elementary school principal is suing school district after being fired for sharing conservative memes on her Facebook...
  • Joe Biden Will ‘Mandate Schools Conduct Campus Climate Surveys on Sexual Violence and Dating Violence’

    12/02/2020 1:28:34 PM PST · by rktman · 58 replies ^ | 12/2/2020 | Staff
    Joe Biden’s campaign has published “The Biden Plan to End Violence Against Women,” which says that as president Biden will “mandate schools conduct campus climate surveys on sexual violence and dating violence.” “Biden will: Expand requirements for comprehensive sexual assault, stalking and dating violence prevention education on college campuses,” says the plan. “Biden will pursue legislation that will require schools to offer and fund peer-facilitated and student-led prevention education (in addition to comprehensive, data-informed, and ongoing prevention education),” it says, “and mandate schools conduct campus climate surveys on sexual violence and dating violence and then develop a plan to address...
  • The Left's Gender Theories Are Anti-Scientific Nonsense, but They're Gaining Ground

    12/02/2020 6:39:21 AM PST · by Kaslin · 27 replies ^ | December 2, 2020 | Ben Shapiro
    On Nov. 22, 2020, New York Times columnist Charles Blow unleashed one of the most bizarre tweets in recent memory. "Stop doing gender reveals," he stated. "They're not cute; they're violent. All we know before a child is born is their anatomy. They will reveal their gender. It may match your expectations of that anatomy, and it may not. If you love the child you will be patience, attentive and open." This is patently insane for a variety of reasons. First, the characterization of gender reveal parties -- parties during which parents celebrate finding out whether their unborn children are...
  • Schools Ban Classic Novels As Much For Laziness And Ignorance As Politics

    11/27/2020 10:44:50 AM PST · by Kaslin · 42 replies
    The Federalist ^ | November 27, 2020 | Auguste Meyrat
    Removing time-tested classics and assigning easy fiction with leftist themes fails in cultivating any love of reading in the students that need it most.Burbank Unified School District in California recently made headlines with its decision to ban the classic novels “To Kill a Mockingbird,” “Of Mice and Men,” “The Cay, Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry,” and “The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn.” District leaders apparently responded to several complaints from parents who took issue with the purported racism of the books as well as incidents of white students taunting their nonwhite peers with racist language from their assigned reading. Yet,...
  • What American Schools Should Teach About Race, Racism and Slavery

    11/17/2020 4:02:27 AM PST · by Kaslin · 17 replies ^ | November 17, 2020 | Dennis Prager
    Regarding race and much else, America's students are not taught history. In fact, they are not taught; they are indoctrinated. With anti-Americanism. The purpose of all teaching about race in American schools is to engender contempt for America. They are, therefore, "taught" the lies of The New York Times' "1619 Project" -- that the United States was founded to preserve and protect slavery -- and of such works as Robin DiAngelo's "White Fragility." So, then, what should American schools teach about race? They should, of course, teach students about slavery and racism. But, if truth and moral clarity are to...
  • The True Battleground Is Education

    11/17/2020 3:58:19 AM PST · by MtnClimber · 16 replies
    American Thinker ^ | 17 Nov, 2020 | H.P. Smith
    The key to conservatives reclaiming and rescuing any sense of America as we have known it for the last several decades is education. Not just raising our children to know right from wrong and good from evil, though that’s a good start. Regardless of your religious affiliation, it usually doesn’t hurt to throw a little God in for good measure. It’s not necessary that they be devout followers but learning that there’s something bigger than them... than all of us... will be helpful. The way to start taking back this country is by getting conservatives and conservative ideas back into...
  • Leftist State Board of Ed and Lawmakers Collude to Indoctrinate Illinois Students

    11/16/2020 9:16:49 AM PST · by Maudeen · 4 replies
    Illinois Family Institute ^ | 11/16/2020 | Laurie Higgins
    Conservative parents with kids in Illinois public schools, WAKE UP! Leftists on the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) and in Springfield aren’t anywhere near done with their indoctrination mandates. A new amendment to Illinois State Board of Education teacher standards has been proposed by an ISBE committee to infuse the assumptions of Critical Race Theory, identity politics, BLM, and the 1619 Project into 1. all teacher-training programs/education majors, 2. all Professional Education Licensing (PEL), and 3. all public school classrooms. In an excruciatingly detailed 2,400- word document, leftists laid bare the comprehensive nature of the indoctrination they seek to...
  • VANITY--Must See Movie--Ride the Thunder

    01/27/2019 5:52:06 PM PST · by AbolishCSEU · 14 replies
    On Amazon Prime, Ride the Thunder is an excellent movie showing up close and personal the evils of communism as seen through the eyes of many who experienced the Vietnam War. Great scenes of disgusting Hanoi Jane, Swiftboat Kerry, Donald Sutherland and the radical leftists.
  • Dispiriting: Voter ignorance still reigns Exclusive: Erik Rush notes how many Americans appear unconcerned about a President Biden

    11/05/2020 6:48:35 AM PST · by rktman · 33 replies ^ | 11/4/2020 | Erik Rush
    As I write this, it is with the knowledge that by the time this column is published, we will almost certainly not have a clear winner of the presidency of the United States as a result of Tuesday's general election. As indicated last week in this space, the sense of urgency surrounding the general election was palpable, and only time will tell whether this translated into the wholesale mobilization of voters that was hoped for on both sides. While many Americans expressed surprise and outrage that they didn't go to bed Tuesday night or wake on Wednesday morning with a...
  • Woke Universities Lead America to a Primitive State. Higher education now stands for mob rule, civic ignorance and contempt for truth and free inquiry.

    11/02/2020 6:42:11 PM PST · by karpov · 25 replies
    Wall Street Journal ^ | November 2, 2020 | John M. Ellis
    In this election season it’s almost impossible to find pro-Trump bumper stickers or signs anywhere in my town. The reason is not lack of support but fear of vandalism, or worse: People nationwide have been physically assaulted and even threatened with loss of their livelihoods for no other reason than that they plan to vote as one half of the country does, and political goals are now commonly pursued by violent means. With this our civilization seems to be regressing to a more primitive stage of its development—a time when disputes were settled by force instead of rules, and before...